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my strength is to be with you

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Hua Wuxie was waiting near one plum tree while drinking tea with one of his maid near him.
He was waiting for one answer or see if Pei Wende would be back home.

He was worried about this mission, he had one bad feeling about this when Pei Wende have left for his mission.
Everyone has tried to reassure him even the minister.
They have tried to calm down.
That why he was sitting near the plum tree.

Then he saw Pei Wende arriving, he was rubbing his ears to know if he was real.
He was real.

He runs to him and he kisses him "You are back and alive it's all that matters"

Pei Wende kiss him and say "I'm always back to you, I will not die like this against one demon, my strength is to be with you and your kiss"

Hua Wuxie smile at him and say "Yes our kiss are like tears, they are real"