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Butterfly Dream

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Chapter 1



Khun had lived for many years and has been called many, many things by his allies and foes alike but there was a word that was never used on him.




He watched, stone faced as a small blue haired boy dragged his companion’s—a brunet who looked to be of same age—hand and quickly ran to his direction. The boy stopped short just in front of him. A pair of gold eyes blinked and stared curiously at him, “Did you cut your hair, Papa? It looks nice!” he then frowned, “But I cannot braid it if it’s too short.”


“K-kh-khun...” Shibisu managed to say. He was the first (and probably the only one) to speak after witnessing his friend being addressed as ‘papa’ by some random kids. True, the kids have magically appeared as some kind of crazy reward for passing the test on 66th Floor. The two little boys have been sleeping peacefully, cuddling each other when they first appeared in glowing orb of white light. One of the boys had a short blue hair and was wearing navy pajamas with miniature moons and stars. While the other had long brown hair and was wearing dark red pajamas with miniature suns and clouds.


Somehow a bit lost on what they were supposed to do to a pair of children who appeared literary out of nowhere—as their reward nonetheless—the team had finally decided to bring the sleeping boys with them. After all they were (mostly) not that heartless to let innocent children alone in such dangerous place. Getting Khun to carry the kids in his lighthouse, however, was a bit difficult as the blunet has complained about not being a glorious porter and that the children were quite suspicious. 


But Bam, bless his kind soul, has taken one look at the sleeping children and turned pleading glance at the light bearer. In the end, Khun, as always, has relented to the Bam’s request and put their ‘reward’ inside his lighthouse. The two have stayed there, thankfully remained sleeping as they ascended to the next floor and took care of their housing arrangement. 


With everything sorted out, however, they finally have to decide what to do about their ‘reward’. What they clearly did not expect was the kids to wake up—


(“Papa? I am in time-out?” The boy asked, apparently not bothered by the glowing lighthouses or the team surrounding him.  “…I di n’t do ‘thing bad...” He mumbled, clearly still half-asleep.

“Err…kiddo, I am not sure your ‘papa’ is here. But if you tell us who he is, we will be happy to help you find him!” Shibisu exclaimed, ignoring his teammates’ protest on not wanting to be dragged on one of his good deeds of the day.

The kid, the blue haired one, blinked owlishly at the tracksuit-wearing male, “But I heard papa’s voice…” he looked around again. This time clearly more awake than before. He searched among the clustering individuals and immediately beamed upon seeing the familiar shade of blue. 



—and referred their cunning strategist and light bearer as his supposed father. 


“Wha-why didn’t you tell us?” Shibisu continued, voice high-pitched. 


Khun looked at him with a frown. While he was actually thankful for Shibisu’s blabbering having temporarily taken everyone’s attention off him, he clearly didn’t like the direction how this was going. The scout could be quite an annoying drama queen if he so wished.


“Why didn’t you tell us that you already have your own kids?!” The older male protested, causing Khun to twitch slightly. “You should have told me! Daddy would not judge you! You said you weren’t seeing anyone. But by the looks of it, you have progressed further than mere ‘seeing’ anyone…” Shibisu then darted his gaze to the two boys, mentally calculating their estimated age. He had known the blunet since the second floor, and they have somehow been climbing together ever since. With how old the children looked like… “To think my son would grow up so quickly and give me grandsons this soon. You must have started very early…” He covered his face with his hands, shamelessly imitating an embarrassed teenage girl.


“Be quiet! They’re not mine!”


“How can you even say that? How could you even deny that they’re not yours when the evidence is there?” Shibisu countered.


Khun didn’t say anything at that. He could easily have countered it by saying the children could belong to anyone from his family. Hell, even saying that the children were one of his father’s numerous children would be believable too. After all it was no secret how many wives Khun Eduan has by now. 


But honestly, he might have to admit that Shibisu was probably right. The resemblance with him was great—why only to him and not other Khuns or even Khun Eduan himself, he didn’t know. After overcoming his initial shock and upon closer inspection at both children’s face, he could recognize some of his features on them. One of the boys did have the Khuns’ unique silvery blue hair. Although the boy’s eyes were the color of molten gold, he could still see himself in them. But there was other mixed traits which looked somehow familiar. The other child was no different. Despite the long brown hair and overly long bangs shadowing his eyes, he could still pick up a single, blue eye staring expectantly at him. He calmed himself and then turned to speak to the two boys that somehow manage to sneak their arms around his legs. “Hey, can you tell me your name? Where’re your parents and where did the both of you come from?” 


Beside him, Bam was sending him concerned looks, like he could not decide between helping him getting rid of the two koalas clinging to his legs or simply let them be. But knowing how kind Bam was, he probably expected Khun to play nice and treat the two children gently. Really, being kind was not good for his heart!


At his questions, two little heads looked up to him. There were frowns on those chubby little faces. “Papa? Why?” The younger blunet asked confusedly. He traded glances with his brown haired companion before both of them turned back to him. Khun could feel a slight tingle of something as the children’s gaze focused on him. The feeling didn’t last long as the boys finally released a relived sigh after confirming whatever it was that they were looking for. Then it seemed that they have made up their mind as the blue haired boy looked up again and beamed, “Papa Aguero!” The small brunet, meanwhile, just hugged his leg even tighter than before.


“See?!” Shibisu exclaimed loudly. The only one crazy enough to even speak during the whole fiasco.


“I said shut up, Isu!” He snapped at the scout before turning to the boys again. “Fine, then what’s your name?” Khun could feel the telltale of what is going to be an annoying headache as he unconsciously massaged his forehead. “How did you come here? Where’s your other parent?” 


The little blunet lifted up his head and smiled brightly as he answered his questions. He apparently was no longer bothered that his supposed father was asking for both of their names. “I am Luan. And that is my brother, Vihan. But me and Papa usually call him ‘Vi’! Nice to meet you!”




Chapter Ends