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Waiting for you

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Zhu Yi Long meet Bai Yu long time ago, where Zhu Yi Long was one merman/water dragon, he falls in love with Bai Yu, unfortunately, when Zhu Yi Long was ready to leave his life on the sea he has left his pelt and he was human, it's was too late for see Bai Yu, he was no longer from this world. Zhu Yi Long rest near the rock where was the name of Bai Yu and was reincarnated too.

"I will find you again my true love, my mate, no matter what happens I will remember our kisses," said Zhu Yi Long.

They are both reincarnated into actors Zhu Yi Long begun to have dreamed about his past life and was surprised when he have shaken hands with Bai Yu that it's was the reincarnation of his lover.
He can't stop having all these dreams be near Bai Yu, he is just so in love with him.

He wanted more of Bai Yu but for the moment only his friendship was enough.

One day Bai Yu tell at Zhu Yi Long "I had some dreams and it's was weird it's also involved you and you were one merman/water dragon"

Zhu Yi Long had his heart beating so fast and he doesn't know what to say.
Then Bai Yu says "Let's go this place (it's the place where there are their rock and the town where they lived).

They have seen the rocks and all the memories are coming back to them, Bai Yu fell in the arms of Zhu Yi Long and say" Oh my god, my love you are here"

Then Zhu Yi Long is crying "I'm always here, I was always waiting for you"

Zhu Yi Long say "I was too late before for be with you, I didn't know you had one issue"

Then Bai Yu shrug "I was in the sea I was waiting for you, then something have attacked my boat and that all"

Zhu Yi Long was thinking it's was possibiliy his ancestors as a warning to Bai Yu, but now everything is alright.

Bai Yu said "I need to kiss you, to touch you, for think, it's real, for reunite with you, I don't know if you want to top or me I top but I don't care I just want you"

Zhu Yi Long kiss him and say "Of course let's do that I want to reunite with your body"

While they were in the bed Zhu Yi Long kiss every part of Bai Yu then Bai Yu do the same and Zhu Yi Long tell "Do you remember the day when you have kissed me that I was crying"

Bai Yu says "Of course I remember this because there was one legend who said if you kiss someone who cries at the same time it has one meaning"

Zhu Yi Long continues by saying "The Legend was made by my ancestors who said that after we kiss and cry at the same time it's was because our feelings and love was real and too much to handle, it's was the part where dragon/merman wanted to become human and found a mate for life"

Bai Yu caress the cheek of Zhu Yi Long "I was waiting for you, to accept the velt and caring for you"

Zhu Yi Long "I was the same i was so ready, and now I'm more than ready for share my life with you forever"