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What This Venerable One Yearned For

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If Taxian-Jun had to name something he hated about Chu Wanning, he would say that the man’s eyes filled him with rage.


Chu Wanning’s phoenix eyes were always drawn into a cold, unfeeling glare. The man’s gaze had never revealed even the tiniest bit of warmth; it was always calculative and indifferent. Taxian-Jun had never seen anything close to happiness nor kindness in that prideful gaze.


(Even when Shi Mei died, Chu Wanning did not even spare him a single glance. His eyes were dispassionate, impassive, void of any emotion close to regret or sadness thus proving that his heart could only be made of stone. Even when Mo Ran knelt down and begged Chu Wanning to save Shi Mei, the disciple got nothing more than a chilly glance before his Shizun turned around and returned home on his own.


That was the first time Mo Ran realized just how cruel those phoenix eyes could be, even without emotion.)


The Mo Ran of the past had noticed how Chu Wanning’s eyes had been void of warmth and feeling.


When Shi Mei had died, Mo Ran cried and cried for his shixiong; lost without the only person that ever treated him kindly on Sisheng Peak. And then Chu Wanning, the bastard he is, dared to think he could comfort Mo Ran by impersonating what Shi Mei would do, making a bowl of wontons for him.


All Chu Wanning really did was rub salt into the wound and act like there was nothing wrong with what he did, as if this act of kindness towards Mo Ran could bring Shi Mei back.


Mo Ran had lashed out at Chu Wanning for doing such a thing, bringing up bitter memories of Shi Mei just by this useless deed of his. The disciple knocked the bowl of wontons out of Chu Wanning’s hands, breaking the porcelain bowl and knocking the food onto the floor and rendering them as filth.


Mo Ran could only scream in anger at that time, crying out at Chu Wanning and blaming him for not saving Shi Mei when he clearly could. Chu Wanning had only beared the shouts and anger of his disciple with steady eyes and steady hands that picked up all the shards and wontons, tossing them away and never speaking of them again.


(If Mo Ran bothered to even look at the wontons Chu Wanning made for him, then he’d find how similar they were compared to the wontons that Shi Mei ‘made’.


If Mo Ran bothered to look into Chu Wanning’s eyes, even once, he’d find unshed tears in those usually astute and unwavering phoenix eyes, brimming with anger and remorse.)


He never thought that Chu Wanning’s eyes could be any worse. But it did.


When Mo Ran died and became Taxian-Jun in his anger to teach the world a lesson, Chu Wanning’s gaze had only been more ruthless.


The piercing and prideful phoenix eyes suddenly became unfamiliar. They were washed through with hundreds of emotions when his Shizun’s awkward tongue and clumsy speech could not pull through. When Chu Wanning spoke to Taxian-Jun, implored him to return to sanity, the emperor could not pretend to be blind to the frustration and fear swimming in the depths of his Shizun’s gaze.


But he did ignore it. He desperately tried to ignore it, but he could not hide from that beseeching gaze any longer.


(What was Chu Wanning beseeching? What did he want from Mo Ran? To turn back? To stop his ‘madness’?


Wasn’t it too late for that?)


There were nights where Taxian-Jun searched for a way to release his anger and bitterness by bedding Chu Wanning, feeling dark satisfaction curling around his heart and lungs when he saw the humiliation and arousal in the murderous gaze.


Taxian-Jun would first storm his way into the place where Chu Wanning stayed, demanding to see his Chu-fei. Chu Wanning would glare with his judgmental gaze from the other side of the room, possibly from where he was sitting by the window and silently watching the barely living scenery around him. 


The emperor would advance upon his former teacher, which led to some small spat between the two of them, most of the time just Chu Wanning telling him to ‘get out, get lost’. Chu Wanning’s eyes would hold a blazing fire within, fired up in humiliation and anger at his former disciple daring to claim him over and over again, ‘with a beastly temper akin to a scorching inferno’.


After that, Taxian-Jun would just walk right up to Chu Wanning and set his hands on the man, nimble fingers trailing over ghostly pale skin. No matter how much Chu Wanning struggled to twist out of the emperor’s spiteful grip, this Venerable One knew that in the end, his Chu-fei would be faced with no other choice but to submit to this shameful treatment with detest that not even his gaze could portray.


He would grab Chu Wanning’s chin to force the man’s gaze onto him when it had turned away, relishing in the whimper that left small lips and savoring the look of helpless rage mixed in with hostility. The phoenix eyes would be widened then narrowed seconds later, frosty yet capable of igniting the emperor’s insatiable libido.


Taxian-Jun would force a kiss onto pale thin lips that intoxicated him even more than the scarlet shade belonging to the Empress’s. Chu Wanning would fight with a fiery gaze that matched the emperor’s hatred for him, nails piercing into his skin as he fought against the stronger grip that always pinned him down.


That grip always pinned him down in the end.


Chu Wanning would be pressed up against the nearest surface there was, whether it be the table or the bed, mostly the wall. Those phoenix eyes would not close; they stared at Taxian-Jun as if fearing that the moment they slid shut, he would be taken immediately without a warning. Taxian-Jun would press his fingers deeper into Chu Wanning’s chin, letting his nails pierce into the soft skin and taking his fill once the weaker man’s jaw fell open.


When Taxian-Jun pulled away, there would always be a murderous glare directed at him, reminding him that this man hated him beyond all else and he would never be seen as worthy in his Shizun’s eyes.


Well, it wasn’t like Chu Wanning could do anything with his gaze anyways.


(But it killed Taxian-Jun inside. He could never escape from those eyes of disappointment and judgment, always reminding him that he could never be enough for Chu Wanning to look at him and care.)


Taxian-Jun would purr and whisper of his plans that he had for that night, watch Chu Wanning glare with an iridescent golden gleam in his eyes, the fire in his eyes being a reflection of the candles next to the bed that the emperor would throw his concubine on.


The emperor would kiss Chu Wanning over and over again as if possessed, his own obsidian-purple eyes pouring out all the disdainful emotion he could toss onto his former Shizun. He would laugh with the same guile gaze and tear away his concubine’s clothing, watch as the delicate man tried to struggle out of his iron strong grip.


But they both knew, without his cultivation now, Chu Wanning was only a little kitten batting at Taxian-Jun with his soft paws. Even so, they also knew that the Yuheng Elder would rather fight with the spirit of a tiger, snarling and clenching his jaw to hold back moans.


Taxian-Jun would then throw Chu Wanning onto the bed, press the man deep into the sheets and let him fight to his heart's content till he was too exhausted to fight anymore, only able to lie there as Taxian-Jun bit and created marks to make certain that everybody knew of Chu Wanning as his possession, someone that only belonged to him.


Chu Wanning would fight Taxian-Jun relentlessly, letting the fire in his eyes burn as long as he kept fighting against the rough treatment. This was what made Chu Wanning so amusing and interesting to the emperor; the man would never stop fighting. His eyes had never lost its light after all the years of being imprisoned by Taxian-Jun.


The emperor always had this thought whenever fucking Chu Wanning, feeling a bit of gratitude yet anger for the man not breaking for the many years that passed by.


He would let one hand roam his concubine’s skin, feeling each dip and curve of the thin, often sickly body. Chu Wanning would growl and snarl, trembling fists shaking against whatever held him down, whether it be one of Taxian-Jun’s hands or a strong ribbon that was more than enough to keep him in place.


If he felt annoyed enough by the events of the day, Taxian-Jun would sometimes straight up skip the foreplay and shove his cock into his concubine’s inviting body. But most of the time, he would love to play with Chu Wanning’s body until the man’s cock was dripping with precum, unable to hide the evidence of his arousal and only holding shame in his eyes.


Taxian-Jun would bite a nipple, play it between his teeth and tongue until it was soft and sensitive to the lightest of touch, looking back up at furious phoenix eyes that could kill him over ten thousand times, if looks could kill. But Chu Wanning couldn’t fight back the signs of arousal, trembling long lashes stained with a few tears of sensitivity.


The emperor would then move onto his next conquest, preparing Chu Wanning’s hole for his cock. Taxian-Jun would sometimes be generous enough to prep his concubine with plenty of lube for his large size, finding his prostate quickly and jabbing it relentlessly, listening to Chu Wanning struggle to hold back moans with eyes that struggled to stay open in the onslaught of pleasure.


(During these very moments, Taxian-Jun was secretly glad to escape fault-finding eyes that haunted him.)


The moment Taxian-Jun would remove his robes, Chu Wanning would futilely try to crawl away from him, kicking out at the man in fear and anger. The tears from before would be gone as he spat at Taxian-Jun to get out, to which the emperor would only laugh at and pull his concubine’s waist to him, shoving his already hardened cock into the man and watch his eyes be blown open from pain and shock.


Taxian-Jun would start thrusting without mercy, aiming for his own climax without any thought for his concubine that cried out in pain at each unforgiving shove of the hips. Chu Wanning would sob through the agonizing ordeal, mouth open around cries and begs of “Mo Ran, go slower please...!”


It always made Taxian-Jun go faster, grip on Chu Wanning’s hips as bruising and painful as the disapproving look in the man’s eyes. The emperor would sneak a smack onto Chu Wanning’s ass, waiting for the sudden clench around him that would reveal just how much Chu Wanning loved being a slut.


The emperor was quite fond of dirty talk, often saying things like, “Wanning, you look devastatingly debauched at the moment. What would the world say, if they found out that now, you’re only able to spread your legs for this former disciple of yours, only able to get fucked like the useless slut you are and make this Venerable One fill you up over and over again till you’re dripping wet with my cum. You’d love that, won’t you?”


Chu Wanning would let out a hoarse sob, curling up within himself as if to protect himself from what was happening, unable to do anything but arch upwards as he came with a raspy cry. Taxian-Jun would laugh mockingly, kissing away tears from oversensitivity as he sought out his own release, fucking into Chu Wanning and ignoring the way the man underneath him whimpered and softly cried for him to stop.


Taxian-Jun would make Chu Wanning hurt.


Whenever they were finished, Chu Wanning would try to struggle out of his grip, tears flowing out of phoenix eyes that proved how easy it was for this man’s resolve to crumble. Taxian-Jun would laugh as he blew out the candles, pulling the smaller man in for the night.


But this weakness would only last for a night.


They both knew that when they woke up next morning, Chu Wanning would push away Taxian-Jun and fight the man off whenever the emperor tried to advance on him, leading to a repeat of what happened tonight, thus pulling the same act over and over again.


They both knew that the next day, Chu Wanning’s eyes would be devoid of tears of weakness, phoenix eyes shining bright with ice and pride again.


They both knew that Taxian-Jun would only wipe out that look again.