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Attempted breakfast in bed

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The first thing people point out is the difference between you and Tamaki. He’s the quiet, gentle and introverted one while you’re cheerful, lively and a social butterfly. But you two like it like this. After all, opposites attract, right? He loves how you’re endlessly enthusiastic and kind while you love how he makes everything more calm and enjoyable. 

You’re also an early bird while he’s is a hardcore night owl, who finds the idea of waking up before 9 horrendous. Many of your mornings together involve your loud and rambunctious morning greetings to rouse him from his slumber. 

Today is different though. It’s one of those rare days where you can both relax and for him, that means sleeping in until the sun is high. Tamaki usually turns himself into a blanket burrito with you trapped inside his arms. Of course, him being unconscious means you can slither out at any time, but why would you ever try to escape this warm heaven?

As usual, your eyes open at 7 on the dot, even though the alarm was disabled last night. Even though the room is pitch dark, your Quirk allows your eyes to see with clarity. Tamaki’s face is right next to yours and you slowly shift to face him. 

Soft snores escape him as the blanket rises and falls slowly. Serenity has overtaken his usual scowl which you love so much. It puts your mind at ease though, the tell-tale signs of relaxation clear. The increase in stress of Hero work made him more and more agitated nowadays. He tried to hide it so you wouldn’t worry, but he could never keep secrets. You knew him too well for that.

A rare day off needs to start off well. The thought popped into your head. He’s always wanted breakfast in bed… I can try the new octopus dish I pulled from the internet and miso soup! A warm and hearty breakfast is sure to put a smile onto his face. 

Tensing slightly, you slowly peel his arms off of your body and wiggle out of the bed. Slippers guard you against the freezing floor and you take extra care not to drag the shoes across the floor and make noise. A peek back shows he hasn’t woken up yet and a sigh of relief leaves you. Alrighty, time to cook with caution.

A tentacle covered in soft feathers wraps around your midriff as you try to tip-toe out of the room, gently pulling you back into the bed. A small gasp leaves you at the sudden contact, but it soon turns into giggles as you return into the soft covers.

You head thumps onto the pillow next to Tamaki’s. His eyes are still closed and don’t show signs of opening up any time soon. Yet his arm, back to its human form, tightens on your body and you’re splayed flush against his body. His mouth seeks yours out, blindly pressing onto your eyes and cheeks. Laughter escapes you at his random kisses and you tenderly guide him to your lips.

Incoherent murmurs leave him in the little breaks between pecks but you know him well enough to understand. Digging back into the covers and intertwining his limbs with yours, you breathe in his scent from his chest.

“Okay, okay, I won’t leave. Let’s go back to sleep.”