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Afternoon Delight

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“Oh shit. Oh shit, Kara right there!” Lena moans in surprise, one hand tangled in the omegas hair and the other furiously gripping at the bathroom wall she has been pushed up against. The second Lena saw her omega this morning she knew something like this was going to happen. Instead of the bubbly adorable Kara she’s used to being greeted with, this morning Kara was quieter, her eyes slightly dark and her smirk just a little more dangerous. Sure enough, the second they walked into the building Kara guided Lena into the washroom’s largest stall and pinned her to a wall with kisses and soft whispers. Now, Lena looks down into dark blue eyes shining and a beautiful pale mouth wrapped around her cock.
Kara gave another generous suck taking her deeper and Lena moaned again moving her hand that wasn’t in Kara’s hair to her mouth to make sure nobody heard outside and came in to investigate. With every pump Kara took her deeper and played her little tongue along the side of the shaft, gently gripping Lena’s balls in one hand and gripping her tight ass in the other. “Fuck baby right there!” Lena encouraged, while tightening her hold in Kara’s hair.
Kara took the entirety of Lena’s length in her throat and moaned at the praise. The vibrations of the moan had Lena racing toward orgasm in record time. When Kara shifted her hand on Lena’s ass ever so slightly to play at the entrance of Lena’s tight puckered hole she was catapulted into her sudden orgasm giving no more warning than a silent scream unable to form any sound.
Kara pumped Lena gently with her hand and slowly drew out her alpha’s orgasm until Lena had softened. Before Kara could do more than gently kiss the tip of Lena’s soft cock the alpha had her pulled up to her full height curiosity riding the tailcoats of her arousal. “What was that for? Is it my birthday? Are you going into heat? Can I please please return the favor?” Each question was punctuated with a kiss starting at Kara’s lips and moving down her neck.
“Mmmm, when I saw you this morning I suddenly couldn’t think of anything else. We haven’t fooled around for weeks, I missed my alpha.” Kara pouted and nuzzled Lena’s neck.
She was right Lena realized it had been a while. Between Kara’s soccer season just starting up and midterms on the horizon they had spared no time for intimacy more than the occasional make out session study breaks. “I’m sorry baby, you’re right.” She traced Kara’s jaw with her nose before moving in for a soft kiss again. Between kisses a thought occurred to Lena. “Where did you learn that… uhm the thing you did?” Lena couldn’t even say it.
Kara giggled, “I may or may not have overheard some locker room talk and wanted to give it a try.” The omega smirked mischievously, “you loved it.” She whispered to Lena matter of factly.
“I did not lo-” Lena huffed and cut herself off. She couldn’t help the blush and slight embarrassment she felt. It was a new sensation entirely and if she was being honest she did love it.
“Aw, don’t be shy alpha. I’m glad you liked it so much.” Kara just grazes Lena’s ear with her lips to whisper, “maybe next time I’ll use my tongue instead of my fingers.”
Lena shivers and even though she just came, her cock gives a hearty twitch. A rumbling purr runs through her and in a flash she grabs Kara by the hips and turns them around so that Kara is the one pinned to the wall. Kara’s whimper is swallowed by Lena’s lips on hers, alpha hands firm and commanding on her pliable body.
Before Lena can have her way with Kara, however, the door to the washrooms swings open and both are snapped back to reality. “Oh, what the hell!” The intruder’s voice is muffled as if they’ve quickly moved their hand up to plug their nose. “It smells like an alpha whorehouse in here! Are you guys hooking up in the bathrooms again?”
Lena is trying to stuff herself in her pants as quietly as possible but to her horror Kara is moving to the stall door. “Nora, is that you?” She calls through the door and Lena wants to do nothing more than disappear.
“Kara?” Nora asks with unmasked surprise. “Sorry I thought it was Sara and Ava at it again.” There was a brief pause before she added, “didn’t take you for an afternoon delight kinda gal.” The smile was evident in her voice. “I take it that’s Luthor stinking up the place then?”
Kara giggled nervously and looked over to Lena apologetically. Lena just gave her a tight lipped smile before giving as stoic of a “Hey Nora,” as possible.
Nora just laughed, “I’m going to use the other bathrooms, I’ll see you guys later.”
When she leaves Lena just sighs and leans her head against the washroom wall. Kara comes up and slowly moves into her space tucking herself into Lena’s neck while baring her own to her. “I’m sorry Lee,” she says quietly.
Kara seems ashamed but Lena sees through it. Her neck is bared but she’s releasing persuasive pheromones encouraging Lena to forgive her immediately. Of course Lena would, she’s not even all that upset, but she wants to tease her omega just a bit. She growls ever so slightly and presses words into Kara’s neck. “It’s okay omega, you’ll make it up to me later.” The promise is dark and absolute, emphasized by a sharp nip at Kara’s throat. With a short “see you later” and peck to Kara’s lips Lena’s is out of the washroom and headed to class.