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Maid of Londor

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To: Lady Elfriede (Sister Friede)
By: Sir Vilhelm

Maid of Londor, ere we part
Give, oh give me back my heart
As I hold the Onyx Blade
That you gave me, Holy Maid
Hear my vow before I go
Elfriede, I love thee so!

By thy hair as black as night
By thy eyes of tanzanite
By the flame-wound that does grace
The side of thy lovely face
By thy skin as white as snow
Elfriede, I love thee so!

By that lip that I would kiss
Downward bent in sweet sadness
By that black flame that burns in thee
With its dark light sacred to me
By love's alternate joy and woe
Elfriede, I love thee so!

Maid of Londor, I must fly
Though for me it's misery
Though from thou I now depart
Still you hold my soul and heart
Can I cease to love thee? No!
Elfriede, I love thee so!