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Fandom stats: descriptive statistics of "The Old Guard" works on AO3

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Number of works posted to AO3 each day

The release date of The Old Guard on Netflix was 10 July 2020. After a steady increase in the number of works posted to AO3 per day between 11 and 27 July or so, that number seems to have stabilised at a little under 50 works per day on average, with a lot of fluctuations and lows of approx 30 and highs of approx 60 works per day.

The date I'm using is that shown by AO3 in the top right-hand corner of the display box for each work, i.e. the "publication date". Usually this is automatically set by AO3 as the date of posting of the most recent chapter, but creators can also choose this date themselves when they post, setting it in the past (backdating). They can also manually edit the date of a previously posted work. I'm not sure what timezone AO3 is using, but it seems to be UTC, a.k.a. GMT.

Note: in the graphic above, the number of works for 17 August is low because I downloaded this data on the 17th in the middle of the day. The number of works for 16 August is very high, but I expect this number will be lower if I check again in a few days. I notice that no matter which day I search for works, the number of works for the day before is always particularly high, and this number has then decreased if I come back and do the same search a few days later. I guess this is because of multi-chapter works which are updated every couple of days.

I wondered if I might be able to see some patterns in the data, such as more works being posted on Saturdays and Sundays, but that does not seem to be the case.

I would love to see how reader activity is increasing, but I don't have any way to access that data. I guess it has followed a similar growth pattern.