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the power

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after what he saw he couldn't stay calm. he joined the others quick like storm. literally bringing the storm to them. 

"you lied. you lied about my mother!" 

he couldn't control his emotions. all the anger, madness, loneliness and betrayal blew up. his eyes and mouth started shinning blue, his skin glowing and the energy around him waving in the rhythm of his heartbeat. 

the power was already out and ghosts were standing behind landis, billy and father dan... doing nothing. no one could notice them them. roman was getting all the attention. from the alive and dead ones.

his scream broke through the energy around him. the room got rapidly cold. 

"you didn't tell me because you needed your 'ghost garlic'" said roman with the cold and full of anger voice. "you banished my mother out of port moore and let me think all those years she abounded me!" his voice was echoing from the room's walls.

it's deep, cold and full of power. roman's power. 

billy looked at him with true fear in the eyes and face. roman was sure he was saying something but his anger was not letting him hear it. instead he said short "stop it!" and for one second he thought he saw billy's soul getting out of body. 

billy fell on his knees and touched his throat softly. scared landis was immediately beside him looking at roman and billy. that moment, she thought that floor is way more warmer than their bodies. 

"liars!" yelled roman and his voice echoed. 

he looked behind alive ones and saw how ghost were looking at him and trying to leave the room. but mercer didn't want them to just go. he wanted them to be gone. to leave this town so he could finally rest and leave port moore.

"be gone," he whispers stepping forward. "and don't come back. leave those people in peace. leave me in peace!" he added with more anger voice than he expected. 

when ghosts were still there looking at roman, he yelled one the last time "gone, i said!"

everyone in the room felt little wind when ghost left the place. their bodies started to getting back their healthy temperature while roman's body stopped glowing as same as his eyes and mouth. 

father dan, landis and billy looked at roman, getting his normal look back and they exhaled. only billy saw few wet lines on roman's cheeks and opened his mouth. his tears ricocheted on the floor before he left the place. 

he thought that answers would bring peace to his mind but it was the opposite. his thoughts ran around with so many emotions. he feeled week and yet, at the same time, he was so powerful. he still felt little sparkles on his fingers so he put hands in a pockets.

he walked straight home while his mind was definitely not going straight right now. too many questions were still in his head. the fact of being lied for almost six years did not make him happy at all. nothing could cheer him up at that moment. even good memories with mother or father dan. all of that reminded him of those all lies he has heard in past six years. 

he even ignored maggie just looking at her for a second with anger in the eyes. 

and no one could blame him for what he was feeling. no one.