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Time Travel, Art School and Learning How To Be a Priest

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Adolf Hitler looked into Joseph Stalin's loving eyes and whispered, "Whatever happens, we'll always be together, right?"

"Of course, my love"





Vladimir Putin was sitting at his desk, gently caressing his muscled abdomen and thinking about some feminist protesters. However, it wasn't making his nipples hard like usual. Sighing, he looked at his desk and his eyes wandered to a picture of Joseph Stalin. Licking his lips, Putin pictured that glorious moustache caressing his gentle nose and his strong hands, hardened by years of writing down names to send people to the Gulag, caressing his body. He shivered with arousal. It was then he realised that was the most he'd been aroused in years.

"I need... I need Joseph" He gasped as he came without any penis touching. 

It was then he called for his workers. They showed up immediately and he ordered them to abandon the nuclear weapons they were building and make a time travel machine. They started to protest but Putin cut them off with a wave of dismissal. 


Two days later they came back with a time travel machine.

"Yes, this is what I need."

Putin stepped inside and set the clock. However, since he himself had modified Russia's education, he forgot to set the clock to when Stalin was a mature, ruthless dictator.