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You love me, right?

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Taking long baths was therapeutic, in a way.

I always take one when I'm sad, I take a bath almost every night.

"Johnny, open the door please." He winced as he heard his boyfriend speak through the door, knocking incessantly.

Johnny didn't answer, his reply was to run the bath water. He heard Gyro sigh outside of the bathroom.

10 minutes of silence. Only the sound of water pouring into the tub filled the small bathroom.

Johnny opens the door, cautiously, he peeks his head out and looks around the apartment.  Gyro was no where to be seen. He hears a rumble of a motorbike and notices Gyro's helmet is gone. Ah, so he left.

Johnny goes back to the bathroom and lifts himself into the bath.

At least no one's home to hear me cry.