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Far from Haven

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It all happened too fast. One second, Katsuki was running after a villain, a thief who had just attacked the National Art Museum. The next, he was falling through the ground.

This particular villain has been evading the heroes for months. Usually, the theft is only discovered weeks later when the stolen piece is cleaned and people realize it’s a copy. So when their intel proves itself solid and Katsuki sees the guy taking an old vase, he runs after him without thinking twice. It obviously doesn’t take much for Ground Zero to reach the villain with his quirk’s propulsion. But when he reaches for the guy, he falls.

And he kept on falling for way, way longer than it would take for him to hit the floor. He can’t see anything and his mind can’t focus on what’s happening — so it’s entirely out of nowhere that he feels his body hitting something not as hard as the floor.

“UFF-” comes a grunt of paint from wherever the hell he landed.

“What?” someone else asks close by.


Katsuki has less than a couple of seconds to access his situation. He’s not running through Tokyo anymore, he’s in a classroom. The classroom is full, and in the back of his mind, he kind of recognizes everyone around him. He’s sitting on top of a student. And the teacher — Aizawa, his brain instantly provides — is coming for him with a menacing look on his face.

“GET OFF ME, FUCKER!” the student underneath him yells, and Katsuki feels the heat of explosions on his waist.

Shit. Katsuki could recognize this angry screech and the feel of these explosions absolutely anywhere. But it can’t be possible-

He doesn’t have time to wonder what the hell is at play because Eraserhead’s weapon is already trying to restrain him. Years of being a pro hero — and having his ass kicked by Aizawa during high school — honed Katsuki’s skill to dodge the deadly scarf to perfection. It takes no more than a split second for him to aim an explosion to the wall and jump away, then Katsuki is already on top of a desk on the other side of the classroom.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, FUCKING COPYCAT?” the young version of him that he landed on howls.

“IT MUST BE A VILLAIN!” a girl accuses.

He doesn’t have time to think, because, at the accusation, every one of the students aims their quirks at him. It is absolute chaos. Several screams echo through the room, from “Let’s catch him!” in Kirishima’s voice to “DIEEEEEEE!” in what must be his own teenage voice. Jumping and dodging to not get caught by anything, Katsuki looks around the room for a way out and sees something that completely takes his breath away.

The most unexpected thing of all — Izuku, his love, looking confused in the middle of that pandemonium. Katsuki doesn’t even think, he just moves towards his love hoping to protect him. He doesn’t know how the villain sent Izuku with him to the past or if it even is the past and not some kind of hallucination. All that he knows is that Izuku may be in danger, and Katsuki would rather die than to let anything harm his love.

In two quick jumps, he’s already pulling Izuku to his arms. It’s impossible not to notice how much shorter this Izuku is, but Katsuki doesn’t have time to wonder why. He cradles Izuku on his chest and with a kiss on his temple, Katsuki reassures him, “It’s alright, Freckles. I’m here, I’ve got this. No one will hurt you.”

But Katsuki doesn’t ‘got this’ at all. He’s lucky none of the students is particularly skilled, but the numbers aren’t in his favor. A big explosion protects them from being caught by ice (shit, even Half ‘n Half is here?), but that gives Aizawa an opening to erase Katsuki’s quirk.

“SHIT!” he screams when his next explosion doesn’t come off. As the scarf is wrapping his legs, Katsuki makes one last plea. “Don’t hurt him! Please don’t hurt him! You’ve got me now! Please let him go!” He pulls against his restraints one last time before looking at Izuku’s stunned face and making one last promise. “I’ll do anything, Deku! I won’t let them hurt you! I-”

And then the world goes dark, and Katsuki is falling again — but this time, he actually hits the floor, painfully.


Katsuki woke up several hours later at Recovery Girl’s infirmary. His head felt dizzy, and he had throbbing pains through his body. He wasn’t restrained; still, every UA’s pro hero teachers were there to get to the bottom of the situation with him.

Turns out, it was all real, not a quirk-induced hallucination. However, he wasn’t in the past. It didn’t take long talking to the ones he assumed to be his former teachers for them all to understand Katsuki actually came from a parallel dimension, and not the future.

A description of the museum thief was enough for pro heroes to remember their own version of that man — a villain with a quirk that could bring versions of people and things from alternate universes. This quirk had caused havoc in their own world some years ago. Unfortunately, the villain died trying to escape prison with his quirk, leaving as Katsuki’s only hope that the heroes in his world find their villain and force him to undo the damage.

Katsuki has a lot of faith in his colleagues, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t apprehensive about just being allowed to sit and wait for someone else to save him.

After their meeting is done and Katsuki is deemed to not be a threat, Aizawa walks him to the dorms. It was decided that Katsuki should stay with the other version of himself since the villain’s quirk demands at least some proximity to the link between the two universes.

“Now that’s a place I haven’t seen in a fucking long time,” he exclaims when the Heights Alliance building shows up around a curve.

“You had dorms too in your world?” Aizawa asks.

“Yeah… And you were the one keeping us in line back then too.”

With a deep sigh, the teacher grumbles, “At least I’m not the only one who has forsaken peace…” Katsuki can’t help but laugh out loud, but Aizawa’s next phrase puzzles him. “I wonder what kind of problems the other you will give me in the future if your display with Midoriya back there was anything to go by.”

That’s when Katsuki remembers his Deku was there — at UA classroom having lessons with all his friends in the hero course. He frowns, wondering how that can be, but he doesn’t have time to ask the teacher any questions because they’re already in the building’s front door.

When they enter the building, all of UA’s class 1-A is there in the common room and look at them with startled eyes. The silence is deafening, and Katsuki can see how these versions of his friends are all a hair-trigger away from jumping him again. Luckily, Aizawa comes to his rescue.

“He’s not a villain,” the teacher states, and every student instantly relaxes. “He’s a traveler from another dimension, and he’ll be with us until people from his world can take him back.”

“Teacher! Why does he look so much like Bakugrou?” Kaminari asks what they’re all thinking.

In the back of the room, Katsuki can see his younger self perk up and get closer, with a moody look on his face. Shit, if there’s something Katsuki would ever qualify as ‘his worst nightmare’, it would be to deal with a fourteen-year-old version of himself.

“Because he is Bakugou. This is Bakugou Katsuki from a parallel universe. His world is very similar to ours, but with some differences. If you want to learn more, take your chance asking him. I’m going to sleep,” Aizawa grumbles, already dragging his feet to his room.

The students instantly start asking a hundred questions at once.

“How old are you?”

“Where did you learn those moves?”

“Are you really a pro hero? I thought Bakugou would never get his license!”

“Do you know another version of me?”

“Fucking old man,” Katsuki curses Aizawa under his breath, before taking center stage in the middle of the room. “HEY, BRATS! SHUT UP!” Silence befalls the room instantly. “Good. Now, one at time. Yes, I’m a pro hero. I’m thirty-one. And I know all of you fuckers from back in my world. Most of you went to class with me there too. Several of you are my pro hero colleagues.”

‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ fill the room as the students become amazed by the new information.

“HA! I told you fuckers I’d get my shitty license!” Young Bakugou boasts, coming to the front of the room. 

“I got my license. I don’t know how you’ll do since I don’t come from the future,” Katsuki corrects him just for the pleasure of seeing the proud teen shrivel. “I came from a different, parallel universe. Things can be very different in your future. There’s no way of knowing.”

Teenage Bakugou’s anger starts rising instantly after being told off, which Katsuki finds quite amusing. He really was a goddamn brat; no wonder his mother couldn’t put up with him in this age.

“Hey! Hey! Am I a hero in your world?” A red-haired teenager asks him, bringing a small smile to Katsuki’s lips.

“Yes, Shitty Hair. We work in the same agency.” His answer makes Kirishima smile brightly as if all his dreams just became real. “So does Dunce Face here.” 

As Kaminari and Kirishima hug each other, jumping in happiness, the questions don’t stop.

“And me? Do you know me?” Ashido asks, waving.

“Yes. Since high school as well, but you work in another agency with Round Face.” The girls squeal in glee.

“Tapey works with Glasses, Ponytail is working her way up the Hero Association, Half ‘n Half took over his father’s agency, and-...” Katsuki goes one by one, pointing to the students until he reaches the expectant green eyes of the love of his life.

Deku looks so incredibly different but still the exact same. It’s astounding. The shiny eyes, the messy curls, and the freckles were equal to his Izuku’s. But this teenage one is shorter, has a round face with cute, pinchable cheeks. Though he’s years away from the sexy allure of his boyfriend, this Izuku is absolutely adorable, and Katsuki feels the need to hug him and never let him go.

“Do- Do you know me, Ka- ahn- Mister Bakugou?” Izuku stutters.

Giving in to his urges, Katsuki approaches the small teen and picks him up, squeezing him a tight hug. Izuku yelps in surprise and looks at him, flustered and confused. “Of course I know you, Freckles,” Katsuki says, smiling. “You’re the love of my life. My partner.”

Izuku’s eyes get huge in surprise, and the students around them start whispering instead of screaming. Katsuki doesn’t mind them, though. He sits down on the couch, with Deku safely tucked in his arms.

“I can’t believe I’m getting the chance of seeing you so small. You look so fucking cute like this!”

The only sound to really break through the room’s surprise is from his young self, who angrily stomps away, probably to hide in his room. It doesn’t take a genius to catch on the fact he and Izuku aren’t together here yet, but that doesn’t surprise Katsuki in the slightest. He knows he was an insufferable teenager. It’ll probably take years until this Katsuki can take his head out of his ass and admit his feelings for Izuku.

Still, Katsuki is pretty damn sure there are feelings there — he can’t conceive any world where he isn’t hopelessly in love with his Izuku.

“Don’t you nosy fuckers have any more questions?” Katsuki taunts the students after getting comfortable with Deku (at least, he got comfortable, Izuku is still frozen by his side).

The teenagers’ surprise over Katsuki’s treatment of Izuku isn’t strong enough to completely quell their curiosity about other versions of themselves. The rest of the evening is spent with Katsuki telling funny stories about his world while trying to not step in any landmines like telling the other teens who they’re married to. Katsuki’s more than willing to put his other self through this torture, and he won’t let any version of Deku think they aren’t loved by him, but Katsuki isn’t mean enough to put the other dumb teenagers through something like that.

Eventually, though, Katsuki knows he’ll have to face the fire-spitting gecko who thinks he’s a dragon. So he says goodnight to the students, kisses Deku’s hair, and marches on to where his old room was.

The “Get the fuck away, shitty extra!” he receives after knocking confirms to Katsuki that he got the right door. Rolling his eyes, he barges in, not caring for the threats that welcome him.

“What did I just say? Do you want me to explode your fucking face off?” the other Bakugou barks, sitting up from his bed.

“Yeah, yeah… As if I’m afraid of your shitty sparkles, brat,” he grumbles, sitting down on a chair to take off his heavy boots.

“What the hell are you doing here, old geezer?” the student hisses.

“I’m sleeping here until this is all solved,” he grunts as he gets rid of his uniform.

“Hell, no!”

“Your opinion, honestly, doesn’t matter one bit,” he says matter of factly. “I can’t stay away from you for long because of the two world’s connection, so scootch over.”

“WHAT?” the teenage jumps in uproar. “YOU’RE NOT SLEEPING WITH ME!”

“That’s what I just said… Damn, was I really that much of an idiot in high school?” he grunts, dropping in bed on top of the teenager. He’s much bigger than the younger Katsuki, so, with any luck, he’ll suffocate the brat in his sleep.

“GET OFF, YOU DISGUSTING GEEZER!” The teenager struggles underneath him until he manages to get out from beneath Katsuki. “I’LL EXPLODE YOUR FACE OFF, YOU SHITTY-!”

Tired of the screams, Katsuki raises his hand and fires one small explosion on the teenager’s face — not strong enough to do any real damage, but strong enough to throw the boy off the bed.

“See? It works better if you don’t scream before attacking,” he says, throwing one of the extra pillows on the boy’s face. “Now, just let me sleep.”

The teenager just keeps looking at him dumbfounded as Katsuki turns to the side and falls asleep.


The next morning, Katsuki wakes up just as his younger-self is leaving for class. He gets up and goes through his morning routine of shower and breakfast. After he’s ready, back in his hero uniform (none of the brat’s clothes come close to fitting him, he’s proud to attest), Katsuki walks towards UA’s main building, wondering which class the students would have that morning. He really hopes it isn’t English, Present Mic’s screaming was already hard enough to put up with when he was in school.

On the way to class, Katsuki passes by one of the fields he’d have Hero Classes and notices a bunch of flashes and yells coming from there. Curious to who is training, he approaches the area and is happily surprised to find class 1-A. They seem to be in some hero training exercise, probably battling each other. Katsuki sees the teenagers in their gym uniforms, cheering on for their classmates who are fighting.

Half ‘n Half is one of the students fighting. It’s impossible to not see the big fireball he sends to the other side of the field. This impresses Katsuki because he knows his Todoroki’s issues with his father and how it took years after their graduation until the guy started using his fire. Here he looks already quite proficient with it, even if by the twisted expression on his face, his attack hasn’t achieved its goal.

Katsuki can’t see who Todoroki is fighting because the other student is jumping around too fast for him to recognize who they are. Their speed seems to be annoying Half ‘n Half also, because, after a couple of more fireballs that don’t meet their target, the student creates a huge ice wall, trying to trap his opponent in it.

The opponent, however, breaks through the ice wall, and that’s when Katsuki sees who it is — it’s his Deku. His small, cute, delicate, adorable baby Izuku jumps through the ice shreds and barges towards Todoroki at inhuman speed. In slow motion, Katsuki watches as Todoroki aims another giant fireball at his classmate.

A scream catches on Katsuki’s throat, and his body tries to move in the split second he has before Deku is carbonized by Todoroki’s quirk. But he’s not fast enough and watches as Izuku and Todoroki are engulfed by flames.

“NO!” Katsuki yells, running to protect his little Deku.

The students’ protests to him invading their class fall on deaf ears. Katsuki has only one thing in mind and that is to save Deku. When the smoke flies away, however, the scene that appears is Deku on top of Todoroki, holding the other student down while aiming a punch on his face.

A high whistle is heard on the field and All Might’s boisterous voice announces, “And the winner is Hero Deku!”

Katsuki stays frozen in place, completely stunned by what he just witnessed. His tiny Izuku is on the hero course.

Of course he should have already noticed that. Deku is in class 1-A, classmate to all the other heroes-in-training, he even sleeps in the same dorm. Nonetheless, Katsuki’s mind just can’t wrap itself around the idea of his Deku — his gentle, pacifist, non-violent, quirkless boyfriend — just having kicked the ass of the one who is a top-ranking hero back in his world.

“H-hi, Mister Bakugou,” Izuku smiles and waves shyly to him.

“Good morning,” Todoroki greets him politely while he slaps the dirt away from his uniform.

“Students! Free the field for the next pair!” All Might orders them, and Katsuki is gently led to where the rest of the class is watching the fights.

“That was a very manly fight, guys!” Kirishima praises his classmates, banging his fists together.

“So, it’s now a tie? 2 for Todoroki and 2 for Midoriya?” Sero asks playfully, breaking Katsuki from his stupor.

“A tie? You two have fought before?” he asks in disbelief. Even having seen with his own eyes, he can’t believe his little Deku is a hero in training. Katsuki just can’t.

“Oh yeah, Todoroki and Midoriya have the class’s biggest rivalry!” Kaminari answers.

“CARE TO REPEAT THAT, DUNCE FACE?” His young self screeches, furiously. “These two losers are at best fighting for who gets to be in the second place! The best fighter in this class is me!”

Slower than they should, the pieces fall together in Katsuki’s head. His Izuku had already told him of his childhood dream of being a hero that ended when he discovered he’s quirkless. This Izuku, however, isn’t quirkless by the display he just saw. So he’s at UA, getting ready to fight villains, be hurt, put himself in danger — all the things Katsuki always secretly thanked he didn’t have to worry about his Izuku going through.

Katsuki’s heart becomes tight, and he doesn’t hear anything else being yelled by the students. The unstoppable need to protect his Deku floods his mind, just at it did when he first arrived in this world. Before he notices it, he’s scooping up Izuku in his arms and hugging him against his chest, trying to form a protective barrier between his Deku and the world.

“No, no, no,” he murmurs. “Not you… You can’t be actually planning on fighting fucking villains here.”

“Mi-mister Bakugou?” Izuku looks at him, confused. “Wh-what is happening?”


“This is all your damn fault, brat! Why didn’t you change his mind?” Katsuki accuses.

“What? What have I fucking done?” the teen protests looking offended.

“You weren’t protecting him! You left him to fight Half ‘n Half on his own!”

“Fuck you, stupid geezer! Shitty Deku can fight his own battles! It’s why we are in this goddamn school in the first place!”

Both Katsuki snarl menacingly to each other under the confused eyes of the class. That’s when All Might decides to intervene.

“Actually! Ah- Look at the time! You all better get ready for your next class! We don’t want Aizawa complaining I made you guys late again!” he says with a forced smile Katsuki saw him use several times while being his student too.

The students look at All Might and Bakugou skeptically, but decide to not argue and just go get ready for their class. The young Katsuki makes a point of clicking his tongue and muttering, “Shitty old man…” before leaving. Katsuki just glares at his teenage-self some more.

“Ah… Mister Bakugou? Ca-can I go to class too?” Izuku asks, making Katsuki realize he’s still cradling Deku on his arms like a child.

“Oh… sure, Freckles,” he says, putting the boy down. “Here you go.”

With one last confused look to him, Izuku turns around and rushes after his friends.

“So, ah-... We didn’t have a chance of talking yesterday in the infirmary, Young Bakugou! Or, ah, not-so-young Bakugou?” All Might awkwardly tries starting a conversation.

“You gave him your quirk, didn’t you?” Katsuki asks with a heavy heart, his eyes still following Deku’s back as he walks away.

“I- How-” All Might stutters but just one look from Katsuki into those sunken eyes explains everything — he was All Might’s student, he fought the League of Villains, he knows about One for All and All for One, and he saw All Might’s struggle with finding a successor back in his world. “Yes… Yes, I did. Young Midoriya has the heart of a hero, my boy. He was the best option.”

“I can see that…” And Katsuki means it. Izuku has a golden heart. If someone would ever receive a quirk as powerful as All Might’s and apply it to save everyone they could, it’d be Izuku. He’s brave, smart, and charming; the perfect hero. Katsuki just hates that any version of Izuku will have to know the hardships of hero life. “I just wish I could protect him here too…”

“You can’t,” All Might says, making Bakugou wince. “But don’t look so down. Young Midoriya doesn’t need protection, he needs support from other heroes, and we have a great class of students this year. One, in particular, is a bit explosive, but deep down, he has a great heart.”

With a skeptic chuckle, Katsuki asks, “You think that stupid brat will actually fight by his side?”

All Might smiles knowingly. “You would.”


Katsuki spent the rest of the day in the back of class 1-A's classroom, watching the students while they had their lessons. It was fascinating to analyze the small differences in a scene that could have looked exactly the same as what he lived back in his world. But it isn’t the same, and Izuku is the biggest difference of all.

Now that Katsuki had time to really pay attention to the teen, he saw that, even though he’s much shorter, this Izuku has muscles his doesn’t. Even more starking are the prominent scars that wrap around his arm, appearing from under his uniform's shirt. It was also a little funny to see this Deku wearing the worst looking tie in the world and very masculine clothing, while his Deku wears the cutest dresses and is extremely attentive to how the bows are tied.

He could also see that, even though the other Bakugou and Izuku sat very close, they didn’t talk to each other even once during the day. In between classes, most of the students tried talking to him, the other Bakugou just talked with Kirishima and Kaminari — really nothing different from how he was in high school — and Deku looked between him and the other Bakugou anxiously.

It wasn’t that hard to notice his teenager self and Deku aren’t close, but there’s something more there that Katsuki decided he needs to find out for his own peace of mind. So, when all classes end and the students get excited to go back to the dorms, he approaches Izuku and asks to talk to him.

“Su-sure,” Izuku stutters, grabbing his yellow All Might backpack (can he be any cuter?) and waving goodbye to his friends. “I see you all later!”

Sensing the teen’s tension, Katsuki tries playing with him a little to help him relax as they walk out of the building. “So… Did you get this backpack signed or what?”

“Wh-what?” Deku looks at him, startled.

“All Might is your teacher. I thought you’d have gotten at least one signature by now.”

“Oh! I- I did! He signed one of my notebooks when we met, and he gave me a signed poster on my last birthday,” Izuku tells him with a smile.

“Let me guess… Your room has more All Might merch than a hero store?” Katsuki smirks at him. Izuku’s blush is more than enough of an answer. “Ha! I knew it!”

“H-how would you know that?”

As they get to the gardens outside the school, Katsuki sits down on a bench and indicates for Izuku to sit by his side. “I told you. In my world, you and I are partners.”

Izuku nods, smiling. “Yeah… I suppose hero partners would know a lot of each other’s lives.”

“No, Izuku, actually…” Katsuki starts talking and stops to wonder how he can break this news to the bright-eyed boy on his side. Is it fair for him to hurt Izuku by saying there’s a world he remains quirkless? But, at the same time, isn’t it worse to act like his Izuku’s career is any less important and that they’re any less happy because of that? “My Izuku isn’t a hero,” he ends up saying because he never lied to his Deku, and he won’t start now.

“B-but you said you’re partners…” Izuku blinks at him confused, no smile left on his face.

“We are partners. Life partners. We met a few years ago, then we started dating, and now we live together,” Katsuki explains, smiling. “Told you, he’s the love of my life.”

“Oh…” Izuku blushes and looks away. The teen is clearly torn with the information he just got. “So he’s still-...”

“Quirkless? Yeah… He didn’t become All Might’s successor back where I’m from…” And just like his Deku, this one is quick on the tears too. Before Katsuki can do anything, his green eyes are watery and his lip is wobbling. “Hey, hey… None of that,” he says, bumping Izuku’s shoulder with his. “I know it’s hard to imagine when you’re a teenager, but life can be much more than what you’re seeing right now. My Izuku is a kickass, successful business owner. He works hard and is respected by everyone who knows him. He found new hobbies and interests, and he’s really happy with his life.”

Izuku looks at him with a puzzled expression. “And he’s dating you…”

“Hell yeah, he is,” Katsuki smiles brightly. “We’re very happy together, and I know I wouldn’t be half the hero I am if he wasn’t by my side.”

“You two met a few years ago?” The tears stopped, and Izuku looks more curious than heartbroken now, which is a win in Katsuki’s book.

“Yes. Around four years ago. I went to his teashop to buy a cake for my mother.” 


Katsuki nods, “Izuku owns a teashop. It’s a very special place. After going there the first time, I began going every day. Part of it was because the shop’s ambiance is really soothing, and I was going through a lot of stress during that period.”

“And the other part?” 

With a smirk, Katsuki confesses, “Because the owner was cute, and I was trying to score a date.”

Izuku’s eyes grow and he blushes a deep red, making Katsuki laugh out loud. It takes a moment for Izuku to calm down again, but when he does, he says something Bakugou wasn’t expecting.

“Kacchan and I are childhood friends… I have known him since kindergarten.”

“Shit…” Katsuki curses. That’s a fucking long time to put up with his bratty self. Katsuki doesn’t think even Shitty Hair and the other stooges would like him much if they met him in middle school. 

“Kacchan… He knows about One for All here too because he knew I was quirkless before getting to UA.” Izuku’s voice is wobbly, letting Katsuki know there’s more to it than he’s saying, so he presses on.

“And he didn’t take it well?”

“He… He thought I was lying to him? During our whole lives?” Izuku forces a chuckle. “Kacchan wasn’t happy about that at all… He didn’t think I got in UA, being quirkless and all… So he wasn’t very happy to see me in his class...”

“Fuck, Izuku, if that bratty shithead is still giving you trouble, I’ll make sure to-”

“No, no!” the teen interrupts him hastily. “Me and Kacchan… We’re definitely getting better now! I- I think he accepted me as his rival, and we plan to battle each other for the first place in the ranking when we become heroes!”

That explanation makes Katsuki chuckle. “Rivals, hm?”

Izuku nods eagerly.

“You sure? Not maybe… hero partners?” Katsuki smirks. “Or life partners…?”

“Wh-what?! No! Never!” Izuku protests, waving his arms around. “Kacchan would never-”

“I did,” Katsuki interrupts him, raising an eyebrow.

“But you are very different! You two are nothing alike…”

Shaking his head, Katsuki confesses, “We’re not that different. I was just as much of an annoying hothead in high school. And I was a little shit in middle school. Hell, I’ve been insufferable for most of my life, and some would say I still am. I was just lucky that my Izuku and I met after I had my ass handed to me several times over and was a little bit more civilized. And, still, being with him made me a whole world of good, made me a better person.”

“I-... I still don’t think Kacchan will ever see me that way…” Izuku says, looking down at his shoes.

“He will. I know he will,” he states with certainty. “And he’ll get less shitty eventually. And though I’m not sure if you should not give up on him, I hope you won’t.” Izuku raises his head and looks him in the eyes with a confused expression. “Someday, that idiot will come crawling to you. Just promise you’ll let him grovel a little before giving him a chance, alright?”

“I still doubt that will ever happen… But I-... I’d really like to be Kacchan’s hero partner…” Izuku confesses shyly.

“Shit, you’re too fucking cute,” Katsuki pulls him to a half-hug and kisses his hair. “Come on, it’s late. Let’s go grab some dinner. You need to eat properly to grow up big and strong, and kick the villains’ asses.”

“Fine…” Izuku gets up from the bench when Katsuki lets go of him. “Mr. Bakugou?”


“I think I get why the other Izuku is so happy,” Izuku says and offers him a smile. “You’re really amazing!”


Katsuki watches Izuku walk away with the other him with anger coiling tight in his guts. The novelty of having someone who is another version of himself literally fall on his lap from an inter-universe portal ended really quickly when Katsuki realized what a shithead the other guy is.

Like, what the hell? Why is that old man so obsessed with shitty Deku of all people?!

It irks Katsuki to no end to see this old version of himself cuddling Deku like a goddamn baby in front of everyone. And it confuses him too.

He hates seeing the other him treat Deku like he does. It’s unnatural and weird, and it makes Katsuki feel like puking. This has soured his mood beyond the usual threshold to the point that even the fuckers that sometimes hang out with him aren’t feeling up to the task, leaving Katsuki on his own the whole day. It serves him just right because it gives him time to lay on his bed and think about what the hell does this all mean.

To be perfectly honest, Katsuki doesn’t even know what to think about the idea of him and Deku being in a relationship because he never imagined himself in a relationship with anyone at all. All Might isn’t married; so if that’s how he got to the top, that’s how Katsuki would live too. And even if he ever came to fall in love, he always imagined it’d be a random person, out of nowhere, like it is for most people. He wouldn’t expect himself to fall in love with the idiot who has been following him since kindergarten. 

Still, it was pretty obvious by the fucker’s reaction to seeing Deku and Shitty Halfie fight that the Deku from his world isn’t a hero, and is most probably quirkless. But how does that lead to needing to ‘protect him’ and the whole being partners talk?

If this Izuku remained quirkless, Katsuki is pretty sure he’d not even think twice about Deku ever again after getting in UA. So something really fucked up must have happened in the other Katsuki’s world for him to believe it’s necessary to treat Deku like that.

For a moment, on the first evening the old man was in their world, Katsuki took a moment, hidden in his room, to try and imagine what kind of situation would lead to him feeling responsible for Deku in that degree. He couldn’t come up with many theories, and the two he did, he didn’t like at all.

The first theory was the most likely — if All Might wasn’t there in the sludge monster day, the villain could have turned to Deku and tried to kill the idiot. If Deku almost died trying to save him, that would probably make Katsuki develop the same unhealthy obsession the old geezer has with the nerd; and it would explain why Deku remained quirkless. The second theory is more far-fetched and doesn’t explain much, but Katsuki can see himself becoming guilty enough to think he loves Deku if the idiot had actually jumped off the roof when Katsuki told him to. But that doesn’t explain why the other Deku is still alive and why he’s quirkless, so Katsuki prefers not to delve on it.

Katsuki loses track of time mulling over his own relationship with Deku in his world. When he realizes it, it’s already night, he missed dinner, and the other Bakugou is invading his room again.

“Oh fuck, not again,” he grunts, remembering the insulting experience from last night.

“Not like I particularly like sleeping with you, brat,” the other grumbles, getting rid of his boots and uniform. “Much rather sleep with Deku.”

“That’s fucking creepy.”

“My Izuku,” the other one corrects, glaring at him. “There’s nothing better than to go to bed with the love of your life. But I guess you’re too weak to ever find that out.”

Being accused of being weak is what it takes for Katsuki to jump up in bed, furious. “What the hell did you say? I’m not fucking weak! I can kick your ass and any other fucker in this damn world!”

The older man looks deep inside his eyes and explains, “First of all, you can’t. I’m stronger and a better fighter than you. Several people are, and if you don’t accept that, you’ll never get any better. Second, that’s not even the reason I called you weak. You’re weak because you are not strong enough to face yourself.”

“I already told you that I can fight you any day,” he grows.

“No, not me. Yourself,” the other states, looming over him. “You’re too much of a coward to look inside yourself and accept your own feelings. You’re not strong enough to accept that you’ve been wrong. And you’re a loser because you’ll lose the only person who will ever truly matter to you without even trying to fight for him.”

“If this is about shitty Deku, you’re wrong,” he hisses to which the older man just rolls his eyes. “I don’t know what huge fuck up you did in your world to make you obsessed with him, but that’s not my life! I don’t owe anything to Deku, and I don’t have to protect him!”

The older man plops down in bed, almost crushing Katsuki again. “You’re really fucking stupid,” he says, shaking his head. “Unlike you, I haven’t done anything bad to my Izuku. And I’m not obsessed with him, I’m in love with him. We met when we were already adults, so he didn’t have to put up with how much of a shithead I was at your age. And that’s why I got a shot of asking him out. But from what I’ve heard, you’ve blown your chances before your balls even dropped, and now you’re too much of a loser to do anything about it.”

Katsuki’s hand sparks in anger. “WHAT FUCKING CHANCES? I DON’T EVEN-” But just one explosion from the other Katsuki is enough to shut him up. He may hate to admit it, but the older man has much more firepower than him.

“YES, YOU FUCKING DO!” the other barks. “I can’t fucking STAND your goddamn yapping, but the denial shit that comes with it is even worse. But you know what? Whatever. Your own goddamn loss. If you wanna be a shitty hero, alone, struggling to be on the top 20, be my fucking guest!” he yells at Katsuki and gets closer in a menacing way. “But if you want to be the best you can be, you have a decade of damage to make up for with Izuku. Now get off, I’m going to sleep.”

And with one last push, Katsuki finds himself on the floor for another night of not being able to sleep because of the thoughts running in his head.


The next day, it seems like the traveler decided to double down on his efforts of making Katsuki miserable — by being as clingy and disgusting with Deku as he could. The whole day, the fucker made a spectacle of himself spoiling Deku. He made the nerd breakfast, sat by him during class, and praised the idiot.

And the worst part: Deku seemed to like it! The idiot shuttered and blushed the whole goddamn day and not once told the creepy old man to get lost! He even started calling him Kacchan!

It was fucking unbearable! Katsuki was a breath away from exploding the fuckers the whole day. Kaminari found out that Katsuki wasn’t just pretending to be annoyed and now has a bald patch on his idiotic hair.

Katsuki wished he could just hide in his bedroom again only to not put up with that. But after waking up in the middle of the night, starving because he missed dinner the night before, he decided he wouldn’t let those fuckers get in the way of him eating.

That’s why he is there with his whole class when, out of nowhere, someone falls on Deku’s lap.

Unlike when the other Katsuki arrived that everyone started attacking him immediately, this time the whole class stays frozen in place, stunned by what they’re seeing — it’s an older Deku wearing the cutest dress Katsuki has ever seen. It’s light blue, with a ton of bows and frillies, and bunnies printed on it.

And the weirdest thing of all is that it fits Deku perfectly. This Deku has longer hair, curls reaching almost to his jaw, which makes him even more angelic. He’s taller, but not as muscular as his long arms show. And Katsuki becomes absolutely speechless at the sight of him.

The other Katsuki, however, doesn’t. “Freckles! You’re here!” he says, quickly pulling this new Izuku to his lap, releasing the other Izuku from being suffocated by fabric.

“Kacchan! I found you!” the new Izuku says, hugging the other Katsuki’s neck and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Look on who you landed,” the older Katsuki says, turning the new Izuku’s face to his counterpart. “It’s a tiny you!”

“Oh my god!” the new Izuku says, grabbing Deku’s cheeks. “It really is me! Or a version of me! I mean, they told me there would be a version of me here, and that’s why she could use the quirk, but it was so hard to imagine- and yet! Here he is! He’s so young! He must be what, 14? 15? Oh my, I forgot how young I used to look! Can you-”

“That’s enough, love,” the older Katsuki says gently, taking his Izuku’s hands away from Deku’s cheeks. “You’re gonna scare him.”

“Oh, sorry,” he smiles apologetically. “I was rambling, wasn’t I? Well, I suppose I should say nice to meet you, Izuku!”

“Deku!” Round Face interjects, her eyes huge in surprise.

“Oh, hi, Ochako!” the new Izuku waves. “You’re also so young!”

“You’re wearing a dress!” she states what everyone there is thinking.

“Oh, yeah? I suppose… I always wear dresses,” he shrugs.

“Wh-why?” Finally, their Deku breaks from his stun and stutters a question.

“Because I like it,” the new Izuku says with a big, bright smile.

“AH! HE’S SO CUTE!” Mina screeches from the other side of the room, and that’s enough for everyone to start talking at the same time. “Momo! Momo! We need to make a dress for our Deku! We NEED IT!”

Mina runs towards Momo, who is already trying to reach Deku with a measuring tape in hand.

“What color are you thinking? And fabric? Print or no print?” Momo asks Deku, who looks like he’s a second away from fainting.

“Wh-What?! I don’t ne-need a dress!” he protests. “I ne-never thought-”

“I didn’t think either,” the new Izuku says, shrugging. “Until I put on one and decided I was done with pants.”

“Bu-but I’m not- I do-don’t-”

“I think you’d look very cute in a dress, Midoriya,” Half ‘n Half offers, and that’s the last drop for Katsuki. He slams his hand on the desk, deciding to put an end to this whole circus.

However, at the same time, the other Bakugou also decided to speak up. “HELL FUCKING NO, ICY-HOT! You stay away from Deku! I won’t let you steal him away just because this other me is an idiot!”

“WHO THE HELL IS AN IDIOT, CREEPY GEEZER?” he yells, hands sparkling and ready to explode everyone away.

“Oh, look! It’s a tiny Kacchan!” older Deku exclaims, jumping off the older man’s lap and walking towards him. “You’re so small! And cute!”

Before Katsuki can find it in him to protest, the new Izuku is all over him, pinching his cheeks and mumbling about how adorable he looks. Katsuki feels his face heating up and his throat going dry. His heart threatens to come out from his throat. Never before he has felt this way, and he isn’t sure he wants it to stop.

Unfortunately, some machine beeps inside the new Izuku’s pocket and he lets Katsuki’s cheeks go, startled. “Oh, damn! I almost forgot! Kacchan, we need to go! I only had a few minutes to find you and grab you!”

“Alright…” the older Katsuki approaches and grabs the small beeping machine from Izuku’s hand. “They gave you one of Hatsume’s shit? Impressive, Freckles.”

“Of course! I’m on an official mission to rescue Ground Zero!” he states proudly with a cheeky smile.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue, my hero,” the older Katsuki coos before pulling his Izuku to a kiss.

Katsuki’s stomach flips and twists several times as he watches their affection display.

“Fine, then. Goodbye to all you brats,” the older Katsuki proclaims to everyone. “Deku, don’t forget what I told you,” he says with a smile, then turns to glare at Katsuki. “Brat, be fucking better.”

“Goodbye, everyone! Thank you for taking care of my Kacchan!” Izuku waves and in a blink, they’re gone.

The whole class stays in surprised silence for a moment before erupting in chaos once more. In seconds, Mina has Deku wrapped around Yayorozu’s tape measure while the other girl produces fabric samples and passes around to Uraraka and Hagakure. Even Katsuki’s friends are debating the dress-wearing-thing, with Kirishima proclaiming it can be extremely manly to wear a dress.

Silently, Katsuki gives up on the rest of his dinner and walks away, going to his room. He still feels his face hot, and seeing Yayorozu put a green bow on Deku’s hair doesn’t help him at all.

Katsuki can’t really believe, but the other guy was right — Izuku is really fucking cute. At least, this older version of him is the cutest person Katsuki has ever seen. If his Deku grows up to be even half as pretty as that one, Katsuki feels like he’ll be in deep, deep trouble.

Maybe there was some truth to the other Katsuki’s words… Katsuki hates to admit it, but, at the same time, if he can’t trust himself, who is left? Maybe just moving over their past isn’t enough for him and Deku, and he really needs to start addressing some of the shit he put Deku through. And maybe he can start by apologizing for the fucked up things he did when he was a dumb brat…