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The Perfect Birthday

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(Please read the notes if you havent, and please enjoy! :))


It was two weeks until Kongpob’s birthday, and Arthit was freaking out.


The two had been dating for just under a year now, and they had celebrated anniversaries, their friend’s birthday, heck, they even celebrated Arthit’s own birthday some months ago.


Kongpob was always romantic, bringing Arthit pink milk at lunch, making their bed in the morning, washing his clothes after school as a surprise, and on the elder’s birthday he was no less sweet. When he had gotten back from class, a surprise birthday had been planned for him, with all his friends, and a romantic dinner date afterwards.


The night had been perfect, just like the rest of their relationship.


Arthit had never been super romantic, as anyone who ever knew him would tell you. He was ever one to buy flowers or confess their love in front of people or do something stupid like claim to make some guy his wife in front of an entire faculty.


However, he did try. He would get up early sometimes and buy Kongpob’s his same Chinese donuts and soy milk that he would drink every morning, or he would leave him iced tea on his desk when he knew he had exams, or he would plan a few movie dates, but they barely held a candle to Kongpob’s elaborate picnics and theme park dates.


Point was, Arthit was getting better at adding to the relationship, and Kongpob reminded him that he didn’t have to be romantic if that wasn’t who he was, but the stupid lovesick smile he did whenever Arthit grabbed his hand in public or kissed his cheek had the elder continuing anyway.


The major issue however, was that Arthit was ONLY JUST beginning to be romantic and feel comfortable doing it more often, he had no idea how he was supposed to show how much he loved his boyfriend on his birthday, it just had to be perfect.


that’s how he ended up here, sitting at Bright’s bar (which he had only just bought, and worked at in his spare time from school)and listening to his friend rant about his newest boyfriend, regretting even coming in the first place, he should’ve seen this coming.


“and oh my god in bed Arthit.” Bright’s eyes were wide with wonder as he spoke. “he’s so small and thin, and so short compared to me with like these plush lips oh my god they looked so nice around-“


“shiya!” Arthit almost spit out his drink, glancing around to see if anyone heard his shameless friend. “I didn’t come here to listen to you talk about your sex life, I came for advice.”


Bright seemed to freeze, and stared at Arthit with a bewildered expression, eyes wide, and it just had Arthit feel embarrassed as hell.


“damn, it must be serious if you decided to come to me.” Bright smirked boastfully. “go on, tell mama Bright what’s bothering you.”


Arthit scowled, instantly knowing this was a bad idea, but Knot was currently on a camping trip for this side job teaching kids, and Arthit knew Prem would just whine about his failed love life and how Waad hadn’t texted him back.


“don’t flatter yourself.” He snapped. “you’re a last resort, I need advice on what to do for Kongpob’s birthday.”

At this, Bright snorted, and the glare Arthit shot him didn’t shut him up anymore, it had stopped working years ago, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying.


“easy.” Bright smirked, ignoring Arthit, who hung is head low in regret. “just give him sex.”


At this Arthit simply choked on his beer, before getting into a coughing fit, resulting in Bright laughing loudly at him, attracting the attention of a few customers.


“Jesus.” The elder gasped. “I should’ve expected that, I wanna do something romantic!”


“sex IS romantic!” Bright argued, but at that moment he grabbed a hold of one of the waiters as they walked past and pulled him into his body. “what do you think baby? What should Arthit give his boyfriend for his birthday.”


Arthit raised an eyebrow in surprise, the waiter whom Bright was holding was short and cute, as described, with plush lips and big, innocent eyes. Had Bright really been talking about him so loudly when he was right near him the whole time?


“Papii!” the smaller boy giggled. “I’m trying to do a job! I have to get paid ya know.”


“baby please.” Bright chuckled back, pressing a kiss to the shorter boys’ head. “all you have to do is say the word and I’ll pay you double.”


“aww Papii that’s so-“


Arthit coughed loudly, catching the attention of the two lovebirds, who seemed to realise what they were doing, at least Bright’s boyfriend had the sense to look embarrassed, Bright just looked proud.


“thanks.” Arthit deadpanned. “got any advice? Or should I leave you two alone?”


“how long have you and this guy been dating?” the small man (Arthit wasn’t sure of his name) asked, now leaning against the bar. “cuz it can be different for different people.”


“almost a year.” Arthit replied, like script, he had said it so many times, and yet it seemed so wild still. “we are going pretty well.”


“hmmm…” the presumably younger boy seemed to think for a moment, before lighting up. “oh! I’ve got it!”


Arthit leaned closer, interested, finally maybe he’d get some good advice!



Arthit stood up and left.



“I didn’t come here to third wheel, so if you’re going to be all over each other please let me know now.” Was the first thing that Arthit said as he approached May and M the next day in the spot he agreed to meet them.


The two responded by awkwardly laughing, M going a brilliant shade of red Arthit thought could only be achieved by a fire truck.


Oh aright, they were both still in that stage where they pretended to just be friends when they obviously both like each other.


“that’s funny.” May laughed nervously. “uhm, Kongpob must love your humour P’”


Arthit rolled his eyes, not oblivious to the way his juniors were nervously fiddling with their hands where they sat on one of the school benches.


“I didn’t come here to tell you off or punish you.” The elder rolled his eyes again, catching the confused glances from the others. “I came for advice, and I swear if either of you bring this up outside of this conversation ill be dishing out more than 54 laps around the track.”


The two juniors’ eyes widened, and they nodded hurriedly.


“alright…” Arthit was starting to regret this again, but the two were Kongpob’s best friends, his most reliable ones anyway, so hopefully they’d be of some help. “Kongpob’s birthday is coming up and I just- I’m not a very romantic person ok?”


May seemed to catch on immediately and squealed. “That’s so cute! You really aren’t all stone-cold hazer!” she beamed, before seeing the glare Arthit was shooting her, and calming down. “I mean- of course well help you come up with something, P’Arthit.”


“maybe you should do something you’ve already done?” M suggested with a shrug, clearly not entirely comfortable around Arthit yet, which slightly bothered the elder boy. “bring back memories ya know? Nostalgia?”


Arthit thought about that for a moment, mulling over the idea.


The two had a relationship that was pretty scattered, all of the events leading to them getting together took place at the university, and all of their dates ranged from the movie theatre in town to the theme park that only comes once a year, and last visited a month ago.


What was their ‘thing’?


Pink milk had been an ongoing joke throughout their relationship, Kongpob liked to tease the elder about his obsession, but what could he do with that?


There had to be something else.


“I’ll... keep that in mind.” He finally spoke, smiling at the two younger students. “thank you.”


“that’s alright P’” May smiled. “it’s good to know Kongpob is in good hands.”


“Thanks, now, don’t tell Kongpob of this or else.” With that threat, Arthit turned and left the two giggling students behind.



Arthit frowned as he skimmed the “Best Date Spots” article in his magazine.


Beach picnic? Skinny dipping? Netflix and chill? All these dates the two had either already done, or involved some form of sexual intimacy, which Arthit of course wasn’t against with his attractive boyfriend, but he wanted this to be romantic.


Even though he felt that if he did put on some kind of lace and that was it, Kongpob probably wouldn’t be too fussed with getting anything else.


Speaking of the devil, it was that moment Kongpob emerged from the bathroom, shirtless and wearing a pair of sweatpants, drying his hair with a towel.


“what’re you reading P’Arthit?” he asked, hanging up the towel on the desk and laying down next to the elder, who immediately switched to the fashion column. “clothes?”


“I need some new pants.” Arthit lied, placing the magazine on the table and turned towards his boyfriend. “mine are ripped at the knee, and ripped jeans never really were my style.”


Kongpob hummed absentmindedly, moving his hand to brush softly against Arthit’s skin.


If Kongpob was the moon, a soft glow, beautiful, lighting up the entire sky at night, complimenting the stars, then Arthit was the sun, bright, unmissable, angry and harsh.


Arthit sighed and leant into his boyfriend’s touch for a moment, Kongpob was the first person he had ever truly loved and been with. The only person who would put up with him and wanted to love and take care of him. Even after everything Arthit put him through.


Everyone dreamed of walking on the moon, but nobody wanted to touch the sun, in fear of getting burned.


Kongpob was the moon who gave all his love to the sun, not caring about the consequences, not caring if he got burnt, just wanted to show the sun that it deserved love too, and that past his vicious rays he was warm, and was needed, to make the day bright.


As Kongpob leaned in to press a kiss to Arthit’s lips, the elder couldn’t help but think;


Kongpob, even as the moon, deserved both night and day.


And Arthit wanted to make sure he knew that.



“this better be an emergency Arthit.” Knot’s voice was patchy over the phone, and Arthit knew it was because of the shitty reception at the camp. “I’m only allowed a few phone calls and my mom will be pissed when she finds out I have one less for her.”


“it IS an emergency.” Arthit promised, because, in his mind, yea, it was an emergency. “it’s a matter of life or death.”


“well tell me then!” Arthit could hear the eye roll through the phone. “I only have two minutes; we’re taking the kids to the beach today.”


“it’s Kongpob’s birthday in a week…” Arthit started, and he heard a loud sigh on the other end. “no, seriously I need help, I don’t know what to do!”


“just do a dinner or something.” Knot said, sounding entirely done with the situation. “or a picnic or something.”


“M said I should do something that nostalgic.” Arthit whined. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to do that!”


“me neither!” Knot exclaimed with an irritated sigh. “you guys are everywhere, what does he want you to do? A roleplay where you run around the track field 54 times and he comes and ‘warms you up’ instead of getting yelled at?”


Arthit laughed sarcastically into the phone, but then he froze, the lightbulb in his head glowing bright. “wait, I have an idea.”


“Arthit, you know I was just kidding right? That was a jo- “

Arthit put the phone down and grinned, he had some organising to do.




The sun shining through the window was what woke Arthit up from his sleep, and he looked up to see his boyfriend standing at the window, holding the curtains to the side as he peered out.


“close the curtains.” Arthit croaked out, turning over and covering his eyes with his pillow, trying to get some more rest. “it’s early.”


Kongpob chose to ignore him, instead laying down next to his boyfriend and moving the pillow to stare lovingly at his sleepy face. “did you rest well?”


“it was alright.” Arthit gave up on fighting then, and just chose to watch his boyfriend’s movements. “you?”


“good.” The younger smiled, and Arthit watched in horror as it morphed into a smirk. “good enough that I am wide awake.”


With his words, Kongpob slowly climbed on top of his boyfriend, caging his head with his hands and moving to press kisses to his neck, sucking harshly in some spots, causing Arthit to gasp and smack him.


“Kongpob!” his eyes were wide in embarrassment. “get off! I have class in a bit!”


“skip for me?” the smirk was almost enough to have Arthit agreeing, and just spending some time showing his boyfriend his love, letting him have his way, but he had things to do, and if he stayed he wouldn’t get out of bed until tomorrow. “please?”


Oh god, he really, really wanted to, but people were probably waiting for him, he had a lot to set up.


Arthit responded by pushing Kongpob off him and standing up. “shiya, so desperate.” He accused, knowing Kongpob wouldn’t take it to heart. “I’m going to be late to my class now.”


As he spoke, he got changed into his uniform, which was already laid out from the day before.


A glance at Kongpob showed that the younger was pouting slightly on the bed, and Arthit hoped it was just overexaggerated. “what?” the elder raised a brow. “you expected me to say yes?”


“no.” Kongpob grinned evilly. “but I thought I would try, I can usually persuade you with my mouth on your neck, and I thought today you may let me...”


Arthit’s cheeks flamed red, and he grabbed his bag. “you thought wrong.” He huffed, turning to leave, but when he saw Kongpob’s kicked puppy face, he turned around and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, before pulling away slightly. “happy birthday, Kongpob.”


As he went to walk away, the younger grabbed Arthit’s arm, and pulled him back onto the bed, falling on top of him in the same position as before.


“I knew you remembered.” Kongpob smirked over Arthit, who was blushing even more. “you do care.”


“of course, I do.” Arthit muttered, trying to not look at the man caging him down. “I love you, idiot.”


“I love you too.” Kongpob replied, leaning down until his lips brushed the shell of Arthit’s ear. “now let me show you how much.”


Arthit sighed.


Maybe he could be a little bit late.




It was around ten when Arthit rocked up to where he was supposed to be, and he was met with nine glares as he walked towards his and Kongpob’s friends.


“welcome, you’re an hour late.” Tutah raised an eyebrow at him, hand on his hip as he gestured to the boxes all around them. “we already moved everything out here, now we just have to set up, thanks for the help.”


“sorry guys.” Arthit rubbed his neck sheepishly, not meeting his friend’s eyes. “I had something I had to do.”

“more like you had to get done!” Bright whooped, and Arthit shot him a confused glare. “Kongpob did your neck pretty well bro, I’m sure he was very happy with how you wished him happy birthday.”


Arthit’s eyes widened, and he immediately grabbed his phone from his pocket and turned on the camera, only to see that yep, his neck was littered with purple marks, courtesy of his eager boyfriend, who just couldn’t keep his mouth to himself. (then again, it wasn’t like Arthit was arguing as it was happening, but still.)


“shiya, Kongpob!” he cursed under his breath, face going red as all of his and Kongpob’s friends giggled at him. “let’s just, get to work ok?”


“yes sir!” Prem fake saluted, picking up a box. “or is that what you call our Nong?”


“Nah Prem, I’m pretty sure that’s ‘daddy’”


“shut up!”




It took around the whole day to get everything set up, and by the end of it everyone was sweating and most definitely ready to go home.


“jeez Arthit, I’m starting to think this wasn’t worth the five meals you’re gonna be buying for me.” Bright complained, laying down on the floor. “I mean c’mon, I know you wanted to be romantic, but like, as I said, you could just put on some sexy underwear and Kongpob would’ve been happy, remember, you said last time you did he-“


“HA HA Bright! You’re so funny!” Arthit laughed loudly, shooting the other boy a glare, and signalling towards M, May, Oak, Maprang and Prae, who stood still and shocked, faces red in second hand embarrassment. “good joke, alright, I think everyone should go home now.”


Everyone let out a sigh of relief, and Arthit couldn’t help smile fondly at his friends as they left.


As he turned to put the last candle in place and grab the lighter, M and May showed up at his side.


“don’t worry about that P’Arthit.” May smiled, gently taking the lighter from his hand. “you’ll just stress about leaving them lit while you go get dressed.”


“oh.” Arthit wasn’t shocked, simply surprised that his Nongs wanted to help him, especially when he had been yelling at them the past two years and they were obviously not comfortable with him yet. “thank you, I will go get ready then.”


With a smile that was unusually easy to muster(maybe he was becoming fond of the two), Arthit nodded at his juniors, turning on his heels and beginning to walk towards his dorm, where he had a clothes laid out.


“oh, and P’!” the elder turned around at M’s voice and saw the two smiling sweetly. “I think Kongpob will love it, it’s very romantic.” At his words, Arthit’s heart lifted, he wasn’t sure before, but he had hope that Kongpob would appreciate his work, and he was happy his boyfriend had such amazing friends.


With a small nod, Arthit glanced at his watch, and the small 5:30 on it had him gasping, and rushing to his dorm faster than before, he could NOT be late, not for this.




It was almost six when Arthit spotted Kongpob walking towards him, dressed in a blue button up shirt and beige trousers(his long sleeves rolled to show off his forearms, god Arthit loved when he did that), hair slicked back neatly, looking fine and put together, as he usually was, even when doing something casual, average, like shopping at the supermarket.


“you look nice P’” the younger grinned when he finally stopped in front of his boyfriend. “dressed up for an occasion? I thought we could just go to that noodle place we like, nothing too special.”


Arthit wasn’t dressed up very much, though his jeans, short sleeved light red (it’s not pink Kongpob!) button up and his chain necklace may have been quite a bit fancier than his usual shirts and hoodies, but it WAS an occasion.


Arthit tsked and lightly smacked his boyfriend on the side of the head. “I told you, I have something planned ok? Stop asking so many questions.” He raised an eyebrow. “don’t you trust me?”


“more than anyone, P’Arthit.” It was a rhetorical question, but Arthit should’ve known his boyfriend would take the opportunity to say something cheesy, it was Kongpob, after all.


The elder just scoffed, hiding his red cheeks by turning around and walking towards the school. “come on, I just have to grab my wallet from the field, I left it there while I was helping your little friend Praepailin organise water for the new freshmen.”


Behind him, Kongpob raised an eyebrow, but he shrugged, catching up to his boyfriend and grabbing his hand. The only reason Arthit even let him was the fact that there were no people around, if there were, there was no way Arthit would even let his boyfriend stand close enough to touch his hand.




“wow P’Arthit, look how pretty the sunset is!” Kongpob exclaimed, looking up at the sky as they rounded the turn that lead to the track field, in a minute they would only have to turn and they would be there. “I’m sure the view from the field will be so cool! Mind if I stop and take a photo while you grab your wallet?”


“shush Kongpob.” He may have sounded mad, but Arthit was just trying to keep his boyfriend from stopping before they got to their destination. “we are almost there, just hold off for a moment, will you?”


As he spoke, the bleachers up ahead got closer, just around this wall and Kongpob would finally see the hard work he did for him.


God, Arthit hoped he liked it.


“oh, that’s ok P’” Kongpob smiled softly, but Arthit saw slight hurt in his eyes, and he felt bad for a moment, but he was sure it’d be worth it. “I just though since we are- woah.”


As the younger spoke, the two had turned that last corner, and he was finally met with what Arthit was trying so hard to show him, and the sparkle in Kongpob’s eye made him nervous.


There were candles set up all along the field, on the track, on patches of sand on the grass, mostly gathered around a picnic blanket, sat in the middle of the field, with a cooler perched next to it. A bouquet of flowers was sat in the middle of the blanket, and everything was covered with an orange glow from the sunset, which was so beautiful, the sky pinks and yellows and oranges as the two men stared at it.


“do- uh- do you like it?” Arthit asked softly, playing with his hands, eyes hopeful as he admired his boyfriend’s side view, who was smiling slightly. “If you still want to go to that noodle place we can, I mean it’s your birthday after-“


“P’Arthit.” Kongpob smiled, placing a hand on the elder’s face, cupping it softly. “it’s beautiful, I love it.”


Arthit stood frozen, face heating up way past boiling point, before he looked away sheepishly. “Thanks.” He whispered. “I’m glad you like it, c’mon, let’s sit down.”


The two men slowly made their way to the picnic blanket, and Arthit pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses from the cooler.


“fancy.” Kongpob wiggled his eyebrows, and Arthit just rolled his as he filled up his glass. “are we having food as well?”


“of course.” Arthit replied, and with a smirk he whistled loudly, confusing the younger boy. “sorry Kong.”


Kongpob opened his mouth to ask what just happened, eyebrows furrowed, when two figures popped out of the bushes around them, M and Oak dressed in fancy suits and holding dishes of food.


“your dinner.” Oak wiggled his brows as he spoke formally, placing down a plate of Kongpob’s favourite(but basic) rice and omelette with basil and meatballs in front of him, and M placed the same plate in front of his boyfriend. “enjoy.” They spoke in sync, before walking back into the bushes.


“you organised all this?” Kongpob’s eyes were wide now, as he looked down at his food. “this is amazing P’, I really got an amazing boyfriend.”


“shut up.” Arthit laughed, face still red, but the orange of the sunset covered it up. “I thought it would be nice to eat here, you know, since it holds memories.”


“that’s very sweet.” The younger boy smiled cheekily, enough to have Arthit looking away awkwardly, as he took a bite of his food. “I remember when you ran this track that day, must’ve been a year ago now.”


“oh yea.” Arthit screwed up his nose at the memory. “and you, the little junior who just had to come and get yourself in trouble with your whole hero complex”


Kongpob laughed. “well I remember how worried I was, the minute I heard that you were running around in the rain I ran to make sure you were ok.” The younger held Arthit’s hand, eyes gleaming now. “I cared so much for you already, I fell so fast, I didn’t know why, I just knew I wanted to make sure you were okay.”


Arthit went beat red, and smiled sheepishly. “I remember not wanting to tell you off.” He admitted, having a sip of his wine. “I was so tired, and cold, honestly I just wanted to get under the umbrella you were holding and let you take me home, It was just that my friends were all around, and I was trying so hard to not have those feelings, I’m sorry I treated you so badly.”


Arthit didn’t realise he was tearing up until Kongpob brushed the water from his cheek.


“I understand P’Arthit, you were finding yourself, besides.” He pressed a kiss to the elders forehead. “I forgave you a year ago.”


Arthit smiled. “thank you, Kongpob.” He whispered softly, before chuckling and wiping his face. “jeez, this is the second time I’ve cried here in the past year, last time it was behind the bleachers.”


Kongpob nodded softly, then froze, eyes going mischievous, and smirk forming on his lips, this was the moment Arthit realised his mistake.


“I thought you weren’t crying that day.” The younger raised an eyebrow. “what’s was it again yea, allergies.”


“c’mon Kongpob, let it go.” Arthit whined in return, taking a bite of his food, which was now almost gone as the two had been eating as they spoke. “it wasn’t even my fault anyways; it was a big day.”


“it was” Kongpob agreed, still smirking. “I remember looking for you, and when you tied that string around my wrist, you also tied a string around my heart, and it’s been there ever since.”


“shiya, so cheesy.” Arthit laughed, smacking Kongpob softly with his free hand. “for me it was more like a lasso, you caught my heart, and just kept pulling and puling until I finally gave up pulling back, and you caught it.”


It took a moment for the younger to process his words, but when he did, he burst out laughing.


“that was way too cheesy P’” he laughed. “have you been reading romance novels lately?”


“hey, I got it from you.” Arthit crossed his arms now, moving his hand away from his boyfriend’s. “don’t bully me, or else I’ll make you run the track.”


“ok I’m sorry Mr head hazer.” Kongpob mock saluted, holding out his hand, and Arthit gave up, grabbing it in his. “I love you.”


Arthit leant in close, and ressed a soft kiss to the elders lips. “I love you to, Kongpob.”


And the sun may be angry and harsh, but it’s always brightest right before the eclipse, when the moon joins it in the sky.




“aww they’re so cute!” May whisper-screamed in Praepailin’s ear, jumping up and down as the group of student hid behind the bleachers, watching the date unfold in front of them. “P’Arthit put so much effort into this!”


“and it looks like Kongpob really likes it.” Maprang agreed, pouting. “how come I don’t have a cute boyfriend that does things for me.”

“because you aren’t opening your eyes.” Oak slid up beside her and winked. “I’m right here, baby.”


With a gag, Maprang pushed oak back to where he was standing beside M.


“I’m happy for them.” M smiled, leaning against the bleachers. “it took them so long to work everything out, and now they are both really happy.”


“I agree.” Knot, who was standing with the other seniors behind them spoke up, a smile on his face. “Arthit has never been the romantic type, and he’s never truly been in love before, I’m happy he finally found someone to try for, and I’m proud of him for growing some balls and being romantic.”


“yea, and maybe he took my advice for tonight.” Bright added, a smirk on his lips, and Tutah laughed next to him, agreeing.


“what did you suggest?” M asked, confused at the elder’s words. “he already gave him a nice dinner and set all this up.”


“one word.” The cheeky senior winked. “lace.”


The juniors gagged at the thought of their P’ dressed in lace, ad their friend ravishing him. “that was an image I didn’t need.” Prae rolled her eyes. “ever.”


“nobody needed it.” Prem agreed, shooting a harsh glare at his buddy, who just shrugged with a smile. “I’m happy for them too though, their love life is doing much better than mine.”


“please, you haven’t seen Waad in what? Two days, let it be.” Knot rolled his eyes, and Kongpob’s friend’s eyes widened at the comment, making Prem glare harshly at their mom friend.


“he’s just joking.” he laughed awkwardly, and slapped Knot’s arm when the younger students turned back around. “shut the fuck up.”


“shush guys! They are talking!” Tutah snapped, leaning as close as he could to the bleachers, trying to get a view through the grates. “I can read lips, here; ‘I want uh yum orange pie pizza freckle.”


Knot sighed. “Tutah, that’s not-“


“what’s pizza freckle? is it some kind of sex thing?” Bright asked, interrupting the eldest man. “man, I knew it!”


“they are recounting their memories.” Prae laughed. “By the looks of it, it’s some deep shit, I think P’Arthit is crying!”


“ha! You’re right, he is!” Tutah snorted. “pussy,”


“aww they just said I love you and kissed!” May smiled brightly, tugging on M’s arm. “look! P’” just kissed Kong! Int that cute?”


“very cute.” M agreed, though May didn’t seem notice he was staring at her.


As the group looked upon the boys, they smiled, it had taken so much pain and so much work for them to get together, self-discovery, secrets, but in the end they loved each other so much, and their friends could not be more happy, as they obviously found their better halves in each other.


“aaaand they’re making out on my picnic blanket.”


“shut up Bright they’re having a moment.”


“fine, but if they fuck on my blanket I’m suing.”


The group laughed, and Knot smiled fondly at his two friends, before turning around.


“c’mon, let’s give them some privacy.”