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Are You Still Jealous??

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“Are you still jealous??” Daisuke whispered right next to Haru’s ear while moving his hips forward, meeting the reddened butt that he was keeping in place. He pulled back and started to gain some speed again as the older detective keeps on moaning in pleasure.

“D-daisu … ke~ AH!! NOOO!!” Haru found himself cumming—for who knows how many times now—on the sheet with his cock dangling in the air. His knees and legs started to give up while he was still feeling the spasms from him cumming for so many times. He took a peek on the younger detective behind him and saw the other still full of vigor and still in the mood to fuck.

“Haru~ Don’t pass out yet. I’m still hard.” Daisuke smirked as he flipped the guy below him and was now facing him. He felt his usually gelled hair that was combed back from the very start, stick to his face, making him use his left hand, trying to comb it back again when he suddenly felt Haru tightened with him still on him.

“You’re getting tighter as we go on. I like that~” Daisuke smirked and started moving again making Haru regret why did he even agree rooming up with Daisuke now that they’re in Hongkong and the after party for the three-day Symposium is still happening in the Event Area of the Hotel they are in.

Haru felt himself passing out in the middle and when he woke up, it’s already seven in the morning. The curtains in the VVIP Suite they are in were slightly opened so the sunlight slipped in their bedroom giving some natural lights inside. He blinked a few times trying to wake himself up properly when he noticed the arm that he used as a pillow. Haru freaked out on the inside.

“D-daisuke …” Haru muttered when he felt another thing that really freaked him out now.


Haru felt himself heating up, blushing. Ever since their second time having sex, Daisuke got the habit of not pulling his dick out whenever they’re done like he’s really trying to impregnate him like what he said in the bathroom a few weeks ago. He slowly tried to wiggle his way out just to separate his hole from Daisuke’s big cock that actually plugged up all the semen inside of him that once it is pulled out, all of the sperm will definitely spill out.

He was halfway out trying to separate himself when he was suddenly pulled back to bed. Haru was back to Daisuke’s arms as the said gave him a kiss on the nape.

“You’re awake, Haru. Good morning~” Daisuke greeted with his eyes, half opened. “And don’t pull my dick out. You’ll definitely make a mess if you take it out now.” He warned.

‘Just how many times did he cum inside me?!?!?!’ Haru thought, freaking out on the inside while trying to keep his cool on the outside.

“But I wanna go and clean up now.” Haru muttered under his breathe.

“Okay okay. Let’s go.” Daisuke blinked a few times to wake himself up as he pulled Haru for them to both sit down.

“W-wait!! I can go alone.” Haru panicked and tried to get away from the other but Daisuke didn’t let him, holding on to his arm tightly.

“I just told you, you’re going to make a mess at the bed sheet.” Daisuke warned for the second time but Haru didn’t listen to him and tried to pull himself away from him.

Haru successfully pulled away as he tried to stand up when he felt his legs all numb and at that moment, he immediately fell on the floor head first with his butt hanging high up. It was then at that time when he felt something dripping from his hole down to his inner legs, sliding down to the white furry carpet as he felt himself getting embarrassed.

Haru’s hole was twitching the whole time as the cock that was plugged on his now gaping hole was gone and that was when he felt another wave of Daisuke’s semen spilling out of him. He turned to look at Daisuke on the king size bed and saw him smirking, watching him on all fours with the semen leaking out of him. Both his cock and hole twitched at the same time when he saw the other smirk.

“D-daisuke … Help m— Ahhh!!!” Haru pleaded and moaned simultaneously when he felt his hole twitch again, still dripping with the white liquid.

“You didn’t listen to me Haru. Well, tell me what you want me to do, Haru.” Daisuke sat up properly on the side of the bed with his eyes fixed on the twitching hole below him.

“Help me— Hnnghhh~ Clean up.” Haru felt his body couldn’t move as his whole senses were focused on his twitching gaping hole along with Daisuke’s stares burning his ass.

“So? Where do you want me to clean up??” Daisuke gave out his infamous smirk and teased Haru even more. What gave him a shock is when Haru immediately complied without coaxing him a few more times before actually doing it.

Haru slowly spread his legs a bit more then proceeded to spread his butt cheeks to reveal his wide gaping hole that has been twitching the whole time. He slightly turned to look at Daisuke behind him and said, “Here, Daisuke …” His voice was low and pleading.

Daisuke’s switch instantly flipped, licking his upper lip as he kneeled down on the carpet right behind Haru, rubbing the tip of his cock on the twitching hole that has been inviting him right from the moment Haru fell on the floor.

“D-daisuke!!” Haru moaned out when he felt the cock that was inside him all through the night was back, filling in the empty spot behind him. “I thought you’re … going … hmmm … to help me … clean up.” He asked stuttering as the cock started to slide in and out of him once again.

“I’ll help you clean up later on but for now I’ll pour my seeds inside this hungry hole that has been twitching since earlier.” Daisuke whispered as he felt the other tightened up. He leaned down and captured Haru’s lips, his right hand going to the Haru’s right nipple and started playing with it, pinching it lightly.

“I’m going to …” Haru panted, his body spasms as he felt himself slowly reaching his climax.

Daisuke picked up his pace when he noticed that Haru’s reaching his limit. A few more thrust and both came at the same time with Haru spilling his cum on the white furry carpet while Daisuke finished up inside him again. Haru felt another wave of pleasure, his body continued to spasm the moment Daisuke cummed inside of him and he spurt another load of semen on the carpet.

“Did you just cum twice in a row, Haru??” Daisuke whispered right next to his ear, biting Haru’s ear when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Daisuke-sama~” They both heard when Daisuke noticed how Haru turned his head away from him.

‘One of the girls from the after Symposium Party last night.’ Daisuke thought and sighed.

After the three day Symposium, they all had an after party at the Venue Area of the Hotel they were staying at and Daisuke, being all rich, handsome and scion of the Kambe Group, made almost everyone gather around him. It was exhausting to entertain everyone around him so once he got the chance to get away from them to find Haru, two girls came and cling on to his arms, boobs pressing on to him but his eyes were fixed on Haru who was busy munching down his dinner.

“Haru!!” Daisuke called out and Haru turned to look at him with a smile on his face but it quickly disappeared right when he saw the girls clinging on to Daisuke. Haru went back to his food and silently continued to eat.

“What the hell!” Daisuke muttered when he realized that the girls are still clinging on him. He sighed. ‘Oh! I see~’ He thought and tried to stop himself from smiling in front of the girls.

Back to the present, Daisuke smirked as an evil plan came to his head. He slowly pulled his cock out of Haru and turned the guy to face him. Haru didn’t get the chance to react on to what happened when Daisuke leaned in and pulled him up, carrying him out of the blue. Semen started spilling out again that made Haru shudder but Daisuke didn’t care if they made a mess on the floor.

‘He’s smaller than me!! How strong is he? Carrying me like it’s nothing.’ Haru thought.

Daisuke started walking away from the bed and Haru thought that they’re finally going to the bathroom to clean up when his expectation failed him. Daisuke went straight to the door and the girl’s voice coming from the other side was getting louder. Haru felt himself shaking.

“Hey, Daisuke. Why are we going to the front door??” Haru panicked but was hushed by the other.

“Trust me, Haru.” Daisuke whispered and kissed his cheek.

Just when Daisuke said this, he slammed Haru on the door, surprising the girl on the other side.

“Daisuke-sama??” The girl asked, kinda curious and worried at the same time.

Haru was pinned on the door as Daisuke slid right inside him again, making him moan out loud, forgetting about the girl on the other side.

“Daisuke~~ No!! Don’t put it in so suddenly!! AHH!!” Haru moaned out loud. “No!! This position!! Y-you’re deeper … Hhnnnnnghh~~” He continued to moan when the girl felt herself stepping back.

“Daisuke-sama you pervert!!” The girl shouted and ran away that made Daisuke who keeps on pounding Haru’s hole smirk in satisfaction. Haru heard this and realized what happened.

“Daisuke!!! You!!!” Haru panicked but Daisuke continued thrusting his hard cock inside of him.

“Are you still jealous, Haru??” Daisuke asked, his voice was low and seductive to Haru’s ear. Haru felt his whole face turning red as he wrapped his arms around Daisuke’s neck, leaning in.

“No, I’m not.” Haru replied.

“Good. Coz I need you to meet someone once we go back to Japan.” Daisuke smiled, peppering Haru’s neck with light kisses.

“And who’s that gonna be??” Haru asked trying not to moan while Daisuke was moving inside of him slowly.

“My grandma.” Daisuke smirked, biting down on Haru’s neck, leaving a slightly bigger kiss mark on him compare to the kiss marks he made on Haru’s body.