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a purr-fect day

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To say Arthit is in a grumpy mood is an understatement. He's irritated at the slightest thing in the office and his co-workers know better than to approach their nong arthit when the later has a deep scowl plastered on his face.

It's been almost a month since he has spent some time with his boyfriend. Yes they do have dinner together sometimes but even that's a rare occurrence these days. He knows kongpob is busy with his studies and assignments. And being an ex-head hazer he knows how difficult it is to balance everything and still maintain his good grades. And his boyfriend, being the busy body he is, even proposed to tutor his friends and juniors in his free time.

He knows all these, yet he's still sulking at his dumb boyfriend. But it's hard to keep his resting bitch face up when he's being showered upon with heart - melting messages every morning without fail from his cheesy ass boyfriend.

• Good morning, P'Arthit ! The sun is so bright today but not more than you ^3^

• Hi sunshine, how'd you sleep? ♡

• I hope your day is as nice as your butt! Good morning, babe! :)

(The last one had cost kongpob a dozen pinkmilks to get Arthit to unblock him that day.)


Arthit sighs for the nth time that day and something in P'Earth snaps. She signals him to follow her to the pantry and is relieved to find no one there as it's only a little later after the lunch break.

"Arthit I know something is bothering you and you're not going to brush it off only to slip into a gloomy mood again. It's making me all stressed and worried. You're going to tell me what's wrong and we are going solve it right here and right now"

Arthit looks at her sheepishly and goes on telling her what's making him all worked up. It's his boyfriend.

Earth gives him a look as if he's grown another head.
"Arthit, really you are so dumb sometimes." And she's rewarded with a glare and a pout.

"You should just talk to him about it. Ask him out on a date maybe. Really arthit, it isn't that deep. Just call him, okay?" She smiles kindly at him and he finds himself nodding.

Arthit stays there, thinking for a few minutes after P'Earth has returned to her work and he knows what he has to do.

He returns to his desk with a small smile grazing his lips and types up a short message. A second later, he receives a reply and this time he smiles wider, his dimples showing, thinking about what's going to happen later that day.

kongpob :)

Kong, when will you be done with your classes today?

My last class ends at 4:30 P'. But I'll have to stay back at the library for a group assignment.

okay :)

Why? Is P'Arthit missing me already? :3


Pay attention in class -_-


It's half past six already and he's queued up at the grilled pork stall.

He figured since he's visiting his boyfriend he should buy some snacks and drinks for his juniors as well.

It's so hot and the griller is making it unbearable to stand here. Why has no one invented a smoke free griller yet. Wait. A smoke free griller! Why didn't I think of it sooner. We can present the idea for the company contest. You are a genius, Arthit.

He's pushed out of his thoughts by some giggly juniors in front of him.

"-she said she wanted to meet P'Kongpob"

If he wasn't paying attention before he's sure hooked on now.

"Is khaofang still into P'Kongpob? Has she confessed to him yet?"

"Already at the beach!"


"Unbelievable, right?"

Their conversion ends there but Arthit can feel his gears rotating in his mind.

Who's this khaofang girl? And why hasn't kongpob told him about being confessed? Did he...

No! He's here to have a nice time with his boyfriend and he's not going to let a random girl affect him. He pushes his jealousy (he denies being jealous. He was just thinking) at the back of his mind and makes his way towards the familiar group of juniors in the library with a bag of grilled pork and drinks in his hand.

They exchange greetings and part ways minutes later, after Arthit gives them a piece of advice for their upcoming exam along with the snacks he bought for them when they tell him the junior he was searching for was already done with his work half an hour back and might be tutoring the juniors or in the canteen. They offered asking kong where he was, but arthit stopped them, saying he wanted it to be a surprise.

It's been almost 40 minutes and he's tried searching for his boyfriend all over the campus but in vain. He's sweaty and tired from all the walking and all his excitement from earlier that day has nearly died down.

He groans when he thinks about his boyfriend's dorm. He should have checked the dorm first. Cursing his luck, he makes him way towards it.

A few steps later, he's greeted with a unusual sight. His boyfriend is squatting by a tree and it looks like he's talking to someone.

He stands there, observing kongpob with confusion marring his features.

What the hell is his boyfriend doing?

He's soon to lose his patience and finds himself behind his boyfriend.


The said man turns around looking pleasantly surprised.

"P'Arthit? What are you doing here? "

"I can ask the same question kong. What were you doing there? Were you talking to yourself?"

"Oh" his boyfriend gives him a sheepish look. "That I-"


Arthit turns slightly to look behind kongpob and is met with a pair of glassy round eyes staring right back at him.

It's a cat snuggling at his boyfriend's leg, an almost empty vessel of milk on the side.

"Really? Is this the reason why you barely have any time to meet me after you are done with your college work?"

"P'Arthit umm- pluto seemed really lonely, you know? He looked at me with such eyes how could I not accompany to play with him. I'm really sorry P'Arthit for not being able to spend some time with you. I didn't mean to upset you"

"Wait a minute. Who's pluto now?"

"Oh! The cat. I figured I should name him since he's a stray cat. It's rude on my part to address him as a cat on a daily basis"

"You even named the cat?" He sighed. "Kongpob, you know we can't keep him, right?"

"But P'Arthit-"

"No Kongpob. It's not that easy to look after a cat. I have work and you have classes. Who would look after him in our absence? We absolutely can't. "

"Please P'Arthit. I promise to look after him. You don't have to do anything. Please P'. "


"Look at his eyes P'. He looks so innocent. He wants us to take him in. Don't be so cruel to him P',please?"

Arthit was going to deny once again but he made a grave mistake of looking at kongpob (who resembled the look of a kicked puppy) and huffed with a barely audible "ok"

In turn he was rewarded with a dazzling smile and a kiss on his cheeks.


His boyfriend chuckled and knelt down to pick up the cat, pluto.

"Look, pluto. Your daddy agreed with papa's idea to adopt you. Won't you thank him, huh baby?"

"KONGPOB! Wtf are you saying?"

A red faced Arthit smacked his boyfriend on the head and went on towards the dorm, ignoring the latter.

"P'Arthit wait!"

"Fvck off."

"Pluto, why is your daddy leaving us here, in the middle of nowhere? Doesn't he love us?"

"Kongpob stop being so dramatic and get here already."