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Arisu in Twisted Wonderland

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As I sit here listening to music and spacing out into the void; I've come to realize something: This fic is possibly going to go under another rewrite

Now before anyone panics, hear me out, with more canon content out there and more canon content coming out it's safe to assume what I have will contradict what's happening.


Oh, Don't worry the rewrite will happen gradually. I want to finish up with the Peacocks over at Pomefiore first and then work on other things. So, this will remain as is for the time being and I will let you know what chapter's been updated in the tags like before.

Oh yeah; I'm also going to be doing Scream Town again this year since job searching this summer flopped. *Sighs*


Thank you for being patient with us, and be on the look out for other things being updated or added.