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It’s the umpteenth time that Namjoon has asked Jimin this question, and—

“Babe, I already told you that I’m not ready to have kids,” Jimin says, his twinkling, bell-like giggle bubbling up from his chest. He pushes Namjoon’s hair back and kisses him chastely before returning to the laundry he has to do. “You’re so cute. You and Gguk are going to be such good fathers, you know that?”

It’s the same answer he’s gotten every other time he’s asked.

Namjoon sighs in disappointment, typing out a short text to his younger brother. “ He said no again .” After the text is marked as delivered, Namjoon embraces Jimin from behind, peppering the pale column of his neck with several wet kisses, hands roaming his soft figure eagerly. “But you’ll look so pretty when your tummy is all round and full. Just imagine carrying either Jungkookie’s or my children….”

“Hyung, you know I want to finish college and get a job before I even consider having children,” Jimin says, shaking his head. He tries to sound serious, but it’s hard when a ridiculous smile tugs at his lips. “Both Jungkook and I are still in college. How would we take care of our kids if we have to attend classes?”

“Then just drop out,” Namjoon says nonchalantly, sneakily beginning to undo the buttons of Jimin’s striped pajama shirt. “You can just stay at home and raise our children. Or Jungkook and I can be homemakers and you can get a job.”

Jimin gently swats Namjoon’s hands away, turning around to give him a dirty look. “I’m not going to make you and Jungkook stay at home all day, and I personally don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. I want to have a career and get somewhere in life. If that’s the expectation for men like you and Jungkook, then why isn’t that the expectation from me? Why does everyone expect me to drop everything to have kids?

Because you have a pussy , Namjoon thinks. He doesn’t dare say it out loud, knowing full well that Jimin would probably holler at him. “Well, baby, I’m just making suggestions. If you want a career, then Jungkook and I will support you. I guess I was just trying to negotiate,” he says placatingly. He can feel the anger rising in Jimin’s body, creeping into his words and expressions. Whenever Jimin gets upset, Namjoon always immediately goes back on what he was saying to calm the younger man down. It usually works. Usually.

Jimin whips around, arms folded across his chest. “Is that all I am to you?” he asks, hardly able to contain his anger. “You don’t even care if I get a job or not! The only thing your horny ass wants is to knock me up and keep me at home so I can watch our kids, right? I’m a person, Namjoon. I’m more than just a fucking baby machine. I have goals, I have dreams, I have aspirations, and those are so much more than just giving everything up to have kids!” Jimin feels the tears beginning to slip from his eyes, and he quickly wipes them away. He shoves Namjoon out of his way, storming off to the bathroom. “And do the laundry yourself!”

Namjoon sighs, sitting on the couch and surveying the piles of laundry. He debates whether or not to do the laundry or to chase after Jimin, but the sound of his ringtone snaps him out of his thoughts. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, noticing that it’s Jungkook calling, and answers the call. “Babe, we need a new plan,” he says the second he accepts the call.

On the other line, Jungkook groans. “Trying to convince him didn’t work?” he asks. “I really don’t know what we expected...we’ve talked to him about the prospect of having kids countless times and his answer has remained the same.”

“And he’s really upset with me now,” Namjoon adds in. “I suggested that he drop out of college and be a stay-at-home dad, or that you and I could be homemakers, and he kind of blew up. You think he’s PMSing or something?”

“No,” Jungkook snorts. “He’s sensitive about that subject, hyung. All he ever talks about is having a successful career and being able to contribute to our financial stability as much as you and I have to. I’m pretty sure he’d rather work his whole life than to ever settle down and have kids. Jiminie-hyung just isn’t that kind of person…”

Namjoon frowns. “I just...fuck, Jungkook. Sure, I support him having a career and being financially independent or whatever, but...I really want to have kids. Before we met Jimin, we didn’t have the option to have our own biological children. And now we have that opportunity to through Jimin, but knowing that he may not want that? Or at the very least, knowing that he definitely doesn’t want kids as badly as we do? I don’t know what to do.”

Jungkook nods sympathetically. “Hey. We’ll work it out, okay?”



By the time Jungkook comes home from his classes, Jimin is out in the kitchen cooking dinner. He refuses to say anything to Namjoon, but the man figures that Jimin resuming his usual chores is a step in the right direction.

Namjoon pulls Jungkook aside, greeting him with an impassioned kiss. “Fuck, I missed you, babe,” he mutters, pulling his brother close. His large hands wander down to Jungkook’s ass and he grabs it, massaging and spanking it to his content. “Jimin-ah,” Namjoon calls out. “Wanna join Jungkookie and me?”

Jimin ignores him. It’s at this point that Jungkook puts a little bit of distance between himself and Namjoon. “We need to discuss our plan, okay?” Jungkook whispers, hoping he’s quiet enough that Jimin can’t hear. “We can fuck later, I promise. But if you want to try and do this tonight, then we need to think of a plan quickly.”

Namjoon raises his eyebrows. “Tonight? Shit, that’s short notice.”

Jungkook shrugs. “I guess we don’t have to,” he says. “And considering that Jimin is kind of angry at you...he probably doesn’t want to fuck you right now.”

“He’s not angry at you, though, so…” Namjoon trails off, in deep thought. “You could fuck him, and I could watch? Maybe we could poke holes in a condom…”

Jungkook frowns. “But I wanna do it with you,” he murmurs, embracing his older brother. “I don’t wanna do it by myself, hyung. Like, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable having sex with Jimin alone...I just want us to knock him up together.” He positions Namjoon’s hands on his lower back, looking up to meet the older man’s gaze. “And I know that only one of us can be the biological father, but...I feel like it’s only fair if we do it together.”

Namjoon smiles fondly. “I understand,” he says, pressing a soft kiss to Jungkook’s small lips. “How about we try tonight? And if it doesn’t work out, there’s always another day.”

Jungkook nods, returning the smile. “Okay,” he says. “Do you have a condom on you? I’ll go to the kitchen and find something to poke it with...I feel like Jiminie would be less upset to see me right now, and perhaps less suspicious of why I need something sharp.”

Namjoon fishes his wallet out of his pocket and takes out the one condom he keeps in there, holding it up for Jungkook to see. The younger man chuckles before heading into the kitchen and looking around for something discreet to poke holes into the condom. He takes notice of a pushpin laying on the kitchen counter and quickly swipes it.

“Hi, my love,” Jimin says with a smile. “How was school today?”

Jungkook hugs Jimin tightly from behind, planting kisses all over his neck and face. “It was good,” he says with a sigh. “Just really missed you, hyung. I got horny in the middle of one of my classes thinking about fucking you…I almost jerked myself off in class.”

Jimin laughs, shaking his head. “You and Namjoonie-hyung are insatiable!” he says, smiling. “Maybe we can play a little bit after we eat. It’s been a few days since we’ve all done something together, so maybe that’s why you and Namjoon have been so damn horny lately. I guess that’s kind of my fault for pushing you two away all the time. But we’ll fix that tonight, hmm?”

Jungkook nods eagerly. “Namjoon, too, right? He told me you were mad at him, so…”

“I’m not as mad anymore,” Jimin says, sighing. “The stupid boy just said something insensitive. Tell him he can make it up to me by eating me out real good tonight. I would tell him myself, but I’m still cooking dinner.” He bites his plush bottom lip at the thought of Namjoon going down on him, lapping at his pussy like the desperate little fucker he is.

“Will do,” Jungkook says with a grin. He practically skips out of the kitchen, bounding into the living room, a silly smile still plastered on his face. “I got a pin,” he whispers to Namjoon. “And Jiminie-hyung agreed to have some fun with us tonight. He also told me to tell you that he’d forgive you if you go down on him.”

Namjoon laughs, kissing Jungkook gratefully. “Are you his messenger now?” he jokes. “I mean, I’d be more than happy to. I do feel bad for what I said earlier...I didn’t mean it like that. I want Jimin to be happy, you know?”

Jungkook nods. “Yeah, I know,” he says, caressing Namjoon’s cheek consolingly. He sighs before standing up straight, suddenly looking very sober. “Alright. Are we really doing this?” he asks, the corners of his lips upturned in an excited yet contained smile. “We’re really going to knock Jiminie up tonight?”

“I guess so,” Namjoon says, beaming. He loses himself in his thoughts, wondering how Jimin will react when he finds out he’s pregnant. “I’m excited, but I’m kinda nervous too….”

Jungkook giggles, running his hands up and down Namjoon’s side comfortingly. “It’s fine, hyung,” he says, the smile never once leaving his face. “It’ll be fun, and we’ll finally have a family, the three of us. It’ll be happily ever after.”



The second that Jungkook swallows his last bite of rice, his lips are on Jimin’s, licking into his mouth and slipping a hand up his shirt, toying with one of his nipples eagerly.

Jimin laughs, pulling away from Jungkook to murmur, “You’re so eager, baby. You’ve been that pent up, hmm? Couldn’t even wait for me to finish cleaning up?” he teases, smirking. He pulls Jungkook closer, kissing along the side of his neck. “Want you too, Ggukie. Missed you so much today, you know…”

“Bedroom,” Jungkook says, his dick chubbing up at the thought of what’s to come. He climbs off of Jimin’s lap and pulls Jimin up by the hand, leading him to the bedroom. But before he leaves the kitchen, he throws a meaningful glance at Namjoon. “I think Namjoonie-hyung wants to join,” he adds, hardly able to suppress his excited grin.

Jimin looks at Namjoon, eyes twinkling almost mischievously. “Hyung, you’re going to eat me out, right?”

Namjoon nods excitedly and follows Jimin and Jungkook to the bedroom. The three of them pile on the bed, and Namjoon and Jungkook immediately begin stripping both Jimin and themselves. Their clothes land in a haphazard pile off to the side of the massive bed, and the second that they’re in the nude, Jimin is lavished with attention. Namjoon gently spreads Jimin’s legs, kissing down his belly and sucking hickeys onto his inner thighs while Jungkook captures Jimin’s lips in another heated kiss.

When the insides of Jimin’s thighs are thoroughly marked, Namjoon wastes no time in latching his lips onto his boyfriend’s clit, a long finger rimming his hole. Namjoon is pleased to find that Jimin has already started to become wet, and he chuckles lowly. The vibrations of Namjoon’s laugh elicit a quiet moan from Jimin, and he tangles his fingers in the older man’s hair, pulling him closer.

Namjoon alternates between sucking on and tonguing Jimin’s clit, holding him down firmly by the hip. With each passing second, Jimin becomes wetter and his moans become louder and far more vehement. He bucks up into Namjoon’s mouth, a silent plea for more, and Namjoon responds by carefully easing his index finger into Jimin’s hole, curling it and pressing up against his boyfriend’s g-spot. He’s done this enough times to know exactly where that sweet spot is, and Jimin’s reaction is immediate and beautiful.

An especially loud groan escapes Jimin’s lips, and he’s so lost in the sudden burst of pleasure that he doesn’t even realize when Jungkook has pulled away and replaced his lips with his cock.

“Are you going to be a good boy and suck me off, babe?” Jungkook asks, the head of his dick pressed up against Jimin’s plump, spit-slick lips. He nudges Jimin’s lips with his dick gently, certainly not being forceful, but rather, it’s a polite, silent inquiry.

Jimin nods meekly, parting his lips and allowing Jungkook to push his cock inside of his mouth. The younger man begins to slowly thrust in and out, moaning quietly. He bites his bottom lip, watching Jimin’s expressions. It’s hard not to cum just from the sight of Jimin’s lips stretched around his dick, looking up at him, a thin line of drool trickling down the corners of his mouth.

“Such a pretty cunt, Jiminie,” Namjoon says, fucking and scissoring Jimin’s tight hole with two fingers. “Wanna fuck you so bad, my love. Make you cum on my cock.” He smiles pleasantly, and nothing about his mannerisms gives away his (nor Jungkook’s) true intentions. But he isn’t exactly lying—he does want to make Jimin feel good, wants to see that beautiful reaction of his when he cums. Namjoon just isn’t mentioning how excited he is for the condom to break, for his cum to pour into Jimin’s pussy, or for Jimin to finally get pregnant.

Jimin whimpers, nodding as best he can with Jungkook’s cock down his throat. He spreads his cunt lips with two fingers, inviting Namjoon inside. He tries to say something, but it comes out sounding like gibberish. However, the pleading doe-eyes he gives to Namjoon make what he’s asking for very clear.

“Don’t forget the condom, babe,” Jungkook says, repressing a smirk. It takes all of his self-control not to laugh at his own comment.

Namjoon tosses a knowing glance to his younger brother before getting off the bed to find the condom they had poked holes into earlier. He fishes it out of one of his jean pockets and opens it, easily rolling the thin, pre-lubricated latex sheath onto his dick. “Ready, babe?” he asks Jimin, getting back onto the bed and positioning his cock at the younger man’s dripping hole. He rims Jimin’s hole teasingly.

With a nod of approval from Jimin, Namjoon quickly thrusts his hips forward. His dick is immediately surrounded by Jimin’s tight, wet heat. The slide is smooth and so easy, what with the pre-lubricated condom and Jimin’s profuse, natural wetness. He groans, his senses bathed in ecstasy, and starts up an extremely quick yet steady rhythm. He figures that the faster he goes, the more likely the condom is to break.

Jungkook’s long-awaited orgasm finally takes him when he sees his older brother thrust into their boyfriend’s cunt. He gasps, his eyes fluttering shut. “G-gonna cum, baby,” he stutters out, holding Jimin’s head down by the hair as he spills his load down Jimin’s throat. He moans headily, shoving his hips forward until his bushy tuft of pubic hair is pressed into Jimin’s nose. “F-fuck, you’re s-so good. Swallow all of it, hyung, want you to swallow my cum.”

Jimin obediently takes all that Jungkook has to give him, gulping down his cum greedily. He whines in disappointment when Jungkook pulls out, but Namjoon fucking into his cunt more than distracts him. Not another moan escapes him before Jungkook’s lips are on his neck and two fingers are rubbing furiously at his clit. He bucks his hips up in desperation and slings an arm around Jungkook, pulling him closer as he nears his orgasm.

It isn’t long before Jimin is cumming, thrashing around uncontrollably as intense pleasure courses through his body, groaning loudly. “Hyung, please, feel so good inside—” he whimpers, tossing his head back. “Please, please, please !”

Never before has Namjoon felt anything but pleasure and joy as he cums, but even the walls of Jimin’s cunt squeezing around his cock so much tighter than earlier, forcing his orgasm from him, can’t distract him from the disappointing fact that the condom never broke. It’s such a strange and awful sensation, the dichotomous feelings of disappointment and pure, unadulterated pleasure occurring at the same time. But he doesn’t let his disappointment shine through—god forbid Jimin realizes that something is wrong.

Namjoon slowly pulls out, exchanging glances with Jungkook. He hesitantly removes the condom and fakes a smile. “I’m gonna go throw this out, my loves.” He walks out of the bedroom and down the corridor, opening the bathroom door and closing it behind him. After throwing the condom away, Namjoon rests his elbows on the sink and covers his face, sighing deeply. “Fucking shit,” he mumbles to himself, shaking his head.

A knock comes to the door, followed by Jungkook opening it and walking in. He slings an arm around Namjoon’s shoulders in an attempt to comfort him. “You okay, hyung?” he asks quietly. Namjoon only nods in response. “I’m disappointed too, but we have more opportunities. We’ll try for as long as it takes.”

Namjoon sighs again. “I don’t get what went wrong,” he says, his voice almost lacking emotion. “We poked like ten holes into that condom. I was so sure that if I went fast, it would break. But absolutely nothing happened.” He suddenly stands up straight, looking Jungkook in the eyes. There’s no trace of the disappointment he felt just five seconds earlier, and Jungkook is amazed at his sudden shift in emotions.

“We need a plan B. And I definitely do not mean the emergency contraceptive…”



“Are you saying that we should drug Jimin? How would we even—”

Jungkook interrupts his older brother before he can start rambling. “Hyung, don’t worry. We just slip one of these babies—” he shakes the little bag of pills pointedly. “—into his drink, he sleeps for a little bit, we do our thing, and then he wakes up some hours later.” He pauses, assessing Namjoon’s reaction. The man seems only mildly interested, so Jungkook continues his sales pitch. “It’s not even really drugging him. We’re basically just giving him a little sleeping pill.”

Namjoon frowns. “I mean, it sounds easy enough, but what if he wakes up in the middle of it? And are we ever going to explain how he got pregnant?” He sighs, eyebrows furrowed in thought. “I don’t know about this...I still think poking holes in a condom is the best way. I’ve got some stuff to do, so let’s worry about it later, okay?” He turns around, about to walk out of the room, but Jungkook catches him by the wrist and pulls him back. Namjoon faces Jungkook again, arms folded across his chest with a look of confusion.

“Come on, let’s talk about this. Jimin-hyung is going to be home in an hour. We could fix him a drink and slip one of these pills in them. He’s had a long day so he’ll definitely take it,” Jungkook says, his eyes wide and enthusiastic. “And when the pill kicks in, we can just chalk it up to him being really tired or something. He won’t wake up for anything after having one of these, guaranteed, so it’ll be easy to fuck him. We wouldn’t have to worry about him waking up in the middle of it—it’s basically like being in a short coma. And the best part is that he won’t remember anything in the morning.”

Namjoon purses his lips, interested. He snatches the small baggie from Jungkook. He holds it up to the light, examining the white tablets inside. “What the actual fuck is in these? The way you talk about them makes them sound like an eight hour free trial of death,” he mutters, making eye contact with Jungkook again. “And where the hell did you get them?”

Jungkook shrugs. “I know people at school,” he explains. “I don’t actually know what’s in them. Some combination of drugs. The guy only told me that they knock you out within 30 minutes, you won’t wake up for anything, the memory loss in the morning...all of that. He didn’t say anything about the ingredients, and honestly, I didn’t think to ask…”

“I mean...if these little pills work that well…” Namjoon trails off, tapping his chin in thought. “Well, in movies they use this shit and no one ever dies. So I mean, how bad could it possibly be? Jimin goes to sleep for a bit and we do our thing. He wakes up and he’s fine. Right?”

Jungkook grins, kissing Namjoon on the cheek. “Exactly! It’s even easier than poking holes in a condom because it’s guaranteed to work. There’s no way in hell that Jimin is going to wake up after we give him one of these.” He holds the bag up between Namjoon and himself. “Now, should I put them in his drink or would you like to do the honors?”

Namjoon returns the smile. “I can take care of it.” Jungkook hands the bag to Namjoon, who takes it eagerly and walks out of the room and into the kitchen.

Namjoon grabs a bottle of wine from the cupboard and pours some into a stemmed glass. With a shaky breath, he crushes the pills into a powder with his fingers before opening the bag and dumping a little bit of the powder into the wine. It immediately begins to dissolve, and soon all traces of the tablets disappear. Just to make sure, he sniffs the wine—no weird smell. He examines the glass from all angles—nothing looks odd about it. But he doesn’t dare taste it—that’s Jimin’s job. After Namjoon has thoroughly inspected the wine, ensuring that it looks like nothing more than an average drink, he sets it aside and pours himself a drink.

He’s going to need it.



As expected, Jimin arrives home within an hour. The second he unlocks the front door and crosses the threshold, he’s greeted by Jungkook smiling pleasantly and holding out a glass of wine for him.

“How did you know I needed something to drink, baby?” Jimin says with a laugh, gratefully accepting the wine and taking a small sip from it. He sets his bag down and sheds his shoes before plopping himself down onto the couch, continuing to drink the wine once he’s seated. “Shit, I really don’t wanna cook…” he mumbles to himself.

Jungkook sits next to Jimin, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend and pulling him closer. “How was your day, hyung?” he asks, pecking Jimin on the cheek.

“Good,” Jimin says, nodding. He rests his head on Jungkook’s shoulder, his unoccupied hand on the younger man’s thigh. He looks down at where his hand is resting on Jungkook’s thigh, absentmindedly stroking it with his small thumb. “I’m just glad to be home. I’ve been missing you and Namjoon-hyung all day, you know?” He looks up to make eye contact with Jungkook, his pretty eyes shiny and wide.

Jungkook cards his fingers through Jimin’s hair, and he can’t help the massive amount of excitement that courses through his body. He absentmindedly fantasizes about fucking Jimin while he’s fast asleep. “Missed you too, love,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to Jimin’s forehead. “We should order take out. You sound tired, so I’d hate to burden you with the chore of cooking dinner.”

Jimin’s face twists up. “Yeah, I kind of...I don’t really feel too good,” he mumbles, frowning. He sets the glass of wine down on the coffee table, clutching his stomach. “Did I eat something weird, maybe?” His speech quickly begins to deteriorate into a barely-comprehensible slur, and for reasons unknown, the world feels like it’s spinning. “J-Jungkookie, what’s happening?” he murmurs. “I don’t…”

The second the words leave his lips, Jimin is out, slumping over onto his boyfriend.

Jungkook watches him carefully with a barely contained grin, waiting to see if the other man will wake up. “Jimin?” he says quietly, shaking him. No response. “Jimin?” Nothing. Jungkook then shakes him roughly before shouting his name, “Jimin!” Nothing at all.

“Hyung!” Jungkook calls out to Namjoon. “Hyung, come here! It worked, he’s out!” He hears the sound of footsteps growing closer, and when Namjoon’s figure emerges, Jungkook excitedly waves him over. “He’s passed the fuck out, hyung,” he breathes excitedly.

Namjoon’s eyes widen. He rushes over, shaking Jimin and even gently slapping his face. Indeed, Jimin does not respond. He looks back and forth between Jungkook and Jimin, mouth agape. “Holy shit,” he whispers. “It fucking worked.”

Jungkook stands up from the couch, holding Jimin upright so that he doesn’t fall off of the sofa. “Should we move him—”

Namjoon interrupts immediately, shaking his head. “No. It’s better if we do it here. We don’t even know what we gave him, so who knows when he’s going to wake up? This is going to be the quickest fuck of our lives, Jungkook-ah. We can’t risk him waking up in the middle of it,” he says, staring down at Jimin’s unconscious figure. “I think we should both cum inside of him. Just to make sure that he gets knocked up...I want this to be our final attempt.”

Jungkook nods eagerly. His cock is twitching at the thought of being inside of Jimin while he’s passed out, and by the time his pants and underwear are off, he’s almost fully hard. He strokes his length eagerly, spreading the precum that beads at his slit around the shaft. He’s far too excited to run to the bedroom to get lube, so he figures that spit and precum will have to suffice.

Namjoon immediately gets down onto his knees, making quick work of Jimin’s pants and underwear and his own, tossing them aside. “As expected, he’s dry,” he says with a frown. “We should probably lube him up, right? It won’t feel too good if he’s dry.” He looks at Jungkook expectantly.

Jungkook nods. “Spit and precum will do, right?” he asks, grinning.

Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Too lazy to go get some lube, hmm? I guess we’re doing this the old fashioned way then,” he mumbles, right before gathering a large glob of saliva in his mouth and letting it drip onto Jimin’s pussy. He rubs his spit in between the sleeping man’s fat cunt lips, paying special attention to his hole. Namjoon repeats the process a few more times until Jimin’s pussy glistens with spit, thoroughly lubricated.

Jungkook chuckles, leaning down and sucking hickeys onto the side of Namjoon’s neck. “You gotta spit kink or something?” he murmurs against his older brother’s skin.

“You suggested it,” Namjoon says, turning to face his younger brother, kissing him properly. He slides his hand down Jungkook’s body to stroke the younger man’s hard length, moaning at the feeling of a heavy cock in his hand. He pulls away from Jungkook to murmur, “Kinda want you to fuck me. We haven’t done anything just the two of us lately...forgot how fucking big you are, babe.”

Jungkook smiles mischievously. “You can ride me later, hyung. There’s a much more pressing matter at hand right now…” He eyes Jimin pointedly, but not before stealing a few more heated kisses from his older brother. “I volunteer to go first. But maybe you could lube me up a bit...with your mouth,” he suggests coyly, standing up and gesturing to his erection.

Namjoon is more than happy to comply. He slowly eases Jungkook’s cock into his mouth as far as he can take it, which is about half of the younger man’s length—he’s never been too good at deepthroating. He compensates for the portion not in his mouth by wrapping his hand around the base of Jungkook’s dick, pumping it in time with the bobs of his head.

Jungkook groans headily, a hand instinctively weaving into Namjoon’s hair, tugging on his dark locks and urging him closer. “Shit, hyung...don’t make me cum already,” he utters, his eyes fluttering shut. “Still gotta give Jimin a baby.” 

Namjoon chuckles around Jungkook’s dick, and the vibrations from his laughter have his little brother reeling. He releases Jungkook’s hard on some seconds later, smirking at the younger man’s disappointment. “You did say I was just lubing you up, babe,” he says, shrugging easily. “We need to save it for Jiminie, remember? And you said you wanted to take him first, my guest.” He steps aside, eager to watch his younger brother fuck their boyfriend.

Jungkook’s disappointment is swiftly washed away when he remembers that Jimin is still propped up on the couch, pussy glistening and hole just waiting to be fucked. “Holy shit, he’s so pretty like this,” he hisses, hiking Jimin’s legs up onto his shoulders and lining up his cock with the man’s cunt. He pushes the head of his dick through the man’s pretty, slicked up folds, shuddering at the feeling. “Fuck.”

Jungkook pushes into Jimin’s cunt, but even with their makeshift lube, it’s a tight fit, considering that Jimin isn’t aroused at all. Jungkook considers this a total win though, and a stream of curses escapes his lips as he continues to ease his cock into his boyfriend’s hole. “Hyung, he’s so tight. Jesus fuck, he feels so fucking good…”

Namjoon stands behind him, rubbing his shoulders and leaving wet kisses on his neck. “Tighter than usual, I bet,” he muses, dick pressed up against Jungkook’s ass. “You have no idea how hard it is to stop myself from taking you right now, baby.”

Jungkook chuckles, kissing Namjoon lecherously as he continues to fuck into Jimin’s pussy. “So much tighter,” he mumbles against his brother’s lips. “Hyung, If you fuck me, I’ll cum too soon...wanna enjoy this. And you still need to take a turn with Jimin, anyway.”

Namjoon goes back to leaving kisses and hickeys all over Jungkook’s neck and collarbone. “I know, love. Just keep going, hmm? You look so pretty all worked up. Making hyung so hard…” He sucks on his middle finger before running it down Jungkook’s crack, rimming the puckered hole teasingly. His little brother gasps, and Namjoon can only chuckle. “Such a cute little ass. I bet it’ll be cuter with my fingers inside.”

“Fuck, hyung,” Jungkook says breathlessly. “You’re so am I supposed to focus on Jimin when all I can think of is you fingering me?”

“That’s gotta focus on Jimin,” Namjoon says, removing his finger and swatting Jungkook’s ass cheek lightly. His little brother whines in disappointment, clearing having wanted Namjoon to finger fuck him. The older boy consoles him with a trail of kisses and his hands creeping up to Jungkook’s nipples. “My baby brother has the cutest little tits,” Namjoon murmurs, toying with the younger man’s nipples roughly.

Jungkook whimpers, hips stuttering at the feeling of his brother’s ministrations. “Hyung, you know I’m sensitive there…” he whines. His brother ignores him and continues to play with his nipples, and Jungkook, being the weak man he is, can barely tolerate how good it feels. Namjoon’s fingers toying with his sensitive nipples, Jimin’s pussy sheathing his leaking cock. He can tell that he’s close, that it’ll only be some moments before he cums.

“You’re gonna knock him up, right, baby?” Namjoon asks in that quiet, husky voice of his. “Wanna see you breed him, fill him up with your cum.” His hands slide down to Jungkook’s hips, resting on them and almost guiding his thrusts. “Are you close, Gguk? Go on. Cum, babe. Fill our Jiminie up to the brim, hmm?”

Jungkook bites his lip, Namjoon’s soft yet eager encouragement driving him closer and closer to the edge. He looks down and notices how erratic his thrusts have become, and the visual of his cock disappearing into and reappearing from Jimin’s hole is absolutely decadent. He moans loudly, speeding up his thrusts and shutting his eyes. He’s so close, can feel that built-up tension in his shaft that only increases with each passing second, the tightly-coiled heat in his stomach, the way his legs feel like they’re going to turn to jelly.

“Hyung, s-so good on my cock,” he groans. “Gonna cum, gonna breed you full. Oh my god, Jimin—so tight for me, make me feel so fucking good, babe. Fuck, ‘m gonna fill you up—”

Jungkook cums with a strangled moan, trying (but failing) to stay relatively quiet. His hips still as he pumps Jimin’s cunt full of cum, and he imagines his boyfriend’s womb being flooded with his seed. As the last of Jungkook’s cum is pushed into Jimin’s pussy, the grand euphoria of his orgasm also wanes away. He pulls out, lowering Jimin’s legs back to the ground, and turns around to face Namjoon, kissing him softly.

“You did so good, baby,” Namjoon whispers. “And you looked so pretty fucking him.”

Jungkook smiles dreamily. “Did I?” he asks with a laugh. “I bet you’ll look even prettier, hyung. Wanna see you knock him up too.”

Namjoon grins. “Yeah? I guess it’s my turn, then,” he says, switching places with his brother. He grabs Jimin’s legs and rests them on his shoulders as Jungkook did, allowing himself better access to the younger man’s hole. When he has Jimin positioned as he pleases, he wastes no time in pushing his cock into the cum-slicked hole beneath him. “God, you were right. He is even tighter than usual.”

“I told you so,” Jungkook murmurs with a smile, watching Namjoon fuck into their boyfriend from the side.

Namjoon groans, dick twitching at the unique sensation of fucking his little brother’s cum into Jimin’s pussy with each thrust. He delivers a quick but sharp slap to the side of Jimin’s thigh, chuckling at the fact that the younger man is still passed out after all this, entirely motionless. “Those pills worked a fucking miracle, Jungkook,” he says, breathing slightly labored from how hard he’s thrusting into Jimin. “He’s really out cold.”

“We’re gonna have a family, hyung,” Jungkook whispers, lazily stroking his cock. “I’ve been wanting this with you since we were teenagers.” He absentmindedly reminisces about the first time that Namjoon and he had had sex, how he’d wished that his older brother could breed him. “They are miracle pills.”

Namjoon grunts, too lost in pleasure to properly respond. “Jimin-ah...if only you knew,” he mutters to himself, unable to suppress the grin that blooms on his handsome face. “If only you knew what Jungkook and I have done to you.” His arousal is only fueled by the thought of Jimin’s belly expanding in the coming months, the thought of him producing milk and his flat chest growing. He bites his lip in a vain attempt to stop himself from moaning, but the groans and grunts stream out uncontrollably.

“You’re gonna fucking pretty carrying...a baby,” Namjoon says, the loud, slapping sound of his thrusts punctuating his words. There’s no point speaking to Jimin when he’s unconscious, but something about it is incredibly hot. “Can’t wait to...see you all filled...up with a child, Jimin.”

Jungkook whines, his cock twitching. “Hyung, ‘m hard again already...thinking about Jiminie-hyung pregnant….”

Namjoon smirks at his little brother. “I’ll take care of you later, my love,” he says, eyeing Jungkook’s dick wantonly. His mind wanders to thoughts of fucking the younger man right next to Jimin and he moans. “You’re such a distraction, Jungkook-ah,” he whispers teasingly, eyes flitting back to Jimin.

Jungkook giggles, but Namjoon barely even notices. It’s hard to notice the little details when he feels his orgasm coming, that all-too-familiar feeling of tension building up in his cock. “F-fuck, ‘m gonna cum,” he hisses, swallowing hard as he tries to control his thrusts. But he isn’t in control anymore; his hips are seemingly moving on their own accord, desperately chasing his impending release.

“Oh my fucking god, Jimin. Gonna breed you so good, baby, gonna—” Namjoon practically growls as he finally begins to cum, white-hot pleasure coursing through his body as he releases his load into Jimin’s cunt. He groans loudly, hips bucking wildly through his orgasm. “Fuck, you’re so fucking pretty, gonna look so good when you’re all knocked up, huh, babe? We’re gonna keep you bred for the rest of your fucking life—”

His orgasm seems to wear off just as quickly as it began, and Namjoon slows his quick, messy thrusts to a stop. He pulls out and plops down onto the couch, trying to steady his breathing. Jungkook sits on his lap, kissing him softly, only interrupted by giddy giggles. Namjoon pulls him closer, resting his hands on his younger brother’s lower back, enjoying the proximity.

“Did you mean what you said?” Jungkook mumbles against Namjoon’s lips. “Keeping him knocked up forever?”

Namjoon chuckles, gently running his hands up and down Jungkook’s back. “I said that in the heat of the moment, but I’m kind of in love with the thought. Why not?” He hums, daydreaming about having an ever-growing family, Jimin’s belly constantly distended. “I mean, I don’t think one kid is enough, anyway.”

Jungkook beams. “I want, like, a million,” he murmurs sleepily, resting his head in the crook of Namjoon’s neck. “We could take turns getting Jiminie’ll be the biological father of one, I’ll be for the next, then you, then me….”

“Yeah?” Namjoon whispers, carding his fingers through Jungkook’s soft hair. He plants a chaste kiss on his brother’s forehead before sighing. “I hate to be a killjoy, babe, but we should probably clean Jimin up and put his clothes back on...if he woke up as he is now, I think he’d have some questions.” He eyes Jimin’s cunt, shiny with both spit and cum.

Jungkook makes a sound of disgruntlement before standing up. He surveys Jimin briefly, pursing his lips. “Yeah...questions that I don’t want to answer.”



Jimin wakes up the next morning with a pounding headache and the harsh sun rays streaming in through the window practically blinding him. He slowly blinks his eyes open and sits up, groaning. “What the hell…” he mutters to himself. He’s never felt so groggy and lethargic in his life, and just getting up from the couch is a task that is almost insurmountable.

“Jungkook-ah? Namjoon-hyung?” he calls out, looking around the living room. He hears the sound of footsteps approaching, and turns to see Jungkook entering from the corridor. “Jungkookie...what happened last night? I don’t remember anything.”

Jungkook strides over to him, enveloping his boyfriend in a tight embrace. “You drank a lot last night, hyung,” he says with a laugh. It’s almost funny, he thinks, how easy it is to lie about this to Jimin. “Namjoonie-hyung and I tried to get you to stop, but you insisted on having just one more glass...multiple times. How do you feel? Are you hungover?”

Jimin frowns, confused. “Isn’t it a weekday? Why would I get blackout drunk on a weekday?”

Jungkook pulls out of the hug, sitting Jimin down on the couch. “You had a really long day yesterday, remember? You asked Namjoon and I to fix you a drink. And then that one drink turned into two, then three, and then I lost track,” he explains, laughing to try and lighten the mood. “We took care of you, though, baby. We tried to get you to sleep in the bedroom, but you insisted on sleeping on the couch.”

Jimin gives a slight smile. “Thank you for taking care of me,” he says, genuinely grateful. “Do you think you could take care of me right now and get me an Advil, love? My head is fucking killing me.”

“Anything for you.”



“T-there’s no is this possible?”

Tears spring to Jimin’s eyes as he stares down at the pregnancy test in his trembling hand, those two red little lines mocking him. He tosses the test on the ground in anger, burying his face in his hands and screaming. It doesn’t make any fucking sense—Jungkook and Namjoon always use condoms, and he makes sure of it. He doesn’t understand how he could possibly be pregnant, not when they’re always so safe.

Namjoon barges into the bathroom, looking extremely concerned. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t get it!” Jimin sobs, shaking his head. “How is this fucking possible? It’s not! No, the test has to be wrong. This has to be some sort of mistake.”

“What are you talking about?” Namjoon asks softly. Jimin glances down at the pregnancy test and Namjoon’s eyes follow. Two little red lines. He bites back the grin that threatens to reveal itself and replaces it with a look of sympathy. “Oh, baby…” he whispers, hugging Jimin tightly. The younger man buries his face in his boyfriend’s chest, and Namjoon takes the opportunity to let out the smile that he had just tucked away.

When Jimin is crying, Namjoon usually feels his pain, wants to cry with him. But not this time. No, Jimin is sobbing, absolutely heartbroken, tears staining the fabric of the older man’s shirt, and all Namjoon can do is beam.



“I think I’m finally...happy with this,” Jimin says with a small smile, staring down at his distended stomach. He rests his hands on top of Jungkook’s, who was stroking his belly softly.

Jungkook returns the smile, pressing a kiss to the side of Jimin’s neck. “You are?” he whispers, almost in disbelief. “Wow...eight months later. I’m glad that you accepted it, baby. That you’re...that you’re actually happy with this.”

Jimin turns around to face him, leaning on the kitchen counter. “I mean, I accepted it a while ago. It’s just...only now did I realize that I’m excited about it. Starting a family with you and Namjoonie...I couldn’t ask for better boyfriends.” He looks down at his belly, smiling dreamily and smoothing his hands over it. He distantly pictures having his own children running around the apartment, watching them grow up. It’s an endearing thought.

Jungkook catches his hands and holds them, pressing a soft kiss to Jimin’s plush lips. “Yeah. It’s a dream come true.”