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Pirate Kings

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Seonghwa gingerly wiped away the blood from Yeosangs nose as Yunho wiped his forehead with a cold cloth. Yeosang was suddenly hit with a fever when he was with Wooyoung in the storage room a few days ago, ultimately collapsing with high blood pressure. Mingi had to take Jongho out of the room multiple times because of the amount of panic and frustration he had, it was like Yeosang felt it and his condition was worsening because of it. Wooyoung was being comforted by San, while Hongjoong was no where to be seen.

The blonde threw the bloodied cloth into the bin that was now filled with used up medical supplies. Seonghwa stood up from the seat that he was occupying, patting Wooyoung gently on the shoulder, giving San an encouraging glance; leaving the room. As he quietly shut the door he looked to the left to see Jongho and Mingi talking quietly to each other. Mingi caught Seonghwa's glance, making Jongho follow his gaze to see the oldest standing there outside of the room. He walked up to the blonde frantically, "is he ok? Will he wake up?" Jongho's barrelling questions wasn't helping Seonghwa's oncoming headache, the blonde gently put his hands onto the younger's shoulders.

"He has a fever nothing more nothing less. It should break within a few days, Yunho is still in there assisting him with Woo and San next to him. He'll be fine." Seonghwa explained, Jongho's shoulders relaxed under the blonde's hands, nodding.

"Anyways, have you seen Hongjoong?" Seonghwa asked, changing the subject, Jongho and Mingi both shook their heads. "Last I saw him was when he was giving orders. After that I didn't even see him at all." Mingi explained, Seonghwa sighed deeply, nodding in understanding.

"Ok thank you, both of you go rest. Make sure no one is allowed in that room until Yeosang wakes up." They nodded at the oldest's command, leaving them there. Seonghwa continued down the hallway trying to think of a place where Hongjoong could be. As he kept walking Seonghwa started to hear familiar humming, he paused for a minute, turning towards the noise.

"Your desire is growing. Without me you will turn to dust because of it." The familiar voice murmured, the blonde's head snapped to the voice to see the familiar man sit in front of him. Seonghwa took in his surroundings to see that they're sitting in front of each other again, a shield of glass built in between the two. Anger swelled up in his chest to just see the masked man again. "Why are you here." Seonghwa snapped, he only chuckled at the demanding question.

"You are letting your anger control you. For what? Because that boy won't tell you that he is being haunted and tortured everyday?" Seonghwa's eyes widened at the masked mans statement about Hongjoong. "What?" He seethed.

Hongjoong has met one of them already? The masked man chuckled at the blonde's reaction. "Your team really is falling apart. My goodness you are naive. Well I did my part; now I'm going to get my ass kicked, oh well," the masked man sighed, shaking his covered head, "it was fun. I'll see you soon."

"Seonghwa!" The said blonde blinked in confusion, Hongjoong stood in front of him. The oldest looked around to see that he is in the hallway again; no table, no glass.

No masked man.

"Are you ok?" Hongjoong asked, Seonghwa flinched when the shorter touched his temple with cool fingers. His hand flinched away by Seonghwa's action, hurt flashing over his face. The blonde immediately realized his reaction, pulling Hongjoong into a hug to keep him there, even if it's just for a little while longer.

"Seonghwa?" His muffled voice asked, but the oldest kept his arms wrapped around the tiny body. Seonghwa started to quietly think about what the masked man has said about Hongjoong; the nightmares, the torture. "Where were you? I was looking for you." Seonghwa demanded, pulling away from the hug.

Hongjoong blinked in confusion at the sudden question. "I was in the office...?" His statement seemed more like a question.

He lied. Again.

"Why are you lying to me?" Seonghwa demanded, the brunette was taken aback by the older's statement. "W-what?" Hongjoong stuttered, back up a little bit like a terrified kitten from Seonghwa.

But Seonghwa didn't care anymore.

"You're lying to me. Why do you keep on lying to me again?" The blonde demanded, Hongjoong only gulped. "I'm not lying." He stated, Seonghwa scoffed at his attempt to lie.

"I've been trying to be patient waiting for you to tell me yourself but all you do is make excuses!" The blonde yelled, the smaller flinched from the older's tone. "That's not true!" The Captain tried, Seonghwa rolled his eyes, walking closer to the younger. "Oh really? What about your nightmares huh? What about your sleepless nights?! You don't even try to lead this team anymore!" Seonghwa yelled, his anger was finally boiling over to the point where he didn't even notice Hongjoongs swelled up eyes.

His choked sobs were deaf to the others ears, "how d-do y-you know about t-that?" He cried, Seonghwa scoffed at the question. "How could I not know? I care about you Hongjoong! Of course I can tell these things about you! I'm trying to help but all you do is fucking push me away!" Seonghwa screamed out making the brunettes sobs grow.

Hongjoongs knees hit the floor as he cried out the pain he has been hiding from the blonde. It was like his tears washed away Seonghwa's burning anger, making his own tears of frustration come out. The oldest fell to the floor in front of him, as the younger kept apologizing over and over, like a ticking clock.

Seonghwa pulled him into a tight hug as he clutched onto Seonghwa's back, sobbing. The blonde kissed his temple, trying to sooth the pain that bursted through the captain's chest. Like the pain that was suddenly set free from it's suffocating cage.

"Please talk to me. Please, I'm begging you Joongie, talk to me." Seonghwa begged, Hongjoong's tears just kept streaming down the older's neck. Hongjoong murmured quietly but Seonghwa didn't catch it. The older pulled him away from his body so their eyes can finally meet eye level. "I love you Hongjoong, please just talk to me. Please." Seonghwa begged, Hongjoong eyes just widened from his words, tears falling down faster.

Hongjoong slender fingers wiped away Seonghwa's tears of frustration, wiping away the burning anger. Their foreheads connected as he smiled sadly. "I'm sorry-" The blonde cut off his apology by letting his burst of desire take over.

His lips tasted like cherries and salt, smooth like water and soft like blankets. His skin was so fragile it felt like glass, velvety under Seonghwa's finger tips. Hongjoong's hands grasped the older's jacket and his blonde hair, trying to keep up. Their eyes met together until they closed, letting their bodies harmonize together.

Eventually, their lips left each other, making them both smile from their sudden actions. They stood up and Seonghwa kept Hongjoong in his arms, afraid to let the shadows take the younger away from him.

"I love you too." The shorter murmured, his thumb gliding over the sharp cheekbone. His hands grasped Seonghwa's neck, pulling the older's head down to his level, lips touching once again. The blonde's hands slid around the younger's tiny waist, bringing their bodies together.

Molding together to become the perfect statue for history. The morning sun cracking through the windows, relegating their feelings that was buried underneath the storms so long ago.