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Anything You Want

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Chu Wanning watched the day arrive from the open window by the bedside and witnessed as the dark of night gradually made way for the first grey light of morning, its soft rays overtaking the cold shadows.

He had woken up only a short moment ago but lay unmoving, watching the break of day patiently, not wanting to disturb the one lying next to him who was still fast asleep. Usually he would be up by now but it was still early yet and there was time.

The one lying next to him.

Mo Ran.

As though he heard the silent call, Mo Ran shifted and muttered in his sleep, snuggling closer to him and unconsciously tucking his hand under his robe. It felt warm on Chu Wanning’s cool skin.

Turning to look at him, his nose brushed his hair and a lock of unruly fringe fell across his forehead. With his free hand, he gently pushed it back.

The handsome face looked soft in sleep, innocent and pure. Chu Wanning’s heart stumbled and swelled with love. Loving Mo Ran came so easily. When long ago, it had been suppressed and hidden, now it consumed him openly, unwillingly to be shunned into oblivion ever again.

Being the only one awake, Chu Wanning unabashedly gazed upon his lover, showing his complete adoration for him in the secret confines of their bedroom.

He watched the steady rise and fall of his chest as even breaths escaped from a slightly opened mouth.

An involuntary shiver passed through him when he recalled the things he had done to him yesterday. His birthday. Dirty and sinful to Chu Wanning’s inexperience but what just thinking about it was doing to him now.

To his utter humiliation, a certain part of his body stirred. With an exasperated sigh, Chu Wanning admonished himself grumpily. Had he already turned into a sex-crazed teenager?

Closing his eyes and taking deep breaths, he pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to curb the raging feelings that suddenly overwhelmed him. But even the smell of the room added to his arousal. There was a faint hint of...them. Raw and musky and masculine.

Knowing this, Chu Wanning’s attempts to calm himself dissolved and his already fragile resistance collapsed. He groaned inwardly as his body finally betrayed him and he became hard like a piece of idiotic rock.

Unable to hold back, he allowed his mind to wander to the previous day’s transgressions.

It was his birthday and as usual he forgot about it. Until Mo Ran reminded him so.

It had been Taxian-Jun’s turn and like a naughty child, he had sneaked up behind him when Chu Wanning was reading and minding his own business.

“Baobei.” he started right in his ear and placed something that had a scent of haitang flowers over his shoulders.

But of course Chu Wanning already knew he was there and simply turned around with the book in his hand.

He looked down and saw that the thing was actually a very long sash made of a soft material. It was deep red in colour on one side and almost pink on the other where a translucent white gauze had been sewn over it. In between the two fabrics, Chu Wanning saw haitang flowers woven inside.

He glanced up at Taxian-Jun in surprise.

“Your present. It’s your birthday today.” Came the casual reply.

Chu Wanning blinked at him. “Really? Has one year already passed so quickly?” He mused.

Taxian-Jun nodded and then declared loudly, “This Venerable One is claiming what you owed me today.”

It took some time for Chu Wanning to remember what it was and when he did, he did his best to cover his reluctance and nonchalantly looked at the excited person before him.

Closing his book, he said coolly, “It’s already been so long. I thought you didn’t want it.”

“I want it now.”

“You can’t claim your present on my birthday.”

“Who says so?” Taxian-Jun argued back.

A staring competition ensued and then Taxian-Jun murmured softly, almost dangerously, “Any time Baobei. You said I could take it any time.”

Chu Wanning cursed himself. Of course he said that.

It had been Mo Ran’s birthday exactly four months ago. Not knowing what to get him, Chu Wanning had declared quietly, “I will let you do anything you want...”

“ me.”

He had said that to Taxian-Jun first because it just so happened that it was his day with him as well.

Taxian-Jun had been disturbing Goutou, bored out of his mind and at first, the words had merely been just words, whispered so softly they almost got lost in the mountain breeze.

But his mind gradually caught up and the toe that had been annoying the sleeping dog paused in mid-poke.


Taxian-Jun whipped his head around to stare at Chu Wanning, eyes wide in disbelief. He thought he heard wrong and in his usual crass manner, he forced Chu Wanning to repeat himself.

“Say again Baobei. This Venerable One wants to hear you say it again.”

It was at the tip of Chu Wanning’s tongue to tell him to forget it, that for the life of him, he would never repeat those words. Once was embarrassing enough. Better still, he had changed his mind and took them back.

Yet, when he looked at the hopeful expression of his lover, Chu Wanning sighed. It was after all his birthday. And although he did wish vehemently that it had been with Mo Ran first, he knew he also couldn’t disappoint this other half of him.

So he swallowed his inhibitions and relented with as much composure as he could muster, “It is your birthday today. As my gift to you, I will do anything you want and will let you do anything you want to me.”

Downcast eyes, curtained by quivering long lashes lifted and met Taxian-Jun’s gaze straight on.

Taxian-Jun blinked. For whatever he was, he really was just an open book and in that moment, Chu Wanning witnessed a myriad of emotions crossing his handsome and regal face.

And if his nerves were not tying his stomach in knots already, he would have found it quite endearing. However, he had an inkling of what Taxian-Jun was going to do to him and aware of what he had just gotten himself into, he had second thoughts. But it was too late to turn back.

Just as Taxian-Jun came towards him as though stalking a prey, Xue Meng’s message arrived seeking help with a task. Something only Shizun had the expertise in.

The end of the message read - Shizun, please wish Mo Ran a Happy Birthday for me. But if it’s that other dog, tell him to go bury himself. Thank you.

Saved by the bell.

Chu Wanning didn’t let Taxian-Jun see the message and set off immediately.

The task took the whole day and the former emperor grumbled and sulked the entire time, sprouting venomous hate at Xue Meng. It irritated Chu Wanning so much that in the end to appease him, he told him he could claim the gift on another day, any time.

That placated Taxian-Jun but since then, he hadn’t made any move to do so. Until now.

Chu Wanning sighed, heart filled with dread. Mo Ran had enjoyed his present the day after his birthday when he returned and to be honest, Chu Wanning did too even though he would never admit it. But then it was with caring Mo Ran.

And even though these two were the same person, two peas in a pod, Taxian-Jun hadn’t learnt restraint yet and didn’t know what the word respect meant.

Chu Wanning couldn’t be sure what would befall him today.

He swallowed nervously and to buy time decided to inspect the sash. It wasn’t very well made. Taxian-Jun seemed to have just ripped the gauze up before sewing it carelessly onto the sash. Loose threads could still be seen hanging from the frayed sides.

Inside, the pink haitang flowers showed through the translucent material but they were placed in a haphazard pattern. Obviously, he hadn’t planned carefully when weaving them in. Some areas were empty whilst others had clumps of flowers. And at the ends, he had put together two hanging strings of just haitang flowers alone. Chu Wanning silently wondered what the reason behind that was. In all honesty, it was very shoddy workmanship.

Although, Chu Wanning got to admit that this was one of the better things Taxian-Jun had made for him. Despite the many faults, it was actually quite pretty.

He did like it and would have been very appreciative if that was just it. However, he had seen this red sash before. It had been used once. To bind him.

Chu Wanning swallowed nervously. It wasn’t looking good for him so trying his luck, he said sullenly, “Why don’t you claim your present another day? I should get to choose what I want instead since it is my birthday.”

His words uselessly fell on deaf ears. Taxian-Jun had already decided. There was no stopping him and he didn’t leave Chu Wanning any room to feel sorry for himself. Gripping the sash with one hand, he pulled him off the chair and gathered him in his arms, kissing him hungrily.

“Don’t be afraid Baobei,” he breathed, “It will be a present you won’t ever forget.”

Prying his stiff lips apart to slip inside, Taxian-Jun sucked on him and lapped the inside of his mouth, tasting every bit of him. Their tongues met in a fiery dance and despite himself, Chu Wanning melted.

“Mnnn… Wanning,” Taxian-Jun spoke against his lips. “You like it when this Venerable One kisses you, don’t you? Tell me Baobei.”

As always, Chu Wanning didn’t answer. Yet it was true. Mo Ran knew his weaknesses and one of which was his kisses. Soft or rough, somehow, his heart always dissolved into a puddling mess whenever he tilted his chin up and dipped his head low to press their lips together.

“I know you like it Baobei, I can tell from this.”

A large hand drifted down Chu Wanning’s body and landed on his semi-hard length. Over the folds of his robes, he felt the heat transfer from the hand to his body and unwittingly, his cock stirred.

“See this? You are already wet. Wet and ready for this Venerable One to play with.” Taxian-Jun chuckled, bursting with excitement.

In one swift move, he picked him up and walked him into their bedroom. Having little choice, Chu Wanning hooked his arms around his neck and wrapped long legs around his waist so that he wouldn’t fall. With every step, his cock pressed and rubbed deliciously against Mo Ran’s stomach.

A silent moan ripped through him and he felt a trickle of pre-cum leak out. The hold tightened and with urgency, both pressed their bodies closer together, melding into one. Their tongues entwined again, sloppy and wet, the sound emitting from their joined lips loud and sinful.

Taxian-Jun deposited him roughly onto the bed and climbed atop, pushing him down and at the same time caressing soft skin with moist breaths, tracing a line of nips and licks along his jawline to the shell of his ear, marking and claiming him.

“Ahh Baobei...” He murmured, releasing the earlobe he was teasing and rubbing his face into the curve of Chu Wanning’s neck, high from his intoxicating scent that never failed to make him wild.

A euphoric rush pushed him to wedge a leg between the other’s, pressing down on the cock below whilst his own fully engorged length strained against the thigh it rested on.

With haste, he tore open the layers of Chu Wanning’s robes. One by one they came undone and pooled around him exposing him to the tingling cool air that made every brush of calloused palms and every whisper of heated breaths even more satisfying.

Chu Wanning shivered and sighed.

Suddenly, a soft material, smooth to touch covered his eyes, barring his vision and when he tried to peer through its folds all he could see was darkness.

The dreaded sash. Chu Wanning never particularly liked this kind of play. But he knew Mo Ran did.

The sash was long and after Taxian-Jun tied it securely around his head, he brought the two tails to the front and bound Chu Wanning’s wrists together. Afterwards, he used the strings of haitang flowers hanging off the ends and tied them just behind his balls and around his cock. It seemed that there was some form of planning put into this after all.

Before he tightened the haitang bow, he slipped a smooth stone-like object between the flowers.

The strange object felt cool on Chu Wanning’s hot skin. He didn’t know what it was and could only shiver as he waited in suspended silence.

The haitang scent drifted around them and usually it would calm him but this time his heart continued to pound crazily.

Dark lustrous desire clouded Taxian-Jun’s eyes. His gaze travelled the red lines that linked his lover’s blindfolded eyes down his naked chest to his restrained hands placed just above his cock to the flowery little bow below.

He was like a sinful feast waiting to be ravished.

Quickly removing his own robes, he spread Chu Wanning’s legs apart and climbed between them, leaning back against the other end of the bed.

Like this, Taxian-Jun had a full and complete view.

Casually, he slipped his toes under the other’s balls and demanded softly, “Touch yourself, Wanning.” voice low and dripping with lust.

The pink tint on Chu Wanning’s cheeks and tips of ears brought colour to his otherwise snow-white skin. His body exposed and presented in a compromising manner to his audience of one and his senses to everything around him, in him, heightened.

He tried to close his legs but unwittingly rubbed his sensitive sacks on Mo Ran’s foot and his body convulsed. A whimper escaped his clenched lips.

Taxian-Jun chuckled sadistically, even more aroused than before.

“Touch yourself Baobei,” he said again. “Play with your cock, pleasure yourself. Let this Venerable One see you come undone by your own hands.”

The intimate whisper caressed Chu Wanning and made him tingle to his fingertips. Shame and embarrassment gnawed him to the bones and he didn’t want to think about how he looked right then, tied up and exhibited so indecently.

Taxain-Jun’s craving need radiated like ember coals from across the bed and Chu Wanning could feel his burning gaze on him.

I will let you do anything you want to me - His own words came back to haunt him. Anything he wanted.

A promise is a promise.

Chu Wanning’s clenched fists opened and his fingers crept down and touched the tip of his cock awkwardly, the angle of his bounded wrists restricting his movements but with a little adjustment he was able to grasp his length comfortably.

The lines between his brows deepened in concentration. He tried to imagine how Mo Ran pleasured him. How his strokes expertly brought him over the edge every time. Hesitantly, he ran his palms over himself, up and down from tip to base, rubbing his thumb in circular motions.

He went slow, too afraid to move faster because every shift of his hands tugged at the connecting strings on his aching cock causing it to swell uncomfortably.

Opposite him, Taxian-Jun pumped his own length to his rhythm. Black purple eyes dark and half-lidded in smouldering pools.

His Wanning looked just the way he fantasised him. Naked with legs spread wide on either side of him and smooth snow-white thighs trembling and calling out to be ravaged. His cascading midnight hair spilling in a blanket of messy locks across the bed and over his arms. His hands wrapped around himself, dripping and wet from his own touch, the fluids already making dark red spots on the sash around his wrists.

Taxian-Jun knew him well. Knew his every dip and sigh and knew when he was getting close to his peak.

But he wasn’t done with him yet. There was still that one other thing.

Playfully, he reached forward with his foot to massage Chu Wanning’s balls. Just a gentle pressure that swept over the sensitive part bringing shocking currents to the one bound and unable to move.

And just as Chu Wanning was distracted and gasping for breath, Taxian-jun collected just a tiny bit of his powers and flicked his fingers making the stone that was wedged against the swollen cock vibrate.

Intense sensations of unexpected pleasure and pain shot through him.

Chu Wanning had never felt this good. So good he forgot himself and the moans he couldn’t hold back ripped from deep within his chest. He writhed uncontrollably on the bed and curled on his side as his muscles contracted and tightened.

Taxian-Jun cooed soothingly and then waved his hand again to increase the pressure.

Chu Wanning's entire body twisted in agony and he thrashed wildly, pulling at his tied wrists. He wanted to touch himself again, to remove that cursed thing on his body but he couldn’t loosen the bindings and Taxian-Jun had placed a leg in the way to block him.

He could hear someone sobbing and crying unintelligible words and knew it was himself but he was beyond caring.

Across the bed, Taxian-Jun groaned and watched him come undone. All of Wanning’s inhibitions had flown out the window and he was a mess. A beautiful mess. He looked exquisite.

A feral animalistic impulse overcame him and Taxian-Jun almost couldn’t hold himself back. He was so consumed with dark lust his own cock throbbed painfully in his hand and his heavy pants filled the room.

The vibrations continued to inflict torment upon Chu Wanning. His cock was so swollen he needed to release badly but the bindings prevented him from doing so.

In the end, lost in a riot of stimulation, he finally begged.

“Mo Ran please.” His tears spilling forth in streams down his cheeks.

The frustration and urgent need were evident on his face and even though Taxian-Jun couldn’t see his eyes, he knew they would be damp and unfocused at this point. It was one of the looks he loved the most.

Feeling an uncharacteristic sense of compassion, Taxian-Jun leaned over him and removed the blindfold. Chu Wanning blinked against the unexpected brightness and the first and only thing he saw was his lover’s handsome features, hungry like a wolf ready to devour its prey.

“Mo Ran...” he pleaded breathlessly, needing him to do something, anything to help him ease the agony.

Entrapped in his own heated desire, Taxian-Jun smoothened the sweaty hair away from his beloved’s face and asked, “Do you know how beautiful you look right now Wanning?”

Chu Wanning shook his head, not caring at all. Instead, he stared deep into his eyes, “Touch me, Mo Ran please.” He whispered.

And with this final plea, Taxian-Jun’s own resolve broke. He bent down and before Chu Wanning could understand what was going on, he increased the vibration just a little bit more and took him in his mouth.

Chu Wanning cried until he was hoarse. His tied hands grabbed at Taxian-Jun’s head and pushed him down, urging him to go deeper. He was already there, teetering yet unable to fall.

All at once, Taxian-Jun released him and the bindings around his cock disappeared. The climax hit him full force and he exploded. Streams of cum shot onto his stomach and chest and he shuddered and keened as strong orgasmic shocks swept over him.

He closed his eyes and his sensitive nerves continued to twitch in the aftermath. It was all quiet and after some time, Chu Wanning wondered where Mo Ran was but he was too exhausted to even move to see.

Just then, he felt something swipe the cum off his body and rough hands pushed his legs apart. Before his hazy mind could figure out what was happening, Taxian-Jun pressed his raging cock against his entrance and rammed hard into him.

Using Chu Wanning’s cum and his own fluids, he entered him smoothly, burying deep into the warmth, before pulling out and driving harder back in again. Without losing a beat, Taxian-Jun pounded into him mercilessly, deliberately hitting that one particular spot he knew would render his lover into a writhing mess again.

With his large hand, he held Chu Wanning’s wrists and stretched his arms above his head, capturing him in a vice grip. Unable to move, every nerve point on Chu Wanning’s body felt even more stimulated and alive. His cock twitched and hardened again.

So perfect, Taxian-Jun thought.

He was immediately drawn to the slightly opened pale thin lips and he hungrily descended upon them, drowning in lust for Chu Wanning’s taste. It drove him crazy and he plunged his tongue into his mouth. Teeth clashed and someone’s lip was punctured. Both tasted blood but Taxian-Jun didn’t stop.

“Wanning...Do you like it? Hmm? Do you like this Venerable One to fuck you like this?” Taxian-Jun growled, intruding further into his depths, one hand holding the slim wrists tightly, the other cradling Chu Wanning’s face. “Look at me, Baobei.” He whispered. “Don’t close your eyes. I want to see you.”

“I want to watch you as you come.”

Time suspended like an eternal dream. Master and disciple stared at each other. And without any words, Taxian-Jun...Mo Ran’s hypnotic eyes told Chu Wanning many things. Of how alluring he was, of how much he desired him, of his insatiable craving for him and mostly, of his undying love.

They came together, eyes never leaving each other until it was over and they both lay spent. Chu Wanning finally released from the confines of the bindings. Wrapped in Taxian-Jun’s arms, he heard a faint voice before he fell asleep to the steady rhythm of his beating heart.

“Happy Birthday Baobei.”

Back in the present, Chu Wanning got up and searched around for a while. He found what he was looking for at the foot of the bed. The cursed haitang sash. And that stone.

He had a good mind to hide them away, never wanting to see them again. But just as he was about to do so, he paused.

Mo Ran was right. It really was a present he would never forget. A thought crossed his mind. Who ever said this could only be used on him? He smiled.

In the end, he carefully put them on a shelf nearby and gave them a fond parting look before he went to prepare breakfast.

‘Happy Birthday to me.”