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I Loved You First

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The doors of the Hospital Emergency Room burst open as Eijirou and Hanta rushed in a patient on a gurney. Immediately, nurses and a doctor came rushing out to assist. 

“Status?” A stoic face doctor with half red and half white hair jogged up beside Eijirou. 

“Male, mid-thirties, car accident. BP stable, broken femur, possible concussion,” as they brought the man further into the ER.

“Where’s Midoriya?” the doctor shouted out. 

Midoriya? Eijirou echoed in his mind, a familiar weight in the name. 

“Right here!”  

Eijirou looked up to the man running towards him. Both slowed to a stop as their eyes connected; green eyes widening in recognition. Time froze as the two held each other's gazes, the world fading to the background and becoming white noise.

Their intimate bubble burst as time resumed, pushing them forward at a break-neck speed. Eijirou found himself reeling at the sudden presence of Izuku, eyes rapidly blinking in an effort to regain composure. His body moved on muscle memory alone, hands finding the edges of the sheets, counting to the count of three as they transferred the patient from the gurney to the hospital bed. 

Eijirou was dazed watching Izuku rattle off instructions to the other nurses around him, stopping to talk to the peculiar doctor. As Izuku turned to disappear to follow the patient, they locked eyes again and Izuku gave a soft smile and a nod before he whipped around a corner. 

Seeing Izuku’s face again brought back buried feelings to Eijirou. Izuku had been at the back of his mind for the longest time. Eijirou had never sought him out or tracked him down due to their mutual understanding that summer. Yet, Eijirou kept tabs via Denki, soon letting his summer love fade to the background as life continued on.

Eijirou had since then focused on getting a college education before pursuing a career as a paramedic. 

Hanta and Eijirou headed back to their ambulance, loading up their gear and driving back to their station. With practiced ease, they restocked and disinfected their rig before heading back out to their designated check-point for another call. On their way, they stopped off for coffee and food to last them the last few hours of their shift. 

Eijirou’s mind was preoccupied with Izuku’s appearance. His vibrant green hair, bright green eyes, the light dusting of freckles that spread over his cheeks and across his nose. He had gotten more beautiful than the day he’d last seen him. One side of Eijirou’s lip quirked up at the bittersweet memory. 

“Yo, what’s going on there Ei. It’s not like you to be like this. Relax man, you know that guy’s gonna pull through! We’ve seen worse shit y’know?”

“Hmm? No, it’s,” Eijriou paused, “it’s nothing like that.”

“Then what is it? You’re never this somber.”

“Somber?” Eijirou huffs a laugh, “I’m surprised you know the word.” 

Hanta shrugs, “Hey man, English Lit was my fave when we were in college.”

“I thought you were in it for the girls.”

Hanta aims to punch his arm playfully, “Jerk. Yeah, that was a plus, but I really did enjoy literature.” 

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, man.”  As he blocks Hanta’s hits.

“Seriously, my man. What’s going on?” 

“Ah, yeah,” he starts, “do you remember the head ER nurse that was delegating roles to everyone around him when we came in?” 

“Yeah, the cutie with the freckles. What about him?”

Eijirou felt a blush rise on his cheeks, even Hanta thinks he’s cute? “Well, uh, he and I know each other. I’m just—just surprised to see him. I haven’t seen him in years.” 

Hanta put the ambulance in park as they reached their standby point, unbuckling his seatbelt and taking out his burger to munch on. 

“Okay, spill. There’s got to be more to the story to make you this introspective and tightlipped about things.”

Eijirou sighed, resting his elbow on the armrest of the ambulance and leaned his chin on it, “It’s...well. I guess I’m making it more complicated than it should be. I just, I thought I could move past it, but seeing him again. Well, I don’t think my feelings have changed after all these years.” 

“Okay, you’re still kinda vague bro. You know you can trust me right? We’ve been buds since freshman year.”

“Yeah, I know it’s just—hey, what do you think of soulmarks?” 

Hanta barks a laugh, “Seriously? You’re asking me , of all people? I met my soulmate through you, dummy!” 

“Oh, right. Duh.” 

“Seriously man, what gives? You’re more of a space cadet than usual.” 

“Sorry, it's just, Izuku. Man, okay I’ll just tell you the story from the beginning okay?”

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to fess up.” 

Eijirou reached for his wallet in his back pocket, flipping it open and taking out a small photo hidden  behind his picture ID. The edges frayed from years of wear and tear. His fingers ghosted over the last photo they took together before Izuku had left. The last summer bonfire.

“It started the summer before college.” 

6 Years Ago

Eijirou wiped the sweat from his brow from hauling beach chairs and blankets from his jeep to their usual spot on the beach. He caught his breath as he looked at his handy work with hands on his hips, giving himself a quick nod of satisfaction. He then went about the beach looking for pieces of dry driftwood they could use for the bonfire that would be starting in about an hour. 

It was the first one of the summer, and Eijirou had been looking forward to it. Hanging out with friends around a fire with the smell of the sea surrounding them was one of his favorite summer pastimes. 

Soon people started to filter in, calling out to the fiery redhead from a distance with exaggerated waving hands. The dependable Yosetsu and Itsuka were the first to show up, and they usually provided snacks and refreshments. Later Mina joined up with them, amongst several other people from the local high school. Denki had said that he’d be by, and that he’d be bringing along his cousin. 

Everyone’s interests were piqued by the mention of this newcomer, girls had hoped for a new boy while the boys hoped it was a new girl. There was a collective mass of aw’s and yes’s when Denki showed up with a cute boy. 

“Hey, guys! I want y’all to meet my cousin, Izuku!” 

“H-hi everyone!” he had squeaked out. 

Izuku was shy and bashful; clearly not a fan of being the center of attention.

Izuku shook everyone’s hand one by one, coming to meet Eijirou last. Eijirou felt something akin to the gentle waves of a rolling tide coming up to meet him, slowly spreading warmth through his body and to his heart, the moment their hands met. He took in Izuku’s appearance, a curly mop of untamed green hair, wide glittery green eyes, rosy cheeks dusted with freckles, and a sweet smile that was infectious. He had a lean medium build; Eijirou knew the guy worked out, he could tell by his shoulders, arms, and his shapely legs accentuated by his tank and shorts. Ah, he was more than just cute. He was downright gorgeous. 

Izuku stuck around Eijirou for the rest of the night, the latter making sure to make Izuku feel included and one of them. It was easy to talk to Izuku, his heart flipped every time Izuku’s eyes would twinkle and he’d giggle or laugh at his lame jokes, ones that his own friends would usually roll their eyes at. 

Eijriou found out that Izuku was staying for the summer with Denki and would most likely be a fixture at their weekly gathering, to which the redhead said Izuku was more than welcome to come out and hang. He had found out that Izuku had lived in this town before, but their parents had a messy divorce prompting him to move out with his Dad to Tokyo. As the night drew to a close, and the fire died down to wisps of embers, Denki called out to Izuku saying they should get back home. Before Izuku could walk away Eijirou impulsively grasped Izuku’s wrist, not wanting him to go just yet.

“Wait!” he shouted, startling Izuku, “Sorry, can we exchange numbers? I had fun chatting with you.” 

Izuku laughed and said, “Sure.”

They quickly exchanged information and as Izuku turned to leave, “It was nice meeting you Ei-chan, thanks for having me!” 

That warmth spread through his chest again, as he grinned in return, “Yeah, it was nice meeting you too Izu-chan! I’ll see you soon!” 

Eijirou, alongside Mina, stuck around to help douse the bonfire completely and take down all the chairs and roll up the blankets. She wore a knowing smile every time they made eye contact. 

He rolled his eyes, “Out with it. Your smile is creeping me out, man.” 

“Oh, I don’t know. I think you should tell me ,” she singsonged and wiggled her eyebrow.


“‘Izu-chan’? You guys just met, and already you have cutesy nicknames for one another.” 

“Ah, well—,” he trailed off, “It just felt, right?” 

“Do you think he’s your soulmate?”

Eijirou laughed, “We’re too young to know who our soulmates are. We’ve still got two more years.” 

“But what if . What if he’s not and you fall in love with him?” 

“Mina, we just met!” 

“Yeah, but you two just hit it off so easily! You got him to warm up quickly.” 

“I was just being friendly!”

“I’m just saying Ei, you two clearly have a connection.” 

Their conversation died after that, having loaded everything into his jeep. He drove Mina home with her leaving, “Just think about it Ei. I think you should pursue him. It’s rare to find your soulmate before you get your mark.” 

He drove back home with her words echoing in the back of her mind. Just as he was finished unloading his jeep, his phone dinged.

Izuku: Hope you got home safe and clean-up wasn’t too bad!

Me: I just got home, thanks! Mina helped out so it went quick. :) 

From that day on Eijirou and Izuku were inseparable: always texting each other, with Eijirou often asking him if he wanted to hang out. Denki always seemed to decline but encouraged Izuku to go have fun without him. Eijirou taught Izuku how to surf and fish and showed him all the local spots. 

The two of them found themselves gravitating towards one another physically, Eijirou instinctively holding Izuku’s hand as they walked down to the beach to set up for the weekly bonfires. Izuku had smiled fondly and squeezed his hand in return. 

That night, Eijirou couldn’t contain himself anymore, the past two weeks had given him nothing but happiness.

“Izu, can we talk?”

“Sure, Ei-chan!” Izuku cocked his head questioningly, “what did you wanna talk about?”

“Ah, yeah,” Eijirou suddenly felt nervous, “can we talk in private?” 

“Oh, okay.” 

Izuku stood up from the sprawled out blanket, with Eijirou leading them down to the shoreline where the chatter of their friends was drowned out by the waves.

“So,” Izuku started a small smile on his lips.

“So,” Eijirou started, swallowing thickly as he said, “This has been the best summer I’ve had, but that all is thanks to you Izu. Ever since you came to town, it’s like, like you breathed life into summer. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know you and hanging out with you and I—I just wanna say. I like you Izu, I really really like you. Like—a lot.”

When Eijirou finally looked at Izuku he was met with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Izuku tried to pull himself together, but ended up laughing and crying simultaneously, alarming Eijirou. 

“I’m—sorry! I’m just, I’m really happy to hear that! I like you too Ei-chan!” Izuku launched himself at Eijirou, throwing him off balance till they landed in the sand, “Oops! Sorry!” Izuku scrambled to get up, but Eijirou held him in place. 

The two locked gazes with Eijrou wearing a lopsided grin, “You like me too?” 

“Ah, yes,” Izuku had blushed, looking away. Eijirou reached for Izuku’s cheeks, fingers lightly tracing the freckles before tucking a curl behind Izuku’s ear, before leaning into a kiss. 

It was soft and gentle to the touch, but it surged through his body like the sea crashing against a cliff. Their kiss grew deeper, and Eijirou felt himself sinking further and further into the whirlpool of affection he had for the boy above him.

When they broke apart, the tides inside him ebbed away and he felt calmer than he had ever had before. The beautiful boy in his arms pecked one more kiss on his lips before burying his face into his neck, “I really, really, like you.” 

Their relationship sprouted after their confessions, a layer of physicality added to their daily routine. Eijirou couldn’t get enough of Izuku, always seeking out his lips and touching his skin. He was falling hard for Izuku, yet there was a small voice in the back of his mind that questioned what if?

One night they set up a tent in Eijirou’s backyard for a sleepover in an effort to stargaze. They laid out on a blanket side by side staring up at the sky holding hands.

“Hey Izu,” he says looking up. 


“What do you think about soulmates?”

“They’re alright I guess,” Izuku shrugs. 

“Do you ever think about yours?” 

“No, not really. We don’t get our marks till we’re 20. Not really my priority.” 

“O-oh, I see.”

Izuku turns on his side to face Eijirou with a soft smile, “Do you, Ei-chan?” 

“Yeah, sometimes, but like you said we’ve got a few years before our marks tell us anything,” he rolls to match Izuku. 

Izuku shuffles closer, “Yeah, besides, I like living in the present. In the now, here with you.”

Kirishima shuffles closer to their noses touching, “Me too. You’re right, I don’t know why I brought it up.”

Izuku leans in to kiss Eijirou much more deeply before pulling away, “Do soulmates matter when I love you?” 

Eijirou’s lungs freeze, those emotions inside him rising fast like the tide. He stares into Izuku’s eyes, emotions laid bare for him to see, “You —”

“Me?” Izuku cheekily replies.

“You love me?”

Izuku places his hand over Eijirou’s heart, “Yes. I love you, Eijirou. I think I’ve been in love with you since day one.” 

He places his hand over Izuku’s, replying, “I love you too Izuku. I feel the exact same way.” 

Izuku closes the gap, kissing Eijirou again once more. Their tongues entangling with one another, deepening their kiss to emulate their confession.

“We should get inside the tent,” Izuku says breathlessly, hesitant to break from their kiss. 

“Ye-yeah,” Eijirou replies quickly, “let’s move.” 

They two scramble into the tent, with Izuku pulling Eijirou on top of him and pulling his shirt over his head. Eijirou helps Izuku with his shirt before continuing their messy make out session. Their hands fumble between them, undoing their belts and unbuckling their pants before breaking away to let one another strip. 

When they collide again, Eijirou starts to rut against Izuku, feeling the friction between their hardening cocks makes him moan into Izuku’s mouth. Izuku’s hands wrap around the back of his neck threading through his hair, also moaning into his mouth, before breaking quickly to say, “We’ll have to be careful, um, this is—this is my first time.”

Eijirou blinked before taking Izuku’s lips again, his hands sliding down Izuku’s hard body, “Me—me too Izu, it’s also my first time.” 

Izuku’s eyes sparkled with a smile, his hands cupping Eijirou’s face, kissing Eijirou sweetly whispering against his lips, “I love you. I want you. I want to make you feel good.” 

Eijirou inhaled deeply and gave a nod as Izuku trailed kisses over his face and down his neck, changing their positions so Izuku was atop him, continuing to trail more kisses down EIjirou’s chest and abs before reaching the waistband of his boxers. Tentative fingers pulled down the elastic exposing his cock to the cold air, Izuku’s hot breath ghosting over it as he leaned in close. 

Izuku licked a stripe from base to tip, heat engulfing him as Izuku wrapped his mouth around him and slid down, taking him as deep as he could without choking. He continued a steady rhythm of sucking Eijirou off. The latter pulled him off quickly when he realized he could easily blow his load.

“Wh—how, you’re way too good at that!”

Izuku laughed, “I’m a virgin, but doesn’t mean I haven’t watched porn or ‘practiced.’” he said with air quotes.

Eijirou pulled him in for a kiss, tasting the slight saltiness of his precome on Izuku’s tongue. He rolled them over so Izuku was on his back, pulling Izuku’s boxer briefs down and lined his cock against Izukus, spitting into his hand as he wrapped around both their cocks stroking them. 

Izuku let out a soft moan, and Eijirou fell in love with the debauched look on Izuku’s face: flushed cheeks, eyes half-lidded, mouth slightly parted, his tongue licking his lips as puffs of air and whines escaped his throat, “Ei, that feels good.” 

Eijirou kissed him, stroking a little faster, Izuku moaned a little louder into his mouth. They broke apart again with Izuku panting, “sorry.”

Eijirou shook his head, “it’s okay, I think we’re fine. Uh, but I don’t—”


“I don’t—”

“I do, it’s in my backpack, um, I just, wanted to be ready in case, if ever, you know?” He started to mutter. 

Eijirou laughed, pecking him on the lips, “at least one of us is prepared.” 

He reached for Izuku’s backpack, grabbing the lube buried inside of it. Izuku watched him as he settled back between his legs.

“Do you, um, know..” Izuku warily asked

“Not ...really,” Eijirou admitted

Izuku exhaled, “Okay, just, listen to me, okay? I’ll guide you.” 

Eijirou nodded, Izuku sat up taking the bottle from Eijirou and popping it open, holding Eijirou’s hand gently, dripping the lube down his thick fingers. Eijirou smears it along his fingertip with his thumb. Izuku props himself up with one elbow as his other hand reaches for Eijirou’s wrist guiding it to his hole. 

Eijirou watched Izuku’s Adam's apple bobbed, “O-okay, slowly smear the lube around.”

He followed Izuku’s instructions obediently, tracing Izuku’s puckered hole with lube, a gasp emitted from Izuku. Eijirou glanced at him and Izuku shook his head, “I'm fine, just—just a little cold. Okay now, slowly and gently press in.”

Eijirou slowly pressed in past the tight ring of muscle, Izuku cursing under his breath as he flopped back flat onto the sleeping bag. 

The insides of Izuku were tight and hot, Eijirou vaguely wondered if Izuku would be able to take him. Izuku let out a whimper and his legs trembled. Eijirou stopped, looking up at Izuku’s half lidded eyes.

“Don’t, Stop.” He panted with each word.

Eijirou slowly thrusted his finger in and out, feeling Izuku’s body relax slightly. Izuku then instructed him to add more lube and add another finger.

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes, Ei-chan. You need to st—stretch me properly if I’m to, uh—well.” 

Eijirou felt heat rise to his cheeks at the subtle hint to his size, “Okay,” he paused, “Okay, I’ll make sure you feel good Izu.” 

Eijirou focuses on his task, takes it slow, sliding his fingers in and out, Izuku grips the sleeping bag below him when Eijirou hits a spot when Izuku instructs him to curl his fingers. Izuku’s back arches off the bed, his chest heaving as he praises Eijirou, “Baby, that’s so good. Just like that.  You’re doing so good. Now, add more lube and add another finger.” 

Eijirou was more than a little nervous, but Izuku urged him to go on. He tenses as he starts to push three fingers in but Eijirou repeats his process and soon Izuku is panting and moaning, throwing more praises and curses and eventually grinding his hips down on his fingers. 

“Ei, I’m ready, please. I want you.” 

The storm inside Eijirou swells into a maelstrom as the words leave Izuku’s lips. He drips and smears lube over his shaft, stroking himself and lines himself up to his entrance, one hand on Izuku’s knee as his other hand steadies his shaft. He looks at Izuku who nods eagerly at him and he pushes in. The tip of his cock pops in and Eijirou bites the inside of his cheek at the tightness. He shifts his hips forward slowly, pushing deep into Izuku; his legs trembling, and tears slip from the corner of Izuku’s glassy green eyes. 

Eijirou stops midway when he sees the tears, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

Izuku shakes his head, still smiling as he wipes the tears from his eyes, “It’s okay, I just need some adjusting okay? You’re doing great. I’m just...emotional, sharing my first time with you.” 

His heart clenches, he wants to make Izuku feel good; to express that he loves him. Now's not a time to be timid, but to be confident in his moves. So he steadies his hands by hooking his hands under Izuku’s knees, fully sheathing himself till he’s buried to the hilt.

He leans down kissing Izuku gently as he adjusts to Eijirou’s girth. Soft kisses exchanged till their full of heated lust. 

Izuku whispers “move” with a shaky breath and he does as he’s told. He pulls out slowly, before slowly thrusting back in. He continues to study and observe Izuku’s body language, taking note of the things Izuku likes. He briefly thinks of how being around Izuku’s nerdy habits really comes in handy right now. 

Eijirou keeps a steady pace, thrusting slow and deep as he can. Izuku’s hips start to undulate against him and he moans into Izuku’s mouth. Izuku’s heat engulfs him, and it's mind-numbingly good. Eijrou’s lips latch onto Izuku’s neck and collarbone, littering small bruises against his skin. 

“Faster,” Izuku had gasped out at one point and he complied, picking up his pace and driving into Izuku’s sweet heat over and over. He felt Izuku’s fingers dig into his skin, the hot breath of his held back moans at his ear. He whispers how much he loves Eijirou and a hot coil in his stomach starts to tighten. 

Izuku’s knees squeeze at his hips, locking Eijirou deeper. “Ei, I’m close,” he says right into his ear, “You’re going to make me come. Keep doing that, yes! Right there!”

Eijirou snaps his hips, groaning ‘fuck’ when he feels Izuku’s teeth sink into his shoulder, hot liquid spurting between their bodies. Eijirou bites down hard on his own lip tasting copper when his vision goes white, the sound of waves crashing filling his ears like white noise as he follows after Izuku with his own orgasm.

He drops his head into Izuku’s shoulder as he catches his breath. Izuku stroked his back lovingly and pressed kisses across the place he bit. 

“I’m sorry,” Izuku whispers, “I was afraid I was going to scream, it felt so good Ei.” 

“Don’t be sorry,” Eijirou kisses him deeply, “I wanted you to feel good. Mark me however you please. I’m yours.” 

Izuku’s eyes glaze over and tears spill from his eyes, his hands cup Eijirou’s face and he kisses him back, “I’m yours.” 

They had cleaned up briefly after that, slipping into the sleeping bag together and drifting off to sleep in one another's arms. 

The days following, their relationship had grown deeper, emotionally, and physically. They had sex as often as possible; neither of them could keep their hands off each other, always chasing that high they got with being together. The sparks that ignited when their bodies touched. They were always cuddling with Izuku’s back against his chest after their trysts, or on the beach at the bonfires. It had become their favorite arrangement. 

Eijirou loved Izuku with his entire being. Everything that Izuku was and had to offer, he loved all of it: from the muttering to the cute snores he emitted while sleeping. He took everything Izuku had to offer and committed it to memory, He could feel it in his body and soul: Izuku was his soulmate.

He dreaded the day of their final bonfire, marking the end of summer; because that meant Izuku was leaving. 

The day Izuku left, Eijirou felt his world growing darker, a fog rolling in. They knew it was more or less a summer fling, but it was both their first love. 

No one ever told them how painful saying goodbye to your first love is. They both weren’t sure how long they’d last in long distance, so they spent one final night together, both whispering I love you’s and what if’s and maybe’s. 

But those what if’s and maybe’s never came to be.


“So yeah, in a nutshell. That nurse was my first love, first relationship. First everything. It’s both nostalgic and bittersweet to see him again.” 

“Wow, seems like you had a lifetime experience in that one summer.” 

“It really was, and the worst part? I still hold on to the idea that he IS my soulmate. I’ve never met anyone that made me feel the things he made me feel.”

“So? Are you gonna pursue him?”


“He’s back in your life, working at the hospital that we usually bring PT’s in, if that’s not fate telling you something, then my relationship has been a lie!” 

“Listen man, what if he’s not my soulmate, that my soulmate is someone else, somewhere else? He wasn’t set on soulmates and soulmates don’t always end up together.”

“But there's only one way to find out. Dude, I’m not telling you to plan some grand confession about being soulmates. But fate brought you two together tonight; things happen for a reason. Are you willing to let him go again? If he wasn’t your soulmate would you immediately stop loving and caring about him? You said it yourself, he doesn’t care about soulmates, so why would it matter? You have another chance to fall in love again. Take it slow, one step at a time, date him again. Reconnect with him. Make sure you’re not holding on to some ghost of a summer love and actually have the real deal in front of you.”

“Holy hell, I didn’t realize you’d be so deep Hanta.” 

“Hey man, English lit. I’m tellin’ ya, best class I ever took. So what do you say, are you gonna stop by the hospital after work?” 

“Yeah,” he breathed out with a smile, “Yeah. I think I will.”