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A kiss to shut them up

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Mo Yu hates the way Tang Thirty-six is looking at her, with soft eyes and a smile that fills her stomach with butterflies.

“You know we’re perfect together, don’t you?” he asks, flicking his hair from his face on the way he does when he thinks he’s being charming. He’s actually more irritating than charming right now, but that doesn’t explain why her eyes are drawn to his mouth. “You’re the beauty and the brawn, and I’m the brain. A match made in the heavens.”

He talks so much rubbish, spouting lines about fate and destiny and true love, as though the stars themselves are hoping for them to be together. She knows it’s not true – she knows her own destiny as well as she knows her own mind – but she can’t help when the corners of her mouth turn up in the smallest smile.

“See! I knew you liked me as much as I like you. I can tell by that smile.”

He continues talking, even when she holds up her fist to threaten him. Apparently her violent techniques don’t work on people without the slightest amount of common sense. He’s reciting a list of all his skills and talents, explaining why she would be crazy not to like him, and she can’t stand it anymore.

She steps forward into his space, relieved when the constant chatter finally pauses, even if it means he’s now looking at her with an expression that is equal parts confusion and adoration. He won’t be quiet for long, but she has a plan to distract him.

At first, Tang Thirty-six doesn’t react when she kisses him, but he’s still not talking and she’s mostly content with that as a resolution. It seems to take him a while to connect the dots and get his mind back into gear, but when he does, Mo Yu finds his arms wrapped tightly around her. He kisses her back, with little finesse, but admirable enthusiasm.

Neither of them speak again for a long few minutes.