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manifested this shit

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jungkook [11:11]: bro

i’m just putting this out into the universe

also it’s a courtesy kinda thing, y’know, bro to bro but

i’m gna fuck your brother

taehyung [11:11]: dude

And he means it.

Jungkook is really going to do it, honest. Because during his four month trip to America he met some random chick who was all about essential oils, and astrology, and manifesting, and all this other interesting shit. 

She had said to him: “You’ve had a crush on this boy for how long?” And began to burn an incense that smelled like mold.

He had breathed through his mouth and tried not to wither into a pile of his own pathetic, heart wrenching longing. “Like, since I was eleven. He’s older. My best friend’s brother.”

“Oh, sweetie.” She crooned. “Don’t you worry. I know just what to do for you.”

Now, he’s back in South Korea and suddenly has an arsenal of knowledge about chakras, weird American experiences, along with chin length curly hair and a sleeve of tattoos.

It was a shit ton of fun. Jungkook has grown quite a lot and he’s certainly not some skinny, bowl cut eleven year old boy anymore, damnit! He’s twenty two and muscular and he looks good . Everywhere he went in America random ass men or women practically threw themselves at him, but listen. He only has eyes for one man. Just one.

taehyung [11:13]: namjoon is not going to fuck you dumbass!!!

jungkook [11:14]: bet

Kim Taehyung has been his friend since middle school. He was so kind and friendly, always there to support him and uplift his shy tendencies. Jungkook just loved everything about his new school mate. But the day he was invited over to Taehyung’s house to play video games was the day Jungkook truly understood all those love songs his older brother always listened to on the stereo.

The love of his entire ass life, Kim Namjoon, existed and lived only a block down the road. 

Namjoon was fourteen, lanky, wore glasses and had acne, and was the most beautiful person that God ever made. 

Jungkook was a goner. And like, he was cool with that. He was totally okay with being a babbling, awkward idiot whenever Namjoon was around. In fact, he was perfectly thrilled about the way he’d walk into walls, trip on his feet, or stare stupidly as Namjoon just ignored his entire existence.

It was that bad. Only grew worse as the years went on and Namjoon just kept getting more beautiful somehow? God, it was so fucked up and unfair. With his deep voice, ability to speak multiple languages, dimples, and juicy ass thighs. Plus he’s kind as shit, too. 

And he’s never paid Jeon Jungkook a second glance. Because why would he? All he was was Namjoon’s kid brother’s even more kid friend, it was doomed from the start. 

So, like, it’s not as if that chick in America put a spell on Namjoon or anything, she wasn’t a witch. All she really did was give him encouragement. Talked about destiny, the universe, and how all we have to do is ask and believe and be a little patient, and well. Jungkook has been patient for eleven years now. Yeah, he can be patient for a little bit longer, but he’s pretty fucking ansty. He wishes it was all so much easier.

“Have you fucked my brother yet?” Is the first thing Taehyung asks when the two meet up the next day.

It’s only the second time they’ve seen each other since Jungkook has arrived back home. 

He rolls his eyes at him. “I’m not just going to fuck him, hyung. I’m going to make him fall in love with me, too. Have some class.”

Taehyung laughs and reaches out a hand to pull at his long tresses. “That is very ambitious of you, koo. Grew some balls overseas?”

Jungkook bats his hand away and sits down on the curb in front of Taehyung’s childhood home the way they have a million times before. 

“I’m being serious.” He says, and that eleven year old boy starts to creep back in as he brings his knees together and twists his tattooed fingers nervously around one another. “You know how I feel about him.”

Taehyung sighs and plops down on the concrete beside him. If Jungkook has suffered with his crush on Namjoon, Taehyung has suffered worse. It’s never been a secret between them, only years and years of pining and whining. “Yes bro, I fucking know. And I totally support you and love you on this, but there’s an issue.”

And then a high pitched giggle bellows out behind them.

Jungkook turns around to see two people coming out of the front door to stand on the porch. There’s some bleach blonde dude with his arms all over Namjoon’s body, laughing as if he’s just told the funniest joke in the world. Which, like, he probably did, and Jungkook wants to laugh too! Also, he really wants to kick this guy’s ass. 

“Who the fuck?”

He’s seething. The guy is bent over at the waist with his own hands on Namjoon’s waist, head on his chest, and he won’t stop laughing which makes Namjoon laugh and, oh god, he missed his stupid laugh so much.

Jungkook stands up, repeats. “Who the fuck?!”

Taehyung leans his hands back into the grass and peers up at him. “His name is Park Jimin. Isn’t he dumb fine?”

Park Jimin finally straightens up to his full height that is like half of Namjoon’s and he gets a good look at him. A real good one, only to catalogue it for later when he needs to hunt him down. But it’s not like his face is forgettable anyway. Actually, he has one of the most unforgettable faces on the planet, maybe. 

Yeah, he is dumb fine. Obviously not finer than Namjoon, that’s ridiculous, but fuck man. He’s beautiful. And now he’s pulling at the hem of Namjoon’s shirt and saying something with a pout which causes Namjoon to pout, and then boop a finger at his nose. Jimin giggles.

Jungkook cries. 

They aren’t...?

He can’t even think it. 


“Yes.” Taehyung says in response to his unspoken question because his best friend is always in tune. But then he shrugs. “Well, possibly? I don’t know, they met like three months ago at a farmers market. Namjoon hyung thinks he can cook all of a sudden.”

Jungkook glares at him. “Bitch shut up, I bet his food is delicious and wonderful.”

Taehyung groans. “Anyway, they’ve been attached at the hip ever since. Jimin is cool people.”

“Have you seen them kiss?” Jungkook asks because that’s the most important question of them all. Among other things, but he won’t let his mind take him there. He just can’t simply bear the thought of it!

“All the time.” Taehyung says so casually as if that’s okay, as if letting some adonis like Jimin kiss the love of his life Namjoon is just okay. “But he kisses everyone. He even kisses me. I bet he’d even kiss you, too.”

“Taetae, hi!” Jimin shrieks from the porch with a wave and then bounds excitedly down the steps.

Jungkook stands there and his fight or flight mode kicks on. He really wants to fight this guy, truthfully. If only because his smile is really bright, almost brighter than his hair, and he may or may not be having explicit rendezvous with Namjoon. Oh, and here comes Namjoon, too. He should totally definitely run away now.

But that’s not part of his plan. To finally get his man he needs to be strong now for Christ's sakes! 

Suddenly, Park Jimin throws himself at Taehyung and they both nearly go toppling into the street. As if on cue, Jimin begins to place kisses all over Taehyung’s face and ears and hair, giggling that giggle of his.

Then he turns and looks at him, exclaims. “Oh, you’re a cutie!”

And jumps back up only to proceed to throw his arms around Jungkook’s waist, rise up on the tips of his toes, and plant his lips dead center of his forehead.

Jungkook goes limp. Over Jimin’s shoulder he watches Taehyung mouth ‘told you so’ , and his body only goes limper. 

Jimin pulls back slightly and grips small hands at his biceps, appraising him. “For such a large body you sure do feel like a noodle.”

He blinks at him. “I’m sorry?”

“Oh, don’t be! Your face makes up for it.” Jimin says it so sweetly it’s hard to find any insult in his words. “Taehyung told me his best friend who was out of the country was back home, but he didn’t mention you were super cute though.”

“Because he’s not.” Namjoon says.

Oh. Oh, fuck.

Jungkook’s heart comes to a blaring, embarrassed halt. Regrettably, he looks up and catches Namjoon’s eye. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in four months. His insides might be turning into ash, and his skin may melt off his bones any second, but he can’t deny that Namjoon looks more delicious than ever.

What a shame he’s about to disappear into the ether now, poof!

Jimin hums and keeps feeling up Jungkook’s arms, staring at his tattoos with too much vigor. “Mm, you’re right Joonie. Cute is the wrong word. Sexy, gorgeous, mouth-watering. Which one do you like best?”

He directs this question to Namjoon. Namjoon, who simply stares at Jungkook a second longer, eyes a little bit dark, a little bit faraway, and then stuffs his hands into his pockets and smiles at him. “How was America, Koo?”

Jungkook finds the strength to, gently, push Jimin off him and tuck his growing hair behind his ear. His elbows feel sweaty. Is he going cross eyed or is he about to pass out? “Um. Uh, well. It was fun. Exciting. I - I think you would have liked it, hyung.”

“Yeah?” Namjoon looks at him curiously. “What do you think I would have liked?”

“I can’t remember.” Jungkook says, because he’s a dummy. Oh, what a dummy. 

From the curb, Taehyung chuckles.

Jimin claps his hands together. “Sounds very interesting! I’m Jimin, by the way. You can call me hyung, cutie. Do you plan to travel more? I’d love to go.”

Jungkook shrugs a shoulder. “I’m Jungkook. And, probably not any time soon. Pretty fucking broke right now.”

“I saw a good package deal not too long ago for two tickets to Dubai.” Namjoon says.

“Actually, I think I do have some money saved somewhere. We should definitely look into that.” He’s a dummy and a liar now, apparently. 

Namjoon just laughs and turns his attention away from him and to Jimin in that way he’s always done for years. As if Jungkook is just a stupid kid who says stupid things that never really interest him. Jungkook doesn’t interest him. “Are you ready to go? Class is about to start.”

Jimin perks up at his at words and nods. “Yeah, sure. Joonie and I are in this cooking class. We wrap up our lesson on fermentation this week. Oh! I have an idea!”

Taehyung tilts his head. “And that is?”

“What else is fermented and tastes yummy?” Jimin asks.

“Shanklish cheese?” Namjoon says.

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I know you really enjoyed the lesson about all the different cheeses honey but not everything is about that.”

Namjoon pouts.

Jungkook archives his love for cheese to store for later and decides he won’t punch Jimin for making Namjoon sad only because he gave him conversation material. 

Taehyung taps a finger at his lips. “Hm. Kimchi?”

Jimin shakes his head. “Try again.”

“Wine?” Jungkook says.

“Yes!” Jimin high fives him. “And where do you drink wine?”

“At home alone to make yourself numb to the pressures of modern day society and the bleakness of our futures?” Namjoon says very, very seriously.

Taehyung looks up at his brother with concern. “Is this, like, something you need to talk about?”

Namjoon makes a confused face. “Huh? About what?”

Jimin sighs. “A party! You drink it at a party. I’ve decided we should throw Koo a welcome back party! We can invite friends from the cooking class. They’re not all old people, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Jungkook slowly shakes his head. “Um, no that’s not what I’m thinking. I’m thinking about why the hell you would want to throw a party for me? We don’t even know each other.”

“Aw, my cutie Koo” Jimin coos and goes on to pinch at his cheeks, kiss the tip of his nose. “I’ll get to know you at the party, silly! Tell me your favorite drink?”

“Banana milk.” Namjoon says, laughing.

“A drink fit for such a cute baby like you.” Jimin agrees, returning the laughter.

Jungkook once again pushes him away and steps back. Yeah, his face might be aflame with a blush but it’s because he’s mad , okay! Not endeared! “Hey, I’m not a baby!”

Jimin frowns. “Hear that Joonie? He doesn’t want to be your baby.”

Namjoon shrugs. “That’s too bad. Let’s go, Jimin.”

Then he turns away and begins to stroll down the sidewalk, but he doesn’t seem to realize he’s dragging Jungkook’s heart on the pavement behind him. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? 

Jimin follows after him then calls out over his shoulder. “Tae, text me Koo’s number! I’ll have all the details worked out soon and we’ll party this weekend. Make sure you invite all your friends! Bye, boys!”

He jumps onto Namjoon’s back and the duo disappear around the corner all smiles and giggles. 

Silence befalls them.

Until. “Jimin kissed you twice.”

Yes, he did. He also called him cute, sexy, gorgeous, mouth-watering. And asked Namjoon his opinion on that. As well as his thoughts on Jungkook not wanting to be his baby. 

Maybe, at this supposed party Jimin wants to throw in his honor, he’ll get an answer to it all.




He doesn’t know half the people here. Like 98% of them. If Jimin wanted to throw a party just for the hell of it that’s all he needed to say, no need to make it about Jungkook.

“Everyone say welcome back home to my best buddy Kookoo! Whoo!” Jimin shouts from his spot standing precariously on a wicker chair that might fold beneath him.

Not that that would bother anybody. Two people have already jumped off Taehyung’s balcony in some weird game that makes no sense, and some dude is laid out in the corner of the kitchen.

He’s fine. Jungkook made sure he was breathing.

But that’s besides the point. Everyone erupts into cheers and hollers out their drunken slurs of welcome.

Jimin points at him with his glass of cheap red wine. “Okay I’ve known him for like three days, but I still love him! Look at his hair, it’s so fucking long and curly! And his tattoos, god that’s hot. Joonie, I'm jealous!”

Of what ?

Namjoon is nursing his third beer of the night leaned over by the stereo system. Is it creepy that Jungkook is keeping count? Well, not that he’s even doing that in particular, it’s just that for eleven years now he’s never gotten too good at not paying attention to Namjoon. His eyes always seem to follow him. Tonight, his silver-ish hair is slicked back, undercut revealed, with a side part and a couple hairs falling to the side. All strong eyebrows and just fucking sexy everything, it’s unreal. 

“Your drink is spilling out, bro.” A hand lifts up his chin and closes his mouth which he didn’t realize was hung open.

Jungkook turns to look at Taehyung who’s all glossy eyed and grinning. “Shut up. And what are you so smiley about?”

Taehyung sighs. “Min Yoongi is here. Think I’m gonna eat his ass tonight, or make him spit in my mouth.”

“Isn’t he dating Seokjin and Hoseok?”


And then he disappears into the crowd to either go eat Min Yoongi’s ass, have him spit in his mouth, or get beat up by his two boyfriends. At this point, Jungkook is not invested enough to care. Instead, he takes a swig of only his second drink and tries to relax.

This is a party for him, he should be excited! Except he just kind of wishes Taehyung was still standing here with him because he’s not too good at parties and feels somewhat out of place, especially with all these strangers. But like, dude, he needs to suck it the fuck up and quit bitching and just have a good time! Maybe he should ask Jimin to mix up a different type of drink for him. 

But first.

Jungkook knocks back the last of the liquid in his cup and then makes his way towards the back stairs down into the basement. 

Okay, so, he’s always had his unique habits that work to keep him calm and collected. They’re his own little quirks which the chick from America proclaims it’s probably because he’s a virgo but, whatever. 

He flickers on the light switch blindly as he’s done countless times before and takes in a deep breath of familiar detergent and fabric softener. The Kim family laundry room has always served as one place he finds solace, he’s damn good at washing and folding clothes plus it eases his anxiety, alright?

Jungkook is happy to find a load of Namjoon’s clean laundry in the dryer, still soft and warm to the touch. He giggles to himself. It might be the alcohol that has him slightly tipsy, it might be the fact he has a perverse pleasure in folding Namjoon’s clean linen like some domestic trophy husband taking care of his man. Doesn’t matter, the music from upstairs echoes throughout the room making his limbs feel loose and his head a little fuzzy. 

He delicately folds a pair of his boxers, actively resisting the urge to sniff them, and who cares if he has done so in the past sue him, it's his life. Idly, he wonders if Jimin has seen Namjoon in these boxers. If he’s ever taken them off his body with only his teeth, because that’s totally a thing Jimin would do. 

“Smug little kind and friendly blonde haired bastard.” Jungkook grumbles to himself, then thinks fuck it, and brings the fabric to his nose to inhale. 

“I’ve heard Jimin called many things but that was pretty one of a kind.” A low voice says from behind, then. “Also, I really hope those smell good or this will be very embarrassing. For the both of us.”

Jungkook spins around so quick he sees double, the alcohol in his blood not helping much. Namjoon stands at the bottom of the stairs, hands tucked in his pockets. He looks tipsy. He looks good. So, so good. 

He, on the other hand, probably looks like a buffoon. This is nothing new for their situation, however. “Don’t tell Jimin I said that. And they do smell good but, like, forget I said that, too.”

Then he tosses the boxers behind him to rid the evidence.

Namjoon just laughs, steps down from the stairs and into the small room. Why is their laundry room so small? It couldn’t have always been this way. Jungkook backs against the dryer, flight mode activated but useless.

“Folding clothes again?” Namjoon asks, brow raised. Because of course he knows about Jungkook’s habit. But the fact that he knows makes his palms itch.

Jungkook nods. “Yeah. It helps to calm me down. The party was, um, a bit much.”

Namjoon makes a sympathetic kind of noise. “I get it. Jimin is a bit much, to be honest. But he means well. He really does like you, Koo.”

“I bet he really likes you, too, hyung.”

That came out way too quickly and way too bitter. Shit. 

He watches Namjoon’s face shift from passively neutral to chaotically intrigued. Jungkook has stared at and admired Namjoon for eleven years now but he’s never seen such a look on him before. And definitely not directed at him. 

Namjoon licks his lips. “Does that bother you if he does?”

Jungkook shakes his head and stares down at his booted feet, about to turn into a liar again. “Absolutely not. I just met him. You guys seem really close.”

“We’re not as close as you think.”

He looks up, meets his eyes confidently. Lies once afucking gain. “I wasn’t thinking about it.”

And where the fuck did this bravery come from? 

Namjoon smiles, all perfect teeth and deep dimples. “You grew up really well, Jungkook.”

Jungkook presses strands of hair behind his ear and prays the capillaries to his face aren’t working. “Oh. Um, thanks. I want to ask if that’s you saying I was ugly before but, um, I won’t ask.”

“Well you did just ask.” Namjoon says, eyeing him closely. “And that’s not what I was saying. Far from it.”

Okay. “Okay.”

Namjoon then chuckles, scratches at his chin. “Actually, that’s a lie. Up until you were about eighteen I didn’t think much about you. You were just some kid who was always around. Did you not know you had a home?”

Jungkook bursts into laughter. He feels so fucking embarrassed that really all he can do is laugh the shame away. “I did, okay! Tae is my best friend, though. I love him.”

“Yeah, I love my little brother, too.” Namjoon agrees, but then quickly wipes away the sentimental feeling with a blink of his eyes. “But we don’t have to talk about him right now.”

Jungkook swallows. Suddenly, his throat is dry and itchy and a nice, alcoholic drink would help just about now. He really, really needs it to knock him the fuck out. “Is this weird? This is kind of weird, right? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you this much. Like, ever.”

“I can leave if you want then. Let you finish sniffing my underwear and folding my clothes.” Namjoon says with a smirk.

Jungkook pouts. “That wasn’t nice.”

“Which part?”

“You saying you’ll leave. I don’t want you to.”

He says it so quietly he hardly hears it himself.  

Namjoon doesn’t respond. But he heard him. It’s in the way he looks at him, really looks at him, rakes his eyes across his face and down the line of his body.

Jungkook clears his throat, runs a tattooed hand through his hair.  “Sorry, that was stupid.”

“I like stupid.” Namjoon says, steps more fully into the room, until he’s standing right before him, hardly any space between them.

Bass from the music vibrates everywhere. The scent of faint alcohol, and clean laundry, and Namjoon’s boxers, and Namjoon , hung thick in the air. Jungkook is dizzy with it, and there’s nowhere to escape to.

So he does the only thing he knows best, babbles. “You calling me stupid isn’t sexy, hyung. But it’s you saying it, so, nevermind. Also I’ve watched you set a toaster on fire three times, you might be more stupid.”

“Yeah. I’ve noticed you watching me, Koo.” His eyes are focused on his lips. Taehyung’s older brother, his fucking crush, Kim Namjoon, is staring like he wants him.

And Jungkook panics.

“Wait. Let me stop you for a second.” He places a hand on Namjoon's chest and pushes him back an inch. “Do you think I’m someone else right now?”

Namjoon’s eyes widen. “Excuse me?”

“You don’t look that drunk. But, like, I’m Jeon Jungkook. You’ve known me since I was eleven, and you basically ignored me for most of that time. That pesky kid who hangs out with your baby brother? Yeah, that’s me, you know that right?”

Namjoon bites down on his full, plump, wet, lower lip and stifles a chuckle. “I know exactly who you are. And I’m not drunk. Are you?”

Jungkook just shakes his head and holds back a whimper.

“Good.” He says, then reaches a hand out to brush his bangs away from his forehead so gently he barely feels it. “I still think you’re a pesky kid. But now I wanna treat you a little different. You okay with that?”

Is he okay with that? Is he okay with that?  The fuck?

Jungkook twists his fingers in his shirt and drags him back in, says with the confidence of a guy who totally manifested this shit. “Let’s get it.”

And then they’re chest to chest, his back firm to the dryer, and Namjoon leans into him, the hint of a smirk on his lips as their mouths just slightly brush together.

It stays like that for a beat. No actual kissing, no actual anything, a sort of heavy tension that clings in the minor space between their lips that lightly graze. Jungkook holds his breath. Gently kisses Namjoon’s lower lip, who responds with a flick of his tongue at his upper. He shudders, already so turned on which is fucking crazy because they haven’t even properly touched yet. 

So he grows bolder, presses his mouth to Namjoon’s more roughly, coaxing. And insecurity begins to creep in. What if Namjoon thought he wanted this but now he’s here and he hates it? Has come to the realization Jungkook really is just a dumb kid not worth his time. This makes him whimper and bite down on Namjoon’s lip.

And Namjoon. Namjoon takes him by the hips and pushes him harder into the dryer, bodies pressed together from head to toe. Then he kisses him, for real. That tension only intensifies as they immediately lick deep into each other’s mouth, without restraint. 

Then it hits him that he's kissing Kim Namjoon. Legit, no joke kissing him.

“Holy shit.” He sighs, raising the hand knotted in the fabric of his shirt upwards to cup the side of his neck.

Namjoon runs his tongue across Jungkook’s bottom lip and shifts back, catching his eyes. “What’s up?”

“You’re fine as fuck.” Jungkook says, even though it’s not really what he meant to, but it’s the truth nonetheless. And just because he can, he licks at one corner of his mouth, then the other.

Namjoon leans into him and licks at his tongue with the tip of his own, because that’s allowed, too. “Mm. Same to you.”

“You’re lying.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Since when ?”

“Few years.” Namjoon responds, then sinks his big hand in Jungkook’s hair and fucking pulls , a groan escaping his lips. “Then you went to America and came back looking like this. This hair, these tattoos. God, you’re so hot.”

“Fuck yeah.” Is the only intelligent reply he can muster, then kisses him again with a bit too much tongue, a bit too much teeth and spit.

By the time he realizes his dick is already filling up in his pants and he’s rocking his hips forward, Namjoon has noticed, too. 

Namjoon shifts a leg between his thighs, trails his mouth down to kiss along his jaw and the sensitive skin of his neck. It makes the back of his knees tickle as he grinds against the hard muscle of those perfect thighs he’s fantasized about since the beginning of time. It’s no time at all before he’s hard as fuck and scared this is all it will take for him to nut.

“Shit.” Jungkook moans, somewhat at the way Namjoon nibbles and sucks at his skin, mostly because rutting at his thigh feels so fucking good it’s making his legs shake. “Let me suck your dick hyung, please. Want to.”

Namjoon chuckles into his neck, leans up to peck his mouth twice. “Of course, baby.”

“Fuck don’t call me that.” Jungkook says as he removes his leg, then he quickly shifts around to press Namjoon against the dryer.

Namjoon stares at him, brow up. “Oh, really?”

Jungkook drops down to his knees so fast he worries about shattering them. His hands fall to Namjoon’s jean clad thighs, massaging them with reverence. “No, not really. Please call me baby. Always call me baby. I am your baby, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” Namjoon grips a hand tight in his long hair. 

He likes that shit more than he cares to admit right now. So he narrows his focus on the way his fingers meld in Namjoon’s glorious thighs, how firm they are. Until that isn’t enough, then he reaches up to work on his belt and zipper. 

He doesn’t ask for permission to do this. Just takes what he wants because he’s wanted it for so long. Namjoon simply strokes at his hair, flexes his fingers a bit.

There’s no finesse when Jungkook takes hold of his boxers and jeans, tugging them down below his knees. Pure delight fills him at the sight of Namjoon’s dick, half chub and wet at the tip. And that’s only second best to his tanned thighs, so supple and thick. His DNA must be sequenced with nothing but the desire to worship Kim Namjoon’s legs, which he happily obliges. 

Jungkook scrapes his teeth and tongue across his skin, sucks bruises and digs his nails in his flesh. Maybe he’s a little overexcited, but screw it. Who knows if he’ll ever get this chance again. Namjoon just holds him close, pets him so sweetly, all the while his dick is given no attention.

But now it’s swollen fully, girth thick. Jungkook’s mouth waters as he lightly bites the crease between his leg and crotch, inhales the scent of him because fuck he smells delicious, then wraps his palm at the base. 

Namjoon’s hips jolt the tiniest bit. He makes a small noise, just barely audible. Jungkook stares up at him and his own dick throbs at the heaviness in his eyes, lips parted. Like he’s enjoying this, enjoying Jungkook. That makes his vision spin, so he leans in to lap up the precum at his head to ground himself. 

“Fuck.” Namjoon sighs, grip tightening against his scalp.

Jungkook dips lower to lick a fat stripe from base to tip, eyes fluttering as he says. “Keep doing that.”

“Doing what, baby?” Namjoon wets his lips.

His dick throbs again, his heart throbs too. Fuck that makes him crazy. 

Jungkook gives a slow pump up the length of him and back down. “Pulling my hair. You can do it, you know, hard. I like that.”

Namjoon hums. “Mm. You’re just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

“Can be full with a whole lot more.” He says, then takes him deep in his mouth. 

If he was over excited before, he’s positively vibrating out of his skin now. Jungkook would gladly, and without complaint, suck Namjoon’s dick every second of everyday for eternity if he could. He moans at the weight of it on his tongue, how it fills up his mouth. Loves the way it tastes and smells. 

There’s a mix of spit and precum just, all over the place. Gathered over his fist and in Namjoon’s pubic hair, dribbled down his chin. He can vaguely hear the music still thrumming against the walls but it’s drowned out under the sound of sloppy, wet sucking. 

“Ah, fuck Koo.” Namjoon groans, slips ten fingers in his hair and grasps, tugs. 

Jungkook’s eyes roll. He shifts on his knees because they’re starting to hurt, and his dick hurts as well. He slows down just a tad, lowers to suck and fondle his balls, giving them a good squeeze. Then he focuses on his cockhead. Soft, teasing kitten licks, eyes pointed upwards.

Namjoon looks wrecked. “I should have known you’d be like this.”

“Like what?” Jungkook asks innocently, kissing the tip.

Ah .” Namjoon breathes. 

Jungkook dips a hand between his thighs and presses his palm into his crotch, trying to relieve some pressure. “Does that mean you’ve thought about me before, hyung?”

Namjoon drops a hand from his hair and to his lips, slips two fingers in easily as Jungkook pops his mouth open. He sucks on them with fervor, humming happily. “You’d like that, huh?”

Jungkook then releases his fingers with a laugh. “It’d make me feel a lot less guilty about all the nasty shit I’ve thought about you, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah? Tell me.” Namjoon asks curiously. 

Carefully, he rises up to his feet. Ignores the ache in his knees and takes Namjoon by the chin, kissing him slow and deep. God, this is everything he’s ever fantasized about and then some.

His heart pounds in his chest as he utters words he’s only ever had in dreams. “I really just want to fuck you. Like, there’s some questionable kinks I’m down to explore if you ever are, but. I want to cum in you so bad you have no fucking idea.”

Namjoon lowers his arm between them and cups the thick outline of his hot, throbbing dick. It makes him quiver. It’s unbelievable how hard he still is. Then he leans over and licks the line of piercings in Jungkook’s ear lobe, says. “So do it, baby.”

If he’s ever come close to fainting dead on the spot, this would be the time. He bites down on his lip and contains the impulse to scream. “I don’t have shit on me though.”

A flicker of realization erupts in Namjoon’s eyes and he turns away from him and towards the large, mahogany stand that houses their dryer sheets, laundry detergent, etc. Namjoon reaches far back into a drawer and ruffles around, then pulls out a half empty bottle of lube.

Jungkook’s mouth drops.

Namjoon looks at him and shakes his head, hands it over. “Don’t ask.”

“Alright, but what about a condom? I’m clean, just so you know.”

“Got checked a few weeks ago and I am too. Haven’t fucked anyone since.”

Jungkook frowns. “You’ve been fucking other people?”

Namjoon goes wide eyed. “What?”

“Hold on, sorry.” Jungkook laughs, runs a hand through his hair. “Don’t think I’m crazy, but you’ve kind of been my man in my mind for a very long time and I tend to forget you, like, aren’t.”

Namjoon bursts into laughter, kisses him on the lips. “Well we can change that now, can’t we?”

Jungkook easily turns him around, pressing his front to the dryer and pushing his hips back. Namjoon does so with a moan, knocking over the clean clothes Jungkook had folded. Jungkook blankets over his back to kiss at his nape, whispers. “Think I’ll just make this ass mine when I’m done with you.”

It’s not phrased much as a question but rather a statement. The only thing he gets in response is a slight whimper and Namjoon pressing his ass back to him, which he takes as affirmation. 

He takes the back of Namjoon’s shirt and pushes it upwards, exposing more of him. Jungkook drinks in the sight of his ass, so fucking glorious. Last spring when he started doing pilates was a very stressful time for Jungkook, but damn did it do a number on his body. He takes two handfuls of his ass, pulls his cheeks apart and squeezes. 

Namjoon arches more into the machine, head turned as he bites his lips and lets Jungkook just play with him. Smack at his cheeks and watch how they jiggle, leave indents of his fingertips in the plump flesh.

Until Namjoon makes an impatient little whine, pressing back harder. “That’s fun and all koo, but I think a dick in me would be better. You don’t need to go slow and prep me too much either, swear.”

“Okay, okay.” Jungkook uses one hand to undo his jeans while the other holds the lube and keeps a thumb at Namjoon’s rim. Just teasing, tugging at it a little bit. He’s a master multitasker. He finally gets them down to his ankles and lets out a sigh once his dick is free. It’s so full and heavy he starts to become nervous that there’s no possible way he’ll last. He’s about to fuck the love of his life for christ’s sakes it’s a miracle he hasn’t already nutted. 

But he doesn’t tell Namjoon this. Instead, he squirts a generous amount of lube in his hand and presses two fingers at his hole. They slip in so easily.

Namjoon lets out a noise so marvelous Jungkook sees stars. 

“Oh fuck, hyung.” Jungkook sighs.

It’s so shameless, so wanton, and he grips one side of his hip so tight he dares to break skin.

“Just hurry up.” Namjoon says, back arched so prettily it should be illegal. “I swear I can take it.”

If Jungkook didn’t know any better he’d think Namjoon has already had something up this perfect ass today. He wonders if it was a toy, maybe a vibrator or a dildo. Maybe it was his own fingers. Or someone else’s dick. What if it was Jimin’s?

That thought makes him insane, and he fucks his fingers in deeper. Wastes no time scissoring him open, adding another finger and one more. Some other day he’ll get a chance to play with his ass more patiently. Eat him out for a couple hours if Namjoon will let him. But for now he strokes at the small of his back and steadies his breath. 

“Shit, okay. I’m gonna fuck you. You really want me to fuck you?” 

Namjoon glares at him over his shoulder. His eyes are somewhat glassy and his mouth is swollen and bitten red. “Are you being fucking serious right now?”

Jungkook uses his clean hand to push his sweaty bangs out his eyes. “Leave me alone. I've imagined this a lot and I’m stressed!”

“Then take that stress out on me and fuck me .” Namjoon hisses. 

So Jungkook grabs his dick at the base, and oh god he’s so sensitive, and presses it to his hole. He watches in complete mesmerization as he sinks in with ease, Namjoon’s hole swallowing him like a glove. 

Whoa, maybe this shit really is destiny.

Namjoon’s limbs go loose, a whimper on his tongue. “Fuuuck , baby. C’mon, c’mon.”

Jungkook feels like his senses are on overload and about to explode. It also kinda sucks he can’t even properly see his face the first time they fuck. But he caresses his hands along Namjoon’s waist before he holds on tight and braces himself. 

He starts off with a brutal pace. Which is only a byproduct of years of workup and anticipation. His hips snap forward rough and hard without preamble, a vicious slap of skin on skin dancing around the room. Jungkook feels drunk off it, his damp bangs swinging back and forth like a madman. 

Namjoon takes it. Shit, does he take it. Jungkook rails him into the dryer over and over again but he meets him with every thrust, moans and whines like it feels so unbelievably fucking good. 

Because it does. It really, really does. 

So good he has to slow down, just for a moment, fucks his dick in and out of him in long, deep strokes. Ones that make his ass shake and cock slip almost fully out but never quite. Slight pauses as Jungkook just grinds against his ass and stays there.

“Mmm, Koo. Just like that.” Namjoon says as though his tongue is heavy in his mouth. “Yeah, just like that, baby. Should have fucked you forever ago.”

Jungkook moans, dips his thumb in alongside his dick and pulls at his rim. He can hardly believe his words. “You take dick so good, hyung. Like, fuck. So damn good.”

Namjoon just laughs. Begins to move and angle his hips when suddenly he makes a sharp gasp of a noise that tells Jungkook just what to do.

So he does. Holds him steady and increases the pace, fucks into his hole with short, measured thrusts that serve a purpose. Namjoon cries out, repeats right there right there right there . Jungkook’s dick is throbbing so bad and that familiar tingling in his toes that warns him he’s going to cum soon. 

He reaches across Namjoon’s hip and takes hold of him at the base, length wet and hard. Namjoon shivers. “Wanna make you cum on my dick.”

Jungkook pumps him quickly, doesn’t let up his thrusts, and when Namjoon cums he does so with his mouth open but nothing comes out, only just for a brief moment, before he’s whimpering and calling out his name. 

Maybe he’s only doing that because Jungkook fucks him through his orgasm then beyond that, the feel of his hole spasming around his dick so fucking intense he loses his mind with it. Namjoon has to be brimming with oversensitivity with the way he rails him so damn brutally. And he can’t stop moaning. God, he can’t shut up , and when he cums it’s hard and loudly.

He’ll probably never have an orgasm like that ever again in his life. Ever.

“Wow.” Namjoon says.

Wow, indeed.

Jungkook pets Namjoon's skin for a moment, takes his time pulling out of him and his mouth waters at all the cum that leaks out his asshole. His cum. 

If his dick twitches in interest he straight up ignores it. 

“Where’s the - “

“There’s some tissues up there on the laundry stand.” Namjoon interjects.

Jungkook makes quick work grabbing the tissue box and wiping Namjoon clean. He stops mid way to quell his curiosity and lap up some of the cum with his tongue, which makes them both moan.

Namjoon peeks over his shoulder. “No, no. Wait, stop. I’d love to fuck you again, but, we really shouldn’t. Aha. Unless?”

“I can’t believe I’m fucking saying this, but some other time. I think your ass and my dick took enough of a beating. But shit, I promise we will. You put that big dick in me next time, yeah?” Jungkook says, slaps his ass and finishes cleaning him up.

Namjoon simply agrees. 

They straighten out their clothes, pick up the ones on the floor and the boxers thrown behind the machines, and attempt to look as presentable as possible.

“Did you want another drink?” Jungkook asks, remembering there’s a party still going on up the stairs just for him. 

Namjoon smiles at him, nods. “Yeah, okay. Gonna get me drunk and have your way with me?”

“Don’t think I need alcohol to do that, hyung.” 

They meet eyes, something sweet and new and exciting swelling. 

Namjoon gives him a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth, says. “Wait one minute after I go up. Don’t want anyone thinking I fucked my kid brother’s little friend.”

And he winks at him, heads up the stairs.

Jungkook’s heart beats erratically in his chest. Shit, is he really still that smitten? Unbelievable. 

Suddenly, inside his back pocket his phone vibrates. He pulls it out.

taehyung [11:11]:  where are you??????

ooh its 11:11 make a wish!!

mines is to get 3 new boyfriends. so yoongi’s ass tastes great btw seokjin and hoseok were right

jungkook [11:11]: i’m happy to hear that for you

but my wish already came true

i fucked your brother

taehyung [11:12]: dude