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On My Knees

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johnny can't explain the feeling.

after being stuck in this stupid reformation school for a while now--he thought he was never gonna to see some light in this darkness. but oh fuck was he wrong. little did the alpha know that his light would be a feisty little omega who didn't take his shit and would challenge him. especially now that they were together.

johnny really thought that taeyong would be a cute little thing. you know, all sweet and adorable in his big, strong arms while he devoured that tinier omega in multiple kisses and licks. but that was proven wrong by how the swift omega would wiggle and worm out of the strong alpha's hold and make him have a chase after his cute little ass if johnny wanted to kiss him or give him a teasing handful of his ass in his palm.

it was a game of cat and mouse--and johnny liked it way too much.

the alpha caught the omega by looping his arm around the slender waist of his lover, pulling his back close to his chest before turning him towards the nearest wall, letting the omega go for a moment just for both of his large hands to engulf around the sweet hips and press his back against the wall instead, smirking down at his sweet catch as taeyong just pouted up at the alpha.

"not far," the omega huffed, "your legs are longer. you can get me faster,"

johnny chuckled softly at his cute omega, letting one of his hands leave his hips to hook his chin, making him tilt his head further up, "you're the one who make the chases happen, you should know by now that i'm always gonna catch you, my little minx~"

the alpha sing-songed as his omega playfully hit him on the chest.

"still," taeyong crossed his arms over his chest, eyes holding the johnny's, "i thought you would make me a win sometimes," taeyong flashed his innocent eyes up at the alpha, "afterall, aren't i your cute omega? your sweet angel?"

johnny smirked softly at taeyong trying to charm him into feeling guilty but he can't fall for that, "you might be my cute omega but sometimes, you act more like a demon than an angel,"

taeyong's mouth dropped at the accusation as he hit johnny on the bicep, making the tall alpha wince in fake pain as he let out another chuckle. johnny did love it when he pushed taeyong's buttons--it was something that he wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

"i didn't mean it in a bad way, baby," johnny said with a smirk, leaning down at his omega, just centimeters away from each other's lips, "you're like those sexy demons,"

taeyong giggled softly, his breath hitting johnny's lips as the omega's arms raised and slinked around the alpha's neck, hooking together at the cross of his hands, "you mean, i remind you of a incubus? those little sex demons that take advantage of sleeping people who are horny? don't they kill people? are you saying i'm gonna kill you?

"i mean," johnny trailed off, making taeyong giggle again.

"i would be lying if i said i wouldn't mind if you sucked the life out of him," 

taeyong rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's stupid joke as johnny was letting out a proud laugh as if he made a revolutionary joke, "please hurry up and kiss me before i dump you over that shitty joke," the omega said as his eyes bored into his alpha, who slowed down his laughter and leaned in to press his lips against the omegas. johnny let his hand go back to it's previous position on taeyong's hip as both of them surged the latter to come closer to his body. their pelvic region met as taeyong arched his back slightly to allow the alpha to lean in to kiss him at a better angle.

taeyong gasped into the kiss as he felt johnny do an experimental roll of his hips. the omega felt johnny's cock graze against his lower stomach, although a few pieces of fabric seperate the two from feeling each other, taeyong knew johnny had to be big at the feeling. the thought of johnny being well-endowed made taeyong moan softly against johnny's lips, the tiniest produce of slick starting to come out of taeyong's pussy as an uncomfortable wetness was happening between taeyong's legs, making the letter shift his legs a little to feel some relief.

the alpha noticed the sudden movements from taeyong below and he knew that the two of them were getting too carried away.

as much as johnny wants to continue and make his omega feel good by giving him a well-deserve knot; the two need to stop. 

if they get caught then both of their parents will come down and both of them with get a horrible punishment and it doesn't sit well in his stomach that johnny got taeyong in trouble because he became a horndog in their few moments of intimacy together.

the alpha slowly pull away from the omega. it was far too tempting for him to go back into the kiss when he hears his cute omega start to whine softly at the loss of his lips, making taeyong open his eyes with soft tears pricking at the side at the feeling of frustration, "why did you pull away?"

taeyong let his lips pull out into an another pout as johnny looked down fondly at him. he raised his hand yet again, letting the touch of his fingertips caress the soft skin of taeyong's cheek before letting it drop to his side with a heavy sigh escaping his lips, "because if we get caught, we're gonna get in some serious trouble," the alpha tried to explain to his cute omega, letting his other hand move the small fringe of his hair that were sticking slightly to his forehead away, "and i'm fine with it because i'm not exactly the star student of my classes but i know that you've been a pretty decent student here so i don't want you to get bullshit,"

the omega smiled small at the gesture and softly nodded, agreeing with johnny.

taeyong wished that they would continue just a little longer. just enough for taeyong to fully savor johnny's lips but it was going to cause more problems than solutions in this situation.

"it's almost the weekend, baby," johnny reminded the sadden omega, letting himself lean down to steal a kiss to his cheek, "we can try and have some fun together then,"

taeyong looked up at the alpha and raised an eyebrow, "how are you going to try and make that happen? we live in different dorms, johnny,"

johnny smirked small at his cute omega as he just shrugged, leaving taeyong guessing for more, "i have an idea up my sleeve but i can't tell you just yet because i need to figure it out a bit more to see if it can really work,"

the suspicion behind johnny's plan made taeyong curious. but he chose to not question the alpha and instead give some support within it. taeyong hasn't exactly made any effort to make the two be together in private but where it was just two friends hanging out but two lovers trying to get each other's fill. 

ten and kun were great examples of how tough it can be with doing such.

ten revealed to taeyong that the two of them were becoming a little more serious and have been trying to advance themselves in their relationship. but almost each time became a fail as ten's pheromones' were far too strong and would overpower kun's musk each time they held each other intimately. most alphas in the dorm didn't really care but the downside of all of the alphas in that dorm was that they were unmated--which means if ten leaves kun's room with him smelling like his usual scent but heighten to the heavens, those alphas will react and have their "fun" with ten and obviously both of them would not like to experience that for ten.

the best one they've done is mutual masturbation.

they help each other get off but at a distance so their scent doesn't get overwhelming but both of them can get their fill. not to mention, that it makes ten calm down quicker so kun can scent him and ten can quickly get back to the dorms without any alpha trying to bother him.

taeyong can personally feel the frustration--especially since he's in the predicament himself.

johnny took a few steps away from him and straighten himself as taeyong took himself off the wall and meeting the few steps johnny took, "we should probably get out of here before some stupid teacher comes in and busses our asses to the principal,"

taeyong giggled softly with a nod, agreeing with alpha as johnny walked towards the door, opening it enough to peak into the hallway and see if the coast was clear. the alpha looked back at taeyong, motioning to come as he took the first step out and waited on the other side as taeyong walked to the door. the omega slipped through and closed the door behind him as johnny walked to the middle of the hallway, turning in his step so he faced his cute omega.

"we should probably get to class, hmm?"

the omega let out an unintentional laugh at the alpha's statement. johnny going to class? that must be a joke.

the laugh made the alpha purse his lips and stared unamused at his omega before cracking the tiniest smirk at the corner of his lip and letting a laugh of his own slip through, "i mostly meant it to you but you don't have to laugh at me,"

taeyong covered his mouth, muffling his last giggles as his eyes gazed his handsome alpha who was stalking towards him with his hands snugly going into his pockets.

"sorry," taeyong said with the removal of his hand, revealing a sweet smile up at the alpha, "it's always weird to hear you say that we should go to class when you don't even go all the time," 

the alpha scoffed, taking his hand out of his pocket to sling his arm around the omega's shoulders, pulling him close to his side as they begun to walk down the hallway of the upper level, "i go sometimes," johnny smirked, "if i want to get out of here, i do need to prove somewhat of a point to my parents that i'm taking it seriously,"

"i don't even get this school," taeyong muttered, his hand coming up to interlace his fingers with johnny's, "how do you even get out? so many of us are adults already," taeyong looked up at johnny for answers.

taeyong never got any explanation when he came here. his parents never told him where he was going and just said "it was for the greater good". then, taeil had no idea what the place was going to be either--all the beta knew was it was some catholic school and that's all he got. yoona knew nothing either. taeyong has just been a deer in headlights since he's been here--simply just exsisting in this school.

"it's a reformation school of "all ages"," 

johnny begun to talk as taeyong got out of his thoughts, paying attention to johnny's words.

"basically, you can enroll here if your like a teenager, sometimes they take in fourteen and fifteen year olds, the minimum age is suppose to be sixteen though," johnny sighed as he looked around the hallway, "you can stay here up to practically any age," the alpha mentioned, "or you can try and "graduate" which is basically acting like you've changed your ways and you leave with your family, making them think that your a "good boy" again,"

taeyong shivered at the thought of staying here forever. but from what the omega has seen, everyone seems to be on the younger scale, only a few being passed the age twenty.

"how come there isn't any older people here if it's suppose to be "all ages"?" taeyong asked, looking up at the handsome alpha as he looked down to match the omega's stare, "no one wants to stay here their entire life, taeyong. most of the seniors who left realized that they need a life out of their bullshit prison, so they shape themselves up, act like they've been perfect their entire life and get a phone call to mommy or daddy from the principal that "they've changed and are reformed," which is just cult language for "they aren't a flaming homo or ex-criminal,"

the omega blinked at the alpha with surprise in his eyes, "are you serious?"

"yup," johnny let out a dry chuckle, trying to continue his explanation, "many of them start to shape up around my age, and try to pass a semester with flying colors and a good attitude and then they get the fuck out,"

"your age?" taeyong questioned in a soft voice.

the omega never really asked johnny much about him. he felt like it could be a bit rude at times, especially since it can be a sensitive topic.

"i'm twenty-two," johnny said with a smile, "how about you sweetness?"

oh yeah, you dingus. you never told him your age either.

taeyong giggled softly at his air-headedness, "i'm twenty," the omega said with a small smile.

johnny let the corner of his lip perk up into another smirk, "hmm, so you're my junior? shouldn't you be calling me hyung or something?" 

"don't push it, suh," taeyong said with a roll of his eyes, unlacing his fingers with johnny and taking the taller's arm off of him as they almost reached the end of the hallway where some students started to fill to upper level.

"anyways," taeyong said as he crossed his own arms over his chest, "how come you don't and try to leave? i know you're a pretty smart person and i think you have the mental capacity to act like a goody-two-shoes," the omega said with his own smirk at the alpha, who's eyes narrowed at the omega with a playfully smirk, "because i would be faking a persona to just prove to my parents that i'm desperate to get out of here and be under their reins again,"

johnny shook his head at the thought of being his parent's fake little gentleman to please the general public because they can't stand to have anyone dislike them or their family name.

"i'm always going to be this way and i'm always going to defy them. i'm not some alpha who will please other alphas to gain something, i'm not pathetic like them," johnny scoffed, having the distaste of wanting someone's approval making him upset. 

"they're angry that i won't comply to them and i won't be just like them with their own parents. i don't want to be in politics or medicine or anything that relies on having a lot of money and having to be a peoples pleaser," the alpha stuck his hand back into his pocket, trying to relax the tension building up in his shoulders, "i want to enjoy being young and enjoy being free. that's why i like to write every now and then, it's helps me remind myself that they can't control that about me,"

the omega never knew that johnny held such a burden on his shoulders. he knew that johnny wasn't on a good scale with his parents to begin with, hence why he's in a fucking reformation school, but he never knew it was because his parents hated the fact that their own child won't obey them because they're so controlling that johnny can't even breathe.

"i'm sorry, johnny," taeyong spoke in a gentle voice, looking around at the students in the hall and seeing that they were in their own little conversations and not paying attention to the two. the omega took it as an opportunity to let his hand caress against the alpha's bicep, showing some comfort to the older, "i didn't know,"

johnny looked down at the omega and smiled kindly at him, really wanting to give him a reassuring kiss on the forehead as a 'thank you', but they would definitely be pushing it, especially since they were almost in front of the main office.

"thank you, taeyong. you don't need to be sorry. i'm just giving a big 'fuck you' to my parents and they're going to have to accept it soon enough because it's going to be suspicious with the fact i've been in here for four years now and they've been quiet about it to the press,"

taeyong nodded, smiling at how patient johnny can be.

the omega felt like he was going to lose his mind here in the first week, completely forgetting that johnny has been here for years and has stayed in a pretty calm stance since.

"now, hurry your cute little ass up," johnny said, sneaking a quick pat on taeyong's ass which made the omega bloom a soft pink on his cheeks, "break is gonna end and you can't afford to miss literature, can you?"

taeyong missed johnny's smirk and playfully smack his stomach, "shut it. it's the only class that isn't boring to me and plus, i have mark in that class,"

"oh yeah, i forgot that mark's in that class," the alpha realized, "hmm, i wonder who would be in my classes,"

"maybe attend one and you'll find out,"

taeyong smirked at his boyfriend as he looked up, faking that he was pondering a thought as he tapped his chin with his index finger before turning to look at him with an annoying smile that showed his cute creasant moon eyes, "no, i'm good,"

the omega let out a dry chuckle as the school bell begun to ring--break was ending and it was time for the final class of the day.

"see you later, angel," johnny leaned down and whispered into his omega's ear, brushing his lips against the lobe, trying to give a faux kiss before turning around and heading outside to the back doors of the courtyard.

taeyong looked at the alpha disappear with a small smile before walking down the hallway to his own class.


"are you busy this weekend?"

taeyong looked over his shoulder to see his dormmate, laying on his side, looking at taeyong's back, "yeah, i have some plans,"

"with me?"

taeyong chuckled at ten's mischievous smile and shook his head as he turned around and sat down on the bed, "no, ten, with someone else,"

ten rolled his eyes and let out a loud groan, throwing himself back dramatically onto his bed. taeyong couldn't help but smile at ten's behavior.

"isn't kun free? you don't want to be with your alpha?" taeyong said with a smirk, wiggling his eyebrow at ten who was just pouting, letting out a dramatic sigh, "no because apparently his parents are here again and kun thinks he might be leaving soon or some shit," 

taeyong stopped his actions and looked at his friend become sadden, "he's leaving? all of a sudden?"

"apprently he was suppose to leave last semester," ten frowned slightly at the memory, "but he convinced his parents that he wanted to stay one more semester for some religious studies and they allowed him to," the omega said as he sat up, letting his legs cross within each other as he grabbed behind to get his pillow and hug it.

"you aren't leaving? you've been decent have you not? you two are from good families so you can be arranged together, right?" taeyong tried to reason with the upset omega. he got up from his bed and strides toward ten's own, taking a seat at the edge as he placed his hand on his knee and gave it a comforting rub.

"i thought i was," ten sighed, looking up at the omega, "i've even tried extra hard to improve my grades to prove to my parents that i don't deserve to be in here anymore and so far, they haven't made any arrangements to come here nor have they tried to contact me," ten frowned and placed his chin on top of the pillow, "i'm probably gonna stay in here for another semester while my alpha will go back to china with his parents and do some big shot CEO shit and find another omega,"

"kun wouldn't replace you, ten,"

"you don't know that, taeyong. we haven't marked each other--he can do whatever he wants."

taeyong was slightly taken back at ten's unusual pessimistic attitude, something he would hardly see come from the usual bouncy and happy omega, "but you don't know if he'll replace you, ten," taeyong reassured his friend, "plus, kun seems to be serious with you and i don't think he would just drop his feelings for you like it's nothing because he's getting out of here."

ten just shrugged and let himself fall back onto his bed, rolling on his side and hugging his pillow further into him, "do you want me to stay?" taeyong asked as he looked down at the omega, letting his hand slid off of his knee when he laid back down.

"no, it's fine," ten said with a small sigh, "i just wanna sleep, maybe i'll call kun later," the omega said.

ten turned his head a little and gave taeyong a small smile, "thank you though," the omega snuggled into his pillow, "i needed to talk about that,"

"of course, tennie," the omega said as he got up and gave a kiss to his dormmate's temple, "i'll always be here for you,"

"yeah, i know," ten said with a half smile, waving his friend off, "now, go and probably get fucked or something. make me proud!"

taeyong chuckled softly and got off from ten's bed, walking over to his bed and grabbing the small duffle bag that was sitting at the floor of is bed. he made his way to the door and opened it, saying 'goodbye' to ten before walking through and closing the door behind him. the omega walked down the hall and made it to the elevator, pressing the button which made the elevator doors to open. taeyong walked inside and pressed the ground floor button and allowed the elevator to take him. the doors opens and he walked into the common room, walking towards the front doors and exiting the dormitory. 

"hey beautiful,"

the omega was caught off-guard to see his handsome alpha standing at the base of the stairs, waiting for him. taeyong's lips curled into a large grin as he walked down the steps and stood in front of the tall alpha.

"hi there handsome," taeyong giggled softly making johnny smile down at the cute omega.

johnny took taeyong's hand into his, quickly hiding their interlaced hands into his sweatshirt's pocket and guided the omega with him down the hallway. taeyong blushed a bright pink at the attemption of PDA from johnny. the two discreetly walked down the hall until they made their right turn to walk towards the alpha dormitory. 

although the two have been dating for a couple weeks--taeyong has never been inside the alpha dorms, expect when he would have to recuse kun from an extremely cranky and sleepy ten. he's never been inside a room and never been inside for more than ten minutes top. the raw musk in the dormitory made taeyong's head pound with an annoying migraine. the omega had to applaud ten for being able to stay in the place overnight. taeyong can already see himself on the verge of vomiting if he would to stay in those hallways even more than pass that ten minute mark.

"what are we gonna do in your dorm, suh?" taeyong asked as they walked through the doors and towards the elevator.

"hmm, just something fun," the alpha smirked down at his omega as the elevator dinged and open the empty space, allowing the two to walk inside and press johnny's floor number and made the elevator door to close.

"and how are we gonna do that without me getting devoured by other alphas?" taeyong asked with a curious quirk of his brow, making johnny playfully ignore him.

"guess you gotta wait to find out, huh?" johnny shot a quick wink at the omega before the elevator doors opened, making taeyong pout but nonetheless follow behind his alpha as he guided them out of the elevator and down the left hallway for them to go to his room.

"mark should be gone for the day," johnny mentioned, pulling out his dorm key and unlocking the door, "he's been pretty preoccupied with a certain someone and it seems like it's going pretty well," the alpha said with a soft chuckle, opening the door and stepping aside for taeyong to walk through.

the omega gave him a small smile, walking towards him a bit to get on his tip-toes and giving a quick peck on the cheek, "thank you,"

taeyong walked through the door and stayed close to the door as johnny walked through and closed the door, locking it behind him. the omega did a quick turn as he saw the alpha lean against the door, looking down at him with lingering eyes.

"may i humor you, suh?" taeyong spoke as he turned in his heel, walking into the room and noticing how johnny and mark's room looked the exact same as his and ten's. taeyong could tell which one was johnny's side with the overwhelming scent on one side of the room. the omega comfortably allowed his bag's strap to slide off his shoulder and stay on the bedside table of the bed.

taeyong looked to his right to see johnny still standing there, eyes continuing to stare down in taeyong's body. the stare alone made taeyong's body heat up--such a hot stare from a devastating stare of his alpha made taeyong's body react instantly.

"i always knew you're body was a work of fucking art in itself but jesus fuck," the alpha growled, stalking towards taeyong, eyes wild like a predator trying to stalk his prey, "this outfit you put on really fucking shows it,"

johnny looked at the thin white muscle tee that adorn taeyong's torso while a pair of almost dangerously short denim shorts covered his lower half. it didn't help that the omega's perky nipples were poking through the thin cotton, making them visible and you can almost see the pinkish tint that they hold. and then you gaze your eyes down and see the littlest of cheek peaking through the denim, missing the fabric to allow it to cup it properly.

taeyong's face felt hot and he knew he must be an embarrassing shade of red. he felt himself tense up when johnny's hand reached out and touched his shoulder, letting the tall alpha to slink around him and stand right behind him with his other hand meeting his other shoulder. his long fingers caressing and rubbing against the pale skin of his biceps, letting it meet with the thin material that just covered his shoulders.

"you don't understand how good you fucking look, baby," johnny leaned inand let his lips meet taeyong's neck, kissing along the smooth skin, nipping every now and then at the unblemished skin.

the feeling of johnny being so near him and the way his lips touched his skin and set a trail of flames was making taeyong's heart race. a loud thundering in his ribcage as johnny's hands dropped from his shoulders and took their natural place on his hips, the pads of his fingers indenting themselves into his pelvic and abdominal region to press against johnny's front.

"taste so good," johnny mumbled against his skin, taking a kitty lick against taeyong's skin, savoring the overwhelming scent of brown sugar and honey. the way taeyong smelt so warm and tasted like the sweetest cinnamon roll that was fresh out of the oven was making johnny lose his cool.

the way the alpha wanted to push the omega onto the bed and make him a sopping wet mess and beg for johnny to give him his knot was so tempting. to just see the cute omega on his knees, ass up with his face down in the pillow, having his bare pussy shown and wet with slick. god, johnny needed to calm down. the alpha didn't know how experienced taeyong was and he definitely didn't want to push it with the omega.

johnny slipped his fingers under the cotton tee, letting his fingers feel the tender skin of taeyong's hips and stomach. he moved his kisses up to the omega's jawline, giving soft kisses before he removed one of his hand from taeyong's hip and moved it up to the omega's face. he let taeyong's face tilt up, placing his head on his shoulder as johnny leaned down and pressed a firm kiss to the omega's lips. taeyong moaned softly into the kiss as he return the same amount of pressure, letting his arm move up and let his hand cradle the back of johnny's neck, playing with the smalls of his hair as they kissed.

johnny slowly pulled away to press a chaste kiss again before looking down taeyong's front. he let his hand fall back onto taeyong's hip as the hand that snuck under the tee, raised it higher so johnny can get a peak of the pale skin.

"johnny," taeyong said breathless. the feeling of the alpha's hands on his slender body felt like a dream and the way he was being so gentle made taeyong's head float for a bit.

"can i take your shirt off, baby?" johnny whispered into his ear, lips brushing against the shell of his ear.

taeyong did the driest gulp and nodded small at the alpha to do so.

johnny spent no time and grabbed the hem of the cotton tee and pulled it over the omega's head. taeyong helped by letting his arms up and allowing johnny to take his shirt off with ease as the alpha tossed it to the floor.

the alpha's breath hitched as he stared down taeyong's front, seeing taeyong's nipples perk up in the room's air with the revealing of the perfectly smooth skin. the way taeyong's pretty little body was almost like a porcelain doll--thin and needed to be handle with care--caused a rush of lust through the alpha's body.

and taeyong could smell it.

the strong concoction of warm spices filled the omega's nose, making taeyong pathetically whine at the overwhelming musk of johnny. the feeling of slick started hit his underwear and soak it ever so slowly.

the alpha gave a small kiss on taeyong's shoulder, "you really are so fucking beautiful, angel," johnny spoke against taeyong's skin, his large hands moving up taeyong's body, his fingertips taking every inch of taeyong's skin--touching his sides, his abdominal, his hips. johnny wanted to appreciate the feeling of the omega's skin underneath him and he wanted taeyong to know how beautiful he was.

johnny's hands traveled up and caught hold of the small mounds of the omega's chest, cupping the bottoms of the mounds and giving a small squeeze as an experiment. the alpha looked down at his omega and saw him bit his lip to hold in the moans, a soft whimper managed to escape the pink lips of the omega's when johnny did another squeeze.

"you feel good, angel?" johnny asked as he gentle messaged the mounds in his hands.

taeyong nodded in a quick matter, letting soft whimpers continue to fall from his mouth as he felt johnny's fingertips press against his nipple, toying with the pink nub, "i-it feels really g-good, johnny,"

"i'm glad to hear it, princess," the alpha said with a small smile, placing a tender kiss on taeyong's neck as his thumb and index fingers of both hands begun to pinch the cute pink nubs, giving them a tiny squeeze and tug. the action made the omega moan, a little lounder than taeyong anticipated but the way johnny was treating him made him lose control in the moment.

"shh, baby," johnny whispered, pressing another kiss to his ear, "don't wanna get caught, right?" the alpha reminded his sweet omega who just whimpered back at him, saying 'm'sorry' in a soft voice and it couldn't make johnny upset after his cute omega apologized.

"can you be a good puppy and do something for me, angel?" the alpha asked, letting his fingers release the omega's nipples, dropping his hands back to the tender hips of the omega.

"anything for you, alpha," taeyong said in a breathless voice, letting his head loll back onto johnny's shoulder to get a proper view of him.

johnny was smiling proud down at him, leaning in to give him a quick peck on the lips and rubbing his hips at the same time in moments of comfort.

" i want you to lay your pretty little self on my bed, keep your shorts on because i want to be the one to remove them from you," johnny added before taeyong moaned softly, nodding at johnny's instructions, "get yourself ready while i block the door,"

block the door?

"what do you mean 'blocking the door', alpha,?" taeyong asked as he felt johnny's hands fall from his hips as the alpha begun to walk towards the locked door.

"what i mean, baby, is," johnny grabbed a few shirts from is own dirty hamper and the first couple shirt from mark's own, "i'm gonna block your scent from everyone so they don't and try to fuck with us," the alpha said in a powerful voice that made taeyong tremble. it's not everyday you hear johnny's tone of voice change like that and it did numbers to the omega's body.

"are you gonna be a good puppy or are you defying me, princess?"

taeyong's body tensed up when he realized he didn't follow his alpha's instructions. the omega frowned slightly and kicked off his shoes, sitting down on the bed before laying down on the hard mattress and laid his head on the pillow, "sorry alpha, i didn't mean to do that,"

"i know, angel," johnny spoke with his back facing taeyong, placing mark's t-shirts on the bottom of the door, closing the gaps there with mark's scent while the top gap was covered with johnny's own shirts, "my baby would never do something bad, he's always such a good puppy. always makes his alpha so proud."

taeyong never knew he would have a praise kink but here he was feeling his slick come out of his pussy and pathetically soak his panties. the omega was sure that it was soaking through the denim and was going to reveal an embarrassing wet spot right inbetween in legs. the alpha was done with the blocking method and tossed the remaining dirty shirts back into his hamper, making him turn around to stop dead in his tracks to see his beautiful omega laying on his bed as told. taeyong's head slightly prompted up on the pillow as the omega bent his knees as the alpha stared at him, opening his legs wider to look at his alpha too.

johnny's eyes scanned taeyong's pretty legs until it focused in on the crotch of his shorts, you can see the little spot of wetness coming through the thick fabric. the alpha glanced up to taeyong's face to see the omega's face flush a bright pink, knowing that he was making his shorts wet.

"such a good boy," johnny smiled as he walked towards taeyong, sinking his knee into the bed to climb inbetween the omega's legs.

taeyong let out a squeak when he felt johnny's large hands grab onto his thighs and pulled him closer to him, his core touching johnny's sweatpants, probably the thinnest layer of clothing that blocked them from being naked.

"if i get too rough or do something that you don't like, say something, okay baby?" johnny said, letting one of his hands slide down his thigh and touch taeyong's bare hip. the alpha caressed his thumb over taeyong's bare pelvic bone as he leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to taeyong's stomach, "i want to make you feel the most absolute pleasure, so don't be shy to stop me,"

taeyong's cheeks bloomed a red and he nodded. johnny shook his head at taeyong's lack of voice, "speak for me, princess. i need to hear your words."

the omega moaned softly at the sound of how johnny's voice was so commanding. taeyong spoke in a quiet voice, "yes alpha, i'll tell you,"

"good boy,"

johnny grabbed onto the hem of his t-shirt and took it off his body, revealing a slightly buff body to taeyong. god, the way johnny's muscles flexed when he took off the top was godly. the alpha's shoulder were broad, his arms showing laxed muscles with his abdominal showing it's slightly toned abs with his chest matching the beefiness that the alpha held.

"like the sight?" johnny smirked as taeyong's eyes panicked and he blushed wildly.

the alpha chuckled at how bashful taeyong got, his fingers trailed down the omega's abdominal and found it's way to the jean shorts. johnny shot a glance at taeyong who was looking down at johnny's fingers before matching johnny's eye contact. he gave the alpha a nod and johnny wasted no time. he unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts, digging his fingers into the material, along with the cotton material of the omega's panties and pulled it down his milky thighs.

an inhumane growl came from johnny's throat when he saw taeyong's slick stretch and stick to the cotton panties as he pulled them down, seeing how the ropes of slick start to detach once johnny's rids them off of taeyong's legs and tossed them onto the floor.

there was taeyong's pretty pussy in front of him--all wet with slick as it coated the lower lips and started to drip down to the omega's pretty little ass.

"fuck, did i make you this wet, angel?" johnny asked with his eyes solely stuck on the wet cunt, his large hands rubbing taeyong's thighs, the pads of his thumbs caressing the inner thighs of the omega as he whimpered at the feeling.

"y-yes, alpha," taeyong said in a small voice, "the way you touch and look at me makes me really wet,"

johnny groan as grabbed onto taeyong's hips, lifting the omega up slightly to prompt him up for johnny to get a better angle of his pussy. taeyong blushed and yelped at how easy it was for the alpha to pick him up like a ragdoll and position him the way he wanted. johnny leaned his face close to his cunt, kissing along his inner thighs with little nips at the untouched skin. the way johnny's eyes held taeyong's made the omega shiver underneath the hot stare. 

it was soon to be interrupted when johnny lips met taeyong's cunt with a kiss, the plump lips meeting directly on top of taeyong's clit with cause an feeling of ecstasy to the omega. it made taeyong's body stutter as his head threw back onto the pillow in pleasure--johnny's lips attached to his sopping cunt and left hungry kissing in the lips before licking a fat stride up, lapping up all of taeyong's slick in one, fat lick.

"you taste so sweet, baby," johnny groaned against taeyong's pussy, the feeling of the vibration of the alpha's groan may taeyong's knees tremble.

"i could get addicted to your taste," the alpha muffled as he dug right back into taeyong's cunt right after he finished his sentence, sucking and licking the sweet slick that kept squirting down taeyong's pretty pussy. johnny just couldn't stop taking lap after lap with his tongue into taeyong's pussy. even the way that taeyong's thighs begun to shake at how johnny good was eating him--would take a big stroke of johnny's ego.

"a-alpha," taeyong's voice trembled, letting a moan break through his lips as he felt johnny teeth softly graze against his clit, overstimulating the nub of nerves, causing taeyong's body to spasm at the sudden action.

"fuck," johnny chuckled softly at taeyong's movement, smirking proud at the way his sweet omega was feeling, "what's wrong, baby? what is it?"

the alpha raised his hand up to touch taeyong's hand, letting his fingers intertwine with his lover's as taeyong laid there for a second, letting himself catch some breath before he spoke to johnny, "i-i'm gonna cum, but, i," taeyong felt his face get warm at the thought of what he was going to ask the alpha.

"tell me, baby," johnny said as he turned his head to the right, letting his lips kiss along taeyong's left inner thigh as he let his omega speak his mind.

"i-i want you in me, alpha," taeyong managed to stutter out of his mouth with soft mewls as he felt johnny's teeth sunk into his skin, taking a tiny bite into his flesh to pull away from it to see the area to bloom a pretty lilac purple.

the alpha turned his head to look at taeyong with a soft smile, "my baby wants me to fuck his pussy?"

the omega whined as he felt his slick gush down his cunt, dripping down his butt and knowing he was soaking his slick into johnny's sheets.

johnny witnesses the scene himself made his cock twitch in his sweatpants. the alpha has never seen something like that happen and now he really couldn't hold back anymore.

the alpha stood up from the bed and shuck his sweatpants down his pants, kicking it to the side as he climbed back onto his bed. he was moving so fast that taeyong could barely catch the sight of the alpha's cock springing out of the cotton pants and standing practically straight against the alpha's abdominal. it stood proud with an angry red tip and a bead of pre-cum.

the omega licked his lips as he see johnny go back to his previous place in between his thighs, the latter's eyes not leaving the alpha's cock. johnny trailed his eyes down to see that taeyong was staring at his cock, making him let out a satisfied chuckle, "what do you think?"

taeyong looked up at johnny and gave him blank blinks before looking back down at the alpha's cock, "i-it's so big," taeyong said matter-the-factedly. it made the alpha raise a small smile at the corner of his lips and gave a nod at taeyong's statement, "mhm, it's big, you should wait until when my knot forms and how it will feel in your pussy, baby,"

the thought of johnny's cock in his pussy and then getting stuck when his knot forms and gives taeyong the most blissful experience was making the omega dizzy with lust.

"i won't lie, princess," johnny spoke, cutting off taeyong's thoughts and made the omega look up at the alpha, "my patience is running thin and all i want to do is fuck you so hard into the mattress,"

taeyong's heart skipped a beat when he heard johnny declaration. the omega wanted nothing more than to johnny to take control and fuck him so good that he can't even form thoughts anymore.

"you okay with that? can i turn you on your stomach and i fuck you really good from behind, puppy?"

the omega bit his lip, nodding at the idea of being taken from behind by johnny, "speak for me, omega, or else i won't do it,"

"p-please fuck me from behind, alpha," taeyong spoke, almost on command did he sat up from his position and turn around so his backside was showing to johnny, he laid back down on the pillow as his ass was in the air, letting johnny see both of his pretty fluttering holes as his knees bent.

johnny groaned at the sight, seeing taeyong's pretty asshole be cover in his over excess of his slick was too much for his heart. the way the two were begging for johnny to enter his cock was devastating.

"i was thinking more of," johnny's hands reached out to grad the globes of porcelain flesh, kneading the pale skin as he pushed down taeyong's body almost flat against the bed, letting the omega be in a more comfortable position, "i do want to fuck you good and hard but in a position where you can be comfortable."

taeyong felt his heart warm up at the amount of thought that johnny puts in for him. the only time taeyong has ever been with a man was that one time he caught his heat and that shitty pedo alpha took advantage of his vulnerable state. to be cared for and pamper to the heavens was something so new to him. to be cradles by the alpha and to be loved to the fullest extent was something that taeyong hopes will continue.

the thoughts running through the alpha's head stopp when he felt a trail of kisses run down his back, a familiar hand gripping his hip as something poked his hole, sliding against his fold and teasing his clit.

taeyong moaned softly at the feeling as he felt johnny's cock position itself against his hole again, "ready, princess?"

"y-yes, alpha,"

johnny took the affirmation and slid his cock into taeyong's pretty pussy, letting his large cock sink into the warm heat of his wet cunt, moaning at the feeling of taeyong's walls slowly opening up for him to move his cock in more and more until he bottomed out into the omega's pussy. taeyong made an initial loud whine at the feeling of johnny's cockhead opening up his pussy so good--a slight sting coming through his pussy that jolted his insides as he felt nothing so big enter him like this. the omega tried his hardest to make himself relax at the feeling of being slowly stuffed by johnny's cock. the feeling of the veiny member in him, grazing his walls made taeyong stuff his face into the alpha's pillow and let out a satisfied moan when johnny reaches his hilt.

"f-fuck, baby," johnny moaned as he felt taeyong's walls convulse around his cock, "you feel so fucking good around my cock, such a good puppy, opened up for alpha so fucking good," johnny praised the omega as he mewled at the sweet compliments.

they stayed in that position for a few seconds--johnny didn't want to get overzealous and start to immediately pound his cock into the latter. he knew he didn't have the most average penis and he knew that taeyong was going to take a minute to get used to his size since they were squite a drastic difference in their own builts.

johnny begun to gently message the omega's globes, trying to let him relax against his touch as he leaned down and gave soft kisses along taeyong's shoulder blades, sniffing taeyong's neck, inhaling his strong scent as he whispered to the omega, giving taeyong soft praises through his ears:

"take your time, baby, you feel so good,"

"alpha loves how you feel around him, omega,"

"you make alpha feel so good, baby,"

those words made taeyong pussy throb, embarrassing amounts of slick were slowly gush out of his pussy and soak johnny's cock and his inner thighs as they dripped down and made a sloppy mess all over him. the reassurance of johnny loving how he felt and what he was going to his alpha made taeyong almost want to move his hips against him. 

"gonna move, baby," johnny spoke, breaking taeyong out of his hazy thoughts again. the alpha slowly pulled his cock out of taeyong's cunt, seeing taeyong slick cover his cock completely as it made the wettest noise as he pulled away, feeling the convulsing of taeyong's walls as the omega whimpered at the feeling of emptiness in his cunt. the alpha pulled out still it was only his cockhead that was stuck into the omega's pussy before slamming his cock back into him.

the sudden action made taeyong make a noise between a loud moan and a soft scream into the pillow as his eyes unironically rolled to the back of his head as he felt getting full again. the sound coming of johnny concerned him for a second, about to stop and decide to continue this another time until he saw taeyong's legs visibly shake beneath him, a gush of slick soaking out of him and going right onto his soiled bedsheets. the alpha immediately connected with what just happened, taking a sudden rush of taeyong's scent into his nose that it almost knocked him off his position.

taeyong fucking came from one thrust...

johnny couldn't take it anymore.

the alpha pulled back against and slammed himself back into taeyong's pussy, hearing the omega do another loud moan that was muffled by his pillow. johnny kept taking his cock out of him and slamming it back into taeyong in a moderate pace, trying to build a rhythm for taeyong to get used to as the omega started to dial back the loudness of his moans and mewls. the omega even started to move the pillow away to let himself be vocal, making johnny hear how good he was fucking him and to fully get a whiff of johnny's strong musky scent. the overwhelming scent of cinnamon and clove begun to fight against the omega's in a battle of what it would smell like in an bakery, the heavenly scents mixing together in the most intoxicating cocktail that taeyong was losing his mind into.

"god, my pretty o-omega," johnny spoke as he kept his thrusts, his hands making their way around taeyong's pretty hips again to maintain a good speed with his snaps, "you're sucking me in so f-fucking good, it's like your pussy was made just f-for m-me,"

the omega moaned at the thought of himself being born just for the alpha to knot him over and over again like a personal cum dumpster. and taeyong can't tell if it's because of the his nostrils were being assaulted by the alpha's musk or because he was so lost in pleasure and lust that he didn't mind that thought at all.

"m-more, a-alpha," taeyong spoke in stutters as he moaned at the feeling of johnny's cock hitting his spot just right, "f-faster, h-harder, i-i'm gonna c-cum soon," the omega asked and who was the alpha to deny his cute lover.

johnny begun to speed up his pace, going harder into taeyong with a strong grind at the end of almost every thrust--it perfectly hit taeyong's g-spot which made the latter have a moan constantly caught in his throat to come out in a pleasurable squeak. the alpha groaned at the feeling of his knot starting to form into taeyong's pussy, making sure his next thrusts were more snug into the omega's wet cunt as he grinded roughly into him, letting his knot take more and more in it's form.

taeyong gasped at the feeling of johnny starting to grind into him, each time making taeyong body twitch with pleasure.

the alpha growled lowly at the feeling of his knot getting caught at the base of taeyong's hole, letting himself go back to his original pace, slowly picking up the speed and roughness into his thrusts. the snap of his hips begun to roughly hit against taeyong's ass, making slapping noses at the soft globes begun to smack against his pelvic bone.

"o-oh, a-alpha," taeyong moaned as he reached his hand out behind him, blindly, hoping he can catch onto johnny but his fingers were just a few inches short.

johnny immediately saw taeyong's grabby hand and reached one of his hands to meet it, letting itself engulf the smaller hand of the latter and let it rest on the bed as johnny prompted himself at a higher angle, fucking himself harder into taeyong's pussy.

at the shift of the angle, taeyong begun to cry out with pleasure as johnny's cock scraped against his g-spot, hitting it each time which made the coil in taeyong's stomach start to bubble and expand. the rush of heat instantly flooding all over his body as his heartrate started to pick up more and more with each thrust that johnny nailed into him.

"a-alpha, i-i'm c-cumming," taeyong pathetically whined, feeling the smallest of tears form at the corners of his eyes, threatening to fall down his cheeks in pleasure as johnny groaned.

"d-do it, baby. fucking c-cum for me," the alpha moaned as he felt his own knot about to burst as well, his own thrust begun to become sloppy as he felt so on edge. all of his senses tingling as he felt taeyong's walls begin to tightening around him, basically trying to suck the his knot dry and make him cum and fuck, it was working.

"sh-shit," johnny growled, moaning loud, "c-cumming, baby,"

and that was it for taeyong.

the coil in hi stomach popped and suddenly the omega started to jolt as he slipped his hand away from johnny's as both of his hands fisted the sheets, gasping and moaning with the most absolute pleasure as his cunt gushed out copious amounts of slick, soaking johnny's cock with his juices as the action alone was enough for johnny to release his own seed.

the sight of taeyong cumming all over his cock and the feeling of his walls going crazy around his member was too much for johnny's knot and it created a belly growl to emerge from the alpha's throat as he did one last strong thrust into the omega's cunt and popped went his seed as his knot was released into taeyong's tight cunt, painting him with shot after shot of his cum.

taeyong moaned at the feeling of johnny feeling him up to the brim, leaving the omega shaking on the bed, making his legs give out as he extended them out instead of their flat kneeling position.

the alpha groaned softly at his cock letting out it's last amount of cum as it begun to calm down, leaving the alpha hissing at the feeling.

the two just stayed there for a few minutes, waiting for johnny's knot to slowly deflate enough for the alpha to take it out of his sweet omega without hurting him.

johnny leaned down and gave a press to taeyong's temple, whispering to his omega, "you did such a good job with taking my knot, princess. you made me feel so fucking good, i hope i made you feel the same way," the alpha snuggled his face into taeyong's neck, taking strong whiffs of his scent before giving the omega a fat lick to have a few moments for the alpha to take in more and more of taeyong's scent.

"th-thank you alpha," taeyong spoke in a raspy voice--it was almost too obvious that the omega lost his voice from his multiple screams of pleasure and loud moans of lust, "f-felt s'good," taeyong slurred as his eyes begun to droop, a wave of exhaustion hitting him all at once.

johnny smiled sweetly at his omega as he slowly took his cock out of his pussy--the knot being small enough to do so without hurting him. johnny took a few inches away from him before placing his feet down on the floor and taking himself off the bed to go to his dresser and pulling out a clean towel at the bottom shelf. as the alpha returned to the bed, he can hear the softest snores  come from the omega.

johnny couldn't help but hold an endearing expression to the omega as he grabbed the water bottle from his bedside table and slowly pour over some liquid onto the towel and let it soak a little before wiping down the omega's thighs and pussy, cleaning up his slick and johnny's own cum that slowly dripped out of him.

the alpha had to smirk with pride at the fact that he bred his cute omega and made him feel so good that he came twice from his dick alone. he threw the towel into the hamper, getting two pairs of boxers from his dresser. he slipped on him first before he walked over to taeyong and first picked up the omega and transferred him to mark's bed momentarily as he stripped his bed off with the soiled sheets and replaced them with new ones that he pulled again from the dresser. he walked back to taeyong and dressed the cute omega in the boxers to act like fake shorts for now.

johnny hooked the back of taeyong's legs and another around wrapped around his back as he transferred back to his bed, letting him to lay on his pillow as he laid down next to the omega. he pulled taeyong's backside to his front and wrapped his arm around the omega's stomach, breathing in his much calmer scent.

"goodnight, princess," johnny whispered as he kissed taeyong's head before he started to drift off into his own exhausted nap.