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After turning the lock, Bryce barely had time to place her fingers on the pad near the door, disabling the enchantments, before Hunt had pushed it open and strode through. He was still carrying her in his arms, apparently feeling that the second it took to put her down would be a second too long.

Not that she was complaining. Her feet always killed after a long night of dancing in her favorite very tall, very shiny black patent leather heels and tonight was no exception. Plus, being surrounded by the muscle-bound arms and cedar-and-rain scent of Hunt didn’t hurt either. For those reasons exactly, she’d come to enjoy flying with him, even though she still absolutely refused to open her eyes 99.99% of the time.

He placed her down gently once they’d crossed the threshold, wasting no time in bringing his mouth to hers. Bryce could hear Syrinx yapping around their feet, but he quickly took the hint and made himself scarce. Having a sentient pet was definitely useful at times like these.

Hunt’s tongue swiped across her bottom lip, bringing her attention back to the kiss, requesting entry. Bryce gladly obliged. Their tongues stroked against each other softly, the kiss sweeter and more gentle than the fiery liplock they’d shared in the club. She sighed happily.

Hunt pulled back to look at her. “What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“Oh, just how much I like your mouth when it isn’t talking,” Bryce said, a teasing glint in her eye.

Hunt gave a petulant pout in response before his expression turned mischievous. “Well if your mouth is going to say such rude things I, too, can think of something it could be doing that I would like a lot more.”

Bryce knew she should be indignant but the thought of his cock, which she had been trying to get her hands, mouth, and cunt on for the past few weeks unsuccessfully, made the flutter in her belly return.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Was all she heard herself saying.

Bringing her lips back to his, she started walking them backwards towards her bedroom, kicking off her heels on the way. This time, the kiss was anything but gentle. As soon as their mouths touched, Bryce felt like she stopped breathing.

Hunt shuddered and she could hear a growl rise in the back of his throat. Shivers of pleasure ran through her as he deepened the kiss further, their tongues twining together. Her hands were all over him, running down his back, creeping under the waistline of his shirt, smoothing her fingers across the muscles of his stomach and chest.

Hunt’s hands were in her long, wine red hair, stroking his fingers through the soft waves before wrapping it once around his hand and tugging, tilting her head back further so he could ravage her mouth.

Bryce felt the back of her knees hit the bed, collapsing backwards until she lay across the soft duvet with Hunt’s body a heady weight above her. She loved feeling surrounded by him, encompassed on all sides by the scent and feel of his skin. It was thrilling, knowing just how much power was contained in the angel above her, an entire lightning storm at his fingertips.

It would have frightened her before, when she was sure all Vanir males were only out to use and abuse her for their own purposes. Hunt (and Connor before him if he’d been given the chance, she thought sadly) proved that that wasn’t always the case. Even though he had his alpha-hole moments, he respected her just as much as he would a full Fae warrior, and maybe even more so. They were mirrors of each other after all.

Her heart swelled with love for the male above her, nearly bursting with the addition of the sensations playing through her body.

Lowering her hands, a brush against Hunt’s wings causing him to shiver above her, she grabbed the edge of his shirt and tugged upwards. He broke apart long enough for her to pull it over his head, the shirt ending up somewhere on the floor.

As he lowered his head to kiss her again, Bryce tilted her head to avoid his lips, moving instead to kiss his jawline, his neck, his shoulder. She reveled in the feel of his skin against her fingers, tingles of electricity passing under her hands.

She pushed against his shoulder to flip them over, leaving her sprawled against his chest, his wings spread out beneath them. Continuing to kiss her way down his chest, she paused above his left pectoral to leave another bite, marking the area she knew to be above his heart to show that it belonged to her.

Stop being such a soppy fuck and get to the good part, she thought to herself, Before you get interrupted for the five millionth time.

Laving the skin with her tongue to soothe the sting, Hunt let out a half-moan, half-growl in response. Reaching the top of his pants, Bryce slid her fingers under the waistband, lightly caressing the skin underneath. He jerked his hips slightly beneath her, reflexively trying to move her touch closer to his erection, but she danced her fingers away before he could succeed.

“Uh uh uh,” she teased in a sing-song voice. “You’ve got to be patient.”

Hunt let out what could only be described as a snarl. “Fucking Hel, Bryce.”

She continued kissing and licking her way down his stomach, her fingers dipping in and out of his waistband, just barely putting pressure on the sensitive skin. All she could hear from Hunt were moans and a few ‘Dark Hel’s.

Certainly not the type of person to win a prize for being patient, Bryce threw the teasing out the window after a few more seconds and slid the button of his jeans open, roughly pulling them off and tossing them somewhere behind her.

Turning her attention back to the matter at hand, she trailed her fingers lightly up the length of his shaft, marveling at the feel of his velvety skin. Catching a drop of precum with her thumb, she swirled it around the head, enjoying Hunt’s shudder as he responded to her gentle touch.

He had a gorgeous cock, jutting out from a thatch of dark hair that was neatly groomed, the tip glistening from the precum she’d spread around it, another drop already beginning to form. Bryce stuck her tongue out and licked the rosy tip, the precum adding saltiness to the musk of his skin.

She licked her lips and leaned forward as she pulled her hair back. Hunt’s hand covered hers as he pushed it away and ran his fingers through its length. “Leave it down,” he rasped, “Please.”

Taking the head of him between her lips, she flicked her tongue around his tip and moaned. Opening her mouth wide, she took the length of him all the way into her throat, her tongue held down by his heavy girth. Hunt let out a soft swear as she reached the base, her nose pressed against the surprisingly soft hair.

Bryce looked up at him, and felt warmth rush through her at the look of heavy-lidded pleasure in his eyes. He ran his hands through her hair again, pulling it gently off to the side for her.

Bryce took a slow breath through her nose and slowly drew her head back, her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft and her tongue drawing swirling patterns on the underside as she moved up. Hunt let out a tortured groan above her.

Back at the head of his cock, she flicked her tongue against the frenulum, causing Hunt’s hand to tighten in her hair and a small grunt to escape him. As she continued to move up and down his shaft, she wondered what he would sound like when he finally came, after all of these months of imagining it.

She didn’t have to wait long.

She popped her mouth off of his cock, taking a much needed deep breath, and laved her tongue up the length of it. Looking up at him from under her lashes, she moved lower and took hold of his cock in one hand as she gently sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Continuing to gently pump up and down his length, Bryce rolled his testicle between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and gently tugged.

Hunt’s head tipped back as he moaned at the new sensations. Bryce moved to give equal attention to the other one before sinking her mouth back down onto his cock. She could feel him throbbing between her lips as she continued to gently play with his balls with her hand, the free one caressing his thigh in long strokes.

Hunt’s head was still tipped back, his mouth open and his throat taut as he rewarded her efforts with muttered swears and moans of pleasure.

And then she hummed.

Hunt’s hips bucked. Bryce’s hand tightened on his leg in surprise, but she was able to take him into her throat without gagging (thanks to Danika and their extensive practice on cucumbers and other phallic vegetables in college). Taking a deep breath, Bryce began to move faster, continuing to occasionally hum around his length and swirl her tongue around the sensitive head.

A few strokes later, the first pulse of come hit the back of her tongue. Even in the grip of orgasm Hunt remained gentle with her hair. He groaned loudly, an elongated “Fuck” spilling from his lips, before falling back to lay on the bed. Bryce pulled her lips back, careful to swallow the last few drops, and licked her lips before climbing over him to lay at his side.

“I do love this bed,” she said, sinking into the soft comforter with a sigh.

Hunt turned his head to give her a lazy look, his eyes still half-lidded with pleasure.

“Tired already, sweetheart?” he teased.

“Not a chance, asshole,” she retorted, poking her finger into his, very well-defined, chest.

Hunt smiled and rolled to face her, slipping his arm over her waist. He trailed his hand up and down her spine and the sides of her ribs, making Bryce shiver at the ticklish sensation.

Hunt leaned his head forward to touch his forehead against hers. “Thank you,” he whispered. “You have no idea how good that felt. It was different with you somehow. It was--”

“Super sexy?” Bryce finished.

He laughed. “Yes, and what I was originally going to say was special. You’re special, Bryce.”

She could feel her cheeks flush but stayed quiet, choosing instead to toss a leg over his hip. She shimmied closer until she could feel his cock against her cunt. It was still soft, but when she gently rolled her hips against his, it twitched slightly. Her lips curved into a pleased smile and she leaned forward to kiss his neck.

His cock twitched against her again before he pushed her onto her back and bent to press a sweet kiss to her lips. He fluttered his tongue over her pulse before sucking yet another mark into her neck, making her moan in response. She was definitely going to have to invest in some cute scarves if he was going to keep this up.

Hunt pushed at her legs and Bryce let them fall open for him. Settling between her thighs, he continued to kiss his way across her collarbones and down her sternum until he reached her breasts. He laved his tongue around each areola, frustratingly avoiding her nipples, and kissed the soft undersides of each one.

Finally, he drew a nipple into his mouth, sucking and rolling it gently between his teeth. Bryce whimpered and arched her chest closer, wanting equal attention paid to the other side. Hunt complied and, as he did, she could feel his cock stiffening against her labia. She rocked her hips against him, trying to gain some friction on her throbbing clit. His attention to her breasts had made her drip with renewed pleasure but she wanted more. She wanted him inside of her.

She ran her fingers across his shoulders and down his scapula before pulling him up for a kiss. “Please, Hunt,” she moaned. “I want more of you.”

Hunt smiled against her lips. Trailing his hand down her side, he slipped his fingers between them and stroked her inner labia near her clit, teasing her gently with the soft strokes. Bryce pressed upward against his hand, seeking more. More friction, more pressure, more everything. Hunt circled her clit before slipping two fingers inside of her cunt. Still, Bryce wanted more.

Reaching her hand down between their bodies, she grabbed his cock and stroked it until it was thick and heavy in her hand. With a soft growl, Hunt pushed her hand away and placed his cock between her labia, catching some of her arousal in his hand and slicking it down his length.

Hovering on his elbows above her, he slowly slid his cock through her folds, the heavy head catching on her clit in the most delicious way before pulling back until he was barely touching her. He continued stroking against her until Bryce was nearly sobbing with pleasure and impatience.

“More, Hunt. Please, give me more. I need you,” she begged.

He pulled back once more, the blunt head of his cock tapping her clit before he shifted lower and pushed into her. Bryce dug her nails into his back and keened as he finally, finally sank into her. She felt full in the most delicious way, as if she’d never been fully complete until that moment, no matter that she’d had sex with plenty of other males. Nothing had felt as good as this.

Hunt drew himself out of her slowly, so slowly Bryce could feel the ridge below his flared head as it dragged along each inch of her cunt. He caught her mouth and kissed her languidly, with a tenderness that surprised her.

“I love you, Bryce.”

“Fucking Hel, Hunt, I love you too, so much, but if you don’t fuck me this instant I’m going to fucking scream.”

Hunt chuckled. He grabbed her hands, one by one, and pulled them over her head. Pinning her hands in place with one of his, he kissed her again. “You’ll be screaming either way, sweetheart,” he said.

He shifted his hips forward, sliding deep into her cunt and set up a slow rhythm. He snapped his hips forward to the hilt with each stroke and then slowly pulled back, dragging whimpers from her throat with each inch he withdrew.

Bryce could feel the coil of arousal deep in her abdomen grow tighter and tighter. She felt as if she were one step removed from reality, floating with only the sensation of Hunt’s cock in her cunt and his lips against hers to ground her.

Bryce hummed happily and wrapped her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his lower back to bring him deeper inside of her. The weight of him above her, the brush of his tongue against hers, the feel of his cock as it filled her, all were bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. The coil within her tightened with each slow thrust until she was nearly trembling.

Closing her eyes, she squeezed her pelvic floor muscles. Hunt groaned as her cunt tightened around him and began to drive into her at a faster pace. Releasing his hand from where it was pinning hers down, he slid it back between them and began drawing circles around her clit.

Bryce was bucking her hips, nearly sobbing. “Please, please, please,” she repeated.

Hunt grunted and began moving even faster until he threw his head back and his thrusts became more erratic. He snapped his hips into hers hard as he dragged his thumb directly over her clit.

“Come for me,” he growled.

Bryce screamed as the coil finally snapped, every muscle tensing as release washed through her.

Hunt stiffened over her and came with a violent spasm. He groaned her name and let his head fall into the crook of her shoulder as he continued to gently move in her, his cock softening slowly.

Bryce still felt like she was floating, each drag of his softening cock through her folds causing an additional spark of pleasure to burn through her. She eventually drifted back down from space and smiled. Her eyes focused on the angel above her as he stared at her with a soft gaze.

“Hey,” she giggled. She tipped her head forward to bump her nose against his and smoothed one hand over his hair.

“Hey yourself, sweetheart.”

“Come here,” she demanded, patting the space next to her on the bed.

Hunt rolled over, tucking his wings beneath him, and pulled her into his chest. Bryce let out a contented sigh and nuzzled into him. He began to caress her back gently, but after only a few seconds, she groaned.

“Shit, wait, I have to pee,” she muttered, reluctantly dragging herself away and off the bed.

After she used the bathroom and cleaned up a bit, she emerged back into the bedroom to see Hunt curled up on his side, arms around one of her pillows and soft snores escaping from his lips.

She smiled as she walked back to the bed and burrowed into his arms, shoving the pillow aside. If only the people of Crescent City could see him now, she giggled to herself. The great Umbra Mortis, cuddling with a pillow.


Resting her head against his chest, she wrapped an arm over him and snuggled into his embrace. As his heartbeat thudded in her ear, his arms tightened around her and she felt her lips spread into a wide smile.

“Mine,” she whispered.