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Merlin's Tits...

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m a r a u d e r s

Prongs: guys

Wormtail: what?

Prongs: gUYS

Padfoot: PRONGS

Moony: Yes?

Prongs: G U Y S 

Moony: Merlin's tits...

Prongs: listen guys

Wormtail: please stop

Wormtail: this test is giving me enough anxiety as it is


Padfoot: dudeee youre sitting next to MOONY 

Padfoot: if you fail it youre an actual dumbass 

Wormtail: I'm sorry Padfoot

Wormtail: I'm not as good at this life of crime as you are

Wormtail: McGonagall scares me you know that 

Moony: It's okay, Peter, I'll help.

Padfoot: :(

Padfoot: moony you never help me

Moony: ??? I literally always help you??

Padfoot: you didnt sit with me tho :(

Moony: Uh, yeah.

Moony: Remember when McGonagall banned you from sitting next to either of us? 

Padfoot: damn 

Padfoot: i know

Padfoot: she's giving me the cold shoulder :/ 


Prongs: listn

Padfoot: we listningggg

Prongs: i m planning my nxt movE


Padfoot: AYYYYY

Moony: No

Prongs: ??????

Padfoot: yess

Moony: I'm not writing any more poems for you James

Moony: I love you but Lily threteaned me with her Divination notes

Moony: And all of you know that the only reason we pass that class is because she gives them to me

Padfoot: i mean yah those were cringe

Padfoot: u write well moony but cant read about emerald eys and fiery hair no more

Wormtail: when I delivered the last one because James was in detention

Wormtail: she told me she was gonna help me see the Nargles if I ever scheme with you again 

Wormtail: I'm too young to die James :(

Padfoot: haaaaa she good

Padfoot: whee was i tho?

Moony: You were in detention too.

Wormtail: detention

Padfoot: damn i lost track

Prongs: nooo moony its smth else

Prongs: i still dnt know how she found out tho

Moony: ...

Moony: Really?

Prongs: shut up >:(

Prongs: i can write its just

Prongs: if i start i wont stopppp

Moony: Don't I know it?

Prongs: you were just much more focused

Moony: Just spit it out before Padfoot explodes. He's tapping his leg so loudly, I can hear him from here. 

Padfoot: im not about to explodeee

Padfoot: justt excited 

Padfoot: !!

Moony: It's okay Pads :)

Prongs: OKAy

Prongs: so

Prongs: i might get expelled but 

Wormtail: James, no :(

Prongs: i have to do it in the name of love 

Wormtail: please no, Moony stop him 

Moony: Let me see what he came up with first. 

Padfoot: have faith in my prongs!!! let him speakk

Prongs: yall have so little faith in me

Padfoot: AYYYY

Prongs: we r literally soulmates pads

Padfoot: i KNOWWW 

Moony: Wasn't Lily your soulmate?

Padfoot: moony pleas

Padfoot: shes the mistress

Prongs: my heart's big enough for 4 

Wormtail: awwww

Moony: You're hopeless

Moony: But I love you :)

Padfoot: like all of us or just prongs?

Moony: What?

Padfoot: well i mean were like 10 mintues into this conversation andd

Padfoot: you already told prongs you love him twice

Padfoot: im just saying that im standing right here 5 rows behind u

Padfoot: and jst as hopeless as him 

Wormtail: can you leave Moony alone so he can help me with question number 8??

Moony: I love you too Sirius

Prongs: is evanesce wormy

Moony: Prongs, no

Moony: what was that noise??

Moony: was that pads??

Prongs: uh yeah 

Moony: Pads, you alright??

Moony: Btw, it's not Evanesce

Moony: That's second year

Moony: It's Evanesco

Moony: Write something like "it's used to vanish both animate and inanimate objects" 

Prongs: damn moony thanks <3

Padfoot: im finee

Wormtail: thanks Moony

Wormtail: what happened?




Prongs: you hopeless indeed

Padfoot: shut up you know i cnt takle affectinate moony 

Padfoot: i know he didnt mean it like that 

Padfoot: dont worry

Prongs: pads just talk to him smetimes

Prongs: i think theres more there

Prongs: i feel it in my heart 

Padfoot: like you feel it in your heart tht lily is your soulmate???

Padfoot: i dont want to ruin everything 

Padfoot: i dont want him to hate me

Prongs: firST OF ALL 

Prongs: hes not going to hate you pads moony could never 

Prongs: and SECOND

Prongs: i will marry lily evans

Prongs: you just wait :)

Padfoot: i hope you do prongs <3


m a r a u d e r s


Padfoot: i leaned too much in my seattt

Padfoot: i almost died

Wormtail: wow

Moony: That squeal tho 

Padfoot: moony shush

Padfoot: its enough that snapes snickering 

Padfoot: prongs tell us the plan before we die of old agee

Prongs: right!!!

Prongs: the plan!!!

Moony: Let's see it

Prongs: you know marlene right??

Padfoot: duh

Prongs: well 

Prongs: she showed me this muggle song

Wormtail: what is it??

Prongs: its called cant take my eyes off of you

Prongs: i listend to it and its the perfect choice 

Prongs: for my serenade


Wormtail: PREongs lol

Moony: Here we go...


Prongs: here it iss

Prongs: and i want to sing it to her after the match tomrrow

Moony: Wait.. you mean with everyone there???

Prongs: yES

Prongs: then she will know how much i love herrr 

Moony: Merlin help us.. 

Padfoot: YESSS DO IT

Moony: You think this is a good idea?

Moony: She'll kill you 

Prongs: its either her or mcgnagall

Prongs: personally i choose a crime of passion

Wormtail: she will kill us too 

Padfoot: !!!! PARTYPOOPERS


Prongs: thank you pads <3

Wormtail: the only thing I get out of this friendship is unlimited detention :(

Moony: Fine.. what do you need us to do?

Prongs: MOONY


Prongs: pads you talk to the rest of team and get them with the program

Padfoot: ay ay captain!!

Prongs: moony you need to talk to that guy from the band you know

Prongs: from the spring ball

Prongs: i need backup 

Moony: ..I'll try 

Prongs: you are a ray of sunshine 

Moony: I doubt it


Prongs: you are

Padfoot: !!!

Moony: Alright, alright

Prongs: WOrmy you need to make sure she doesnt leave early 

Wormtail: how?? its not like I can keep here there

Prongs: talk to her!!! its not that hard

Wormtail: ...

Moony: ...

Padfoot: They're not wrong

Prongs: fine it is hard for me too but thats because 

Prongs: i forget how to breathe and form words when shes around 

Prongs: just do it wormy pleaseee

Wormtail: fine 

Wormtail: might as well die in style

Prongs: then its set!!!

Padfoot: its gonna be amazing prongs i know itt

Prongs: thanks pads <3



Moony: Was it worth it? 


Padfoot: i dont know how 

Padfoot: mcgee lets you stay a prefect moony 

Moony: Honestly, I have no idea either. 

Prongs: i think i saw her smile once

Wormtail: no James

Wormtail: that was her laughing at you 

Prongs: she laughed????

Wormtail: yeah 

Prongs: i made her laugh <3

Moony: You're so whipped it's both gross and sweet 

Padfoot: wormtail where did you go???

Wormtail: sneaked out before McGonagall could see me 

Padfoot: you rat!!!

Wormtail: hey i did my part


Padfoot: whats she doing here?? 

Prongs: shes sso beatifful i cannot 

Moony: Get yourself together James 

Padfoot: what are they talking about???

Prongs: shes leaving

Prongs: no dont leave




Lily Evans: You owe me. 

Prongs: LILY

Prongs: how did you do that???

Lily Evans: I told McGonagall that we all need to work on a project for Potions.

Lily Evans: You're welcome.

Prongs: !!!!!!!!!!

Prongs: A literal angel

Lily Evans: Stop.

Prongs: hey lily

Lily Evans: ??

Prongs: did you like it?

Lily Evans: Shut up. 

Prongs: <3