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As The Passionate Lovebirds and Their Ancient Doppelgangers Indulge Themselves

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Noah is this close to grab his girlfriend's breasts when he feels a swish of air behind him. He takes one look at Raeliana, lovely color of red overspreading all over, unadulterated horror and stupefaction transparent, confirming what he must do in less than millisecond.

His hand moves towards his Glock 20 that thank heavens lays right on the side table and—

"It seems, there's a.... misstep whilst I was reading the ancient book you found on the ground in the Royal library, Raeliana." Unmistakably familiar voice cuts the tense air and it’s beyond the bounds of possibility.  

Which is frighteningly alarming it almost made Noah thinks he’s mentally deranged. He looks down to verify it , shutting his eyes in irritation as he finds his stubborn cock still standing so proudly around the intruders.

Then Raeliana grabs his arm, her touch is light and calming, eyes filled with warning as if telling him to stop reaching for the gun and he scoffs internally because dear.... this isn’t the time to be so casual when there are enemies—

“You have two functional ears and you recognize that voice so don’t... don’t scream when you look,” Now she’s being ridiculous. Screaming?

"N-noah—“ And the tensity increases because what , he knows that voice like the back of his hand, hears it almost every single night in all kinds of variation and there’s no mistaking it.

Raeliana’s mouth didn’t so much as move, and the sound came from another human being marvelously imitating her voice, and the other was equally as nerve-wracking because that’s—


He doesn’t move, broad shoulders and figure covering Raeliana’s upper body well enough and while he knows they’re only half-naked, those two, especially his imposter, undoubtedly are getting a show of Raeliana’s thighs. Before he could so much think of anything else, the hand beneath his form tries to reach for her black silk robe so he helps, head moves slightly to the side, finding a blanket right on the corner of the bed and he grabs it, covering her and let her dress inside.

He stands up, eventually getting a look at what seems to be their imposters wearing ancient garments of all things. Then it clicks.

“Misstep, you say?”

He remembers throwing his long-sleeved shirt somewhere, and finds absolutely nothing on the floor. Well.

The edges of his lips turn into The Ultimate Trademark Smirk when he catches one look at the other Raeliana, beet red, tries her best at avoiding his gaze. His smirk deepens.

The right hand of his counter-part is three inch away from reaching his sword, and Noah takes the warning seriously. As challenging himself is the example of ignorance and anyone who dares to do so are simply foolish. Those with the eyes of a hawk are not to be underestimated.

“What about the book you mentioned earlier?” Noah recalls, as he motions them to make themselves comfortable on the sofa.

"I believe it was about the nature of dimensions." Noah-two states. 

"Ah," Then Noah carries a pot of oolong tea, pouring each into their cups. When his eyes are locked with Raeliana-two's for a second, he sends her a one extraordinarily charming smile, which she replies with a sour look.


"Did you notice something off?" He asks Noah-two, who doesn't seem to like him very much. The feelings are mutual.

Raeliana-two sighs, and is the one who replies when she realizes the tension between the two Noah Wynknights. 

"Not sure. Someone probably dropped it and forgot to put it back but that doesn’t explain anything,”

"You did say it was the only book that was laying harmlessly on the ground. It also happened to be about dimension of all things,” Noah-two remarks.


"And you brought it into your residence?" Noah asks.

"I just had the sudden urge to read it because it peaked my interest! Besides, It's just a book—"

"—that's capable of sending you into a whole another dimension. I see how it is now," With Noah-two gracefully ending the argument.

Before Raeliana-two could retort, his Raeliana comes out of the blanket, his attention moves onto the half up and half down hairstyle, noting how messy it looks as it was done in the dark. She gets off the bed, and he doesn't miss Noah-two — who doesn't even bother to hide it, taking a good look at her legs for a split second. Noah notices it all from the corner of his eye and once again he feels like grabbing his magnificent glock.

"This is creepy." She says, Noah appreciates her effort to sound casual, which also isn't fooling Noah-two at all. 

“Ah, Raeliana, come here.”

“Deal with it yourself,” As she opens the side table's drawer to grab her phone, undeniably trying to get out of this ridiculous scene because she didn’t sign up for this.


“I said—“

“—don’t be mean now,”

Ugh,” She goes outside then, and Noah knows she’ll come back. She always does.

He turns his attention back on their lovely guests, hoping the universe will gradually be kind enough to hear his prayer and send them home. He’s busy and he doesn’t appreciate it when things go beyond his calculation.

“Do you have any idea how to fix this?” Because he wants to spend his sweet time with Raeliana this sudden discovery of dimension travel is fascinating and all — he has extensive research to do later — but he needs them gone now.

“None that I’m aware of,” Noah-two admits. Isn’t that great, despite the intelligence and creativity that Noah has, currently he’s only capable of thinking with his cock and this seems like it might take a while.

Eyeing them a little longer, Noah wisely concludes that this scenario is entirely hopeless.

“Do you have the book with you?” When the sour-faced Raeliana-two comes back alive and his own brand of smile is displayed on Noah-two, he thinks of poisoning himself.

Running his hand through his hair, he leans back on the sofa because he has no idea what to do with them. If he should just ask one of his workers to make a call on the nearest magic show to get them a teleportation machine— is there even such a thing?

“Don’t think about it too much,” His Raeliana chirps, appearing with two cups of coffee, hers with innumerable amount of sugar and his is pure black, 0% sugar. She knows she’s dating a weirdo, is so used to his disturbing antics that she stopped complaining about this… confounding behavior. 

What a psychopath.

“Now you’re just belittling it, dear.” He takes the cup, scanning the content for a second before his gaze moves onto her face, she’s obviously trying to avoid their shadows , making her way to the bed and dropping her coffee on the side table, laying down without a care, blanket covering her lower form. 

Then she slaps her forehead when she realizes her phone is nowhere to be found. She throws the blanket off aside in a violent manner, stomping furiously towards the door and slams it. 

When she comes back, he calls her name and she ignores him. So that’s how she wants to play.

She knows that he knows her mood is terrible and she’s not ashamed to be so expressive— unlike him. Emotionally composed asshole , she mentally growls.

He supposes he’ll have to give his all later.

“Let me show you the guest rooms we have then,”

Ah, the beet red making its appearance again and it reminds him of his Raeliana's shy-shy era. So they haven’t gone all the way then. The neutral face Noah-two has, casting a dignified and convincing look for any persuadable audience in general, as if delineating the impression that nothing bothers him, but Noah knows better.

The Great Noah Wynknight is a man of patience and perseverance. Noah-two doesn’t behave so differently from Noah. Noah can tell that the beast lurking deep within Noah-two is demanding for an escape. It's only a matter of time before he snaps, but while he does yearn for a release, he respects Raeliana-two's opinion the most and he doesn't want to scare her off. Just as Noah himself does. 

The glint of displeasure in Noah-two eyes confirms it to Noah that Noah-two knows what he’s thinking. 

Noah casually peers at the sword, wondering how fleet-footed Noah-two is, to unsheathe and behead him right then and there, or if there’s even a chance that he somehow gets his hand on the glock first and fires bullets through Noah-two’s vital points.

Raeliana gets her eyes off the phone, watching Noah guides their unheralded guests. Unconditional, pure relief washes over her. The sheer creepiness of having another pair of green eyes sneaking a glance at her wasn’t quite spine-chilling per se. There are two of them oh my god, that’s frightening as fuck. 

Minutes have passed and when she hears the creaking sound of the door, and she pretends to play it cool by typing nonsense with her phone keyboard.

Then she feels coldness greets her legs as wandering air crawls greedily on the surface of her skin, the blanket covering her lower body thrown away carelessly, icy fingers trailing against the lines of her thighs. His figure engulfing her form. The spark of lust and ache stimulating her, then she finds herself spreading her legs, tantalizing gaze directed towards the very man who lets himself drown in sensualism urges. He settles himself between her thighs, proceeds to grind hard on her soaked underwear endlessly, merciless and brutal, her panting transforms into a moan, a gush of wetness flowing and it leaves her breathless.


He leans in, hot mouth attaches itself into the pulse on her neck, fiercely sucks on it and she’s losing it. She thrashes beneath him, chest rising and falling uncontrollably, his teeth grazing around the bruise, the tip of his tongue circling it teasingly. Her nails clawing on his back, right hand advances up on his scalp, yanking his hair forcefully — extracting a domineering growl out of him which makes her thighs locked immediately on his waist – and now she’s under his scrutiny, exploring every inch of her face, eyes marauding and ravaging, more likely to pounce any second now.


Before she tries to vocalize her mind, his fingers sensually moves in a slow pace already, climbing down from the crook of her neck, sliding between the cleavage, until they reach her tie, keeping eye contact as he tugs on it, eyes seeking for permission. Then her hand that is still grasping his hair — her hold nowhere near as powerful the moment she got distracted with his hand movement — urging him to continue his ministration by running her fingers softly through his hair.


He unties it just as slow, careful and calculated. “What do you plan to do with them—“ Raeliana hisses then, as she feels callous cold fingers brushing on her right breast, pinching the nipple with just the right amount of pressure she prefers, twisting it firm and almost harsh, soothing the sharp tinge of pain by caressing it softly and by now her cunt is praying for his cock to fill her to the brim, oozing hot cum in her womb.


“It’s beyond human comprehension dear,” As he starts to pay attention on the other momentarily neglected breast. Joints holding the nipples captive as he massages her breasts. Then he flicks her nipples once, getting a meek yelp out of her, and he's rolling them between his fingers with thoughtful motion, delighted by the consistent and unstable moans he gets in return. 

Leaning in, nibbling her right ear. “I’m not as capable as you think,” Here, he licks it deliberately, sedate and predominantly agonizing. The best response she can give is to adorably growl and the sound travels straight onto his cock, it throbs excessively. Rising to his feet, a sense of sadistic pleasure washes all over him as he listens to her whining after she reluctantly let go of him, beginning to play with own breasts. 

Aware of greedy eyes watching him, he moves his finger to zip his pants, throwing it thoughtlessly.

Now that he’s completely undressed, the ravenous glint in Raeliana’s eyes, unquenchable as they’re shamelessly ogling his erection, impatient and eager and it’s too much. So when he comes back to bed and gets viciously pushed down, what he does first is to stay still. Letting her play with him. 

Her hands are everywhere, fingers would linger a bit longer around his chest area, her touch light as feather. Then her index fingers would brush against his nipples, circling the areolas briefly, only stopping whenever he would make the slightest reaction out of it, torturing him.

The deep groan, raw and feral, as the tip of her tongue tauntingly dancing around his lower chest, moving up slowly and latches her lips on his left nipple, giving it a light bite before sucking it mercilessly, pain and pleasure degenerating his thought process. His unyielding clutch on her ass and the hoarse grunt of encouragement, motivating her to carry on. Her move is persistent. Darting her tongue to his right nipple, finger doesn't abandon the other left as they keep on flicking it.

“Raeliana,” He warns, voice filled with tension and impulse. 

Now her nails are gripping against his biceps, scratching them as she starts grinding intently on his bare cock and her clothed cunt— then her hand slaps away his misbehaving fingers as they’re tugging so harshly, the improper intention to rip her pants off.

“Don’t.” She moves her hands back on his chest, unrestrictedly fondling them, grinding furiously because how dare he. How many more pairs of pants does he want to annihilate? While she does appreciate the irreligious demonstration, she's not ready to have her other nicer pants go to waste.

Hands begin to glide down his abdominal muscle, lower, lower, and lower. 

As soon as cold fingers goes to stroke the flame , that’s when he takes charge. Firm hold as he lifts her up, legs wrapping around his hips. Lips crashing on each other, all tongues, his teeth biting her lower lip and lapping it, her hands cupping his face to go in deep. Fiery cock against covered cunt, dripping wet, pulsating. 

He breaks the kiss, tongue exploring up her neck, dragging it until his lips are close to her ear. 

“Take it off.” He commands. Hoarse and predatory, so demanding that her mind is now overwhelmed with compliant urges to submit. Rich, assertive tone spawns fear in her. The thought of letting him down, disappointing him, makes her fret and she refuses to be a failure.

So when he puts her down, she does her duty right in front of him. Leaving the underwear rest on the floor. She intends to place her arms around him back and lean in on his embrace before she caught the sight of his eerie eyes, piercing through her innermost self and she takes a step back.

The thin smile is a warning of it’s own. Then, “What are you waiting for?” Placing his hand on his waist, eyes watching and penetrating her and it makes her existence trivial, inferior.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs, darling.”

In less than no time, tremulous legs start walking backwards, incapable of averting her gaze as two pair of golden eyes are preventing her to do so. The bed skirt tickling her calf for a moment before she carefully plops down on the soft mattress. Breaking eye contact, tilting her head to the side, a small hesitancy before thighs unlatching themselves, presenting a sight of her bare cunt as it keeps on quivering under his gaze.

Confusion escalates when he doesn’t move and he should be, because she’s aching, longing for his cock to impale her pussy. Her eyes move to stare into his in dissatisfaction, he lifts an eyebrow, forging an image of deflation, making it seem as if she’s the guilty one.

“I said spread. Use your fingers to open it,” Astonishment strucks through, confidence falters, vacillating.

He starts palming his erection, waiting for her to make a progress. Watching as her fingers approaching her cunt in dubitation. She pauses when they land on her slit. Eyes peering at him, begging for him to do it in her stead.

“If you want to be fucked, work for it.”

Marching down the inner lips, gritting her teeth in mortification as she begins to open it, revealing her vagina, muscles tightening when the breeze hits her opening.  

That’s when he strolls forward, her thighs shivering in expectance. Hands trembling as she tries her best to hold her cunt open, unbarred and vulnerable. The bed creaks as he adds his weight on it, his right hand rummaging around her left inner thigh instantaneously teasing and provocating her, insufferably close to her scorching spot, arching her hips against his touch, pleading and itching for more. 

Middle finger moving touching lightly on her fourchette, sliding up through her vaginal opening, intentionally brushing against the clit promptly, emitting a wail from her as he gathers her arousal. 

Inspecting his coated finger, before eyeing her once more. "Taste yourself," The order is direct and apprehensible. Raeliana grasps his hand right off, lapping the tip of his finger before enveloping it to the hilt, keeping eye contact as she does so. He then releases his finger out almost forcibly, producing a plop sound. A strong grip on her jaw, thumb placed on her lower lip, stroking it in endearment. 

“What am I going to do with you now, I wonder.” Left hand drifting down her left breast, seizing it at once harshly, exuding a sharp cry. “Do you want it inside you?” A yielding nod in response. 

A coy smile on his lips. “Now, how can I say no,” Right hand freeing her jaw, brushes her bangs aside. Tenderly placing a light kiss on her forehead, twice on her right cheek. 

The timid smile on Raeliana’s smile after his display of affection is undisputedly wiped off when he slaps her drenched cunt. Eyes rolling back, lips open, as he shoves a three finger in her. 

“You were so cruel,” He pumps in and out ruthlessly. She’s practically shrieking at the fast, unrelenting pace. Her cunt clamps on them hungrily. “Ignoring me like that,” Slamming his fingers harder, directing his eyes subtly at the mesmerizing movements her breast would make as they shake frantically, all caused by his steady, infernal hand.

“J-just get to it Noah—” A strangled cry when his fingers curve upwards, finding the spot he’s so very familiar with. Tears streaking down her face as he keeps poking, probing, outright abusing it. “Noah… please,” Her hands clutching on the sheets.

He sneers, a dry chuckle at the sound of her desperation. “Hmm?” Lowering himself then, placing his head right between her thighs, thumbs opening her leaking cunt. “Be more specific.” She flinches in shock when he spits on her clit, saliva traveling low as it drops on the cover.

Eyes watching for her reaction as he runs his tongue up her folds, evading the clit. “What is it that you want exactly,” He pokes the urethra teasingly, before dragging down to circle her vaginal opening. 

Right hand snatches his hair in a death grip. “What the hell are you teasing me for?” Wrath and agitation whirling in her eyes. “Cock, in me, now.” Then she hisses in pure bliss as he attaches his lips on the clit, adding a gentle bite.

He looks up in the midst of mischief. “So impatient,” Before flicking her clit perpetually. 

“Ahh— and you are annoying—” She arches her back when he starts suckling on it. “Stop playing Noah,” The headache that comes after her strong grip is predicted, and it doesn’t deter him.

Her belly tightens as he goes to roll her nipples sturdily, as a gift for rewarding him a throbbing sensation one side of the head. Biting on her clit once more, smacking her cunt tenuously before stopping altogether. Now the warmth that is his hot mouth, tongue, crafty hands no longer toying with her, she starts clenching on nothing, empty. 

Then she’s abruptly lifted up, solid chest against her back, hands grabbing the back of her thigh, her palm is placed on his nape. She yelps when he licks the shell of her ear. “Raeliana dear,” He murmurs, before nibbling on it. She shuts her eyes completely then, grinding her ass on his cock, relishing in the low grunt she gets. 

He sucks on the lobule to wake her up and she opens her eyes to see a dressing table and large mirror, showing their reflections. She stares directly at her soaking wet cunt, immediately averting her gaze to the side because it’s humiliating as fuck. 

“Take a good look at that,” An imposing voice comes to order her once again, as she reluctantly succumbs. She sees the contemptuous smile and his eyes are dancing in glee, and all she wants is to bury a hole on the ground and live there for the rest of her unfortunate life. 

“Who does it belong to dear?” She turns to gape at him in disbelief. When she doesn’t reply, he moves to open her thighs wider. “I asked you a question,” She bites her lip, staring at him as if she wants to stomp her feet on his head and crush it. 

“My body belongs to no one.” A fierce reply, he hums in approval.

“Of course not,” The tip of his length is rubbing on her fold, her mouth goes dry. She rocks against him, watching as his pre-cum drops to the floor. 

“But that wasn’t my question.” The drastic change of his grip pausing her movement, causing her to grumble in absolute discontent because she’s so close- they’re so damn close and he keeps tormenting her like this. Then he increases his strength when she starts flailing, she stills.

“Then, let me repeat it.” Sliding the tip inside, and she mewls. “Whose cunt am I entering now?” Her hips begins to rebel as she tries to twirl around the tip, clasping, unwilling to let go. 

“M-mine,” He’s motionless, staring at her fruitless attempt to sink herself lower, as she’s only capable of clinging on the tip, what with his unpresuadable mental capacity as he hasn’t yet received the words he wishes to hear. 

“And who gets to be the only one to fuck it?” He asks, tongue floundering the crook of her neck, sucking and marking. 

“You— only you—” Her breath caught in her throat as he slams body down completely on his cock, her cries are filled with gratification and easement. Moving up and down, his pace is slow and steady and it’s making her go mad because what she wants, needs, is a full-length hammering session.


Then he lets his cock out, landing her down and her eyes are red, cheeks wet from all the tears and stress, she just wants to be wrecked and ravaged thoroughly and he has the audacity to do this-

“Bend over.” And she has never obeyed so hastily before. Placing her hands down on the dressing table, arching and wiggling and when his hands are settled on her ass, she is prepared.

He pushes a middle finger in, curving it above. “I was worried you see,” Pushing another finger, pumping them and she’s already close, her hands are gripping the table so hard and she wants to cum so bad-

Then he pulls out. “Imagine how concerned I was when one of my men told me you’ve been… hanging out with this guy,” His cock is right in front of her entrance now, probing it. 

As her mind is too absorbed in lechery, it’s a miracle her brain is still functioning, viable enough to hear his words audibly. “H-hah? What do you m-mean,” Wriggling her ass, attempting, and failing, to push her cunt back on him, with his hands intercepting the effort.

Right hand goes to spank her, and she squeals in ecstasy. “What’s his name…. Justin? Is that right dear?” Her facial expression turns into that of the embodiment of confusion. 

Dumbfounded, she comes to stare at him in the mirror. “You think i’m cheating on you?” And that’s downright absurd because she’ll never… ever be able to spare a single glance at others. Not when she’s essentially infatuated, moonstruck over him.

Not when The Devil himself is hopelessly head over heels for her and he will never let her out of his eyesight.

“I know you’re not,” He thrusts his cock consummately, the way it would brush around her g-spot so immaculately, and he knows her body so well that the noises she makes are the prove of his familiarity.

Pounding into her in such a ruthless move, her lips shapes into an ‘O’, eyes rolling back. “In the end, i’m just a human being,” He grunts at the tightening cunt, chaining his cock a little too much for his steady movement to continue. “Loosen up a little dear,” He hunches down, licking a long stripe up her back.

Groping her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers. “I’m allowed to be insecure, aren’t I?” He keeps on ramming into her, tireless and unstoppable. 

They go forward then. There’s nothing pristine about their act, as both are determined on consuming each other. She has long lost her mind the moment he fixes his finger on her clit, he’s bent on following her into the depths of hell, pure madness. 

Picking her up to settle her down on the table, her hands are clinging around his neck, choking back a sob as he comes to thrust back into her. Wrapping her legs on his waist, permitting him on making her go reckless and stupid as he goes to decimate her.

“Hhhh— Ahh— you don’t have to worry about him,” Biting her lip in distress because he’s hitting on that one spot. “He comes up to me and we’re just friends,”

“I don’t wish to control you,” His move is faster now, he’s close and she’s close and they’re holding onto each other. His head on her shoulder and she’s pleading on his ear, teasing the shell with a small lick.

His voice is barely heard then. “I only want you to stay, dear.” And that’s when she snaps. She’s crying out his name, legs jolting fiercely, nails digging onto his back and the flood that comes after that startles him, the dripping sound from the edge of the table moving down to the ground tickles his ear. Her pussy convulses, insisting on moving with him until he comes inside her. 

She cups his face to watch his expression, so immersed on reaching his limit. “I’ll never leave your side, silly.” Then she gives him a stern, sharp look. “Unless you’re planning on doing it first?” She pouts, taunting and teasing him, playing with his hair.

He takes it quite seriously.

She gasps in surprise, stunned at the sudden bruising grip on her ass. “Never.” While this isn’t the first time seeing him go berserk, it never fails to amaze her. It only takes the small amount of push for him to submerge in primal urges and deliration. Hammering her core, unceasing, resolutely. The deafening sound of skin to skin rouses her ears, leaning into his embrace and letting him take it all.

“Come on— oh— inside me, I want it inside—” When it happens, teeth sinking onto the crook of her neck, a fierce roar erupts through him. She wails, tossing her head back as spurts and spurts of cum filling her, spilling out and tainting the ground. The overwhelming amount of warmth making her light-headed.

She’s hugging him now, unconsciously shoving his face against her breasts. “Ah— It’s too much— too much— ah!” She squawks when he bites her left nipple, pinching his arm hard in return, then he keeps latching onto it, sucking as if milk will magically come out. 

“I can’t wait,” He chirps so suddenly, in a suspiciously nonchalant way that makes her eyes narrowed. He says nothing for a minute, his eyes unreadable as he starts playing with her breasts again.

“I don’t want to pressure you, but you did promise once you graduate—” Then she gasps, recalling her words a year and a half ago. 

The Noah Wynknight smile is on, and she tightens his hold on him.

“I don’t know when exactly,” Then she kisses his nose lightly. “But I do want to have kids, so…”

“Mhm?” Unconcealed mischief dancing in his eyes and she scowls at him.

She shoves his chest away, making her way towards the coffee table where her half-filled water bottle is placed, not doing a very good job at hiding her discomfort as his seed is trailing down between her legs and she can feel his hawk gaze on it. 

“Are you sure they’ll be okay?” She asks, after emptying the bottle. 

“Your twin seems to know what she’s doing,”

“That’s not possible.”

She almost dropped the bottle, startled when strong arms are unexpectedly wrapped around her waist possessively, just when exactly did he walk— “Are you saying my eyes are deceiving me?” His tongue running up the shell of her ear, goosebumps rising on her skin. 

She puts the bottle back, jolting slightly when he gropes her breasts. “Nghh,” Left hand slouching down her pussy, opening her legs a little for a better access. 

“L-let’s go check on them,” Brazenly shoving her ass on his half-erect cock. “We can’t leave them alone Noah— ah— they came from what, the medieval era?”

“Yet she seems to know,” He repeats, recalling the look in Raeliana-two’s eyes when they were passing through the lift, or when Noah was about to leave them on their own after informing what to do and what not to do, she grabbed the TV remote control on the bed without caution, evidently familiar with how things work. 

“That’s... suspicious.” 

“We’ll find out later,” She clicks her tongue in the midst moaning, her legs shaking faintly at the middle finger targeting her clit. 

“How are you so casual about this?”

“I could say the same about you,” He remarks.

“I’ve seen worse the moment I started dating you.” She yelps when he pinches her clit, slapping his thigh in response.

“So mean to your boyfriend,” Slipping one finger inside.

“You deserve it.”

“Really?” He casually asks as he fingers her, her groans making his cock throb and he’s not satisfied, he’ll never be satisfied. Not when she’s here, welcoming and embracing him, accepting him. 

She bites her lip, suppressing her obscene moans, swallowing back her witty response and it makes him frown in concern. 

“What’s wrong?” Pulling his fingers out to stand before her. 

“No I just… I keep thinking about what you said, do you think— wait, i’m still trying to process it, how does she know ?”

“That’s what i’m trying to figure out, but my theories are a bit too fictional for my liking,” 

“I’m not surprised if one of them turns out to be true. You get it all right most of the time,”

He smiles then, and she wants to wipe off that smug look with a punch. “I’m flattered dear.” Then his hands are back on her waist, wrapping them tight and secured, her heart is unsteadily pounding and it’s warm, it’s safe.

“I’m not in the mood for another round,” She says after seconds of pleasant quietude, a peck on the forehead is his reply. She tiptoes a bit, lips brushing against each other. “But I can help you with your hard-on you know,” Kissing his cheek. 

“It’ll go away,”

“I want to, Noah.” 

She takes his hand, dragging him to the bed and make him sit. Kneeling down, she caresses his cock without hesitation, kisses the tip with light affection. Then he lifts her chin, his gaze is reassuring, comforting. 

“I’ll take care of their circumstances later.”

“Don’t ever think of carrying it all by yourself when you have me. Can we even do something about it?” She scoffs as she strokes his cock.

“I thought you wanted me to deal with it,”

“I didn’t mean that. Let’s just… wait for now. There’s no way in hell we can send them back.”


“No buts, and while we wait,” She grabs his balls, massaging them with practiced ease and he swallows as it sends electricity down his spine. His hand grips her hair, the other one stays on the shoulder. 

“Be at ease, Mr. Wynknight.”

His erection gets bigger at that, and he cups her face.

“Use me as you please, Ms. Wynknight.”