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like a moth to a flame

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The library is practically empty and Taehyung has tucked himself in the furthest corner possible so he can focus on his paper. There’s a security guard that circles through every so often, and he always gives Taehyung a dimpled smile that makes his heart swoop and his work feel a little too distant. But the man is quick to disappear again to finish his rounds and Taehyung is left alone on the second floor. He knows there’s people below him, the cafe is open late so people usually sit close to there, along with the librarian who watches dramas on mute from behind the main desk. But the second floor is always dead and quiet, just how Taehyung likes it.


The extended library hours are heaven on Earth for Taehyung. His neighbors are too rowdy, and sometimes music can be distracting. He likes the ambience of the quiet shelves, and the aesthetic of maroon carpeting the library gives. He likes the click of each key on his laptop as he adds yet another word to his paper. The turn of his pages, and scribbles of his notes all come together to give him the focus he needs to finish this paper. He’s early on it, but he’s always early on everything. Taehyung always liked being prepared and that will never change. But he is tired, his eyes are heavy, he knows he’s pouting at his laptop screen, and his body is growing limp in that way that just makes his muscles want to collapse.


Still, Taehyung types. His computer is telling him it’s past midnight but Taehyung feels like he has another half hour of decent work before his fingers get slower than his brain and he struggles to keep up and make sense. He can already feel sleep creeping up his neck, begging to whisk him away but Taehyung wants to make the most of his time here.


That tranquilly of his little quiet bubble is interrupted when the door opens a little too early to be the security guard making rounds. Taehyung’s gaze flickers up for just a second but then his fingers pause on his keyboard and he lifts his eyes to stare. 


It’s Park Jimin, much to Taehyung’s dismay. Park Jimin with his black hair pushed back from his forehead, leather on his shoulders and a baggy orange shirt that shouldn’t have looked so good. Seriously, who looked good in orange? Jimin looks at him, and Taehyung cuts his eyes away. The last thing he wants is Jimin’s attention, but considering they’re the only two on this floor, it doesn’t really surprise Taehyung when a chair across from him pulls out and spins. Jimin takes a seat and folds his arms on the back of the chair with a smirk.


“Taetae.” He says, leaning forward some so the chair creaks, “Look at you, good boy doing all his work. Isn’t it past your bedtime, babe?”


Taehyung ignores the twitch in his brow and tries to type through Jimin’s smirk, but it’s distracting. He stares at his blinking cursor, instead. Trying not to humor Jimin’s antics. This isn’t the first time they’ve spoken, sadly. Jimin’s sudden interest in him started at a party in the beginning of the semester. Hoseok had dragged him out despite Taehyung’s complaints, and then ditched him when he was far too tipsy. Not to mention the fact it was his first time at a college party and he felt way too stuffy under his sweater.


Jimin kept him company, was sweet with water for him to nurse, and some snacks for him to eat. And Taehyung pathetically fell for him as he felt better, cooled down, and sobered up, allowing them to have actual conversation. He woke up naked in his bed the next morning, snuck out before Jimin awoke, felt frustrated tears because he wasn’t the type to hook up typically, but God, the memories of that night loved creeping up on him and reminding how great Jimin had been to him. At the party and in bed.


Jimin scared him. Because he barely knew him and already liked him.


If only things stayed great. Instead, Jimin seemed to enjoy making Taehyung’s life a living hell. Teasing him, and picking on him like they were still in high school. It was like he had a target on his back, and Jimin couldn’t resist trying for a bullseye. Taehyung tried his best to ignore it, but it wasn’t the easiest task.


“Aw. He’s fast at work. That’s so cute.” Jimin laughs, and pushes himself up, rounding the table to peer over his shoulder. Taehyung immediately saves the document and lowers his screen, turning his head to glare. Jimin just blinks innocently, lips pulling into a pout, “What? I’m just curious about what has you so focused!”


“School work, Jimin. I know it’s hard to comprehend but a lot of us are here for education, not just getting our dicks wet and being disruptive.” He shoots back, his blood boiling when Jimin just grins wider. 


Of course, what he says does little to phase Jimin. Of course, Jimin just smiles, plops down in his lap and Taehyung stiffens when Jimin’s arm curls around his shoulder. “You’re feisty tonight, and it’s hot. You’re very sexy when you’re mean.” He says, smirking, and looking between his eyes. Taehyung’s cheeks are warm, his whole fucking body is and he purposefully looks away from him. His brain screams at him to shove Jimin off his lap, but Taehyung is too embarrassed by it. Part of him likes the warmth of Jimin in his lap and he hates it. He fucking hates him . Jimin giggles then, and Taehyung makes the mistake of looking back at him, “You’re so red. Are you flustered? God, you’re still so cute. Hey, do you remember—”


“Please, for the love of God, get off me.”


“—sobbing while your pretty ass bounced on my cock? I mean full-on tears down your face, you cried, and begged, and you didn’t look at me like I killed your cat. Like you’re looking at me… right now.” Jimin punctuates his sentence with a smug little tap to the tip of Taehyung’s nose and Taehyung grits his teeth. “I don’t know why you hate me so much.” Jimin pouts then, and Taehyung kind of wants to slap him.


He pushes at Jimin’s hip, and thankfully he slides off his lap with a huff. Taehyung stands so abruptly that his chair topples over and he winces. Jimin just laughs, but Taehyung doesn’t care at this point. He wants out, gone, away from him. He shuts his laptop completely, and shoves it into the bag, reaches to pack up his notes next.


Before he can grab his notebook, Jimin swipes it and walks off, toward the rows of bookshelves behind them. “Ahhh… very interesting. A critique of gender and the role of women from some… ancient time period no one gives a fuck about.” He murmurs as he reads over the page, and Taehyung practically growls, following after him.


“People care . I wouldn’t be writing it if no one cared. It’s not even ancient . The 1800s weren’t that long ago.” He argues, and Jimin laughs again. He’s so sick and tired of him already. “I’m not surprised you don’t know anything about it, though.”


He reaches for his notebook, but Jimin holds it opposite, placing a hand on his chest as a warning, “Grabbing is rude, Taehyung. You have to ask politely.”


“You’re literally two feet tall. I can reach around you.” 


Jimin quirks a brow, looking thoroughly unimpressed and Taehyung kind of misses the smirk. For some reason, the idea of disappointing Jimin doesn’t sit well with him, and that just annoys him further. “I’m not that short. And I’m still stronger than you. When’s the last time you hit the gym, nerd ?”


Taehyung audibly scoffs, because really, it’s ridiculous. Jimin is biting back a grin, because even he knows that being called a nerd is just insane. It’s cringey. Like that was supposed to be some insult. Like they were in some 80s American sitcom. He reaches for his notes regardless. Gym or not, Jimin was smaller than him. Shorter arms, too. He couldn’t actually stop him, right?




As Taehyung leans forward to snatch his notebook back, Jimin’s hand pushes firmly on his chest, actually halting him. Jimin had strength behind the push, stopping him with an ease that not only surprised him but makes him freeze in place. Which makes Jimin that much more smug. He gives a firm push, and Taehyung, in his daze, stumbles back until he’s stopped by a bookcase. It teeters, but not by much. Only one book falls off to his side and he glances down at it. Even in that brief time, Jimin is on him, smirk on his lips, and his body is trapping him there, hands on either side of him.


“Well, well. Lucky day, look what I caught.” He laughs, grinning up at him and Taehyung flushes. Jimin tosses his notes to the ground, they’re behind him and Taehyung moves. To get away from him, to grab them, anything . But before he can do it Jimin’s knee shoves between his legs, “Ah, ah! I don’t think so, Taehyungie. I don’t want you running away again.”


“A-Again?” Taehyung asks, quirking a brow while Jimin pulls a pout, “You mean… from the party? When we slept together?”


Jimin nods, and reaches out, his hand fitting perfectly along his jaw, “I didn’t like waking up alone. Especially when we had so much fun the night before. I thought we had something, and then I woke up and you were gone.” His pout is overdramatic, it’s an act. But something deep inside Taehyung feels like Jimin might be more upset than he’s actually letting on.


Taehyung stares in disbelief, his lips parted. Was he serious? Or was this some other prank? Another joke of his? Taehyung can’t tell with the pout. His lips are pulled tight, and his eyes are shining in an over-exaggerated manner, but… he lost that little tone. The one of amusement. So Taehyung really wonders if this is true. If he did somehow disappoint Jimin that morning. Was that even possible? In all the time on campus, and knowing Jimin, he has never dated. So why in the world would he care so much about Taehyung sneaking out in the morning?


He stares down at Jimin, before he licks his lips, “Do you like me?” Jimin blinks at him, taken by surprise. Maybe from the bluntness, maybe because it’s true. Taehyung is a little surprised at his own words, shrinks back some under Jimin hot gaze, the way his eyes narrow. He definitely didn’t like that observation. “Just… you sleep around so much. I don’t see what I don’t see why it matters if I left. What do you think would happen? I’d make you breakfast or something? It-It was a hookup… at a party.” He reasons. But Taehyung doesn’t believe in his own words. 


He didn’t hookup. He dates sparingly, and trusts people thinly. Not because he was scared of getting hurt, or he didn’t like socializing. He did, he loved it. But his body, and his emotions were his, and he was careful about how he gave himself too. He wasn’t drunk when he and Jimin were together, he sobered up by that time, thanks to food and water. Jimin took care of him, showed a side not a lot of people talked about often. Jimin was big, bad, and scary. He was a player, and a fuckboy, a bad boy. But that night at the party… he definitely seemed different.


And maybe if Jimin was like that all the time , things would be different between them now. But they weren’t. Jimin was smug, and sarcastic. He was unbearably annoying, and he didn’t seem to take anything serious. 




Maybe, if things were different…


“You’re the one bringing it up.” Jimin answers, but Taehyung wasn’t at all ignorant to the silence that was between them seconds before now. “And if you like me, I mean, I’m definitely not against spoiling you again. Especially if I can get you begging again. Took such little effort last time.” He smirks, and he nudges his knee, pressing against Taehyung’s groin making him gasp and making Jimin that much more smug. “All you have to do is say yes, or no. Easy, right?”


Taehyung hates the way heat flares up from his gut. It’s immediate, a wave of pleasure from the slight grind of Jimin’s knee. It’s anything but easy, and it should absolutely be an effortless no . But Jimin’s hand slides around his neck, his thumb pressing into the column of Taehyung’s throat while his other hand grips his hip. Taehyung’s eyes flutter shut and he moves his hips unconsciously, bucking against Jimin’s thigh. He hates it. He fucking hates it and Park Jimin . He hates everything. But the friction is good, the slight squeeze of Jimin’s tiny hand makes his lips part and his lashes flutter.


Jimin is likely smirking. He probably feels like he’s won but Taehyung keeps his eyes shut. He doesn’t want to see the cocky smile, he just wants to pretend like none of this is real. Like none of it is actually happening. He doesn’t want to admit how weak he is for Jimin and how much he likes the way he takes charge and control. 


His fist tightens and Taehyung chokes out a moan and bucks his hips again. He’s aching in his pants, and shivers at the contact. It feels good, but it would feel even better if Jimin’s hand was around his cock right now. Jimin’s hands aren’t moving. He isn’t moving. He firmly pining him back, letting Taehyung be an absolute pathetic horny mess, fucking against his thigh like they’re teenagers. 


“You’re so cute when you're desperate like this.” Jimin teases, a sweet little giggle in his voice that makes Taehyung gasp quietly. He parts his eyes to finally take a look at Jimin and as he does Jimin presses his thumb right into his throat, smirk on his lips and his eyes shining, “You like that?” He asks while flexing his fingers. Taehyung nods, kicking his hips with the action, Jimin pressing closer. “Good boy. I bet you want a little more, don’t you? Want some more attention?”


He did, of course he did. Taehyung reaches  his hand up, curling his long fingers around Jimin’s thin wrist, watching as his eyes flickered to the spot.  Taehyung nods again, his blood boiling under his skin but the frustration he feels for giving in was out weighed by the need in the pit of his stomach. He wants attention over his pride right now. He wants Jimin over his dignity. 


Jimin grins wider, and leans closer. His hand smoothes from his neck up to his check as his lips reach his throat, gentle kisses that mock affection are peppered over his neck, and Taehyung’s hands reach for Jimin’s shoulders instead. Jimin’s hand slides down, and gropes his front where his cock is straining against the fabric of his clothing. “I wanna hear you ask for it, Tae. If you want more attention I need you to be vocal.”


Fucker . He’s a fucking asshole. The last thing Taehyung wants to do is openly admit his enjoyment of any of this. He doesn't want to fuel Jimin’s already massive ego. He presses his lips together as Jimin fondles him, pressing the heel of his palm against his clothed cock while his fingers grope and trace his length. Jimin’s teeth graze over him and Taehyung arches his back with an unintentional cry. 


“I bet you want to be fucked right here. You wanna risk getting caught.” Jimin says and it goes right to his erection, pleasure and thrill licking up his spine, the idea igniting flames inside him. “You’re a little bit of a slut who likes to play good boy, huh? Admit it or I’m walking away.”


Taehyung can’t believe this. He can’t believe Jimin. But still, he’s turned on. He truly isn’t the type to concern himself with sex and relationships. Jimin’s words have little truth to them, but the idea of them is… hot. He wants it to be true. He likes being thought about like that, likes the desperate feeling it leaves him with.


While being trapped in his thoughts, Jimin seems to be true to his word. The brush of lips against his neck, and a hand over his cock are suddenly gone. Taehyung’s freezing, alone, and Jimin’s warmth is gone. Taehyung is like a moth to a flame, Jimin takes a few steps back, and he clings to him. His arms reach out, and wrap around his shoulders this time, trapping him. He drags Jimin into a kiss, but he doesn’t want to admit he starts it. Jimin’s lips are plush, and warm. They’re soft compared to the exterior that Jimin puts on. And while Taehyung initiates a rough kiss, his teeth digging into Jimin’s bottom lips and his tongue attempting to tangle with Jimin’s, it’s Jimin who takes quick control. 


His kiss is deep, but it’s slow. His hand rests back on Taehyung’s throat, a move that feels a bit too possessive but Taehyung melts into. His eagerness is still there, but he matches Jimin’s. The kiss leaves his fingertips tingling, and goosebumps pricking up his arms. There’s a part of him that realizes he missed kissing Jimin. Ever since that night. 


When Jimin breaks their kiss, Taehyung chases his lips, panting softly. “You haven’t admitted—”


“I want you to fuck me right here. I don’t care who comes in I want you to fuck me.” Taehyung rushes out, the words are jumbled as they fall desperately from his lips, but Jimin only has a moment to surprise before he smiles. It’s not as mocking this time, and Taehyung pants softly against Jimin’s pretty mouth.


His hand slides up and Jimin holds his jaw, “Okay, beautiful. I can do that for you. But first I want you to do something for me.” His other hand grabs his wrist, and brings his hand to Jimin’s groin. Taehyung gropes immediately and watches Jimin bite his bottom lip. He knows what Jimin is going to ask for, and the need to be filled helps him toss aside his dignity as he instantly falls to his knees for Jimin. His hands clumsily reaching to undo his belt and his pants button. “Wow. You’re so eager.” Jimin cards his fingers through Taehyung’s hair, “What a good boy.” He says as Taehyung pulls down Jimin’s pants, and is met with his hard-on. The night they hooked up, Taehyung hadn’t gotten much of a proper look, but the weight of it in his hand brings back a sense of familiarity.  He licks the bit of precome that’s at the tip, and wraps his lips around Jimin’s girth. His cock is fat, a nice thickness that weighs heavy, but comforting, on his tongue. A moan bubbles out from his throat and muffles around Jimin’s shaft as he slowly adjusts to the bobs of his head. 


He’s not as experienced as he would like to be doing this. It’s not his first time, but he doesn’t have a long list of people he’s been with. And furthermore, the people he has been with weren’t much to brag about. They weren’t wild sexual experiences and escapades. Taehyung can confirm that none of his previous partners compare to Jimin. Not even close. He doesn’t know why he wants to do good, to impress the same man that annoys him endlessly, but the need to please is there . It’s etched into him, and fueling him to do more , to try harder . He wants to hear Jimin moan, he wants to hear Jimin encouraging him. He wants to please. Taehyung doesn’t want to spend too much time on why that might be the case. So he decides to stop getting lost inside his head, and instead try to actually do what he desires. He wants to please, even if he doesn’t understand why.


Taehyung hollows his cheeks as he pulls back from Jimin’s cock. There’s an audible pop that makes his cheeks flush and Jimin purr out a pretty noise. Taehyung tries not to dwell on it as he holds Jimin’s length in his hand, licking at the tip and swirling his tongue over his length and girth. His own dick is painfully hard, and he can feel the wet patch in his boxers. He could easily touch himself right now, but there was something about waiting. There was thrill and desire in the fact that he wants Jimin’s permission, that he wants his help. Touching himself without Jimin’s approval wouldn’t be the same—a thrill, yeah. But a completely different kind than he’s yearning for right now.


Jimin’s grip on his hair tightens, and he guides Taehyung back over his cock with a sigh. Taehyung allows it, finding satisfaction in being told what to do. Jimin doesn’t seem to mind leading, either, so it works. Taehyung closes his lips around Jimin, this time more comfortable and familiar with the weight. It’s easier when he bobs his head along Jimin’s shaft, glancing up at him through his lashes. Jimin is staring down at him already, perfectly plush lips parted as a maon escapes past them. His grip tightens, tugging on his hair and Taehyung groans around Jimin. But when Jimin speaks, Taehyung can’t help but groan again, still muffled around Jimin’s fat cock. “God, you’re so pretty like that. Look like your lips are gonna split open.”


Honestly, they just might. Jimin’s dick is thick, and Taehyung can feel the strain of his lips. But he likes it. And he likes being called pretty. He forces himself to close his eyes as he curls his tongue against the underside of Jimin’s dick, adding pressure and attention as he works his mouth over Jimin. It earns yet another pretty noise from Jimin, and his hips kick. Maybe it’s an accident, because he doesn’t do it again. Taehyung’s hands instinctively landed on Jimin’s hips, the sudden slide of Jimin’s cock into his throat taking him by surprise.


He pulls back sputtering for just a second, Jimin mocks affection a lover might have for him by gently petting back his hair to reassure him. And it does, his heart calms a bit, but Taehyung knows they’re not lovers. They’re nothing close to that. 


Taehyung licks his already wet lips and recovers with ease, licking along the length of his cock again before he takes him back into his mouth, one hand moving back to the base of his length. His sides back, focusing his attention on the head of his dick while his fist easily jerks the rest of his length. His tongue presses against the slit of Jimin’s head and Jimin shudders under him, groaning loudly after a sharp intake of a breath. Both his hands are in his hair now, and Taehyung’s heart races with satisfaction. Those were the types of responses he wanted to elicit from Jimin.


“What I wouldn’t give to be buried in your throat.” Jimin whispers, lust laced in his sweet voice. And Taehyung knows it’s more than a murmur of want, it’s a suggestion. Jimin is testing the waters, he wants those words to be a reality. And Taehyung… well he’s not experienced in deepthroating either… but if he can hear more of Jimin’s pretty noises then he’s willing.


He doesn’t acknowledge the words at first, focuses on sucking Jimin down, groaning against his cock as he dives back over his length, squeezing Jimin’s hip in his hand. Jimin’s fingers flex in his hair like he’s trying to restrain himself from just doing it . Because it would be so easy to kick his hips forward and shove himself in Taehyung’s throat. And, fuck, it would be hot. But Taehyung has the feeling Jimin doesn't plan on just doing that . Which, as much as Taehyung doesn’t want to admit it, is rather kind of him.


When Taehung pulls back, he can see a trail of spit still connecting himself to Jimin’s cockhead. And it’s Jimin who reaches down, and swipes his thumb over Taehyung’s bottom lip, breaking that connection. “So messy.” He says, and Taehyung feels another fire. Like wood tossed onto a dying flame, reviving the fire that was barely lit, just making it bigger, and more dangerous.


Taehyung swallows down the lump that’s in his throat before he speaks, “You can fuck my mouth.” His voice is deeper than usual, even he can hear it, there’s an obvious rasp. And Jimin’s lashes flutter lightly, Taehyung’s heart swelling at the obvious effects he has on him.


Jimin smirks though, his thumb pressing into his top lip, Taehyung parting his lips like it’s instinct. “Do you think you can handle that?” He asks, amusement in his tone, and Taehyung’s cheek warm, a little bit of embarrassment making his skin tingle. 


“Of course I can.” He huffs. He thought he was doing just fine so far. But if Jimin is going to be his bratty self, Taehyung has a hand. He has a cocksleeve and a few other toys back in his dorm. He has options . He certainly doesn’t have to push himself for the pleasure of one asshole. But his immediate bite back makes Jimin grin, his teeth on display as Jimin pushes Taehyung's mouth open with his thumb. He eases past his lips, and presses the pad of his thumb to Taehyung’s tongue.


“Don’t get so defensive.” Jimin chides, but it’s easier said than done. Jimin is the one that is pushing. That is teasing. That is an annoyance. But Taehyung listens. For now, he listens. A small pout forms on his lips as Jimin slides his thumb back out from his mouth, instead reaching for his cock while his other hand cradles the back of Taehyung’s head. “If it’s too much for you, Taetae, just tap my thigh, okay?”


Too much . What a joke. Taehyung doesn’t know who inflated his ego so much, but whoever did it he hated with a passion. Still, despite his internal bitching and complaining, Taehyung parts his lips with an eagerness he will never acknowledge. When Jimin finally slides past his lips, Taehyung prepares himself. He slacks his jaw, and squeezes his eyes shut. It’s just easy, slow thrusts, each one guiding Jimin’s shaft further past his lips and deeper into his mouth. “You’re going to want to tense your throat, it’ll make it easier.” Jimin says, and Taehyung resists the urge to roll his eyes. Still—he listens. Takes a breath through his nose as he tenses to the best of his ability. He barely even understands what that even means, but he follows it.


Jimin’s length breaches his throat, and he groans, his other hand sliding into Taehyung’s hair, both with a tight grip as he picks up his past. If Taehyung thought the weight of Jimin’s cock was satisfying before, then he’s in ecstasy right now. The feeling of Jimin’s thick cock suffocating him is everything . His eyes roll back, and he slacks his jaw some as Jimin fucks into him. “Fucking tight.” He growls, and Taehyung is embarrassed at the twitch of his cock. He feels like he might explode right now. But he doesn’t want to be pathetic enough to come untouched. He doesn’t want to give that to Jimin. 


He can hear the noises they’re making. More than Jimin’s moans, but the sound of Jimin plunging his cock into Taehyung’s throat. It’s insanely lewd, and new for him. He’s deepthroated before. He’s had his face fucked before. But he’s never felt this wrecked from pleasuring another person. He’s forced to shove the heel of his hand against his cock to stop himself from busting. 


If Jimin notices he doesn't do anything about it. He pulls back for a moment, though. His hand fisted around his cock so Taehyung can adjust his glasses back up his nose and take in greedy breaths. They’re both panting, and Jimin’s cock is an angry red, the idea of him coming soon only making Taehyung whimper, and press harder on his cock.


He’s overwhelmed. He wants to cry . But Jimin is back pressing into his lips, and the back into his throat. His hold on Taehyung's head is firm, unyielding as he grunts with every kick of his hips. Taehyung wants to look up at him, and he tries, gets a glance at the redness of his cheeks, pretty flush to his skin but he doesn’t stare for long. His eyes flutter shut as he palms himself now, unintentionally. His hand is there, and it happens uncontrollably. He just starts touching himself. 


But the bubble that they’re in is broken when the door of the second floor shuts, and the rattle of keys on a chain echo in the library. Jimin freezes, but when he stops his cock he lodged in Taehyung’s throat. His nose is flush against the thick hairs of his groin and they’re frozen. Jimin is staring forward, and Taehyung’s heart is racing, tears welling up in his eyes for two reasons. 


One being the fact he doesn’t want to be caught. The sound of keys makes him think of the security guard. Tall, and handsome, with dimples that rivaled the craters on the moon. And the worst thing in the world would be him finding them. Not just for the night they would spend in jail, and the charges done against them, but the added embarrassment of being found with a cock shoved so far in his throat he was suffocating. 


And that was the second problem, he can’t breathe . Maybe it’s the fear, and the stress that’s making everything worse. But suddenly, he can’t catch his breath. Not through his nose, and certainly not with Jimin’s cock in his throat. But he’s scared, hyperventilating through his nose, probably making too much noise. He swallows nervously around Jimin, accidentally causing him to groan. 


“C-Calm down. I don’t think he can see us.” Jimin murmurs but Taehyung isn’t calm at all. He doesn’t see how he can calm down. He pushes on Jimin’s thigh, and Jimin looks down at him, instead of at the security guard. “You wanna get caught? He’s literally at the table you set up, right there .” He hisses, and Taehyung’s eyes fill with tears that were quick to fall. They roll over his cheeks and Jimin seems to realize. He carefully eases himself from Taehyung's throat, but when he sputters, admitly too loud, his cock is right back in his mouth, and Jimin’s hands are tight in his hair. He silences him immediately, his gut tightening and his cock leaking. Taehyung can’t see the security guard, but Jimin can, and he looks up.


But he doesn't stop moving, though. He’s fucking Taehyung throat despite the fact they’re seconds, one wrong move, too fucking close, to being caught.


And Taehyung is hot. Barely calmed down and burning up, tears in his eyes that just keep flowing as Jimin thrusts into his mouth. They’re slow, swallow thrusts that slowly pick up. Jimin glances from the guard, to him, taking a few seconds with each, his dick hitting the back of Taehyung’s throat who is trying everything to hold on to his sanity. 


Taehyung hears keys jingle again. Keys and footsteps and then the door. He’s ready for the sigh of relief, to breathe, to settle but he doesn't get it. Jimin grabs him by his hair and fucks into his mouth harshly, groaning loudy as spit runs down Taehyung’s chin, and tears streaks down his cheeks. “You really are a slut that wants to be caught.” He says, and Taehyung whines, his eyes rolling back as he slacks. Everything slacks, his shoulders, his jaw, his whole fucking body. He’s tired, and stressed, and his cock hurts so bad. He knows he’s about to come but even when he does finally release he feels like he’s denied it too long and it won’t even feel good


But there’s a part of him, a loud part he wishes would just shut up already, that loves it. Loves the meanness and loves the way Jimin is using him. He likes the bite they have right now, that they have had for a long time. He loves too much of this, that’s why he’s pliant. He has a feeling pushing Jimin off him wouldn’t be too hard, but he doesn’t want to. He let’s Jimin have his way with him, moaning and gasping and pulling at his bottom lip to the point where it must be bruised.


“Fuck.” Jimin groans, his hips stuttering. And it’s an obvious tell, for anyone, when they’re close like this. Taehyung can taste the precome in back of his throat, he can tell the thrusts have lost their edge, and are now based on desperation. And then Jimin reaches for the base of his cock, pulling back. Taehyung knows it’s to stop him from coming in his mouth, but in a moment that Taehyung will never be able to explain, he stops him. With tears on his face, and spit running down his chin, he swallows Jimin back down, bobbing along his length again. “T-Tae. Stop I’m gonna—” He tries, sounding like he was actually struggling, all that smugness and control gone. It’s in Taehyung’s hands now, and he feels good. He feels powerful when he presses his tongue against Jimin’s slit, licking it like before. only this time Jimin seizes up with a whine and he’s spilling into Taehyung’s mouth. His nails dig into Taehyung's scalp and he moans around Jimin’s cock, trying his best to swallow down the bitter release.


His gut twists, and spins, and his cock twitches. He can feel it, right there. He just needs the tiniest bit of attention and he’ll come—he’s right there, he’s so close . All he needs is Jimin .


Jimin who slides out of his mouth, panting softly as he reaches out to place a hand on the bookcase, likely needing purchase after coming. Jimin who puts his cock away . Sheathes it back in his pants while Taehyung blinks at him, eyes wide and doe-like. He’s a little confused, but he waits. Maybe they wouldn’t fuck now. It’s understandable. All Taehyung needed was to get off, too, after all. Then he and Jimin could go about their lives again. Leave this behind just like the hookup from months ago. 


Taehyung waits patiently. On his knees. Like a fucking dog waiting for a treat, but it doesn’t come. Jimin catches his breath, and leans down, his lips barely brushing over Taehyung’s before he’s smirking against his mouth. “That was good, baby. Not sure if I liked your mouth or your ass better, though.” And after he says that he steps back, wiping a hand across his sweaty forehead. 


Taehyung stares in disbelief, his cock throbbing painfully, his heart heavy. He feels betrayed. He doesn’t want to ask. He doesn’t want Jimin to know what he wants… no, needs from him. But at this point, where was his pride? What was shame? He let Jimin face fuck him with a securty guard basically breathing down his neck. He swallowed for him when he tried to give him the dignity of pulling off. 


“What the fuck, Jimin.” He grits, his hands fisting in his lap, “A-Aren’t you going to help me out?” He feels like a child. Like a brat. He’s expecting, and demanding. Like he expects, Jimin smirks above him, quirking a beautiful fucking brow. He feels mocked, and used. He hates that he likes it. 


When Jimin shakes his head, Taehyung can feel the world crumble around him. “I don’t think I owe you anything. Consider it payback for making me wake up alone all those nights ago. Or, hell, consider it punishment for the rude attitude you have around me. Like I said, Taehyungie, you’re a slut that likes to play pretend. You like being used, I can tell. Maybe when you fix that attitude I’ll give you the orgasm you so desperately need.” He’s evil, smirking with sin in his eyes. He’s smug. He’s won and he knows it. Taehyung is left sitting there, the need making him want to cry again. “Of course, if you want to beg for it, I might be inclined to give you the attention you so desperately need.”


It’s like a boiling point. Taehyung should have reached it a long time ago, but that’s the moment he feels that heat of lust burn away and crumble into anger. “ Fuck. You .” He spits, and pushes himself up. He ignores the brush of fabric over his dick, and when Jimin parts his lips to make some disgusting remark Taehyung knows will be stereotypical and blood boiling he cuts him off instead, “I hate you. Seriously, you’re an asshole.”


“At least my breath doesn’t smell like spunk, dollface.” Jimin easily replies, and Taehyung’s cheeks warm. He steps away from him, his hands shaking as he picks up his laptop and shoves it in his bag with his notecards, and other pens and such. He doesn’t give Jimin the time of day anymore. Not even when he hears a distinct, “Taehyungie, wait!”


No. Fuck that . Taehyung is done with all of this . He’s done with Park Jimin.


“Oh, I’m so fucked .” Taehyung cries. Well, more like complains , but he's very close to tears. It’s two days later, and Taehyung realizes he doesn’t have his notebook. The crucial thing he needs not only for class, but for his paper. He hoped that he left it. He clearly remembered Jimin with it last. He could see the exact spot where it was on the floor. But when he went back to look, it wasn’t there. And when he asked the librarian to look through the lost and found, it wasn’t there either. Taehyung didn’t want to admit it. He didn’t want to think about it. But he knew exactly where his notes were. Or rather, who had them. “Fuck, fuck, fuck .”


“Taehyung.” Yoongi says, very obviously unimpressed with his distress. Taehyung can’t even be mad, he’s been panicking and annoying for the last two hours. Taehyung would be fed up too if he were him. “Calm down. You’re not fucked, you just have to retrace your steps.”


Taehyung pouts, collapsing in Yoongi’s lap. There was an entire couch, but Taehyung makes the conscious decision to land right on top of Yoongi, their old recliner whining from the weight of two grown ass men. “I did that, hyung. I already looked everywhere . It’s gone. I’m fucked . Everything is in there.”


Yoongi huffs, shifting awkwardly, very obviously uncomfortable having Taehyung in his lap, “It’s not gone. You could have dropped it on the way home. I’m sure if you got to the campus main office they have it there. And if not, it will turn up. Whenever I lose something it turns up after I forget about it, or when it needs to. Your notes will find their way back to you.”


But that’s the thing, isn't it? Taehyung knows it’s Jimin with his notes. And he knows if those notes are going to turn up, that means so is Jimin. The thought of him makes his cheeks warm. He doesn’t want to remember it. The feeling of Jimin’s cock in his throat, the sounds of his moans and whines, the fact he came home and jerked off in the shower twice before collapsing in bed, still feeling too hot. He doesn't want to acknowledge the hold someone like Jimin has over him. And he doesn’t want to think about what Jimin might try to get in exchange for his notebook back. He groans audibly at the thought, ignoring the part of his brain that piques in interest. 


“What’s going on?” Yoongi asks increasingly, his tiny lips pulling into a pout as he narrowed his eyes at him. “There’s something else going on.”


Taehyung tenses, and Yoongi’s eyes glare ice and daggers into his soul, “N-Nothing. Ahah ! Of course, it’s nothing. You’re right, patience is key! Thanks for the talk, hyungie! I love you but I gotta go—” Taehyung makes a move to bolt. To his room, out of the house, to another country. Anything to avoid Yoongi’s all seeing eyes, and ability to sniff out bullshit. For a man that was ignorant to Hoseok’s crush on him, he was incredibly skilled at catching things regarding literally anyone else. 


He doesn’t get anywhere, though, because Yoongi wraps a firm arm around his waist, trapping him there. For a small guy, his grip is firm, and Taehyung panics. “Taehyung.” It’s a warning. He says it like one of Taehyung’s moms might. Like when he came home late, or lied about a fight with his baby brother and sister. Taehyung doesn’t think Yoongi is scary, no, of course not. He’s seen more than enough of his hyung to believe that. Was Yoongi introverted? Yes. Was Yoongi a bit intimidating before you got to know him? Of course, a lot of people were. But the reality is that Yoongi was a soft, nerd. The walls of his room are covered in cutesy anime posters, and plushes of all sizes.


But .


The one thing Taehyung does fear is Yoongi’s intelligence. He understood people. He read them way too easily, and guilted them into doing “what was right.” The last thing Taehyung wants to do right now is admit who the holder of his notebook is. Because he knows for a fact Yoongi will have him calling Jimin up and getting it back. And Taehyung swears he is done with that little shit. 


“Wh-What?” Taehyung laughs, it’s forced, and his voice cracks a little. He wants to just play dumb, play pretend. Of course, Yoongi gives him a pointed look, and Taehyung swears he doesn’t fucking whimper. Even though he absolutely did. “Hyung… please…”


“So there is more going on?” Yoongi hums, his grip on Taehyung’s waist tightening. He hates him. Taehyung hates him with every bone he has in his body. He hates how good  he is. There really is no ignoring his problems when Yoongi was around.


And Taehyung isn’t about to admit that he’s the one that started complaining, prompting Yoongi to dig deeper and walk him right into this prison. No, definitely not. It’s not his own fault in the slightest. 


Taehyung would also be happy to just ignore Yoongi’s existence, walk off and pretend that this conversation never happened. But Yoongi isn’t letting that happen, so he’s trapped. Caged by an icy glare that made the nervous butterflies in his stomach freeze in place. “There’s not… that much more going on.” Taehyung laughs before Yoongi's consistent glare pulls his lips into a pout, “Okay. Fine. My notes were… stolen.”


“Stolen?” He quirks a brow, leaning back some, “Did you… report it to campus police? Or did you just misplace them and don’t want to admit you lost them?” 


“I didn’t lose them!” Taehyung groans and wriggles out of Yoongi’s grasp, stumbling as he found his footing, “They were stolen . At the library.”


Yoongi doesn’t look convinced, and Taehyung’s bottom lip quivers during his pout, “Who would want to steal your notes, Taehyung? I don’t know a single person on this planet that can even read your handwriting.”


Hey! ” He hisses, pointing accusatory at Yoongi, “What do I have to gain in lying about this? It’s not my fault he snatched it up!” And like that Taehyung’s shoulders fall and disappointment settles in. He said he . And Yoongi is of course observant enough to pick that up. Taehyung can’t get that lucky.


Yoongi’s lips quirk up in the subtlest way. A hidden smirk there, smugness wafting off him. “He?” He asks, and Taehyung wants to cry, but only a little. “So, you know who did it? If you know who has it then just go and get it back. Or report them, if you don’t want to deal with it.” 


If only. If only Taehyung could be heartless enough to just report Jimin and get his notebook back that way. But what if there was a slim chance Jimin didn’t have it? What if he reported Jimin and that fucker found some way to get back to him? No, the easy solution was simple; just go ask him. But Taehyung doesn’t want Jimin to have the time of day, he doesn’t want to have to ask for something. To rely on Jimin for something. But he needs his notebook. So he needs to talk to Jimin. 


“I hate when you’re right. Can’t you just support me avoiding my responsibilities?” Taehyung complains.

“I mean, I could do that. But how would that help anyone out?” Yoongi says, reaching for his phone. “Now you go get your notes back, big boy. I believe in you.”


“Right now?” Taehyung asks, a comical sweat drop inching down his temple. “I don’t know about right now… maybe you can ask Hobi-hyung to get it for me. He knows Jimin!”


Yoongi pulls his gaze from his phone and it lands on Taehyung again. The glare isn’t there, yet, but there’s a frown pulled to his lips and he can see the gears turning. He went and opened his mouth again. Said too much. “Jimin is the one with your notes?” He asks, and Taehyung stares for a few seconds before he nods. Yoongi’s eyes narrow, and he slouches in the seat, “What were you doing with Jimin? I thought you hated him?”


“I do.” Taehyung argues, but he doesn’t need to. It’s a simple question and the immediate defense Taehyung gives just makes Yoongi suspicious and Taehyung’s cheeks feel too warm. “I-I left it at the library. He was there too. He must have picked it up.”


“Must have, or did? There’s a big difference here.” Yoongi points out and Taehyung groans softly. He doesn’t go far, just to sofa where he collapses and balls his hands into fists. “I take it you did mean must have . So, you don’t even know if Jimin has it, you just think he does. Which makes me wonder why you think Jimin, of all people, would want your notes?” 


Taehyung can’t explain it without it sounding awful and ridiculous. If he tells Yoongi that he thinks Jimin is holding his note ransom, then Yoongi will get involved. Like an embarrassing older brother, Yoongi will march him right over to Jimin and they will demand for his notes together. Having Yoongi there might not be bad, if Jimin had any shame, but alas, he doesn’t. 


Taehyung can see it clear in his head. 


Him and Yoongi getting his notes back, just for Jimin to tell him to get on his knees right then and there to earn it back. He knows that’s what Jimin will want. He’ll want something  in exchange for it and he won’t care if Yoongi is there to watch. He obviously didn’t care about anything besides him, of course. 


Taehyung lets out a defeated sigh. It’s over, there’s no point in trying now. He already lost, the worst case scenario Yoongi gets protective and then watches Taehyung deal with the ultimate embarrassment. So, he has to do it alone. or else he’s not sure he’ll survive. And the last thing he wants is for Park Jimin to shame and embarrass him so bad he has to leave the country. “I’ll do it tomorrow. I usually see him in the humanities building on Thursdays. Just know I’m not gonna like it, and I’ll probably need lots of attention afterwards.”


“When don’t you need attention, Tae?” Yoongi jokes, and Taehyung can feel the fondness of his smile. The sweetness is in his tone, and Taehyung just sighs again. “You’ve got this. It’s just an easy question, and best case scenario, you get your notebook back.”




But the worst case is he ends up on his knees for Jimin again. 


He can feel the dread when his professor dismisses his class, calling out about assignments that are due over the next few days. Taehyung packs up, his arms feeling heavier than usual as he slid his bag onto his shoulder and braves the path to the staircase. He always sees Jimin on the ground floor, hanging out in the lobby. Taehyung doesn’t know if he finished class, or was waiting for one, but he never fails to be lingering down there.


He’s annoyed at himself for storming out of the library, leaving such an important notebook behind. And then there’s a little part of him that’s worried Jimin doesn’t even have it, that all those notes, and research is lost to the void never to be found. Surely, Jimin swiped it up to use against him. As frustrating as it would be to deal with Jimin, he needed his notes, so whatever he tried to pull Taehyung would just have to deal with, or stand up against. Just as long as he got them back.


Maybe if Jimin isn’t such an asshole, he wouldn’t have to be so worried about this. Maybe he would be able to get out of this with his notebook in hand, debating what to get for lunch and how to spend his day.


But knowing Jimin, he would drag this encounter on much longer than it needed to be.


Taehyung descends the staircase, and sure enough, Jimin is sprawled out on one of the sofas, ignorant to the rushing students around him as he scrolls through his phone with his thumb. Taehyung is glad he’s alone at least, sometimes a freshman will hang around him, but thankfully he seems to be absent. Taehyung allows himself a moment to sigh, deep breath in, and a long exhale out, before he sets his face and walks up to Jimin.


He doesn’t notice him until he’s standing at his side, but the moment Jimin’s eyes meet him, an all too familiar smirk crosses over his features. “Taehyungie! Did you miss me?” He wants to laugh and cry at the same time. It’s both humorous and sad just how easily Taehyung has Jimin tagged, and knows how he’ll act. He’s predictable now, and it’s ironic.


“You know what I’m here for, Jimin.” He tries instead, because the little shine in Jimin’s eyes is all Taehyung needs to see to be certain that Jimin has exactly what he needs. The only time he would ever be useful to him.


Jimin pushes himself up, his hand running through his hair, pushing his dark locks back as he chuckles softly, “Do I really, though? You’re a needy boy, Taehyungie. I’m sure there’s a lot you desire, but I can’t blame you for wanting some more attention.” Taehyung grit his teeth, his hands curling into fists as Jimin easily annoyed him, crawled right under his skin with sarcasm, and a cocky smirk. Where did this man get his ego from, honestly? “But if I had to guess, you’re probably here so you can finish your little paper. About—gender or something, right?—and to do that there’s a little notebook you’re looking for?”


He can humor him. He can play along, and maybe he would, if this was anyone besides Jimin, but it isn’t. It’s Park Jimin, clad in the same leather jacket, with a baggy white shirt under it displaying an anime Taehyung is familiar with. “What do you want for my notebook? I don’t have time for games, and teasing.”


Jimin laughs, and leans back, one of his arms stretching over the couch as he spreads his legs. He likes the fact he’s in control right now, that Taehyung needs to listen and do as he says or he’s leaving empty handed. And this isn’t something he can just walk away from, that notebook as important. “You’re always to the point, I’ve got to teach you how much fun foreplay is. Greedy boy.” Taehyung hates that. He hates being called a boy . Like he’s young, like he’s not grown. He and Jimin are both adults, grown men, and Taehyung is tired of hearing it. Especially from him.


“The sooner I can get away from you, and get that notebook back so I don’t have to deal with you again, the better.” Maybe it isn’t the smartest thing to say, but Taehyung can’t tolerate him. The teasing, the smugness, the dicky attitude. But hopefully Jimin decides not to be so cruel with him. 


He turns away from Taehyung for a moment, fingers drumming on his phone before he sighs and turns back, “Well, then, let’s make this easy. If you want your notebook back, then I want a date.” 


Taehyung blinks, before his eyes narrow suspiciously, “A date? You want me to take you out… on a date?”


Where is the joke? Where is the catch? Taehyung doesn’t trust this one bit, and of course, he doesn’t trust Jimin. What does he want out of a date? Does he have something to prove, or some plan up his sleeve?


Jimin smiles, and chuckles softly, “Yeah! A cute, little date. I think I deserve some good old spoiling. It’s been awhile since I’ve been treated to something nice. So, I want you to take me out on a date, and then you can have your notebook back.” He looks innocent enough, but Taehyung is still distrustful, probably would be until Jimin was finally out of his life for good. “You can pick me up tomorrow, around six in the afternoon. But make sure you plan something special . I want to feel spoiled and adored.”

What a joke. Taehyung thinks as Jimin stands up, a wicked grin on his lips. “Fine. Tomorrow at six.” Jimin laughs and holds out his phone to Taehyung, for his number, and honestly Taehyung doesn’t want to give it over to him. But he needs to. He types it in under his contact name and Jimin hums.


“I know we’re going to have a good time.” He says as he takes the phone back, clicking the lock screen off. “And I think if you go into this with a clear mind, and good intentions, you might just have some fun and maybe see I’m not all that bad .” 


Taehyung doubts that. But Jimin doesn’t give him much time to articulate a response, instead he leans close, cupping his cheek with one hand, and kissing his other cheek. Taehyung can feel him smiling against his cheek which flares up underneath the gentle touch. “See you tomorrow, Taetae! Plan something special~” He says before taking a quick step away and disappearing into one of the many crowds in the main lobby. Taehyung finds himself frozen in place for a few seconds, his cheeks red, and embarrassment balled up and lodged into his throat. It’s hard to swallow it down but when he manages to he storms off, wondering if this is even worse than sucking Jimin’s dick would be. 


He barely had time to plan anything as it was, and when he recalls the dates he has been taken on he’s left wondering if it’s enough. If the date wasn’t up to Jimin’s standards would that mean he didn’t get his notebook? If it wasn’t expensive, or unique, or enjoyable? Taehyung isn’t sure about what Jimin’s standards actually consist of. In fact, while Taehyung’s scrolling through lists of nearby restaurants, he’s not really sure what Jimin likes. Foods wise, or interest wise.


Taehyung doesn’t know much about him at all.


Which feels strange, because he’s known Jimin for almost a year now. They slept together, Jimin constantly bugged and teased him. And Taehyung knows dirt about him. Mostly things he hears from other people. Hoseok knows him, and Taehyung has been around him more than enough, but he’s left blanking.


He’s brought back to the night of that party. He could feel it, the flips of his stomach, the sickness threatening to come up. He could feel the same sweat and nervousness under the collar of his sweater. And he remembers Jimin coming up with him with a glass of water, and a sweet smile along with reassuring words, “I promise I didn’t do anything to it. You just don’t look too well.”  Cold water was exactly what he needed, Jimin urging him to sip on it as he fed him bits of food. Taehyung felt embarrassed at the treatment, but at the time was thankful for it. Maybe fell for Jimin a little too hard before his true colors came out later, with the teasing and picking on him Jimin seemed to love doing.


Or maybe , the back of his mind whispers, Maybe Jimin that night was the real Jimin .


Taehyung has wondered about that, too. Who was the real Jimin? But even if that was true, Taehyung saw more of the other side of Jimin, one that left him annoyed, and aggravation flaring up in his bones. To say Taehyung isn’t attracted to Jimin is a lie, as much as he tries to deny and avoid those attractions. To say the night Jimin took care of him, and they slept together wasn’t the night Taehyung realized he had feelings for Jimin, would be another horrid lie.


In a moment like that, during a night like that, Taehyung was taken aback. He was impressed, and enamored. Sometimes, he thinks he still does have feelings, but Jimin easily gets under his skin. Taehyung felt annoyances flooding his senses, more than butterflies in his stomach. It made him snuff down any potential feelings, for his own good.


And because of that, they were here. Taehyung convincing himself he hates Jimin, and Jimin doing everything he can to make a joke out of Taehyung.


He finds a place that’s open Friday night, and seems like it’s a good date spot, with food that would be safe. Something that should be satisfying enough for Jimin’s taste, and should score Taehyung his notebook back.


With a sigh he leans back from his laptop, and sways back and forth in his computer chair.


He fumbles for his phone, texting Jimin. 


To: Asshole

i’ll be there close to six. wear something comfortable.


From: Asshole

goodie :)) i’ll be sure that i’m still looking good for you ;*


Taehyung’s cheeks warm and he groans softly before he pushes him up from his computer chair and curls up in bed instead. He doesn’t want to go out with Jimin tomorrow.


But he’s not sure if it’s because he hates him that much, or he’s scared of having a good time.


Taehyung picks Jimin up at his apartment, walks inside the building and up to the door. He expects it to be some ploy to get him inside, his cheeks warm as he knocks, but as it turns out, Jimin opens the door already pulling his jacket onto his shoulders. He’s dressed comfortable, but of course, he still looks stupidly hot. Another infuriating thing about him. His hair is fluffy, curled slightly, and he’s got a striped shirt on that’s tucked into some comfortable jeans and his signature boots. Taehyung hates effortlessly attractive people. 


“Ready?” Taehyung asks, trying not to let his eyes linger on the way Jimin’s shirt tucks into his jeans, revealing his tiny waist. 


Jimin hums, shoving his keys in his packet as he pulls his door shut, making sure it’s locked. “Very.” He says, turning to smile up at Taehyung, “I’m also excited. I’ve been wondering what you have planned for the night.”


Does Jimin think this is an actual date? Because Taehyung is technically forced into this, after all. It’s the deal they made, Jimin gets a date (for whatever reason) and Taehyung gets his notebook back. Simple. “Hopefully something you like.” Taehyung murmurs, gripping onto the railing as they descend down the stairs.


“I’m sure I’ll have a good time regardless, as long as you do, of course.” Jimin smiles, and Taehyung doesn’t stare for too long, his cheeks already uncomfortably warm. The floor is much safer. Much, much safer. The scary thing about Jimin’s words is that they’re genuine. He can tell that Jimin is being serious about that, and Taehyung doesn’t at all intend to have a good time with Jimin. He’s doing this for his notebook, not to give Jimin an actual chance.


But maybe he should. It’s a brief thought, one that’s more willing to give Jimin a shot, but Taehyung frowns at himself. He clicks the unlock on his car and it’s lights flash in response. Does he really want to do that? Trust Jimin? He’s… not really sure.


Taehyung sets his phone and his wallet in the middle, and watches Jimin as he adjusts in the passenger's seat, grabbing his seatbelt to pull it over his chest. He reaches for his own after putting the keys in the ignition.


“So, where are we spending our day?” Jimin asks, relaxing against the seat, hands placed a little too neatly in his lap. It’s a bit weird seeing Jimin just in one spot, not spreading out and dominating an area, no hanging all over him. It makes Jimin look small. Taehyung wonders if he’s nervous, or uncomfortable in some way. Or maybe he’s picking apart little details that don’t actually matter. 


Taehyung turns to him for just a second, before he focuses forward and pulls out of his spot. “Do you really want the surprise spoiled?” He says, not even sure why he’s making an effect to play it up, to tease Jimin.


Because he wants this to look good, yes , right. That’s it.


Because if Jimin doesn’t get a good date, the kind he wants, then Taehyung might never see his notes again. Then he’ll fail his class, and disappoint his moms, and spend the rest of his life miserable.


Because that’s exactly how real life worked.


Taehyung can see Jimin leaning forward some in his peripherals, and he can hear the smile in his tone, “You’ve got a good point. An element of surprise is perfect. If I know then I lose that thrill entirely.” He laughs some, and Taehyung spares him another glance before his eyes are on the road again. There’s a few seconds of silence while they pull into a line of traffic, and Jimin breaks it, “Do you have an aux?”


Taehyung chews on the inside of his cheek as he stares at the red light a few cars ahead of them before he leans over and pops the glove box open, pulling out the short aux cord. He hands it to Jimin who smiles and plugs the other end into his speaker. Within a few seconds, Jimin has music filling the car. For all the time he puts into his aesthetic, Taehyung is surprised when he recognises the soulful voice. When it’s not something that’s more noise, than real music. But he’s relieved. He doesn’t care what people listen to, but he appreciates that he’s already familiar with a lot of Jimin’s playlist. That the music aligns with his own tastes.


Another thing he didn’t know; he and Jimin had the same music tastes.


The ride isn’t long, but it’s long enough to get quite aways into Jimin’s music. When they get to the roller skating rink Taehyung chances another glance at Jimin, who is staring at the window away from him. “Have you ever been here?” Taehyung asks, and Jimin glances back at him, a smile already on his lips.


“Yeah. I like ice skating, too. I don’t roller skate much but it’s just as fun.” He says and Taehyung nods, finding them a spot before gathering his wallet and phone, locking the car as they both exit it together, “What about you?”


Taehyung clicks the lock a second time for good measure, and joins Jimin at the back of his car so they can walk in together. He looks back at the glowing neon sign. It’s a giant skate, the classic quad types, family name advertised. Part of the lettering is flickering with wear but from what Taehyung saw online this place was nice. And Jimin said he has been before, so, that was a good thing, right? 


“Nah, I haven’t. I tried ice skating once and nearly broke my nose.” An embarrassing experience he hated talking about. He didn’t expect to be good when he got onto the ice, but fuck was he bad


Jimin laughs, not the snarky type Taehyung is used to, and it throws him off a little. “I’m a decent ice skater. You should let me teach you one day.” 


Taehyung pulls open the door to the lobby, frown on his lips as he stares at Jimin as he walks through. Teach ? That would require more hanging out, which ins’t going to happen. Taehyung doesn't understand why Jimin can’t get the hint, Taehyung doesn’t like him. He doesn’t like the teasing, or the smugness, or the forced dates in order to his notes back . If Jimin is  trying to build a friendship with him, or even more than that, he’s going about it the wrong way entirely.


He’s a bit clueless about what he’s doing in a place like this. He’s never really roller skated before, but thankfully Jimin has the decency to guide him to the counter. Taehyung pays for them both, rents them skates and while the worker is in the back getting them Taehyung glances around the area. It’s not crowded, which is nice, but there’s still a decent amount of people. Music is blaring, and people are doing laps on the rink. It looks easy enough.


The diner portion is just beyond that. And Taehyung looks back to Jimin, “Did you want to eat after we do some skating? Or get food first?” 


“Skate first.” Jimin hums, and Taehyung nods, the employee coming back out skates in hand. There is something that’s a bit natural about this. It’s almost easy to forget he’s with Jimin. He doesn’t think Jimin’s made one smug comment, or attempted to flirt with him this whole time. No gross jokes, or annoying touches. He appreciates it, but it also makes him curious. Why?


It genuinely feels like they’re just friends, hanging out. Taehyung isn’t sure he’s hitting the marks he’s supposed to for Jimin’s dating standards, but he’s not sure what else he can do to impress him. He’s not even sure how willing he is to go through and try to impress him. He just wants to do enough to get his notebook back. This could be a long night for all he knows.


Jimin finishes putting on his skates first, while Taehyung is wrestling trying to get his second one on. They fit fine, but he can already feel the wheels under his other foot, and even though he’s sitting down currently it freaks him out. He can see himself falling. He’s going to eat shit, embarrass himself, and Jimin is going to make an asshole out of him. What a terrible idea it was coming here. 


Jimin is there all of a sudden, carefully kneeling down, and somehow not face planting. Asshole just had to be good at this, didn’t he? “Let me help.” He says, amusement in his tone, but he’s not laughing. Yet. He’s not mocking Taehyung… yet. Taehyung lets him, cheeks burning as Jimin removes the shoe and takes Taehyung’s foot in hand, lowering it resting against the floor. He watched Jimin pull at the laces before bringing it back down to his foot and sliding it inside. Taehyung pushes some to help, and Jimin has the audacity to smile as he ties Taehyung’s shoe for him.


He’s miserable.


Taehyung is miserable and Jimin is tying his shoe with a smile on his face.


What the fuck is going on?


“There we go.” Jimin says, carefulling getting up, setting a hand on Taehyung’s thigh to help him with his footing. He rolls a little, and it’s instinctual when Taehyung reaches out to grab him and steady him. He really should have let him fall, though. “Thanks.” Jimin laughs at himself and Taehyung gives a stiff nod, his cheeks still too warm for comfort. He doesn’t know why he’s already so flustered.


He tries to get up next, but as expected the second he slides a little his heart jumps and he panics. Taehyung pushes a foot forward, hoping to steady himself but instead he rolls. He doesn’t know why it surprises him. He’s on roller skates . It’s the entire point here. Jimin grabs him this time. A firm hand on his bicep. Taehyung wobbles for a second before he does steady out, and he glances back to Jimin. “Thanks.”


“No problem.” He replies, curling his hand around his bicep and leaning closer to him. Taehyung would kick him off, but Jimin is a source of support right now so he just deals. He is a little worried about moving, though. Finds himself glaring at the ground in front of him. The rink is only a few feet ahead of them, people speeding past them, children fairing better than he is. “It’s not that bad. You’ll get the hang of it really quick. After two laps you’ll do fine.” Jimin encourages, and Taehyung glances at him. Jimin gives a squeeze to his bicep, tiny little urge for him to move forward. He does, and Jimin is with him as he slides across the floor.


Taehyung feels like his legs are a little too shaky, and he’s scared of breaking something. Fuck embarrassing himself in front of Jimin, what happens if he lands wrong? What if this date lands him in the hospital? He should have just taken Jimin to the movies, the hell was he thinking? Roller skating rink? He must have a death wish.


Jimin moves next, because Taehyung was completely distracted by his thoughts, and as he does he tugs on Taehyung’s hand. Taehyung follows, licking his top lip as he rolls forward a bit too much. “Am I supposed to be trying to walk normally or drag my feet?” Taehyung asks, wondering if Jimin thinks he’s a idiot.


“For now we should just go slow. But when we get on the rink you’re going to want to try making strides.”


“I think I might die.”


Jimin laughs, bending forward some as he’s overtaken by giggles. It’s not some cocky chuckle, it's genuine, heart warming laughter. And Jimin’s laugh is pretty. It annoys Taehyung, because instead of getting to hear that he’s only had coy smirks and cocky laughter that made his blood boil. “You’re not going to die, Tae.”


“I am.” He sighs. Deep exhale as he slouches, but with the movement he slides a little and then immediately pushes forward to catch himself, again, forgetting about the wheels . Thankfully Jimin catches him again , and this time Taehyung clings to him. “ I am .” He insists and Jimin laughs again.


Taehyung glances up at him, leaning back some, but keeping the death grip he has on him. One hand fisted in his shirt and the other clinging to his shoulder. “There is a kiddy section we can practice in. They have railing.” Jimin says, smirk on his lips.


Now he’s teasing him. “Oh, shut up.” Taehyung whines softly, and Jimin just chuckles at him. He sighs through his nose and stands up straighter, wobbling for only a second before moving forward again. There’s a little ramp to his side, and he carefully turns, going for that, his hand reaching out for the wall to balance him. Jimin, like the sociopath he is, just steps down from the slight stair, right into the rink. He doesn’t fall or anything and Taehyung gapes at him. “Show off.” He hisses as he hugs the wall for dear life, slowly inching downward.


“I’m not a show off.” Jimin laughs and steps forward, gliding over to him, waiting at the bottom of the ramp. It’s not big by any means, but Taehyung is going about a centimeter a minute, slowing easing downward. Jimin rolls his eyes, but his lips are still tilted upward, “Taehyung. Just... let go. Come down the ramp normally.”


“What? And break my neck and die?” He pouts and Jimin shakes his head, folding his hands over his chest. It’s peer pressure that makes him do it, his heart hammering in his chest as he leans back and pushes off the wall some. He inches down, still slow because he's terrified of moving his feet. But he can feel the skates picking up some momentum until he’s at the bottom, transitioning from the carpet of the lobby floor, and to the smooth concrete of the rink.


Jimin places a hand on his shoulder but Taehyung switches their roles, clinging to Jimin’s arm instead, losing some balance from the sudden moment. “You know, if you’re really that scared we don’t have to do it.” He suggests, and he does sound genuine. He probably had enough fun just watching as Taehyung embarrassed himself.


“What kind of date would that be?” Taehyung complains and pushes himself forward, taking a step with it, wheels beneath his feet bringing him and Jimin into the small crowd that’s making laps. He almost forgets to step with his second foot, but he catches on before he makes a fool of himself. He hasn’t done anything impressive by any means, but a bit of pride swells in his chest. “Shouldn’t you be teasing me and laughing at my failures? Stop coddling me.” The words aren’t said as aggressively as he wants them to be. They have a whine to them, Taehyung’s lips pulled into a pout.


With a roll of his eyes, Jimin giggles, “I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. You’re clinging to me for dear life. Although, you should probably move, before we get run down or cause a pile up.”


Oh. Yeah.


There were other people here, besides Jimin. Taehyung had been so focused on him, and so focused on trying not to fall on his ass that he ignored them for the most part. Jimin and the task at hand were the only things on the forefront of his mind.


“You make good points. Maybe the kiddy zone was a good idea.” 


Jimin scoffs, and starts forward, pulling Taehyung along, “It’s too late for that now.” He smirks, watching as Taehyung takes another careful step. In Taehyung’s defense, he feels like he’s doing better. His steps probably aren’t anything to be impressed by, but he can feel the difference. They’re not long strides, or impressive glides like the people around them, but it’s him making his way on his own. Or, sort of on his own, considering he’s holding onto Jimin’s arm.


He feels his thighs tremble as he legs begin to slide further apart, and he’s got absolutely no idea how to stop them from separating. “U-Uh! Jimin?!” He calls out, maybe a little too loud considering he’s right there . “How do I stop my legs from… they’re… they’re moving apart! ” He tugs on Jimin’s arm, beckoning for his help.


Tae .” Jimin giggles, watching the horror overcome Taehyung’s face as his legs spread, widing out beneath him. “Oh my God, Taehyung , pick up your feet. You can’t just let me drag you, you have no control.”


Taehyung whimpers as he tugs on Jimin’s hand again, tilting his feet inward. If he just angles then they should come back together, right?


Maybe it would work, if they weren’t at the bend, where Jimin turns and Taehyung isn’t expecting it, too focused on his feet when Jimin speeds up. They knock into each other, and Taehyung loses his balance entirely, falling forward into Jimin, where they both wipe out on the side of the rink. Taehyung is glad it’s not a hard fall. But then again, it’s probably not hard on him because he landed right on Jimin.


He sits back with a groan, looking down at Jimin, “Fuck, sorry, are you okay?” 


“Mm.” He whines softly, his hand gently resting on Taehyung’s hip, “What did I say?” 


“I-I’m not good at listening, I guess.” He admits. Taehyung can’t help but feel embarrassed, and a little bit guilty. “You’re not hurt are you?” He asks, leaning back so Jimin could sit up.


With a shake of his head, Jimin starts to smooth his hand through his hair, ruffling it up in the stupid sexy way he always does, “No, no. I’m fine. We’re going to have to work on your behavior, though, seriously you need to listen.” Taehyung’s cheeks are warm. This is Jimin, and as innocent as the sentence may be, there’s flashes behind Taehyung’s eyes of some not so innocent things. “Are you okay?”


“Y-Yeah,” He stumbles over the reply, willing his cheeks to calm down. Thankfully Jimin is patting himself down, checking on his phone, and himself rather than noticing the color of his cheeks. “But… I think we should go over to the kiddy rink. The turns are smaller..” Jimin glances up at him before he smiles, and then giggles, falling back on the floor, holding his stomach as he rides out his laughter. “ Hey! I’m serious…” Taehyung whines, sitting up on his knees and weakly smacking Jimin’s thigh as he laughs at him. 


Very serious.


When they were finally able to stand, ( read: Taehyung finally standing with lots of encouragement from Jimin and more clinging ) Jimin and him make their way over the much smaller rink obviously there for kids to practice and have fun in. Taehyung's cheeks flared, shame in his chest as people eyed them, but Jimin does a good job at keeping Taehyung’s attention on him. The last thing he wants to do is compliment the asshole, but he has to give him credit. Not only is Jimin a good teacher, but for probably the first time since their initial meeting Taehyung doesn’t feel annoyed or belittled. Jimin is just genuinely helpful, and patient. There’s no smug comments, or jabs. No ill place nerds that made him giggle and snicker over like it was the funniest thing in the world.


Taehyung masters the kiddy rink with Jimin’s help, and an overly extroverted little girl who helped Taehyung learn how to break. He could see Jimin stifling giggles as she chided him each time he did it incorrectly. But he did it, had more confidence to go back to the main rink, the little girl leading them while Jimin and him moved side by side.


“I think she likes you.” Jimin snorts and Taehyung slaps his arm, holding back the laughter. He does panic a little on the ramp, because slopes under his wheels felt wrong , but after he braved that he was good. a little wobbly on turns, but he manages a few laps, no clinging, or crying. He isn’t sure how long they’ve been at the skating part of this so-called “date” but Taehyung is just glad he’s not a mess clinging to Jimin anymore. At least he still has some dignity left. 


Even if it was just a little.


Both Taehyung and Jimin move to the small diner area of the rink. Taehyung can’t imagine how good for them roller rink food is, but he doesn’t really care when he sees the massive amount of cheese dripping from the fries they ordered to share.


“You look like you’re going to bust a nut.” Jimin says from across from him.


Taehyung glares weakly, his lips more pouty than he intends them to before he reaches out for one of those delicious fries, “Maybe I am. Try not to get jealous.”


“Of a plate of french fries?” Jimin scoffs and reaches forward, plucking his own from the bunch and tossing it into his mouth. Taehyung can’t help but smirk when Jimin’s eyes widen while he chews, “Okay, actually, I’m jealous. There’s some competition here.” 


Taehyung laughs, sucking on the end of his finger where some cheese was. “Competition for what?” He asks, but as he does so he feels like maybe it isn’t the best decision. He knows what Jimin means, but some twisted, sick part of him wants to hear it out loud. Because Taehyung was twisted and sick, too.


Jimin’s finger tip rounds the rim of his glass, attracting Taehyung’s gaze to it. Jimin had cute fingers. Short and pudgy, very adorable. The difference between both their hands was intense, but there certainly was something appealing about that. About their size difference in general. “I mean, for me. I don’t really like competition, I’m a little bit possessive.” Taehyung can tell, honestly. Just in his mannerism, in the way he talks, and touches.


But the idea that Jimin thought he had an actual chance with him is hilariously sad. The idea Jimin might actually like him is just as fucked. All he is to Jimin was entertainment, probably a good story for his buddies too. Taehyung is surprised that rumors haven’t already spread about him sucking Jimin off in the library.


Then again, there were no rumors about him and Jimin hooking up in the first place. It must have been some type of psychological warfare started by Jimin. He must have wanted to get under his skin and honestly… Taehyung hates admitting that it worked. That Jimin was typically lurking somewhere in the back of his mind, or that when Jimin entered the same space as Taehyung, stole all of his attention. With little to no effort, too.


“Trust me, there’s no competition.” Taehyung says bluntly, poking at his straw, refusing to look at Jimin, “I mean, it’s not like this is even a real date, Jimin. I’m just here for my notebook, and you’re just here…” He mumbles, unsure where to go with that. Why was Jimin here? To try and get into his pants? As some weird manipulation tactic? Something of the sort? Taehyung didn’t know, but he didn’t trust it, either. He didn’t have much of a reason to trust Jimin at all. “Honestly, though, we wouldn’t even be here if you didn’t steal my notebook in the first place. Who does that?”


Taehyung chances a glance at Jimin then, and his heart jumps when he sees the frown on Jimin’s lips, the darkness in his eyes. It’s not the easiest to read what it really means, but it’s uncomfortable. Jimin is angry, and maybe he had a right to be considering Taehyung was blunt, but he doesn’t like it. “Maybe I’m just here to have a good time with you. You’re the one that’s constantly an asshole to me for no reason, maybe I’m trying to show you I’m not as bad as you apparently think I am.”


He scoffs, and rolls his eyes before he leans back in the seat, his arms folding over his chest, “Seriously? No reason?” He asks, and Jimin’s eyes narrow, “You constantly belittle and bother me, Jimin. I don’t have a second to breathe before you’re down my neck with some snide comment, or smug joke.” He’s shocked at Jimin’s ignorance, honestly. Did he really not recognize his own behavior? It was almost offensive to Taehyung.


Jimin frowned at him, his hands gripping the end of the table tightly, “None of it was meant to piss you off. I was trying to be casual. I thought—You were so sweet the night before we hooked up, and-and then you were gone the next morning and I wanted to keep getting to know you, but I didn’t want to be overbearing.” He explains, and Taehyung’s fingers curl until his hands are in fists, “I guess that’s my bad for trying to be jokey, or flirty, or—” Jimin shakes his head, glancing off to his side, his lips pressed firmly together, “I just didn’t want to seem like some clingy freak because I had fun the night before and wished you didn’t leave in the morning.” 


He didn’t really know what to say. He didn’t know if Jimin was… being truthful. He didn’t want to believe he would lie about something like that, because the reality was, Taehyung thought Jimin was sweet that night too. Embarrassingly fell for him so fast, and was so needy that he woke up the next day ashamed of himself. Hookups were unfamiliar ground to him, and hook ups with someone that he never really knew and only saw, or heard about just made him even more embarrassed. The confession feels so weird. So strange to hear. Did Jimin actually like him? Did he really care, did he really want to get to know him?


It makes him feel sick, all of a sudden. The idea that his anger was misplaced, and his assumptions about Jimin were wrong. All this time he hated him, while Jimin just wanted to take things further. There was no way that was possible. There was no way all this time was wasted between them because of misunderstandings.


Taehyung doesn’t say anything, because he doesn’t know what to say. So Jimin shifts, reaching into his jacket, and pulling out Taehyung’s notebook. It’s rolled up, but it’s his. Jimin sets it on the table between them before he finally looks back at Taehyung. He meets Jimin’s gaze with meekness, wanting to sink into his seat, guilt weighing in his heart. “I’m sorry I annoyed you, and made you feel bullied. I didn’t even realize that I could have made you feel like that, which is my fault. I should have taken your feelings into account, especially since you made it so obvious you don’t like me.” Taehyung wants to interrupt him, his lips even part, but nothing comes out. What does he say to Jimin? How can he explain himself? It feels impossible, somehow, and he doesn’t even know what he feels anyway. He doesn’t know if it’s right to just forgive Jimin here and now, but somehow, he feels like an asshole. “I can’t believe I forced you on a date.” Jimin scoffs, a weak smile on his lips as his fingers ran through his hair. “I just can’t anymore with this. I’ll stop bothering you. I… I really didn’t mean for you to hate me.”


Jimin pushes himself up from the seat then, running his fingers through his hair again, and he walks away. Taehyung is sitting alone, the notebook he wanted so badly right in front of him, and the food they ordered getting cold. His appetite is long gone, though. His chest feels tight, and his muscles stiff. He wants to stop Jimin, but Taehyung realizes it’s far too late to do that.


Jimin was gone. And isn’t that what he wanted?


Jimin really is gone too.


Suddenly, it’s like he disappeared. Taehyung doesn’t see him in the spots he used to hang out around, he doesn’t come and bug him in the food court on Monday, he’s not getting coffee on Wednesday morning and winking at Taehyung who was in line with a bottle of juice. He’s not hanging out in the lobby, or walking past him in the afternoon on Friday, sleepily making his way to his next class.


Taehyung does see him. Once in the food court, at a table filled with people. Jimin doesn’t look like he’s at all into the rowdy conversation, lazily scrolling through his phone with a pout. And he sees him again Friday night. He had a study group that met at the library floor and Taehyung catches a glance at him checking out some books. He looks like the same normal Jimin Taehyung supposes, but… tired. His eyes are droopy and his lips permanently pouting. He wonders if it’s because of him. Because of their weekend.


He wonders if he should do something to help.


It’s obvious now that Jimin did like him. He had a strange way of showing that affection, one put a tear in any potential relationship, but Taehyng can’t help but feel guilty. He never realized Jimin’s flirting could have meant more than just teasing, that his jokes weren’t just ways to poke fun at him, or the smug comments and smirks were just Jimin being “casual.” He doesn’t think Jimin is an angel, or a saint now. Some of the things he insinuated or said weren’t right, but Taehyung doesn’t think he’s entirely guilty, either.


“Just talk to him. And stop talking to me. Seriously, gross.” Yoongi fake gags, his arms crossed firmly over his chest as he sat on the counter top. Sure, Taehyung probably gave too many details. Some they really didn’t need to hear. But he’s desperate and confused.


Hoseok is mixing their dinner, a frilly apron on that is ridiculous but honestly looks cute. Because apparently Hoseok could make anything look good. “You sound conflicted, Tae. I think that’s a good thing.” He says and turns his head from the stew he’s mixing and looks at him, “You can admit you have some fault in this, and it’s a good sign of maturity. I think you already know your answer here.” 


He knows he does. He knows he should talk to Jimin, to hash things out, and at least have the comfort of mutual ground. But fuck, he doesn’t even know what he wants with them . “I don’t know what to say.” He admits, resting his head on his folded arms, “I don’t know what I want from him. Or from us. Or from any of this, honestly.” 


“Is an us on the table for you both?” Hoseok asks, and Taehyung blushes.


Could he be with Jimin romantically, if Jimin even wanted him anymore? He’s not really sure… He’s not entirely confident in himself, so he doesn’t know how he can let himself be with Jimin when he’s so uncertain. But, maybe, yeah. Maybe Taehyung wouldn’t mind it. Seeing that sweet side of Jimin he had a glimpse of the night of the party, or the night of their date. That smile, and that laugh. He wouldn’t mind having Jimin’s touch, or his lips, or him .


Yoongi quirks a brow at his silence, and Taehyung just sighs.”Y’know,” Yoongi murmurs and Taehyung glances up at him. “If you don’t know what you want, I think that’s reasonable. But maybe you could accept his apology, at least. It would be a good start.” 


“Voice your feelings too. If you're confused, maybe just.. be honest. Maybe hearing more from his perspective will help. It doesn’t sound like you two have had a real conversation yet.”


It was true. They had one half-assed, sudden revelation on their “date” that didn’t count for much. It wasn’t a conversation, it was an argument with a reveal that left Taehyung feeling disconnected. He misread so much of them, but, so did Jimin. They both made mistakes here and a conversation was the mature thing to do. Where that conversation would leave them, Taehyung didn’t know. isn’t wasn’t sure what he wants, part of him feels like he’s jumping the gun on all this, and another part of him feels like maybe everything he’s feeling was already inside him to some degree.


Either way his hyungs had a point. That’s why Taehyung finds himself in the parking lot at Jimin’s the next night. It’s a Saturday, the sun is starting to set and he knows Jimin probably isn’t home. It’s part of the reason he’s here. He feels awkward and guilty, and if Jimin isn’t here, he can make an excuse. Say he tried. He wouldn’t have to confront Jimin, he could just half ass this. He could go home and tell Yoongi he tried and Hoseok would pat his back and then life could go on.


He exits the car with a sigh, locking it behind him as he rounds the corner and opens the door to Jimin’s apartment building. His heart is heavy as he climbs the stairs, still has the text with Jimin’s address, but he remembers it regardless.


He’s hoping Jimin isn’t home. He’s hoping Jimin opens the door and there’s a half naked person in the background so his anger could feel more justified. He’s hoping Jimin laughs at him, tells him it was all a big joke and he fell for it. Anything but him being in the wrong. Anything but admitting he wasted all this time angry, while Jimin spent all this time trying to be with him. It hurt, realizing how dense and rude he had been this entire time.


He hesitates outside the door, fiddling with the sleeves with his sweater. He was dressed nicely, and he didn’t even know why. Tan sweater, and brown slacks. His glasses were on the tip of his nose so he pushes them up before he knocks on the door. It’s softly, because he’s scared, because he doesn’t even want Jimin to hear it, to answer it. He feels guilty inside, empty but filled. He doesn’t even know how to talk to Jimin. About this, or just in general.


But luck isn’t on his side, because the door opens, and Jimin peeks through the crack. When he sees Taehyung he opens the door wider, his brow quirking, “Tae?” He asks, obviously confused by his presence, and Taehyung can't blame him. “Why’re you here? Are you okay?”


Not really . But he couldn’t very well say that. It somehow felt wrong, even a little selfish. Jimin wasn’t okay either, and he knew that. He knew they needed to sit down, and work this out. Communicate. But, fuck, being an adult was hard. “I just… thought we should talk. After last week.” Taehyung says, rubbing at his wrist as he looks down at Jimin. He opens the door more, his plump lips in a small pout. He was dressed in ripped jeans, exposing the muscles of his thighs, and a baggy black hoodie. His hair messy atop his head. He looked flawless, not to Taehyung’s surprise. Jimin was effortlessly attractive. “I… I want to accept your apology. And I just… want to hear you out, I guess.” 


Jimin nods, looking down at the floor before he pulls the door all the way open, and lets Taehyung inside. Taehyung finds himself immediately in a living room, and glances around. it’s very neat, well kept which he doesn’t expect from Jimin. Taehyung’s own room is a mess, clothes everywhere, and his bed never made. But Jimin’s home was put together well. Jimin steps past him, and hovers near the coffee table. “Do you want some water? Or wine or something?” 


“I don’t think it’s a good idea to drink.” Taehyung admits, “I’ve embarrassed myself enough in front of you. Alcohol just seems to work against me.” He smiles some, trying to make light of their past. Trying to ease the thick cloud of tension in the air between them. Jimin smiles back, it’s a small smile, but Taehyung takes it as a tiny victory.


“So water then?” He says before walking off to the small kitchen that was separated from the living room by an island. Taehyung toes his shoes off, and takes a seat on the sofa, smoothing his hands down his thighs. This could be easy. He just had to be honest, and he had to be sympathetic. They could both do this, and they could put all these misunderstandings behind them. Come out better people. He glances up when Jimin reenters the room, glass of water in his hand that he sets down on the coffee table in front of Taehyung. He softly thanks Jimin who simply nods before sitting on the other end of the couch, grabbing the pillow and placing it in his lap. “You, uh, accept my apology?”


Taehyung feels a lump in his throat, turning on the couch and sitting on one of his legs so now him and Jimin are facing each other. Jimin just looked.. small. Sitting criss cross, with his hair messy and his hoodie oversized. He looked sad too. “I just want to hear more from you. About what you were saying at the skating rink?”


Jimin frowns, his fingers twitching against the pillow, “About what? You got to skip out on embarrassing yourself by avoiding alcohol. I… don’t really want to talk about that. It’s… fucking embarrassing, Tae.” He murmurs, and Taehyung feels like there’s a fist around his heart. He had never seen Jimin so.. down. He looks like a kicked puppy, like someone stomped right on his ego. Nothing like the confident man dripping sex appeal Taehyung is used to seeing.


“It’s… it’s not a big deal, honestly. I mean, we both apparently read the air wrong. Very wrong . I’m just as embarrassed—”


Before Taehyung can even finish his sentence Jimin’s tiny hands balled into fists and he abruptly cut him off, “No, it wasn’t both of us.” He hisses, and Taehyung is stunned into silence, blinking at him, “You made it very clear you had no interest in me, but I’m so pathetic I just couldn’t give it up. I just powered through the anger, and the obvious hatred because I thought you’d change your mind one day. Why do you think I asked for a date? I’m the idiot here . I’m the embarrassment.” Jimin chokes then, tears in the corners of his eyes, “I-I thought if I was cool, and sauve, and laid back that you’d look at me again. That maybe something could work out but I just clung to a hookup like it meant something. And you said yourself it was just that, just a hookup, but I didn’t want to accept it and now I’m upset? What? Because I ignored all the obvious signs, and dismals? You shouldn’t even forgive me, I don’t know why you’re here, Tae.” He cries, the tears pooling in his eyes falling down his round cheeks, streams that flooded Taehyung’s heart and made it impossible to breathe. He has never seen Jimin cry. He’s never seen any raw emotion from him, and he doesn't like it one bit. “I never wanted to hurt you, or make you feel like shit. I just wanted you to like me but because I have no confidence in myself I couldn’t even do that right. I couldn’t just be honest because you won’t like the real me, I’m not interesting enough. Not good enough for someone like you. So I played up the image and just made you hate me.”


Taehyung is left stunned into silence. Again. For a second time he wants to speak, to comfort Jimin but nothing happened. He sits there, and stares. Watches Jimin sob and wipe at his eyes, trying to stop the tears that kept falling. He’s angry, and disappointed in himself, he wants action. He wants to do something, to reassure him. But Taehyung was lost for words before coming here, and he feels even more helpless now, unsure of how he can help Jimin.


He doesn’t know how, or why, but he pushes himself forward, crawling toward him, and wrapping his arms around Jimin. “D-Don’t.” Jimin hiccups, his hands pushing on his chest, “Please don’t. I don’t deserve it.” Taehyung frowns, his heart cracking. But he just hugs Jimin tighter instead, hearing the crack in his voice with his next plea. “Please stop, Tae.” It creates another fracture in his heart, his own lashes wet now as he held Jimin. “P-Please.” Jimin whispers, his hands fisting in Taehyung’s sweater, “Leave me alone.” He whimpers, but he pulls Taehyung closer, embracing him. And just like that, Taehyung feels his heart shatter. Jimin clings to him, crying into his neck and shoulder, useless pleads leaving his lips. Useless because Taehyung isn’t leaving this time, and because Jimin is holding him so tightly he couldn’t go if he wanted to.


Taehyung doesn’t care about time. He doesn't care how long he’s here, holding Jimin. He doesn’t care that those sobs quieted, and then the sniffles quieted, and now it’s just breathing. Just him and Jimin breathing, holding each other. Taehyung doesn't want to speak first, and he’s sure Jimin doesn’t either. But someone had to. Someone had to say something, do something.


Taehyung leans back, rubbing at his wet lashes as he sits back on his calves, Jimin’s hands weakly falling from their grip on Taehyung’s sweater, as if it was in defeat. But Taehyung isn’t going far, stays seated right in front of him, and meets Jimin’s gaze when he looks up at him. He sees the surprise in Jimin’s eyes. Watches him reach out, and thumb at the corner of his eye from under his glasses where the tiniest tear was still left. “Tae, you—”


“I cry easily. But you already knew that.” Taehyung laughs dryly while taking his glasses off, setting them on the coffee table. He cried during sex, when he was overwhelmed he got sensitive. But Jimin doesn’t know that extends further. That when Taehyung sees someone else hurt and crying, he can't help but cry too, can’t help but feel that they were feeling. And crying with Jimin isn’t hard, because he feels for Jimin, he has since their first night together. It doesn’t matter how much he tried to shove it down, to snuff the life out of the feelings, they were there. Jimin frowns, his thumb gently caressing his under eye.


Their gaze is locked, and that familiar warmth spread through his body. One only Jimin seemed to know how to control, like Taehyung belonged to him, like he effortlessly owned him. Taehyung’s hand is gentle when it wraps around Jimin’s wrist, pulling his hand down so he can press kisses to Jimin’s short, thick fingers. Individual ones, soft and fleeting as he brushes over each one. “Tae.” Jimin breathes out, but it feels like a warning. A moan hitched in his breath. 


“I left because I was scared. Because I don’t hookup with people, and I didn’t know you, but I knew I already liked you too much.” He breathes the words out, letting them dance between Jimin’s fingers, watching them twitch before his eyes. “I didn’t know your flirting with me was genuine. People talk and I listened to them. Y-You’ve got a bit of a fuckboy rep, I’m sorry I believed it.” 


Jimin blushes, “It-It’s not much of a lie, honestly. I can’t fault you for believing it.”


Taehyung smiles some, he doesn’t know why, maybe because he thinks Jimin is acting cute, maybe because he’s emotionally exhausted and going crazy. Whichever it is, he smiles regardless. “It’s not an excuse for how badly I treated you.”


With a sigh, Jimin shrugs, “I can’t blame you for hating me when I made you feel so bad. When I was just… a distraction and borderline abusive asshole.” He’s surprised to hear those words. Blinks at Jimin with parted lips. Jimin looks a bit ashamed, struggles to meet his gaze. His eyes flickering away from him, lashes fluttering shut before he sighs and looks up, “What I did to you in the library was uncalled for. A-And stealing your notebook, and bribing you was—it was horrible. I’m sorry. It’s an apology you don’t need to accept, but, just know I won’t even do that again.” Taehyung’s eyes softened, holding Jimin’s trembling fingers in both his hands, easily enveloping Jimin’s much smaller hand.


“Jimin… you didn’t.. take advantage of me.” He says slowly, looking at Jimin who ducks his head. “Stealing my notebook was dicky. But I wanted to be on my knees for you, and I loved every word and touch, and the whole treatment. I just—was being an asshole about admitting it all. But I don’t want you to think that for a second I didn’t want it. I wanted it.”


“That doesn’t change the fact I shouldn’t have done it to you in such a public space—” Jimin sighs, his hand curling from where it was inside Taehyung’s, “It was—”


“Hot.” Taehyung says confidently, blushing when Jimin looks up at him with parted lips. “It was stupid fucking hot. I jerked off twice when I got home. But next time don’t leave me hanging, seriously, dick move!”


Jimin smiles, then softly chuckles before he smirks. “Next time, huh?” Taehyung blinks, realizing the words he said. They were unintentional, honestly. But some might argue that meant they were truthful, said without thinking, in the back of his mind. And honestly, a next time with Jimin doesn’t sound all that bad. Jimin pulls his hand from Taehyung’s and reaches out to pet his cheek with the back of his fingers, “As long as you don’t think I was really using you. Or that I would put you in a shit situation where we could really get caught.” 


Taehyung reaches up, covering Jimin’s hand with his, “Please. I think that guard would pop a boner before reporting us.” Jimin smiles, and then it gets quiet, their laughter soft, and short lived. It’s just them now, Jimin in front of him, smiling at him. His hand is warm against his cheek, and Taehyung’s thumb gently tracing Jimin’s. They’re just staring, quietly. Nothing else is going on, just barely audible breath, and shy, genuine smiles. Taehyung doesn’t know where this leaves them, but that’s okay. He feels like they’ve found some equal footing. He leans forward some, licking his lips. Jimin’s eyes fall to watch, before flicking back up to his eyes, “You can kiss me.” He says, just above a whisper, “You should kiss me.”


“Should I?” Jimin teases, and Taehyung scoffs, leaning back. Before he can get far, Jimin grabs the collar of his sweater, and pulls him into him. As he does so he slides down, and Taehyung follows, carefully resting his weight above Jimin’s as their lips connect. He’s only kissed Jimin a few times, and it feels like a sin. In all the months he’s known him, known about his perfect plump lips, he hasn’t tasted them nearly as much as they deserved to be tasted. Taehyung’s hands slide over the fabric of his hoodie before gripping it tightly while Jimin’s hands roam, over his shoulders and down his back, resting in the dip at the small of his back.


Taehyung tilts his head, and part his lips, Jimin follows suit as he opens his mouth. Jimin kisses him slow, and deep, like he always does . But there’s sweetness there this time, savoring Taehyung and tasting him with ease. His fingers press further into his back, and Taehyung sighs, licking at Jimin’s lips, before pressing past them and into his mouth. Jimin meets him, their tongues tangling wetly. Jimin traps him, sucking on his tongue and making him whine, his hips kicking against Jimin’s. His fingers slide lower, to the hem of his shirt, and they sneak under.


Jimin’s fingertips kiss across his back, hiking his shirt up more as they continue to kiss, oxygen becoming limited, but both of them too greedy to take a breath of air. They were concerned with each other, with swallowing each moan, licking and tasting and exploring. With the wet slide of their eager mouths. Jimin’s hands slide down, heat trails the spots he touched, following him as he slides over the curve of Taehyung’s ass, grabbing two handfuls of his fat cheeks, groaning against Taehyung’s lips. It’s Taehyung’s gasp that breaks the kiss, his hips twitching at Jimin’s handling of him.


“Such a shame I didn’t get to see your pretty body the last time I had you.” The library . Where they didn’t get to see much of each other, and God, it was a shame. Because it’s been so long since Jimin was stripped in front of him, he could barely remember it. Taehyung arches his back, pressing his ass into Jimin’s hands. He’s quick to squeeze his cheeks again, biting his bottom lip.


Taehyung kisses him again, open mouth, and tongue. It’s wet, drool and saliva mixing between their lips. Jimin moans, the hitch in his breath makes Taehyung shiver, and whine softly. He gropes Jimin’s chest, hidden underneath the hoodie. He wants it gone, he wants all of it gone, and he wants Jimin. To feel him, to touch him, to taste every inch of him. This isn’t an angry fuck like last time, it’s not some hated bubbling up, creating frustration along side his need. No, he wants Jimin, same as before. But now he feels like he can want Jimin, he doesn't feel bad about whining as he massages his ass cheeks in his hands, as he bites at his lips, as he makes Taehyung so hard he’s leaking already. He’s pathetic for Jimin, only this time, he knows Jimin is pathetic for him too.


“Jimin.” He sighs against his mouth, and Jimin’s fingers slide down to the backs of his thighs. “Jimin, please.” He doesn’t say what he wants, but Jimin knows. He should know. And the way that Jimin is kissing him back, the tight grip he has, he’s sure Jimin knows. Taehyung’s hard, kicking and grinding down against him. It’s so obvious and Taehyung doesn’t want the embarrassment of having to admit it.


Taehyung’s hands slide down, tugging on the hoodie as he sits up, tugging on it to pull from his frame. But Jimin stops him, grabbing his wrists suddenly, “W-Wait. Is this a good idea? Like, after everything we talked about? Should we really do this?” He asks, and Taehyung blinks down at him. “I mean, is sleeping together smart when we’re trying to figure our shit out? What.. what even are we now?”


They’re good questions. All of them. Sleeping together is what they have done, and it didn’t work out before, but they also never talked like this before now. And as for what they are… well… “I don’t know what we are.” He admits, “I don’t think we should be anything just yet, either.” He sees Jimin’s eyes widen, before lowering, hurt on his features and Taehyung blinks, cupping his cheeks. “Don’t misunderstand me.” He forces Jimin to look into his eyes, “We don’t know each other well, but we should before we decide anything. All I’m saying is we should try the whole dating thing. Without the catches, and without the spite. And we should see where that goes, rather than jumping into something like this and potentially fucking everything up. I want us to have a real shot, okay?” Taehyung’s thumbs gently caress his cheeks as he leans down and kisses Jimin. It’s gently, sweet. A quick brush of his lips against Jimin’s, but it feels like heaven.


Jimin’s hands wrap around his hips as he kisses back, just soft and sweet. “I’m okay with more dates. It’s what I’ve always wanted.” He smiles and Taehyung can’t help but to smile too. He’s hopeful. He thinks this can go somewhere for them, he really does. “But this means I have to fuck you. I’m really impatient.” 


“Oh yeah?” Taehyung smirks, his hands smoothing down his neck and over his chest, “You think you deserve to fuck me?”


Jimin’s eyes sparkle, and that’s familiar. The joy behind them, the fire in them that can make Taehyung tremble without being touched, “You think you can really say no? My pretty, needy baby, you’re cute if you think you’re going to do anything but beg for my cock.”


Shit .


Taehyung’s breath stutters, and he stares down at him. His cock is still hard, and Jimin’s words make him twitch inside his pants. Jimin really is unfair, huh? He’s stupidly hot, but so absolutely right . Taehyung couldn’t say no. But he isn’t going to. Not right now, not when he already feels so fucking desperate. Not when he wants Jimin’s mouth on every inch of his body, his hands trailing after those kisses. So, sure, Jimin had him here. He would give him this win, this time. But only this time. 


Jimin’s hands smoothe up his thighs, his thumbs pressing into the insides of his thighs, “Yeah, that’s right.” He purrs, and Taehyung’s eyes slide shut as Jimin’s hand grazes over his clothed erection, “Just relax for me.” Jimin shifts, pushing Taehyung back, and they take a moment to maneuver so he’s on top of him. Jimin sits right over top of his cock and Taehyung shudders. “Already needy, aren’t you?”


“Yes.” Taehyung licks his lips as Jimin swivels his hips, grinds down on him. Taehyung hisses as he pressed his head back into the arm of the couch, “Yes. Yes .”


“Good boy. Love when you’re vocal.” Jimin murmurs, leaning down to kiss his neck, rocking his hips. His lips and teeth tease at his throat. Nipping and pulling on his sensitive flesh, sucking it through his teeth, and lapping at the blooming red splotches that will turn into marks in a few days. Like they were fucking teenagers carrying hickies. I’s a bit embarrassing to think about. Jimin rocks back against his cock and Taehyung kicks his hips up into him, making Jimin moan. And it’s so so pretty.


His noises drive Taehyung absolutely mad. He reaches out for Jimin’s hips, holding him down while he grinds up again into his ass, whining at the friction, does it again, and again, head thrown back as he mewls. “Like a pup in heat.” Jimin purrs, but his breath is heavy, his words are hot. He’s just as affected by this as Taehyung, he’s just better at maintaining. “You like humping me like a desperate whore? You gonna come?” 


Whore . Taehyung shudders, his cock leaking into his underwear, his rutting against Jimin’s ass getting more sporadic. “Y-Yes. Gonna come, please, Jimin. G-Gonna—”


“Come in your boxers like some pathetic virgin.” Jimin growls, his hands shoving under his shirt, groping his tits. Taehyung’s hips fuck up again, and he drags his cock against Jimin, his cock aching painfully. “That’s right. You’re going to come all over yourself instead of on my cock, how sad is that? That’s so pitiful.


Taehyung can feel the burn of frustration behind his eyes. Tears threatening to pool at the corners of his eyes already. “Can’t help it. Feels good.” He breathes out, hips stutter some, his chest rising and falling heavily. Jimin’s thumbs brush over his nipples and Taehyung’s back arches as he cries out, a broken moan that’s too loud. He knows it, he knows he’s being pathetic. He knows he needs to control himself but he just wanted to let go. Of the stress, the anger, the sadness. He wants to enjoy Jimin without guilt in the morning, or animosity in his chest.


Jimin chuckles and leans down, licks over his lips, biting down roughly on his top one, “You can help it. You just don’t want to. You want to be greedy,” He says, his voice soft, purr to his words. Taehyung looks at Jimin’s smirk through heavily lidded eyes, “If you come now, you have to come on my cock too. I’m going to make you come again, and again, and again until your dick hurts so bad it feels like it’s going to fall off.”


“J-Jimin.” Taehyung whines, his hips stilling for a moment, cock crying in protest, the burn of arousal hurting. “I just—I wanna—”


“You wanna get fucked, right? You wanna be a good boy for me, hm?” Jimin takes Taehyung’s chin between his fingers, tilting his head up, “Is that right?” Taehyung nods weakly, but Jimin frowns. “ Vocal. ” It’s a warning. His voice stern, and leaving little room for argument. 


As he tries to speak, the hand that is still on his chest subtly slides a thumb over his nipple, making him arch his back with a whine.”Y-Yes!! I wanna be good..I wanna be g-good.”


“For?” Jimin asks increasingly, and Taehyung's mouth feels a little too dry. He had the power here, Jimin’s tiny hands controlling strings attached to his body. He would already say and do anything Jimin wants him to do, doesn’t he see that? He could ask his mutt to bark, and Taehyung wouldn’t stop until Jimin was pleased with him.


“You.” Taehyung says, and Jimin’s pleased smile makes him shiver. “I’m your good boy. M-Me.” He moves his hand to Jimin’s hoodie, pulling on it needily, “I’m good boy.”


Jimin cooes then, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “So cute, Taehyungie.” He giggles softly, nuzzling into the spot he kissed, “But you’re not being good. You’re taking for yourself, you’re being greedy, aren’t you?” Jimin leans back, and his thumb slides over his bottom lip. 


“Yes.” He agrees again. Just wants to say whatever Jimin wants him to. Please him . His mind screams, and Taehyung agrees. This would all be so much better if Jimin felt as good as him. If he thought about Jimin’s pleasure too. “Just wanna come. B-But I can wait. Can come with you.”


“Can you now?” Jimin asks, Taehyung nodding eagerly. Jimin rolls his hips when, and Taehyung hisses, head slamming back as he whines, his cock twitching against Jimin’s ass. “I want you to prove it. You have five minutes. Don’t come, and we’ll take it nice and slow. I’ll fuck you so good your thighs tremble, and your toes curl. So deep you’ll feel me inside you for a week.” Taehyung groans just at the idea, licking his lips, tongue sliding over Jimin’s thumb, which slips into his mouth, “ But .” He hums, rocking his hips back, “If you come, I’m going to milk you dry until it hurts . I’m going to fuck you like I wanna fuck you. And I don’t want a single complaint from you. Deal?” He asks, his thumb pressing down against Taehyung’s tongue, forcing his pretty mouth open, “Is that good?” 


It’s a win, win isn’t it? Either way he’s getting fucked thoroughly. He is going to have Jimin filling him up and spoiling him endlessly. He nods again, but Jimin narrows his eyes. “What did I say about being vocal? You don’t listen.” Jimin licks his lips, leaning down, Taehyung’s confused for a second before Jimin spits into his open mouth, making him flinch. “Swallow that or I’m leaving you here to suffer alone.” Taehyung’s eyes are wet, humiliation heavy in his throat as he does as he’s told, swallowing down Jimin’s spit, shuddering when Jimin’s piercing eyes sparkle. “There we go. Good boy takes his punishment so well, mm?” He leans down and places a gentle kiss on his lips, “Now, Is that good, Taehyungie?” 


“I-It is.” He agrees weakly, thinking back to Jimin crying and shivering, wondering how he can turn into this . How sex flows this easily between them, how they fall into roles Taehyung doesn’t even understand.


“Okay then.” Jimin leans back, and reaches for his phone, his small thumbs tapping at the screen, until he turns it around to Taehyung, sinister smile on his lips. 


4:57… 4:56… 4:55…


Taehyung’s heart races as Jimin sets his phone down, and slides down Taehyung’s legs. His fingers work at his button, and then pull his pants down his legs, with his boxers. His dark cock eagerly springs free, flushed, and covered in precome. Jimin licks his lips as he stares at it, and that there is enough to make him come already. “God, you’ve got such a big dick.” Jimin whines, and Taehyung’s cheeks flush hotter as he reaches out for it. His hand looked significantly smaller around his thick shaft. He’s practically drooling as he slides his hand up his cock, slow jerks of his length, eyes shining. Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip, pressing his arms against his sides, unsure of what to do with them, “Mmm, I love pretty boys with fat cocks. God, nothing makes me hotter than knowing how useless this fucker is going to be while I fuck you.”


How.. the fuck is he supposed to make it five mintues? He isn’t going to. He’s fucked. Jimin’s tongue peeks out from his pink, pillowy lips and laps at the precomes leaking from his dick. He sucks the bead down before giving his cockhead little kitten licks, his cheeks flushed, and his eyes watering. Jimin was feral right now, he looked insane in the hottest ways. Like he was cock starved or something. When he finally takes Taehyung into his mouth it’s in one deep dive. His lips wrap around his girth and his head slides down his length, taking him into his throat with no complaints. No gags, no sputters, nothing. Taehyung’s member is hugged by Jimin’s throat, tight and warm. His fingers twitch at his sides as he groans loudly, his hips twitching. Jimin holds his spot, humming around him causing the vibrations to stimulate his cock.


Jimin swallows around him, the smug bastard, and Taehyung can feel sweat on his brow. He doesn't even know why he’s trying not to come. It’s not like his “punishment” is bad, it’s not like it’s something that’s going to make him regret coming down Jimin’s tight throat.


But it’s his pride. It’s the want to beat Jimin. To come out with a win, with a victory. To know he dominated Jimin in something, that Jimin didn’t have the upper hand for once, that he would have bragging rights. Bragging rights sounded so good. But he doesn’t know how much time is left, and Jimin’s bobbing his head expertly over his cock, his dick hitting the back of his throat every time.


He’s soaked in spit and precome, his length so red and angry, throbbing with need. He’s never felt so swollen and desperate before, but he wants to win. He needs it. He reaches for the base of his cock, squeezing tightly to try to stop that overwhelming need to come, but Jimin pulls off him, spit on his lower lip, dripping down his chin as he grabs his wrist and pins it down on the couch. He does the same with the other. “Cheater.” He says, his voice hoarse, and raw from being invaded by Taehyung’s hard-on. He whines, Jimin licking up his length, tongue curling around his tip. Taehyung hisses, his back arching into Jimin’s mouth as he hums, accepting and bobbing his head over half of Taehyung’s length.


He’s going to bust. He’s face is hot, red and sweaty. He can feel sweat on his back, and his thighs trembling. Jimin really is trying to suck him dry, and Taehyung can’t think properly. He can't breath, and everything hurts a little. His balls are so tight, it’s painful. Jimin pulls off his cock with a hard, obscene pop and Taehyung breaks, his hips twitching up as he comes. His eyes are screwed shut as he shakes through his oragsm, screaming so loud his voice breaks, and nails dig into his palms. It’s the best oragsm he has ever had and he can’t even catch his breath as he collapses back on the couch, his entire body slick with sweat. When he does open his eyes, his heart stops, seeing Jimin’s pretty face soaked in his come. Over his lips, dripping from his little nose, one of his eyes shut with a big glob there. 


Jimin’s tongue licks at his lips, and Taehyung bits his bottom lip, “H-Hold on.” He breathes heavily, “I’ll get a cloth, or-or some toilet paper or something for you.”


“I got it.” Jimin pushes himself up, and stumbles for a second as he makes his way into the kitchen to wash up. Taehyung’s heart is a little heavy as he pushes himself up, rubbing at his wrists where Jimin was holding him down. He picks up Jimin’s phone, and as he touches it it vibrates. 




He wouldn’t have made it anyway. But he was close.


He reaches for his water, greedily sucking the glass down. The cool liquid is like heaven, feels like he hasn’t had something to drink in days. And he only puts it down when it’s empty, sighing as he sits back against the couch. He hears Jimin, and opens and eyes to watch him step close. He’s smiling as he sits down in Taehyung’s lap, thighs on either side of Taehyung’s. “You’re messy, huh?” He giggles, and nibbles at his bottom lip.


“Sorry I didn’t warn you,” He murmurs, hands sliding from Jimin’s waist to his hips.


“It was hot.” Jimin soothes, kissing Taehyung gently, “I like it when you paint me.” He whispers sinfully against Taehyung’s lips, making his sensitive cock twitch as he moves in and kisses him fully. His tongue sliding past his lips, tangling with Taehyung’s. He can taste himself. Musky, and salty. He feels a little bad, the bitter taste of his precome is still in Jimin’s throat. It’s… a little hot. Tasting himself on Jimin . “Can I take you into the bedroom now?” He asks, leaning back in to wrap his lips around Taehyung’s tongue, sucking lazily on it.


“Yes.” He says, and Jimin stands up, Taehyung half-assedly pulling his pants up to follow, his hand in Jimin’s. He was in Jimin’s apartment before, of course. But he didn’t remember it well. When they enter Jimin’s bedroom, he feels like it looks different, but he can’t place what it is. The sheets, or placement of his desk. Something simple like that. Jimin guides Taehyung to the bed, smiling playfully as he reaches for his sweater, pulling it over his head, before he shoves his pants down again.  Taehyung catches his lips in a kiss as Jimin’s hand smooths over his skin, touching every inch they can, leaving Taehyung to hum and moan against Jimin’s lips. He only leans back to help Jimin with his hoodie, tossing it aside. Taehyung immediately goes for his shirt next, and as it’s tossed away Jimin pushes him back on the bed.


He falls down and laughs as his body settles on the sheets, Jimin grinning widely as he crawls over him, Taehyung scooting up the bed some to get more comfortable. “What? Running from me?” Jimin teases, his hands sliding up Taehyung’s calves, tickling the dark hairs he has there. 


Taehyung giggles, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s shoulders, pulling him close. “Does it matter? You’d just catch me.”


“Mmmm.” Jimin sighs as Taehyung drags him into another kiss, “I always will.” He murmurs and Taehyung feels thrilled. He’s excited, his heart beating fast against his chest, and his cock already filling out again. He reaches down, pushing down his boxers, Jimin’s hands helping him but his focus is still on kissing Taehyung, stealing away his breath and licking at his lips.


Jimin pulls away, but he doesn’t go far, reaching for the last drawer of his nightstand, pulling out a strip of condoms, and some lube to set to their side. “Are you going to need all those?” Taehyung asks, and Jimin laughs softly, cupping his cheeks. 


His lips trail down, gentle press to his chin, and then down his throat. When Jimin gets to his collarbone he licks across it before biting down, making Taehyung hiss. “We might use a few. Depends.” Jimin whispers, kissing further down his chest and Taehyung settles back, sighing softly as Jimin’s mouths over his nipple. When his tongue flicks out over it, Taehyung whines, his hips lifting up into nothing. Begging for friction but not getting it. “Last time,” Jimin says, circling the bud with his tongue, his fingers circling his other bud, “You came from me playing with your nipples. Wonder if you can do that again.” Taehyung flushes, Jimin rutting the pads of his digits while he closes his mouth around the other.


It drives Taehyung mad. He’s too sensitive for this. His back arches as he moans, eyes flutter shut, his fingers slipping into Jimin’s dark locks. “J-Jimin.” He moans and Jimin just sucks harshly, pinching his other bud and pulling it. His cock does leak, pleasure tickling every inch of his skin. Taehyung lets a hand slide lower, resting on the warm skin of Jimin’s back, but when he feels Jimin’s teeth he gasps. His body shakes, pleasure taking hold as he lifts off the bed, arching into Jimin. “Please!” He cries, far too loud but Jimin just giggles around him. He leans back, shoving his fingers in Taehyung’s mouth, and it’s instinct when Taehyung starts to diligently lick and suck on them. 


“That’s my good boy.” Jimin hums, watching Taehyung’s tongue curl around his middle finger. He moans softly, and starts to thrust them in and out, eyes dark as they slip deep, threatening to breach his throat. And Taehyung kind of wants that. He wants to feel fingers in his throat, Jimin’s fingers, but before he can get it Jimin pulls them out and leans back down, licking at his nipple again, his now wet fingers rubbing Taehyung’s other stiff bud. It’s perfect , Taehyung’s brow twitching as he whines, hips kicking up again, tongue licking his lips before he presses his lips together to muffle his moan. “I think you will come.” Jimin says before he blows on the wet nipple, cool air making him gasp and his hips twitch up, “My baby is already going to come for me? So soon, too, you must have missed me, hm?”


“Yes.” Taehyung moans, uncaring, not even thinking. “Fuck, yes, yes! Missed you. Wanted you.” he whines, his nails digging into Jimin’s back. He can feel the huff Jimin lets out as he leans back down, teasing him with a new found passion. “ Ah! Ah! ” Taehyung moans, his hips lifting again, sob threatening to bubble out from his throat when he doesn’t have anything to grind against. “Please.” He whimpers and Jimin bites down hard on his nipple. It hurts, and then he tugs back. Taehyung is afraid he’s going to rip it off. His wet fingers pinch and pull and Taehyung can't catch his breath, his cock twitching, precome dripping down his length. “Oh, fuck. Nnnhgg shit.” His nails drag up Jimin’s back, his other hand tightly fist in his hair.


He is going to come. He can feel that coiling heat, that tightness in his lower gut. He can feel the build of his arousal. Jimin’s thumb pressed into his nipple before his fingers play with him, twisting and flicking. Taehyung is trying to hold together the best he can, but Jimin is bruising him, he’s relentless with his mouth, with his teasing. Taehyung feels too hot. He feels too overwhelmed. His nipples are too sensitive, and Jimin apparently knows him too well, somehow remembered little details like this.


He freezes for a moment, his stiff cock twitching before he comes again. Spurts of his seed painting his stomach, dripping down into his navel. Taehyung’s eyes shut, and his mouth stays open in a soundless cry. He’s still sensitive from his first orgams, his body twitching from such a sudden second one. Jimin leans back, kissing further down his chest, and lapping up his seed. Licking it up from his waist, and his stomach, his gaze focused on Taehyung as he watched. it only makes his cheeks hotter, his fingers numb and tingle as Jimin dips his tongue into Taehyung’s belly button to suck the some out of it. “Shit.” He swears and Jimin laughs.


He reaches down, holding Taehyung’s thighs up, pushing them until he’s almost folded in half. It burns a little, being stretched like this, but it’s nothing compared to the exposure he feels. Everything is out in the open for Jimin and it’s a bit overwhelming. “Can I eat you out?” Jimin asks, his lips ghosting over Taehyung’s cock before he licks up a stray bead of come from his slit, leaning down to suck at his balls. “Please?” He adds on, the little shit and Taehyung nods.


Thankfully Jimin lets it pass, letting him have his nod as he kisses gently down his perineum, Taehyung’s lip parting in another silent cry. Jimn’s gripping his thighs tighter, and he focuses more on the spot, sucking softly on his taint, Taehyung’s hands scrambling for the sheets beneath him, fisting them tightly. Thankfully, Jimin grants him a moment of mercy before he duck lower, mouthing hotly over his rim. “O-Oh.” Taehyung gasps, trying to think of the last time he has had a mouth on him like this, but he doesn’t even know. It almost feels new, having Jimin’s wet lips sucking at his hole, this tongue flatly lapping at him.


It can’t be new though. Jimin is just good. He just makes Taehyung forget about everyone before him, just licks and sucks at him so diligently, so devotedly that he forgets every other mouth. All the hands, the cocks, everything Taehyung has had before him. It’s not an impressive number, but it was few. And none of them touched him like Jimin does.


His tongue pushes through, and Taehyung moans, his toes curling helplessly in the air, Jimin pushing his thighs back further and Taehyung pulls at the sheets underneath him and Jimin’s fat tongue presses further inside him. His breath tickles at his sensitive skin, and he can hear Jimin moaning, getting off on having him like this. God, this was everything. God he was crazy for Jimin. But he thinks Jimin might be more crazy for him. He feels Jimin ease one of Taehyung’s legs over his shoulder as his hand reaches out, fumbling for the lube. Taehyung watches, anticipating licking at his gut, trying to nurse his arousal back to life. 


He doesn't know how he can possibly come anymore. Maybe he has one more orgasm before it’s too much, before it hurts more than it feels good. Taehyung groans as Jimin pulls out of him to bite harshly at his ass cheek. “_Fuck!_” He grits and Jimin shoves his tongue unceremoniously back inside him, moaning between his cheeks before Jimin leans back, and spits on his hole.


“Hold your legs, baby, need you to stay stretched for me.” He sheds himself of his pants, and his boxers, Taehyung finally getting to see Jimin’s cock. Thick, and fat. Girth he knows burns to take. He knows how much Jimin stretches him and he can feel drool at the idea of getting it again. Taehyung does as he’s told, holds his legs against his chest, watching as Jimin flicks the cap open, and coating his fingers. Some of the lube spills down, dripping cooly on his ass, sliding down his ass cheek. He doesn’t know why he finds it so hot, but he does. It’s messy. He likes messy.


Then Jimin’s fingers are at his hole. His first slides inside with some ease because of Jimin’s tongue. Taehyung barely feels it, sighs softly as his knuckle presses past his rim, Jimin slowly thrusting in and out of his ass. He lets his eyes shut, his head rest back against the pillow. Jimin uses his first finger for a while, working in and out of him until his rim is clenching, silent beg to have more, which Jimin supplies. His second fingers makes Taehyung’s breath hitch, brows twitch. He feels the slight burn now, drool in the corners of his mouth as Jimin takes his time with him.


His cock is hard again, stiff between his legs, and Jimin’s fingers curl inside him, pressing deep until they’re stopped by the knuckles on Jimin’s hands. “You take so good.” Jimin purrs, and he uncurls his fingers. It hurts, but in a good way, Taehyung’s whimper is accompanied by tears in his eyes. “Aw, baby, feels good?”


Taehyung sniffles, tears falling as he nods. He’s sensitive. His cock hard, but aching, his gut tight, searing fire that makes his whole chest tight. “F-Feels good.” He agrees weakly, crying softly as he feeling the pads of Jimin’s fingers search, and he knows what for. “J-Jimin it hurts. I don’t know.. if I can….” 


“Oh, you can.” Jimin soothes, his free hand sliding up his thigh, “Baby, I know you can. You’re not done, yet. You want to keep showing me how good I make you feel, right?” Jimin’s fingers twitch inside him, and Taehyung nods eagerly. He does. He really does. He wants Jimin to know. “Then you can come. You can come so good for me, as much as you need to.”


Taehyung feels drool slip from the corner of his mouth, tears down the sides of his face. And then Jimin’s fingers find that special spot they were searching for. Those sweet nerves that make Taehyung clench tightly around his fingers. “F-Fuck!” He cries, sob ripping through his chest as he leaks. It’s wet now, dripping right from his cock, and Jimin ruts his finger against the spot making Taehyung shake. It’s constant pleasure, shooting up his spine, lapping at him in waves. 


“That’s it.” Jimin purrs, pressing harder, rolling over those nerves. Taehyung’s nails dig into his thighs, heavily panting, tears falling faster from the overstimulation. “Come on, sweetheart.” he urges, his voice small, and sweet. It’s warm, and comforting and Taehyung hiccups as he hugs his legs, his cock spurting out over his stomach again. It burns as he comes, it’s more wet than it is thick, and it’s warm against his body. “Good boy.” Jimin praises, but his fingers fuck harder against his prostate, unrelenting. “but I want more. Wanna see you come again.”


“J-Jimin.” He chokes on a sob, “I can’t. I can’t. It hurts.”


“You promised .” He reminds him of their little bet before now and Taehyung whines, pressing his head back into the pillow, his chest rising and falling harshly, “Come for me once more, then I’ll fuck you, I’ll treat you so good, baby.”


Taehyung whimpers, his back burning, arousal painful. It was a heat that doesn’t just make him flush, but makes embers in his belly, make his skin feel like ash. “Jimin.” He sobs, and Jimin drags his digits over the spot, not willing to let up, relentlessly teasing him. “Jimin.” He mewls, his cock twitching against his tummy. He can’t breathe when he comes this time, spilling wetly onto himself, feeling it settle on his skin as his entire body breaks and shudders. He is head is spinning, but Jimin’s fingers start to move again, pulling out to coating them aagin, and then thrusting back in to fuck him open.


Jimin is fast, scissoring his fingers apart, carefully working in a third, but Taehyung can’t focus, just squirms at the feeling of his fingers, his grip on his legs significantly weaker. “Shh, angel,” Jimin cooes, and Taehyung doesn’t even realize he’s still crying, “Shh, I’m here. Going to take care of you, my good boy. My sweet baby.” He praises, and they do funny things to his insides. Tickle at him, make him feel warm, bubbly, happy. Jimin spreads him open, curls his fingers, fucks into him with those three thick fingers. They’re small and cute, but thorough.


When he removes them, Taehyung can hear the wrapper of the condom, and he can feel his thighs tremble. “M-My legs hurt.” He whispers, and Jimin leans down, and helps Taehyung ease them down, guiding them around his waist. Taehyung sighs, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead.


Jimin presses his lips to Taehyung, and Taehyung manages to kiss back, panting against Jimin’s mouth, whining as he pulls back some. “Do you want to stop?” He asks then, and Taehyung’s heart twists in confusion.


Stop? Why would they stop?


Taehyung looks up into his eyes, between them, over his face. He’s trying to understand, confusion is a dark cloud overhead. “Why?” He asks softly, and Jimin licks his lips from above.


“I don’t want to push you too far.” Jimin admits, and Taehyung's eyes soften. “You sound really exhausted, and, I don’t really care if I’m the one getting blue balled right now, I just wanna be sure that you’re okay.”


“I’m okay. Wanna be fucked.” He says, his heart racing in his chest, “Please. I just—I need a second to breathe. It’s a lot. Never… did something like this.” 


When Jimin smiles, it’s bashful, he looks a little embarrassed. Positively cute, though. “I probably should have toned it down, huh? This kind of thing absolutely makes you scare the cute guy away, huh?”


Taehyung smiles back, cupping his cheeks, and dragging Jimin down into a kiss. He could kiss himself countlessly. Could die right now, happy the last thing he touched was Jimin, was his sweet smell, and his soft lips. Jimin kisses him back, just as softly, palms rubbing softly at his waist, tongue peeking out, just barely. Taehyung’s arms moved around Jimin’s shoulders, tilting his head to taste Jimin from a new angle, humming.


He presses his heel into Jimin’s back, urging himself closer, “Fuck me.” He breathes out, and Jimin’s lashes flutter as he stars down at him, “Fuck me.” He says again, one of his hands petting over his cheek. Jimin reaches down without looking, and guides his condom wrapped dick to Taehyung’s entrance. “Yes.” He breathes out when he feels the tip and then Jimin is pushing in, and Taehyung chokes on air, ass stretching around his girth. “Y-yes.” He cries again, pulling Jimin closer, whining softly as his lips meet his throat, sucking gently on the already abused flesh, “F-Fuck me.. yes… yes .”


“Taehyung.” Jimin groans, his cockreaching deep, so close to filling him with his entire length.


“Jimin.” Taehyung begs back, his hand sliding into Jimin’s hair, his other squeezing his shoulder, “O-Oh, Jimin. Hah .” He feels so full. Jimin’s big, his weight settling heavily inside him as he feels Jimin’s balls against him. Feels them flush together. And Jimin stays still, letting Taehyung catch his breath. He kisses him instead, kisses every inch of his neck and shoulders he can, bending so his lips can reach low enough to kiss his collarbone.


Pampered. He feels pampered. He feels like he’s being taken care of, after all the overstimulation, and the milking, he feels like he can finally relax. Feels like he can finally breathe . The warmth in his chest doesn’t burn like before, this time it spreads through his chest, and his arms and his thighs. He feels stupidly close to Jimin, like he’s lovesick or something. He nudges Jimin’s cheek with his nose, exhaling against his skin, “Move.” Jimin responds with a kiss in the dip of his collarbone, and then he draws his hips back.


Slow. It’s slow as he rolls back into him, repeating the motion, hips barely making any noise as he fucks languidly into him. Taehyung’s lips part, eyes shut, mouth carefully hanging open as Jimin moves against him, still kissing him, this time moving up. His focus on his ear now, licking at the shell before biting at the lobe. Taehyung sighs, and so does Jimin, his breath fanning out over his ear, sending shivers down his spine, “You’re tight.” His voice is wavering, and Taehyung’s brow twitches, he clenches on accident and they both gasp.


“I-I know.” He whispers, but he doesn’t know why he’s whispering now when he was screaming before. Everything feels different now. Him, Jimin, their bodies. It’s like a new discovery. Jimin leans back some, not far, and takes Taehyung’s hands, pinning them down on the bed. It’s Taehyung who intertwines their fingers but Jimin smiles in a way that makes him think that was his intention too. “You can move faster. If you need more.” He tells him, and Jimin does, rests his forehead against Taehyung’s as he pulls his hips back further, slamming into him harder than Taehyung expects. He chokes on the moan and Jimin’s hips kick faster, not as hard as the initial thrust, though.


The mattress begins to creek, springs whining softly, making Taehyung flush. “Mmmm,” Jimin moans, lips parting above him, pretty flush on his cheeks too, Taehyung can’t help but to look at him while he’s this close. Eyes shut, brows slightly furrowed. He’s just beautiful. “Tae. Ah , you’re so good. Feels.. so good.”


“Good for you.” Taehyung urges, wanting Jimin to feel possessive again. And as he says it Jimin’s eyes slit open to look down at him, “I feel good for you .” He insists and Jimin moans, licking his lips. He feels Jimin kick, his pace slows a fraction so he can put more power behind his thrusts. The first time he thrusts into him like that, the tip of his member brushes his prostate, making Taehyung whine, his fingers clutch tightly  onto Jimin’s.


“Mine.” He says hotly, it sounds guttural, hungry, and Taehyung nods. “You don’t know how long I wanted you to be mine . Such a beautiful, sweet man. Fuck . I wanted you so bad.” He moans and Taehyung hangs on his words as he starts to pant, “So cute all alone at the party, must’ve been your first, I thought and I wanted to help you out. But, fuck, all I could think about was how pretty you are, especially as you sobered up and we talked more and I got a peeked at what you were really like. Tae, God, do you even know how good you are?” He asks him seriously, and Taehyung blushes. His teeth catching on his bottom lip, nervously tugging on it, “Our first night together I felt something with you, same thing I feel now, and it’s different from everyone else. It’s special.”


“What does it feel like?” He asks, breathless, not from the fucking, but from Jimin’s confessions.


“Warm.” He groans, one of his hands letting go of Taehyung to wrap under his waist, and pull his body up, and flushed against him, “It’s warm everywhere. Makes me soft inside, like I’m melting. But it’s good .”


He felt it too. He felt it when he was with Jimin, moans softly as Jimin leans down to claim his lips for  his own, fuckng harder into him. He’s brushing over his prostate, the surge of pleasure makes him more exhausted and needy, but he doesn't know if he can come for Jimin again. His cock’s between his and Jimin’s stomach, getting friction from their bodies, but with the pleasure is a slight ache. A pain. Jimin forces Taehyung’s lips open with his tongue, and his fingers tremble in Jimin’s hand, his other hand sliding over the nape of Jimin’s neck as he kisses him hard and kisses him thoroughly. Pleasure is on Jimin’s mind now, his own pleasure.


During the entire time he was pleasuring, and milking Taehyung, he was stiff. His cock was given no attention and Taehyung feels bad for it. He really must be greedy, huh? But now Jimin is being self indulgent, using Taehyung’s tight hole for his own taking, his own enjoyment. Taehyung is shaking, gasping and whining against Jimin’s mouth. They’re barely kissing at his point. It’s just Jimin’s tongue greedily tasting every inch of Taehyung, despite the fact he already has. He must taste addicting if Jimin still kisses him like this.


“Fuck.” He groans against his mouth, “Gotta..” He leans back, and Taehyung’s eyes widen when he pulls Taehyung with as a show of strength, hissing softly. Taehyung’s legs are around his waist, and he slides further onto his cock now that he’s in Jimin’s lap. Taehyung clings to him, whining as Jimin’s hands move to his ass, urging him up, to ride his dick. “I’m close.” He breathes out, and even if all his bones ache and his muscles are sore Taehyung rolls his hips, Jimin helping support his weight as he rides him. It’s not really all that graceful, but Jimin is moaning, Taehyung is whimpering, his prostate right on the path that Jimin is fucking, each thrust against those senstive nerves.


Taehyung suddenly feels pleasure shooting up his spine, crying loudly as he cock twitches. His breath is heavy, tears blurring his vision, but nothing comes out. He feels like he’s coming, seeing stars being his eyes, as they roll back but he’s dry, twitching as he clenches tightly around Jimin. Jimin groans, nails digging crescents into Taehyung’s ass, “Fuck, Fuck.” He swears and he’s coming too, holding Taehyung tightly as he fills the condom, before he’s breathing heavily against Taehyung, and they both fall back on the bed.


Jimin is half on top of him, his arm close to his face, leg hooked around Taehyung’s hip. While Taehyung is panting just as heavily as Jimin is, he feels sweaty and gross, his arms above his head, legs bent at the knee, both resting against Jimin.


“Shit.” Jimin sighs, his voice hoarse, and Taehyung nods weakly, turning over to curl into Jimin’s side. “We should shower, baby, we’re really fucking gross.” 


“Don’t wanna move.” Taehyung says softly, nuzzling into him.


Jimin laughs, lips against his temple. “How about a bath? What if I get it ready and then I come and get you?”


“Carry me.” He says, pout on his lips.


Jimin laughs again, sighing deeply afterwards, his fingers brushing his hair out of Taehyung’s eyes as he leans forward, kissing at the tear tracks. “You’re a brat.” He mumbles, “My brat.” His hand slides down his back, and over the curve of his ass, giving a greedy squeeze making Taehyung complain softly with a whine. “Shh.. you like it.” He smiles, pressing a kiss to Taehyung’s nose before he rolls over and gets up, pulling the condom off, tying it and tossing it away. Jimin disappears then, and the cool sheets are Taehyung’s to rest on. They smell vaguely like Jimin. Like his after shave, and his body spray. It’s comforting. Being here is comfortable. He likes it better than his own room.


He lays there a while before Jimin is back, prodding at his hip, “We need a bath. Trust me, you’ll thank me tomorrow morning.” Taehyung rolls over with a sigh. He can feel the sweat, the come, the tears and drool. He knows he needs a bath, but fuck he doesn’t want to move. But he sighs, and pushes himself up, taking Jimin’s hand, to help him stand. He clings to Jimin’s back as they walk to the bathroom, hugging around his tiny waist, snuggling into the nape of his neck as Jimin turns the water off. 


Jimin is the first in, welcoming Taehyung to sit on top of him which he does, ignoring the tight fit in favor of soaking in warm water, and Jimin’s lips at his nape.


“When is too soon to ask you out?” Jimin asks then and Taehyung smiles, reaching as hand back, water dripping down his arm and off him onto Jimin as he reaches back to Jimin’s hair, angling his head so they’re closer, so Taehyung can look into his eyes. 


He kisses Jimin first, a brief, chaste kiss that makes them both sigh, “It’s never too soon.” He murmurs and Jimin grins and kisses him again. 


Taehyung is the first to wake up, his arms around Jimin who’s back is pressed into Taehyung's chest. Last time this happened, Taehyung panicked and ran. He felt embarrassed as he recalled the night with Jimin, and he snuck out before he had to face him. Now, even though he does flush at the memories, he doesn't want to run. But he does want food.


He wants Jimin to have food, too. Something nice for them to wake up to, a little thank you on his behalf. Or maybe an apology so his horrid behavior. Taehyung gets up, and gets dressed. Stealing some of Jimin’s clothes that are baggy enough for him to fit him. One of those items being that black hoodie from the night before, and some sweats. He leaves quietly, and leaves the door unlocked as he makes his way to his car, checking for the closest place for some morning snacks he can pick up.


As he drives, he finds himself smiling, happy with where he is. Where they are.


Talking was good. Finding equal footing and understanding each other, well, that felt good too. Even better. He can see more of last night in their future. Not just the mind blowing sex, but the comfort, the affection. More date nights with Jimin, and… it was a good date, if he forgot about why they were having it in the first place. He wanted more. He wanted to see Jimin, the real Jimin, not the suave, sexy character he played up for him. He wanted to get to know jokey, dorky Jimin who laughed so beautifully and could barely hold himself together during fits of giggles. There was so much he didn’t know about Jimin that he really wanted to. 


He got to the small cafe, ordering himself a hot tea, and Jimin the coffee order he usually gets on campus. At least, the one he thinks he gets. He’s caught the tag a few times, and thinks he’s at least close. He gets two muffins, and then he gets back in his car, heading back to Jimin. He’s a little giddy, excited to wake Jimin up to their surprise. He didn’t cook, sure, didn’t make breakfast. But this was the best he could do, he lived with Yoongi for a reason. His cooking was… subpar.


He lets himself back into Jimin’s apartment, locking the door behind him. The bag of muffins in his mouth making him drool a little as his stomach growls. But when he reenters the bedroom, Jimin is awake. He’s sitting on the bed hugging his legs to his chest, one of his hands in his hair. When he looks up his lips are parted, and his eyes are red, tears down his cheeks. Taehyung blinks in surprise, accidentally dropping the bag, where it falls to the ground. “J-Jimin?” He asks, his heart hurting, confused and uncertain.


“You—” Jimin whimpers, looking at him in surprise, “You’re…”


Taehyung sets the drinks on Jimin’s desk, and goes for the bed immediately, sitting beside him and wiping at his cheeks, “Jimin, angel, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”


Jimin is looking at him in awe, his bottom lip trembling before he gives way to another sob, burying his face in Taehyung’s chest, and Taehyung hugs him, his arms wrapping tightly around his small frame. “You weren’t here.” He cries, his grip tightening in the fabric of the hoodie. “I-I woke up and you were gone again.” Taehyung feels his own eyes sting, ducking his head into Jimin, petting his hair to soothe him. “I thought… I didn’t..” He hiccups, “But you’re back.” He whimpers, nuzzling into him.


“I just wanted to get breakfast.” He reassures him, “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” Taehyung kisses the top of his head, tilting Jimin's head up so he could kiss him. Doesn't care about the tears, or the snot on his face. Just wants to kiss Jimin who kisses back desperately. Nibbling on his lips as he pulled Taehyung down, back into bed, food and drink abandoned so they could fall into each other. Jimin touches every inch of him, just to make sure Taehyung is really there with him. That he didn’t leave him again.


And he is. He always will be, now. He doesn’t plan on going anywhere, unless it was with Jimin’s hand intertwined with his. 


“I’m here.” He whispers as Jimin’s starts to peel off his layers, so they’re both bare again. So their skin can touch, and warm. Taehyung kisses the corners of each of Jimin’s eyes, pulling him in closer, diving into him for another kiss, for another taste.


Maybe it was Taehyung who was addicted. Unable to avoid Jimin, unable to breathe without him.


Maybe it was both of them, drawn to each other like moths to a flame.