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Bryce felt her heart pounding in her chest, sweat slicking her golden skin. She should have been out of breath, panting, but felt nothing but adrenaline coursing through her veins.

She tilted her head back and laughed, green and purple lights flashing overhead, the strong bass of the music reverberating through her body as she twisted and writhed in time with its beat. She locked eyes with Juniper, the faun’s dark curls sticking to her neck from the hot press of bodies around them on the dance floor.

It was only a week after the club’s long-awaited reopening, but it seemed all of Crescent City was still determined to celebrate their survival after the catastrophic events surrounding the Summit. There was nothing like living through seven open portals to Hel to make people ready to party harder than they ever had before.

The first few weeks after Bryce had released her Starborn power, made The Drop, and essentially saved the city, had been filled with mourning and Sailings for the dead. She and Hunt had barely had more than a few hours together without being interrupted, and most of that was filled with passing out from exhaustion or stuffing their faces with noodles from the cart down her street.

But now it seemed the residents of Crescent City were ready to move on from that horrifying day and live their lives to the fullest. Memento mori might have to be taken as the new Crescent City motto, instead of just the Meat Market’s.

Danika would have loved to see the White Raven as full of life as it was tonight. Bryce’s smile dimmed as a pang of loss sounded in her chest, but Juniper caught her hand and gave her a knowing smile, as if she too had been thinking of her.

Bryce hadn’t originally been sure she wanted to come, preferring to avoid the stares and slyly snapped photos due to her newfound fame. Most nights she was happy to stay home and watch Sunball with Hunt. Or rather, watch Hunt as he watched Sunball, his gray wings flexing with excitement at each goal or the petulant scowl that took over his face when his team was losing. Gods but he was sexy.

Juniper had all but begged though, claiming there was hardly a time when she had a night off of rehearsal and Fury was off from… doing whatever Fury did. Bryce had thought of Danika in that moment too, of their motto. She had known that Danika would be extremely pissed if she’d known Bryce had blown off a chance to spend time with her friends, and at the White Raven no less. Even if all of them could still feel a Danika-sized hole missing, and even if Bryce was still a little pissed at Fury for ignoring her for the last two years.

She smiled back at her friend, clasping her hand as they began to move together, twirling each other around the dance floor. She could feel more and more eyes on them, and smirked as she realized it was less because of her newfound status than it was because they looked fucking hot.

She looked over her shoulder to where Hunt and Fury were sitting in a booth together, and could swear she heard his growl at the males in her vicinity even over the pounding music. Oh, so he was going to be an alpha-hole about it, huh. Bryce smirked. Maybe she should give him something to actually growl about.

Turning back to face Juniper, she noticed a young Fae male standing a few feet away from them. Perfect, she thought. After catching his eye, she blew him a sultry kiss and smiled. His jaw dropped as he realized just who he was looking at and he turned to look at his friends, as if to confirm that they saw the daughter of their King too. Throwing him a final flirty wink, she started a silent countdown in her head… Three, two, one, and….

“Are you taunting me, sweetheart?” Hunt’s voice rumbled from behind her.

Bryce saw the young Fae’s face pale, and he quickly turned back to his friends at the sight of the Umbra Mortis. Bryce turned to face him, her red-painted lips stretching into a sly smile as she took in his dark expression.

“Well since you were already acting like an alpha-hole I thought I might as well give you something to actually be all possessive and aggressive over.”

Hunt let out a surprised laugh.

“I can’t deny it. I usually do a better job of controlling myself but tonight,” he paused, letting his gaze run up and down her curves, “Tonight you look too fucking sexy in that dress for anyone else to get to enjoy it.”

Bryce felt her skin flush at his words. She hooked a finger in his belt loop and jerked him forward until their bodies were pressed together.

“Then get over here and enjoy it,” she breathed.

Not waiting to hear his answer, she turned around and began dancing again. She felt his body stiffen behind her before starting to move tentatively. After a few seconds of him just swaying to the beat, Bryce reached behind her to grab his hands and place them on her waist.

She’d definitely been with better dancers, that Cheetah shifter from her CCU days had been particularly memorable, but none of them mattered now that she had Hunt.

Stepping back, Bryce shamelessly began to move her body along his, paying careful attention to the sway of her backside against his groin. She felt his hands tighten reflexively on her waist, and smirked as she felt something hard poking into her. Tossing her hair over her shoulder as she continued grinding against him, Bryce was especially pleased when she heard his muttered “Fuck.”

Hunt began running his hands up and down her sides, his fingers leaving trails of fire in their wake. She arched further into him, swallowing a whimper as he leaned forward to nuzzle against her neck. She was sure she was disgustingly sweaty, but couldn’t bring herself to care as the scent of him, cedar in a rainstorm, swept over her. Hunt pressed a kiss against the side of her neck, giving a quick nip before laving his tongue over her skin. Swallowing a moan, Bryce tilted her head back onto his shoulder and let her eyes fall closed.

“Dark Hel, Bryce,” she heard him growl into her ear. “You taste fucking delicious. Like honey and salt.”

It was his voice that did it. Bryce shuddered against him as his words caused heat to bloom in her core. She spun around, threading her hands in his dark hair, and pulled his mouth to hers.

It was an explosion.

Their mouths slanted against each other, opening as soon as they touched, allowing his tongue to sweep into her mouth, tasting her the same way he had tasted her skin. Hunt groaned, and Bryce swept her tongue against his, tasting the rainstorm and forest and lightening that was all him.

She could actually feel electricity tingle over her tongue with the force of his power. She felt like she was in the deep woods north of the city as a storm passed overhead, the smell of damp flora rising around her and the rain lightly misting her skin.

She couldn’t get enough.

Their tongues danced together as his hands skimmed over her hips, moving to the small of her back where he caressed her bare skin, his fingers moving in small circles that she could swear were leaving burns in their wake.

She snuck a hand under his shirt, wanting to feel his skin, feel him. She ran her fingers along his abdomen, feeling the muscles ripple under her touch. Teasing them along the waistband of his pants, she pulled back to look at him.

“We should go somewhere more private,” she panted. Hunt stared down at her, the club’s lights causing his face to flash different colors.

“Thank fuck,” he muttered, grabbing her by the hand and shoving the crowd aside to make way to the to the White Raven’s bathrooms.


By some insane stroke of luck, there was no line as they entered the side hallway that was lined with small private bathrooms. A pair of giggling horse shifters pushed past them, the girls leaning against each other drunkenly, glitter drifting from their hair and firstlight glow sticks perched haphazardly across their brows.

Bryce smiled at the sight and tugged Hunt into the empty room after her. Kicking the door shut behind them, she made sure it was locked (she’d made that mistake before) and turned to face him.

He was staring at her with an unreadable expression, his eyes still dark with arousal. She quirked her brow at him.

“Well, Athalar? Did you bring me in here to make eyes at or to—“

She couldn’t even finish her sentence before he pulled her against him and put his mouth on hers again. Tongues and breath clashed, warring for dominance. His hands moved downward to cup her ass, kneading her flesh as he groaned into her mouth. They quickly swept back to her waist as he abruptly picked her up and placed her on the sink countertop.

She could feel his hardness pressing against her lace-covered core and wrapped her legs tightly around him, careful to avoid kicking his wings. His hands found their way to her back, where they smoothly unhooked her bra strap and peeled her tight green dress down to her waist. She felt the cool air of the club brush against her chest and shivered.

Hunt began kissing down her neck, her collarbone, her chest, until his mouth was wrapped around her nipple, rolling the hard nub between his teeth, licking and sucking and biting until she could hear herself moaning loud enough she wouldn’t have been surprised if the bouncers out front could hear her.

His fingers crept under her dress, lightly caressing the thin covering of fabric over her. He pressed a thumb to the area at the apex of her core and she bucked against him, futilely trying to get more pressure where she so desperately wanted to be touched. Bryce was sure he was able to feel how soaked her panties were, how her arousal had been trickling out of her ever since he joined her on the dance floor.

She could feel him groan against her breast as he gently, finally, slipped two of his fingers under the hot pink lace and coated them in her arousal. He circled her clit, teasing but never touching where she wanted him to, before sliding them back down to tease her entrance.

As he turned his attention to her other breast, sucking a mark into the soft flesh beside her nipple, Bryce begged.

“Come on, Hunt. Please.”

He released her nipple with a wet pop and met her golden eyes with his own. “Please what, Sweetheart?”

She could only whimper in response. His fingers circled her clit again, moving so slowly Bryce was sure she’d be driven mad before long.

“Please… please, fuck me,” she whispered.

He laughed darkly as he continued dragging two fingers up and down with hand-clenching lightness. He moved back up to her neck, licking and sucking a mark into her skin that she was sure would show for days.

His fingers slid back down to her entrance, circling with barely-applied pressure. Bryce kept trying to shift forward, to get his fingers inside of her but it was like he was a gods-blasted mind reader because he always knew when to draw away slightly.

“Hunt.” Her voice came out as a whine.

She could feel him smile against her neck. “So needy,” he chuckled arrogantly. He moved back to claim her mouth again, and as he did so he slid his finger deep inside of her.

“You mean like this?” he asked.

She nearly came right then and there from the feeling of his finger.

“Fuck,” was all she could groan in response.

She rocked back and forth, trying to drive him deeper, needing more. He obliged, adding a second finger and thrusting them inside of her as his thumb continued to tease the area around her clit.

Bryce dug her nails into his lower back, trying to pull him even closer. If his fingers felt this good she couldn’t even begin to imagine how magical his cock would feel when it was finally in her. She moved her face down, biting and sucking where his neck met his shoulder, determined to leave a mark even bigger than the one he’d surely left on her. Satisfied with her work, she moved back up to whisper in his ear, “I want you inside of me, Hunt.”

He groaned. “First you’re going to come like this,” he breathed. “I want to feel you coming around my fingers. Then, I promise I’ll fuck you until you can’t even remember the names of the gods.”

Gods, yes. Release hovered before her, tantalizingly close. His fingers continued to move within her, driving in deep before gently stroking the front side of her inner wall. She could feel her muscles begin to flutter as the coil within her wound tighter and tighter. They stroked into her again and again.

“Come for me, sweetheart,” he whispered against her mouth, before pressing his thumb directly onto her clit, causing the coil inside of her to not just unwind, but fucking detonate.

“Oh my gods, Hunt,” she cried as she came, riding out the waves of her orgasm with his fingers still inside of her. Her arms and legs tingled with the intensity of the release.

She began laughing as the last waves faded, bringing his mouth to hers again as he gently slid his hand out from her dress.

Pulling away from the kiss, he brought his glistening fingers to her mouth, tracing her lips gently before she opened them and began sucking her arousal off of them.

“Fuck, Bryce,” he groaned, his eyes shuttering. “You are so gods-damned hot when you do that.”

Releasing his, now clean-ish, fingers from her mouth, Bryce smoothed her hands over his broad chest. “Damn right I am,” she smirked. “What are you going to do about it?”

He laughed. “Well, I do believe I was saying something about fucking you until—“

Bang, bang, bang. A loud pounding began at the door.

“Get the fuck out of there! You’ve been hogging the room for 20 minutes already!” a loud, and very pissed off, voice called from beyond the door.

Hunt groaned in exasperation as he let his head fall to her shoulder.

“We never fucking catch a break, do we?”

Bryce laughed. “Come on, angel. We can finish this up at home,” she said, waggling her eyebrows.

Hunt sighed but didn’t argue, carefully re-clasping her bra strap and pulling up her dress.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” yelled the being outside. “Can’t you keep your dick in your fucking pants?” They started pounding on the door again and Hunt quickly flung it open, glowering at the faun who stood there, whose irate expression quickly faded to fear as he realized just who he was verbally assaulting in the bathrooms of the White Raven.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” growled Hunt.

A small squeak was all that escaped the faun as he took in the much taller, muscled, and more powerful angel.

“Come on, Athalar,” said Bryce, as she strutted past the two males. “Let’s find Fury and Juniper to say goodbye before we leave.”

With one last glare at the now trembling faun, Hunt strode to catch up to Bryce, slinging his arm around her waist as they navigated the way back to their booth.


As they were nearing Fury and Juniper, their heads bowed intimately together, the faun’s dark curls blending in with Fury’s black bob, Bryce felt Hunt’s hand slide down to the small of her back.

“I’ll make it worth your while to make this quick, Quinlan,” Hunt murmured, giving her backside a sly squeeze. “I still have designs for your other… assets that I plan to take up the rest of the night.”

Bryce raised her eyebrows, but couldn’t help the delicious shiver that ran through her at his words.

“If you say so, angel. You sure you’re not too old for those kinds of promises?”

Hunt growled at her as she threw her head back and laughed.

“Just wait and see, sweetheart. You’ll be eating your words before long.”