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for better, for worse

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Shouto’s heats are something special. They’re something he looks back on fondly, something he’s grown to look forward to as he’s grown up. There isn’t anything particularly remarkable itself in the feeling, it’s all the same as any other like him, any other omega programned to need and want and lust for the alphas around them. The warmth, the wetness, the heady smell of sweat and musk, the sheer and maddening fantasy of being filled more than anyone could logically take...

It’s rather average, really. Even for a boy everyone loved to claim is as special as him. No, what makes it special is everything his father does.

Or, did.

It’s been a few months now. More than a few months. It feels like years since Hawks caught his father’s eye and changed him, worsened him. He claims to be a better person now. He tells him all these winding explanations about how what used to happen between them shouldn’t have. He even apologises.

Shouto hates it.

And he’s sick of it. 

... He’s going to change him back to the alpha he grew up with, no matter what it takes.


Shouto slips quietly into his father’s room. The floorboards hardly creak under his feet, and they’re warm, almost unnaturally so, having absorbed so much of the heat that radiates from the mass of the man laying on the bed. He takes a moment to enjoy that, savoring such a familiar feeling.

And then he tiptoes forward.

The bed hardly creaks at all either when he slips into it. The soft mattress gently dips with his weight and he pauses, head tilting almost thoughtfully as he looks over the sleeping form of his father. 

Damn him.

Shouto slips between his legs, feeling right at home between his huge thighs. It’s almost painful just how at home he feels, brings him back to memories he knows he shouldn’t cherish but can’t help but cherish anyway. The way his father would tuck him close, large legs on either side of him, his lap so sturdy and solid underneath him, his hands... 

He sighs, letting his own hands slip down lower. He could already feel his cock rubbing against the bed, already hard with the thought of what he was about to do, but he moves his fingers past then, sinking them through the silky folds of his pussy as they just start to slicken up. He’s nowhere close to his next heat but if he works himself up enough, it’ll be close enough. Nothing else comes close to turning him on just as much. 

Sighing again, he’s careful to lean his head into Endeavor’s thigh, his eyes closed as he rests. He rubs against himself, soft sounds falling from him as his fingers skim between his legs, teasing his entrance, trembling as pleasure starts to float through his body. It feels so good, but every moment his father’s -- his alpha’s -- thick fingers had spread him apart and pressed into him and rubbed every inch of his insides had been so much better, had made his bones seem to melt into molten liquid in his body, pleasure searing through him so hard he could hardly speak, let alone scream. 

“... mm...”

His lashes lift as he opens his eyes again, watching. Endeavor sleeps on, hardly a twitch passing through him as he dozes, and something about that ruins the moment, sends a twitch of anger to catch between his ribs. He’d growl if he could, a pout forming on his lips.


He shifts slightly, nuzzling his cheek into his thigh.

Pay attention...

His eyes fix onto his father’s face again, brows furrowing. 

I’m supposed to be yours...

He huffs, propping himself up as his eyes lower to between his father’s legs.

Your favorite...

His father’s cock is soft. It’s really the first time he’s had such a look of it like this. Usually, he remembers almost fondly, usually it’s hard, pulsing and throbbing, huge veins draping around just under the skin. And it’s usually pressed against him, a constant brand radiating against his lower back or against his ass, twitching now and then as its coated with drop after drop of falling slick as it oozes and drips from him. The thought makes his breath that much more shallow, and he just barely holds back a whine, biting his lip a little as he looks up at his father in longing.

Take responsibility...

He nuzzles into his cock, practically purring at its velvety weight against his cheek. It feels perfect. He missed it so much. Missed this, missed that affection, missed how much his father used to care for him, make sure he was okay...

Take me...

Now he has him. Now he spends all his time rutting into someone else, dipping his thick fingers inside of them, making them moan as they writhe through their heats. Now he has Hawks, and Shouto is nothing to him.

It’s not fair.

Another twitch of anger, stronger than the first, twists at his chest. He dips down, breathes in his father’s musk, letting that smell roll over every bit of his senses, letting it smother and overwhelm him. And then he moves his mouth to the bulbous head of his cock, lips parting as he dares a lick.

It feels so bold. 

Enji has controlled every second of their interactions, trying to keep the nature of his omega son separate from his goals as a hero. Relief was a reward that Enji hung constantly over his head, making him train through his heats like he could defeat them just with willpower alone before watching him collapse and coaxing him forward with kind words and heated touches. It was something he earned, something he was never allowed to ask for, something Endeavor acted like he couldn’t really want. It seemed a chore to him, an errand, another need that he had to take care of on his way to becoming the greatest hero.

But now... now he can admit what he wants. Now he can take it. And nothing will stop him.

His tongue laps at the head of his cock again, getting familiar. He licks all over, rubbing against the slit before swirling it around until it dripped with his spit. Then, carefully, he takes it into his mouth and suckles. It feels so good, velvety and heavy, and he leans in a little more, taking some of the length in too, his cheeks hallowing softly as he sucks.

His father’s cock starts to pulse slowly, just like he remembers, growing hard in his mouth as he dares to bob his head.

He thinks about him cumming, thinking about his knot swelling up as he encounters it for the first real time, locking his mouth open, forcing him to swallow every drop that pours down his throat. The idea grows more enticing with every second, he wants to be forced down, he wants to choke on it, he wants to make his alpha feel so good he doesn’t dare to stop, bending him over and slamming inside and rutting into him again and again until he’s overflowing. Shouto moans to himself at the thought, fingers sinking into his pussy as he imagines being filled to the brim. 

He sucks harder. He feels his father’s thighs twitch at either side of his head as he does and moans to himself, repeating the motion, tongue laving against the veins. Enji twitches again, and a low rumble passes through him, deep in his chest as his hips twitch forward. Endeavor chases after the pleasure he knows he’d be so good at giving and Shouto’s fingers move faster, pushing in deeper, stretching apart and preparing himself fast. He wants to be ready for when...



Shouto lets out another soft moan. Enji’s eyes fix on his, hazy with sleep as his lashes flutter and the cool blue of his irises land on his son. 

He frowns, trying to prop himself up, pleasure making him slow. Another groan falls from him like an accident before he reaches out, fingers pressing to his thin shoulder and trying to push him away. 

Shouto just tries to cling, managing another stubborn suck before another push pries him away, a lewd, wet pop snapping into the air as his mouth is tugged away from his dick.

“Shouto... what are you doing, what’s gotten into you, boy...?” Enji murmurs out, hardly angry. Love has softened him, he can tell. It’s something Shouto loves and hates, all at the same time. He knows it wasn’t just his adoration for him that has eroded so much of his rage and sharpness.

He places his hands on both of his thighs, slowly hoisting himself up all the more. 

“I want you...” he murmurs out, his eyes wide, desperate lashes batting as he leans in and nestles aganist his father’s neck. 

“I miss you...” he breathes out, his hands skimming along the muscles, moving along the bones of his hips before finally resting against him, delicate fingers wrapping around his huge cock. 

“And you’re hard...”

“Shouto...” Enji sighs out again. He reaches to stop his hands from moving any further, covering his wrist easily. 

Shouto pouts his lips, squeezing despite that, relishing the next throb he feels. “Don’t push me away,” he says softly, almost coy, giving his cock a sensual pull. “Please, you’ll like it, I promise...”

“You know I’m...” Enji trails off suddenly, like mentioning Hawks’ name would poison something between them. His eyes drop shamefully, and that’s when Shouto dives in, trying to cling and pry that vulnerability open to slip inside and grab for himself.

Shouto slides forward, slipping his legs up and around Enji’s hips, straddling him slowly. “Dad...” he whispers into his ear, before he nips at the lobe between his teeth, a coy little pinch before he’s letting out another soft moan. “Daddy...”

Enji groans, his mouth dropping open to speak. Shouto knows exactly what he’s going to say, he’s going to tell him no, he’s going to say they can’t anymore, he’s going to push him away and go to Hawks and fuck him and breed him and mark him all over and he can’t stand it...

“Please,” he begs, and it comes out stupidly childish, the tantrum of a spoiled kid who isn’t allowed to play anymore, none of the irrisistable sensuality he knows he has. Clinging tight, he tries to fix his tone, adding a soft roll to his hips as he does it. “Please... I know you miss me, too... I know I’m better, I feel better...  please, feel how wet I am...”

He rubs against him all the more, his ass pushing back so he can rub against the hard line of his cock, letting it grow slicker with his juices. Shouto gasps, hips twitching upwards, rubbing where he’s hard against him too, rutting against his father’s abs and whimpering out as he holds him around his shoulders. It’s such a shameless display, he could almost spare to be embarrassed, but he needs him, he needs him too much to think of anything else.

Enji’s hands come to rest on Shouto’s hips. “We shouldn’t...” he whispers with a groan, but he doesn’t stop him, following every roll of his hips as he grinds back against him.

“Don’t stop...” Shouto whispers back to him, digging his nails in needlessly. If he even dared, he doesn’t know what he’d do. He’d burn them both down, trap their bodies under an icy cavern until Enji submits. He doesn’t care. He needs this. He needs this.

“Fuck, please...” Shouto whines as Enji’s hips only grind that much harder into them. They move sensually against each other, like a father and son never should, foreheads pressing together as hot breaths trade places with each other, mouths open and panting and never quite coming together to kiss. Shouto keeps trying to lean up, only for Enji to shake his head and jerk his hips up, distracting him as he’s forced to moan. 

Precum leaks from him. It’s amazing, how much he wants it, how much purer it all feels without the delirium of heat to distract him. He loves it, loves him, loves having an alpha to hold and touch him like this. 

“Take me...” Shouto pants out. He leans back, rocks against him, lifts his hips and tries to make blind grabs towards his cock. “I’m ready, I’m ready for you, please...”

Eni lays back. He isn’t stopping him, not really. There’s a grimace on his face, regret in the making, but it’s lost the second he meets Shouto’s eyes, a total, soft submission taken over. “My boy...” he breathes out as Shouto lets himself fall, sinking down and taking as much as he possibly could into himself, all at once.

“U-uugh--” Shouto groans, collapsing against him, and Enji scoops him into his arms, holding him tight tight tight as he brings his hips up, pushing that much further into his soaking cunt.

“Sh-shit... you’re so... big--” he chokes out as his father squeezes him tightly to his body.

“... thought you said you could take it,” he only grunts back, and starts to thrust, making him squeal and writhe, clawing at him as he’s taken apart. 

It burns. Shouto gasps into his father’s shoulder, clinging with everything he has as he’s fucked with slow, carving thrusts, forcing him to open up for him, making him gasp with every inch. “Yeah, please--” he pants, “Take me, take me...”

“Shouto,” Enji repeats again, and then suddenly he’s flipped, suddenly he’s being pressed into the bed, face lightly crushed into the pillow, and Enji’s grabbing his hips and pulling them up, pulling him into that perfect position he’s always dreamed of, on his knees with his ass up and ready to be bitched...

Has Hawks ever gotten this luxury? Has Hawks ever gotten to see Enji so suddenly driven by passion, so out of control with lust?

Shouto smirks into his pillow, then moves to hold onto it tight. When Enji plunges into him again, he lets out a scream that he’s sure is heard all through the house, eyes rolling up in relish and cum spurting from his cock onto the sheets. Enji fucks him with a relish that’s almost too overwhelming to be able to savor, moving so fast, so hard, so deep, he can hardly make a sound. Boneless within seconds, he drools into the pillows, tongue lolling out, heat rolling off him in waves. He feels on fire. It’s perfect. It’s so perfect.

And it only gets better.

That heat grows, that burning spreading as Enji’s cock starts to swell. Enji’s hips move faster against him, grunts bleeding into growls, into passionate snarls of his name as he gets closer. 

Shouto arches into it, pushing back, squeezing around him, begging senselessly. “Please, yes--” he cries, trying to milk him for everything he’s worth, trying to feel every inch as it grows and grows. “Come on... give it to me, give it to me, daddy--”

“Nngh-” Enji doubles over, wrapping his arms around him, practically burying him in his mass of muscles as he fucks him faster. 

“Yeah, knot me--” Shouto keeps going. “Breed me, fill me up-- cum inside, please--”

“Your filthy mouth,” Enji suddenly blurts out, leaning in and grabbing Shouto’s face by the jaw, turning it towards him. They kiss frantically, tongues diving and moving against each other until Shouto suddenly pulls away to cry out as Enji’s knot squeezes into him without a fucking warning and settles inside, far too big, far too hot, far too fucking maddening. 

“Fuck!” Shouto screams. He writhes against the bed, feeling that hot rush of cum suddenly flooding inside, Enji groaning against his ear as he does. “A-ah, fuck! Fuck!” 

“You can take it,” Enji pants out. “You said you can take it... my baby boy...” He kisses him all over, his shoulders, the back of his neck, his hair.

Shouto’s mouth opens against the pillow. He cums again, knot rubbing sweetly into him, his whole body spasming, twitching, gushing around his knot, and when Enji twitches his hips forward again, rubs that fat swell into him again, another hot surge makes him wail out, making that much more of a mess as his cock sputters out again.

Enji groans again, quieter this time. His knot pulses thickly inside of him, locking them both in place, and he tilts, letting himself collapse at his side and pull his son close.

He sighs against his hair again, a deep shudder passing through him as his breaths immediately start to quiet.

“... Dad?” Shouto breathes out, glancing over. “Dad...”

When he manages to look up and over to him, Enji is asleep, just as deeply as he’d been as they’d started.

Shouto sighs, nestling against him and slowly grinding back, exploring every little sensation his father’s knot continues to provide. He pats over his belly, warm and bulging with his girth, overwhelmed with how happy, how content he feels, how perfectly it all went. Tomorrow, he’ll push it even further, get his mark pierced into his neck, get all kinds of marks all around him that he could flaunt and show off, enough so that he could push Hawks away for good. But for now, he’s content. He knows.

There’s no way his father could leave him now.