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Call My Name

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It's a simple routine, thirty-two movements, four counts of eight. Kame watches once to count, twice to be sure, and then he turns and lines his spine up with the wall just beside the open door. Jin's too caught up in the steps, keeping track of three mens' bodies, arms, legs, and hips, to spot Kame watching from the doorway; but why risk it?

There's no one else here to catch Kame. The practice corridors empty out when Jin's practicing with his boys. Jin's talent is strong. He's got less precision control than Nakamaru, or Kame himself, but in terms of sheer power, unconscious will spilling out, Jin gives MatsuJun a run for his money. Jin's also got a reputation for pranking anyone stupid enough to not to be actively blocking him whenever he's feeling bored.

Thirty-two movements, four counts of eight. Kame can feel the echoes of the impulses Jin is sending his boys, distant urges to snap his wrists, to bend his elbows, to lift his leg to kick. It's all Kame needs to know to be able to imagine Jin, just on the other side of the wall, making those movements, following them through the merest fraction of a second before his boys mimic them exactly.

These particular men with Jin are new to Kame, but clearly not to Jin, not if he can sync with them like that. It's half practice and half a game he's playing with them. Kame caught their grins in the mirrors tiling the back wall before he turned away, Jin's smile mirrored across three faces. Normal people can't know what it's like, the pleasure of syncing with someone, feeling their body move as an extension of your own.

Kame can tell Jin's improvising, changes that probably feels random to Jin, but human beings are rarely truly random. Jin's changing the steps on the count of three or of seven, or not at all, and variations only, no substitutions of entirely different steps. That only makes it easier for Kame to follow along.

How to recognise and remember patterns is one of the first things that they are taught. It helps with their control. Kame's never killed someone by accident. Whatever else he's done, he's proud of that.

After ten complete cycles, it's starting to be impossible for Kame not to know how fast Jin's heart is beating, and soon, he knows his breathing will follow. He needs to walk away.

He needs to stop doing this.


On the twenty-third beat, Jin's hand jerks right instead of left: not a movement from him, and certainly not from Ben or Jerry. And Jin always shuts the door when he's training.

Even though it takes him only five strides to reach the corridor, by the time Jin gets his head through the doorway, there's no one in sight. Again.

In his hoodie pocket, Jin's phone vibrates once. The message is short: 28:00, an address in Koto-ku, and the words LEATHER LATEX RUBBER written in English.

"Hey, guys! We're going out tonight!"