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Bea huffed for the tenth time that day, debbie her daughter she shared with allie her ex-wife had been going off at her about her decision to split with allie a year ago



'mum are you listening to me?



'i am deb, im right here in front of you



'yea, where mama should be, i cant believe you split with mama because of them



'but deb



'no mum, its not fair, you broke up our family because of 2 people that dont even live in this country..... bea rubbed her temples she could feel a headache



'deb you have to understand that your grandparents are






'deb!!!..... bea yelled  'dont you speak like that



'alright fine i wont but what you did was wrong, just because your parents dont agree with sam-sex marriage it doesnt mean you have to abide by there rules, your not a child mum, i cant even believe that you and mama were married for 5 years and you never even told them, you kept mama secret like a dirty little secret



'it wasnt like that deb, you dont know what there really like



'maybe not but your letting them dictate your life, mama is the love of your life, we were the perfect family, finally after everything that happened to you and mama our lives got so much better but you messed it up...... debbie said frustrated, she had been with her mama allie all day and where they were made debbie angry because allie had no support, alright yes she hadnt told anyone but debbie but that was only because she had no choice, debbie had followed her one day 4 months ago and found out her big secret, she didnt want to tell bea or any of the friends because she didnt want anyone's pity.



'you know what deb i have had it from everyone and especially from you, you need to deal with it, your mama and i are divorced



'ugh!!!!.... debbie said and walked off going down the hall she entered her room and slammed the door shut making bea jump, bea shook her head, debbie sure had her temper, everyone thinks that splitting up with allie was so easy to do, it was hands down the hardest thing bea had ever done in her life, no one but her understood that if she told her parents about her and allie's relationship they would bash the shit out of her, literally, bea may be 38 but it doesnt matter, her parents are very strict church goers



just over a year ago they announced to bea that they would be moving to australia to be closer to her and debbie, in that same conversation her mum bought up the gay and lesbian mardi gra that was to happen that same weekend, her mum went on and on about how it was an abomination and they should drop a bomb right in the middle of the parade and kill them all. bea was worried and after thinking how she would deal with this decided to not let allie be ridiculed and absolutely hated by her parents, she split with allie a few days later and allie moved out into her own apartment, it did not end well by any means, there was so much screaming and arguing that debbie was sent to stay with aunty franky and aunt bridget, by the time she got home her mum explained that they split because of her parents and to say debbie was angry is an understatement, she flew off the handle and it ended up with another argument, debbie ended up staying with allie for 3 weeks before allie finally managed to get through to debbie and she moved back with her mum, since than though they argue a lot about this very problem



bea's parents moved closer to them 9 months ago and have absolutely no idea about allie apart from her being a friend. debbie has threatened plenty of times to tell them but she hasnt yet. bea hates it just as much as debbie does and everytime she sees allie her heart breaks more and more, she has been suffering nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety attacks because of it



she has had it out with everyone in there group with franky being the worst one, they had gone back and forth for a couple months just bickering until it came to blows and they had one hell of a fight, they didnt talk for a month but allie got into franky's ear and told her to make up with the redhead, she could tell by seeing bea that she was struggling and needed her best friend, so that night bea came home to franky sitting on the couch with chinese and beer, nothing needed to be said but the relief on bea's face to see the fiery brunette said it all



Today though debbie started again after coming back from allie's place, she knows allie wouldnt bad mouth her so debbie just must be frustrated with the whole situation and her mama being alone, bea was unaware of allie's situation



A few days before bea decided to call it quits with bea she found a lump on her breast, he hadnt told bea as yet but was in the process of doing tests to check what it was, 3 weeks later she found out she had breast cancer  and was to start chemo asap, she did so but hadnt told anyone, she was very sick and had hired a nurse to help her at home when needed, she also has a cleaner that comes twice a week because she is so tired from the chemo and too sick to do anything, 2 months after she started chemo she had another session but she had to drop debbie off at the shops, debbie felt something was off with her mama so got into a taxi and followed her, she ended up in the hospital and all the way to the chemo ward, she peaked through and saw her mama being hooked up to the drip, her heart dropped but she knows its much harder for her mama, she walked in and allie looked up, tears rolled down there faces and debbie was quick to hold her hand and say one thing



'im here no matter what..... allie squeezed her hand as a thank you and since than debbie has been spending more and more time with allie, doing her shopping, going to chemo and driving here wherever she needed to go, allie made her promise she wouldnt tell anyone about this just yet, debbie has kept her promise but can see her mama has lost a lot of weight, her eyes were sunk in, her skin pale and she was very lethargic, the only good thing is money wise allie had no issues, she had invented a computer programme that is being used all over the world and bridget has been head manager for a long time and has it all in hand, allie doesnt need to work at all and her bank account has as many zero's as beyonce's as debbie would put it



bea stood up after her daughter stormed off and began making dinner, her parents were coming over so it had to be a very good home cooked meal, its true that bea is scared if them, when she was younger her and her brother had been been daily from both of there parents and they have continued there angry mentality till today, her brother lives down the rd with his son and they will also be coming for dinner, he knows about allie and although he is angry about what bea did, he is more upset because if bea did in fact tell them allie is her wife there would be hell to pay, its a sad reality and he sees the toll it has taken on his sister, he knows about her panic attacks and anxiety and has done his best to help her. he sees how hard everyone is on her and he hates that everything just cant be out in the open for his sisters sake, she deserves to be happy after what her parents put her through. there parents that set up bea and harry together when she was just 17, by 18 she was forced to marry him and had debbie 9 months later, harry was abusive and when bea told her parents there response was 'you need to do as your told'... her brother will was disgusted and eventually stepped in when bea allowed him back in her life, harry made bea get rid of will from her life but when harry decided to take off with debbie in the car one night drink while bea was gasping for air on the floor after harry had 'dealt' with her, that was it for bea, harry ended up in a car accident and debbie had a broken arm and leg, will told the police everything about harry and he was arrested and sent to jail for 18 years with no parole



Bea sniffled and wiped her tears



'i have to get through this.... she said to herself as she started dinner, not sure what the night would bring





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Bea sat there listening to her parents go on about the same typical crap



'that harry was a good man, i still cant believe what you did to him, the poor man should be here with his family



'thats right, the man knew how to run his home like a real man should.... her dad mike said



'yes my darling, that man was good for you beatrice



'mum please stop, leave bea alone..... will said seeing the toll this was taking on his sister



'nah harry was mean..... will's son said as he took another fork food into his mouth



'oh andrew darling, dont be talking like that about a good man like harry



'grandma he was a jerk



'buddy dont talk like that, your 15 not 25



'well dad its true. he was mean to me, to aunty bea, to debbie and everyone, i hate him.... debbie smirked, she really loved her cousin danny, he was just so honest and they needed some of that around here



'danny enough of that, harry didnt deserve any of what happened to him!!!...... the grandfather raised his voice



'you will not under any circumstances raise your voice at my son, in fact do not raise your voice at anyone here especially since he is telling the truth, now lets move on.... his dad shook his head at will and the table was quiet till bea's mother spoke up



'beatrice your chicken is very dry, the mash needs seasoning and your greens are over cooked.... debbie slammed her fork on the table making everyone jumped



'enough, dont talk to mum like that



'i beg your pardon young lady



'you heard me, mum slaved for 5 hours in the kitchen to put this meal together for you 2, you know tonight is normally pizza night for me, mum, uncle will and danny, mum worked hard for you and your so ungreatful, mums meal is amazing and she is a great cook..... the whole table went quiet for the next 10 minutes, debbie sent a soft smile to her mum who looked so sad the whole time, the silence was broken when the doorbell rang



'i will get it.... bea got up and went to the front door swinging it open coming face to face with the love of her life






'umm hi bea, sorry to drop by but i called debbie and she didnt answer



'her phone must be upstairs



'well debbie left her laptop at my place... she said waving the laptop around



'oh umm, come in



'are you sure? i dont want to interrupt you guys, i know your parents are here



'yes of course, come on.... allie followed bea inside not sure if she should really be here, debbie's eyes lit up when she saw her 



'hi guys, sorry to interrupt but deb you left your laptop at my place



'debbie.... bea's mum corrected



'excuse me?



'her name is debbie not deb, like some street kid.... debbie groaned loudly



'allie can call me whatever she wants, far out...... she stood up and went over to allie  'mum we are just going to the lounge room for a few moments



'no worries deb.... bea said and allie smirked when she said deb knowing her parents hated it, they walked to the lounge room and out of sight from everyone, well everyone but bea who was getting some water from the fridge, bea's heart hurt when she saw debbie wrap her arms around the blonde woman and hold her tight, allie of course reciprocated and bea loved the sight, allie turned her head to see bea watching them and they just held eye contact for a while before debbie pulled back and kissed her mama's cheek, they came to the kitchen 



'mum im going to finish dinner



'go on deb i will be in there in a moment



'okay.... debbie walked off leaving bea and allie together



'how have you been? 



'i have been okay bea, just working from home mostly



'business doing well?



'doing great, cant complain, how are you going? hows your shop?



'yea good, the cafe is always busy



'thats good, um i better go so you can finish dinner



'do you want to join us? you must be hungry



'i dont want to impose



'allie you could never be an imposition, please come and join us, i just have to warn you my parents are complete assholes.... allie smiled



'i remember... they walked back to the table and bea had another chair, plate and cutlery



'allie is joining us for dinner



'yay... danny said, he absolutely loved his aunty, he knows what happened even at 15 and knows to not say anything, he leaned over and hugged the blonde



'hi allie



'hey little man, your getting taller everytime i see you



'its cause i eat my broccoli, thats what dad says.... he rolled his eyes and allie giggled, bea's heart melted at the sound



'well lets eat..... during the rest of dinner bea's parents kept on going on about stupid things as usual and everyone did there best to be on there best behavior, that was until her mum decided to speak directly to allie



'so allie i know you have a very successful business, have you found a man to share your life with?.... bea's eyes went wide and looked at allie who looked cool calm and collected



'actually i am not looking for a man



'oh you should darling, it will make you fell fulfilled in your life, woman were born to support there men



'well i am though looking for a wife, there hands are softer.... bea hid her smile and debbie giggled



'oh, your one of.. those



'if by lesbians, than yes i am



'so your a man hater?



'not at all helen, i have no issues with real men



'what does that mean?



'it means that as long as a man does not under any circumstances put his hands on a woman to hurt them, speaks badly to a woman or anyone in general than i have no problem with them, i think men that put there hands on woman especially there wife are putrid disgusting assholes... the room went quiet for the 3rd time that night 



'plus as i said, woman have soft hands, you should try it some time helen.... allie shrugged like what she said was normal



'your an abomination!!!.... bea's mum said and bea stood up and slammed her hand on the table



'dont you dare speak to her like that



'beatrice you watch your mouth towards your mother



'i will not, this is my damn house and i wont have you 2 disrespecting allie like that, like seriously because she likes woman she is a bad person, grow up... the rest of the dinner finished in silence, they took dessert and bea smiled when she saw debbie and allie fighting over a piece of cake, allie ended up giving it to deb after one bite, it was a bit unusual because allei does not share food or give up so easily, she also realized at dinner allie didnt eat much, she looked thinner and a little pale, maybe she was just very over worked. she was bought out of her thoughts when will nudged her hip



'you still love her sis



'that was never the issue, i will always love her



'i still cont comprehend you splitting up because of them



'you know what there like will, i mean dinner was a disaster and look how they treated allie



'i know but allie isnt soft, she can take them on if needed



'i know but its not fair on her, she shouldnt have to fight with them everytime she sees them



'the problem is bea is that you didnt give her a choice






'exactly that, you didnt say anything to her, you just said its not working out, she still doesnt know why you split up, she thinks you dont love her anymore



'how do you know that?



'she told me, she comes over for visits and danny of course has to go and hang out with her, he loves her



'i know, what am i supposed to do will? fuck being away from her hurts so much



'i know it does, i can see it on your face. as for what to do i think you know



'i cant put her through it



'the first thing you need to do is be honest with her, you have gone the last 15 months without telling her exactly why you split up, go from there



'i have to think about this



'you do that..... there parents walked up to them a couple minutes later



'we are leaving, thank you for a interesting night



'bye mum, bye dad.... they said there goodbyes and bea walked them out to the car



'oh and beatrice, the next time we come over for dinner dont invite that woman.... bea didnt even have a chance to say anything when her dad drove off



'fucking assholes.... bea walked back inside and began cleaning the kitchen, allie joined her and quietly helped her, they worked around each other like they always had, allie started to feel a little sick because she had chemo early so she stopped and bea looked over



'allie? hey are you alright?



'hmm yea, just dont really fell very well..... allie ran to the bathroom and threw up, debbie ran after her as did bea



'mum its alright, i got it



'are you sure?



'yes.... debbie closed the door and locked herself and allie in the bathroom, she held allie's hair back and rubbed her back, when allie finished she sat on the floor



'how do you feel?



'better now its out, its been brewing for a few hours, i guess i needed something to throw up



'yea.... a knock at the door made them jump



'its just me, umm, i bought you a toothbrush and some water... allie nodded for debbie to open the door and bea walked in



'hey are you okay?



'yea, just an upset tummy



'here is some water and a spare toothbrush



'thank you



'do you want to shower? maybe that will help you feel better



'i dont have clothes with me



'thats okay, you can borrow some of mine..... bea said shyly



'that would be great



'well come to my bathroom... they got allie up and they went to bea's room which had a ensuite



'im just gonna get in the shower



'i will find you some clothes...... bea looked through her draws and pulled out tracksuit pants, a t-shirt and clean undies putting them on the bed, she sat down and waited for allie finish, the blonde walked out 15 minutes later with a towel wrapped around her



'umm i got these out for you, unless there is something else you want?



'no thats fine, thank you.... bea stood up and allie dropped her towel and started to get dressed, bea's eyes went wide and turned around 



'im gonna give you some privacy..... bea started walking and walked straight into the wall  'oh shit



'fuck bea, are you alright?..... allie said after pulling the undies on and went over to the redhead holding her head



'ugh that hurt, i think im okay, just a bump



'come sit down let me have a look.... bea sat on the bed and allie quickly threw the t-shirt on so she was standing there half naked, her long legs looked beautiful, all of allie is beautiful



'looks like just a cut, let me clean it up for you.... allie got the first aid kit and cleaned up the cut and put a bandaid on it. bea felt the blondes lips on her head  lingering, bea's hands  went to allie's thighs rubbing the soft milky skin, she laid her forhead on allie's stomach



'i have missed you allie.... allie sighed and run her fingers through red curls



'i miss you too, but you broke us bea.... allie said softly and bea pulled back looking into the bluest eyes she loved so much



'i know, im sorry but you dont understand



'because you never said why, explain it to me



'if i explained it to you, you would hate me



'i could never hate you bea, i have never stopped loving you



'me neither






'of course allie, my love for you was never in doubt, its something else



'did i do something wrong?



'no you didnt, i wish you did because it would be easier to blame you, but no you did nothing wrong, your perfect..... bea whispered 



'than tell me..... bea went to open her mouth but there was a knock and the door flew open



'hey mum are you.... debbie stopped in her tracks when she saw her parents pull apart  'umm i just came to check on mama



'im okay deb, just really tired.... allie said pulling on the trackies



'are you sure your okay?



'im okay sweatheart, thank you for the help, both of you but i should get going



'your not going anywhere allie, your staying here tonight



'no bea i cant



'yes you can, in fact debbie go hide her car keys



'on it.... debbie ran out and allie turned to face bea



'bea i cant stay here



'yes you can, you will stay in my room



'no if i stay it will be in the spare room



'okay fine, here i will wash your clothes for the morning



'thank you and when your ready i think we need to talk



'i know we do but im not sure when i will be ready allie



'in your own time..... allie leaned down and kissed bea on the lips and than walked out of the room and went to the spare room to lay down, bea herself touched her lips, they were tingling since allie kissed her, oh how she missed those sweet kisses, she went downstairs and saw off will and danny before going to the kitchen 



'hey mum do you want a hot chocolate?



'no thanks deb. im sorry about tonight, the dinner was a mess



'it really was, but i laughed when allie said that stuff about men and that woman have soft hands



'me too actually.... bea and debbie laughed



'how do you feel with mama here?



'i fucking miss her deb, so damn much.... debbie ran to her mum and hugged her when she saw her mum crying



'oh mum, it will be okay



'it wont be, i messed it all up for 2 hateful people



'you can fix it



'i dont even know how deb, i fucked it all up



'there has to be away to fix this, you both still love each other, listen mum you need to be honest about everything



'i know, i just dont know how to do it, you know me deb, its hard for me to talk 



'i know mum but you can do it, you can either leave it as it is and not ever be happy again, or you can talk to her and start some proper communication between the 2 of you.... bea nodded



'i know... i know



'are you going to be alright?



'yes, you go to bed i wont be far off



'alright, night mum



'night deb..... bea finished off the kitchen and closed the house down for the night, she walked down the corridor and stopped at the spare room peaking inside, allie was fast asleep but the blanket had fallen off, she quietly walked in the room and put the blanket over the blonde woman and kissed her on the cheek than left the room, she went to her own room and had a quick shower before getting dressed and getting into bed and falling asleep




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Bea woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep very well, she used the bathroom and went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she decided she was a little hungry so pulled out a piece of cake to snack on, she sat at the table her mind wondering to the blonde woman that will always hold her heart, it took her back to when allie had proposed to her



They had gonna out to dinner at bea's favorite restaurant and had the best time, they shared food, they laughed, allie flirted and bea giggled and blushed. they took a walk down to the beach and over to a yacht that allie had hired for the night, allie drove it herself because she learnt just for this occasion, allie had gone driven while bea wrapped her arms around her from behing, she remembers the smell of allie's hair and her perfume filled her nose, allie always smells good no matter what.  they stopped about 40 minutes out and anchored 



'babe why dont you go out to the deck, i will bring dessert out for us



'okay baby.... bea was sitting on the bench table when allie came out and put a platter on the table, it had different cakes and pastries as well as chocolate covered strawberries 


'wow there is so much here allie


'i know, you know how much i love sweets


'i do, here open your mouth..... they fed each other sweets and sipped on champagne. bea caught allie staring at her with a smile on her face


'what are you staring at?


'your so beautiful babe, i love you so much


'i love you too allie.... allie took a deep breath and grabbed the box from behind her on the table but hadnt bought it out yet


'listen i need to ask you something


'okay.... bea said unsure, never in a million years did she think allie would propose, her mind smiled at the moment 


'i always thought i wouldnt find anyone that i love. the day you ran into me at the cafe was the best day ever, even if you did drop a milkshake on me.... she smiled when allie giggled   'we have been together for 2 years and it has been amazing, you asked me 6 months ago where i see myself in 5 years and it really made me think, well i have an answer for you, i see myself married to you, us being together with debbie as a happy family, in saying that i think i have the start of my plan.... she pulled the box from behind her and opened the box


'bea smith will you marry me?..... bea was shocked for sure but she wasted no time in answering


'of course i will allie




'absolutely yea....... they celebrated long into the night and bea had never been happier than to have been married to allie, she was bought out og her thoughts when someone walked down the hallway and coughed, she turned to see allie walk into the kitchen


'sorry i just needed some water


'its fine, go for it..... allie got a glass of water and sat at the table with bea


'you couldnt sleep?


'no, its been the normal for a while now, i sleep for a couple hours than stay up for an hour or so


'why? are you okay?


'hmm, just a lot on my mind


'anything i can help with?.... bea sadly smiled


'how can you be so sweet to me after what i did to you?


'because i love you bea


'i dont deserve it..... she whispered and allie's hand covered her own, bea turned her hand over and linked there hands together, bea rubbed her thumb over allie's hand


'you deserve so much bea


'i dont.... allie could see it in bea and had seen it for the last few months that her mentality is going back to how she was when she first met her, scared, shy and very reserved


'i happen to think your an amazing woman bea, i was so lucky to have been married to you..... bea looked up and allie wiped her tears from her cheeks


'i dont know what to do allie


'talk to me


'i know i need to, i left everything up in the air for so long and its not fair to you


'not you either bea, its clearly effecting you


'you always effect me allie, i cant help it.... allie softly smiled, this woman in front of her looked so broken and she just wanted to kiss her so passionately and take her in her arms


'me to bea, me too


'i want to talk to you but im just not really, i need to organize my thoughts first


'okay, take your time bea, im not going anywhere.... bea nodded


'thank you


'well i better get back to sleep


'are you feeling better?


'i have a headache but i will be okay


'why dont you get in bed and i will bring you something for your headache?


'thanks bea..... allie walked back to the room and bea entered a few minutes later


'here take these tablets, they will help..... allie did so andput her glass of water on the side table  




'here lay down i will massage your head


'you dont need to do that


'i want to..... allie lay down and bea sat against the bedhead and rubbed allie's head gently


'that feels good.... bea smiled, they both ended up falling asleep together which is where debbie found them the next morning, laying face to face and there arms wrapped around each other, she left them to sleep and went to the kitchen to get a start on breakfast, she made pancakes and cut up fruit, she was going to make bacon and eggs but since her mama started chemo she cant handle the smell of eggs. looking at the time she saw it was 10.15


'i will let them sleep.... she said to herself and made her plate than sat down in front of the tv to watch her favorite show



Bea and allie woke at the same time and looked at each other


'i miss waking up with you


'me too allie, hows your head?


'mush better, thank you


'anytime.... bea put her hand on allie's face stroking her fingers across her cheek than lips  'your so beautiful


'you are... allie whispered back, she wanted more than anything to kiss the blonde woman but she couldnt, she was already confused, they both were, clearing her throat she sat up


'i better go make breakfast, you hungry?


'a little


'alright, well i will be in the kitchen, if you want to shower or need anything you knows where it is.... allie nodded, bea walked out and washed up in the bathroom before going to the kitchen 


'hey mum... debbie yelled from the lounge room so bea went to her


'morning deb, what are you eating?


'i made pancakes, there are a stack for you and mama in the oven and a bowl of fruit in the fridge


'thanks deb


'where is mama?


'i dont know, maybe still in bed..... bea acted innocent like she didnt know where allie was hoping debbie would accept it


'oh yea, so i didnt see you both asleep together... damn it, bea said


'dont make a big deal out of it deb


'you so love her


'of course i do, that was never the issue, i just fucking hate this so much, everytime i see her i feel like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest


'i know mum, its hard


'harder than i ever thought deb


'oh mum..... debbie stood up and hugged the redhead, unbeknown to them allie had heard most of there conversation and although she hates seeing bea's hurting it was good to know that allie wasnt alone in her feelings. letting out a cough so they knew she was coming they pulled apart and came into the kitchen, debbie bringing her plate over to eat with them, bea made 2 plates and sat down with allie


'here you go, eat up


'thanks bea, do you have... she stopped when bea put the nutella in front of her


'this?.... bea smirked


'yes nutella, thanks, you know me too well


'i sure do.... they smiled at each other and debbie smirked, they had breakfast and than allie had to leave


'thanks for having me over, i appreciate you both looking after me


'anytime, just because we arent together anymore it doesnt mean we arent here to help you


'thank you... she hugged her daughter and looked at bea


'i will walk you out..... bea walked allie out to her car 'when are you having debbie over again?


'im picking her up friday morning at 9.30


'okay, see you soon and look after yourself, i can see you have lost weight


'yea i know, just over worked thats all


'well you need to look after yourself


' will, thank you, i will see you soon bea


'bye allie... bea leaned forward and hugged the blonde, smelling her hair as she loved it, they pulled back and smiled at each other before allie got in her car and left, bea went back inside and sat at the table with debbie


'are you going to the cafe today mum?


'yes, i have to do the books and make the orders, do you want to come?


'do i get a milkshake and cake?.... bea laughed


'yes child you do


'hey i aint no child, im 20


'yes you are, alright go get ready we are leaving in half an hour


'got it mum.... debbie began walking away and turned back around to face her mum  'mum?




'im sorry about arguing with you, i just hate seeing you both hurt


'i know deb, its okay i understand, i have made it hard on everyone involved


'its alright, you know that and i hope you take steps to fix it


'i will do my best, your mama and i talked a little and once i get my thoughts straight we will talk and i will tell her everything


'thats a good idea mum, alright i will go shower...... bea took herself for a shower as well and they left half an hour later, parking at the cafe they walked into the cafe


'hey red you finally thought about doing some work?.... franky laughed


'i have to do the books and orders if thats okay with you


'i guess so, hey liz make red a coffee and mini red a caramel thickshake


'sure thing.... franky was a lawyer but because her office is a couple shops down she does a lot of work at bea's cafe, the cafe was opened a year after harry went to jail, she used the money from the sale of the house and there shared savings to get a new house and start her cafe which now belongs to bea and debbie... liz worked there with boomer.... maxine worked as franky's assistant so where franky was maxine was, they all met when bea was in hospital on the last night when harry went for bea, franky had been in a fight and they shared a room quickly becoming friends, bea cried a lot and franky comforted her, bea met the others through franky and now they were once big dysfunctional family


'hey liz i will take mine in the office, i got lots of stuff to do


'no worries love, you go on through


'thanks liz, and please bring debbie a slice of her cake, she is craving it


'got it.... bea went through to the back and debbie sat with franky and maxine


'so hows your mum today? how was dinner?


'it was a fucking mess franky


'do tell..... debbie told them all about the night and allie turning up


'was it awkward?


'not with mum and mama, more so with the granparents, they were so rude


'whats new..... franky rolled her eyed having her own 'discussions' with them about sexuality 


'mama put them in there spot real quick, she was calm and really nice to them, gran tried to say that mama was an abomination but mum went off, telling them to basically shut there mouths


'woah, i would have paid to be there


'you would have loved it franky, anyways they talked a little last night and when mum gets herself together she will talk to mama


'like really talk to her?


'yes, tell her everything


'about time


'who knows how it will go but mum needs to be honest with her


'most definitely, dont worry sweety your parents are meant for each other


'i know, its just really hard


'here you go love, you enjoy this and lets hope they get there act together


'thanks liz..... they sat around together talking and liz went inside to bea and knocked on the door


'just me love, i bought you a coffee and a canoli


'thank you liz, just put them down here... liz did so and sat down with bea


'how are you doing? debbie filled us in about last night


'thats exactly what i was talking about liz, allie was rediculed from the, last night


'i know love but allie is a grown woman, she can fight her own battles and you she wont give you up for anything she doesnt care what they think


'i dont want to hurt her


'bea, you hurt her yourself..... bea closed her eyes and sighed


'i didnt mean too


'i know love, its time to tell her everything


'i will, i just need a bit of time


'just dont leave it too long.... liz patted her leg and left the redhead to it, bea finished 2 hours later and came out to see debbie helping liz serve, they were busy for some reason


'whats going on? why are we so busy?


'they had a meeting across the road and they all came here for coffee and sandwich


'alright, deb you serve, liz you make coffees and i will make the sandwiches with matt....they had 30 people waiting and it took them just over an hour to clear them out and get there orders to them, once done bea threw the tea towel down  on the bench


'far out, does that happen often?


'once a week for the last 7 months


'well next time call me in its quicker


'will do love, alright off you go now, debbie is tired and bored


'alright, we need to do some shopping anyways, come on deb


'bye liz


'goodbye ladies..... they got in the car and got to the supermarket and grabbed a trolley


'deb get another trolley




'because your mama isnt looking after herself, so she clearly isnt eating properly, so we will get her some food and supplies


'okay..... debbie smiled, she loved how caring her mum is when it came to her mama, they did there shopping and debbie made sure to stay away from foods that made her sick due to chemo, debbie called her mama to make sure she was home and told her they were coming passed which allie was happy with


Allie had gotten home and cleaned up a little, she had some stuff to do on the laptop so sat down for a few hours doing so, her phone rang seeing it was debbie who said she was coming over with bea, she was happy as she always wanted bea around, in fact she always loved having both bea and debbie, the doorbell went a few minutes later and she opened the door seeing both girls standing there with there hands full of bags


'whats all this?


'mum said you needed food cause your too skinny, so here we are


'thanks guys, here let me get them... she went to take debbie's bags but deb knows how week she had become due to her chemo


'no, i got it mama. you just hold the door open


'okay, come in girls... bea smiled at allie on the way in and allie gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as she walked passed, they were in the kitchen packing stuff away


'what do you have for dinner allie?


'nothing yet, i was going to have toast 


'toast? omg thats not proper food, im going to cook for you, if thats alright?


'of course it is but you dont have to do that


'i want to, need to fatten you up.... allie looked at debbie than back at bea


'go for your life, hey deb why dont you come see this graph for work?


'sure... they went to allie's office and sat down


'mama you have to tell her about yourself


'i cant debbie, she wont be able to handle it


'mum can handle more than you think, listen you want her to be honest with you, well you have to be honest with her


'how do i tell her?


'tell her from the start, once we eat we can all sit down and tell her together


'okay, im scared


'i know mama, i know



Chapter Text







Allie was moving food around her plate, she had a little too eat but she had no appetite as it had been for the last 6 months, but tonight her stomach was churning because she was about to tell bea about her illness, debbie was right, in order for bea to be honest with her she needed to be honest with bea



'do you not like it?..... bea said unsure



'no bea its great, thank you for cooking, i just dont have much of an appetite 



'you still dont fell well?.... bea asked worried



'no im okay, just after we finish dinner we really need to talk, there is something i need to talk to you about



'okay.... they finished dinner and once cleaned up the 3 of them sat in the lounge room, allie and debbie  looked worried



'tell me whats going on  guys, your worrying me.... allie looked at debbie who nodded for allie to start, taking a big breath she looked at bea



'what im going to tell you is not easy



'okay, im listening



'4 days before we split i found a lump on my left breast, i went to the doctor and they told me to do blood tests, biopsy, x-ray, mamaogram and any other test that needed to be done over the next 3-4 weeks.... she could already see the tears spring to bea's eyes, she knew it, she knew what was coming but allie needed to tell her everything



'the doctor told me i had breast cancer, i started chemo straight away and have been on pretty strong doses 3 times a week since



'you knew?.... bea said looking at debbie, trying really hard to not break down



'i did, about 4 months ago mama dropped me off at the shops to meet some friends but i got in a taxi and followed her to the hospital, she went into the oncology ward and mama told me what had happened, since than i ahve been going to all her chemo appointments and driving her around if she needed



'i um.... bea said and stopped talking, allie held her hand and bea bought it to her lips and held it to her chest  'you cant be sick.... bea said and the dam broke, she broke down crying and allie wrapped bea up in her arms



'its okay bea, its okay.... this made bea cry more, allie pulled bea into her lap and they held each other for a long time, debbie watched on tears rolling down her cheeks as well, although she has known for a while and she had cried a little about the situation she hadnt given herself the chance to really feel it, to know that there was a chance that she could loose her mama. she moved closer to her parents and allie pulled her into them as well, all 3 of them crying together for a long time, it had been about 40 minutes and bea pulled back stroking the blondes cheek



'i need to know everything?



'okay, sit back with deb and i will tell you.... bea sat back but didnt loose contact with both woman



'okay go



'alright well i have chemo monday, wednesday and friday which debbie comes with me, i get quite sick and vomit at least 4-5 times after, thats why i have lost weight, i dont have much of an appetite but i dot try to have at least one full meal a day, i have now have a cleaner to look after my apartment twice a week






'i do the pays but apart from that bridget takes care of everything, umm what else? i dont know



'how are you? how are you feeling?



'tired, i feel sick at times but im doing okay considering.... bea rubbed her cheek



'im here for you allie, anything you need



'i need one thing from you bea



'what is it? anything?



'i need the truth from you about us...... bea's eyes widened and her eyes went to allie and than debbie



'its time mum, tell her everything



'she will hate me



'i could never hate you bea, talk to me.... allie said 



'okay.... bea nodded and took a big breath, debbie ducked off to her room to give them some privacy



'before my parents came down to live here i had a conversation with mum and you know she hates all gay people, lgbtqi people, its an abomination as you heard last night, she said something that scared



'what was it?.... allie asked pretty much knowing where all this fear in bea came from



'the mardi gras was that same weekend and she said if she could she would drop a bomb in the middle of the parade and kill all the disgusting things there, they dont deserve to be alive, i got scared because i know what there like, you saw them at dinner, the minute you said you were a lesbian they jumped down your throat and were so rude, i didnt want you to be ridiculed everytime they either called or saw you. its not right



'so you thought it would be easier to let me go?.... bea nodded



'i did, i never meant to hurt you.... bea whispered and looked down at there joined hands



'i know you didnt but it hurt me more to think you didnt want me anymore, it hurts to think you threw away what we had for them, i understand you were trying to protect me but it still hurts... bea went to speak but allie continued 



'wait let me finish bea.... bea nodded  'i am hurt, im not gonna lie, but i love you bea, so much and that has never changed, if anything its gotten stronger the fact that you just dropped me like that, i felt like i got smacked across the the face with a truck



'i understand allie, im so sorry



'i know you are, listen bea what do you want with this? us? 



'i want you but i dont know how to fix this, i want to



'i want that too bea, but you have a lot of making up to do



'whatever happens with us right now i need it to stay between us, my parents



'we will deal with them when we are ready bea, i promise im not going anywhere because they say so, i will fight for you no matter what






'yes bea, im here for you



'im here for you too, i want to come to your chemo sessions with you allie, i want to be there for everything



'i dont know bea, im not in a good way



'i dont care, im coming, i want your schedule, i want your doctors name and details, i want it all allie.... allie smiled sadly



'okay, i have a session tomorrow at 10am



'okay deb and i will pick you up at 9.30



'alright, thanks



'well deb and i better get going so you can get some sleep, but tomorrow morning we will be here



'okay bea... they shared a couple kisses and they smiled at each other



'deb lets go.... debbie came out a smile on her face, her parents were holding hands and had goofy smiles on there face, they all know that whats to come in following few months but they would all be there for each other



'sooooooooooo, what happened?



'were gonna see how it goes deb but its on the dl



'dl mum, your so cool.... she giggled and her parent laughed



'alright cheeky lets get going so your mama can rest..... allie walked them out to the door because bea wouldnt let her come outside as it was cold



'i will see you in the morning






'good night...... bea and debbie drove off and when they arrived home debbie went to bed, bea had a shower and fell into bed, she cried herself to sleep about allie, her beautiful girl is sick but bea will do everything in her power to get her better






The next day bea and debbie had picked up allie and she had just parked the car outside the hospital, they got out and bea followed allie and debbie who had obviously done this trip a lot, she had a back pack swung over her shoulder of what she saw as supplies, bea had woke up early and had searched the internet for what would help allie in the long run, bea looked up and saw oncology and they walked in



'allie its good to see you. how have you been since your last session?..... the nurse asked



'same old, vomit, feel sick and more vomiting



'i know sweetheart, who do we have with you today?



'well debbie of course, and this here is bea



'the bea... the nurse raised her eyebrows



'the one and only



'you finally told her ay?



'it was time, bea this is nurse vera, she will monitor me throughout treatment along with my doctors, miss vera from now on bea is to know everything so please let my doctor know



'okay, i will get your paperwork so its noted, please have a seat, maybe take the one by the window it has more room and some nice sun



'will do, come on girls..... they went to the chair by the window and allie sat on the recliner while bea and debbie took the seats beside her, the nurse came over with a clip board and a tray with a couple drip bags



'alright sign this to say your adding bea to the records and than we can get you started.... allie put bea's details and than signed the paperwork and than the nurse put 2 bags up and connected them through allie's iv



'alright sweetheart just relax, let me know when the nausea starts or if you need anything



'i will, thank you.... the nurse walked off and bea took allie's hand making her smile



'thank you for being here



'i will be anywhere you are..... the next couple hours went by and they just chatted a little but mostly just sat in silence, debbie was reading her book, bea tried but didnt want to take her eyes off allie so just continued to stare at the blonde, she could tell allie was tired and was feeling sick



'its time to tell the nurse your not feeling well.... allie nodded and bea looked over to the nurse  who was already coming over with an ice block and a bag of something 



'here we go, suck on this and i will give you something for the nausea



'thank you.... allie said greatfully, the nurse walked off when she was done, allie only had a little bit but couldnt really stomach it



'bea do you want this, i just cant



'no thanks, deb?



'sure....debbie took it and finished it off, half an hour later bea held the bucket while allie began to vomit, bea rubbed her back and she hated to see allie in so much pain



'let it out..... allie could only groan but in reality she was so thankful that the redhead was here, she loves debbie but being at chemo with her was really taking its toll on the young girl, she laid back on the recliner and bea pulled out her red blanket from home to put over her shaking body, she also took out a gatorade 



'here drink this, it will help



'thank you bea.... she drank half the bottle and put it on the table  'about half hour left



'im not in hurry, i cleared my whole day, in fact spoke to liz about doing paperwork from home for a while and she would take care of the cafe, she hired another girl ruby so with them 2 and matt there all good, i told you im here for anything you need



'thank you.... half an hour later  the medication had finished and allie was drinking some water



'alright allie, can you stand up?



'i think so miss vera..... allie stood up with the help of the nurse and blinked a few times 'im okay, just give me a minute.... bea stood beside the blonde and wrapped her arm around her waist



'i got her miss vera



'i know you do...... vera smiled at the beautiful redhead, she could tell how much they love each other and allie really needed the support



'im okay to walk now



'okay, come on your coming to our place



'no bea im okay at home



'no you are not, listen there isnt much i can do so just let me look after you... allie nodded



'thank you.... debbie grabbed her mums back pack and followed her parents out, they walked slow but eventually got to the car and got allie into the front seat, they arrived at bea's place not too long later and bea helped allie inside



'couch or bed?



'bed please, im so tired..... as they walked down the hallway allie bolted to the bathroom and began vomiting, she spent the next 20 minutes there and bea was by her side the whole time, when she slumped against the bathtub tired bea helped her to her feet



'shower and bed?



'yes please, can you help me?



'of course, i got you..... bea showered allie and than lifted her tired body and walked to her own room



'spare room.... allie said and bea shook her head



'no, this is your room as much as it is mine, the bed is more comfy and there is a tv.... bea said tucking the blonde in, she went to walk away but allie grabbed her hand



'stay please.... allie said so exhausted that any fight she had left was all gone



'im right here..... bea ran her fingers through allie's wet locks, the woman fell asleep pretty quickly but bea stayed for an hour just watching the yonuger woman sleep, eventually she let the blonde sleep and went out to check on debbie who was making lunch



'mama asleep?



'yea, far out, i heard about how people deal with chemo but seeing it happen to allie is



'fucked up..... debbie finished for her



'yea, is there anything i should knows to expect?



'she sleeps mostly, she will eat some toast or a sandwich, maybe rice, she has water or gatorade, mostly just lays in bed



'okay, she is in our bed, she fell asleep an hour ago



'well i just made pasta for lunch so have something to eat before you do anything else



'thanks deb.... she took the bowl from her daughter and sat down to eat and debbie joined her



'oh and mum, mama sometimes gets really emotional, she cries and gets really down



'is that part of the chemo?



'the nurse said its normal



'okay, i will make sure im there to comfort her and make sure she is okay



'i know you will mum, so tell me what will happen with the 2 of you now?



'we have a long way to go deb, i have to prove to her how much she means to me, i have to show her that i wont hurt her again



'mama loves you and i know you love her, but she did feel like she meant nothing to you because there was no reason for what you did, now that you have told her everything you can both open up the dialog to speak openly, just keep being honest mum



'i will do my best, what am i supposed to do about my parents?  allie is going to be spending a lot of time here and i dont want them to have a go at her everytime they see her



'i get that, listen mama doesnt care what they say, as long as she has you and your love than she will fight tooth and nail, mama will tell you if its too much for her 



'alright, thanks for lunch deb, im going to sit with mama, can you do me a favor?






'can you to payroll for the cafe please?



'sure mum, you go be with mama, i will be around if you need me, oh take a bottle of water and bucket with you just in case.... bea nodded and grabbed a bottle of water and a bucket and went to her room, the blonde was still sleeping so bea put the bucket beside the bed and the water on the side table, she sat with her back against the headboard and flicked the tv on low, she knows allie doesnt mind the tv being on, she felt allie stir and the blonde opened her eyes and looked up



'hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?



'my tummy hurts.... allie croaked out



'here lay down here.... bea helped allie to lay between her legs and she rubbed her head 



'your a little warm allie



'its normal, i will check my temp later on



'if its high what happens?



'i have to be in hospital so they can monitor me.... allie sighed  'this is a lot to take on bea, its not what you signed up for.... allie said looking up sadly, bea ran her fingers down allie face



'you listen to me and you listen to me good, you allie novak are the love of my life, i know what i did was stupid and i will spend every day for the rest of my life making it up to you, no matter what happens and how much you try to push me away im not going anywhere, i love you and that will never change.... allie had tears rolling down her cheeks



'i love you too.... she said and hugged bea around her waist as she cried, bea held her tight to herself and just rocked the blonde, she had cried herself to sleep and bea thought how bittersweet this was right now, she had allie in her arms again but allie was sick, very sick and she wasnt sure what the future holds and that was scary, being in the moment she kissed allie on the head and let sleep take over








Chapter Text






Allie ended up spending the night, it was a rough night for the blonde and bea hated seeing her like this, throwing up, tummy aches, headaches, tiredness, exhaustion and much more, allie was just waking up to an empty bed, the sheets where bea was now had pillows, in fact she was surrounded by pillows which made her smile, since they had first spent the night together bea had found out that allie always slept with pillows around her, it made her feel comfortable and not so alone, stretching her body she rubbed her head, it was sore but not as bad as yesterday, her mouth tasted like shit so she got out of the bed  and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, she had a shower and put on bea's robe because she didnt have any other clothes there, she brushed her teeth 3 times and used mouth wash before leaving the bathroom and walking down the hall to the kitchen, bea was sitting at the table with a coffee in hand and the laptop was in front of her




'morning, how are you feeling?



'headache still there but not as bad, feel crappy but okay considering



'you hungry?



'i could do with some toast



'coming right up, coffee or juice?



'juice please.... bea kissed allie on the head and than went to the bench to make allie's toast



'i hope you dont mind but im wearing your robe?



'course not, you can use whatever you want.... bea smiled over her shoulder, she returned to the table and placed toast and juice on the table



'here you go, do you need anything else?



'no thank you, sit down with me.... bea sat beside the blonde and allie took her hand while she ate slowly



'where is deb?



'she went to get some chicken for dinner, franky and bridget are coming over



'i will get out of your hair after i eat



'i um... bea said shyly  'i was hoping you would stay for dinner



'i dont want to intrude bea



'you could never intrude, i would rather have you than anyone else






'of course, i know i have a lot to make up to you but if you let me i will do my best, plus i want to look after you.... allie nodded and stroked bea's cheek



'okay, i will stay



'good, now is there anything you want to do today?



'i need to get some clothes from home and meds



'okay, will you stay here tonight? .... allie loved how shy bea had gotten saying that



'if you want me too



'i definitely do



'okay than



'good, i will have a quick shower than we can go to your place and you can get whatever you need..... allie smiled when bea kissed her cheek and skipped off to the bathroom, allie finished and put her plate and cup in the sink than sat on the couch to wait for bea. the redhead came out 20 minutes later and smiled at her



'you ready to go?



'do you mind if i go like this?.... allie said indicating to the robe she was wearing



'of course you can, i will text deb and tell her we are going to your place..... they got in the car but allie was definitely slow in walking due to not having much energy, bea was happy to be the support allie needed, they went inside to allie's apartment 



'sit down on the on the couch i will pack you a bag



'i will sit on the bed so i can tell you what i need



'okay, come on..... bea helped allie to the bed and she pulled out a bag from the cupboard



'alright what do you need?



'pj's first, top draw in the cupboard



'okay, which one do you want?



'the piglet ones.... bea smiled she knows allie loves these pj's



'okay, what else?



'umm, trackies in the 3rd draw, second draw a t-shirt.... bea packed 2 of everything incase she could entice allie to stay longer with her



'done, what else?



;undies, socks and my toiletries..... once bea packed her bag she bent down kissing the blonde



'do you need anything else?



'my laptop, i have to do payroll, and my medication bag is in the kitchen, thats it i think



'do you want your slippers? so your comfy



'oh yes please.... bea took everything to the car and came back to help allie, the blonde locked up and they headed back to bea's place to relax for a while, debbie was there so she made them a sandwich and told allie to relax and she would do the pays



'its all set up deb, just make sure the hours are right than hit send



'will do..... what debbie didnt know is she had opened up a bank account for debbie which she puts money in every week, debbie missed it when she did the pays but in due time will find out exactly how much her mama has put aside for her, she will be shocked, once done she snuggled with her parents on the couch as they watched tv






later that night they were sitting around the table having dinner, bridget and franky were over and have both seen that allie looks quite pale but didnt say anything



'hey red thanks for inviting us over, i love your cooking



'no worries franky, i actually invited bridget but i guess you come with her... bea smirked as franky faked being hurt



'you hurt my feelings red



'you will be right, hey deb can you get me a bowl from the kitchen please



'why?.... debbie said confused



'so i can make franky a bowl of cement and she can harden the fuck up..... everyone burst out laughing even franky as she hi-fived her best friend



'your a little shit and i will get ya back for that one



'i aint scared



'you should be...... they bickered for the next few minutes, the other 3 giggling at the pair



'mum is there more rice?



'yes deb there is plenty of rice and chicken, i just didnt want to put the pot on the table



'sweet, anyone else want?



'i will have some deb.... franky handed debbie the plate and she put them both more food, bea looked to allie's plate and she hadnt even put half of what she normally ate on it and there was still some sitting there



'your not hungry?......  bea whispered and allie shook her head



'i tried but i just couldnt finish it, its nice though



'do you want something else?



'no thanks, just some water.... bea got up and got a cold bottle of water and went back to the table and gave it to the greatful blonde



'thanks..... bea smiled and rubbed allie's leg before turning to talk to the couple



'so how is business franky? 



'busy but good, we actually have a new case i took on a month ago, its the one with the abusive wife that beat the shit out of her husband



'oh yea i saw that on the news, so she is your client?



'yes, she called me from jail, got my name from liz when she volunteers there on her day off, anyways she told me her story and i agreed to take her on



'thats a big case and very much in the media



'i know red, but this woman needs this, she needs to be free, she has a teenage son who is very much involved and he needs and deserves his mum back, i dont know how many times this woman had gone to police or tried to get an avo only to be rejected



'poor woman, i know how that feels... bea said sadly and she felt debbie take her hand



'but you got out of it mum, your strong and your free



'too right you are red.... franky said throwing a nod in bea's direction, bea doesnt normally mention what she went through or harry, in fact no one at all knows what has happened to her not wanting people to look down at her for letting someone abuse her for so long, at most will her brother knows the majority of it



'so anyways i hope you take it out franky, it will be good for your career 



'i hope so, so hows the cafe doing?



'the books look good, liz hired a new girl ruby and they have matt so they do the majority of the work, deb goes in a couple days a week to do stock take, so we all work together



'thats good, how about you allie? gidge tells me she is busy at work?



'yes she has a very busy job and i have basically left the company in bridgets hands, i just do payroll and check stats to make sure its on course, i trust bridget and she hasnt let me down



'and i wont, i appreciate you trusting me with your business allie, i know you were really hands on with everything



'i was but i did years of late nights and long hours 



'well i have managed to be out of the office by no later than 6 most nights



'thats great, bridget if you ever need to or want to work from hom please do so, i know the office is crazy with that many workers



'thanks, i will do that when i can, oh by the way i saw what you did with my pay, you didnt have to



'what did ya do blondie?



'it was nothing.... allie shrugged



'it wasnt nothing, she upped my pay by a fair amount which wasnt necessary.... bridget said looking at allie



'you deserve it, your basically running the company for me



'its quite fun actually, some day when there all slacking off i get on there asses



'oh thats my favorite gidge, so sexy when she is bossy and angry.... debbie giggled at franky



'anyways moving on, soooooooooooo, whats going on here?.... frnaky said pointing to bea and allie



'we are just getting along, we never hated each other



'i know but its weird, i havent see you 2 together in a long time



'we know, its time to just be.... bea said unsure what to say, allie and she agreed that they would keep whatever this is quiet as well as allie's illness a secret



'alright than, i still dont get why you split to start with, your both menat to be together



'franky stop



'what gidge? its true



'that may be but this is there lives and you need to respect that, just be happy they are hanging out 



'alright fine, well whats for dessert?



'yay dessert.... debbie said and fist pumped



;i have caramel cheesecake and ice cream, i will make the bowls



'i will help bea



'thanks bridget..... they went to the kitchen and began making the bowls 



'so bea i want to ask you something



'okay, go on



'you know i have a backround field of medicine, looking at allie she doesnt look well, is she okay?..... bea was worried about this very question from bridget, the woman was very smart and genuine that if she lied she would see through it, but she had to because she promised allie



'she is tired, has been doing a lot of stuff online for work the last few weeks and she is finally taking some time off 



'okay good, as long as she is taking it easy?



'she definitely is, i spoke to her and she agreed to just relax for a few days, i told her you have the company in hand and she only needs to do the pays which debbie can help with



'good, i just want to make sure she is ok



'thanks bridget, your a good friend..... they returned to the table a few minutes later and handed out a bowl before sitting down



'mm cheesecake, mum you gave me a small piece... debbie frowned



'calm down deb, there is plenty in the kitchen



'yay... allie smiled, her daughter was just too funny, the young girl was the light in both bea and allie's lives and she was adored by not only them but all there friends and family, debbie was so sweet and would be there to help anyone with anything



'well im stuffed, thanks for a good night red.... franky said a couple hours later  'but we gotta get going, its late and this one has been up since 5am



'no worries, thanks for coming, i will walk you out...... after there good byes bea walked the couple out to there car, franky hugged her best friend and whispered in her ear



'im happy to see allie around again, hopefully this is a step in the right direction



'maybe..... bea said and pulled back, franky and bridget got in the car and drove off, bea went inside and looked around



'mum i loaded the dishwasher and the table is cleaned off



'thanks deb, where is allie?



'watching tv on the couch, im heading to bed, see you in the morning



'alright, night deb..... bea went to the lounge room and started to speak but stopped in her tracks when she saw allie had fallen asleep, bea had to remember that allie got tired really easily and it was now midnight, the poor woman had been on the move most of the day, she moved closer to the blonde and moved her hair out of her face



'allie.... she whispered not wanting to scare her,  'allie wake up... allie groaned and opened her tired eyes






'yea its me, come on lets get you to bed, your sleeping on the couch..... allie nodded, bea helped her to her feet and wrapped an arm around her waist and they walked down the hall



'bea dont get offended but i would like to sleep in the spare room.... bea stopped and turned her head and frowned exactly like debbie does



'did i do something wrong?



'no you didnt, but we are basically back to the start of a relationship and although i understand why you did what you did im still very hurt, i dont want this to move fast



'i understand allie, will you be okay on your own?



'i should be okay, if i need you i know where you are



'okay... bea put allie into bed and surrounded her with pillows



'you remembered?... allie said and smiled



'of course i do, i know how much you dont like being alone in bed



'thank you



'do you need anything?



'no im good thanks, im just really tired



'okay, good night..... bea left a kiss on allie's cheek and left her to sleep, she went to her own room and gt ready for bed, sliding into the cool sheets she signed, she knows that allie needs to build up trust for her again but its not easy,



bea stuffed up in a big way and although she had told allie one of the main reason there was more to it, no one but will understands what her parents are like, what they have said, what they have done, if they ever found out about allie and her being together only god knows what would happen, although bea was sure she hated to think that at her age she could be so scared of them, her mum talks a lot of crap but its her dad that has the biggest impact on her. bea remembers a long time ago when they came to visit after harry was put away, bea had met franky, bridget, maxine, boomer, liz and allie, she and allie had just started to hang out and bea was having a bbq with everyone, her dad was talking to bea when he huffed at franky and bridget who had shared a loving kiss and bridget was sitting on franky's lap



'thats disgusting..... he snarled



'dad just leave them be, there not doing anything to anyone



'its disgusting and not right, they should be killed



'far out dad, why are you saying that?



'because its true, god says it must be man and woman, not woma and woman and not man and man. beatrice why are you hanging around people like this?



'there my friends dad, there good people and i need them



'beatrice you dont need them, harry should be the one here.... it was than that allie had come from inside and over to bea with a beer



'here you go sweetheart



'thanks allie, hey allie this is my dad mike, dad this is allie



'nice to meet you sir



'allie....he said putting his nose up at her, he saw how bea smiled at her, how allie called his daughter 'sweetheart'



'im just going to help boomer cook the meat



'okay..... allie kissed bea on the cheek and walked off



'beatrice... her dads stressed voice said



'yes dad



'that allie woman is who?



'a new friend



'is she one of them?



'one of what?.... bea knew but wanted him to say it



'a lesbian?



'yes she is



'how could you let that woman anywhere near you? she is disgusting



'no she isnt dad



'well she likes you, i can see it, she called you sweetheart, touched your back, kissed your cheek. let me tell you right now beatrice... he said turning to face the redhead   'if you ever and i mean EVER get close to that woman i will make sure she will be rid of this world, remember what happened to that other woman, i will cut her head off... he said and sneered 



'dad stop it, i wouldnt.....  bea said worried



'you better not, you have been warned, my daughter will have never ever be with another, i know people.... he said and than walked off, in reality bea should have put a stop to her and allie than but she just couldnt stop falling in love with the beautiful blonde, that night was so bittersweet, she remember it clearly, she and allie shared there first real kiss after everyone had left and than she cried herself to sleep thinking about the words that came from her father



Turning over in bed after checking on allie again, she signed, she hated how she let them get into her head, for so long bea has let so many people dictate her life and she was sick of it, she loved allie more than she had loved anyone bar her daughter and she would do anything to make it up to her








Chapter Text





bea smith



Bea smith's life had been so bad that she thought she had done something bad in her previous life so she deserved it, she had strict church going parents mike and helen, since bea was young she had gone to a christian school with her older brother will, they lived in new zealand and in school they would get a slap on the hand when naughty or if you were called upon from the teacher and gave the wrong answer. bea and will both werent the best at school so would often come home with marks on there arms and sometimes bea would get it on the back of her thighs, the teacher would always say 'your wearing a skirt for a reason'


bea hated it and threw out school it just got worse and worse, home life wasnt any better as both her parents were very heavy handed, bea and will would get whipped from belts, hit with a stick, a sandal or anything else her parents had around, most of the time though was a belt, there holidays were spent with people they barely knew and there presents if they got any were school stuff they required, one year both bea and will got a calculator. there xmas was never fun and nor was easter, they wouldnt get easter eggs as there parents would say they didnt deserve them. bea and allie got used to it so it just become another day of the year. money wasnt an issue as there parents owed 5 shops and they were well off but it didnt matter, they were not going to give bea and will anything more that what they needed. there birthdays were the same thing, they never celebrated them except with each other, bea and allie had a special thing they did, they would share 2 cupcakes together on each others birthdays. it was just the 2 of them and thats all they needed, they stuck together through so much and will took a few extra beatings to protect his much smaller sister, will was favored more but not by much, that was due to him being a male, he could work for them as he got older where as bea couldnt benefit them


one day when bea was 17 her dad came home with a young man introducing him to bea, he had told bea that they would marry and move to sydney australia to begin her life as harry's wife, bea of course didnt want that and got into a disagreement with her dad about that, once harry left that day make had dragged bea out to the garage and belted her all over her body for trying to defy him. he only stopped when will came home and jumped in front of bea, he and his father got into a fight only to be ended with the mother stepping in to stop mike, the parents had entered the house and will picked up his bleeding sister and took her to his room, he cleaned her up and nursed her back to health, he stayed by her side the whole time only leaving the room for food and to use the bathroom


bea was forced to marry harry a couple months later and moved a week later to sydney australia. bea told her parents she didnt want to be married to harry but they didnt care, his parents paid her father $50.000  for a wife and thats exactly what they were going to get, will followed her to australia but it didnt take long for harry to put his foot down and demand bea stay away from will. harry even said stupid crap about bea fucking her brother. will did stay away but he didnt expect to be cut out completely but bea asked him too because everytime she saw him harry would bash her. bea fell pregnant quickly and debbie was bought into the world happy and healthy, once debbie started teething was when the hatting happened, harry would take his anger out on bea almost daily. he would threaten to go after debbie but bea would always fight him on it causing him to move to the direction of bea laying into her, it wouldnt just be physical abuse it was sexual as well, harry would take what he wanted from bea especially when he was drunk. harry was an alcoholic and it made him extremely violent but bea took it, she took it for so long until one day things went to hell. it was bea's birthday and that was now the only time bea would see will, he called her over and over again and it went unanswered until the 6th time when harry picked it up, he was breathing heavily like he had a fight or something telling will to fuck off. will turned up at the house and looked through the window seeing bea bloodied on the floor, he broke down the door and ran over to her, bea told him harry was drink and took debbie with him driving fuck knows where, will got her to the hospital and within a couple hours of not hearing anything they had found out debbie and harry were bought in, her daughter had a broken arm and leg, that was it for bea. she got will to call the police and she laid it all out for them, telling them everything since the start of there marriage. harry was arrested and charged for what he had done to bea as well as drink driving, he got 22 years, bea sold the house and moved closer to will




Bea bought a house for her and debbie, she also bought a cafe that she scored at a good price because the owner needed to move asap, it was there she met franky, bridget, boomer, liz, matt and maxine. it was through maxine that she met the beautiful allie novak and thye began dating about 6 months later. since meeting all she had never been happier in her life. although when her parents said they were moving closer to bea she panicked remembering what they were like and the threat her dad made towards allie, she couldnt let allie suffer like she did so she called it quits, she regrets it now and will do anything to fix it





franky doyle



franky's father left when she was 5 years old, he gave no reason but her alcoholic mother told her it was franky's fault for being so naughty. franky didnt know any better so she believed it, in the following years she had to cook and clean, take beatings from her sorry excuse for a mother, her mum burnt her with cigarettes and made sure franky was so scared she would do anything she wanted. when franky was 15 packed a bag and ran away from home, she lived on the streets for a couple years, stealing to eat and living under the bridge in a tent where tent city was, it was the homeless area. she ended up getting caught steeling at 17 and charged her as an adult, she got 3 years in prison and ended up at the same prison that liz volunteers, she made good friends with the older lady and when she was out of prison liz took her in and got her on track. franky finished school and ended up going to law school. she graduated top of the class and had a job lined up at one of the top law firms in sydney. she met bridget when she was a client for a sexual harassment case, bridget was there with her niece who was touched inappropriately at work. franky wasnt on that case but she had asked bridget out and the older woman agreed, they have been together since. about a year ago franky started her own law firm and was really starting to take off





bridget westfall


she had a great upbringing, her parents were both professors at university's. they were successful and loved there darling daughter, bridget had gone to medical school and was very smart, she got top grades and when she finished medical school she went on to open her own practice to be a gp, she did it for a while till she met allie novak through franky. allie needed someone to work in management and bridget approached her telling her she needs a change of pace. she gave up her practice and began working with allie. she picked it all up pretty quickly and now she runs allie's multi million dollar company





maxine conway



maxine conway was born thomas conway. since maxine was younger she never felt right in a mans body, she had been wearing nail polish, dresses and grew out her hair to be the woman she has always wanted to be. it was hard especially when her parents disowned her because of it. she went through life relying on no one but herself, she had worked and worked till she had enough money to do the gender surgery. while she was in hospital she had met bea through franky, franky had told her about harry beating bea and was now recovering. basically franky, maxine, debbie  and bea were all in hospital at the same time recovering from different things. maxine and franky took in debbie while bea was still in hospital and since than had all been best of friends. maxine now works for franky and franky really takes her opinions serious which makes maxine feel good about herself. now that maxine is happy with her life she can live it the best she could have imagine, the only thing she was missing was someone to love which will hopefully come in due time





susan 'boomer' jenkins



she goes by her nickname boomer since franky had met her. boomer had a crappy childhood, her mum would pretend to want her around only to get her to steel from shops. she would take anything she could to make her mum happy, boomer craved the love her mum showed to her skinny sister trina and would do anything to make her happy but it never happened. her mother would treat her like shit, teasing her because boomer was a little heavier and much taller than them. boomer would take her anger out on everyone out of the house and would constantly get into a fight, at 18 she got into a fight with a police officers daughter after she pushed boomer over and over again, boomer snapped and knocked her clean out, she got 1 year in the same prison as franky. they met there and became friends quickly, boomer kept getting in trouble in prison so ended up doing a 5 years stretch, franky managed to get her out eventually and she also lived with liz, franky and liz were the only ones that had ever shower boomer there was more to life than hurting her. boomer finished school online with liz's help and had gotten into working in construction on the weekend and works at the bank during the week, she loved staying busy and it kept her out of trouble. when she met bea she become very protective of the redhead and her daughter, she would make sure they always were protected and when allie came into there lives she would hang around more so to make sure the young blonde was good for them. after allie told her she would die protecting bea and debbie making boomer happy to let her into there fold. boomer was happy for them and was even more happy to have all these beautiful people in her life




elizabeth birdsworth



liz grew up happy and was married at 20 years old, she had 2 kids artie and sofie, her husband died when the kids were 10 and 8. it was hard on them but they bound together and got through it, as the years went on they had both seen the work there mum does with helping kids. a few years later there mum told them all about franky and boomer. it was artie that suggested they take them in when they came out of jail, he wasnt worried about them being inside because his mum said they werent dangerous and he trusted her. when she took both woman on it was one at a time, franky was an angry woman but liz and her kids kept her calm and she learned to deal with her issues and get on with life. boomer was the same and she had helped her get her life together as well. when liz and her kids met bea and debbie there hearts broke, there story was on the news and even from what they found out it would have been hard for the smith girls. they worked with there mum to get the 2 new additions added to there family through a really tough time, liz was so very proud of her kids, artie becoming a nightclub promoter and sophie was working in the music industry, she loved producing and was working her way up in the company, liz herself felt like all these new people that have come into her life had become so important to her. she had a family she always wanted





debbie smith


debbie knew when she was younger that her father was a bad man, he had seen him hit her mom so many times that it hurt her, she would hear him screaming at her mum and had tried to stop him on numerous times. she was only little but whenever she would see or hear her mum hurting she would try to protect her, there had been a lot of times where debbie would have to travel to the hospital in the ambulance with her mum and her mum would alwasy tell her to not say anything  to the police or anyone at the hospital. this was how harry got away with everything for so long. it was when debbie was 10 that her dad made her get into the car after leaving bea bleeding on the floor, he drove off and the car swerved constantly. debbie remembers her dad running a red light and than everything went black. she woke up in a hospital bed confused and in pain. her leg and arm were broken. she was scared but franky came into view, that was the night franky and bea met and bea was worried about her little girl and because she couldnt walk franky offered to go check on her little girl. debbie remembers franky coming into view and telling her that her mum was in hospital here and she would be okay. franky spoke to the doctor and organized to have debbie int he same room as her mum to keep her calm. a few months later harry was put away, they moved house and were now closer to her uncle will who she had only met a few times because her dad wouldnt let him come over. his son danny, her cousin was cool and funny, they became instant best friends. a while later allie came into the picture and she had seen how happy her mum was, she was always smiling and giggling. when she found out her mum and allie were together she was happy, allie was good to her mum and thats all she ever wanted. they married and were together for 5 years. but when her mum broke it off she didnt understand why, her mum explained it to her but debbie would say to 'fight' for the blonde woman that became her mama. time had passed and now that her mama was sick, her mum had finally gotten over herself and told her what was really goign on, hopefully they can work it out but there is a lot of hurt on both sides. time will tell





allie novak



allie novak didnt have the best father, he was abusive and would always beat on him, her mother tried hard to protect her daughter but her dad would beat on her as well. allie hated growing up with her dad and wished he would just be killed or something, he was very successful and having a daughter that liked woman wasnt to his standards, so when she was 14 years old she was kicked out of home, her mother karen proctor who kept her maiden name didnt want allie to go but didnt have a choice. her mother had ran to her hiding spot and grabbed a wod of her savings and gave it to allie without her husband seeing, she remembers her mums word  'im sorry, i will always love you my darling girl'


allie left the house with a bag and the money checking into a cheap hotel for a few days till she figured out what to do next, her mother had give her 10 grand so went and paid for 2 weeks to start with, she was 14 and still had school, she had no family that would take her in so decided to just do life on her own. she had gone to school for the next couple weeks and word had spread through school about what happened with allie's father and her being kicked out. the snooty tooty kids at school picked on her, bullied her and bullied her badly, to the point where allie tried to commit suicide one day, she was at school and hung herself. a teacher found her and was able to resuscitate her, allie spent the next 6 months in a facility to get better, in that time she lost all her belongings, the motel emptied out her room when she didnt return for a while, took her money and threw away all her stuff. she came out of hospital and went into a teens shelter, she managed to finish school and than got a job at a bar when she turned 18, now that she was 18 though she was booted from the shelter, she could only stay at the adult shelter for a night at a time and if she was too late she lost out and spent the night on the street. the money she earned from working at the bar was enough to eat and dress herself, that was about it so she started doing something she never wanted to do, prostitution, she got into it seeing the money they made, she was treated like shit, she was hit, raped 5-6 times and got onto drugs because of the pain, she did this for the next 5 years and than one night ran straight into someone, it was her mum, she saw the state she was in and got her checked into a rehab without allie's dad finding out, allie got clean and her mum kaz wrote her a check for 100 thousand dollars to get her set up, allie used some to get her own place, she did a couple business and computer courses and in the next 6 months created a software that is now used all over the world


when she met bea through maxine and franky it was the best day of her life. she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen and had fallen in love with her quickly. they had 7 beautiful years together until bea called it quits and she found out she was sick, now life was hard but with knowing the truth about the redheads decision they could try and work it out. as for her mum she would forever be thankful, she helped her get clean and made sure to set her up for a future, she doesnt blame  her mum for being kicked out as it was all her dad. she would never forgive him for that no matter what. as for her mum she talks to her a couple times a week and they were doing better and better each week. her mum doesnt know about her sickness but she was getting up the strength to tell her everything, she was sick, but bea was working with her now. there is a steep hill to climb but they will do it together




will jackson


will, bea's brother and savior, he hated growing up with there parents, they were mean, abusive and absolute assholes, when bea was married and will was cut out of her life he went on to marry marie winter, the woman he had a son with danny, they were happy for the first 7 years till will found out marie had been the madam of a brothel, selling sex, he was disgusted and divorced her quickly, he got full custody of danny and dobbed in marie to the police, her operation was closed down and marie was arrested sent to serve 25 years for human trafficking and drug trafficking which she had been doing as well. since than will had been living in sydney just him and danny, danny who was now 15 was cheeky and a smart ass like his dad. he didnt care much for his mum as even when she was around she kinda wasnt. 


when bea finally did leave harry and he was sent to jail, it was a long road to get the real bea back, she was hard and cold until allie came into her life, by that stage bea had friends and a close nit circle, allie broke down bea's walls and will loved to see his sister so in love with the blonde woman, they were happy for so long and was surprised when bea called it quits, that was until bea explained what had happened with her dad, will always knew what they were like but for there dad to say he would 'kill allie' or 'get rid of her' is disgusting, they were such bad parents but as they say, you can chose your friends but not your family and in this case it couldnt be more true.  will has seen for the last year how it has effected both woman, allie still comes to visit and danny goes to visit her as well, he hopes one day they can get back to where they were, happy and together







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as you all know this is a new story, i have been working on this story for quite some time so when i finished off 3 of my other stories i decided to finally start, i have had some interesting feedback on this story including a very colorful person that found me on facebook to go mental at me as they didnt agree with the content of it, i just want to know if people are actually enjoying/liking this story so far? is anyone reading it? is anyone offended by it? 


please let me know, if its not liked than i will delete it and be done with it, normally i dont let people effect me when it comes to my stories but the person that contacted me on facebook really got to me, please tell me what you think honestly





ps. the last 2 chapters where put out on the same day so you may not have read it

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A couple weeks later allie had just finished her chemo session, debbie was driving them back to allie's house, bea was in the back seat with allie rubbing her belly



'what do you need allie? 



'nothing, im okay...... they arrived at allie's place and followed the tired woman up to her apartment



'come in girls im just gonna.... allie stopped talking and ran off to the bathroom throwing up in the toilet, bea followed her and held the blondes hair back as she continued to vomit, allie had stayed in that position for some time and than sat back against the wall



'i cant do this bea...... allie cried and bea was quick to pull her into her arms, bea held her for a long time, the next couple hours were spent in the bathroom going from the toilet to allie crying in bea's arms, allie was so thankful for the redhead being here with her, she didnt expect bea to be so involved because they are not together but she was definitely greatful



bea moved the sweat soaked hair out of allie's eyes and felt her forehead, allie's eyes were closed and she looked so exhausted as she slouched on bea



'allie..... she whispered and the blonde grunted  'allie sweetheart how about a shower and bed



'hmm bed..... allie whispered



'shower first



'tired..... allie said 



'i know but you have been sick and your sweating, i will help you 



'okay.... allie opened her tired eyes and kissed bea's shoulder, bea helped allie up and undressed them both, it has been a long time since they had both seen each other completely naked and bea had and always will think that allie was absolutely beautiful, she could see allie had lost weight but that was expected




'is this okay?.... she said and allie nodded



'yes..... bea got them into the shower and cleaned allie down the best she could, the blonde was exhausted and was slouching on bea, once finished bea wiped the blonde and reached for her robe on the back of the door and wrapped it around allie, she reached for the second one for herself, she than carried allie to her bedroom and laid her down in bed, debbie came in with a bottle of water and a wet clothe



'here mum its for mama



'thanks baby



'i will be in the study doing some stuff on my laptop



'okay deb.... debbie leaned down and kissed her mama on the cheek



'i love you mama, you got this...... allie couldnt even respond but she reached out her pinky to touch debbie's hand before the younger woman left the room, she knew her mum would be able to look after her mama so left them to it, bea put the wet clothe over allie's forehead



'how do you feel?.... allie conjured up all the strength she had to talk to bea



'tired and my stomach hurts



'do you have anything for it?



'yes, in my fridge on the door there is a syrup for my tummy



'i will be back..... bea returned and gave a spoon of the syrup to allie and some pain killers



'thank you, will you lay down with me?



'of course.... bea lay down and they faced each other, bea pulled the blanket over allie and put one hand  on her cheek and rubbed it so gently, the blondes tears fell down her cheeks and bea wiped them, no words needed to be said as bea just comforted the blonde woman,



'your so strong allie



'im not, bea sometimes..... she stopped not wanting to scare the redhead



'dont stop, tell me allie



'sometimes i think its just easier to end it all



'wait what? allie are thinking of



'wait no no bea, im not going to kill myself, im talking about stopping treatment



'but your doctor said you need it



'i know, i think it would be easier to just stop it all but than i think about you and debbie






'yes both of you, i need to fight because i dont want to leave you and debbie



'allie i cant even imagine what your going through, i see you in so much pain and all i want to do is take it all away from you, i wish it was me instead of you, i wish i could take the pain and not have you go through it all



'if it was between us both than i would rather it be me bea, the thought of you going through this would kill me.... allie yawned and her eyes started to close again



'go to sleep allie, rest up



'thank you for being here



'i wouldnt want to be anywhere else..... kissing allie's cheek she held the blonde as she fell asleep






Allie woke up to an empty bed, she was surrounded by pillows which she knows was bea, she groaned and stretched her tired body and than swung her legs off the bed getting up slowly to head to the bathroom, her mouth tasted like crap so she freshened up and brushed her teeth a couple times than used mouth wash, she trotted out of the room and into the kitchen seeing debbie sitting on the bench watching her mum cook



'hey mama.... bea spun around and smiled



'hey sweety



'how are you feeling?



'a little dizzy to be honest



'come sit down allie.... bea said and pulled the chair out 



'thanks, what are you cooking? it smells good



'i made roast chicken with rice and salad, do you want some?



'i can try, im not sure if i can eat.... allie said sadly and bea rubbed her cheek



'i will put you a little plate and you eat what you can



'okay..... bea made 3 plates and they sat down to eat, allie managed 5-6 fork fulls and than pushed her plate away



'im sorry bea i just cant



'its okay, you should try and have some fruit at least because your feeling dizzy..... allie nodded so bea took out watermelon and grapes for her



'thank you bea.... after they ate they settled on the couch to watch a movie together, allie paused the movie half way through and faced the girls



'listen you both dont have to stay here with me



'you want us to go?... allie saw the hurt in the redheads eyes 



'no bea not at all, but im sure you both have other things to do instead of looking after me



'no we dont allie, we both cleared our schedules till further notice



'what? why?



'for you, we both want to be here for you, apart from a few orders we need to sign for at the cafe and doing the pays we are both here for you..... allie bit her quivering lip to stop herself from crying, this past 16 months have been hell without bea in her life properly, having to deal with cancer and the divorce on her own has been shit, debbie is her savior and she is very thank full for her daughter's support but there is nothing better than to have the love of your life look after you, to have her arms around you, to have bea around so much has been amazing



'i dont want you to get sick of me, this going on right now is not easy to deal with, im sick bea, very sick and i have no idea what will happen, i have doctors appointments, chemo, radiation, i have no energy, i cant cook or clean for myself let alone anyone else, this is a lot to take on for you... bea grabbed her hand



'it is a lot allie, but not for me, for you it is, i know your sick and im not going anywhere, i was stupid for what i did to you and our family, we were happy and i ruined that, i want to be here, we both do and whatever you need we can do it for you, cook, clean, look after you, take you to appointments, whatever it is we are here for you






'absolutely allie



'thank you, although i have a cleaner 



'well anything else we are here.... allie snuggled into bea's side and debbie pressed play again, she didnt need to say anything, she needed her mum to step up, thats what allie needs, she needs bea to step up and her words had a big impact on the blonde. allie fell asleep again and the rest of the day was spent with allie sleeping on and off, she was sick a few more times but bea and debbie were there to help her through it. night time came and allie didnt want to be alone but was too scared to voice it, allie was fidgeting with her fingers and bea grabbed her hands



'hey is everything alright?



'hmm, yea im alright its just, umm i wanted to know if you would stay the night? i mean like, if your not busy, i dont know its up to you.... allie shrugged unsure of herself



'allie do you think i would say no to you?



'i dont know bea, i just dont want to be alone



'i get that, of course i will stay with you allie



'are you sure?






'thank you... she turned to debbie  'i know you have a birthday tonight deb



'oh i wont go, its fine



'no no of course you will, you need to go out and have fun



'but i wanna



'deb please, this is already taking over my life and now your mums, we need you to go out and be a kid



'are you sure?



'most definitely, go out and than come back here after your done, you have a key and your room is clean and set up for you



'okay mama, well i better go home and get ready, do you need anything before i go?



'no im good, i got your mum here with me



'okay, feel better mama, have a ginger tea



'i will, have a good night



'im just going to walk her to the car allie, i will be back 



'okay.... bea walked debbie out of the building and to there car



'are you going to drink tonight deb?



'i might have a couple



'can out please take an uber to the house and than back here after?



'yea okay



'good, just use my app, now you drive safe, do you need money?



'no thanks im good, although can i wear your black dress?



'sure deb, try to look after it



'i will, love you mum and look after mama



'i promise i will, if you need me just call, my phone is on loud



'i will, night..... bea waited till debbie was out of sight before going back up to allie's apartment, looking at the couch allie was asleep again, locking up the house she helped allie to her bedroom and got her tucked in bed



'im going to the spare room, if you need me just call out.... allie grabbed her hand



'stay in here with me please.... allie said 



'are you sure?..... allie nodded






'okay just let me get changed.... bea got changed and got into bed behind the blonde woman and wrapped her arms around her









'can you please rub my head? its hurting



'if course.... bea rubbed it till the allie fell asleep and sighed in relief, bea closed her eyes not long later






A couple days later they were at the hospital, the specialist had decided a month ago to start radiation so here allie was getting changed into her gown, bea was right outside the door waiting for her, she heard allie sigh 



'allie are you okay in there?



'im scared.... allie said and leaned against the wall  'the machine is scary, i hate it



'im sorry sweetheart



'i wish you could come in with me



'me too, it wont take too long though and i will be waiting for you 






'of course.... the door opened and allie sadly smiled



'thank you, alright lets get this done, where is debbie?



'there was an announcement that our car was parked in a parking zone so she went to move it, she wont be long.... bea walked her to the room and got her onto the bed when the nurse walked in



'alright allie are you ready?



'i guess so



'your not a big fan of this right?



'right, its scary, i wish bea could be with me



'im sorry allie, lets get this done quickly than we can get you out of here, now just remember if you feel sick, dizzy or anxious let me know, i will be at the speaker watching you



'okay.....bea kissed her cheek and than walked out with the nurse once allie was secured, about 45 minutes later allie was done and once dressed she just walked up to bea and threw her arms around her, bea held allie just as tightly to herself knowing how much she needed comfort right now



'your okay, i got you. are you feeling alright?



'my boobs hurt a little but im okay



'lets get some lunch and head back to my place



'okay..... debbie drove them back to bea's place stopping to get some chinese food on the way, arriving home they had lunch which allie didnt really eat much, since starting chemo her appetite was almost non existent at times which was to be expected. 



'im just going to have a lay down if thats alright bea?



'of course, let me help you.... taking allie to her own bedroom and tucking her into bed, she surrounded allie with lots of pillows like she liked



'do you need anything?



'no, im okay 



'well i will be in the kitchen if you need anything



'im just going to try and sleep for a bit, thank you bea, for everything



'anytime.... kissing allie's cheek she left the room and went to the kitchen



'hey deb what are your plans for the day?



'im going to the cafe to do the pays and orders, than im going to see a friend of mine, unless you need me here?



'no on thats fine deb, i appreciate you helping with the cafe, i will be here for allie for whatever she needs



'okay good, i will be home later tonight but if you need me earlier just call me



'we should be good, will you be here for dinner?



'not sure, if im not just save me some please



'okay, off you go..... debbie left the house and bea cleaned up the kitchen and than sat on the couch with her laptop to do a few things








debbie had arrived at the cafe and laughed when of course she could see franky and maxine sitting at one of the tables, she could hear franky telling matt to get her a coffee and stat



'wow franky try being nice



'hey deb i didnt see ya there, i was being nice but matt was being a smart ass.... debbie giggled and rolled her eyes



'sure he was



'so what you doing here deb? where is ya mum?



'i just came to do pays and orders, mums at home doing some stuff



'she alright? i text her yesterday twice but i didnt hear back



'yea she is, mama has been over so



'thats good than, at least there talking, hopefully things are looking up



'fingers crossed, anyways i will be out the back..... debbie went through to the office and sat down opening up the laptop to start work. liz came through and gave her a thickshake and slice of cake



'thanks liz



'no worries love, can you please up the bread order, we are almost out



'sure, anything else?



'i was thinking of a few more pastries, the customers are asking about cinnamon buns and caramel donuts



'okay i will put it on the list



'thanks love, i will just be out the front..... debbie was out back for a couple hours getting things done, when she finished he went back out to the front



'all done love?



'all done liz, the orders will be in tomorrow at 7am, are you alright to take them?



'of course no worries at all



'great thanks, i gotta go im seeing a friend, if you have any problems just call me or mum



'will do, have a good day.... debbie left saying bye to franky and maxine who were still there, she got into the car and drove to her friends place, parking up she got out and looked at the big house, in fact it was huge but she wasnt surprised, this guy was rich, filthy rich and he liked debbie. walking up the steps she hit the doorbell and it opened a few seconds later



'hey deb



'hi braydon..... debbie smiled



'come on in.... he held the door open and debbie walked inside ' follow me to the pool house, we can hang in there.... debbie followed him to the pool house and sat down



'do you want a beer or something?



'a soda please, im driving..... braydon sat next to her and handed her a can of coke and he had a beer, for the next hour they talked and laughed getting to know each other better, bea had met braydon at the cafe a while ago, he and debbie had been hanging out since than and debbie really liked him. braydon had a few beers by this stage and was getting more hands on with debbie, touching her leg and arm which debbie wasnt really comfortable with, they had spoken previously about taking things very slow, he put his hand high on her thigh and she pushed it off



'dont braydon



'some on deb, i like you, dont you like me?



'yes i do but i want to go slow, this is all new to me... she said shrugging him off again, braydon didnt like this at all, he wanted something from debbie and he was going to get it



'i want you deb and i always get what i want...... he pulled at her top and ripped it open, debbie could see the scary look in his eyes and got really scared




Chapter Text




Bea and allie were sitting at the table the next morning having some tea and toast



'thank you for looking after me bea, i really appreciate it



'im glad i can be here for you, how are you feeling today?



'tired but not too bad, i managed a piece of toast which is good



'it definitely is.... bea smiled



'is deb up yet?



'i havent heard her, let me go check..... bea got up and walked to debbie's room she had at allie's house, knocking



'deb?.... she said and opened the door slowly not wanting to scare her, frowning when she saw the bed made considering debbie doesnt make her bed often, she went back to kitchen



'she isnt there, in fact it looks like her bed hasnt been slept in



'what? did she tell you she wouldnt be home?



'no. where are our phones?



'in my bedroom.... bea went to allie's room and grabbed both there phones checking them



'fuck.... she said walking back to where allie was 'no messages and no calls



'call her...... bea tried calling debbie over and over again but it never even rang just going straight to message bank




'no answer?



'no, where is she?.... bea said with tears in her eyes, allie pulled bea into a hug



'bea stay calm, give me my phone.... bea handed her the phone and allie called franky



'hey blondie whats up?



'hey franky, have you heard from debbie?



'nah not since yesterday at the cafe, why?



'she didnt come home last night, her bed hasnt been slept in, her phone is off



'she never does that



'did she say where she was going yesterday?



'she was going to see her friend braydon



'that new guy she met a few months ago?



'yea allie. she likes this guy



'yes she told me. do you have his number or know where he lives?



'no i dont but i can try find out



'yes please and get back to me asap



'okay i will be in contact



'thanks franky..... hanging up she held bea tighter



'debbie told franky yesterday that she was going to braydons house, franky is going to try get his address or phone number



'what if something has happened to her? he better not have hurt her



'i know  bea, lets try her phone again..... the next couple hours were spent calling and texting debbie's phone, allie's phone rang seeing it was franky



'hey franky any news?



'yea.... franky jumped when she heard a big bang 'what the hell was that?



'it was bea, she threw a vase in anger and walked down the hallway, she is upset and worried



'i get that, i got his details, i will send them to you and i will meet you there



'okay franky, we are on our way.... hanging up allie's phone beeped with braydons details



'BEA.... she yelled out and the redhead came running out  'bea we have his phone number and address, come on franky is meeting us there



'i will go, you stay here allie



'im coming with you bea, dont argue with me she is my daughter as well



'i know she is, im not cutting you out but im worried about you as well



'i appreciate that bea but im coming, lets go...... allie took bea's hand and they went out of the house



'fuck debbie has my car



'mine is in the garage, here the keys... allie gave them to bea who went and got the car out, allie got in and put the address in the nav-man



'alright its ten minutes away, lets go..... bea drove like a maniac but finally got them there. 



'look bea your car..... allie said pointing to it



'i see it, here comes franky... franky pulled up behind them and got out with maxine



'hey guys thanks for coming



'no worries, your car is here but listen guys i found out this kid isnt just anyone



'what do you mean?



'you ever heard of the holts? there a drug dealing murdering family, there crazy and think they are above anything



'this is them, thats there son?



'it is allie.... before anyone said anything else allie marched straight up to the door banging, the others followed but no answer  'split up. franky and maxi go that way we will go this way.... they went around the house and found the side gate 



'fuck its locked



'i got it.... llie pulled a bobby pin from her hair and unlocked it, bea couldnt help but smirk



'a woman of many talents



'i hope so, come on we need to find our daughter..... they went out to the back where the pool was seeing franky and maxine come from the other side



'any luck?



'not yet.... just than they heard crying 



'where is that coming from?....... bea asked



'the pool house..... they ran over there and bea's blood ran cold. debbie was on the couch and braydon was hitting her



'what the fuck?????..... allie said running in and tackling him the the floor  'what the fuck are you doing you pig....... bea ran over to debbie to see her covered in bruises and blood



'baby, debbie look at me, its okay mum is here..... she held her face gently and the look in debbie's eyes was something she had felt herself, it was her broken, hurt and most of all ashamed



'red lets get her out of here..... bea and franky took off there jackets and put them over the young girl, bea gently lifted debbie into her arms



'ow ow ow.... debbie cried   'it hurts



'i know sweetheart, wrap your arms around me if you can.... debbie tried, she really did but she had no energy left



'its okay i will support her from here



'thanks, where is allie?



'bashing the shit out of him.... she nodded towards allie who was fighting with braydon, she winced when she saw a fist connect with allie's face



'maxi please get her



'i got her, take debbie to the hospital we will meet you there....., franky grabbed debbie's phone and stuff and followed bea,  maxine went over to allie and braydon and grabbed him and picked him up. allie got up and went right in his face



'you hurt my daughter, i dont take kindly to people who hurt my family.... she said punching him in the gut, he heaved and tried to bend over to cover himself but maxine held him tight with his arms behind his back



'this isnt over, i will finish you off for this. drop him... maxine did so and allie lifted her foot and crushed him right his his junk and than walked off with maxine



'your dead bitch..... he moaned out and allie turned back to him



'as long as your there with me..... she said and they left going outside and to the car 



'they took bea's car, where are your car keys allie?



'here can you drive?



'sure, they took debbie tot he hospital



'lets go...... on the way there allie called the police and they would meet her there. pulling up they jumped out went inside looking around



'lets go to the emergency allie



'good idea... they went there and to the reception



'im here to see debbie novak, where is she? is she okay?



'let me check for you.... the nurse did so and looked up



'im sorry miss but no one is allowed in right now, this is now a police matter



'i know, she is my daughter and i called the police



'your name?



'allie novak



'oh yes your here, sorry miss novak



'its okay, are the police here yet?



'not yet



'can we see her? she is here aunty?..... allie said nodding to maxine



'sure come on through and i will take you..... allie and maxine followed the nurse down the hallway and through to a section which said isolation rooms



'why is she in here?



'we wanted to give her privacy but we are really busy so we decided to bring her to a room down here away from noise



'okay..... a few seconds later they stopped outside a room



'here we go, please go in



'thank you nurse.... allie and maxine went in slowly and there were at least ten people in there, bea and franky were tot he side while the nurses and a couple doctors were tending to debbie



'allie... bea said when she saw her walk in, allie wrapped her arms around the crying bea  'how could he do this to her?



'i dont know bea but i will make sure he pays, why are there men in here?



'i told them to leave but they wont listen



'alright here go to franky and maxi.... bea turned and franky and maxine held her tight, allie faced everyone



'everyone stop now!!!.... she said harshly but not loud because she didnt want to scare debbie even more so  'if you are a male get the fuck away from my daughter



'miss please... one of the doctors tried to say but allie put her hand up



'my daughter was assaulted, get the fuck out now and get me a woman doctor, i wont say this again.... the 4 men in there left mumbling about allie being a bitch



'good now i ask for those here to do your work quietly and gentle, bea and i are her mothers and we will be close to her to keep debbie as calm as possible,, does everyone understand?...... they all nodded as allie moved closer to debbie



'hey sweetheart your in good hands now, mum and mama are here..... she stroked there daughters head and debbie nodded, she blinked with her one good eyes



'how about mum and i clean off this blood?.... she said as bea came to stand near them holding onto debbie's hand



'okay... she nodded, bea and allie were handed some things from the nurses and began cleaning her up



'ladies may we talk please?.... the doctor asked them after a while



'yes of course, deb franky and maxi are here for you, we will be talking to the doctor..... debbie nodded, they followed the female doctor out of the room 



'do you 2 know what happened?



'no we dont, she told out friend she was going to the guys house braydon for a bit but she never got home, we called her all morning but her phone was off so we called out friend who is a lawyer and she got us his address, we turned up there and saw him hitting her, this was how we found her



'im guessing there was a fight?



'there definitely was, between me and braydon



'i thought as much, judging by the look of your and the fact the braydon is now here



'you cant have him here, debbie is here



'i know and i will be transferring him to another hospital, debbie is our priority right now so we will be moving him very soon



'thank you doctor



'we just want to make this as easy as possible for her, not that any of this is easy. the police are here do you think she will be able to tell them what happened?



'they can try but only if its female officers?



'there are 4 of them, 3 female and one male, i will tell them the male officer can only interview you guys but not her



'thanks doctor



'now this is the sensitive part, do you know if anything happened sexually?..... bea looked at allie and didnt know what to say. allie held her hand 



'we arent sure doctor, we will ask her 



'if she has we will like to do a rape kit, o know this is not a subject you want to think about but in the long run it will help



'how so?



'if she has been than im sure she would want to press charges, a rape kit will hold evidence



'who will do it?



'i will be the doctor and 2 nurses



'okay, let us go and talk to her, what are her injuries?



'her right eye socket is very badly damaged and she may need surgery but we will keep an eye on it over the next couple hours, she has a sprained wrist, a broken rib and i can tell anything else yet, she hasnt really let me do a full examination, maybe you can help with that as well?



'okay, lets go in and talk to her, please ask the others to leave so we can have privacy



'sure allie was it?



'yes doctor and this is bea, we are her mums



'okay, lets go in..... they walked inside 'staff please leave we need some time with the patient.... they packed up and covered debbie with a blanket than left the room, allie and bea went over to debbie and allie rubbed her cheek



'hey sweetheart we need to talk about a couple things okay?






'the first one is really hard, we need to know if he raped you?..... debbie's tears fell down her cheeks and looked at bea, bea knew she had and it broke her heart



'im sorry.... debbie cried and bea tried the best she could to hug the young girl



'you have nothing to be sorry for deb, we got you baby



'i was so stupid to go to his house, i didnt know he would do anything like this



'why would you think that? he was a friend.... she wiped debbie's cheeks



'listen debbie i have spoke to your mums about this but i will talk to you as well, i want to do a rape kit. how do you feel about that?.... debbie looked at her mum and mama who both nodded



'can mum and mama be there with me?



'unfortunately no one can be there except staff members, they will be female only, it will take about an hour to make sure we document this right



'okay, but mums can you sit outside the room?



'absolutely sweety



'alright than



'okay good, now the police are here and there 3 female and one male officer, the male officer will have nothing to do with you directly but they need your statement, can you do it or do you want to do it tomorrow?



'i just want to get it over and done with



'alright debbie we can do the statement first, than the kit and than you can rest



'okay..... bea, allie, franky and maxine all gave there statements and the police told them they would investigate. now debbie was getting her rape kit done and the other 4 were sitting in the hallway, allie got up and walked down the hall a little, the anger, the rage, the frustration has all started to calm down and now the blonde feels sick, very sick. she leaned her back against the wall and sighs, she had held it on for the sake of her daughter but now she can feel it all, she knows what debbie is going through, allie like bea has been the other other end of fists and rape. sliding down the wall she began to cry, the sobs tore through her body for the hurt they tried so hard to protect debbie from, bea got up and went over to allie and sat beside her putting her around around her. they just held each other  for a while



'i cant believe it maxi, how the fuck fuck could this happen to debbie?



'i dont know franky but this family has been through hell and i honestly dont know how they will handle this



'me neither... franky said wiping her tears furiously 



'franky you should call bridget, she would be able to help them and she would want to know what happened



'yea your right maxi..... franky took her phone out and hit call on bridgets name



'hey baby how are you?.... she heard bridgets chirpy voice



'gidge.... franky said tearfully



'franky what wrong?



'i need you to come to the hospital



'are you okay? what happened franky?.... franky couldnt talk, the thought of debbie being so hurt caused her tears to not stop so maxine took the phone off her and walked down the hallway



'its me bridget



'maxine what is happening?



'we dont know the whole story yet but its debbie, she was raped and bashed..... just saying it made maxine want to vomit



'oh my god



'how is she doing?



'not good, there doing a rape kit now but no one is doing well, we really need you here



'im on my way maxine, you may need to call liz and boomer



'i will bridget, please come down and give them debbie's name, tell them your her aunty



'i wont be long maxine.... hanging up maxine took her own phone out and called liz telling her what happened, the older woman was shocked but would tell boomer and come down to the hospital together... she went back to the chairs and sat down



'bridget is on her way, here is your phone



'thanks maxi, i feel sick



'me too, that poor girl..... they sat in silence and watched as bea and allie comforted each other in this time of need. 






bea and allie went into the room once the examination was done, bridget found franky sitting on the chair outside the room



'baby?.... franky looked up with tears in her eyes



'she is so hurt gidge



'oh baby... bridget sat beside beside franky and pulled her into her side 'do we know what happened?



'yea. she met braydon a few months ago and they hang out sometimes, he invited her over to hang out and she went, he had a few beers and began to get touchy with her, she kept pushing his hand off but he wouldnt stop. he ripped her shirt open and began hitting her to control her, he raped her 4 times and bashed her. she has a broken rib. sprained wrist, her eye socket is damaged which she will most likely need surgery for. she has bruising and cuts all down her body especially on her stomach and legs, its horrendous gidge



'the poor girl, how did you find her?



'allie told me his full name and i thought it sounded familiar and it was, he is the son of the holts, the drug dealing murdering family. everyone knows they did it but they just cant get any proof, poor debbie had no idea, he told her his parents are lawyers 



'she wouldnt think anything different



'exactly. you should have seen the little punk, we knocked ont he front door but no answer so we went round the back, we heard crying and ran to the pool house. he had just raised his hand and slapped punched debbie int he face, allie went crazy and tackled him to the floor, she laid into him something severe



'good, what happened next?



'bea picked debbie up and she was in so much pain, she was a virgin gidge and he took that from her



'far out, what can i do to help?



'your trained in this situation, can you talk to her please?



'of course



'thanks gidge..... walking inside debbie was laying facing her mums, it was quiet and they were just stroking her to help her feel comfort



'hey deb auntie gidge is here...... debbie looked over her shoulder



'hey deb sweety, i was hoping i can sit with you for a while and if you want to talk im here for you






'allie, bea why dont we go get a coffee?



'no franky we want to stay



'mums its okay, aunty bridget is with me



'are you sure deb?



'yes but dont go far



'we will be in the hospital....kissing debbie on the head they left the room with franky, maxine had gone to take care of the cafe with liz's so they could close it for a while



'coffee?.... franky asked as they got a table in the cafe



'yes please..... bea and allie were quiet, allie reached up and rubbed her head



'are you okay?



'im fine bea just a headache



'allie you need to rest, your exhausted



'im fine, we have to worry about debbie now, she is important



'so are you



'im fine bea



'your not and you know it, i can see it on your face allie and your shattered...... allie didnt say anything she just sat there quietly, she was tired, very tired but debbie was her priority now



'i going to fucking kill him.... allie seethed and slammed the table causing bea to jump 



'allie.... bea reached over to grab her hand and rubbed it with her thumb  'take a breath



'im sorry bea, im sorry 



'its okay, im angry too, in fact that doesnt even begin to explain how i feel so i get it.... allie nodded and laid her head down on bea's hand just staying there for a while. franky returned with coffee seeing allie's head resting on bea's hand, bea could feel allie had fallen asleep



'she asleep?



'yea, she is exhausted



'i can imagine, is she hurt? physically?



'some grazed knuckles and bruised cheek thats about it



'well she got him good



'how do you know?



'i asked the nurse about him before he got transferred



'what are his injuries?



'3 broken ribs, broken cheek bone, 3 broken fingers, 2 broken toes, sprained ankle and some damage to his pindik






'yep, blondie gave it to him good



'good, i hope he is in pain, you think he will be arrested?



'yes but his parents are rich so they will have a good lawyer



'of course they will. i better find somewhere proper for allie to lay down, her back will hurt



'here let me help you..... they helped a tired allie up to her feet and together they went to the quiet room and put her down on the couch, allie groaned and tried to protest but bea pushed her back down



'debbie is with bridget and is safe right now, you need to rest allie



'are you sure?



'definitely, lay down..... franky bought over a blanket and pillow she took from god knows where and gave them to bea who got allie comfortable... im right here allie..... allie nodded and fell asleep again, franky and bea sat there watching tv for a while



franky's phone rang a few hours later, they were back in debbie's room and the young girl was asleep



'hello?.... she said and walked out of the room



'franky its me



'booms? where are you?






'what do you mean?



'well i got arrested






'i went after braydon



'how did you even find him?



'i saw him being taken to da other hospital, i went into his room and bashed him more, i picked him up and threw him across the room, he broke his leg



'oh my god boomer



'well he deserved it, he is lucky security came



'do you need bail?



'yep, 10 grand, i have it in my account but i dunno how to do it



'alright booms i have your details, i will be there soon



'thanks franks... hanging up she went into the room



'i need to go



'why baby?



'boomer got arrested



'what happened?.... she told them and bea nodded



'good, tell boomer i owe her a few drinks



'will do, well i will be going to get her and i will be back. do you need anything?



'actually can you go past my place and get some overnight stuff?



'sure red, i have a key so i will be back, allie do you need anything?



'yes i need clothes, here my keys. thanks franky



'no worries, i will be back, gidge do you want to come with me?



'sure baby.....they left the hospital and went to the police station first. they posted bail and boomer was released, they than went to bea's place packing a bag for bea and debbie than left and went to allie's apartment. going inside franky and bridget were packing a bag when they came across allie's medication



'whats this? why is there so much medication?..... franky asked showing bridget, bridget knew what they were for she was medically trained






'what is it gidge? what are they for?



'cancer patients take them





Chapter Text






debbie had woken up a few hours later and she was in a lot of pain but mostly her eye






'im here baby



'my eye



'are you in pain?






'alright mama will stay with you and i will get the doctor



'okay...... allie went to debbie and stroked her cheek, debbie held her mama's hand to her chest



'im here sweety, your so strong deb



'im not, i fucked up, i shouldnt have gone to his house..... debbie said sadly



'oh no sweet heart, you will not ware this, this is all him, how are you supposed to know he would have done that?  did you know he was capable of what he did? did you know he was a pig?  dont answer deb i already know the answer,  you went there with intentions on getting to know him better, maybe a few kisses but i guarantee you never thought he was like this. you have been out to dinner with him, hanging out for the last few months and you never thought he was a bad guy. my darling girl you have nothing to be sorry for, your not stupid, your not anything but a girl like any other girl looking for comfort, for love, your a sweet loving girl and your mum and i love you so much..... she wiped the tears rolling down debbie's cheeks



'i love you too mama..... the doctor walked in with bea



'hello debbie your mum tells me your eye is very sore, im going to have a look at it



'okay...... the doctor felt around the eye



'alright debbie we are going to have to take you into surgery



'is that really necessary?.... bea asked


'yes unfortunately, the blood has gathered around the eye, it needs to be relieved, thats why she cant see out of it,  i will book an OR and we will get your shortly debbie..... the doctor left and bea and allie held the young girls hands



'you alright deb?



'im scared



'i know baby but you will be okay, just take deep breaths, you will go in and be asleep very quick, when you wake up mama and i will be there






'absolutely baby..... deb was taken in 20 minutes later, bea and allie went to the quiet room and sat down



'how long did the doctor say it will take?



'about an hour.... allie nodded and her leg bounced, bea let it go for ten minutes than put her hand on allie's leg



'allie stop



'sorry, im sorry



'i get it your worried, i am too but we have to trust she is in good hands



'i know.... just than franky and bridget walked in and put the back packs down



'thanks for getting our stuff



'no worries red



'where is boomer?



'she went to the cafe to get us all some food, we wanted to talk to you both



'okay, what about?



'this.... franky pulled out one of allie's medication from the bag, bea looked at allie who physically paled



'ugh.. umm........ allie stuttered out not sure what to say, bea grabbed her hand and kissed her wrist



'take a breath allie.... allie took a couple deep breaths



'i didnt know how to tell people



'we are family, talk to us allie.... franky said softly and put her hand on allie's leg for comfort. allie with the help of bea went on to tell franky and bridget about her cancer diagnosis, her treatment, medications and the process of what they knew



'you went through this whole thing on your own?



'mostly yes, debbie found out 4 months after i found out. she made me tell her after she followed me to the hospital, i told bea about a month ago



'oh allie, you should have told us so we could support you.... bridget said



'i was scared, i didnt want you guys to think less of me



'we could never think that, in fact your so strong to have to go through this, we are here for you too. whatever you need we got you



'thanks girls.... she squeezed there hands in thanks, the doctor entered 45 minutes later



'hows debbie?



'she is doing well, i drained the blood around the eye and she resting



'will it damage her eyesight?



'no it wont, she will recover just fine



'good, can we see her?



'sure go on through to her room and she will be there in about 20 minutes



'thank you doctor..... they headed up to debbie's room and waited for the young girl to arrive, she did so not long later. bea and allie held her hand while she slept. boomer came up to the room with bags of food



'hey she alright? how did surgery go?



'it went well boomer, she will be okay physically



'thats good.... boomer softened and looked at debbie, she leaned down and kissed her on her head  'you be strong little one, i broke his leg for you..... they all smiled, you couldnt help but smile when it comes to the lovable woman.  boomer handed out the food to them all, allie pushed it away



'im not hungry



'ya gotta eat, deb be real upset if ya dont eat als



'im just not hungry boomer






'its alright booms leave it on the table, i got it..... boomer sat down with her own food 



'allie here eat.... bea held out half of her burger



'bea i just cant eat



'allie you have to eat something, you are taking medication so you need to eat, just half the burger, for me?.... bea raised an eye brow and allie sighed



'fine.... allie said taking the half burger and taking a bite



''thank you..... bea force fed her hot chips as well than the 2 of them had a shower, they both had blood on there clothes so needed to get cleaned up. once washed and dressed they were sitting beside the bed, allie saw debbie begin to wake up



'deb, hey deb we are here



'mama?... debbie breathed out



'im right here, so it mum



'hmmm..... debbie groaned out



'how are you feeling?



'sore, tired. how did it go?



'good, no damage, how does it feel?



'better, no more headache



'thats good, are you in pain?






'anywhere in particular?.... debbie pulled her mum closer to her to whisper in her ear



'between my legs



'i will get the doctor.... debbie nodded, bea stood back up and turned to face the others



'guys i need everyone but allie to leave for a bit please, debbie needs some privacy for a bit



'sure red, how about we head home and you call us if you need anything?



'that would be good, thanks for everything guys



'anytime.... they all kissed debbie and wished her well than left, bea went and got the doctor and explained the situation and she followed bea back into the room



'alright debbie, your mum says your quite sore between your legs?






'do you mind if i check it out?



'okay.... allie held debbie's hand, debbie was only a young girl and very embarrassed, debbie put her other hand over her eyes and began to cry, she was so upset and her mums could do nothing but console her



'i wont be too much longer debbie.... after a few minutes the doctor stood up



'alright so there is some bruising, we have a cream to help debbie, would you like me to put some on?



'mum can you do it please?..... debbie begged



'of course baby



'okay i will bring you the cream bea and you can apply it....... bea had applied the cream and was also given some pain killers. 20 minutes later she was asleep with very little pain.



'i fucking hate this for her, i would rather it be me



'i know what you mean allie, she is in so much pain and i cant take it away



'we just have to support her bea, its the best way to help her deal with it



'i know.... debbie was asleep for the night and they were happy to see her get some rest, they shared the single fold out couch which wasnt comfortable bit they didnt care, they needed to be there for there daughter







debbie was home 4 days later and sitting on the couch with her mama, allie had just had chemo and was feeling very sick but wanted to be there for debbie's home coming




'do you need anything deb?



'im okay mama, how are you feeling?



'im fine



'your such a shit liar



'so are you deb.... debbie shrugged, allie put her arm around her daughter and they leaned back a little getting comfortable



'here we go girls.... bea came threw with bridget and put a tray down on the table  'juice for you both and some toast



'thank you bea



'thanks mum but im not hungry



'deb you have barely ate in the last few days



'i just dont feel like it..... bea nodded



'alright baby....... bridget was there to help bea with both girls while franky took on the court case for debbie against braydon. allie had also hired a nurse to help out, more so to monitor debbie's injuries, the nurse had just walked into the room with water and medication 



'debbie these are for you and allie these are for you, drink lots of water to help it dissolve and work faster



'thank you nurse rose



'oh please call me rose, is there anything else you 2 need?



'no thanks



'okay i will be in the kitchen sorting out your medications.... rose went back to the kitchen while bea and bridget joined allie and debbie, the young girl had her head resting on her mama's shoulder, since what happened debbie barely speak, only when she is in pain or wants a drink, bea and allie are both very worried about the fact that debbie hasnt been eating much at all 



'bridget can you help me with the washing please?



'sure bea



'if either of you need me just call out, here the tv control



'thanks bea...... they went to bea's bedroom and sat on the bed folding the washing



'can i ask you something bridget?






'since what happened to debbie she has barely eaten, only toast yesterday, a sandwich the day before. should i be worried?



'unfortunately its a normal reaction to shut down which is what she has done, im guessing she isnt talking much either?



'correct, only talks about her pain and if she wants a drink



'you just got to give her some times bea, she went through a horrible ordeal and she needs time to process it, right now she thinks its her fault



'how do you know that?



'i heard her talking to allie yesterday at the hospital, thats also normal, the victim feels like she or he put themselves in that situation and debbie feels that because she went to his house



'but its not her fault



'we know that but let me ask you something bea, im not trying to upset you or anything but when you were with harry and he did all those bad things to you did you blame yourself?.... bea pursed her lips and sighed



'i did, very much so



'and now that he is in jail, your whole life has changed and you think about that time in your life, do you feel its your fault?



'no, i may have been his wife but its my body and my life to do as i please with it



'exactly, this is very fresh in debbie's mind and being so young would have a big impact on her, he took something from her that we all cherrish as a young woman



'her virginity



'correct, she needs time to come to terms with that



'what can i do to help?



'let her have time, talk to her when needed but dont push her, i also suggest that you have no males in the house or around her for a while, i know will and his son want to come and see how she is doing but she is scared right now



'when do you think they could come over?



'you sit her down and tell her that no males will be coming over till she says its okay, she may ask just for will only, or his son only. whatever it is you have to let her go at her own pace






'now your parents



'fuck i havnt told them and they are supposed to come over tonight for dinner




'you have to call and tell them to cancel it, im sorry i know there your parents but your dad being around would scare her in general, but your mum is very full on and with everything going on i wouldnt want her around for a while either



'i know what you mean, i will go call them now and tell them what happened and cancel tonight. thanks bridget i really appreciate you and franky helping us out with everything



'we are to help, franky is doing everything she can to take that asshole down



'i know, do we know where he is now?



'still in hospital, they have police there with him 24/7



'good, thats good



'seems allie did some good damage to his penis



'he is lucky thats all he got



'agreed, if that was franky or you i dont think he would be alive, im glad he is though so he can suffer in jail



'me too



'you go call your parents and i will finish the washing



'thanks.... bea grabbed her phone and walked outside to the back yard and found her mums name hitting call



'hello bea how are you?



'im okay mum and yourself? and dad?



'we are good, just making a sandwich for lunch



'thats good, listen i need you to stop that for a moment and go to dad, put the phone on loud speaker



'is something wrong?



'i need to talk to you both



'okay give me a moment..... bea took a big breath and waited till her parents were ready, she heard some shuffling



'okay bea we are here



'dad you can hear?



'i can bea, whats going on?



'i need you to let me tell you everything before you say anything please



'okay we are listening....... bea went on to tell them everything that happened with debbie and braydon



'are you guys there?



'were here bea, we are shocked, how is poor debbie?



'she got home today and is resting on the couch 



'we want to come and see her



'im sorry but no, dad your a male and i cant have any males around her right now, it will be up to her when she is ready for that



'than i will come on my own..... bea didnt know how to say this without sounding like an asshole but she needed to for debbie



'no mum, your way too full on and loud, debbie needs quiet, she needs to rest and not have so many people around



'who is there bea?



'allie and bridget



'why are they there? they are not family..... her mother said irritated



'debbie wants allie here with her, they are very close and i asked bridget to come and help me because she is trained in the sexual assault department and she has been an amazing help to debbie and me



'well im coming, i need to see my grand daughter



'mum please dont, you will cause a scene



'im on my way.... the phone disconnected and bea groaned, why does this woman not listen, she went back inside and bridget was sitting with the girl, she looked at bea and bea shook her head, she sat down in front of debbie to prepare her



'how you doing baby?



'im okay mum, im glad mama is here too



'me too... bea smiled at allie   'listen i just got off the phone with your grand parents



'did you tell them?



'i did tell them, they wanted to come over but i told them not too.  my mother was very adament about coming and i hope she doesnt but who knows, i just want to tell you just incase she does, in saying that i have made the decision that no males under any circumstances will be coming here, i will leave it up to you to tell me when you want any of them here, uncle will and your cousin are very worried about you



'i know i have been messaging with them



'is that okay?



'thank you mum, i appreciate that, i really dont want to be around any men right now



'anything i can do to help i will do it



'me too deb



'and me.... bridget said



'me too.... franky said coming from around the corner



'where did you come from?



'the front door, i have my key remember and i dint want to ring the door bell incase these 2 were sleeping



'thanks, i thought you were at work?



'i went in because i hired another lawyer to work with me, she is taking on my other cases while i look after debbie's, its my main priority and i can do some from home but i wanted to check on you guys and bring lunch...... she said holding up bags of food which bea took



'thanks franky



'no sweat. so how are you 2 feeling?



'im fine its deb we have to worry about



'im okay mama, i will heal from my injuries but you have a way to go...... allie kissed debbie's cheek



'im okay right now, im doing my treatments and im okay



'i need you to be, i need my mama.... debbie jumped when there was banging on the door



'woah woah its okay deb, its just the door.... allie soothed the young girl and rubbed her cheek



'i will get it deb, its okay



'alright mum.... bea went to the door and swung it open her parents standing there



'didnt i tell you both not to come here?



'dont you speak to us like that beatrice , we want to see our grand daughter.... they said pushing past her



'its not about you its about debbie...... she said chasing after them but it was too late, they went blasting into the lounge room and over to her, the fear in debbie's eyes as they both pulled her from allie and into a hug



'thats enough.... bea said going over to them and pulling her daughter gently away from them taking a few steps back



'what are you doing beatrice?



'me? i told you on the phone do not come over, i told you you especially dad she doesnt want to have any male around. but you just dont listen, and you mum your too full on as you can tell, debbie is scared



'well you have these 3 here.... her mother said pointing at franky, bridget and allie 



'since its my house i shouldnt have to explain what there doing here but i will anyways, debbie wants allie here, i asked bridget to come here and help me and franky here is debbie's aunty and lawyer, everyone is here because i and debbie want them here



'well that one shouldnt be here or around yonug debbie, she doesnt need her crap rubbing off on her..... the mother said pointing at allie. bea had enough



'bridget do you mind helping debbie to her bedroom please?



'sure bea..... debbie looked on worried and her mum rubbed her cheek



'its okay baby, leave your door open if you want to hear, i just dont want to scare you.... debbe nodded and went with bridget. bea breathed deeply and than turned to face her parents



'i am so sick of this crap



'excuse me... her mother said



'you heard me, im sick of you 2 taking over my life, so much has happened that you ave no idea about and im not hiding it anymore



'bea are you sure?.... allie said and bea looked at her



'i am if you are?.... allie nodded



'go ahead



'good., firstly allie here is the most amazing person i have ever met in her life, 8 years ago we met and fell madly in love with each oth, we were married 2 years later and were so blissfully happy, but when i found out you 2 were moving here i did the biggest mistake of my life and divorced her, i lost the love of my life because you 2 are so against same sex couples/marriage, i lose allie and i will never forgive myself for that, she wont ever forgive me for that and i dont blame her, i broke her heart and mine in the process, i did it all for you 2, i didnt want to put allie and our family through all the crap you 2 both talk about same sex couples.... bea took a breath






'im not done mother, you guys forced me to marry harry the most abusive person i have ever come across in my life, do you know he raped me, almost every single day he did whatever he want to me, is that what you wanted for me? this is the man you thought was an 'amazing man'. he didnt just hit me, he bashed me, i had so many broken bones throughout our marriage that i lost count how many times i was in hospital trying to recover from my injuries, i spent my whole marriage in pain do you guys understand that?, you know what dont answer that im not done..... bea took a couple more breaths before continuing 



'allie is the best person and debbie's other mum, allie adopted her when we got married and that will never change no matter what, but this beautiful woman here has her own things going on.... bea said taking allie's hand, allie nodded for bea to tell them, it may as well all come out



'allie has breast cancer and is currently going through chemo and radiation, she is the strongest woman i know and so humble.... bea said kissing allie on the cheek than facing them again



'now as for debbie, i told you what happened because you deserved to know but she is our daughter and we requested no males firstly and you mum are just too much for her, you came in bounding over to her, she was so scared, she doesnt want to be touched by anyone, she needs to initiate it, you guys have no idea how she is feeling but i do, i will not have her frightened in her own home. so there it is, all of it..... bea sighed and sat down completely drained



'beatrice why didnt you tell us about all of this before?



'come on dad, do you not remember what you told me at that bbq about allie or anyone?.... she raised her eyebrow



'i do remember, we were in a bad place



'its not just than dad, all mine and will life you have been abusive to us but mostly me, how many times will had stepped in and taken a beating so i dont have to, thats not how you treat people let alone your own family.... her dad nodded and sat down



'i understand how i treated you both was wrong bea, i have anger issues and thats the reason we moved to australia, apart from being close to you and debbie your mother found an anger specialist for me here, nz had one only and he was an idiot so we moved here, i have been dealing with my anger for awhile now 



'what made you get help?



'one night i got so angry i took it out on your mother, it was the only time i ever touched her but it was enough for me to get help, im a very proud man but your mother said she would leave me if i didnt get help, i wanted to address everything with you and will but not just yet



'im glad your getting help dad



'me too, you allie is a whole different story, although i dont agree with you and llie im glad your not together anymore



'dont get it twisted dad, im doing everything in my power to show allie how much i love and miss her in my life, i want her back but its up to her in the long run and if she decides to be with me you and mum will either have to accept it and be in all our lives or none at all, i wont have you dictating my life anymore, i wont have anyone dictating my life but me..... bea saw out of the corner of her eyes debbie coming out, she went straight over to her mum and pulled her up before wrapping her arms around bea



'im so proud of you mum, so very proud... bea held onto debbie and inhaled her hair



'thank you, i know this all hurt you but i will do better, i promise



'i know you will mum, i love you so much



'i love you too deb



'well we are going to leave,  think your mother and i have some things to discuss and think about, franky please if there is anything you need help with for debbie's case let me know... he said handing over his card which franky took, he got hold of his wifes hand and left the house. the others left looked around at each other



'well fuck, that was interesting to say the least... franky always the big mouth



'i'll say, bea are you okay?



'i dont know what i am



'mum your shaking



'im okay, i think im just shocked i just did that, i was just so sick and tired of hiding everything, letting them dictate my life this whole time, im done



'you were very strong bea



'thanks bridget, umm allie do you want to come and have a talk with me?



'sure bea



'we got debbie dont worry



'thanks guys.... bea and allie went to bea's bedroom and sat down on the bed






Chapter Text




They sat with there backs to the headboard, allie remembers this headboard, it was there 4th year wedding anniversary and allie had come home from work to find bea had tied herself to the bed, she was dressed in the sexiest red lingerie, she had a tray sitting on the bed that had whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherries, allie remembers they stayed up all night make love like never before, they connected on a whole new level.



bringing her attention to bea she saw bea's hand laid between them on the bed. she slid her hand over it and they linked them



'how do you feel after all that?



'i cant believe i did that



'me too, what made you tell them everything?



'honestly im so sick of anyone telling me what to do, harry, my parents im over all of it



'im very proud of you bea, i know how hard it was too hide all of this. how do you feel now its all out in the open?



'relieved to a point



'to a point?



'yea, in this whole process the person i hurt the most was you and i dont know how to fix this, i dont know if i deserve a chance to fix us, if there even is an us?.... bea said unsure



'bea i want nothing more than to be an us but i need to see it, i need to see you really want this



'i would jump through hoops for you allie, i would do anything to make you happy



''i dont need you to jump through hoops for me bea, i just need you to just be here



'im here allie, i want you and i will do anything to make you happy and make you trust me again...... allie grabbed bea's hand and pulled her closer so there lips could connect, they kissed for some time and allie leaned even closer, she got caught up, since they split up they have both craved each other so much, allie turned and crawled onto bea's lap and the redhead wrapped her arms around allie's body, the room was filled with moans, there tongue's glided against each other with so much want that allie couldnt help but rub herself against the redheads lap feeling herself getting turned on more and more. they pulled apart a few moments later



'mum, mama?



'yes deb, are you alright?



'i need umm.. you know....... she stuttered through the door and yes they did know, since the attack debbie had needed either of her parents to apply cream to her delicate area, allie climbed off bea and they straightened there clothes



'come in deb... the door opened and debbie went over to them, allie got up



'here sweety you lay down with mum and i will get the cream..... allie helped debbie to lay down on her mums bed, bea lay on her side and slid her hand on debbie's stomach lullying the young girl



'how you doing mum?



'im alright deb im more worried about you?



'im alright mum, i will heal from my injuries



'yea but



'i know mum, i know i have a long road ahead of me



'im sorry you have to go through all this..... they were quiet when allie came into the room and sat at the bottom of the bed to apply said cream



'mum can i ask you something?



'anything deb



'how did you get through it?.... she asked trying to take her mind off what allie was doing



'hmm thats a difficult question, i guess for me it started when i got away from him,  you know we had court and i think i was really able to breath once he was sent to jail.... debbie nodded



'where is he?



'who braydon?






'in hospital. your mama crushed his balls and he had surgery. of what i know he will be discharged in the next couple days



'we he be let out to society?



'im not sure deb, right now there is a police escort with him and he is handcuffed to the bed



'what if he gets off? what if he comes after me? what if he doesnt go to jail?.... debbie said worried and scared



'we wont let that happen, franky wont let that happen, she has already started building a case and has found his character to be very bad



'really? how?



'it seems that your not the first girl he has done something like this too. there have been more



'wow, i had no idea, he seemed so nice..... allie washed her hands and came back to the room sitting beside the young girl



'thats because you see the good in people deb, he was so nice to you through out your time together and you some what trusted him. he is a bad guy and will get whats deserved. i promise he will and i never break a promise



'no you dont, thanks mums.... they laid down in bed together allie moving back not wanting to squish debbie because of her injuries, but debbie grabbed allie's hand and pulled her closer to her back to spoon her which she did. bea was on her back and debbie laid her head on her mums chest. allie put her hand over debbie and connected her hand with bea and they smiled at each other



'i can still feel you...... allie mouthed at bea and the redhead smiled wider



'i love you.... bea mouthed back



'i have always loved you..... allie replied. ten minutes later bridget and franky came to check on them and saw them all fast asleep in that same position, franky snapped a quick photo to send to the others before helping bridget with pulling the blanket over them and drawing the blinds so they could rest than left the room



'thats a good sight gidge



'definitely baby, i hope now that everything is out they can work things out



'me too babe, so what now? i was thinking of going to do some food shopping so red doesnt have to worry about it?



'i think thats a great idea franky, i will come with you



'will red be alright on her own?



'nurse rose is here to help them when needed



'alright let me just let her know..... bridget and franky left a few minutes later. rose is a nurse/house keeper, she helps with the medication and helping the sick as well as cooking and some cleaning, allie met her at the hospital during treatment, she became a nurse after her partner died of cancer, she cared for him for 5 years before he lost his battle. she and allie bonded when rose was working and rose had said she was looking for some part time work so she could save for a new car. her partner died leaving her in debt of medical bills and once his life insurance paid it off it left rose with $5000 which she set up house somewhere new. she was definitely a big help for allie and has helped her deal with the aftermath of chemo






The next day allie woke up feeling very dizzy, she was staying at bea's house so she could be close to debbie and bea. she was currently making a sandwich for debbie when she had to stop. leaning on the bench she squinted her eyes together. bea chose that moment to walk into the kitchen 



'hey allie whats wrong?



'im okay just feeling a little dizzy, its the medication



'come on lets get you back to bed



'no no im okay bea, i need to make debbie lunch



'i will do it, lets go... allie was unsteady on her feet so bea wrapped an arm around her and walked her back to the spare room, pulling the blankets back allie got in and tucked her in



'but debbie..... allie tried again but bea pushed her down and kissed her lips stopping allie in her tracks, tearing there lips apart slowly they looked into each others eyes 



'now you stay here and rest, i dont want you out of bed till later on, are you hungry?



'no thanks



'alright go to sleep...... allie nodded and closed her eyes, bea left the bedroom quietly and went back to the kitchen finishing off the sandwich and grabbing a banana and water, taking it to debbie in the lounge room



'here you go baby



'thanks mum, where is mama?



'she isnt feeling well so i sent her back to bed, she needs to rest



'you really love her dont you?



'more than anything, i just hope i have a chance to make everything up to her



'i hope so too mum. come and sit with me..... debbie lifted the blanket and bea slid in next to her, debbie took a bite from her sandwich and snuggled into her mums side



'i like this






'you and mama in the same house, not arguing, not fighting, not hurting like before



'me too deb.... they spent the next couple hours on the couch till allie joined them, she laid on the couch and put her head in bea's lap the redhead running her fingers through her blonde locks. 



'how are you feeling?



'a little better thanks



'good, so what do you girls want for dinner?



'im okay mum



'deb please i need you to eat properly, both of you.... she said looking at debbie than at allie



'fine, pizza?



'thank you deb,  you?



'yes yes pizza is fine



'good.... bea ordered a couple pizzas with garlic bread and cheesy bites, they stayed there till the food arrived and than bea set up the food on the dining table, they sat down to eat. bea happy when both girls managed a couple pieces, a piece of garlic bread a some cheesy bites






'very much so allie, now let me clean up and you 2 can shower



'are you saying we stink mum? ..... bea giggled



'of course not but im sure you would want to freshen up



'thats definitely true but i need help, mama can you shower with me?



'of course sweety.....  allie helped debbie into the shower and got in with her, she washed her hair and body tearing up when she saw the bruising between the young girls legs. it broke her heart to know her daughter went through all that. poor debbie was covered in bruises and if braydon was in front of her she would go at him again and probably kill him this time



'mama..... debbie said tearfully and helped her mama back up, they looked at each other with tears running down there cheeks



'im sorry baby, i wish i could take this all away for you.... she said rubbing her cheek



'i know mama.....  they hugged and held each other for a few minutes



bea had finished cleaning up and had seen the girls were taking a while so she knocked on the bathroom door



'are you 2 okay?..... no answer  'im coming in..... she opened the door to see debbie and allie in that exact position  'are you girls okay?



'were okay mum, just you know



'its fine, i just wanted to make sure you were okay, here i bought in warm towels



'great.... bea held out a towel for debbie and wrapped it around her



'oh nice and warm



'i know how much you like them, here allie for you



'thank you.... bea wrapped her in the warm towel



'i took out pj's for you both, there in my room



'sweet, lets go..... they went to bea's bedroom and the heater was on thankfully



'oh its cold tonight



'i know baby so i bought your robe as well



'thanks mum.... once they were both dressed the 3 of them went back to the lounge room



'do you girls need anything?



'a hot chocolate?.... debbie said and bea smiled



'of course baby, allie?



'i would rather a tea if its not too much problem?



'absolutely, i wont be long..... the rest of the night was spent relaxing on the couch together






franky was in her office doing some paperwork when her phone speaker boomed to life and maxine spoke



'franky i have andrew thompson on line 1



'thanks maxi.... franky cleared her throat and pushed line 1



'this is franky doyle



'hi miss doyle i am andrew thompson, braydon holts lawyer



'what can i do for you mr thompson?



'i am calling about my client, my client would like to settle out of court



'what does that mean?



'he has instructed me to offer miss debbie novak a hundred thousand dollars, she will of course need to sign a quiet agreement and no charges will be laid against him..... franky rolled her eyes, of course mr dumbfuck braydon holt would try to buy himself out of this



'this is not about the money mr thompson, this is about getting justice for the vulgar things braydon did to her, he took advantage of a young girl 



'miss doyle you cant be serious, miss novak went to mr holts premises with intent to



'if you finish that mr thompson i guarantee you will be in a bed right beside your precious client



'is that a threat miss doyle?



'its a promise, now i will take this to my client and get back to you when i can



'thank you miss doyle..... hanging up she jumped on her laptop and searched the lawyers name, seems andrew thompson has been very busy protecting the holts, he is being kept very busy indeed. collecting her things she walked out of her office



'maxi i need to go talk to debbie and her mums



'okay love. how did it go with andrew?



'braydons lawyer. made an offer for hush money, wants debbie to sign some crap and be quiet



'bea and allie wont go for that, they will flip out



'i know but i have to take it to them, actually can you come to there place with me?



'sure love, give me a moment



'i will wait downstairs in the car...... they arrived at bea's house half an hour later after picking up drinks and donuts, bea had told franky that debbie hasnt been eating much so she thought turning up with debbie;s favorite thickshake and donuts would help. knocking on the door it opened a minute later



'franky, maxi come in. what are you 2 doing here?



'i need to talk to you guys about something red, i bought debbie's favorite



'she will love it, come on through..... walking into the lounge room they hugged the other 2



'got this for ya shorty



'thanks franky



'so what are you 2 doing here?



'i need to talk to you guys about something, hey red sit down



'okay whats going on?....... franky went on to explain what the lawyer had offered



'hold on a minute, they wasnt debbie to sign a no talk agreement so he can get away with it?



'thats correct...... bea stood up and walked around, she stood at the glass balcony door and looked outside as the rain fell down



'deb sweety what do you want to do? this is your decision.... allie asked



'i dont want the money, if i dont push forward he will keep doing this and get away with it 



'so your fighting?



'im definitely fighting



'good girl, i can only imagine how hard this is deb but your strong like your mums and we will all be there to support you



'thanks franky.... franky nodded to bea and allie went over to her, she rubbed her shoulders before wrapping her arms around her



'were gonna fight bea, together... bea turned around 







Chapter Text




A week later allie was at home, she went back to her own place today after chemo not wanting to become a burden to the redhead and her daughter, nurse rose was with her which made it easier. allie had stopped throwing up an hour ago and was sitting on the couch watching some tv



'allie here drink this tea, it has ginger in it and it will help soothe your stomach



'thanks rose, i appreciate you taking time off work to help me



'oh please you pay more than the hospital... they both laughed, someone knocked on the door at that moment 'are you expecting anyone allie?



'not till tonight, franky was going to visit, can you just help me up i will get it..... allie got up and walked to the door pulling it open. she couldnt help but smile at the sight in front of her. debbie was standing there dressed in her sleeping trackies and a hoody, her favorite pillow tucked under her arm and the red blanket under the other, bea was right behind her her hands full of a casserole dish and a red rose sitting on top



'what are you 2 doing here?



'well you wouldnt come to our house so we came to you, hope thats okay?



'of course it is, come in.... they walked inside and allie followed bea to the kitchen



'i bought you chicken noodle soup






'oh and this is for you.... bea said turning around and handing the rose to the blonde



'thank you.... allie said and kissed bea on the cheek



'you hungry? i can put you a bowl



'just a little bit please



'okay, you go sit with sooky over there..... bea nodded at debbie who was sitting on the couch watching tv pouting



'why is she sooky?



'on the way here she wanted donuts but the shop was closed.... bea rolled her eyes and allie giggled, there daughter was such a drama queen



'poor baby, i think i can fix that, there is a place in this area that does amazing donuts



'she would love that, why dont you go sit down and i will bring you over some soup?



'okay.....   allie sat down beside debbie and kissed her on top of her head when the young girl laid her head on her mama's shoulder



'stop pouting deb



'im not pouting



'yes you are



'well mum promised me donuts



'your a sook... she giggled and wrapped her arm around her shoulders



'lets fix that ay






'pass my phone please.... debbie passed allie her phone and opened up the uber app and scrolled down to the shop



'here you go, choose which ones you want, get the 24 pack and mix them up and place the order



'your the best mama..... debbie happily scrolled through her phone




'hey bea how are you?.....nurse rose said coming out from the bathroom



'im good, where were you?



'cleaning the bathroom, allie had been pretty sick but the first time made a mess



'oh sorry rose, you should have let me clean it



'oh please bea, im here to help her, the only thing she needs from you guys is support, its amazing how much comfort patients need, the medication they take makes them feel down at times



'i know, i have been doing a lot of research online which is why when she said she was coming back here after chemo we were coming over, not that she knew that



'its good bea



'well im going to put some soup for her



'thats a good idea but not too much. also she is very tired so she will fall asleep soon, dont let her fight it



'i wont



'okay well im going to run some errands for her since you and debbie are here. do you need anything?



'no thanks rose



'alright i will be back later on



'take your time rose.... rose left the apartment and bea walked into the lounge room and handed allie a bowl of soup



'thank you, are you going to eat?



'we ate before we left home



'okay good



'deb what are you doing on mama's phone?



'picking donuts, mama showed me this shop and im choosing, which ones do you want?



'get whatever you want deb



'you sure mum?



'definitely.... debbie chose her donuts and sat back happy to wait for them, allie had eaten half the bowl and was now dosing off, she was trying so hard to stay awake but bea could tell she was struggling



'allie, sweetheart lets get you to bed



'hmmm im okay, i want to eat the soup, its really good, your a good cook



'thank you but your exhausted, come on.... debbei took the bowl from her hands and bea helped her to her feet, they walked together to allie's bedroom and laid her down in bed and pulled the blanket over her



'you go to sleep, you need rest



'thank you for coming over, i really appreciate it..... allie was asleep in a couple minutes and bea left her in bed going out to debbie, the young girl had just bought in the delivery from the donut shop



'there here mum and there yum



'im glad your happy now.... debbie smiled and took a big bite of her sweet. bea sat beside her and they watched tv for a while, an hour later bea had realized that debbie was lost in her thoughts. she touched her arm and debbie turned to her mum



'you alright deb?



'hmm, just thinking



'anything i can help with?.... debbie shrugged  'hey deb you can talk to me about anything... debbie gave a slight nod, she was quiet for a couple minutes 



'do you think he thinks what he did was wrong?



'im really not sure deb, i would think he understands, any normal person would but franky had found quite a few girls that he has done something similar to



'which means he thinks he can do what he wants?



'most likely



'you know i did some research of him online 



'what did you find?



'there is 2 other pending cases against him, his mum is on the investigation list in regards to murder and his dad is basically in the mix



'fucking hell, crazy family baby, dont worry though you have an army behind you and we will get that slimy little fucker... debbie nodded



'did you see how mama punched him in the face?



'how did you see that?



'i looked over your shoulder when you picked me up, she kicked his ass.... bea and debbie giggled



'she sure did



'thank you mum, im great full to all 4 of you for finding me and saving me



'im just sorry we didnt turn up early



'its not your fault mum, i know i havent told anyone exactly what happened with him but i will



'you take your time, just know that franky is your lawyer so you will need to tell her so she can build her case for you



'i know and i will go in a couple days to talk to her



'do you want me and mama with you?



'i will let you know, by the way have you spoken to grandma and grandpa?



'no, not since that day at our house



'well if they dont accept everything than bad luck to them



'thank you baby, for supporting me through everything



'i mean we clashed a bit



'we sure did deb, but you rightfully fought for our family and i hope we can get that back one day



'me too mum, i love you ya know



'i love you to my beautiful daughter.... bea peppered debbie's face with kisses making her giggle, she pulled debbie gently into her arms and they laid there watching a movie together







allie had woken a few hours later and used the bathroom, she washed up and brushed her hair gasping when she saw a clump of hair fall into her hand, she knew this was a definite possibility but didnt expect it right now, she dragged her finger through her hair and more fell out, the tears started to fall down her cheeks and she sat on the floor of the bathroom 




bea heard allie moving around in her room so got up to heat up some food for her, it had been 10 minutes and she frowned



'why is mama taking so long? i thought i heard her



'i did too, let me go check on her.... bea walked to the bedroom and slowly opened the door



'allie?.... she heard sniffling coming from the ensuite, walking over to the door she knocked  'allie its me, are you okay?... she didnt hear a response so knocked again



'allie open the door.... still nothing and she was really worried now,   'allie im coming in.... not hearing allie again she opened the door and the sight in front of her made her heart break, allie was sitting on the floor against the bathtub, her hands were full of hair, allie looked up her eyes red from crying



'bea.... she croaked out 



'oh sweetheart... bea sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulders pulling the distraught woman into her  'im so sorry.... allie let bea comfort her for some time



'i knew it could happen especially with the new medication but i didnt think it would be this fast and in clumps



'im sorry allie, i wish i could do something to help



'just you being here is enough.... just than there was a knock on the door



'mum, mama are you okay?...... bea looked at allie 



'what do you want to tell her?



'tell her to come in, we have talked about this part.... bea nodded



'come in deb.... the door opened and debbie's face turned from a slight smile to a grimace, she and her mama have talked about this at length and what to possibly expect, she crouched down in front of her mums and rubbed allie's leg



'is it time?



'yes it is.... bea frowned



'time for what?.... bea asked as debbie stood up and went to allie's room finding the box they bought a while ago, she came back in and bea saw it



'mum, mama and i talked about this a while ago and we went out and bought a shaver kit to shave her hair off once it starts falling out, it will fall out over time and mama doesnt want that, she told me once it starts falling out than she wants to shave it.... bea nodded as debbie went off coming back a few moments later with a chair, bea stood up and helped allie up



'are you sure about this allie?



'yes, its time, you dont have to be here if you dont want to



'i told you im here with you, for everything... she said rubbing allie's cheek and kissing her lips  'come and sit down.... allie sat down and debbie put a towel around her, debbie picked up the electric shaver and turned it on



'ready mama?



'im ready.... bea held allie's hand and debbie began. she had done a quarter so far when bea looked up to see debbie wiping away the tears, it was hard to see her mama having to go through this. 



'deb let me.... she said standing up beside her daughter



'im.. im okay..... the younger girl stuttered out



'you sit with mama. let me do it...... debbie nodded and sat on the toilet holding onto her mama's hand.  bea looked at allie in the mirror and smiled



'lets get this done yea?.... allie nodded. it took 20 minutes and it was done, allie was bold, it was something that needed to be done but it doesnt make it easy.  bea kissed the top of her head and stayed there for a moment, all 3 of them were crying at the situation. bea put the shaver on the counter while debbie hugged her mama. the whole situation was fucked up and bea wanted to do whatever it takes to support this beautiful woman, picking up the shaver again bea turned it on causing the other 2 to look at her



'bea what are you doing?



'im shaving my head



'what the fuck? no you cant



'i want to in support for you, i cant do anything to take all this away for you, i cant make it better but i can support you in any way..... bea said tears rolling down her cheeks, allie took the shaver and turned it off putting it on the bench, she face bea and pulled her into a hug, they wrapped there arms around each other 



'you being here is the support i need, you helping me, you cooking for me, cleaning for me, looking after me, coming to the hospital with me is the support i need, you have given me all that, i appreciate the thought but i love your red curls and im being selfish when i say i love running my fingers through them, i want you to keep your hair.... kissing bea's cheek she pulled back and smiled









'good, now deb if you can pack all this away for me i would like to shower?



'sure mama..... once debbie was done she went to the lounge room leaving her mums in the bathroom



'umm, could you help me please? im tired



'of course..... bea stripped them both of there clothes and they got into the shower enclosure



'i love your shower, its so big... allie giggled



'i know right, when i moved in here i got it redone, it was small



'well they did a good job..... bea washed them both and than allie wrapped her arms around her, she laid her head on bea's shoulder



'i know this isnt what you signed up for bea, i wont be offended if it was too much for you



'thats never gonna happen allie, im in this, im here and im not going anywhere, i know i fucked up big time letting you go but i want to make it right, i will make it up to you... allie moved in and kissed bea on the lips, it started off slow but become heated quickly, they only pulled back to breath, allie was wheezing slightly



'hey are you okay?,..... bea said worried



'im okay... she said taking deep breaths



'are you sure? do you need to go to the hospital?..... allie shook her head as her breathing got back to normal



'im okay bea, i just got really excited, im alright i promise, i really missed kissing you like that... bea smiled



'me too, should we get out and check what our daughter is up too?



'sure, hopefully she left us some donuts



'you should be so lucky.... they got out and dried off before getting dressed, they went out to the living room and sat with debbie



'you alright mama?



'im okay deb, it might take some getting used to but i will be okay



'good, mum can i ask you a favor please?






'i need you to go home and pick something up for me



'what is it?



'in my closet on the right there is a box, can you get it and bring it here?



'you dont want to go yourself? you can take my car..... debbie looked down playing her her fingers nervously



'i just cant drive right now, i dont want to be on my own since you know.... bea and allie did know



'sorry deb its okay i will go get it, you you need anything else?



'well we are staying here right? we cant leave mama on her own..... bea looked at allie who smiled and nodded



'yes we are



'than can you bring me some clothes?



'sure, alright i wont be too long, i will get something for dinner



'okay mum..... bea left the apartment



'oh by the way mama i called rose and told her we didnt need her for the rest of the day. mum and i are here and can help you with anything you need mama



'thanks deb.... bea returned an hour later and dropped the bags in the spare room than bought the box out



'here you go deb



'thanks mum



'so what is it?



'its for mama, i bought it a couple weeks after i found out about everything and we had the talk about losing your hair, here mama.... allie took the offered box and sat on the couch, pulling the lid off and smiled, her daughter really was so sweet



'wow deb.... the box had a couple wigs, a few scarfs, hats and beanie's, everything she would need to cover up knowing her mama could embarrass easy in front of people



'i thought a variety would help



'there perfect deb just like you, thank you sweetheart



'your welcome mama



'its great deb



'thanks mum.... they spent the rest of the day eating the kfc bea bought and messing around with all the wigs and head stuff debbie bought, it was a hard and emotional day but together they were doing there best






Chapter Text






Allie was sitting in the chair in the oncology center, debbie and bea was with her even though allie had told debbie not too come because she knows the young girl isnt good around makes right now but debbie insisted. allie had a beanie on because she had no more hair and she couldnt be more thankful for her daughter for the box of head things she could wear



'how are you feeling allie?



'im okay right now, tummy is a little sore but its not too bad bea



'well you let me know when it gets bad and i will get a ice block for you... allie smiled, looking at debbie the poor girl had been scanning around since they left the house, allie scooted over on her big recliner and patted it



'come sit with me sweety



'no no im okay mama



'i know you are but i need some comfort... debbie got up and gently sat next to her mama and allie wrapped her arm around her shoulders  'much better



'good.... bea knows what allie was doing and she smiled and rubbed debbie's leg, the nurse came over 20 minutes later



;allie there is a guy and a teenager keeping guard outside the door, they said they know you girls?..... bea frowned and turned her head not seeing anyone



'where are they?



'outside of the door, one is standing on each side



'bea can you go check please?.... bea nodded and walked out of the room looking on each side, she really shouldnt be surprised, she had seen them both outside there house and allie's apartment quite a few times, it was of course her brother will and his son danny... bea had finally told everyone about what had happened to debbie as well as allie being sick. 



'what are you 2 doing? you look like security



'well we know we cant see debbie yet and wanted to give girls space but when we can we will be around to make sure you girls are safe, we want debbie to feel safe wherever she going..... bea smiled and hugged them



'thank you, i have seen you both around a lot even thought you think i dont



'well we need to make sure she feels safe, she went through a horrible ordeal



'she did, thanks guys



'no worries aunty bea, here i bought this for debbie.... he said pulling out of his pocket 3 lolli pops and handing them over



'thanks danny, i will give it to her, dont worry she will allow you guys back in soon she just needs tome



'well she can take all the time she needs. tell her she can call us anytime she needs or even come to our place



'i will tell her



'how is allie doing?



'she is tired, we had to shave her hair off a few days ago



'it was falling out?



'yea, it was very hard for all of us, i hate seeing her in so much pain will.... bea said with tears in her eyes



'i know bea but she is a strong woman and has a strong support system, is there anything we can do for you guys?



'actually can you go to the cafe and get a ginger tea, a hot chocolate and coffee please?.... bea tried to hand over money but danny pushed her hand away



'i got it aunty bea, i will be back.... the teenager walked off heading to the cafe



'you dont want money?



'nah, he has a copy of my credit card, i added him tot he account now that he is 15, that way if he needs anything he can use it



'thats a good idea



'yea, so have you spoken to mum and dad?



'nope, not since i went off and told them everything, i was so sick of hiding everything, i ruined my marriage with the love of my life because of them



'i know bea, you did the right thing. just give it time with allie, your doing right, continue to support her, it may take time but it will get there



'i hope so.... they chatted for a bit longer till they saw danny coming towards them his hands full



'aunty bea i got your drinks and i got some chips and a couple muffins



'thanks danny.... bea grabbed them off him  'i gotta go back inside, allie will be here another hour 



'okay, we will be here for the hour and than leave before you guys come out



'thank you both..... danny hugged his aunty and kissed her cheek



'i love you aunty bea and aunty allie and cousin debbie



'we all love you too..... bea went inside and put there stuff on the table



'from your uncle and cousin



'will and danny?






'should have known, anywhere we go they are there, walking around like security and i see them at home



'they want you to feel safe debbie, no one but them will protect you like that



'i know mum, in time i will see them



'good.... handing allie her tea and debbie her hot chocolate and lolli pops



'there from danny... debbie giggled, they spent the next hour there until allie was done, they left the hospital not long later and went to allie's place, she ran inside to the bathroom and vomited a few times, bea followed and rubbed her back, she took the beenie off her head and grabbed a clothe wetting it with cold water and put it on her head to keep allie cool. 



'take slow breaths allie, let it all out.... allie did, vomiting 7 times before her she had nothing left and fell back against bea's legs groaning  'i got you allie, can you stand?



'i dont think so, im sorry.... allie said as she cried



'i got you allie, always.... allie nodded... 'im going to get us undressed and get you showered and than get you in bed, i need you to wrap your arms around me till we get in, i put a chair in there for you



'okay... allie mumbled out. it wasnt easy to get allie's tired body up and cleaned but bea did it, there was a time where debbie came in and helped her mum get her mama dried and into pj's than into bed, now they were laying with a sleeping allie between them, bea was wiping her tears viciously 



'are you okay mum?



'im fine deb, i hate that allie is going through all of this, she doesnt deserve it and if i could take it all away i would



'i know mum... debbie said grabbing bea's hand  'all we can do is support her and love her



'i cant believe how stupid i was deb, letting her go, she went through it on her own for so long till you found out, it would have been so hard for you as well?



'yes it was, seeing her in hospital that day i though she was just going for a random check up or something but when i followed her to oncology and saw her getting chemo it hit me, mama had cancer, i came in and sat with her while she was getting chemo and when we went back to her place she told me everything and asked me not to tell you



'why not?



'you 2 were just starting to become good again, there was no more fighting, you were being decent with each other and she didnt want you to change towards her out of pity



'i get it, i just wish i didnt do what i did and she wouldnt have gone through it on her own



'you cant change what has happened mum but you can change whats going to happen, learn from your mistakes and dont make them again



'how did you get so smart?



'i was born smart.... debbie said and giggled with her mum, fuck did bea miss that laugh from her daughter, since what happened to her she doesnt talk as much, only hugs her mum and mama, she scares easily at most nights she sleeps with one of her parents, bea made a mental note to talk to allie about it when she is feeling a little better. holding debbie's hand she kissed her wrist and they laid there joined hands on allie's hips ans scooted down on the bed both of them falling asleep 






braydon holt is a spoilt little rich prick that thinks he is untouchable, the day he attacked debbie the house keeper found him in the pool house groaning in pain so an ambulance was called, he was taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery because he had so much damage on his scrotum, his parents were told by the house keeper that he was hurt and where on there way back from a week away from new zealand. when braydon woke up from surgery he moved his hand to rub his eyes but his hand was held, looking down there was a handcuff connected to his hand



'what the fuck is this?.... a couple guys in uniform came into view



'mr holt i am detective miller and this is constable roberts, we are here in regards to the sexual assault of debbie novak



'i didnt assault her... he said defensively



'i have just come from debbie novak's room and have a full statement of the assault, i will now need your statement, will you be willing to do so?



'no, not without my lawyer here, do you know who the fuck i am? do you know who my parents are?? i will have your job for this crap.... the detective shook his head at the audacity of this idiot, he knew all about the holts and there 'family business' and couldnt care less about who this little fuckers family is or what they can do



'okay well since we have to wait for your lawyer you call me when your ready, in the meantime i will leave my partner here with you



'how about the cuffs?



'oh they stay too, your currently under arrest mr holt, in fact.... he said clearing his throat  'braydon holt, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. do you understand?



'how about fuck off.... braydon said and the detective looked at him in disgust



'you raped and bashed a young girl, i will do everything in my power to make sure you end up in jail asshole. i will be back when your lawyer is present.... with that he walked out with his constable where there was 2 other offices outside the room 



'okay i want you inside the room with that prick and i want you 2 out here making sure he goes no where. he can have his parents and lawyer and medical staff but thats it, call me when the lawyer turns up



'will do boss...... he left and went back up to debbie's room as he knew the rape kit was getting done, seeing her parents bea and allie sitting on the floor in tears and than who she knew as debbie's aunties bridget and franky so broken he didnt want to disturb them, his heart broke for this family and what this young girl has gone through. turning around he went down to the cafe and sat down with his coffee and sandwich thinking about his own daughter. she was now 19 but a couple years ago she went through something very similar and it had taken some time to come back to who she was but it is happening slowly, maybe when he spoke to bea and allie again he could suggest his daughter come with him. his phone rang an hour later and it was the constable telling him the lawyer was here as was braydons parents



'i will be there in a few minutes...... hanging up he finished his coffee and threw his rubbish in the bin before heading back up to braydons room, walking in he saw his angry parents



'hi i am detective and i will be running point on this case



'im vinnie his dad and this is jacs his mum, there really isnt a case here so i suggest you drop the charges and uncuff my son



'that wont be happening mr holt, there have been some serious accusations been made by a woman and we have to take them serious



'so some stupid young slut decides that she wants to charge my son with rape because she got caught fucking and needed a backstory? not on my watch, drop the charges



'not happening mr holt, i suggest as his lawyer is here now you either sit down while i take his statement or you can leave



'im.... vinnie started but the detective put his hand up



'i dont give a shit who you are mr holt, take a seat now.... he said harshly



'alright everyone take a breath, vinnie come and sit with jacs while braydon gives his statement, i will get it all sorted out... vinnie sat down but glared at the detective



;thank you, now you are?.... he stuck his hand out to the lawyer



'nils jesper lawyer for the holt family... he said shaking the offered hand



'nice to meet you, this will all be on record.... he said taking out the voice recorder  'my chief has asked for it all to be recorded because of the severity of the charges



'of course detective miller



'great... he pressed play and took a seat  'please state your name, address and date of birth for the recording.... braydon did so with the head nod of his lawyer and dad



'okay braydon please tell me how you know debbie novak and how today has occurred?.....  braydone went on to spill his shit about what had happened today telling a complete different story to debbie's, the detective knew it to be made up but he let him continue his spill, the more braydon lies the worse it will be for him, after asking some follow up questions which he obviously stumbled on he was done



'thank you braydon, i will get your statement written up and bring it for you to sign



'what about the cuff?



'a few things will happen, firstly i will be moving you hospitals as it is not right to have you and the victim in the same place, number 2 you will be served an AVO and will not be allowed to see debbie, you cant contact her in any way shape or form but judging by your record you know what is involved in that. right now your in police custody and your lawyer will have to front a judge on your behalf for bail, do you have any other questions mr holt?



'nope get lost



'charming.....the detective left eyeing jacs, everyone knew that jacs was the real ring leader in this family and although stayed quiet through the statement he knew she was the one to look out for, he would warn bea and allie. braydon was indeed served the avo later that night and also signed his statement, 3 days later he was let off on bail, he was moved to the hospital 40 minutes away which they were thankful for



Its been 4 weeks since the attack and he was now on his way to allie's apartment to discuss a few things with them and he was bringing his daughter with him, getting out of the lift he walked to allie's numbered apartment and knocked, the door opened a minute later



'hi bea



'hi, please come in, can i just ask as you are a male to not get close to debbie please?



'of course, this here is my daughter kate



'hi kate nice to meet you



'you 2 bea



'i hope you dont mind her coming with me here



'of course not, come on through.... they followed bea to the lounge room where allie and debbie were sitting snuggled together, allie had a beanie on and he could tell she had shaved her head, he had heard from franky there lawyer that allie had been diagnosed with cancer a while back and that they were doing there best in a bad situation



'hello ladies



'hi detective... he could tell debbie was worried about him being here when she snuggled closer to allie almost climbing in her lap



'i know your worried about me being here so i will sit over here.... debbie nodded with fearful eyes  'debbie this here is kate my daughter



'hi kate



'hi debbie its nice to meet you



'im allie, debbie's other mum



'hi allie



'how are you feeling allie?



'treatments are hard but im doing okay considering



'please reach out if there is anything i can do



'thank you, i appreciate it



'anytime, so debbie i want to talk to your parents about a few things maybe you would be okay to show kate the apartment or something?....debbie looked at her mum and mama who nodded with a smile



'its okay, you 2 go



'umm okay..... both girls stood up and they walked off



'i really hope you dont mind kate coming with me, i bought her for a reason



'which is?



'a couple years ago she went through something similar






'yes, we never knew who it was but we did get his dna but we couldnt match it to anyone, i have tried every single person on the sex register list but nothing



'how does she deal with it? knowing the fact that he is still out there?



'it hasnt been easy, a lot of therapy, she had 2 breakdowns in the first 6 months, we had her medicated for a while until something changed



'what was it?



'she started going to a group for sexual assault survivers, they helped her immensely and she is doing much better, she is going to the gym, hanging with some girl friends and now is looking for work  



'thats really great, maybe she can talk to deb about how she is feeling



'absolutely, she saw on the news about braydon and asked if i was on the case, i told her i was and she wanted to meet debbie



'well we are glad you did bring her thank you



'happy to help.... while the 3 of them talked about the case and what will happen the 2 girls were sitting on the balcony over looking the sydney city 



'so how are you doing debbie?



'its hard, im so scared to be about men right now and i hate that. even butch woman scare me. i dont like going anywhere unless i have to which leaves me with home and here at mama's house, the hospital for mama's treatment and thats about it



'i get it, i was the same when it happened to me. 



'it happened to you? when?



'about 2 years ago. i was at a party with some friends. it was only about 20 people to start with but some idiot put it online and like 200 people turned up. people were drunk and doing drugs. hooking up everywhere but i wasnt into all of that, i wanted to leave but my friend said one more drink. i was drinking soda so i was fine with that. i felt a head ache come on about 20 minutes later so i went to the bathroom and looked for aspirin or something. thats where it happened. i was so out of it and i knew my drink was spiked, a coke being spiked ay? crazy, anyways he dragged me to an adjoining and threw me on the bed. he did what he did but he blind folded me so i didnt know who it was



'so they never caught him?



'no, i did a rape kit but no one matched it, he was so drunk and sloppy, he kept muttering something in my ear over and over again 'you reap



'what you sow.... debbie finished and there eyes went wide  'what wtf? thats what my attacker said to me over and over again as well, he smelt like beer but not this normal beer, it was some imported shit, it was something like 'pony'



'prancing pony?.... kate asked



'yes yes thats the one.... debbie gasped   'omg it was braydon, braydon raped you



'it makes now, he was there and he was so drunk, he tried to hook up with me but i said no over and over again



'didnt they interview him?



'yes, but his buddies must of lied about him leaving earlier than it happened



'fuck we gotta tell your dad... grabbing kate's hand they ran inside and straight over to the detective



'its braydon, braydon, its him



'yes we know debbie... he said confused



'no detective you dont understand, its fucking braydon... bea walked beside debbie and stroked her cheek



'sweetheart take a breath and explain it properly.... debbie took a deep breath



'kate was telling me about what happened to her, things are similar between our attacks



'surely they cant be the same?.... he asked unsure, looking at his daughter



'there was as saying he kept repeating during the whole thing



''you reap what you sow', yes i know kate



'he said the same thing to me, its not just that he smelt of this disgusting rich people beer prancing pony, i remember the brand



'dad it was the same one they found in that bedroom i was in..... they all went quiet and the detective's face changed from unsure to pure anger and hate



'im gonna fucking kill him.... he went to walk out but bea stopped him



'wait no you cant



'bea he hurt my daughter and yours



'i know but him being dead means he gets out of this too easy, he needs to suffer, he needs jail, think about this



'but he hurt my little girl.....he said so heart broken that bea felt her own tear cloud her eyes



'i know, i know. we need to work together to take that fucker down..... he nodded and went over to his daughter taking her into his arms



'we will take him down baby, i promise



'i know dad.... bea called franky over and told her what they had figured out, she wasnt surprised after finding out he has avo's against him from 5 other woman because he was inappropriate or for sexual advances.   the 6 of them spent the next 5 hours coming up with some sort of plan to get braydon holt in jail. the detective wanted franky to represent them as well as debbie and build the strongest case for them



'okay, i need to run through everything again with you kate and than i can start building a case



'anything you need. i feel a relief that i now know who it is but he is like god, he is untouchable



'no one is untouchable kate, i got you girls, both of you




Chapter Text



The last few weeks debbie and kate had been hanging out a lot, it was mostly at bea or allie's place because debbie wasnt keen to be out and about just yet and kate understood that. the detective along with bea and allie had been working with franky to build a case against braydon holt.



The detective had gotten a court order to get a blood and semen sample from braydon holt to see if they matched up with not only kate's but also debbie's, it will help it the trial down the road. the results will come back in 14 days as it has to be testes a few times to make sure they matched



Allie had a check up a couple weeks ago and her markers were improving so she only had to have chemo once a week for now and they would test her in a few weeks again, bea had been amazing through everything going on and allie was surprised to see her holding up so well. between allie being sick, debbie's assault and the cafe been closed she seemed to take it in her stride and supporting the 2 most important people in the world to her the best she knew how, with love and affection which they both loved 



Today was a good day for allie and debbie so bea decided to do a little bbq at her place, sitting at the dining table debbie walked into the kitchen her hair in a frenzy after having a shower



'hey mum what you doing?



'writing a list for shopping, i was thinking of doing a little bbq, how do you feel about that?



'sure im up for it, who are you inviting?



'allie, franky, bridget, liz, maxine, boomer and you can invite kate



'sure, now can i ask you a favor?



'anything baby.... bea said as debbie sat beside her



'can you invite uncle will and danny



'are you sure your up for it?



'i think so, its time, there the only 2 males i trust apart from kate's dad



'okay i will call them, they will be so happy to see you



'i miss them heaps, i hate that i had them staying away for a while



'they understand you needed time



'yea... debbie nodded



'why dont you invite kate and her dad to the bbq as well?



'okay, do you want me to come shopping with you mum?



'as much as i would love you too baby i dont think your up for it and im not going to push you into it, i can go on my own, do you want to go to franky's or mama's while im out?



'can i ask kate to come earlier to hang out with me?



'of course deb you dont need to ask



'thanks, oh hows mama?



'her chemo was 4 days ago so she is feeling better today, rose has been and gave her meds and cleaned the apartment. allie is resting now and i will pick her up later on



'okay good, what do you need me to do here? oh kate's coming over now, she is 20 minutes away... she said seeing a reply to her text she sent her



'great, um you can hose down the outside area and put the foldout table and chairs out



'consider it done mum



'alright so do you need anything from the shops?



'can you get me credit for my phone please, oh and ice cream, dont forget the ice cream... bea smiled



'consider it done, im going to shower 



'okay mum.... bea walked off and debbie looked at the list and licked her lips, it looks like lots of food which she is happy with, deciding to add a few more treats she than headed to her room to clean up a bit. kate arrived not too long later and as bea was walking out of her room dressed and ready she laughed when she saw her and debbie sitting on the bench eating cereal



'hi miss novak



'pleas kate call me bea, you make me sound so old



'your not old bea, your young and totally hot.... bea rolled her eyes and laughed  'i showed my friends a photo of you and debbie and they were all over you



'oh what were they saying about mum?



'she is so sexy, damn she is hot, what a milf and lots of other stuff



'what the hell is a milf?..... bea asked



'oh thats a 'mother i like to fuck', it sounds rude but its a compliment, it means your hot.... she and debbie both laughed when blushed 



'anyways you 2 im heading to the shops, any choices for dessert?



'oh can you please get tiramisu bea, its my favorite



'yea mum and chocolate eclairs



'tiramisu and chocolate eclairs got it, i wont be long about an hour, if you need me just call. you sure your okay deb?.... she asked wanting to make sure



'im good mum, kate is here and we are gonna clean the back and set up than maybe watch a movie



'alright, bye girls, try not to trash the house... bea walked out hearing giggling from them both, bea arrived tot he shopping center 20 minutes later and got out of her car, she went inside and found the supermarket, with the list in hand she grabbed a trolley and began her shopping, as she was towards the end of the list she frowned 'chocolate picnics, lolli pops, paddle pop ice creams, pop tarts, lolli snakes, mint slice biscuits and tim tams'. all of this was added to the list which just so happens to be in debbie's hand writing, she giggled, cheeky girl bea said to herself and shook her head, she went off to get what debbie asked for and a few more things




Back at home debbie had just finished hosing down the back area and than with kate's help they put up a couple tables and chairs



'deb you got any table cloths?



'yea in the cupboard in the laundry.... she returned with them and they made the table, adding plates, cutlery and napkins



'looks good, now what?... kate said her hand on her hip








'like you have to ask, lets go.... they went inside to debbie;s room, debbie turned her tv on and scrolled to notebook and pressed play, they both kicked off there shoes and jackets and laid in debbie's bed together, it was weird how comfortable debbie felt with kate, even before the assault she didnt like people close to her, it was this thing she had that she didnt warm to people easily, debbie sat against the bedhead and was surprised to feel kate lay her head on debbie's lap, it was different, not in a bad way but all the same definitely different



'this okay deb?



'sure, did you want a drink or something?



'im good thanks, im comfy



'me too.... debbie said laying her hand on kate her fingers running through her hair, kate hummed in delight and debbie smiled, she felt butterflies on her stomach when kate wrapped her arm around debbie's legs as they enjoyed the movie



bea arrived back a while later and put all the shopping on the dining table



'deb, kate you around?.... no answer so she went on the look for them, checking out side she was happy to see the back area made up, going  down the hall she stopped at debbie's room and opened the door, she saw them both fast asleep, what surprised her though was debbie lay down with kate spooning her her, kate's face was dug onto debbie's hair like she felt comforted by it, pulling the blanket over them she left them to sleep knowing full well that when everyone comes for a bbq it ends up being a late night, going back to the kitchen she packed away the shopping and drinks, leaving out the ingredients to prep the salad, rice, potato bake, coleslaw and cheese and spinach triangles. whilst she sat at the table and began preparing everything her phone rang seeing allie's smiling face on the screen



'hey allie



'hey bea how are you?



''yea good, just got back from shopping and im preparing everything, how are you? did you sleep?



'i did for about an hour, i and a bath and than a shower



'so your feeling alright?



'i actually feel pretty good bea



'thats great, so what time do you want me to pick you up for the bbq?



'im ready whenever you are, maybe if you pick me up early we can spend some time together, just me and you?..... bea smiled



'i would love that allie, kate is still here with debbie so i will leave them a note, there sleeping right now, i will be at your in about 40 minutes?



'perfect, see you soon bea.... hanging up bea finished off prep and put it all in the fridge, she wrote a note for the girls and grabbed her stuff leaving, she drove to allie's place stopping to get flowers for the blonde woman, she still had her fob so scanned herself into the building and went up to allie's floor, she knocked and waited a minute when the door opened, allie smiled when she saw bea standing there a bunch of flowers in her hands





'hi allie, there are for you



'thank you bea, there beautiful



'your beautiful.... allie blushed, its not often allie blushes but when she does its only bea that does it to her



'stop it, im not, i have no hair, im pale and im



'absolutely beautiful.... bea said with a big smile on her face, she stepped forward and kissed allie on the cheek, she pulled back but allie stopped her and pulled her into a proper kiss. there lips meshed with each other as there lips met, it was like an explosion. pulling apart bea kissed allie on the nose  'so beautiful.... allie smiled and pulled back



'come on charmer..... she followed allie into the kitchen and allie grabbed  a vase



'here let me do it allie



'thanks, drink?



'water thanks..... allie grabbed a couple bottles and than they went to the lounge room and sat down 



'so hows our girl doing?



'seems to be doing alright, kate's been really good for her



'i think the fact that kate has been through something similar has helped her bea



'yea, what im not sure about is what i saw just now?



'which was.... bea told allie how she found kate and debbie sleeping together  



'thats interesting, how do you feel about that bea? if she got with another girl?



'i dont care allie as long as she is happy and feels safe, what about you?



'im with you on that, i want debbie to feel safe, be happy and healthy, if she and kate connected like that good on them.... bea nodded



'maybe im over thinking this but from what i saw there is something there



'maybe there both too scared to see whats right on front of them



'could be, im just going to leave them to it, if either of them need help or advice i will send them your way.... allie laughed as bea's statement



'bea you can give her advice as well, you were int he same position



'yea but im not good at it



'i think your pretty fucking good at anything you do... allie said linking there hands together making bea smile, they spent an hour together at allie's, talking, laughing and of course kissing, they werent officially back together but it was heading that way, but bea knew she still had a lot to make up to allie and she was well on her way. allie packed a bag as bea insisted she stayed over instead of getting an uber home later on, once ehr bag was packed allie locked up and they went to bea's car and driving back to her place




kate woke up practically hugging debbie, she herself hadnt been able to be close with anyone like this since before the assault a couple years ago. she had been to scared for anyone to come near her, it took her 3 months for her dad to hug her, it has been a touch couple years but things are finally looking up, now right here though debbie was laying in her arms and she sure as hell didnt mind that at all, in fact she pulled debbie close to her and inhaled the strawberry scent of her hair, it smelt so good, in fact debbie always smelt so good, she really liked who debbie was, feeling debbie stir she pulled back not wanting to freak her out and moved to the end of the bed, a couple minutes later debbie's eyes opened and she turned onto her back



'ugh we fell asleep



'yep, freakin notebook has us to comfy... debbie laughed



'i recon



'so what time is everyone coming tonight?



'mum said 6, what time is it?






'i wonder where mum is?



'lets go check..... they got out of bed and went tot he kitchen  'there is a note deb.... debbie picked it up and read it



'hey baby, shopping id done as is prep, i went to mama's to spend some time with her and than we will come back together soon. thank you for setting up outside your the best. if you need me just call. love you and tell kate to not eat the salad..... debbie burst out laughing when she turned aorund to in fact see kate eating some salad



'mum said dont eat the salad



'shit, dont tell her... she quickly put the plastic on and shoved it in the fridge  'where is she?



'with mama, she wont be long



'im hungry



'me too



'what can we eat?



'sandwich till dinner?



'sure.... they made a couple sandwiches and grabbed a juice than went to sit in the garden, it had been a while since debbie was int he garden on the side of the house, it was a set up bea made her a while ago, it has a swing seat, a little pond with flowers and plants around, there was a bench seat that had debbie's name on it and a little table,  bea would always find debbie out there, reading, writing, doing school work or just relaxing. 



'cool area



'mum made it for me, i havent been out here since before.... kate nodded, she knew before the attack  



'do you feel alright being out here? we can go back inside



'i feel okay, you make me feel safe... kate smiled



'you make me feel safe too debbie.... debbie smiled and laid her head on her shoulder which was where bea and allie found them not long later



bea and allie arrived back at the house at 4.45. allie dumped her bag in the spare room and joined bea in the kitchen



'where are the girls?



'not sure, maybe outside, the back door is open... they went out the back and looked around, stopping when they saw debbie and kate sitting on the swinging seat on debbie's area



'she hasnt been out here since the attack



'bea as you can see debbie feels really safe with kate, no matter what happens between them know that kate knows what debbie is going through, she wont hurt her



'you think?



'i do think so yes, the fact that debbie feels safe enough to come out here with her says a lot



'hmm yea, i just worry



'i know you do and you have every right to be, just let them go along as they want



'alright, lets go inside...... debbie and kate came inside 20 minutes later



'so deb something happened at the shops today



'oh yea mum



'hmm, for some reason i had about 8 new items on my list, any idea where that came from?....... debbie and kate giggled



'no idea mum, but did ya get it all?



'i sure did and i also got you ice cream, nuts, bananas, chocolate topping and wafer so you can make banana splits



'best mum ever... debbie said kissing her mums cheek



'your a cool mum bea, you too allie



'thanks kate, alright so what do we need to do to help bea?



'everything is done guys, i will get boomer to cook the meat when she gets here



'alright well i might go home to shower and change, i slept in these clothes



'no kate dont go, i will give you some clothes to wear... debbie said



'are you sure?



'of course, come on, i even have undies i havent worn yet so you can get a pair



'okay great thanks.... they took off to debbie's room and bea raised an eyebrow at allie



'okay i see it too now, there pretty close and debbie definitely didnt want her going anywhere, it will be okay



'i want them both to be happy but if she hurts my babygirl i will go crazy



'just relax bea, let them discover things on there own.... bea nodded



'okay, well how about some tv? i taped your favorite show










boomer arrived with franky and bridget which was a great help for bea



'booms you get the meat and start the bbq for red



'yea no sweat franks..... boomer grabbed the meat and walked outside



'gidge can you put the potato bake in the oven and put the fried rice together please?



'of course



'great now red you and allie go and grab a drink and sit outside, let us look after you girls



'thanks franky..... bea grabbed 2 bottle of water and went outside and sat down close to boomer so they could talk to her



'so boomer how are things?



'yea good, works been busy which is good.... boomer turned to face them and looked nervously at allie, she wanted to ask how allie was doing but didnt want to offend her, allie caught it



'its okay boomer you can ask me whatever you want



'okay, how ya feelin?



'my chemo is down to once a week now 



'oh yea thats good ay



'yea it is



'and um, ya hair?



'it started to fall out so debbie and bea shaved it for me



'how does it feel?






'allie you aint ugly, your sexy, i mean like, i aint no lezzo or anyfin but your hot.... allie smiled



'thanks boomer



'yea na worries, so you 2? ya holding hands, i like it..... bea looked at allie and smiled



'well boomer as you know i made a huge mistake leaving allie, i let my parents get in my head and i got scared, i fucked up hugely and im trying to make it up to allie, im a fucking asshole



'babe your not an asshole, we talked about this, you felt backed into a corner and although i dont agree with what you did you owned up to your mistake, its all out in the open and now we can move forward.... bea nodded and smiled sadly, allie stroked her cheek and kissed her, franky came out seeing the scene in front of her, she loved seeing allie and bea together, they had always been the cute and cuddly couple, franky always said it was sickening how sweet they were. 



'hey red do ya want a beer?



'no thanks franky, i got water



'you sure?



'yes im good, im not drinking anymore



'why not?



'because i want to support allie, as long as she is going through this and on medication i wont be drinking



'bea you dont have to do that



'i know but i want to allie, i told you im in this, all in..... allie smiled and kissed bea on the lips



'thank you..... the door bell rang at that time



'i will get it



'no franky i will get it, if its will and danny i need to be there when debbie sees them again, can you sit with allie?



'yea sure..... bea went to open the door seeing liz and maxine there



'hey love how are you?



'im good.... they greeted each other and they walked out to the back, the door bell went again and bea got it seeing will, danny and the detective 



'hey guys, will, danny this is andrew miller, the detective on debbie's case, his daughter and debbie have become friends



'thats good, thank you for helping my niece



'i will do anything to help her.... they shook hands



'andrew please got through to the back, the girls will be out soon, i need to talk to my brother and nephew



'sure thing.... he walked off and bea led will and danny to the lounge room



'so hows our girl doing?



'she is doing okay considering



'how does she feel about us being here?



'she asked me to ask you both here, she thinks she is ready. just be gentle and let her come to you



'okay, we can do that



'alright, i will go get her, she will probably come out with her friend kate



'okay.... bea went to debbie's room and knocked



'come in..... bea opened the door and smiled, kate was brushing debbie's hair



'hey girls, listen deb, will and danny are here, are you ready to see them?



'yea... she nodded and stood up   'can kate come with me?



'of course, come on girls, just take it slow deb, there is no hurry..... debbie nodded, the 3 of them walked out to the lounge room and debbie stopped in her tracks, here they were, the only 2 guys she has ever trusted in her life. she had been so scared to be around males but now that she is looking at them both she didnt feel scared, in fact she felt safe knowing they were here. debbie let go of her mum and kate's hands and slowly walked towards them, they both had slight smiles on there faces, she went to danny first who was a a little taller than her, she grabbed her hand and pulled it around her waist, she hugged him tightly and he held her



'i got you cuz.... danny said, she pulled back after a minute and smiled


'i know, i trust you



'good, we only want to help



'thank you for giving me the time i needed






'why dont you go out back and get a drink so i can talk to your dad..... he smiled and than walked off, debbie turned to will and they stared at each other for a few minutes



'are you okay with me being here deb?



'yes uncle will, you and danny are the only males i trust, im sorry it took me so long to see you



'you dont apologize for nothing debbie, none of this is your fault, you did nothing wrong sweetheart..... debbie's tears fell down her cheeks and she fell into wills arms and he held her as she cried, she broke down crying and held him like her life depended on it. bea's tears ran down her cheeks as well to see her daughter in so much pain, kate herself wiped her own tears, she and debbie had gotten close in the few weeks they have known each other and she hates seeing debbie hurt



'i got you deb, i will do everything in my power to protect you... debbie nodded, will held debbie for a long time, almost ten minutes till she pulled back and will wiped her tears



'how are you doing now?



'im okay, i have trouble sleeping sometimes, i dont want to leave the house unless i have to. but mum and mama have been amazing. as has kate a new friend of mine.... she smiled at kate, will looked at the young girl



'thank you for helping debbie, im her uncle will



'nice to meet you will, i would do anything for debbie, i will let you guys talk and go out and sit with the others.... kate looked at debbie and smiled, debbie gave a small nod to say its okay and than she went out to the backyard. 



'what can i do to help debbie?



'i want to start getting out more, maybe you and danny can come out with me?



'you tell us when and we will be there, any time, any day



'thank you, alright im okay, lets go out and join the others



'you sure your okay?



'yea im good, i need to eat thou.... he and bea laughed



'you never change deb, your amazing... she kissed his cheek and walked off to the backyard saying hi to everyone and sitting with kate



'so sis how is she really?



'she is doing okay, yes she does have nightmares, she doesnt really go anywhere except allie's house or the hospital. a great thing that has happened is kate, she is the detectives daughter, she went through the same thing debbie did a couple years ago. we only just realized recently it was braydon that did it to her as well



'wow, how is this guy still not in jail?



'his family has money



'yea i read up all about that family, there dangerous



'yea they are, im not scared of them, they hurt my baby and i will make sure she gets justice for my girl



'good bea and anything you guys need just call me. 



'thanks bro. alright lets get out there and enjoy dinner.... he hugged bea and than he threw her over his shoulder like she always has and walked outside. 



'put me down bro.... she laughed as did everyone else. he put her down near allie and bent down to kiss allie on the cheek



;how are you doing beautiful?.... allie smiled



'im good will



'you ever need anything im here for you, no matter what it is. you stay strong and keep fighting



'i will.... she hugged the gentle giant and sat back down, bea gave will a beer and they sat around talking while the food was cooking. bea had noticed how kate and debbie were always sitting next to each other, talking and giggling between themselves and it really was sweet to see. feeling an arm slide behind her back she turned her head to see allie smile at her. allie used to do this all the time, she would slide her hand around bea and rub her hip gently



'you feeling okay?



'im good bea, im just happy to be here with you



'me too, i have missed you very much.... allie leaned in to kiss bea on the lips a few times, debbie smiling to see her parents loving. 



'hey fuckers the meat in nearly ready



'alright, hey liz and maxi can you help me bring the found out?



'of course love...... the food was laid out and it looked so good. sausages. chicken sticks, lamb sticks, steaks, pork steak, meat balls and all the sides bea had made. they alll stacked there plates and sat down to eat 



'oh yum... debbie said and her parents loved to see her appetite coming back,  'oh kate taste this, mum makes the best potato bake... she held her fork out and kate took it in her mouth, bea was surprised because debbie doesnt share her food, maybe this was good for debbie, maybe debbie really needed someone like kate in her life. they had dinner together and the leftovers were packed into the fridge for tomorrow. dessert was bought out an hour later, debbie had like 5 chocolate eclairs and tiramisu on her plate, kate was pretty much the same thing, everyone laughing at there big appetites. allie fed bea cake which she loves doing. 



'your turn... bea said and fed allie a little bit. allie didnt have a big appetite but she tried to eat some for bea. a few hours later everyone was leaving



'hey kate do you want to stay over tonight?



'your mum wont mind?



'i dont think so, let me ask.... debbie went to her mum in the kitchen



'hey mum can kate stay over?



'of course baby, this is your house you dont need to ask



'cool, thanks.... she went to kate 



'she said yes



'okay cool let me tell my dad.... everyone left and allie was sitting at the table in the kitchen with bea as she cleaned the last couple dishes



'it was a good night bea



'yea it was, everyone had fun



'yea, it was good to see debbie enjoy herself and laugh, kate had her laughing most of the night



'yea i realized that as well, i have decided to let debbie take it as it comes, i know she has been through a lot but kate has as well and i actually think if anyone can help her and understand debbie's feelings she would, im trusting them both



'good idea bea... allie smiled tiredly, bea wiped her hands dry and turned to see allie eyes half closed, she ran her fingers down her cheek and allie opened her eyes






'hmmm yea a little



'lets get you to bed



'can i sleep with you?.... allie said so child like that bea smiled, in fact she wanted nothing more than to sleep with her arms wrapped around allie



'i would love that allie, come on.... turning the lights off and locking up she took allie down the corridor and stopped at debbie's door knocking and entering, laughing when she saw a packet of biscuits on front of them and they were watching a movie



'didnt you guys eat enough?



'well yea but we needed a snack



'righto, we are going to bed, kate make yourself at home dont be shy



'thanks bea, good night to you both



'good night girls, we will both be in my bed so if you need us call out



'will do. night mums.... the door closed and bea took allie to her bedroom, sitting her on the bed



'what do you want to ware to bed?



'i packet shorts and a t-shirt, it in my bag.... bea changed allie and than herself, they both got into bed and allie laid her head on bea's chest, bea loved this, they were getting closer and she couldnt be happier. 



'good night bea



'good night beautiful girl... she kissed allie on her bald head and they both fell asleep




once bea and allie left the room debbie and kate continued to watch the movie for a while. they sat up at some stage and kate giggled when debbie dropped some crumbs on her chest, she reached over to grab it causing debbie to flinch



'shit sorry deb, i didnt mean to freak you out, im so sorry



'no um its okay, i just got a little scared of the act not you in general, if that makes any sense



'i get it, i was just getting the crumbs off you



'oh... she giggled nervously  'you can get it



'are you sure?



'yes.... kate moved her hand closer to debbie's chest picking up the 2 pieces of biscuit, she moved them up to debbie's lips and she took them in her mouth, she chewed them a little shocked but she couldnt say she didnt enjoy this intimate moment. kate ran her finger across debbie's lip so sexily that debbie took took and intake of breath, she couldnt hold back anymore and debbie leaned in closer to kate and they kissed





Chapter Text








A week later, to say debbie had been acting differently would be an understatement, her mood swings had been up and down, one minute she was snapping at everyone especially her mums and than the next she was happy and laughing, allie had been staying at bea's house,  the last straw for bea was earlier today when debbie had a go at allie, allie had chemo yesterday and she woke up today feeling sick and tired, she had asked debbie to get the washing in from the line and debbie went off at allie telling her to get up and do it herself and not be lazy before storming off to her room leaving allie crying. bea had to comfort allie for a while and than allie made the decision to leave and go back home and bea herself was so angry. bea didnt want her to leave but decided to call an uber and walked her out to the car, she called rose to meet allie at her apartment to help look after her



now bea was in the kitchen making a pot of chicken soup for dinner and for to take some to allie, she put the lemon in and gave it one more stir than put some in a big tupperware to take to allie and leaving the rest in the pot in the stove for debbie for dinner. hearing foot steps coming into the kitchen she heard debbie's voice



'whats for dinner?



'chicken soup



'cool, where is mama?



'gone home



'why?.... debbie was acting like nothing happened



'why?... bea said turning around  'why did she go home? hmm let me see, she asked you to do one thing for her and get the washing and you flipped at her and spoke to her so rudely that im embarassed for you deb, how could you think saying that allie is lazy okay?  'SHE HAS CANCER DEB!!!!.... she yelled in frustrated, bea would normally never yell at her daughter but the way she had treated allie was wrong, debbie sat there with her head down



'im sorry mum



;dont say it to me deb, allie already feels like shit to think she is a Burdon to us, arent you the one telling me that we need to be there for her no matter what?



'yes... debbie said without lifting her head, she had been thinking about this since storming off and she was going to apologize 



'well than why would you hurt her like this? she is distraught and decided to leave, i never want her to think she is unwelcome in our house again, i dont know whats going on with you in the last week deb but you cant take your anger out on everyone else, we are your parents, we love you but we wont tolerate this anymore



'im sorry.... debbie said and her voice bought bea out of her anger and she sighed



'i know you are deb but you need to tell us whats going on with you, now im going to allie;s to check on her, are you okay here on your own?



'i will be fine



'are you sure?



'yes, just go and check on her



'alright, if you need me than call.... debbie nodded, debbie hadnt lifted her head and felt bea kiss her on her head and than she left, debbie felt like shit, she knows she has been all over the place since she and kate kissed, it wasnt unwelcome at all, in fact she had become closer with kate and when they kissed if felt amazing but she was so confused about her feelings, the only way to start fixing this is to start with kate, she had spoken a couple times since the kiss but mostly has ignored her, picking up her phone she text her



'hey, are you busy? can you come over?..... she got a response back within a minute



'free as a bird, im on my way, see you soon..... debbie sighed, she was nervous about having this kind of conversation but it needed to be done, she went off and had a shower and than got dressed, as she was putting on perfume she heard the door bell so went to get the door, opening the door she saw kate standing there and debbie;s heart began to flutter






'hey, come in



'i bought you this.... kate said handing over the box and debbie opened it to see a chocolate mud cake



'thanks, can i get you a drink?.... debbie asked walking into the kitchen



'just a water thanks.... debbie and kate sat on the couch and debbie handed her a bottle of water



'thanks deb, so whats going on?



'i think we should talk about last saturday night



'you mean the kiss?






'i didnt mean to make you feel uncomfortable deb



'i wasnt uncomfortable, i liked it, i also liked when you held me all night after, you made me feel so safe which hasnt happened since the attack



'i get what you mean deb, so where do we go from here? i really like you deb and i dont want to stop seeing you even if it isnt friends



'i like you too, like a lot but im scared, after what happened im scared



'i get it, i was actually surprised you let me that close to you but i gathered you felt safe with me



'yea i did, we have spent so much time together and you have never been anything but nice and gentle with me



'i would never hurt you deb



'i want to believe that, i also believed that braydon wouldnt hurt me.... debbie said as a tear rolled down her cheek, kate wiped it gently and than grabbed debbie's hand gently



'what can i do to make you trust me? 



'i dont know, i think i just want to take this slow between us



'so there is an us?



'i want there to be if you do?



'i wont to more than anything deb.... they both smiled 'can i umm.. can i kiss you?.... debbie nodded and they both leaned in and shared a few kisses



'that was nice... debbie said so cutely that kate leaned in for one more kiss



'yea it was, so whats your plans for the rest of the day?



'i have to go and see mama, i was an asshole to her, mum went there as well



'shit if your mum left as well than you really did stuff up, well how about we take the cake i bought and grab some dinner and go to her place?



'you wouldnt mind?



'not at all, i love your parents, there cool



'okay let me lock up, how did you get here?



'my dad dropped me off



'okay, here take my phone and order and uber please



'sure..... they arrived to allie's apartment 20  minutes later and walked into the building, debbie had her own set of keys so she scanned the fob and it took her to allie's level and they got out going to allie's door, taking a big breath she felt kates hand on her back



'its okay, there your parents, just apologize and they will forgive you.... debbie nodded and knocked, the door opened a minute later






bea and allie had spent a couple hours together talking about debbie and her behavior, bea told her that she had a go at there daughter and how she knows she was raised better than that, they had been watching a movie when  someone knocked on the door



'are you expecting anyone allie?



'no unless rose forgot something



'i will get it.... bea answered the door to debbie and kate



'hey what are you 2 doing here?



'i came to talk to mama, is that okay?



'of course it is, come on she is in the lounge room, kate why dont you come into the kitchen with me?



'sure, we bought a cake



'even better..... debbie went to the lounge room seeing allie sitting down flicking through her phone, she looked up and saw debbie standing there, the young girls tears rolled down her cheeks



'i would never want to hurt you..... she said but didnt move any closer to her mama



'i know deb



'im so sorry for how i spoke to you today and for how i have been, you and mum both dont deserve it, i would never want you to feel unwelcome at home, its your home as well as mine and mums



'deb come here sweet heart.... allie put her hand out which debbie took and allie pulled her into her lap and she held onto her mama



'im so so sorry..... she cried into her neck and allie held her even tighter



'its okay sweety, i forgive you but you need to talk to us, it took a while for debbie to calm down and pull back slightly, allie wiped her cheeks



'i know i do, i guess i should get mum and kate in here for this



'kate's here?



'yea, she came with me



'alright call them in here..... debbie got off allie's lap and went to the kitchen seeing her mum and kate talking



'hey can you 2 come to the lounge room please?



'everything alright deb?



'yea mum, i apologized but i need to talk to you and mama together with kate



'okay.... bea went and sat with allie



'deb are you going to tell them about us?



'yes i am, are you okay with that?



'yea of course, i just dont want them to hate me or something?



'they wont, mum and mama are very understanding



'okay lets go.... they went and sat on the other couch together, debbie looked nervous again



'deb whats going on?



'i know this last week i have been all over the place, the first reason is because it was braydons birthday, i saw on facebook that a mutual friend of ours was at his party and the girls were all over him, i hate that he is even out and about to do as he pleases, the fact that he is out of jail means he can turn up anywhere and it threw me big time.... allie and bea held one of her hands



'oh deb we didnt know any of this, obviously we knew he was out but part of his conditions is no drinking, no drugs, no parties and all the other stuff, he is not allowed near you, we wont let that happen



'i just couldnt handle it, it made me angry, scared and worried



'we get it, we are here to protect you no matter what, both of you



'thanks mum, the other thing is... she said turning her head to look at kate than blushed



'how about i tell them deb?



'please, im too embarrassed of how i acted.... kate giggled



'dont be. alright well as you know since deb and i met we have spent quite a bit of time together, we have discovered we have feeling for each other and last week after the bbq we were in debbie's room and we kissed, nothing more happened but we just held each other that night, i think we just felt so comfortable with each other, deb?.... she nodded



'yea we did, kate makes me feel safe



'and debbie does the same to me, for so long since my assault i havent let many people into my circle, but debbie does something to me, she brings so much light and laughter to my life and i adore her... they smiled at each other



'so mum and mama, in this last week between braydon and being confused about what was going on with kate i was all over the place, im so sorry for taking it all out on you both



'we just want you to be happy deb



'i know mum



'so what is the deal with you 2 now?..... allie said and pointed to them both



'well kate and i are starting to see each other, we will take it slow and see how it goes, what do you guys think?



'im all for it deb, if your happy than i am



'thanks mama. how about you mum?



'im not sure deb, im worried that its too soon for you since your own attack



'i get it mum, i really do. what i can tell you is we arent in a hurry for anything, we arent moving fast, we are just getting to know each other better, hanging out and spending time together



'okay i have one rule



'whats that? you dont want her sleeping over?



'no i dont mind because i know your not ready for anything  physical



'okay than what?



'all i ask is that you talk to us, if your confused or unsure of something just talk to one of us, you too kate. i know your mum isnt around so we are here for both of you



'thanks bea and you too allie



'yea thanks mums, we really appreciate you being cool about this



'its we are young and hip.... allie said and the others laughed



'well thats all sorted, im hungry.... debbie said



'we both are actually.... said kate



'we have soup?



'i dont want soup, can we order food?



'sure, pizza, burgers, chinese? what do you want?



'pizza please



'alright babe pass my phone please, i will order..... bea handed allie her phone and they sat around comfortably and waited for the pizza, it arrived and they all stuffed there faces, well the 2 younger girls did, bea ate like a normal persona and allie managed 2 pieces and some garlic bread



'oh i cant anymore



'you did well baby, im proud of you..... allie smiled, she loved that she and bea had started using there little pet names, bea rubbed her tummy



'thanks babe, so are you guys staying tonight?



'deb you up for staying here?



'sure mum, can kate stay?



'of course but she has to ask her dad first



'i will call dad now... kate walked to one of the rooms for privacy



'im going to put the leftover in the fridge



'thanks deb... debbie went to the kitchen



'you sure your alright babe?



'yea, i can see debbie trusts kate a lot, she seems happy now that they have sorted themselves out



'yea true.... allie yawned 



'you tired?



'a little, im alright



'how about a little dessert? the girls bought over chocolate cake



'umm a little piece please..... bea went and put each of them some cake and they sat down again



'dad said i can stay



'great....... they ate dessert than sat around talking for a while



'shit mum, mama has fallen asleep



'oh yea, alright we are heading to bed



'you need help mum?



'im alright deb, are you 2 okay? i cleaned all your clothes you left here so there is pj's for you both 



'thanks mum, i will close down the place, good night



'night..... bea woke a grumpy allie and went to her bedroom and they soon fell asleep



'so you ready for bed kate?



'sure am



'come on..... they went to debbie's room and debbie got changed in the bathroom while kate got dressed in the bedroom, they slid into bed facing each other, kate's finger ran down the side of debbie's face before they shared a few kisses, kate moved her hand to debbie's back under her shirt gently scratching her warm skin



'you feeling alright deb?



'yea i am



'good, why dont you turn around, i want to hold you..... debbie smiled and turned around, kate wrapped her arms around debbie and held her as they fell asleep






debbie was the first one up the next day, leaving a kiss on kate's cheek than got out of bed carefully not to wake the blonde girl, she used the bathroom than went to the kitchen deciding to make breakfast for everyone, opening the fridge it was clear her mama hadnt done much shopiing which isnt surprising because she had been at there place mostly recently, there was a small shopping center just down the road so she decided to get her things and go for a walk to get some stuff, she dressed and grabbed her phone and wallet than left the apartment, she went down with the lift and out of the building, debbie stopped for a moment to take a deep breath, this was the first time since the attack that she was out in public on her own and she was frightened, taking a few breathes she got her nerves under control and started walking down the street, it was only a 5 minute walk and went into the little center, it had a food store, a butcher, a coffee shop and a few food outlets



she went to the food store and grabbed a trolley deciding to do a proper shop for her mama considering she only had some milk, butter and eggs in the fridge, she went isle to isle filling up the trolley with everything and anything her mama likes and what everyone would like to eat, they found with allie it would be easier to stay at her apartment because she had her medications there, her bed and it was closer to the hospital in case anything happened or she had chemo and radiation.



she came across the freezers which had all the ice cream and frozen foods. she got 3 boxes of ice cream, some frozen veggies and some frozen foods, she went and checked out and paid, she went to the butcher and grabbed some meat than headed back to allie's apartment, she had a lot of shopping, the trolley was full and she wasnt sure how to get it all up



'fuck it.... she said to herself and took the trolley into the apartment and in the lift, she rolled it into the apartment where the other 3 were sitting there having a coffee, bea raised an eye brow



'what are you doing deb? where were you?



i was going to make breakfast but there is no food in this place



'oh yea, sorry, i have been at your place a lot so i havnt had a chance to do the shopping



'its fine mama, i did it all, mum can you help me pack it away please?



'bea you sit down i will help you deb



'thanks kate... debbie smiled, bea and allie watched as the 2 younger girls worked around each other packing away the shopping, talking quietly and giggling with each other



'thats cute



'yea it is, im surprised debbie went out on her own



'oh shit, your right babe, i think her stomach over ruled her fear..... bea nodded and held allie's hand



'how are you feeling? you felt pretty crappy yesterday



'better today, thanks for looking after me



'anytime, think you need im here for you



'i know, so what do you have on today?



'nothing, spending time with you



'babe what about the cafe? you need to open it, thats your income



'yea i know, im going to talk to liz and matt and see if they can run it for me, i need to be here for you



'babe as much as i appreciate you being here and helping me i dont want to take you away for your business, i know how much you live your cafe



'i do, very much but i love you more



'i love you too bea, listen speak to liz and matt about re-opening the cafe and maybe you can do the paperwork and ordering from home or here?.... bea nodded



'alright im going to go and call her, i will be back......  bea went off to the bedroom while allie went to put the mugs in the sink



'thank you so much deb, i really appreciate you doing this for me, now you go sit down while i make breakfast



'yes boss... allie stopped and kissed debbie on the cheek before going to sit at the table with her laptop, she needed to do the pays for her workers and go through some emails bridget sent her in regards to her own business, going through the emails she responded to a few and than moved to do the pays, bea had come out just than and sat down



'well liz and matt are both happy to open up and run it for me, they would email or text me what i need to order, hours or any issues and i will do payroll from home



'well thats good babe



'yea it is, i dont have to worry about it liz said, i just dont want them to feel pressured to step us



'i get it but they love working there bea and they will look after your cafe for you..... bea nodded and kissed allie on the cheek



'what are you doing?






'do you need help?



'no im good but do you mind rubbing my shoulders a bit?



'sure, sore?


'yea.... bea stood behind allie and rubbed her shoulders while allie did payroll, bea watched to see if she could learn to help in the future, bea frowned when

she saw debbie's name in the list



'why debbie's name there?



'umm, well i was going to tell you about it



'tell me about what?



'not here where deb can hear, come out on the balcony...... bea nodded. they went out and sat on the balcony with allie's computer



'listen i dont want you to get mad or anything but i started a trust fund for debbie, i put money in the account every week when i do payroll



'why would you think i would be mad?



'because of the amount thats in there..... she logged into the trust fund and turned the computer for bea to see, her eyes went wide



'woah allie thats a lot of money...... bea said as she looked at the screen, allie had an account set up for debbie with over a million dollars



'i know it is but she is my daughter and i want to make sure if anything happens to me she will be looked after, i know you can look after her but i dont want all the pressure to be on you, this is to help her get a house, car, set up a business, whatever she wants to do with it.... bea nodded



'when did you make this account?



'the day after i was diagnosed, i needed to know that she was looked after, thats not all thou



'what do you mean?



'i have one for you as well






'no please dont fight me on this, my business is very successful and you know that, i dont need anything, i have an apartment, i have the best care for my cancer,  i have a lot of money that i dont need and i want to take care of you both, so i opened an account for you as well, do you want to see it?.... bea nodded and allie changed pages and showed bea



'holy shit allie.... there it was 3 million dollars sitting in an account for her



'this is something i needed to do for you 2, please dont be upset



'oh baby how can i be upset about you doing something so sweet, i just dont know what to say



'dont say anything, just know that no matter what happens you will both be taken care of..... bea felt the tears roll down her cheeks and she pulled allie into a hug



'i love you so much allie, i couldnt imagine anymore time without you, i want to make sure you know how much i love and care for you and i will do anythign for you



'i know bea and i love you too..... they stayed there together on the balcony till debbie called them in to eat, they had breakfast laughing when debbie had made a mess on herself



'jesus deb go change your shirt.... bea laughed, debbie walked off and and returned with a fresh shirt



'ah thats better... just than debbie's phone rang and it was a private number, sometimes franky would call on private from her office






'hey slut, if you think what i did to you was bad, wait till you see what will happen to you if you dont drop the charges, you and kate and your families are dead.... the phone disconnected and bea watched as the color drained from debbie's face



'debbie?.... she didnt get an answer, debbie just stared at her phone  'deb whats going on?.... she could feel debbie shaking and wrapped her arms around the young girl, it was clear it was braydon and he wanted her to drop the charges



'talk to me baby.... bea said as she held onto her daughter, allie and kate watching on in worry, she held her daughter as she broke down crying, debbie cried for some time and when she stopped bea could feel her sniffling and hiccupping like she used to when she was little



'deb whats wrong? who was that? 



'braydon..... she told them what he said and than began to cry again



'alright sweetheart i got you.... bea lifted debbie into her arms and carried her to her bedroom, she laid her down in bed and laid behind her wrapping her arms around her daughter, bea knows when debbie gets like this she needs to feel safe, to be comforted



'do you think  debbie is alright?.... kate asked allie



'im not sure kate, when debbie gets like this bea is the only one that can calm her down..... allie stood up and put the dishes in the sink slamming them in anger



'woah woah allie, i know your angry but you need to keep your cool for debbie... kate said going over to her and rubbing allie's back



'how are you so calm about this kate?



'my attack happened a while ago, i have had time to come to terms with what happened, this is all still fresh for you girls and especially debbie, im angry but i have learnt to control my anger with boxing, for the first year after my attack i didnt leave the house at all, i couldnt even hug or be close to my dad no matter what he tried, debbie is in the earlier stages of her emotions and will need a lot of help, the best we can do is be there for her



'im glad your here kate, your very good for her 



'thanks, should we go check on her or leave her with bea?



'just leave them alone for a while, i need to make a call thou



'you go make your call i will clean the kitchen



'thanks kate.... allie went to the lounge room and pressed call on the name she wanted to talk to






'hey franky, how are you?



'just at work working on debbie;s case, how are you guys?



'debbie was doing okay



'what happened?



'that fucking prick called debbie on private number, said that if kate and debbie dont drop the charges against him he would kill them and there families



'you gotta be fucking kidding me, who the fuck does this guys think he is?..... franky said in anger



'i know, this guy thinks he is untouchable



'how is debbie and kate?



'kate is okay, she is angry but she is managing okay, debbie is a mess, she broke down crying and bea had to carry her to bed, it was heart breaking to see her so hurt



'i can only imagine, alright leave this with me allie i will call the detective, tell kate not to call him yet im sure he will after i talk to him, if you need anything just call me



'okay, thanks franky..... hanging up kate came and sat down on the other couch



'kitchens clean



'thanks heaps, i spoke to franky and she is going to call your dad and tell him what happened..... kate nodded. they sat there quietly and allie looked over at the young girl and was worried, kate's phone rang half an hour later 



'its dad..... she hit answer



'hey dad



'baby are you okay? franky called me and told me about that bastard, are you alright?



'im okay dad, i just dont understand why he thinks he can do this, hasnt he done enough damage?... she said as tears rolled down her cheeks, allie went over and sat beside her and took the phone as she cried



'andrew its allie



'hi allie, is kate okay?



'she was doing okay but i think its hitting her that now she knows who it is and he is out and about



'i get it, im coming to get her, where are you all?



'at my apartment, why dont you come in a couple hours and we can have lunch together, debbie and bea are resting adn i think kate needs to be around some girls for now... she said looking down as kate nodded, the young girl rested her head against allie's stomach as she was sitting on the side of the couch



'okay umm, please look after her



'i promise we will, if she needs you she will call you



'alright and i will bring lunch with me



'okay see you later andrew.....hanging up she run her fingers through the young girls hair



'its okay to let it out kate, its okay to cry



'i dont want to cry over him, he isnt worth it



'no he isnt, but your feelings are, i will be back..... allie went to debbie's bedroom and saw them laying down, she went in and sat on the bed rubbing her hand on debbie's cheek



'are you okay sweety?



'yea, i just cant believe he thinks its okay to do that, he thinks he can do anything he wants with no consequences



'he is pond scum deb, he will get his, i spoke to franky and she is on it, kate spoke to her dad and he is worried about you both



'where is kate?



'on the couch, she is upset



'can you ask her to come here to lay down with me?



'of course.... allie smiled at bea and than walked off to the lounge room



'kate, deb is asking for you to lay down with her if your up for it



'of course.... they went back to the bedroom and bea moved off the bed, kate laid down facing debbie 



'were okay here mum and mama, thank you



'alright we will let you both rest, kate's dad is coming in a couple hours with lunch so we will get you up than, if you need us call out



'alright.... debbie said and snuggled into kate, bea and allie went to the lounge room and sat down, bea sat forward on the couch and sighed angrily



'im gonna fucking kill him.... she said and grabbed her phone and keys and bolted out the door



'bea dont, please.... allie begged but it fell on deafs ears








Chapter Text




bea sped off in her car towards braydons house, her phone was ringing non stop showing allie's name, debbie's name, even kate's name but she didnt answer, this asshole has hurt debbie in a way that she never thought would happen, now he was threatening her family as well as kate's and she wasnt having any of it. slamming her brakes in front of his mansion she got out and slammed the door shut and stormed up the drive way, she started banging on the door it opening a minute later to a woman in uniform



'yea miss can i help you?



'where is braydon?



'im sorry miss he isnt here right now, he will be home any minute now.... she whispered the last part and bea frowned and the woman gave a sad smile



'i know what happened to your daughter, there is a lot you dont know and really should know, here take this and call me on private number some time, my name is ruby..... bea took the piece of paper and shoved it in her pocket, taking a deep breath she was trying to stay calm



'when is he back?



'he is coming up the drive way now miss.... bea nodded and turned around, braydon pulled up and he and his dad got out of the car, bea stormed at him and grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the car



'you fucking pathetic pig, you think you can threaten my daughter? after everything that you put her and kate through you continue with your bullshit



'hey you let go of my son.... his dad yelled and tried to push her off but bea's anger was in full force and he couldnt no matter how hard he tried



'you are pathetic, no one and i mean NO ONE is dropping the charges, you will spend a long time in jail asshole..... bea pulled him forward and pushed him against the car and let go, she took a step back and punched him in the face and than kicked him in the balls, she felt arms around her waist and was pulled back from braydon, she thought it was his father but she heard a different name



'bea calm down, its alright..... it was kate's dad, how the fuck is he here? she asked herself   'take a few breaths and relax.... bea was breathing so heavily that he could feel her heart on his hand that was holding onto her, bea nodded






'just take a few steps back and i will talk to him..... bea took 5 steps back and watched on. the detective went over to braydon getting him up



'get that fucking bitch away from me



'relax braydon she is over there.... he nodded towards bea



'i want her charged



'why dont we start with why she is here?



'i dont know, she came at me and hit me



'i doubt it was that simple, i know why she is here, do you?..... braydon smirked and the detective just wanted to take his gun out and shot him in the head but he has a daughter and needed to look after her



'dont know mate, gotta ask that crazy slut.... bea heard this and went at him again



'what the fuck did you say you little prick?



'hey bea thats enough.... the detective had to be professional but also knowing this guy was a dickhead, he stood in front of bea and held her back, bea nodded and stopped in her tracks, he turned back to braydon



'now explain something to me mr holt, why are you calling miss novaks daughter and threatening her?



'i didnt do shit



'we all know you did



'braydon is this true?..... his dad asked



'no dad its not, i didnt call her i swear



'well if my son says he didnt call her than he didnt



'so you havent made any threats towards her at all?



'nah, she is a lying bitch, so is that other chick.... the detective grabbed him by the chin hard and pulled him so they were nose to nose



'you listen here you piece of shit, you dont ever and i mean ever say another word to debbie or kate, i want you to remember one thing braydon, debbie is bea's daughter and you see what she is capable of, if i didnt come here and stop her you would end up dead or at best in a wheelchair, but kate is my daughter, my fresh and blood and you put hands on her. I..WILL..KILL..YOU..IF..YOU..COME..NEAR..THEM..OR..CALL.THEM..EVER..AGAIN!!! 



with that he let him go and walked down the drive way grabbing bea's arm and pulling her towards the car



'you alright bea?



'yea im good, fucking little prick, how are you even here?



'allie called me freaking out, i knew you would come here so i came straight over, good think i did, you would have killed him and where does that leave debbie and allie



'yea i know, wasnt my smartest move



'no but how good did it feel to hit him?



'so satisfying... he laughed



'alright get in your car and go back to allie's place, she is worried about you



'yea i know, i better get some flowers or something



'good idea, kate alright with you girls?



'oh she is great, she is helping debbie in such a big way



'thats good, i have seen kate is happier as well



'thats good, i need to go and get lunch as well, are you still coming over for lunch?



'yes and im getting lunch, why dont you get something sweet bea?



'yea sure, meet you back at mine in half hour?



'sounds good..... bea got in her car and drove off back to allie's place, she stopped at the shops and grabbed some flowers for allie and got something for dessert, she text allie telling her she is okay. she arrived back at allie's place not too long later, opening the door she walked inside 



'babe is that you?..... allie came around the corner looking very worried



'its me, im sorry



'hey its okay, come here.... allie wrapped her arms around bea and held her tight, bea sniffled and held onto allie  'its alright babe i got you... after a few  minutes she pulled back and kissed bea



'are you okay?



'yea i am, these are for you



'what for? 



'to say sorry for taking off and worrying you



'its okay i get it babe, as long as your okay



'i am



'so tell me what happened?..... bea told allie what had happened from hitting bea to the detective turning up



'im glad i called him



'me too, i could have easily killed that asshole



'not like he wouldnt deserve it, but you dont need that on your conscience and he needs to pay for what he has done..... bea nodded



'yea true, the girls alright?



'yea, they slept for a little and they are showering, one in my bathroom and one in the main bathroom



'did they ask where i went?



'yea, i told them you had to run an errand



'well i bought cake as well, andrew is getting lunch and should be here soon



'okay cool, we are all pretty hungry



'yea me too, how are you feeling baby?



'im okay, a little tired but its a good day



'good, why dont you sit down and i will set the table for lunch?



'we can both do it bea.... they shared a quick kiss than set the table, andrew arrived and put the food on the table



'chinese for all



'yum, smells good dad. did you get my favorite?



'of course i did, kate has this weird dish, its a pork omelet with Singapore noodles and some special sauce, she loves it..... kate smiled at her dad, they sat down and started to eat



'thanks for getting lunch andrew



'no worries, you have fed my hungry daughter plenty of times and im greatful



'we are happy to have her here



'oh dad i guess i should tell you whats happened



'are you okay baby?



'im okay dad, i should just come out and tell you, debbie and i are seeing each other..... the room went quiet and he stopped and put his fork down. he looked between them all and finally stopping at debbie, he eyed her suspiciously causing her to swallow hard, than he shrugged



'good, you 2 would be great together.... he took a sip of his water and began eating again



'so your okay with it?



'absolutely, baby are you happy?



'very much so



'do you trust debbie?






'does she treat you right?



'she most definitely does



'than i have issues with it, my only suggestion for the both of you is to take it really slow, you have both been through a lot and i dont want you both to rush into anything



'that is a definite dad, slow and steady it is



'good, now stop hogging the rice baby..... kate laughed and handed it over, they finished lunch and andrew helped bea clean up while the other 3 sat on the couch watching some tv



'so when i got to braydons i knocked on the door and the house keeper answered, she said something interesting



'which was?...... the detective asked looking at bea



'she gave me her number, she told me there is a lot that no one knows and told me to call her on private number



'hmm have you called her?



'not yet, i was thinking of calling her tonight incase there around



'thats a good idea bea, make sure you write everything she says down, im interested in what she has to say



'me too.... they finished the dishes and bea plated up the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, she had also bought allie's favorite cookies, putting 2 boxes away for allie for later and with the 3rd she put 2 each on the plates and handed them out, she smiled when allie smiled



'my favorite



'i know baby thats why i got them, eat up..... they all had dessert together and laughed when debbie and kate were making jokes, it wasnt long later when bea felt a weight on her shoulder, she turned to see allie asleep



'oh mama is a bit tired..... bea nodded, allie had clearly been worried about bea all morning when she took off and tired herself out



'yea, i better get her to her bed



'do you need help mum?



'no thanks deb, im alright. i will be back guys... helping allie to her feet she held her around her waist and they walked to allie's bedroom, she laid her down and pulled her jacket and shoes off than pulled the blanket up to her neck



'hmm bea



'shuuu, im right here baby, go back to sleep.... allie hummed and was out in a couple minutes, bea went out to the lounge room



'hey mum i called uncle will and he and danny are going to pick kate and i up, i need to go to the shops and get a couple things



'i can take you deb



'i know but you need to stay with mama



'are you going to be okay out and about in public?



'i hope so, all i can do is try mum, if i have any problems than we will leave



'alright, if you need me just call



'i will



'well since you girls are going shopping here is some money baby...... andrew said to kate



'thanks dad, do you need anything?



'no thanks, its all for you



'but its $200?



'yes it is, go and enjoy, do what ever you want with it, just try have fun



'okay, thanks dad



'no worries, well im out of here, kate call me when your ready to be picked up



'alright dad, bye...... andrew left and went back to work



'deb here take my card, get whatever you want..... a cheeky smile came across debbie's face



'hey kate we could literally buy anything, mums rich.... bea rolled her eyes



'im not rich



'well your not poor



'no but dont be so cheeky, you can use whatever you want but be reasonable



'so no more than $2000, got it



'too cheeky for your own good



'but ya love me mum



'sure do, now kate if anything happens or you girls need me im only 5 minutes away so call



'i will, i promise



'good, now go dress warmly its cold outside



'yes mother,...... debbie and kate got dressed, will and danny came and picked them up and off they went, bea told will her worries with debbie going out and he said if they needed her he would call, bea sat in the lounge room and flicked the tv on, finding a good movie she pressed play and laid down getting comfortable. her eyes closing half an hour later







debbie, kate, will and danny had been at the shops for about 45 minutes when they decided to get an ice cream or shake for the ice creamery, they got there sweets and sat down for a bit



'hey uncle will, cousin danny i want to tell you both something



'okay, are you alright deb? you feeling okay being here?



'im a bit nervous but okay, its not about that, its about kate, she and i are seeing each other






'yea, we just clicked from the first day we met and have become closer.... debbie said linking her hand with the blonde girls and smiled  



'are you happy deb?



'yes uncle will. we both know i have a lot of issues to deal with, we have the trial coming up which wont be easy, together though we can be there for each other



'well im happy for ya deb



'me too cuz



'thanks guys.... just than a guy bumped into debbie's shoulder causing her breath to hitch



'hey your alright deb..... kate said, will stood up and grabbed the guy by his shirt



'watch where your going idiot



'calm down buddy, i didnt fuck her..... that was definitely the wrong thing to say, will's eyes burned into the cocky guys and he punched him in the face, danny and kate wrapped there arms around debbie and grabbed there stuff and walked off to the bathrooms



'here go in there..... danny said pointing to the disabled toilet, they walked in and debbie turned to face danny and wrapped his arms around her shaking body



'hey your alright, he is just some dickhead and my dad took care of him.... she nodded against his chest, he was a tall guy and easily over towered her, she felt very comforted by her cousin even though he is only 15, kate rubbed debbie's back



'its alright deb, he is gone its just us..... there was a knock on the door and kate opened it seeing will



'come in will.... will walked in and debbie pulled back from danny



'you alright sweety?



'yea, he just scared me is all



'its alright he is gone, just a jack ass....he said rubbing her cheek



'im okay, can we just go home please?



'of course, come on..... he held her tight to him as they walked back tot he car, the thing is there is limited people that debbie can tolerate near her meaning anyone new would freak her out, they arrived at allie's apartment 20 minutes later and debbie hadnt said anything else, they went up with the lift and got out t allie's floor, debbie used her key to enter and they followed, debbie walked off with kate and went to her bedroom laying down in bed. will saw his sister laying down on the couch asleep, he didnt want to wake her up but she needed to know so she could check on debbie. walking over she shook her gently



'hey sis, hey wake up bea..... bea stirred and looked up confused, than realized will had been out with the girls



'why are you back so early? is deb alright?...... bea said moving into a seating position and wiping her eyes



'she is a bit upset, we were sitting down having ice cream when an asshole knocked into her, she froze and he made a comment when i grabbed him



'what did he say?



'he said 'calm down i didnt fuck her'  he was an idiot..... will and danny told bea what they did with debbie and she was very greatful



'thanks guys, i know that its shit for her but im glad she is trying to get out there again



'yea true, she will be alright



'where is she?



'laying down with kate, she will help her through it but you should check on her 



'thanks bro, you want a coffee?



'no thanks, we gotta go so danny can see his mum



'how is that going?



'you know how marie is, bat shit crazy but im leaving it to danny, if he wants to see her than so be it.... bea nodded



'your a good dad bro, why dont you guys come for dinner tomorrow night? we can talk about danny's 16th



'we decided not to do anything for his birthday



'why not?



'because debbie is not in the right head space. the court case, the threats, not just that we have allie as well, she is going through something terrible, they both are, and as for you, this isnt easy on you



'im fine



'yea nice try sis



'either way, danny only turns 16 once and we have to celebrate, debbie and allie would want to celebrate



'i will talk to danny again later on, either way we will come to dinner tomorrow, here or your place?



'i will let you know



'okay, bye sis



'bye aunty bea.... she saw them out and than went to debbie's room, both girls were laying down together, she sat beside debbie and ran her fingers through her hair



'are you okay baby?



'hmm yea, i just got spooked



'thats okay, im so proud of you for getting out and about, slow and small trips will help..... debbie nodded



'he just scared me, i dont like people touching me



'i get it baby



'uncle will punched him... debbie smiled



'so i heard, he was worried about you



'im okay, i just want to lay down for a while with kate



'okay, do either of you need anything?



'no thanks mum



'im good bea



'alright, will and danny are coming over tomorrow for dinner, we need to talk about his 16th thats coming up



'oh yay we can organize a big party



'exactly, alright i will leave you to rest, i will be making dinner



'alright mum..... bea quickly checked on allie who was still fast asleep, leaving her to rest she went to the kitchen to see what to make for dinner, bea saw that there was mince so decided to make spag bowl because they could heat it up when they wanted to eat, putting the water on to boil and began on browning the mince, she cut up carrots, cabbage and onion and through it in to cook it together for a bit, bea added salt, pepper. garlic and all the spices and some water, she left it to cook for a little while she made the pasta and looked at the time, she could hear foot steps and kate and debbie walked down the hallway



'hey mum dinner smells good, what is it?



'spag bowl



'with the lot?



'yes, sit down i will make you 2 a bowl.... bea put down 2 bowls in front of them and got one for herself



'thanks mum



'yea thanks bea, smells amazing



'no worries



'hey mum where is mama?









'yea, after we eat i will check on her..... debbie nodded



'so you feeling alright after today deb?



'im alright mum, just someone i dont know so close to me freaked me out, i talked to kate and im okay now



'good, just know me and mama are here for you as well deb, anything you need



'i know mum thanks.... they finished dinner and bea cleaned the few dishes



'alright im going to check on allie



'okay..... bea walked down the hall and into allie's room, she was still sleeping so bea sat on the side of the bed and saw allie was a little pale, she ran her hand down her cheek and realized she was warm, she had to wake her up, shaking her gently



'allie sweety wake up.... allie just groaned and snuggled into the pillow more  'allie come on wake up..... allie opened her eyes and bea could see it straight away



'allie your very warm



'am i? i feel cold



'i think you have a temp, where is your thermometer?



'in my bathroom, the top draw.... bea went and got it and  took allie's temp



'shit, its 41 degrees, we gotta get you to the hospital



'its too cold bea, im too tired



'alright im going to call the ambulance...... bea ran out to grab her phone and dialed triple zero, she gave allie's details and an ambulance was dispatched, she told the operator about allie having cancer and the lady said they had her on file. debbie came threw from the lounge room



'mum whats going on?



'i called an ambulance, allie's temp is 41



'shit, what do you want us to do?



'can you meet the ambulance and show them up please?



'okay.... kate and debbie put shoes on and went down to the front of the building waiting on the ambulance, bea went back to allie



'okay the ambulance isnt far off, do you need anything before we go



'can you give me a quick shower please?



'of course.... bea helped allie shower and she could feel her shaking, she dried and dressed her in trackies and a shirt wrapped her robe around the sick woman



'okay anything you need to take with you allie?



'yea, in the second draw is my folder of everything for my treatment, i need it...... bea pulled it out and sat beside allie and put her arm around her



'im tired bea



'i know baby



'no like im tired of fighting, i feel so drained



'i know you do baby, i wish i could take it away from you, i can hear the front door the ambulance officers are here..... a make and a female ambulance officer walked in



'hi allie, how are feeling?



'crappy, im freezing



'alright, we are going to check your vitals



'i should move...... bea went to get up



'no no its okay, if allie wants you here we can work around you



'yes please, i need bea here with me



'alright, im mark and this is sandra, actually sandra can you go get the bed for me please, there is no way allie will be able to walk to the car



'yea sure, sweety do you mind coming to help me back into the building?.... she asked kate and debbie gave her the keys



'sure... within 20 minutes allie was on the stretcher and in the ambulance



'mum you go with mama, kate and i will come by uber



'are you sure?



'absolutely, go on



'okay, lock up the apartment..... debbie nodded and they watched the ambulance take off



'deb lets go get changed so we can get to the hospital, should we call anyone?



'yea, franky and uncle will..... they went up to the apartment and kate packed away all the food and they both had a shower and got dressed, will offered to pick them up so he was there waiting when they came outside, they got in the car and headed to the hospital



'franky is meeting us at the hospital deb, i just spoke to her



'okay, thanks for picking us up



'no worries girls



'here we got you girls a thickshake, we were at maccas when you called



'thanks cuz..... they arrived at the hospital and parked the car, they went inside and franky was there with bridget



'hey deb you girls alright?



'yes, did you find out how mama is?



'yea. they think she has an infection, there doing some more tests to confirm it



'so what if she does have an infection?




'it means she will have antibiotics, she will need to stay in hospital to fight the infection



'can i see her?



'let me find out deb..... franky went to the receptionist



'hi miss what can i do for you?



'allie novak, her daughter is here to see her, can we make that happen?



'yes but not for long, just give me 5 minutes and i will take her to her



'thanks..... franky went back to debbie



'you have a few minutes to visit, most likely your mum will stay with your mama so why dont you both come and stay with me and gidge?



'are you sure?



'of course sweety, both of you are welcome at our place



'thanks aunty bridget, alright let me go inside and see mama.... debbie was taken to allie's room



'mama, how are you feeling?



'im okay sweetheart, are you alright?



'im good mama, im worried about you



'i know you are deb, im in the right place right now.... debbie nodded, allie rubbed her cheek   'it will be okay



'you keep fighting, i need you mama, i need you in my life



'i got you sweety, you dont worry about me, are you staying at home tonight?



'no, kate and i are going to stay with franky and bridget



'okay good, im glad your with family, deb the doctor is coming in with the results.... the doctor walked in and checked all the results



'how are you feeling allie?



'tired, cold and crappy



'well you definitely have an infection, we will start to administer antibiotics and you will probably be in here for 3-4 days 



'im so cold



'i know, we will get you another blanket, once the meds start it will warm you up, we need to bring your temp down



'okay, thanks doctor..... he left and bea went to debbie



'are you sure your okay going to franky's place?



'yea im good mum, kate will be with me 



'alright, here take this in case you need anything.... bea slid $100 in debbie's hand



'thanks mum, i have to go because the nurse said only a few minutes, i love you both and keep me updated.... she kissed both on the cheek and left the room, when she went outside she waited with kate while the others went for  a quick visit to see allie, they all left not long later, they arrived back at franky's house stopping for more food because debbie just needed to eat again, she was stuffing a cheeseburger in her mouth when franky frowned



'didnt you 2 just eat like 2-3 hours ago?



'im stress eating



'sure sure, alright well enjoy and than you know where the spare room in



'thanks franky and bridget, i appreciate you letting us stay here



'of course, we are happy to have you, plus you can help me keep this one in line..... bridget said nodding at franky



'oh gidge you paint me as such a trouble maker



'you are... they all laughed



'whatever, anyways lets go to bed im tired



'i know you had an early morning, come on baby, good night girls



'night franky, night bridget, oh by the way i should tell you, kate and i are together.... franky smirked



'well well well so little deb has jumped on the gay bus..... kate giggled, debbie blushed and bridget rolled her eyes



'baby you have no filter, leave her alone



'nah come on gidge, deb came to the dark side



'lets go to bed now






'im happy for you girls



'thanks bridget



'yes thanks briget



'goodnight girls



'night..... they all went to bed not long later







Chapter Text








It was the next day and allie's temp had come down to 40 degrees, definitely not enough to get her out of the woods, it was a rough night of shivering, feeling sick and even some hallucinating which really worried all of them especially bea, allie needed rest so at 5.30am they finally gave in and gave her something to help her sleep, she fell asleep with bea holding her and had been out since, it was now 9am and bea couldnt sleep, moving out of allie's grasp she checked her phone, she had texts from pretty much everyone worried, she sent a group text to them all saying, exactly how the night went and that she was now resting, reaching into her bag for some change to get a coffee she came across the paper with the number for the worker at braydons house, taking that with her out to the corridor she got a coffee and decided to call her hoping to get her before she started work or anything, it rang and after few rings it was answered






'hi this bea, umm debbie's mum, i was there yesterday



'oh yes i remember



'im sorry to call you now



'its no worries bea, although its better to talk to you in person about everything



'okay, umm i cant come to you now im at the hospital 'is everything okay with debbie?



'yes, its my partner, well ex-partner, anyways she has cancer and she ran a high temp



'im sorry to hear that, you shouldnt be dealing with any of this



'no but i have to because of pigs like braydon



'true, look i dont have work today, i can come to you if its easier?



'that would be great, i will text you what hospital im at and allie's room, do you mind if i bring in the detective?




'of course, as long as this is all anonymous?




'absolutely 'alright, give me a couple hours, i will bring some lunch and we can chat over lunch



'sounds good, thanks..........hanging up hanging up bea took her coffee back to the room and all was still sleeping, she kissed her on the blonde and than sat down and put her feet up on the side rail of the bed, flicking the tv on she put some random movie on and relaxed back to watch, well as comfortable as she could be in hospital. she held allie's hand the whole time







Allie had woken up an hour later, her blue tired eyes connecting with bea's



'hey baby, how are you feeling? '



'my eyes hurt



'its because your tired, you only slept a couple hours, why dont you close your else and go back to sleep?



'i want to stay up with you, i dont want you to leave me



'allie sweety im right here, im not going anywhere



'promise? you promised you would never leave before but you did..... bea swallowed hard, she knew what allie was talking about, bea leaving allie and them getting a divorce, they went through so much already and allie was the one that was hurt the most.. she looked up when allie wiped a tear from her cheek



'i didnt mean to upset you..... bea shook her head



'you didnt, i was so stupid to ever think leaving you was a good idea, i stuffed up and i know that allie, but im not going to do that again, what do i need to do to make it right? im trying



'i know you are bea, i appreciate that, just sometimes i worry your going to leave again, i dont want you to stay with me just because i have cancer, its not fair on any of us..... bea grabbed her hand and kissed her wrist



'i love you so much allie, i know i messed up big time, im not here because of you being sick, im here because i want to be, i cant see my life without you



'i love you too bea, we still have a lot to work out but knowing your here for me and not just my sickness makes me feel good. 



'i promise im here for you baby and i always will be...kissing allie on the lips they both smiled






'i think so too, now are you going back to sleep? your eyes are barely open



'hmm yea, what about you? you must be tired?



'a little, im good thou, i have that worker from braydons house coming to talk to me at lunch time



'thats good, hopefully she has some info on taking braydon down permanently



'fingers crossed baby, alright you close your eyes and go to sleep



'so bossy.... allie mumbled and closed her eyes, holding onto bea's hand she fell asleep. half an hour later franky strolled into the room holding some flowers



'hey red how is she doing? i bought some flowers for her and a bag of clothes for you



' thats nice of your franky, her temp is coming down slowly, she is tired but they have her on strong antibiotics so hopefully we see a better change soon enough



'thats good, how are you doing?



'im fine franky



'we both know your not.... franky said plopping down in the chair next to her after she put the flowers on the table  'talk to aunty franky.... bea scoffed but laughed



'i dont know franky, i am fine im just worried about allie, before she was so worried about falling asleep again because she thought i wouldnt stay



'woah, thats hard



'i dont know how to reassure her



'i can only think of one way red



'which is?



'do you still have your wedding rings?



'yes, they are in my top draw



'although you 2 are divorced i know how much you love each other, those rings mean a lot to both of you, you can use them as a promise ring more than anything



'you dont think its weird?.... bea said unsure



'honestly after everything you 2 have been through this might be the pick up you both need..... bea nodded 



'maybe, how do i even do it?



'its just a conversation red, tell her its a symbol of your commitment to her and so forth



'i could do that, i dont want her to be scared or worry about me leaving again, can you do me a favor?



'yes i will go get them, i have your keys



'thanks franky, oh where is deb and kate? are they okay?



'there good,  hanging out with gidge, she needs some new clothes so they went with her



'wait deb went to the shops?



'yea, i spoke to her before they left and she assured me she is okay, said she needs to get something for allie and she has kate and gidge with her, relax red, she knows to call if she needs us



'okay, oh by the way can you be here at lunch time, the woman that works for the holts is coming to meet me and tell me what she knows?



'yea sure red, i should be there as im your lawyer, i will bring maxi with me to take notes



'okay cool, i was going to ask the detective but since your coming you can send all the info to him



'yea no sweat, alright i will be back with maxi at 12 and the rings



'thanks franky, your the best



'and dont you forget it...........franky left and bea went for a quick shower, she felt like she was sweaty and sticky after pacing the floors all night, she had a shower and than settled on the chair to relax till they came at lunch time







franky had returned with the rings and gave them to bea, she tucked them away in her pocket and hugged maxi



'thanks for coming maxi



'no problems sweety, hows allie doing?



'her temp hasnt come down much but she is in the right place to help her



'most definitely



'alright so red i got permission to use the nurses room to talk to this woman, did you even get her name?.... bea frowned



'i didnt actually, shit i should have 



'its fine, anyways so its down 5 rooms on the right



'what about allie? i dont want to leave her on her own



'thats where we come in..... she heard debbie's voice behind her and turned to debbie's smiling face



'hey deb



'hi mum... they embraced in a hug



'you doing alright deb?



'im okay mum, hows mama?



'no changes, she went back to sleep about an hour ago, she is exhausted



'she dont look the best either mum



'gee thanks deb..... bea rolled her eyes



'no i mean you look tired, did you sleep?



'a few minutes here and there



'well after your done you need to sleep



'yea maybe, anyways how are you kate?



'im good, keeping this one out of trouble.... she nodded towards debbie who giggled



''someone has to do it, your dad know you still with us?



'yep, says he is happy as long as im not annoying you guys?



'we love having you around



'good, so me and deb are going to sit with allie while you guys talk with this lady



'okay cool, here take some money and go get something from the cafe for lunch before she gets here



'thanks mum.... debbie kissed her mums cheek and took kate's hand and left the room, they returned 10 minutes later the double trouble returned there hands full



'wow you 2 got enough?.... bea said an eyebrow raised



'we needed to get mama some thing to eat as well, and we were hungry..... bea laughed



'right than..... there was a knock on the door and bea spun around seeing the woman she saw at braydons house standing there



'hi bea



'hi, wait i didnt get your name



'its vera, nice to see you again, i bought 3 family pizzas for us



'great, my lawyer is going to take notes and she has assured me what you say is annonymous



'thank you i appreciate that



'okay, we can go to the nurses room to talk, deb, kate if you need me just call out



'we should be fine mum..... debbie said her mouth full, bea shook her head



'deb, mouth closed please



'yes boss.... they all laughed and left the room, they walked into the nurses room and sat on the table, vera put the pizza on the table and pulled out a bottle of coke, cups and plates



'smells good, im hungry



'me too, i hadnt had breakfast, hows allie doing?



'there trying to bring her temp down with antibiotics



'you both deserve better, there is so much going on in your lives



'yea but we get through it, we have a very strong support system. franky and maxine are my lawyers and my best friends



'thats good, you need that



'yea..... they all had lunch with some genuine chatter about life



'how is debbie doing?



'she has her ups and downs, she has only been outin public a couple times, first one went a bit downhill but today went well, she was out with her aunty before she came here, she does have have nightmares thou, she doesnt like men near her only her uncle and cousin



'it will take some time to get to some kind of normal, you can never forget it but you can find a way to cope with what happened..... bea looked at vera sadly, for some reason she could feel something happened to this woman like debbie



'you?..... vera nodded



'yes, about 6 months ago



'im sorry, were they put away?



'its a difficult situation, i dont even know how to say it



'you can talk to us.... vera looked between them all



'its braydons dad.... bea's eyes went wide with shock



'wow, im so sorry vera, how are you still working there?



'he threatened me, i have a 15 year old daughter and he is a very powerful man, he said if i went to the police or quit he would get to my daughter, i cant let my daughter get hurt.... bea nodded, she knows how it feels to want to protect her daughter at all costs



'i get it



'i can deal with it, i want to help you and debbie now, i know your building a case and now there is another girl kate involved, but what you need to know is there are more girls



'how many?



'between 20-30 girls at least, he always has parties, get these girls drunk, takes them to the pool house and has his way with them. i have tried to intervein but his parents cornered me and told me to mind my business, i did for a bit but i would see distraught woman coming out of there, clothes ripped, bruised, bleeding from being hit, so i decided to do something i probably shouldnt have done



'which is?



'the holts have the entire place on camera including the pool house..... she pulled out a usb and put it on the table



'whats this?



'as much footage of attacks braydon has done, there are many, the images are clear because its state of the art technology, it shows his parents know whats happening, it shows braydons face, him raping and abusing these girls, there is also the video footage of the attack on debbie on here bea, so i suggest you dont watch it and let your lawyer deal with it.... bea nodded



'i dont want to see it, here franky



'we can build a huge case with this footage, but i want to make sure your not in any danger for doing this?



'as long as i can stay anonymous than im good, i want to do this, the girls deserve to get justice



'alright well to keep this on the down low we will refer to you as witness x, i need you to go along with life as per usual for now, put bea's name in your phone as something different, use x-ray place, tkae mine as well and put it under doctor or something.... vera nodded



'alright, please i have to stay anonymous because of my daughter, he will come for her



'we got you, you can call me with anymore information you have 



'okay, thank you franky.... franky nodded and stood up



'red we have to get to the office and start watching this and trying to find these girls. i will be in contact guys



'okay, bye franky, by maxi.... they left leaving bea and vera there



'thank you so much for doing this vera, i appreciate your help to get this guy



'im happy to help, debbie, kate and the rest of the girls deserve justice.... bea nodded



'do you want to meet debbie and kate properly? 



'i would love too



'come on..... they walked out of the room and went to allie's room, bea smiled when she saw debbie sitting on allie's bed rubbing allie's bold head with moisturizer and they were talking



'hi mum



'hey baby, allie you alright?



'im okay babe.... allie smiled sadly



'girls i want to introduce you to vera, she works for the holts and is helping us build the case, out of us here, franky and maxine we cannot tell anyone she knows us, she is now known as witness x... they all nodded



'hi im debbie, this is kate and this is mama allie, thank you so much for helping us, i know what the holts are like and i bet its scary to go against them



'yea it is but you girls deserve justice..... they chatted for a while till allie fell asleep again, vera left as she had to pick up her daughter from school, debbie looked at her mum who's eyes were drooping tired 



'mum why dont you go home and sleep for a while? kate and i are here



'no im okay deb, i want to be here



'i know but your tired mum, your no good to mama exhausted, at least go to the quiet room? just find somewhere to lay down



'i cant take that room to sleep, other people might want to use it.... debbie jumped off the bed and went to the nurses desk



'hi can i ask a favor?



'my mum is exhausted and she wont leave the hospital to go home and sleep, is there anywhere in this hospital? she is being stubborn



'we can get her a fold out bed to sleep in the room?



'that would be great, thank you



'no worries, i will get someone to bring one in the room in a few minutes



'thanks... debbie went back to the room and sat down with a smirk on her face



''whats that look for deb?



'you will find out soon enough.... a few minutes later a man walked in with a rollaway bed, her unfolded it and set it up



'thank you sir.... he walked out 



'thats for you mum, go to bed



'im not a child.... bea snided



'than stop acting like one, you dont want to leave the hospital so here you go, its right next to mama's



'fine.... bea stood up 



'here mum i bought you some shorts, wear them and you can shower later on.... bea slid off her jeans and put her shorts on, she slid onto the bed and debbie put the blanket over her



'thanks baby, are you 2 staying?



'no, we will let you both sleep, kate's dad is home today so he told us to go out to the movies with him



'are you alright going out without one of us?



'i think so, i trust andrew so i should be okay, plus i have kate with me



'okay good, i have my phone so if anything happens or you need me just call



'i will mum, alright go to sleep, love you both.... debbie kissed both her mums on the cheek and the young couple left the room, bea was asleep in no time



'so babe you still want to go to the movies? or we can go to the games center or the bowling place?



'can we do all of them?.... kate swallowed



'absolutely, dad is on his way to pick us up



'cool..... andrew arrived and picked the girls up



'hey girls, hows allie?



'resting, she is on antibiotics so hopefully get some good results soon



'thats good, alright so what have we decided to do?



'we were thinking movies, bowling and games?



'sure girls, check what movies are on?....... kate got on her phone and looked online



'oh there is no good movies on



'well than bowling and games?



'yes dad.... he drove them to the bowling place and got out of the car, they went inside and began having fun, andrew making sure to stick close to the girls and so people arent too close to them especially any guys







maxine looked over at franky, they had gone back to the office and plugged in the usb to the tv and began watching, maxine took many many notes for the first 2 hours of footage, it came to debbie's assault and franky watched it play out, watching debbie being taken advantage of had franky riled up badly, slamming her fist on the table she stood up



'im gonna fucking kill that little prick, he fucking thinks he can get away with raping all these girls, all underage by the looks of it, do you know what we have here max?



'a serial rapist?



'correct, and do you know what im going to do now?






'im going to take my anger out on the boxing bag at home because if i dont i will kill him right now with my bare hands.... franky said her face red and her face scrunched up in anger



'alright franky, take a deep breath, go and get your stuff and go home, we close in an hour anyways and im going to take some dinner to bea and allie, i will lock up



'thanks maxi.... franky arrived home 45 minutes later, walking in she changed into sweats and a tank top and went to the garage, she had a hanging boxing bag, a treadmill and a bike, she put on her gloves and began hitting the bag




when franky left the office maxine called bridget




'hi maxine



'hi bridget, sorry to call you at work



'thats okay, is everything alright?



'franky needs you right now



'what happened?



'she saw the footage of debbie's attack



'where is she?



'i sent her home, i told her to take her anger out on the bag instead of braydon



'thanks maxi, i will go home now.....hanging up maxine packed her stuff, she made 3 copies of the usb and hid it in different places, she also made 2 to take home with her, the holts were crazy and maxine knows better than to have only one copy. she left and went home, hiding the 2 copies, she had a shower and than got dressed, once ready she went to her car and drove to a take away place, she got food for herself and the 2 at the hospital, she got the food and went to the hospital and parked. going inside she went up to allie's room smiling when she saw bea sitting talking to allie, she was kissing her on the cheek and smiling



'hello girls



'maxi your back



'i am, i bought us some dinner, i dont like eating alone so i thought i would eat with my favorite girls



'thanks maxi, what did you bring?



'burgers and chips, allie do you think you could eat?



'i am hungry.....allie pressed the button for the bed head to rise



'good, here we go...... they had dinner together and bea was happy to see allie eat, she ony had a quarter but it was better than nothing, maxine stayed and talked with the girls for a couple hours before allie was tired again. after maxine left allie wanted a shower so they showered together and than got into there respectful beds and went to sleep







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hi all


i just want to get a sense of everyones feelings towards this story, i know it may hit home with the cancer story line and i hope i have not offended anyone in writing about it, as most people have at some stage been effected with someone with cancer as have i, it is a rotten disease


i wanted to see if people are actually reading this story? enjoying it or not? have anything more so they would like to see



Thanks and stay safe everyone

ps.... if anyone has a link to 'the perfect waitress' it would really appreciated. the writer has deleted there work and i would like to read it again

Chapter Text






bridget arrived home not too long later, she saw franky's car parked out the front of the house so went inside



'franky?... she said looking around but couldnt find her, hearing grunting she followed the noises towards the garage door, she opened it and saw her, the brunette was there punching  and kicking the bag, she was clearly upset and angry and needed to do this, bridget didnt want to disturb her moment but she could see tears streaming down her cheeks and her heart broke, franky is normally a very strong person, she always holds herself with confidence and doesnt show anyone her soft side except bea and even that it doesnt happen often, walking down the 2 steps franky hadnt realized she was there, she heard the brunette grunting and swearing as she continued



'baby..... nothing, franky was so lost in her head right now and to be honest a sweaty tough franky was really sexy but this wasnt the time thats for sure. getting a little closer 



'franky baby..... bridget put her hand on franky's shoulder, what she didnt expect is for franky to freak out, she grabbed bridgets arm and swung her around so her back was now to franky's face, the brunette pushed the small blonde into the wall and was breathing heavily into her, it took a moment for franky to realize who it was and let go and took a step back



'fuck gidge, im so sorry, i didnt realize it was you, did i hurt you?.... bridget turned to face her rubbing her wrist



'no im alright



'are you? im so sorry babe, i didnt hear you come in, you scared me.... franky said taking off the hand straps



'im okay i think.... she didnt want to tell franky she hurt her wrist from the pressure  but franky was smarter than that



'im so so sorry gidge, i didnt meant to hurt you, your wrist is sor yea?



'a little baby, im fine



'come on lets get some ice for it..... franky pulled bridget with her inside, she grabbed some ice and put it in a plastic bag and put it on her wrist



'cold.... bridget giggled and franky smiled and kissed her cheek



'what are you doing home gidge?



'maxine called me, she was worried about you and rightfully so, she told me you watched the footage of the assault on some of the girls including debbie



'hmm yea..... franky said taking a seat on the chair beside the blonde woman



'im sure that was hard to watch, maybe you should pass the case to someone else franky? it would be very hard to continue with this case baby



'it was hard to watch but i cant pass this onto someone else, i know what debbie, bea and allie have been through, i have to make sure that braydon is bought donw, not just him his parents as well



'his parents?



'yep, the footage shows his parents walk in and out when he is raping these girls acting like its normal, these girls might be drunk or drugged but they do attempt to fight him off, anyone can see that



'and what? they watch?



'not watch, more so ignore, especially his dad






'yea, so as much as im struggling with it, debbie and those other girls know he is out on bail, i have to do this gidge



'okay, what can i do to help?



'hold me, im going to have a shower than can we lay down in bed?



'absolutely, in fact lets both shower.... bridget looked after franky, she cleaned not only herself but franky has well taking time to make sure franky understands she is there for her, they climbed into bed naked and bridget held the brunette for a long time, whispering to her how much she loved her, that she was there for her and franky had never felt so loved







It was the next day and bea was sitting on the chair beside the hospital bed, allie had a rough night again and she was sleeping on and off,  bea had spent the last 3 hours thinking about some stuff, thinking about what debbie was going through, how she had suffered at the hands of evil braydon, thinking that if harry was around would he have done something to protect her? would he blame bea?. probably, how there lives would be different if he was around, most likely bea would be dead, harry enjoyed hitting bea, it was like a sport to him, her phone beeping took her mind from her thoughts, seeing a text from franky



'braydon has been arrested again and is being taken to went worth prison on remand, the judge denied his bail. he is being charged with the rape of kate..... bea sighed, these pour girls having to go through this. 



'thanks for letting me know franky, thank you so much for everything your doing for us and everyone involved in this case



'i would do anything for you red, there is a lot more to this case and i have been talking to many other girls and we are gathering a lot of evidence, we are going to get him..... bea closed her eyes to gather her thoughts



'i hope so franky, talk soon.... she had thought about this for a while, it was time to pay someone a visit, going online she was able to get a visit for today so booked it, she called debbie and asked her to come and sit with allie while she went out and did a couple things, debbie and kate were already on there way and would be there in 20 minutes so that was good, hanging up she put her phone on charge and had a quick shower, she came out and saw slowly waking up



'hey baby how do you feel?



'the same, are you going somewhere?



'soon, debbie and kate are coming to sit with you, i will be gone for a couple hours, is that alright?.... allie nodded



'of course, you should go home and rest



'i want to be here with you, i slept on the fold out bed, your daughter made me remember... allie smiled



'i remember



;listen baby before deb gets her i want to talk to you about something



'is something wrong?



'its not anything bad, i dont think so anyways.... she took a seat beside allie and took her hand in hers






'you said to me that you were worried that i was going to leave again, i get it baby i really do, i let you down, i broke our family because of my stupid worries but not anymore, i love you so much allie and that has never changed, i want you in my life forever, i have these here.... she said taking out the rings 



'our wedding rings..... bea nodded



'i know they symbolize good and bad, i want them now to be our promise rings, i want you and only you allie, i want to give you this to promise you that i want you to be mine allie, i want you to be my girlfriend, i want us to be officially each other?    if you will have me?..... bea said nervously and held the 2 rings on her hand, allie smiled



'absolutely, i only ever want you babe.... bea put one on alle's finger and allie put the other on bea's finger



'it feels good to have it on again



it really does allie, i love you so much baby



'i love you too.....bea stood up and leaned over kissing allie over and over again on the lips



'woah keep it in ya pants mums..... debbie and kate laughed as they walked into the room, bea blushed and allie giggled



'hi girls



'hi mum, hi mama..... debbie said kissing her mama on the cheek  'we bought food, you think you can eat mama?



'i can try a little



'okay well while you girls eat im going to head out..... kissing all the girls on the cheek bea grabbed her mobile and car keys and left the room, she went down to her car and drove off, she pulled up in front of the place she never wanted to be at, looking up she took a deep breath and read the sign 'wentworth prison'



'better get this over with..... she said to herself,  she got out of her car and headed inside, she signed in and was pattered down and was given a visitor pass. she sat down on the chair and waited, she saw a group of people enter the room and looked around till he came inside with a guard, his hands were handcuffed and when he got to the table he was handcuffed to the table, his feet were also handcuffed to the table, he looked rough, real rough, he had scars on his face and arms, he had shaved off his precious hair and was sporting a black eye, he looked up and they stared at each other for a while



'why are you hear?... his voice was different than she remembered thats for sure



'i need to talk to you



'after all these years now you want to talk, you put me in here bea



'listen harry dont act like your this decent guy because you know you werent, you were a shit husband, an asshole and was only there a bit for debbie



'what do you want bea?... he said frustrated



'its about debbie, something has happened and as her father you should know... this peaked his interest, bea needed this, she didnt want to go to harry but with braydon now in here someone needed to be on bea's side



'is she alright?.... bea knows that harry does care for debbie, he never hit her and always got her whatever she wanted, but he was rude and arrogent to eer



'there is a guy that was bought in here last night or today, his name is braydon holt



'yea i know him, what of it?



'have you spoken to him?




'yea, he is in my unit



'did he tell you what he is in here for?



'said some slut is pushing him for rape, he said it was bullshit and she wanted it.... bea nodded and scoffed, of course he would make up bullshit like that



'hmm she wanted it.... bea repeated



'whats this about bea?



'that girl he is talking about is debbie...... she let it hang in the air, she saw it immediately on harry, the anger, the fury, she had seen this over and over again right before he laid into her or raped her



'tell me everything..... bea went on to to tell him what happened with debbie, as well as kate and all the other girls, she told him everything



'so what do you want from  me?



'take care of him, make him suffer but dont kill him, he has raped more than 5 girls of what we know and im sure there is more, he hurt your daughter, he could have killed her if me, allie, franky and maxine didnt turn up.... harry nodded



'consider it done, i will make sure to make his life hell



'thank you..... bea went to get up but harry stopped her









'tell debbie im thinking of her and if there is anything i can do for her to reach out



'i will



'also,  tell allie, maxine and franky thank you for looking after debbie and you..... bea cocked her head to the side unsure if he was sincere






'i have had a lot of time in here to think bea, i know i was fucked up



'not gonna deny that



'i should have been better



'cant change that now harry, i cant forgive you for what you did 



'i know, just please look after debbie



'always..... with that bea got up and left, she saw the fire in harry's eyes and was glad she came here, its time for braydon to be shown some prison politics, walking out of the prison she took a big breath and got in her car, she drove off to franky's office








bea pulled up at franky's office and got out of her car, her cafe was next door so she went in there to check how it was all going, seeing liz at the counter she smiled



'hi love, what are you doing here?



'i had to come and see franky for something, hows it all going here?



'no problems love, i sent you an email about what products we need, we are doing well and always busy



'can you manage it with matt?



'yes love all good, we have another worker that comes in  when i need her



'okay good, well do you have time to make me a few coffees?



'sure, for you, franky and maxi?



'yes please...... liz made the coffees and put them on a tray, she put 3 cinnamon scrolls in a bag for them as well



'thanks liz, if you need anything let me know



'i will, how is allie going?



'still no change, its a bit worrying now because her temp is still too high



'try not to worry love, she is in my prayers 



'thanks, i gotta go, call you tomorrow



'bye..... bea left and went to franky's office, franky was sitting on maxine's desk and they were talking



'dont you have any seats here?.... bea smirked and franky turned her head and laughed



'course we do but i couldnt be bothered to get one



'here got you both a coffee and a scroll



'thank you bea, get your butt off my desk franky



'fine, come on lets all go to my office.... they followed franky into her office and sat down, bea passed out the coffee and sweet treat



'so what ya doing here red?



'just came to see how things were going?



'there okay, maxi and i have been on the phone all day talking to girls from the video, we spoke to the detective and he got his team to identify most of the girls from the video footage



'thats good, how many?



'so far 74 girls and with kate and debbie 76



'shit, how many unidentified?



'about 9 i think



'sucking hell, so many girls



'yea, well at least he is in jail right now so cant hurt anyone right now...... bea nodded






'how is allie love?



'no change, temp is still too high, there trying a different medication today, fingers crossed



'i see you have your ring on red?



'yea, allie and i talked, we are back together, these are promise rings right now



'are you going to get married?



'thats the hope but a lot has to be healed for that step, we have the trail and allie is sick, so we will see..... franky nodded



'im sorry your going through all this bea..... franky doesnt use bea's name often so she knows that franky is serious



'thanks franky, i appreciate you taking on the case, i know its not easy



'maybe not but i would do anything for you guys



'i know. i know....... just than bea's phone rang and seeing debbie's name flash she answered it



'hey deb you alright?



'mum.... bea heard it and the distress in her voice



'debbie? whats wrong?



'mama is having a seizure, you need to come quick



'im on my way.... bea jumped up and grabbed her keys



'whats wrong?



'allie is having a seizure i have to go



'i will drive you, maxie you look after the place



'i got it, go on..... franky drove bea's car because if bea did she would be speeding and they dont need to be in an accident on top of everything, they parked and got out running as fast as they could, they took the stairs  and it was level 6 meaning 6 flights and by the time they got to the top franky was wheezing 



'are you alright? where is your puffer?



'in my pocket, go on i will catch up.... they both exited the stairs and franky found a seat as bea went to allie's room, she could see kate and debbie standing outside the room



'mum.... debbie said crying as bea pulled her into her arms



'its alright deb im here, what happened?



'they started the new medication just after you left, she started feeling sick about 20 minutes ago and than she had a seizure..... bea looked through the window to see the nurses and doctor working on her, they heard foot steps coming behind them and saw franky standing there



'you alright? your sweating



'yea, i had my puffer, hows allie?



'not sure yet, waiting on the doctor, sit down franky, kate can you get some water for her please?



'sure... kate got a bottle of cold water from the machine and gave it to franky



'thanks.... franky drank half in one hit



'are you sure your okay franky?



'yea, just running up those stairs hurt but im good



'alright good..... they stood watching the doctor checking allie, 40 minutes later her came out to the hallway



'hows allie?



'she is doing okay



'what happened?



'the medication was too strong for her, her immune system is suffering because of the chemo so it didnt take well



'so what happens now?



'it didnt take well but it did bring down her temp which is good and what we wanted, so we took her off the meds and her temp is stable



'well thats good, any damage from the seizure?



'no all is okay, she is weak but doing okay considering, listen girls from now on you will have to wear a mask when your with her, hands must be washed before going into her room,its important she doesnt pick up anything, even a cold 



'we got it doctor, is she awake?



'not yet but she will be soon, she will feel like crap to be honest and if she needs anything to help her be comfortable let us know



'okay thanks..... the doctor walked off   'you girls coming in?



'not right now mum, im so scared..... debbie said as tears fell down her cheeks, bea pulled her into her arms



'i know baby, me too, your mama is strong and we will make sure to get her through this.... debbie nodded  



'hey why dont we go back to your place deb?..... kate said and debbie pulled back and nodded



'yea okay



'will you be okay deb?



'i think so mum



'i will look after her miss bea



'thank you kate, i will order some food for you girls to be sent to our home deb






'deb i ordered you a uber and its 3 minutes out, a red 4wd



'thanks franky, we are gonna go, keep me updated mum



'will do, i love you



'to the moon and back..... kate wrapped her arm around debbie and they walked down the corridor



'think deb is alright franky?



'she will be, im sure that scared her, let her have some time with kate to relax..... bea nodded



'okay, im going in you coming?



'yep.....they both washed there hands and face and dried, they put on masks and gloves and went over to allie, bea took her hand 



'im right here with you allie..... they sat there in silence for a while when allie stired, groaning, she looked around and bea stood up






'bea, what happened?



'you had a seizure, the medication was too strong for you, although it did bring down your temp



'thats good i guess



'they took you off it, your back on the other one again.... allie nodded






'we have to ware them for a couple days till your immune system builds up a bit



'okay. my head?.... allie said squeezing her eyes and rubbing her temples






'hmm yea



'alright i will get a nurse to get you something



'please babe



'i will go red you stay..... franky went out of the room and to the nurses desk



'hi miss what can i do for you?



'allie novak, she has woken up and has a headache, can she get something for it?



'sure, i will get it and bring it back in




'thanks..... franky stopped to wash her hands again and put on fresh gloves and a mask and went inside



'the nurse will bring you something soon 



;thanks franky and thanks for being here with bea, for bea



'anytime...... the nurse gave allie something for her headache and bea rubbed her head till she fell asleep



'hey red im going to go get you some dinner, what do you want?



'im not fussed franky



'alright i wont be long...... franky returned with a burger and chips for bea and a pasta for allie in case she wanted to eat later on, she was still asleep and bea couldnt eat in the room so they went to the quiet room to have dinner, they ate and returned to the room seeing bridget sitting by the bed



'her baby



'hey, where were you 2?



'just having something to eat, i got you food as well



'thanks baby, any changes?



'nothing since i spoke to you earlier



'well she has some color back in her cheeks..... said bridget



'yea true, hopefully this is good news.... franky said and the other 2 nodded, franky and bridget left 20 minutes later telling bea they would go to check on debbie and kate, after they left bea decided to call debbie



'hey mum



'hey baby how are you doing?



'im okay mum, kate and i ate the pizza you sent and the donuts we will have soon



'okay good, is kate staying okay?



'yes, hows mama?



'she woke up a bit scattered, i explained what happened, she seems better than she was, had a headache so took something and went to sleep



'so she is okay?.... debbie asked worried



'she seems it, dont worry deb



'i will try not too



'franky and bridget are coming over to check on you, they just left the hospital



'okay, oh there here i can hear bridget telling franky to be quiet.... debbie giggled



'typical, alright deb i will let you go, if you need me just call



'alright, bye mum



'bye sweatheart..... hanging up bea got into the fold out bed that franky set up for her, she grabbed allie's hand and closed her eyes, she was exhausted after the day and fell asleep straight away








once bea left harry went back into the prison and to his unit, he looked around seeing braydon in his cell, he wanted to kill him but bea said not too and she wanted him to suffer, his crew looked at him and he nodded for them to follow him into his cell which they did, they explained the situation what he wanted to do to get braydon back for what he did



'we are with you harry



'good, now lets go, larry your on look out



'got it..... opening the door to braydons cell he looked up



'hey harry, whats going on?



'i found out some interesting information braydon



'yea? what about?



'your charges and that girl



'that fucking slut, she is a liar...... unbeknown to braydon of the putrid look in harry's eyes, he took a step forward



'see i found out i know this girl






'oh yea, its my daughter...... braydons face went white and he began to sweat



'listen harry.... braydon tried but was stopped when harry punched him in the face



'you dont say a fucking word asshole, you like to rape young girls, lets see how you like it....... braydon was grabbed by the other guys and stripped of his clothes, they spun him around and harry took himself out, he raped braydon while the others watched, they taunted him with no regret, and really why should they, he is a disgusting piece of shit. ofter harry came he signalled for the other to bash braydon and than left him on the floor bruised and bloodied





Chapter Text









The next day allie had just gotten back from chemo, they decided now that she had stabilized overnight allie was strong enough to have her session, it was just a half dose but either way she was feeling crappy, she vomited a couple times, anyone that entered the room still had to wear a mask and gloves including the doctor and nurses, bea rubbed allie's back as debbie and kate cleaned up the vomit on the floor, allie didnt make it to the bowl



'im so sorry girls



'its fine allie, you just rest up.... kate said as she wiped it up 



'baby do you need anything?



'some water please and the bowl.... allie had some water and swilled it in her mouth than spat it out, she than had a few sips



'feel better?



'hmm a little, im okay but can i ask you a favor babe?






'i need to shower and i cant on my own



'of course i can help you shower, hey deb can you put some clothes for allie in the shower and her toilettries?



'sure mum...... debbie did so and went with kate to get some fresh sheets



'alright baby put your arm around my neck, im going to carry you.... allie nodded. bea carried her to the bathroom and put her down on the shower seat, she put the water on to the right temp and rinsed allie



'so you want me to soap you or do you want to do it?



'you can do it babe.... allie smiled sadly. bea washed allie's body and head, her hair hadnt grown back at all but bea wanted to make sure she didnt get any dry skin 



'here brush your teeth allie..... allie did so, bea rinsed her down taking care of her body the best she could and allie was very appreciated of it. turnign the water off she dried her with a towel and got her dressed slowly. opening the door bea carried allie back to bed where debbie and kate had just put fresh sheets on



'oh it smells nice out here



'oh we got some cleaning stuff from the nurse mama



'thank you for looking after me girls



'anytime mama



'yea happy to be here, is there anything else you need allie?..... kate asked



'i wouldnt mind a tea, my wallet is in the top you can get my keycard and go to the cafe for me please?



'sure mama



'and get whatever you both want, on me



'thanks mama, we wont be long, mum coffee?



'yes please deb



'okay we wont be long...... the girls left the room and went down to the cafe, looking through all teyr selections they had



'should we get food for your mums as well?



'yea i think so, you hungry? i am



'sure, why dont you get your mama a sandwich and some fruit?



'good idea and us 3 can have the chicken and chips with salad



'sounds good to me.....  debbie went over to the cashier to order food



'hi miss what can i get you?



'hi, can i get a salad sandwich, 3 chicken and chips with salad and gravy. 4 fruit salads, 2 cans of coke, 2 bottles of water, a tea and a coffee with 2 sugars



'sure love, it will be about ten minutes..... debbie paid and they sat down waiting, debbie giggled when kate kissed her cheek and than her neck



'kate it tickles



'but you smell so good.... debbie turned around and there lips met in a sweet kiss



'you smell pretty damn good yourself kate..... kate smiled



'so tell me how your feeling today? you tossed and turned a little last night



'i know, sorry babe



'its okay, i just want you to know im here for you



'i know, i just had a bad dream






'yea, sometimes it just plays out in my dreams.... kate nodded



'i get it, it will take some time to deal with it deb, you can always talk to me about anything



'i know babe, im alright, its just early days ya know



'i know... kate kissed her again  'your beautiful.... debbie smiled and rolled her eyes playfully, kate always could make her feel good with her words, her kisses and touches were great too but her words were so powerful



'so are you



'miss your order is ready..... the woman behind the counter yelled out



'gotta go baby.... debbie left one more kiss to kate's lips and stood up to get her order, kate followed and helped with the food, they went back up to allie's room and put it all on the table, bea raised an eyebrow 



'got enough there girls?



'oh yea well we got lunch for all of us, mama a sandwich and fruit salad and tea as well as a bottle of water



'thanks sweety



'welcome, mum chicken and chips with salad and gravy, a fruit salad, water and coffee



'thanks deb, what did you 2 get?



'the same with a can of coke, lets eat we are starving....... they sat and ate lunch, allie only ate a few pieces of fruit and put it aside for later, the other 3 ate and cleaned up, they sat around talking for a while till there was some commotion and they all turned to see 4 officers walk into the room



'allie novak?.... one of them said  



'yes thats me



'your under arrest



'what the fuck for?..... bea stepped forward



'she is being charged on the assault of braydon holt..... he stepped forward and grabbed allie's hands, bea pushed him off her



'fuck off, you cant arrest her, dont touch her



'yes we can and we will.... he tried to move passed bea but debbie and kate stepped on either side of bea



'you cant arrest her, firstly you cant go near her without taking the proper precautions for her health, secondly she is in a fucking hospital bed 



'whats wrong with her?



'she has cancer, back the fuck out and speak to her doctor, dont you dare come in here without taking the right precautions



'we have to arrest her



'does it look like she is going anywhere idiot?...... bea bit 



'we will be back..... they walked out but 2 officers stayed right outside the door to make sure allie wouldnt go anywhere



'mum what the hell is going on?



'nothing deb its okay



'im going to call my dad



'thanks kate..... kate went to the bathroom and called her dad



'hey sweety how are you?



'im alright dad but i need you to come to the hospital



'whats wrong?



'there is 4 police officers here to arrest allie, she is sick and in a hospital bed dad.... she said panicked



'alright sweety its okay, i will be there in ten minutes



'okay, hurry please



'im coming/..... hanging up she went out to bea and debbie



'dad is coming now, he said dont worry about anything he wont be long



'how the hell is this even happening?



'i dont know deb



'well im going to find out..... debbie walked out of the room and pulled off her mask and gloves seeing the police officers talking to the doctors, she walked right over to them



'who the fuck do you think you are?



'excuse me miss?



'you heard me, my mother is in bed sick as fuck, she has cancer, she is fighting a temp, fighting to stay alive, she just had chemo a couple hours ago, she cant even stand up right now and you want to arrest her? have you lost your god damn mind.... at this stage kate had come out of the room to check on debbie, she went and stood beside her for comfort and she saw how angry debbie was and has a temper of trouble



'look miss im just following orders, we didnt know she has cancer



'well shouldnt you be doing your job ad getting all the facts first before you come barging in without masks or gloves and try to arrest her



'wait you guys went in without protection?....... the doctor asked



'yes we did



'shit, allie's immune system is not strong enough to handle outside germs, i need to get her into a cleansing room..... he walked off towards the room with a couple nurses



'see what you did now, fucking idiot



'miss if your not careful i will arrest you too



'like i give a fuck, fuck you asshole, plus you cant arrest me because swearing at the police is not against the law...... the police looked at her and scoffed



'your interfering in a police arrest 



'like i give a shit idiot... debbie went to walk off only to be dragged back by the officer 



'your under arrest



'get the fuck off her... kate said and tried to grab at debbie but the whole thing became a case of fighting with the police, there was yelling and fighting, bea was trying to come out of the room seeing it all going on but was held back by one of the other officers till one loud voice was heard



'THATS ENOUGH!!!!!.... they all turned to see detective miller  'what is going on here?



'detective we are trying to arrest allie novak on assault but these 2 are interfering 



'first of all get your hands off these 2 girls, have you any idea what they have been through?



'well yes sir we have gone through the records



'and you think its okay to man handle 2 young girls that have been through an assault, apart from that kate is my daughter and debbie is her girlfriend. let go of them NOW!!..... one officer let go of kate and the main officer took the handcuffs off debbie



'come here girls...... he held his arms out and they both went to him and he hugged them  'let go her mother as well officer.... he did and bea came over to them



'deb you alright?



'im alright mum, my wrists are a bit sore but im okay






'im fine bea, these guys flipped out over a few words, dickheads



'bea take the girls into allie;s room please while i figure out what is happening..... bea nodded and they went in the room and masked up again



'alright guys show me the paperwork..... the main officer in charge gave it to the detective, they know that when a detective is around or tells them to do something you do it, there in charge, he read through the paperwork



'alright explain something to me now, you came to a hospital to arrest allie novak right?



'yes sir



'do you know why she is here?



'we didnt when we got here, hey you take cant her anywhere..... the officer said as the doctor and his team rolled allie's bed down the hallway



'i have to get her to a cleansing room because of you guys, where is she going to go? no where, when im done i will come back and tell you where she is.....bea went with allie while the girls stayed in the room



'the girls?



'i got them bea.... she nodded and kept walking



'alright so yes you have a warrant to arrest her but use your god damn brain, your in a hospital, you as males came to a group of woman where 2 girls were sexually assaulted, why you didnt think to get female officers to do this is beyond me



'we didnt think



'maybe you should, these girls, this family have been through enough dont you think? you read the records so you know.... he nodded



'were sorry ,we didnt want to cause harm to them, we were just following orders



'i understand that more than anyone but there is a way to do it, firstly knowing im on this case i should have been contacted and i would have told you what your walking into, secondly you cant arrest here when she is in hospital and can barely move, come on guys she is sick, very sick, now i will take care if this



'what are you going to do?



'i will technically arrest her but i will speak to a judge and do a vide link to get her bailed out quickly, they dont need this over there heads



'what do we do? our sergeant told us to bring her in



'who is your sergeant?






'okay i will call him now and tell him my plan..... he spoke to them and sorted it all out, mathews was happy for the detective to take over, hanging up he put his phone in his pocket



'alright its all sorted, i will take it from here



'okay sir



'next time guys think before you act, there have been other times where a sexual assault victim or someone in hospital has been approached in a rough matter, things need to change, be smart, be kind when doing your job as well and you will see people respond differently



'yes sir, we understand, we will go now...... the officers left the hospital, the detective washed his hands and face and masked up than walked back in the room



'you girls okay?



'debbie's shaken up but i think we are okay dad, thanks for coming



'no worries



'so whats this about mr miller?



'please debbie call me andrew



'sorry andrew, whats this about?



'its from the day of your attack, allie really gave braydon a beating, she also kicked him pretty hard in the nuts and had to have an operation to fix the injury



'good.... debbie said






'i agree too girls but legally he can press charges



'so allie is under arrest?



'unfortunately, dont worry i will call a judge and get it all sorted when she gets back



'thanks andrew..... debbie puffed out a big puff or air, her face was red with anger as well



'kate why dont you take my car and go for a drive with debbie?



'really? you never let me drive your car



'yes really, i will be here for a while and you both need a change of scenery



'can i put the top down?.... she smiled that smile that andrew loves, he laughed



'yes and here take this and go do something..... he said handing kate a couple hundred



'sweet, thanks dad, babe you want to go for a drive?



'umm i dont know what about mum and mama?



'i will be here for them deb, she is getting the cleansing done now and than we can sort this out



'okay but i have to call franky and tell her what happened



'thats a good idea, tell her to come here and we can sort it out together



'okay.... debbie stood up and kate held her jacket and debbie slid into it hugging kate tightly, she felt so safe



'come on sweatheart lets spend dads money... debbie giggled



'okay, bye andrew and thank you



'anytime deb, be careful yea?



'we will, bye dad..... the girls left the room and went out to the car, they got in and kate turned the car on, she put the top down and smiled at debbie



'what do you want to do babe?



'i dont want to be around lots of people to be honest, just want a break for a bit.... she said sadly and kate grabbed her hand and kissed her wrist



'i know the perfect place beautiful girl...... she began driving out of the carpark and towards the place she would go to for some quiet time, they were driving along the road and debbie was quiet



'deb are you okay?



'hmm yea, its just this whole thing is happening because of me



'woah woah where did that come from? wait babe we are here, lets park and get out, we need to talk.... parking the car they got out and kate knows her dad keeps a couple blankets and pillows in the boot just incase he needs to do a stakeout, she grabbed 2 pillows and 2 blankets and went to the grass area, they were at the beach, barely anyone was around, they laid a blanket down and the the pillows



'im going to that shop right there to get a drink what do you want deb?



'a water please



'will you be okay here? im watching you the whole time 



'yea i will be okay



'alright, i wont be long..... kate returned 10 minutes later and sat beside debbie who was laying down



'here we go, i got us both water, some chips, chocolate and lollies



'thanks baby



'alright lets talk deb..... debbie lay on her back and kate lay on her side and leaned her head on her hand  'now why do you think its all your fault debbie?....debbie took a deep breath trying to get her thoughts right



'i met braydon right?






'i started to see him, be friends with him right?



'right..... kate nodded, she knew where debbie was going with this and she cant blame her for feeling like this. she went through the same feelings



'i chose to go to his house, i let him do what he wanted to do to me, mama, mum, maxine and franky had to save me from him. how weak is that?.... debbie scoffed



'you think your weak?



'dont you?



'definitely not, when braydon hit you how did you feel?






'did you feel like you could run?



'i wanted to, so badly but he said he would kill me, he said he would come after my family....kate nodded  'he held me down, tied up my hands and feet



'exactly, how could run deb? how could you leave even if you werent tied up you couldnt have run because you were scared, people like braydon thrive on other's vulnerability, he knows that the most important thing to you in your life is your family, your mums mainly, so threatening to go after them gave him the upper hand on you unfortunately, if you managed to get away from him and he came for your mums and they got hurt, how would you feel?



'i would hate myself






'but mama is under arrest 



'braydon and his lawyer is just doing everything he can to put pressure on you and your family, you think allie cares about an assault charge, your mama has so much money and can bail herself out, this is nothing to her babe. she just wants to know your okay, your parents are so strong and would do anything for you



'i know, i just hate whats happening



'i get it. allie is sick and in hospital, your mum is stressing, your going through the start of a court case, its all hitting at once, what you need to remember is your strong, you can beat this, you all can.... debbie nodded, she leaned up and kissed kate on the lips



'how did i get so lucky to have someone like you in my life.....kate flipped her hair and smirked



'guess ya got lucky babe..... they both laughed and than made out for a while. debbie's phone ringing made them pull apart, she picked up her phone seeing allie's name come up for a video call, she answered and kate lay down beside her so they could see



'hey mama



'hey sweet heart, are you okay?



'im okay mama, are you? what happened with the charges?



'all sorted deb, a judge let me go on bail, eh big shit..... allie shrugged



'im sorry mama



'hey you listen to me deb, you have nothing to apologize for, he is the asshole that did this, your my daughter and im glad i fucked him up, imma fuck that little pussy bitch up again an cut his balls off.... they heard bea giggle, she couldnt help it allie was just too cute



'babe im trying to be tough here..... allie said looking at bea



'im sorry baby but your just so cute when your tough.... allie rolled her eyes and smiled, the other 2 girls giggling, allie looked back at the phone



'anyways i want to make sure your okay?



'i think so mama, i spoke to kate and im calmer now



'okay good, where are you 2?



'at the beach, i just needed some time out 



'okay good



'where are you mama?



'i did my cleansing and now im back in the room, doctor put up this big sign telling people to not come in unless you take the right precautions 



'good, asshole police



'they were doing there job, i cant be angry about that but i can be angry about them grabbing you 2 girls, you both okay



'we are good allie, deb is strong..... kate said kissing debbie ont he cheek and allie smiled



'thats good, what are your plans for dinner girls? im feeling hungry



'how about we get some food and come back in about an hour mama?



'yes please



'anything you fancy mama?



'i could go a burger



'okay, we will see you soon, do you need anything else?



'cake.... she whispered and looked at bea roll her eyes, debbie laughed



'alright mama, who is there so i get enough?



'me, your mum and kate;s dad who is in the hallway on the phone



'okay, we are leaving soon, bye



'bye girls.....hanging up debbie looked at kate



'ten minutes and than we go?



'absolutely... they fell into another make out session  before leaving the beach, they stopped at the burger place not far from the hospital and went inside hand in hand going up to the register



'hi girls what can i get you?



'can i get 5 chicken burger meals please, all with mayo and no chilli, light salt on the chips, 3 cans of coke and 2 of the red drink



'sure, anything else?



'do you have any sweets?



'we dont but there is a sweet shop next door



'okay great, we will be back



'no worries.... they went next door and looked at the glass cases, there were so many choices 



'what should we get deb?



'a mixture box, what do you want?



'im not fussed but can you get one for us to take back to yours for later?



'good idea, movie and cake?



'absolutely...... debbie went to the woman behind the cases



'hi what can i get you?



'i would like 2 mixture boxes



'okay which cakes?



'both the same, 5 profiteroles, 5 canoli's, 5 nutella donuts, 5 slices of vanilla slice and 5 slices of chocolate cake please



'sure, i wont be long..... 20 minutes later they walked into the hospital and towards the  lift to the right floor, they walked into the room a minute later, putting there stuff down they washed there hands, put a mask on and went further in



'hey guys



'hey deb, oh that smells so good



'i got burgers from your favorite place mama



'thanks baby, oh whats that?.... allie said pointing at the sweet box



'thats dessert



'ahem.... bea said



'babe i really want cake.... allie pouted



'i know but you cant have a lot at once, you have to eat first and than wait a bit to have a sweet



'deal babe.... allie made bea shake on it and the others laughed at the silliness, it was good to see allie in better spirits and if she could keep food down than she could go home soon, handing out the food they sat down and had dinner



'hey dad do you have to go back to work tonight?



'unfortunately, with franky building the case i need to get some things done, sorry i wont be home till late maybe not even till the morning



'its alright dad, im going to stay with debbie anyways, we have our own sweet box and a movie planned



'sounds good, oh bea, allie let me give you some money for letting kate stay with you girls, i know you have been feeding her and buying her anything she needs...he stood up and took his wallet from his pocket and took money out to hand it over



'we dont want it andrew, we are happy to have her at our places, she has been a great addition and very good for debbie, we dont need your money



'but i want to pay for her food at the least



'lets make a deal, you make sure you hammer braydon and we will make sure kate is looked after and very welcome to our houses.... he nodded



'deal, i will do everything in my power to make sure he gets whats coming to him



'good, than we are good 



'alright, well im going to head back to the office do you girls want a lift?



'no thanks, i want to spend some time with mama and mum for a while



'okay, kate here take this just in case.... he said handing the money to her



'thanks dad



'i love you sweety



'love you too dad bye.... after he left debbie went to allie and held her hand



'how are you feeling mama?



'im doing better deb, my temp is back to normal, im eating, im fetter much stronger



'thats great news, did the doctor say when you would be going home?



'maybe tomorrow or the day after



'thats amazing, i cant wait till your home



'me neither, i need a my bed



'im sure, do you need anything?



'no im okay



'will you come to our house? we can look after you, we are closer to the hospital for your chem, please come back and live with us.... debbie pleased with her mama



'i dont know deb, your mum and i have a lot to sort out, we are trying and now back together



'wait really?... debbie smiled



'yes, we have our rings back on as promise rings to each other, we love each other and always will.... allie smiled at bea



'thats great, oh im so happy



'us too deb... bea said



'well this is even better, you should come home so we can be a family



'as much as i want to dont you think its too early? bea?...... bea stood up and went to the bed holding her hand



'i would love for you to come home allie, i would love nothing more but only if your comfortable and ready, i know i hurt you and i have a lot of making up to do but i very much want you home with us



'i dont know, just give me a bit to think about it guys



'okay mama, well im totally stoked you 2 are officially back together, kate and i are going to celebrate and go home to have dessert and watch a movie



'righto, let me order you girls an uber



'thanks mum..... bea ordered one and gave debbie the details, they left not long later with there sweets in hand and went home to do exactly what they said, they watched the notebook and ugly cried while they ate sweet, bea turned to allie and smiled



'you do look much better baby



'i feel it, you know what would make me really good?



'whats that?



'kisses from my girl



'babe we cant, not until the doctor gives you the clear



'ugh fine, well than at least sit with me in bed, i need to snuggle



'that i can do.... bea slid into bed and they snuggled together, they were both asleep half an hour later, the nurse walking in to check on allie and pulled the blanket over them and left them to sleep





Chapter Text




A couple days later allie was being wheeled out of the hospital, she was cleared to go home but had to have someone with her all the time for the next 3 days at the least, after some back and forth with her daughter and bea allie had given in and said she would come and stay with them, not permanently but till she was strong enough to be by herself, debbie kept saying she should just stay but allie smiled and shook her head at her stubborn daughter and made bea grin, she did want allie to come back home more than anything but she also knew that there was a lot to sort through for them both and it would be too hard to sort out when they are in each others faces all the time. feeling a hand on her shoulder she looked to the side



'here baby give me your hand..... allie smiled and let bea help her up, although allie was getting better she was still a little weak which will always be there while getting chemo, she helped allie into the car as franky held the door open



'thanks franky



'no worries allie, here i got ya this.... franky said handing allie her favorite juice



'thanks franky, you didnt have to... franky shrugged and closed the door once bea got in beside allie, franky slid into the front seat with bridget and started the car 



'okay so do we need to go to your place allie and get some clothes and stuff?



'yes please if thats okay?



'no worries, just relax..... allie laid her head on bea's shoulder and did relax, she felt safe and comfortable ,allie drank her juice greatfully,  they arrived at allie's place and bridget went inside with bea to pack allie's stuff, allie had given bea a list as bea had seen she was falling asleep, making sure allie was comfortable and warm with her jacket the 2 went inside while franky sat with allie in the car, 15 minutes later the pair got in the car after putting the couple bags in the boot



'anywhere else red?



'home please



'sure thing..... they arrived back to bea's place and franky parked close to the door  'red do you need help with her?



'im okay franky, can you bring the bag for me?



'sure..... bea pulled allie into her arms and allie wrapped her arms around the redheads neck and laid her head on bea's shoulder, she was tired, debbie was at the door and opened the double doors so her mum can walk in easily, she walked down the hallways and into her bedroom, laying allie down she took off her jacket, pants and thongs and pulled the blanket over her, allie groaned and her eyes half opened



'where am i?



'in my room, go to sleep, your warm and safe..... allie nodded and closed her eyes falling into a deep sleep, bea rubbed her back for a little while and than stood up, she surrounded the bed with pillows knowing allie needed to feel like someone or something was around her, switching off the light she walked out of the room and over to the kitchen where the others were



'mama asleep?



'yea deb she is, this god damn fucking disease.... bea said frustrated and banged the cupboard she had opened to pack something away, she breathed deeply and put her head down taking deep breaths, she felt a hand on her shoulder



'hey red listen to me, the best thing you can do is support allie, be there for her which you are..... bea turned around with tears in her eyes and looked at franky



'i left her to deal with this on her own for so long



'firstly she had debbie, secondly allie didnt want you to know, she wanted to do this on her own, she told you when the time was right for her..... bea nodded as the tears fell down her cheeks, franky pulled bea into a tight hug   'its alright red, she is strong, she is a fighter and she has all of our support



'thanks franky



'anytime..... bea pulled back and franky wiped her cheeks



'your just a big softy arent ya?..... bea said and smirked



'oh piss off asshole, im going....... she said and picked up her stuff






'i got some stuff to do at work, maxi is waiting for me



'alright, thanks again franky and you too bridget



'no worried bea



'gidge you want me to drop you somewhere?



'yes, work



'you have today off



'yes but i need to check on something, i have been getting messages all morning and have to sort it out



'alright, come on babe, see ya guys..... franky and bridget left, bea sat beside debbie



'where is kate?



'with her dad, he took her into the station to do another interview



'that would have been hard



'yea, her dad and his partner want to confirm a few things with her and a few others from the party she was at



'makes sense, so you hungry?



'im okay mum



'did you eat today?



'not yet, im just not hungry..... debbie shrugged but bea could see it in her daughter's eyes, it wasnt a good day for the young girl, it happens every couple of days and although debbie tries to hide it from her parents they know her better than she would like to admit, bea put her hand on debbie's cheek



'im here for you okay.... debbie sadly smiled and nodded



'thanks mum, umm i feel like cooking






'yea, i need to take my mind off everything, so i was thinking that maybe you want to invite will and danny over for dinner?



'yea sure deb, i will call them now..... will and danny were both happy to come for dinner and said they would be there at 6, bea put her phone down and stretched her hand



'is it sore?



'yea it is, i think its the cold weather



'sounds about right, here mum give me your hand, i learned this online.... debbie rubbed bea's hand gently seeing her flinch when it was really painful, bea had gotten this injury from harry, debbie was young and had fell over and scraped her knee so went crying to her mum for help, she was about 5, bea patched her up and than held her in her arms till she stopped crying, debbie cried herself to sleep on her mums shoulder and bea put her in bed, when she came out of debbie's room harry hit her saying debbie was crying to loudly and too long, it didnt make sense to her but it didnt matter, harry was a dickhead and thought he was always right, he dragged bea to there room and threw her on the bed, she landed in a weird position and her hand got caught between her body and the mattress, she screamed in pain but harry didnt care, her raped her and than left her there in pain, she got up and showered wanting to clean him off her, she grabbed debbie out of bed with her injured hand and left the house going to the hospital, it was fractured in 3 places and she ended having surgery, when she came to debbie was sitting beside the bed worried, bea was so thankful that the nurses were so very kind to her and her daughter, they let bea keep debbie in the room with her for a couple days than she went home, harry laughed when she walked through the door with her hand wrapped, he called for debbig to come to him but she knew better, even at 5 years old she knew he wasnt a good guy so very rarely went to him, bea picked her up and they went upstairs to shower and bea slept in debbie's room for a few nights, the young girl was scared and worried her mum would get hurt again


Her thoughts were bought back to debbie in front of her, she was safe, they were in there own kitchen and harry was locked up



'how does that feel mum?



'much better deb thank you, i dont feel pain just a little tight, how did you learn that?




'the internet, i know your hand hurts sometimes and i wanted to help



'i definitely appreciate it, okay so dinner, do you need help?



'no thanks, i just want to be on my own cooking if that okay?



'of course it is, i will go and put the washing out



'i already did it



'the dishes?



'done, mum you go relax for a while, go lay lay down with mama and watch a movie, you know shw sleeps like a log so you can put the tv on in your room



'thats true, alright well if you need me call out



'i will..... leaving a kiss to debbie's cheek bea went down the hall and entered her room, allie was fast asleep, bea kicked her shoes off and slid into bed with her beautiful girlfriend, she smiled, allie was her girlfriend again, it feels weird, they went from casual dating, to girlfriends to wives and than divorced, now there dating again, bea sighed, that year they were apart almost killed bea, but she knows it hurt allie more than ever, bea made it her mission to do everything possible to make it up to allie, the absolute love of her life, she kissed allie on the cheek and than her head, relaxing back she put the tv on and continued to watch the new show she started 'cobra kai'







later that day they were sitting at the table having dinner, debbie, danny, will, allie and bea, debbie made an amazing dinner of rack of lamb, safron rice, crusted potato's, greek salad, garlic dip and home made crusty bread



'wow deb this all tastes so good



'thanks uncle will, i love to cook, i made dessert as well



'oh what is it?



'mama's favorite, white chocolate and coconut rafaello cake with vanilla bean ice cream.... bea saw allie smile wide, it really was allie's  favorite cake



'sounds good, i cant wait.... will said and smiled at his niece, even he could see debbie wasnt herself today and put it down to a bad day, they chatted through dinner about allie's treatment, bea and danny did the dishes than they sat down to dessert, bea laughed when she saw allie wriggle in her seat in excitement when she was eating her cake



'oh deb great job, its better than the one at the shop



'thats because i put extra white chocolate



'well i love it.... debbie smiled at her mama, once dessert was done with they sat at the table chatting



'hey will have you heard from mum and dad?



'i spoke to them once and danny did as well when i wasnt home last week



'how did it go?



'not very well on both accounts, i had a fight will mum and danny had a fight with dad






'about everything, mainly about you and allie but lots of other stuff



'they would have loved that..... bea said sarcastically



'they were definitely angry, i dont care thou, they need to respect your choices and thats all there is to it.... bea nodded



'thanks bro



'i got your back, both of you.....,. they spent another hour hanging out and than will and danny had to leave, they went home and debbie was sitting on the couch, allie was watching her from the kitchen when bea stood beside her



'babe whats going on with deb?



'she isnt really having a good day, she cooked dinner and dessert to keep her mind busy..... allie nodded



'should we maybe go for a drive? try talk to her?



'that might be a good idea



'and we should see if kate would come as well, debbie is really happy when she is around



'thats a great idea allie, how about i call kate and you talk to deb, if your up for it?



'absolutely..... allie sat down next to debbie and wrapped and arm around her shoulders



'hey sweety, you doing alright?



'hmm yea, just a lot on my mind.... allie kissed the side of her head



'how about a drive? i need to get out and about and i want you guys to come with me?



'i dont know mama.... debbie said unsure



'come on deb, i really need to be outside and i want my favorite girls with me.... debbie smiled



'okay sure



'great, now help your old mama up so i can get dressed



'your not that old mama..... allie scoffed



'you could have just said i was young deb....  debbie giggled



'fine fine your young mama, now go get changed



'yes ma'am..... they both went to there bedrooms to get changed



'hey babe i got debbie to agree, so lets dressed, where is my clothes?



'i put them in the cupboard, do you want me to get you something warm to wear?



'im alright thanks.... allie pulled out a t-shirt, trackies and jacket and threw them on the bed. she took off her pj's and was left in a bra and undies, bea couldnt keep her eyes off allie, she had the most amazing body she had ever seen, yes she has lost weight but she was still beautiful. allie smiled at bea when she looked up and saw her staring, walking over to bea she wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her



'see something you like?.... bea nodded



'yep, you. you look so beautiful allie



'beaaaaa. im not beautiful, i lost so much weight because of chemo



'you listen to me allie novak, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, you will fight this and i will be there with you the whole time.... allie smiled and kissed bea again



'i know, lets go.....she grabbed bea's hand and they went out to the car with debbie, getting in they put there seat belts on



'mum where are we going?



'brighton, one of the side streets.... debbie nodded, bea began driving, debbie was staring out of the window not really concentrating of her parents talking and singing to the music, it was 15 minutes later when the car came to a stop and the back door opened, debbie turned her head and smiled when she saw kate



'hey babe



'kate, what are you doing here?



'oh gee thanks babe, i thought you would be happy to see me?



'of course i am, im just surprised



'well your mums thought a drive with you guys would be good. 



'well im definitely happy to see you... debbie said and grabbed the blondes hand, bea and allie smiled when they saw debbie was finally smiling. bea began driving and when they were nearly at the beach they stopped at the ice cream shop and allie bought them all ice cream, bea parked up at the beach not long later, they got out with there ice creams and drinks and went down to the sand area, there were cement steps and they sat down, kate wrapped her arm around debbie



'im glad your here



'me too babe..... they stayed there for a while before they got up and went for a walk on the board walk both couples hand in hand



'so how did today go kate?



'it wasnt easy. i had to retell my whole story twice and than go over the details over and over again, it was long and very tiring.... debbie could see she was tired, she kissed her cheek and kate smiled



'im proud of you kate, i know its been a while since it happened but for you to rehash it makes you so strong



'thanks babe, im proud of you too, i know you sometimes have hard days but you can get through them...... an house later they headed home, kate said she would stay over as her dad was at work and bea and allie were happy to have her, they arrived home and both the young girls were half asleep, bea helped them both out and sent them to bed which they happily complied, they both got dressed into pj's and fell into bed falling asleep



Allie and bea went to bea's room and started taking off there clothes



'allie your toiletries are in the ensuite



'thanks babe, i think i will have a shower



'okay go ahead.... allie finished her shower and than bea had one herself, they both got into bed and gravitated towards each other



'when do you have chemo again?



'day after tomorrow, and radiation as well



'i will come with you



'you dont have too, it gets boring 



'i dont care, im coming, i want to be there for you.... allie nodded



'thank you.... allie yawned



'lets go to sleep baby..... they shared a few kisses and bea wrapped her arms around allie and they both fell asleep







The next day they had breakfast and were now sitting down to watch a movie, allie chose space jam because she didnt want any depressing crap, kate and debbie had gone to the shops earlier and bought some junk food, they also got a few things allie could have that wouldnt make her sick. they were about half way through the movie when the door bell went so debbie paused it and bea got up



'i will get it...... she walked to the door and pulled it open only to see will and danny there both huffing and puffing



;you guys right?



'where the hell is your phone sis?



'its on charge in the room, whats up? come in..... they followed bea inside the house and to the kitchen waving at the others as they passed  'here water



'thanks sis..... they both drank half the bottle



'alright so whats wrong?



'mum called me today, said she wants to talk to you, they both do, i told them not to just turn up and freak you out but you know what they are like, no boundaries



'there on there way?



'yep, i tried to warn you but you didnt answer your phone



'its alright, thanks for letting me know, good thing we live so close to each other



'omg aunty bea if you lived any further away i would have passed out, some idiot parked behind dads car so we couldnt drive here



'well i appreciate it, danny go hang out with allie and the girls while i talk to your dad, take these with you... she handed them a few icy poles and he frowned



'there good for allie



'got it.... he walked into the lounge room and sat with the others



'what did mum say exactly? like bad or good?



'i couldnt tell, just that they want to talk to you about everything, i told her not to come because allie just got out of hospital and you all dont need the stress



'do you recon there far off?.... bea sighed



'probably not... and again the door bell rang



'i will get it.... bea said and went to the door, she opened it to see her parents standing there






'mum, dad. what are you 2 doing here?



'we are not welcome here?



'you know the rules if you are



'we have something to talk to you about, its important



'fine, come in and go to the kitchen.... they walked in and said hi to debbie than went to the kitchen where will was



'william we need to speak to beatrice alone



'ah no, i want will to stay..... bea said sitting down



'fin, well your father and i have been talking quite a bit since the last time we were here, se think that debbie should come live with us..... bea raised an eyebrow at the audacity of her parents



'why would you think that this is a good idea?



'she does not need to be around this type of relationship... her mum said in disgust  'when living with you she has been allowed to do whatever she wants and was attacked in the process, your not hard enough on her, she needs structure.... bea's jaw tensed and will could see it, bea cracked her neck and said sternyl but harshly



'shut the fuck up.... her mothers eyes went so wide she looked like a cartoon character 



'you cannot speak to your mother like that beatrice



'how fucking dare you 2 come here and think you will take my daughter from me, i dont care if she is 5, 15 or 25. she will not and will never ever live with you both, will and i grew up with you 2 as parents, both physically and mentally abusive, you cant even stand by your own kids how do you think you can do anything for debbie? in fact i know debbie better than anyone and i know she would never come and live with you, the answer is hell no



'beatrice your being unreasonable, you cant even afford to look after her, your not running the cafe, its been closed for quite a while because of that woman in there



'actually it was closed because i wanted to look after debbie and allie, its open now again and business is going well..... unbeknown to them allie had gotten up for some water and was listening to the conversation and decided to walk into the kitchen



'even if bea does close her cafe i can most definitely look after both of them, i mean my company is worth 13 million, i have 5 million sitting in my account, i have set up an account for debbie with 3 million in it, i have set up for all of my money and assets to go to both our daughter and bea if anything did happen to me, so dont use the excuse of bea not being able to financially support debbie, also debbie is my daughter as well and there is no way in hell she will live with you both, your vindictive and shallow people, i mean really you treated both your kids like crap, when will was a lone after marie left you didnt even support him, we gave him the help, we bought him a house, a car and gave him everything he wanted and needed for him and his son, who cares its money, you couldnt even be there emotionally for him and danny, as for bea, you set her up with the most evil man on earth, he beat her daily, did things to her that is you heard would make your stomach cringe, but you know what? i picked her up, i showed her what an amazing woman she is, so caring, loving, sweet and i love her more than anything, debbie and bea are my whole life and you 2 have no reign over our daughter..... the room went quiet for some time, allie leaned against the bench her arms folded, bea looked at her lovingly and smiled, allie really is the most amazing woman ever. will smirked and debbie walked in



'erm whats going on here?



'oh well, your parents want you to go live with them....... allie said and watched as her daughter scrunched her face up in a 'are you for real' way



'ah no way, im here with parents and always will be, plus. you wouldnt be happy if my girlfriend came over now would ya?...... debbie threw in seeing her grandparents faces look at her in disgust



'your dating a girl?



'sure am gran, she is great and gorgeous






'that would be me..... kate said coming up beside debbie and wrapping an arm around her waist kissing her cheek, she had hear all about bea's parents and there take on homosexuality 



'well do you see what happens when you see it in your face, your a lesbian like your mum



'maybe..... debbie shrugged  'but its not because of mum,  just fell for kate



'its because of your mum.... bea's mum said



'if that was the case than mum would be straight because of you, but she isnt, anyways thats not important, im not living with you



'you should, you would be raised to be a nice respectful woman.... debbie scoffed



'respectful?... debbie turned to will



'uncle will do you respect me?



'of course 



'danny do you respect me?



'without a doubt



'kate do you respect me?



'absolutely babe.... she said kissing debbie on the cheek



'mum? mama do you both respect me?



'100%.... they both replied



'well would you look at that, im a respectful person.... her grand mother scoffed



'we are getting no where with you lot, lets go...... she stood up followed by her husband



'before you 2 go let me explain one thing to you 2.... bea said  'as my parents you should respect me and my family, i ruined my marriage because i was so scared of you both judging me and hurting allie, i made the biggest mistake of my life breaking up with her, allie and i are back together and will be for ever and ever, you will not come to my house, call me, text me or come near us unless you are respectful and accept us for who we are, i love this woman and that will never change, i dont want to hear any more talk about debbie living with you because that will never happen, honestly sit down and think about both of your behaviour of how you 2 treat people, dont come here again if you dont accept us.... with that her parents walked out of the house, bea went over to allie and kissed her



'that was hot, so dominating



'not bragging?



'nah baby, they think we cant take care of debbie financially and you put them in there place



'yea mama, and since you have so much money how about you take us all out for dinner?..... debbie said and wiggled her eye brows making allie laugh



'sure deb, its only just gone lunch so how about we leave at 6?..... everyone nodded and agreed



'sounds good aunty allie, dad can we get home, im hungry i missed breakfast and lunch and im tired from running



'sure buddy



'you guys want a lift?



'nah its all good sis, its only ten minutes away, see you girls at 6, we will pick you up in the big car, no need for 2 cars



'okay.... the 2 boys left and the other 4 sat on the couch to watch the movie, allie fell asleep her head on bea's shoulder, bea left her to rest before they had to get up and get ready








Chapter Text








They were getting ready for dinner, allie called debbie and bea's favorite italian restaurant and made a reservation for the 4 of them plus will and danny, allie had a shower and was standing in the walk in closet looking for something to wear, she put on undies and a bra and threw the towel in the laundry basket, she still couldnt decide what to wear, and what was she going to do with her not existent hair?, it looked gross, she felt bea wrap her arms around her from behind and kiss her shoulder



'whats wrong baby?



'i dont know what to wear? and my head, like its yuck..... bea turned allie around and grabbed her face and gently kissed her on the lips, than her cheeks, nose and finally her bald head



'you are absolutely drop dead gorgeous



'but im bald



'still beautiful



'but i lost weight






'but i look sick



'always beautiful



'is that the only word you know?.... allie smiled and bea smirked



'when it comes to you so many words come to mind but the most important is beautiful, because i want you to know how beautiful you are allie, you always have been and you always will be.... allie pulled bea into her and hugged her, she laid her head on bea's shoulder and they stood there holding each other for a few minutes



'i still have nothing to wear babe



'i think i cant help with that.... bea pulled back and went further into the closet and right to the back, she grabbed a gift box and handed it to allie



'what is it?



'open it and find out..... allie sat on the bed and began opening it, bea was just putting on her bra and undies and than came to stand in front of allie



'wow bea, when did you even get this?



'a long time ago, i bought it for your birthday but never got a chance to give it to you.... it was  beautiful blue dress that comes to just above her knees



'its beautiful bea, thank you, come here..... pulling bea into her lap the redhead straddled her, they looked deep into each others eyes



'hi beautiful girl.... bea said making allie smile, allie hadnt heard bea call her that in so long, since they were together and she definitely missed it



'hi babe, i miss being so close to you



'me too, i dont even know how to make it up to you, everything i put you through



'listen bea, am i still upset, yes to a point, i have forgiven you but i do have a wall up now, i am still hurt but i can also see your trying really hard to make it up to me and i appreciate it, lets just take it one day at a time, what i need you to do is to stop beating up yourself



'but i.... bea tried but allie stopped her



'but nothing, i know how sorry you are and i get it, but i love you, i have given you a second chance and im hoping you have learned from your mistakes



'i have, i promise i have



'i know babe, lets just enjoy being with each other and our family, we have no idea how long i really have



'allie dont say that please



'bea we have to be smart about this, i will do everything i can to fight this disease but if it comes down to it it could beat me, for now thou lets enjoy being in the moment.... bea nodded but allie could see the tears in the redheads eyes, she felt her own eyes fill with tears and they hugged again, they held each other for love and comfort before there was a knock on the doors



'mums are you nearly ready?



'yea deb, just give us ten minutes



'i will call uncle will and tell him to be here in 20 minutes....... debbie could hear the emotion in bea's voice so gave them a bit more time to compose themselves, bea got off allie after a few sweet kisses and they both got dressed, bea helped allie put on a head scarf and they both left bea's room and went to the kitchen



'woah mama you look hot, the dress is beautiful



'thanks deb, your mum got it for me, hows the scarf? alright?



'its great mama



'yea it is allie, you look great, so do you bea....... bea had on blue dress pants, a gold silk top and a blue vest



'thanks kate, you 2 look good as well..... debbie was wearing a red sun dress and boots, kate had gone home to grab a bag and wearing a black dress with heals, they heard a beep



'will and danny are here, lets go..... bea locked up the house and they all went out to the car and got in



'you girls all look great



'thanks cuz, so do you... both boys were wearing black pants, will had on a black shirt and danny a blue shirt



'we ready to go and eat girls?



'definitely uncle will



'where are we going?



'baia, by the water



'sweet lets go..... the drive over wasnt overly loud, debbie and kate were giggling about god knows what, danny and will were singing lightly along to the music and bea and allie were just stealing glances at each other, holding hands and touching thighs, any contact was good for them. they arrived half an hour later and will stopped right in front so allie and bea could get out knowing she cant walk much



'you 2 sit on the bench there and i will park the car and come down with these 3 trouble makers



'heeeey.... debbie winged and they all laughed



'alright will..... the car drove off and bea grabbed allie's hand and went to sit on the bench by the water, it was friday night and they were along the harbor, there were lots of people out, people laughing, talking, sitting around and just enjoying themselves



'allie you sit here i will be back in a moment



'okay... allie said confused, although she watched as bea walked over to a flower pop up store and purchased something, she came back over to allie and handed her a red and a white rose



'for you my sweet girl



'thank you babe.... allie smiled and kissed the redhead as she sat beside her, bea wrapped her arm around allie and allie leaned into her, it really was such a sweet sight, every few seconds allie would lift her head and they would share a kiss, when debbie, kate, danny and will were walking towards them debbei couldnt help but take out her phone and take a few photos of them, she would store them on her hard drive later with the other s she had of her family together and happy.



'hey mama what time is our reservation?



'6.45 so we are right on time



'great, let go im hungry.... bea rolled her eyes



'of course you are deb... taking allie's hand they all walked to the restuarant and were greeted by the man at the front desk



'hi and welcome, do you have a booking?



'yes under allie novak



'ah yes table for 6, please follow me..... he walked through the other tables till the came to a private room and opened the door



'here we are, please take a seat..... there was a beautifully dressed table with white chairs, bea pulled out a chair for allie to sit and she did so with a smile on her face as bea kissed her forehead, bea sat down 



'i am pat and i will be your server today, can i get you all some drinks?



'yes, table water for all, as well as a scotch and coke, a beer and a jug of coke please.... bea said



'okay, here are the menus, i will be back with your drinks and to take your orders..... pat left while they all scanned through all the food options



'allie what are you going to get?



'i dont know, it all looks so good



'why dont we order a bunch of different dishes and all share?



'sounds good to me, how about the rest of you?.... allie said looking around, they all nodded and agreed



'okay, anything inparticular you guys want?



'mum can you get the squid please?



'sure deb, kate, will, danny?



'what ever you want aunty bea



'agreed..... bea nodded and looked through noting down what to get for them all, she had to remember every single person she was with had big appetites,

pat returned and put all the drinks on the table



'are we ready to order?




'yes we are, i want all the food to come out at once, we are sharing everything



'okay sure



'i want bruschetta, 2 bowls, 2 bowls of garlic bread, 2 pepperoni pizzas, 2 squids with lots of lemon and extra sauce, 3 bowls of lamb shanks,  2 bowls of tortellini, 3 bowls or the pasta with spinach and goats cheese, 2 caprice salads, 2 ceasar salads, i think thats all of it, anything else guys?... she asked looking around



'oh 2 cheese pizzas please.... allie giggled at debbie, she would buy her the whole damn restaurant if it made her daughter happy



'sure thing, alright i will put the order through, there is a lot of dishes so it might take about 45 minutes



'thats fine pat, thank you... he left the room and bea smiled at debbie, she was giggling as kate was kissing her cheek and neck



'there cute together.... allie whispered at bea



'yea they are, im glad she found someone like her... allie nodded 



'so whats new will and danny?



'mum called.... danny said and that got everyones attention especially allie, she knew marie really well, when allie was younger and had been kicked out on the street marie took her in and put a roof over her head, allie thought that marie cared about her but it was in fact the opposite, she began hitting allie and than put her to work in a brothel, allie escaped after 4 years but what she went through was absolute torture, after that allie had run into her mum kaz on the streets and she gave her money to get clean and start her business, unbeknown to will he was in a relationship with marie at the same time, after allie left she fell pregnant with danny, she gave birth and she and will were married, when bea met allie and they began dating allie had found out about marie and told be everything, will made the hard decision to bust marie as she was still doing this all behind his back, the brothel was still being run by her, marie was sent to prison and danny and will started fresh with allie;s help, she bought them a house, a car and put money in wills account, will tried to give it all back but allie told him that they were family and she wanted to help look after them, she even started a bank account for danny which he would have access to when he turned 16 in a couple months, although no one knew about that, not even bea, marie has been in jail for 10 years now



'what did she say danny?



'she is getting out in a couple weeks, she wants to see me.... allie nodded



'are you going to?



'i dunno.... he shrugged feeling like if he saw his mum he would be betraying his whole family, especially allie, allie put her hand on danny's hand and smiled



'you should see her, she is your mum after all



'but she has done so many bad stuff



'yea she has, but she is still your mum, she loves you, there was never any doubt about that danny



'but she is a bad person..... allie nodded



'she has been in jail for ten years, hopefully she has gotten some help in there and can be the mum you deserve to have



'bea has been my mother figure, you and bea together help raise me with dad, i dont know if i want to see her



'just think about it..... he nodded and kissed allie on the cheek, the door opened and 3 waiters walked in and began putting all the plates of food on the table, there was so much but looking at everyones hungry eyes it would no doubt be demolished



'before we start eating lets raise our glasses...... kate said and they all did so  'i just want to say i know how how times are for you guys at the moment, you have a long road ahead of you



'as do you kate



'yea i guess i do to bea, i just want to say thank you for inviting me into your family, your all strong and humble people and im very happy to be around you all



'we are happy to have you kate, cheers to family.... allie said, they all took a sip from there drinks and dug in and wow was it amazing, there was not one bad dish, everyone loaded there plates high and ate like it was there last meal on earth. 



'oh yum.... debbie said sitting back and rubbing her belly, she drank some coke and let out a big burp



'debbie!!!..... bea scolded her



'what mum?



'thats rude



'yea but it felt so good, im so full.... allie giggled, her daughter really was funny and she loved that she was enjoying herself



'anyone want anymore food?



'oh god no mum, im so full



'us too



'well there is some of everything left, i will get them to bag it and we can take it home, you 2 girls can have it for lunch tomorrow



'sweet, hey do we get dessert? not now but in like an hour or so?



'how about we go to your favorite dessert place and you can get a take away?



'yes please.... debbie smiled, they sat around talking for some time till bea could see allie was rubbing her tired red eyes



'lets get ready to go guys, allie is tired



'no no im okay, you guys are having fun



'we will have just as much fun at home mama when we get to have dessert and watch a xmas movie.... allie smiled and nodded, pat had packed away all the left overs and gave them the 2 bags, they left the room and allie went to pay



'i hope everything was okay miss novak?



'it was great pat, thank you so much you have been great



'no problem, here is your bill..... it was high but allie didnt care, whats the point of having money if it wasnt to spend, she paid the bill and left a very generous tip 



'hey pat do you still have trays of tiramisu?



'yes, we have the small ones and the big trays



'can you pack me 2 family trays please?



'sure..... he went out back and got them and bagged them up, allie paid and they left, she handed one to will



'for you boys at home, its tiramisu



'thanks allie



'i got one for us as well deb, but we will still go to the dessert shop



'yay..... will went and got the car and came over to them, they got in and allie snuggled into bea's shoulder resting her tired eyes



'tired baby?



'hmm yea, something so simple makes me so tired



'i know, your strong, you remember that.... allie nodded but stayed silent, they went to the dessert shop and allie handed debbie her keycard



'get for everyone, make sure danny and will get a box as well



'okay mama...... allie and bea stayed in the car, it was cold and allie was tired so it was the best solution, they all arrived home 40 minutes later, bea took a tired allie inside them all waving at will and danny goodbye after they thanked her for dinner and the sweets, the boys went home



'do you want to go to bed allie?



'not yet, i want to watch tv for a while, can you help me undress please babe?



'sure.... 10 minutes later they were all in pj's and sitting on the couches, they had all the sweets laid out in front of them



'what do you want allie?



'some tiramisu and a canoli please



'okay..... allie finished her sweet and was asleep in 5 minutes resting against bea, 



'girls im going to take allie and go to bed



'alright mum, we will lock up



'thanks..... bea had to carry allie as she was too exhausted, she laid her in bed and slid in beside her and wrapped her arms around the tired woman, bea stayed holding allie for some time just watching her sleep, she was without a doubt the most beautiful woman bea had ever laid eyes on, allie had a hill to climb there was no doubt about that but bea would make sure she would be there to help her along, together they were stronger








a few days later debbie had gone with allie and bea to chemo, they had taken allie back home to rest where kate was waiting for her and than the 2 girls took an uber to franky's office, this was the daythat debbie was dreading, both she and kate had to tell franky and maxine exactly what had happened to them, not sparing any details, they got out of the uber and stood outside the office



'hey deb it will be okay, this is just something you have to do to put him away for a long time... kate said stroking debbie's cheek



'what if it doesnt work? what if he gets away with it? what if he gets out and comes after us and our families?



'oh sweetheart, we are going to make sure we have everything we can to get him, i got you babe.... kate hugged the tired brunette, she had a rough night, barely slept from stress and when she did fall asleep she had nightmares, grabbing her hand she kissed her



'how about a juice from your mums cafe? look liz is just there watching



'okay.... they walked towards liz who stood with her arms wide open and debbie fell into her



'it will be okay love, you just tell your story and franky will take care of the rest.... debbie nodded  






'hey liz we were thinking of one of your famous juices that debbie loves?



'sure, come on girls...... liz made them both a juice and off they went with 2 coffees as well for franky and maxine, they walked into the office and maxine was there, debbie went and sat on a chair while kate talked to maxine



'hi sweety, hows debbie doing?



'not good to be honest, she is scared and worried, barely slept



'and you?



'im okay, i hate to relive it but i know its necessary 



'it is, we will get you both through it, sit down with debbie and i will call for franky



'thanks maxi..... maxine picked up the phone reciever and called franky's office



'yea maxi?



'debbie and kate are here and debbie isnt in a good way



'im coming out.... a couple minutes later franky came out and went over to deb



'hey girls, you alright deb?.... debbie shrugged



'i dunno



'come here.... franky pulled her from her seat and hugged her  'i got you okay, no matter what we are all here with you, i will do everything in my power to take him down



'thanks franky



'alright so we dont have contradicting stories, im going to take kate in first and than you deb



'so kate wont be with me?



'she will thats why your second, we are recording your stories, it will show that you didnt get together and just tell them so there similiar, your will take longer so i want kate first and than she can help you through yours, dont worry maxi will be with you out here, just annoy her for a while..... debbie gave a sad smile and nodded



'babe im just in here, stay calm, there are no men in here and maxine will help you for anything...... kate kissed debbie and followed franky into the room



'alright kate sit here please, the camera is set up so tell me when your ready.... kate sat down and tried to calm herself down



'alright im ready.... franky pressed record and sat down with her computer to read out any questions she had, she would write a report later on for both girls



'i am franky doyle, i am interviewing kate miller on the 3-11-2020 at 1.20pm, kate on the date of 25-8-2018 you attended a party, can you tell me what happened in your own words please?



'one of the guys from school was having a party and my friends wanted to go so we did, we got there about 2 hours after it started, many people were really drunk and some were high, the guy who threw the party matty and his friend braydon were drinking hardcore, they were always the life of the party, we got some drinks, beer it was and sat down out the back by the pool, i have only drank once before so i was only going to have a couple that night, we had been there for about 2 hours when braydon and matty came over to us, they were making us laugh and joke around, they had asked if i wanted another drink and i accepted, braydon actually got it for me and i didnt think much of it when he handed it to me, we sat around for a bout half an hour and i started to feel sick so i went to the bathroom, i went to the bathroom and felt really sick, my vision was blurry, i had a headache, i was dizzy as well, i wanted to call my dad but i didnt know where my phone was, i stumbled out of the bathroom and some guy was there 'you right there' i heard him saying, i said i felt sick and he said come and lay down, i told him i wanted to go home but he forcefully pushed me towards one of the rooms and put me on the bed, i tried to get up but he kept pushing me down, i tried to push him off me but he climbed on and kept telling me  'shut up bitch', he began kissing me and i could smell the particular beer, it was different to what was being served at the party, everyone was drinking keg beer, i kept trying to push him off and at one stage he did get off but not to leave...... kate stopped and went quiet, franky saw it in her eyes, the hurt the pain, this next part was the hardest part



'your doing really well kate, i cant imagine how hard this is, tell me what happened next



'he pulled my jeans down and ripped my panties off, he climbed back on top of me and i tried to fight him but it was like i had no strength, he undid his own jeans and pulled out his penis, he pushed it inside of me so hard i tried to yell but i just couldnt, i was dry and it was really painful, he raped me, i could hear him grunting in my ear, the smell of his cologne mixed with the beer smell made me want to puke, he kept trying to kiss me but i turned my head so he slapped me 3 times, he kept saying something, like a mantra 'you reep what you sow', when he finished he stood up and zipped his jeans up, he said your just another whore and than left the room, i couldnt believe what happened, i did my best to get myself together, i was bleeding from down there, i was a virgin and he took it from me, i went to the bathroom and found a pad, i assumed it was matty's sisters or something, i put it on the best i could, i found my bag on the floor beside the bed and took my phone out, i called for an uber and left the party taking it straight to the hospital, i stumbled into the emergency and passed out, the next thing i know i woke up and my dad was there, he told me i had to have surgery because of what happened i had significant damage down there, the hospital said i had the date rape drug in my system ...... by this stage kate had tears rolling down her cheeks



'the interview is suspended at 2.00pm.... franky pressed stop on the camera  'you did really well kate, how do you feel?



'its hard to tell that story, i feel like crap to be honest



'im not surprised, im so sorry this happened to you kate



'thanks franky, what now?



'i will do the same with debbie, are you going to be okay to be in here while she tells her story?



'yes i think so



'okay, why dont you go sit with her for a few minutes, i need to change the video over



'okay.... kate went out to debbie who looked up to see tear stained cheeks, debbie pulled the blonde into a hug



'are you okay?



'its just hard telling it again, it feels like it only happened yesterday..... debbie sat down and pulled kate to sit in her lap



'i got you baby.... franky and maxine let them just sit there for a while, needed to feel the comfort of each other



'alright girls debbie its your turn, are you ready?



'i think so



'come on in..... franky sent them in the room  'hey maxi, call red and kate's dad andrew, there going to need them once we are done



'got it.... franky went in the room and sat down



'ready deb?



'ready.... she said holding onto kate's hand under the table, kate wasnt in the video but she wanted to support her girlfriend through this, franky pressed play





Chapter Text








bea had gotten up and had a shower with allie, she got her settled on the couch



'are you hungry? i ordered chinese



'yea i am, did you get honey chicken?



'i sure did, i know its your favorite baby..... the door bell went  'thats the food i wont be long.... allie nodded, bea went to the door and took the bag from the guy and thanked him, she went to the kitchen and pulled out the food, it was lunch time and they missed breakfast so they were both hungry, she made a bowl for allie and cut up the chicken into small pieces as its better for her to eat it, she took the bowl and a bottle of water to the lounge room where allie was watching tv



'here you go



'thanks babe, are you going to eat?



'yea i just wanted to make sure your all set up, here take your meds first..... allie did so and began eating, bea's phone rang and she picked it up seeing franky's work office number






'hi bea its maxine



'hi maxi, is everything alright? you dont normally call me from the office phone



'franky asked me to call you to come in



'is it deb?



'yes, she is about to give her statement and franky thinks she will need you after, i called kate's dad as well so he is on his way



'where is debbie now?



'with franky giving her statement



'okay im on my way maxi



'see you soon bea..... hanging up she looked at allie



'whats wrong babe?



'its debbie, franky asked maxine to call me, thinks she will need me after her statement



'im coming with you... allie went to get up but bea stopped her



'no no you stay here



'no our daughter needs us and i want to be there



'yes she does but im going on my own, allie sweetheart your in no condition to go out and about, your a little weak right now and need to build up your immune system, if you get sick again we dont know what will happen, stay here and eat, relax and get your strength back.... bea can see how sad allie was and stroked her cheek



'i just want to be there for her..... allie said so sadly that bea felt her heart skip a beat



'i know you do, when she is dont i will bring her straight home okay?






'i will go there and wait till she is done



'alright, tell her i love her



'i will. bye baby... bea kissed allie on the cheek and grabbed her stuff and left, she arrived at the office 20 minutes later and walked inside



'hi maxi is deb still in there?



'yes, andrew is about 5 minutes away as well, he is worried



'i know how he feels



'those poor girls....maxine said and bea nodded sadly, bea sat down and waited anxiously, a few minutes later andrew came running in looked disheveled



'where is kate? is she okay? i want to see her, what happened?



'hey woah andrew relax for a second, take a breather..... she looked at him, he was half dressed and had just got out of the shower, he had boxer shorts on, he button up shirt only had 2 buttons done, his jacket was inside out and he had on flip flops



'where is she bea?



'in there with franky and debbie, there giving there statements, she is safe with franky and debbie



'i know... i know she is i just panicked



'clearly, franky just thought we should be here to comfort our girls..... andrew nodded and sat down, bea went over to him and helped him fix himself up the best she could till he could go home and finish getting dressed



'im going to call into work and tell them im working from home, i have a lot of paperwork anyways to catch up on



'i think thats a good idea, you can bring it to my place and do it, that way we can all be together and the girls can find comfort in each other as well?



'i will see what kate wants to do........ bea nodded and sat back in the seat









franky pressed play and looked up, even she felt sick knowing she was about to hear everything that happened to debbie



'i franky doyle am here with debbie novak, debbie please in your own words tell me about how you know braydont holt and how the night in question occurred... debbie nodded




'i met braydon a couple months ago, he was nice and sweet to me, we got to talking and he asked for my number, i gave it to him and we started messaging back and forth for a while, sometimes phone calls as well



'was it every day?.... franky asked



'pretty much, spare a day here or there. we got together a few times for coffee, we had dinner twice and went out to time zone once, it was going well and we really connected, than one day he said he was going to have a few friends over to his place for a couple drinks, i was happy to go as he said he wanted me to meet his friends, i got ready and took off to his place, he met me outside and bought me in through the side gate, we went into the pool house and no one was around, i asked him where the others were and he said they had just called and couldnt come, he asked to hang around for a while and i did, we ordered pizza and ate



'did you drink alcohol?



'a beer with dinner and than about half an hour later he said he had been practicing to make cocktails and wanted to make me one and i agreed, at this stage he had about 6-7 beers so was swaying a little, i took the offered cocktail from him and he sat beside me, once i finished the drink i got up telling him i had to go because i had work at the cafe in the morning, i stood up and felt dizzy so sat down, he told me to just sit down and relax for a bit and he put his hand on my thigh, i pushed it off, i didnt feel well and definitely didnt want his hand on me, i rubbed my head because i could feel a headache forming out of no where, he kept talking to me and he pissed me off



'debbie play out the conversation to me if you can..... debbie nodded, she took a couple deep breath and looked down at the table






debbie- fuck my head is killing me, i have to go home



braydon-you will be fine deb, come on lets make out... he put his hand on her leg again



debbie- stop braydon i need to go



'i got up and he stood up and grabbed my arms shaking me 



braydon-your not going anywhere bitch



debbie-stop braydon your hurting me



'i tried to shrug him off but he was so strong, he slapped me across the face so hard my cheek stung instantly



braydon-you fucking bitch, look what you made me do



'he sounded like harry so much it made my stomach churn.... debbie closed her eyes as the memories of that night flooded her 



debbie- let go of me braydon, i want to leave



braydon- your not going anywhere



'he grabbed my arm and dragged me to his bed and threw me on it, i tried to get up but he punched me in the face and i fell back onto the bed, he came closer and began undressing me, i tried to fight him off but it was like i was out of it, i kept saying no, dont do it but he didnt care



braydon- im going to make you a real woman, you will be lucky to have a man like me.... he snidded



'he crawled on top of me and he held my arms down, i tried to fight over and over again but everytime i was met with a slap, punch or hit in the stomach.... debbie said her hand going to her stomach, tears rolled down her cheeks and franky bit the inside of her lip, doing her best to control her anger



'do you need a break debbie?



'no, i want to finish this



'okay, tell me what happened next?



'he held me down while he raped me, i can still hear his grunting in my ear over and over again, it was so hard and rough that i could feel blood running down my legs, it hurt so much no just being my first time but because he was so hurtful, after he came he rolled off me and laid down, he kissed the side of my cheek like we were a couple or something, like what he did was normal



'what happened after that debbie?



'it didnt end, all night he raped me, tormented me about my family, that he would go after them, make sure they were killed and it shown to be an accident, he was so proud of himself, he would utter a saying in my ear just before he would come 'you reap what you sow'.  by the morning he had raped me 6 times, hit me more times than i can count and my vagina was so painful, i tried to get up because he fell asleep, i made it to the couch to get my bag and felt a hand on my arm, he had gotten up and ran to me, i turned around and was met with another slap causing me to fall on the couch, the next thing i knew i heard my mums and mamas voices, the last thing i remember is mum picking me up and telling me it will be okay, i woke up in the hospital



'did you understand what had happened?



'yes but the doctor told me i had been drugged which i guess explains why i was so out of it and couldnt fight back, i am a brown belt in karate so him being able to over power me wasnt normal, how could i let him do that to me?.... debbie asked to no one inparticular and burst out crying, that was it for franky



'interview suspended with debbie smith.... she stopped the camera and went to the door and opened it



'you 2 get in here.... she said to bea and andrew, they both ran inside scooping there girls up in the arms



'shuu baby, mums here, i got you deb



'mum.... debbie cried and held onto bea so tight



'are you okay sweety?



'im okay dad, it wasnt easy to relive it but i have had time to process this, debbie hasnt.... he nodded



'lets go out in the waiting room and give bea and debbie some time



'okay...... franky close the door leaving them 3 in the room, bea sat down and pulled debbie into her lap while she cried, she had never heard debbie cry like this, her heart was so shattered for her little girl, bea looked over at franky who had tears in her eyes, bea knows how much franky loves debbie and this would be hurting her as well, debbie calmed down about 20 minutes later but still stayed in bea's arms, bea just stroked her back and repeated how much she loved her, and that she was here for her



'you tell me when your ready to go home?



'5 minutes



'okay..... franky herself took the camera out to maxine



'maxie make 4 copies like the others and kates, you know where to put them



'got it franky... maxine grabbed her bag and took off



'kate how are you doing?



'im doing okay i think, im worried about debbie



'we all are, her mum has managed to calm her down, i think she will be out soon, do either of you want a drink or some fruit?



'can i have some water please franky?



'sure kate..... franky returned with 2 waters and handed one to kate






'im going in to check on them...... kate and andrew nodded, franky walked into the room and out the bottle on the table and rubbed debbie's back



'sorry deb



'its not your fault franky, its just hard.... franky nodded, debbie wiped her face and franky handed her some tissues..  'thanks for doing this franky, i know its not easy considering we are family but i appreciate it



'i wish i could do more



'trust me, with him being put away thats all i need, i will work on my self by myself



'i know you will



'mum can we go, im tired



'sure deb, andrew took the day off work and he is going to do paperwork, i told him to come with kate to our place so we could all be together, what do you think?



'good idea mum but i wont be much company



'its not about company its about support



'okay..... they stood up and walked out of the room debbie looked at kate and they embraced each other



'are you okay babe?



'yea, you?



'yea, dad says we are coming to your place, you sure your up for it?



'i would love it, i think we should all be together right now, but i have a question to ask



'whats that deb?



'why doesnt your dad have pants on?..... everyones eyes went to andrew they laughed, even debbie smiled a little



'i got worried when maxine called so i rushed over, i was half way through getting dressed



'right well why dont you go home and put on something casual and get your stuff and come over?



'yea sure, i wont be long, come on baby girl



'see you soon babe.... kate linked her arm with her dad and they left the office, andrew knows when she does that it means his daughter in a funk, he just needs to support her and let her go through her emotions



'your ready to go deb?



'yes mum..... bea wrapped her arm around debbie's waist and began to walk out



'i will call you later red



'okay, thanks franky..... they left and went down to the car, liz watched in worry to see debbie and kate both walk out so sad, she knew what today would bring  and she wished they didnt go through any of it, debbie hadnt uttered another word on the way home, they walked inside and allie was sitting on the couch, she looked at her daughter and debbie;s tears began to fall again



'come here sweety.... she opened her arms and debbie crawled into her lap and laid her head on allie's chest, bea wiped away her tears, this whole family was so broken and she wasnt sure how to fix it, allie has cancer, bea broke off her marriage to allie, debbie had the most horrible thing happen to her and bea couldnt take any of this pain away, like allie can read into her head she mouthed to bea



'its okay...... bea left them to it  and went to hang up some washing, once done she went and cleaned up her room when she felt allie;s arms around her waist



'stop babe



'i just want to finish the room



'bea stop, you get like this when your upset and of course you have a right to be..... bea turned around in allie;s arms



'its not fair, our family.... she shook her head



'is having a hard time but we will get through it, all of it, we have everyone helping us



'i know i just want to make it all better



'its just not something thats an easy fix, slowly we will do it together.... bea nodded



'where is debbie?



'she was falling asleep so i took her to her room and put her in bed, i stayed with her till she fell asleep which was only a few minutes



'thanks baby, you should have seen her allie, she was so distraught, so scared, so worried that it took like 20-30 minutes for her to calm down



'far out, that scum is lucky i didnt kill him



'i know me too, but he deserves jail, him being there now is perfect



'what do you mean?



'if i tell you something i need you to promise you wont tell anyone?



'okay... allie said unsure, they sat on the bed and bea told allie about visiting harry and telling him what braydon did to debbie, if there is one thing both allie and bea are sure of is that harry loves debbie, he would do anything for her and the fact someone hurt her would not sit well with him



'do you know what harry did?



'harry called me off a burner phone, he told me he raped braydon, a few times actually, he is basically harry's bitch now.... allie nodded in understanding, normally allie wouldnt condone this type of behavior nor would bea actually 



'good, he hurt not just debbie and kate but many many other girls, its called karma, harry finally made himself useful... bea scoffed



'i guess so, god knows he was a useless husband and father...... allie put her arm around bea's shoulder



'we will get him bea, for good.... bea nodded



'yea, im going to sit out the front and wait for kate and andrew, i dont want the door bell to wake up debbie



'good idea, i will order food for all of us, there is some chinese but not enough for all of us, how does pizza sound? debbie favorite



'your the best allie... bea kissed allie on the lips and they walked out of the room, kate and andrew arrived 5 minutes later



'i see you found some pants..... bea laughed



'thought i should dress properly this time



'good idea, hey kate deb is asleep but allie ordered pizza so if you want to wait till you eat than you can lay down with her?



'yea sure, how is she doing?.... kate asked as they followed bea inside the house



'she has been quiet since we left franky's office, she cried again with allie and than went to sleep



'poor deb, we have to all rally together for her



'for both of you... bea said and kate smiled sadly



'yea..... pizza arrived and they all ate, allie ordered salads and some chicken wings as well and she ordered enough for a village so the leftovers were put away for dinner time, kate went and laid down with debbie who hadnt woken at all, she looked exhausted



'andrew you can use my office just over here, it has a recliner and a small couch, table and whatever else



'thanks bea



'make yourself at home, allie and i will be watching a couple movies on the couch, if your up for it join us



'i will see how work goes



'okay..... bea joined allie on the couch and they snuggled together and put on a movie, elf the christmas movie because no one could handle anything to serious








2 hours later allie and bea were were just relaxing on the couch, the movie finished but the were just quite happy to sit with each other and share sweet touches



'i missed this



'hmm?.... bea replied



'i missed just sitting with you, being able to touch you, hold you or be held by you bea... bea nodded and kissed allie on the cheek



'i wont do it again allie, i promise i wont



'i know you wont, we missed on that time together



'i know baby, i promise im gonna do better... bea  said and allie saw the tears roll down the redheads cheeks



'hey babe dont cry



'i hurt you so much, i never meant to



'you thought you were doing the right thing, i get, i really do bea, did it hurt? yes it did but you apologized



'is it enough thou?



'i hope so, but one thing i know we definitely have



'whats that?... bea said wiping her eyes



'love, my love for you has never stopped and it never will



'me too allie, i love you so much



'i love you too bea, i need you to stop beating yourself up about this. lets put it all out now, you hurt me, a lot, we missed each other dearly, we missed time together, we fought for no reason, we yelled and hurt each other with our words through the divorce, our daughter suffered in it all. but now we are back together and nothing will break us, we will work on us, we will get debbie through this dark situation and we will all be stronger for i, okay, anything else to add?..... bea shook her head



'no you covered it all



'good, now forgive yourself because i have already forgiven you



'i will try



'good, now kiss me..... bea smiled and leaned forward and kissed her a few times 



'how are you feeling after chemo? 



'not too bad, the dose isnt as high so i only vomited 3 times, i ate the chinese and had a zooper dooper and some water



'i hate this for you



'i know you do, im okay thou bea, im getting through it, i just want to say thank you



'for what?



'since i told you, you havent left my side, you make sure i take my meds, you take me to my appointments, you make sure i eat, sleep, im clean, help me do whatever i need and i appreciate it



'anything for you.... they shared a few more kisses  'do you feel like a tea?



'yes please, peppermint



'coming right up, im going to check on the girls and andrew first.... allie nodded, bea went to the office 



'hey how you doing in here?



'hey bea, yea good, its comfortable and i can concentrate better because im close to kate in case she needs me



'yea i get that, this coming up again isnt just hard for her, for you as well



'yea it is, as a detective i should be able to protect my daughter, to take down the person that hurt her but up until recently we didnt even know it was braydon, now we have tested his semen against the rape kit we did for kate and it matches and so does debbie's



'so what now?



'well debbie and kate arent the only ones, i have been working closely with maxine and franky and we have found a total of 43 other girls he did this too, he is a serial rapist



'fucking pig



'yea, about 20 are underage so he is a pedophile as well.... bea shook her head



'this case is going to be hard isnt it andrew?



'we have a lot of evidence against him but yes it will be, emotionally it will be full on, all these girls need to tell there own story, i cant tell you too much bea but know that braydon isnt the only one involved...... bea frowned 



'who else?



'i cant say but i think you know?.... he said raising an eyebrow, bea did know, braydons dad



'i do know, is there anything you need from me? how can i help?



'honestly bea the only thing i need from you is too look after those 2 girls, with kate's mum not around you and allie are the only woman she looks up to, i just ask you continue to support her



'of course, we got you andrew, and any time kate needs to be here and you want to be with her we have a spare room for you



'thank you i appreciate it



'okay well im going to check on the girls than heat up dinner, i will let you know when its ready



'okay thanks.... bea went to debbie's room and opened the door slowly, she thought they would be sleeping but the scene in front of her broke her heart, kate was consoling a sobbing debbie, she walked closer to the bed and kite looked up, she motioned for bea to lay on the other side of debbie, bea did so 



'debbie your mums here...... debbie turned over and bea wrapped her arms around her girl



'its okay deb, mum is here, i got you, i will protect you, both of you... kate smiled in thanks



'im just going to let you 2 be together....... bea mouthed 'thank you' and kate left the room, she went down to the lounge room where allie was watching tv



'where is deb?



she is not doing good allie, she slept for a while and woke up crying after a nightmare, bea is in with her now



'are you doing okay kate?



'not feeling the best but im okay,, i wish i could help debbie



'you do help kate, you being here is more than enough for her but sometimes she just needs me or bea



'i get it, where is my dad?



'in bea;s office, why dont you go sit with him for a while, im going to check on bea and debbie



'okay..... allie walked into debbie's room and sat on the bed rubbing debbie's back



'deb mama is here for you too...... debbie grabbed allie's hand and pulled it around her and held it to her chest



'we are both here for you sweet girl..... allie and bea joined a hand each over debbie and vowed to take this asshole down for good





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hi all



just want to say merry xmas to everyone of my readers, its definitely been a tough year for everyone and so many were looking forward to xmas to kind of be together with family and friends, unfortunately for here is australia we had another cluster and therefor the limit has been put back in place for visitors around the xmas period, so for the first time in over 30 years i will not be able to celebrate with my whole family as our tradition stands, it will suck but i look at the positive, i am alive, i have not lost anyone, my heart goes out to all those who have, im lucky and i dont take that for granted


so stay positive, do what you need to do to stay safe. celebrate, be merry and try to enjoy yourself



i dont know when i will update again hopefully before new years but i will see how i go for time. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE





Chapter Text







harry was sitting in the quad watching over the place, he wasnt top dog but he had a reputation of not to be fucked with, it had been 3 months since bea told him about what happened to debbie, he had made braydon his little bitch, fucking him whenever he wanted and doing whatever he wanted him to do, braydon offered to pay harry off but harry didnt care about money, he had money from the sale of the house he shared with bea, he had over 3 hundred thousand just sitting there so no he would not be bought, besides when it came to debbie no one was allowed to fuck with her, harry had never hit her and never would. harry had a lot of time to think about his relationship with bea. he had thought about how he had treated her. harry had been forced into talking to the phycologist in the prison and after quite a few wasted sessions he had opened up a little. the doc had explained that due to harry's childhood he had bought his anger into his adulthood and had taken it all out on bea. harry had been thinking about this for a while now and although he couldnt change what he had done he could do his best to make sure debbie had justice. she had requested for bea to come for a visit which she had surprisingly accepted so now he was waiting. he looked over at where braydon was sitting, he had a black eye



'get that little fucker over here now ryan..... harry said to one of his unit buddies who nodded. harry watched as braydon was dragged over to him



'sit your ass down... braydon sat down 



'what do you want harry?



'let me ask you something braydon, why?



'why?... braydon asked confused



'why did you rape all those girls? why did you rape my daughter?.... braydon was quiet for a few minutes till harry slammed his hand on the table  'speak boy



'i dont know



'you dont know. you have money, your a good looking guy, you have everything going for you and you forced a lot of young girls into sex. why?..... braydon shrugged



'listen here you little fucker, you touched my daughter, you took advantage of her because your a piece of shit..... harry looked at ryan and tim



'take this asshole to my cell, i will be there soon enough, keep him there



'no dont.... braydon said but he had no choice as the 2 grabbed him and forced him to walk



'smith visitor for you..... a guard said



'cheers......he stood and followed the gueard








It had been a month since debbie's breakdown, a month since kate and debbie had given franky there full statements, it hadnt been easy, debbie and kate had both had there good and bad moments, debbie more so on the bad days. there was times she didnt want to go out anywhere, times where she didnt want anyone touching her except for her mums. there were even a  couple times where she wouldnt let kate near her, kate understood and took no offence to it. today thou bea had decided to visit harry. he had sent her a letter as well as debbie wanting to see them. debbie straight out refused, it was too much to go into a mens prison right now but she said she might write back to him in time. 



'allie what time is your appointment today?



'at 3.30..... allie had a check-up to see how her markers are going, in hopes they would reduce. 



'alright, im going to the prison now but i will be back at 1.30, i will pick you up and we can have a late lunch than go to the appointment, how does that sound?



;sounds good to me babe, you be careful going to the prison



'i will... bea said putting on her sneakers, she watched allie as she sat at the coffee table with a juice and her laptop  'her allie?... she said and allie looked up



'yea babe?



'i love you.... allie smiled wide. 



'i love you too babe...... she blew bea a kiss and bea fake caught in and put her hand on her heart, 



'i will call you when i leave there



'okay...... bea left and got in her car, she drove off to the prison arriving half an hour later, parking up she got out and went inside tot he reception



'hi miss how can i help you?



'im bea novak here to see harry smith



'please sign in, put all your stuff in the tray as well.... bea did so and got her visitor pass, they let her in and over to a table, she didnt wait long when harry came over and sat down




'hey bea



'harry, how are you?



'im good, you?






'hows debbie doing?



'not the best, she has good days and bad days...... bea had discussed with debbie if she could give harry any information about her, she agreed telling her mum he is locked up and cant hurt them anymore



'when is court?



'in 3 weeks, braydon?



'im keeping him busy, he has had his lawyer here quite a few times, he comes out from the meeting with his head down looking upset, its not looking good for him, he looks scared, franky taking the case?






'good, i have looked her up, i know she is one of the best out there. good reputation



'i trust her harry, i know you dont like her but she will look after debbie... harry nodded



'i know, i really fucked up didnt i bea? i treated you like shit, did you read the letter?



'yes you did and yes i read the letter. i dont really know what to say right now harry, you put me through hell



'i know bea, i deserve where i am, im trying to deal with my own shit, im sorry bea, i know its not enough and wont change anything but i am sorry



'i know you are harry but it doesnt change what you did..... harry nodded, she had read his letter over and over again. he explained how sorry he was for hurting her, physically, mentally and emotionally ......  'i dont know what to say harry, i worked really hard with allie's help to get to where i am now



'allie, she is good to you?



'the best harry, treats me like a queen, regardless of my parents attitudes



'dont worry about them bea, im glad she is good to you, listen bea i know i have a lot to make up for and i will probably never feel anything but shit about it all. i thought about this a lot in here, i just want you and debbie to be happy.......bea raised an eyebrow






'yea really, i guess the whole braydon situation really made me think about what i did to you, i took your innocence away from you, i finally get it now



'i mean im glad you get it but i dont think i will ever be able to forgive you for it harry



'i know, i just ask that you look after debbie, help her through this and make sure she is okay, i asked her to come and see me



'its too much for her harry,  too many people and men around here



'i get it, do you think i can write her again?



'you can try, if she responds its up to her.... harry nodded



'okay, is there anything you need from me bea?



'make sure braydon understands that he is not untouchable



'i will, thanks for coming to visit, be happy bea and dont let anyone tell your not worth anything, your worth more than i could ever imagine. 



'times up, visitors take the exit to the right...... the guard yelled



'i gotta go harry



'can i ask you keep me updated with the trial? just write to me or something?



'i can do that, bye harry



'bye... bea stood and walked towards the exit. looking back at harry she had to roll her eyes when she saw harry was staring at her ass, harry was always an ass man, she walked out of the prison and breathed in the fresh air. she took out her phone and called allie who picked it up after a couple rings



'hey babe, how did it go?



'it was weird



'good weird or bad weird?



'i will fill you in later, im about to leave so i will pick you up in half an hour?



'okay, i will be ready...... hanging up bea got in her car and plugged her phone in for music and scrolled to her favorites list, once the music was blaring she took off home, allie had been staying with them off and on so bea could look after allie after her treatments. she arrived home at 1.30 and beeped smiling when she saw her beautiful woman coming out, dressed in jeans, a vneck top and a head scarf. she got in and kissed allie on the cheek



'i missed you babe



'i missed you too, you hungry?



'very much so



'me too, where do you want to eat allie?



'can we go to the cafe near the hospital?



'of course, buckle up.....a bea drove she smiled when allie slid her hand onto bea's knee, since getting back together 6 weeks ago bea has been amazing, they have talked about all the important stuff, sorted out a lot of stuff, had about 6 dates, hung out together, if they werent in the same place they spent there nights on face time talking and giggling together. they havent made love since getting back together again but neither of them were in a hurry for that. seeing the cafe just a few feet away bea found a parking spot and parked up. they got out and walked hand in hand to the cafe and sat down at a booth across from each other. 



'so what are you going to get allie?



'hmm maybe the pasta or the burger, they both look good



'how about we get both and a ceasar salad and share?



'that sounds goo babe



'great..... bea placed the order and once there drinks were given to them bea held allie's hand 



'so tell me about how it went at the prison....... bea explained everything to allie



'wow, thats surprising, he actually apologised 



'yea, i was surprised as well, he even said he was glad you treat me like a queen 



'because you are my queen babe.... bea smiled and leaned over to kiss allie



'i love love love you so much bea



'i love you so much as well allie




'we had so much wasted time but im glad i have you back in my life again



'me too..... bea saw the food coming out and leaned back to make room. the plates were put down 



'thank you..... they ate and than bea paid the bill, they went back to the car and drove to the hospital, they parked and walked inside together, going up to the oncology ward they went to the doctors office



'hi allie, you have your check up today?...... the receptionist asked?






'okay, im going to take your bloods, check your weight, blood pressure and all the general stuff than the doctor will give you your results



'okay, can bea stay with me?



'yes of course, follow me through to the room.... allie did all the necessary tests and than went and got a coffee while they waited for the results, bea saw allie was quiet and grabbed her hand



'hey are you okay?



'im just worried, what if the markers are bad?  



'we will take it as it comes baby.... allie nodded



'thank you for being with me, i appreciate you coming 



'of course i would baby, i love you and i want to support you..... after there coffee they went back up to the doctors office



'hey allie take a seat, the doctor is looking over your results, she wont be long



'okay thanks....  they sat down and watched tv in the waiting room for a bit. 20 minutes later the doctor came out



'hi allie, please come on through..... they followed the doctor into her office and sat down



'so allie how have you been feeling?



'the usual, tired, sick after chemo, lethargic as well



'okay, well im looking over your results here.... she said going quiet as she rechecked the paperwork as allie and bea sat there nervously



'doc just tell me the truth, are the numbers worse?..... allie said anxiously  'its bad isnt it?



'allie i dont know how to say it



'just say it straight



'your markers are really good, there back to normal. your blood and urine test shows all your markers have dropped dramatically



'what does that mean?



'it means your in remission .... allie just looked at the doctor unsure if she heard right



'are you.. are you sure?



'yes i am, allie as of right now your cancer free



'cancer free?



'cancer free, no more chemo, no more radiation, your in remission.... she felt bea squeeze her hand and she turned to face her with tears in her eyes



'baby.... bea said and rubbed allie's cheek, she was clearly in shock and didnt know how to take the amazing news



'cancer free?.... allie asked bea to make sure she heard right



'cancer free baby, the fight was worth it, your free to live your life now.... allie looked back to the doctor



'are you sure?



'yes, we ran the test 4 times to make sure 



'so what now?



'you have a check up in 3 months again but right now you go live your life and be happy



'thank you doctor, thank you so much



'glad i could help, im so happy for you allie, i will see you in 3 months



'thanks again doctor...... they left the office and allie squared off the bill, bea and allie walked outside of the office and allie just stopped walking  and turned to bea



'im cancer free, im fucking cancer free!!!...... she yelled and bea wrapped her arms around her and picked allie up spinning her around



'im so happy for you baby..... they were both laughing and giggling



'cancer free.... allie said laughing, she can have her life back, bea put her down and they kissed over and over again



'i love you, i fucking love you bea



'i love you too baby, we have to celebrate, we have to tell everyone the good news, how about a bbq at our home?



'sounds good to me babe...... they went to the car and got in



'im going to call everyone



'wait first speak to deb and kate, there at home so make sure there okay to have people over



'good idea.... they hadnt told anyone about allie;s appointment in case it was bad news, calling debbie the young girl picked her phone up



'hey mum



'hey deb, how are you?



'im okay, kate and i decided to make a cake so we are cooking



'thats good, you love to cook



'yea, its fun, where are you and mama?



'just going to the shops to do some food shopping, listen we were thinking of a bbq at our place tonight, you up for it?




'yea sure mum



'are you sure? i want to make sure your okay having everyone there, just the closest people



'yea thats fine mum, kate and i are making a chocolate cake, can you grab the stuff for us to make pavlova and ice cream sundaes as well please? we can make it for tonight



'sure des, do you need anything else?



'we need milk



'okay, we will be home in an hour



'alright, bye mum



'bye... hanging up bea messaged everyone and they all agreed to come for a bbq which would be franky, bridget, maxine, boomer, will, danny, liz and nurse rose, she has become good friends with allie. 




'alright everyone is in so lets go do some shopping baby



'okay.... allie smiled and grabbed bea's hand







bea had just taken the potato bake out of the oven when the door bell went, she went to the door and pulled it open and it was everyone



'did you all come together?



'yea pretty much red, we stacked into 2 cars, will and danny here yet?



'no, there grabbing something for dessert and than coming here, com on in guys..... bea greeted them all and they went to the kitchen, liz made a greek salad, maxine made a potato salad, franky made fried rice and fresh bread and bridget made a cob loaf



'just put it all on the bench here, im about to start the bbq



'i will do it bea



'thanks booms, all the meat is in the fridge in a bowl marinated and ready to go, as well as 2 packs of sausages.... boomer took the meat and went outside to start cooking



'bea love what can we do to help?




'its all done liz, its just a few people, rose is on her way as well, why dont you guys get some drinks and sit out the back?



'sure.... they all did so and bea went to her room to check on allie, she was sitting on the bed in deep thought, allie felt bea's fingers travel down her cheek and she looked up and smiled



'you okay?



'i just cant believe it bea, when i first found out a year and a half ago i honestly thought i wouldnt make it through



'you fought hard baby, you deserve this, you deserve life



'a life with you?



'absolutely, im here allie, im not going anywhere, i wont let anyone or anything come between us again.... bea said leaning down to kiss her






'you ready to go out to everyone?



'yea, where is deb?



'she will be back any minute, they went to kate's earlier so she could shower and change and they were coming back with kate's dad



'okay, lets go.... they went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink than outside to the others, allie greeted them all and got comfy in bea's lap



'so allie how are you feeling?



'doing okay bridget. sometimes good days and sometimes bad days.... this was definitely true, and the doctor did tell her it would be like that for a while, it would take a few weeks if not a couple months to get back to herself  'today is definitely a good day



'thats good to hear



'hows my business going? any issues?



'i told you about the guy that was stealing, i sorted him out, apart from that very busy which is good



'thats good



'yea and allie we need to talk about the bonus?



'what about it?



'why? i dont need it and its a lot



'you deserve it bridget, since i got sick i put you in charge of my business, you have done everything i asked, you have kept the business going, working long hours when needed and i want to show you i appreciate it



'but 10 grand is a lot of money allie



'pffft not enough, if it was up to me i would have doubled it but bea said you wouldnt accept it



'thats very true, well thank you, its nice to know im appreciated



'anytime...... just than debbie, kate, andrew, rose, danny and will came out to the backyard



hi all..... they all greeted each other and sat down with fresh drinks



'red..... franky whispered and bea leaned over to her  'hows deb doing since the statement?



'has ups and downs, she still had nightmares, sometimes wont let anyone near her but me and allie as well, her mood changes everyday.... franky nodded



'anything i can do to help?



'your doing it franky, you taking on this case is everything, we need him away for good..... franky nodded



'im doing everything i can



'i know franky and i appreciate it



'hey bea the meat will be ready in 2 minutes



'thanks booms, i will put everything out.... liz and maxine helped and they laid out the table with all the food, boomer put the trays of meat on the table



'alright everyone come and eat..... bea made allie a plate and put it down in front of her



'thanks babe.... bea smiled and kissed her forehead 'you will sit with me right?



'yes just let me get some food...... bea returned and sat beside allie and they began eating, 



'hey gidge look..... franky nudged bridget to look at bea and allie who couldnt keep there eyes off each other



'its so good to see them back together



'i know right, them being apart is lethal



'absolutely...... they all finished eating so liz and maxine packed away the left over food and cleaned up, the table was laced with the desserts kate and debbie made as well as what danny and will bought, bea bought out 5 bottled of champagne and cups, filling them up she handed them out and than stood up pulling allie into her side



'alright everyone we have some news.... she said getting all there attention



'your pregnant... franky said makin them all laugh



'shut up franky... bea laughed,   'baby you want to tell them?..... allie nodded



'none of you know this but every 3 months i go for a check up to check how im progressing, it was today and bea came with me, the doctor told me my markers are back to normal



'what does this mean mama?.... allie felt herself tearing up



'it means im cancer free...... they all erupted in cheers, everyone was crying of happy tears especially debbie, allie pulled debbie into herself and they embraced for a long time



'im so proud of you mama



'i couldnt have done it without you, i love you debbie



'i love you too mama, your my hero...... allie squeezed her daughter tighter



'this is amazing news red, im happy for you both



'thanks franky... franky hugged allie once debbie was done



'ya made me all sappy and shit.... franky said and allie laughed



'its cause ya love me



'more than you could know..... franky replied, everyone had there turn congratulating and hugging allie, the lost was rose



'i knew you could do it allie, your so strong, so powerful, be happy and live your life



'thank you so much rose, you were there to help me through it all, you went above and beyond for me



'happy to do it, your a life long friend allie novak



'as are you rose.... they hugged each other



'alright everyone please raise your cup to allie, your so strong and you got through it, fuck cancer.... will said



'FUCK CANCER!!!!!..... everyone yelled and threw back there drinks





Chapter Text






Franky was sitting in her office working on debbie's case, she had bought in another lawyer annie to take car of all her other cases as this was her priority, a knock at the door franky looked up



'come in... the door opened and in walked annie



'hey franky, sorry to bother you but this is part of debbie's case.... she said handing over the paperwork



'thanks annie



'poor girl has been through a lot ay?



'yea, i need to make sure this guy goes down, there not just clients debbie is family, her mum is like my sister so debbie is my niece 



'i get it, anything i can do to help?



'your doing it, you taking on my workload is what i needed and i can concentrate on this case



'im all over it, i have lined up 7 cases to be on one court date so i can just smash them out, 2 of them were acquitted today and one of them i have a meeting set up for later today



'wow you work fast, you did all that in a week?



'with the help of maxine yes, we thought the quicker i can finish off cases than i can be here to help you if needed or anything new that comes through



'thanks heaps, its a load off my shoulders



'no worries, well i better leave you to it, when is debbie's court date?



'2 and a half weeks



'so a lot to do?



'so much



'well i have a full day of court tomorrow and than im all yours for whatever you need franky



'i think i will need your help, there are so many victims in this case so many statements and families to deal with



'alright i will square my calendar off to help you after tomorrow



'thanks...... annie left the office and franky pressed the button on the phone



'yes franky?



'maxi if any new cases come through let them know we cant get to it till after debbie's trial, i think it will go on for 7-10 days but who knows, it oculd be less or much more



'okay franky, i will note it down, how about a coffee?



'yes please maxi..... maxine entered the office 10 minutes later with a coffee and a bottle of cold water 



'here you go franky, how are you doing?



'im getting through it but there is so many here, so many girls.... maxine nodded



'do you think he would get off franky?.... maxine asked sitting down



'he shouldnt but he has a damn good lawyer



'but your better, you have him in jail right now and thats a good thing



'yea true, you know maxi i have gone over every single girls statement 3-4 times, how does braydon think its okay to do this?



'he is a sick entitled person franky, his parents let him do what he wants



'yea his parents, the police gave me footage of the assaults and his parents have walked in plenty of times and not even battered an eyelid, his dad has even done the same thing with a few of the girls



'and he hasnt been arrested yet?



'not yet but im working on it, i have an urgent court today to get the injunction for his arrest



'what time?



'at 12.45



'franky its 12, you better get to the court house



'shit already, okay, while im gone can you sort the files out by date please? i have written them all on the front of each statement



'sure love, off you go, annie and i got the office covered, text me when your done and i will get you some lunch from bea's cafe next door



'thansk maxi, your a legend.... franky grabbed her jacket and paperwork and left the office, she drove to the court house and walked inside checking what court room she needs to go to, there were quite a few people there waiting to be heard on there cases, franky took a seat out the front and was very thankful to see a judge she had worked with quite a bit, he smiled at her as he sat down



'the honorable judge mike bars...... the bailiff announced



'thank you sir, who do we have first up on the list?..... he said looking at it  'miss doyle your up, please come forward.... franky walked forward and stood at the podium, detective miller was also there as franky needed an to hand the order off straight away



'thank you judge bars



'it says here miss doyle that you are looking for an arrest warrant for one vinnie holt, based on sexual assault is that correct?



'yes your honor it is, his son braydon holt has been arrested on sexual assault as well and is on remand currently, as i have come to going through evidence it has come to my attention that his father vinnie holt is also involved



'can i see the evidence please miss doyle?



'yes sir..... franky handed it over as well as an ipad which showed one of the assaults, it seems once braydon is done with some of the girls vinnie goes in and has his way with them as well



'your honor i have statements saying vinnie holt also raped these victims 



'your arrest warrant is granted miss doyle, i will write it up now and you can send the officers to pick him up



'thank you your honor



'the paperwork will be out the front in 20 minutes..... franky waited in the lobby with the detective who had called his chief and told him what was happening, the chief sent 4 officers to the courthouse, slotting his phone into his pocket



'i have 4 officers coming, we will go pick him up as soon as the paperwork is given



'thanks andrew, what sick fucks this family is



'indeed, jacs the wife wont take it well



'i dont care, if i could get her locked up as well i would, we all know she is a murderer but we cant get her on the charges



'true, here comes the bailiff



'here we go miss doyle



'thank you, andrew let me know once he is arrested



'i will, my men are here so im going now




'i will be at the office if you need me



'okay.... the detective left and franky sighed than took out her phone sending a text



-maxi we got the warrant, there going to pick his ass up now, im on my way back to the office...... she sent it and received a response 



-thats great news franky, i will have lunch ready for you when you get back, drive safe..... franky put her phone in her pockets and went to her car to drive to her office









the detective parked up with the officers at the holts residence



'alright guys if he runs make sure you run after him, watch out because they are a dangerous family so who knows what weapons they have



'got it sir.....  they walked up the stairs and rang the door bell, the door opened and the detective recognized the lady as the one that spoke to bea but made sure not to show he knew her



'hi miss is vinnie holt here



'yes, please wait a moment



'sure..... vinnie came to the door a couple minutes later



'whats this about?



'vinnie holt i have a warrant for your arrest



'what for?.... the detective nodded to the officers to slap the handcuffs on



'vinnie holt you are under arrest for sexual assault of multiple woman and underage girls..... he went on to read him his rights



'this is bullshit.... just than jacs walked out, braydons mum and vinnie's wife



'what the hell is going on here?



'your husband is under arrest



'what the hell for?



'sexual assault



'you cant do this, your just after our family



'your family have 2 rapists in it..... the detective said as he followed the officers to the cars and they put vinnie in the back



'call the lawyer..... vinnie yelled out and the door was slammed closed



'im coming for you guys.... jacs said and the detective opened his door



'look forward to it miss holt.... he closed the door and stormed off



'fucking assholes,  vera get me nils jesper



'yes miss holt








it had been a few days since allie's amazing news, allie and bea were currently in a heated discussion because allie wanted to start working out on the treadmill but bea didnt think she was strong enough



'bea i just want to do a little



'but your recovering, the doctor told you not to go overboard and to just give it time to get your strength back



'i know which is why om not going full on like i used to, it was just going to be slow on the treadmill, if i feel unwell i will get off



'ugh allie you should be resting



'babe please dont make a big deal, if your so worried come and sit with me, you can sit and watch



'fine, if i see you struggle i will carry you off myself



'fine by me..... they went to the garage where allie had previously set up a treadmill, a punching bag, a bike and a rowing machine, bea didnt want to sell them or take it all down, allie always loved to work out and it helped with her anxiousness,  bea grabbed a chair and bought it close to the treadmill, allie got on and pressed the button to start up, it only went slow to a gentle walk, she was a little unsteady to start with but got into a good rhythm



'see babe im okay



'im just worried allie



'i know babe but im okay..... allie was on for about 15 minutes and than stopped it when she saw the sad look on bea's face, she crouched down in front of her



'whats wrong? i didnt mean to upset you babe



'im not upset, im worried, i need you to get better, get your strength back, get well again, i dont want you to get sick again.... allie rubbed bea's cheek



'babe im better, i have been cleared, im getting my strength back, no more chemo, no more radiation, no more hospitals every third day



'i know i just dont want to be without you... allie stood up and sat in bea's lap, the redhead wrapped her arms around allie



'im right here, we cant look into the future and know what it holds, the only thing we can do is live in the moment and be happy together, me, you, debbie and our crazy family.... bea nodded



'i love you allie



'i love you to bea, so much.... bea connected there lips, they made out for a while till bea's lips met allie's neck



'babe im sweaty



'you taste and smell so good.... allie moaned when bea sucked on her pulse



'fuck bea what are you doing to me



'your so beautiful



'baby.... allie moaned out as she pulled bea back to her lips kissing her  'as much as im enjoying this we cant go any further



'i know allie, your not strong enough



'correct and if you keep doing that i will be struggling to stop...bea pulled back and smiled



'i cant help it allie, i miss you



'i miss you too but we are back together now, once im strong enough than we can really reconnect 



'sounds good baby



'well im going to go for a shower, where is deb?



'in her room, bad night so she is trying to nap



'kate here?



'no, debbie doesnt really want anyone around right now



'i get it, alright i will order some food and than shower, any ideas?



'get some burgers and chips






'i will check on deb



'okay babe.... allie got off and walked off to the lounge room, she placed the order and paid online and than went off to shower, it felt good to work out a little, after the shower she was sitting at the table with her laptop, bea came from debbie's room and sat beside her



'hows deb?



'not in a good mood



'is she hungry?



'i didnt get a chance to ask, when the food comes i will take it into her and just leave her be, i think she just wants to be on her own, deb knows we are here for her..... allie nodded



'yea true...... the door bell went and bea bought the food inside, allie plated it up and debbie took it to debbie's room, she knocked and walked in



'deb mama ordered lunch, burgers and chips from your favorite place



'just leave it on the table mum.... bea did so




'just know we are here for you darling girl.... debbie didnt say anything so bea left the room and joined allie at the table and began eating



'she eating?



'i dont know, i left it on the table for her



'just give her time, how about after we eat we sit on the couch and snuggle up to watch a movie?



'sounds good baby.... 20 minutes later they finished eating and were sitting on the couch



'what movie babe?



'maybe 'the notebook'?



'sounds good babe







debbie had only eaten some chips so bea put the plate in the microwave in case she wanted it later, allie and bea were snuggled together on the couch watching there 2nd movie when they heard debbie walking down the hallway, she came over and sat beside bea and snuggled into her, bea wrapped an arm around her daughter



'can we do anything for you deb?



'just this



'we got you sweety... allie said rubbing her daughter's arm for comfort, they decided not to push so just held her and let her be, bea's phone rang and allie reached over to answer it, the shocked look on her face made bea wonder what was going on, she hung up and put it on the table



'whats wrong allie?



'that was the detective



'what did he want?



'vinnie holt has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and sexual assault of minors



'woah, how did that happen?



'franky apparently, she got video footage from the police and he was in it



'how about jacs?



'she knew about it but wasnt directly involved, im going to call franky babe, you okay here?



'yea we are okay baby..... allie took her phone and went out the back to make the call, she didnt want debbie to get even more upset just hearing there names, the young girl was having some issues right now, scrolling to franky's number she hit call






'hey franky its allie



'hey how are ya?



'im good and you?



'good just busy



'well i wont keep you long, the detective called and told us about vinnie, is it true?



'sure is, i got the warrant this morning and he has been arrested and charged, he is now being held on remand at the same prison as braydon 



'and jacs?



'we have footage showing she was involved by seeing but not stopping, im working on getting her arrested as well



'but since she wasnt involved directly would she be held on remand?..... allie asked



;honestly im not sure, this case is one of the most crazies cases i have ever seen and heard about, allie this case is going down in  history not only because of the holts but because of the charges and how many girls are involved, i have made it a point for none of the girls to know each other, to not meet till the day court starts



'so the news will be there as well franky? just tell me so i can prepare the girls



'yes they will, they will be in your faces but i am working on a way to stop them getting close to the girls



'debbie will freak out



'i know, all the girls involved are exactly the same way, there are 2 girls that cant testify thou



'why not?



'one is absolutely petrified, she had a mental breakdown and is currently in a health retreat, the other committed suicide



'fucking hell, that poor girl, all these girls suffering because these 2 guys are disgusting rapists



'i know, look i got a meeting now with a client but do you guys need anything? 



'no thanks franky, what your doing means so much to us, make sure you send me the bill



'i dont want your money allie



'listen franky im going to explain something to you and your going to listen okay



'go on



'you have hired a new lawyer to take on your cases so you can concentrate on debbie's case and these girls case, you are not taking on anymore cases because meaning your losing monry, now please tell maxine to email me a bill for the work you have done so far or i will randomly start transferring money to you, and not just for debbie, for all the girls, i want to cover the bill for all of them



'thats a lot allie



'i know but i have all this money and nothing to do with it, bridget would tell you my business is striving, ask her tonight what i make weekly, so i want the bill for all of them



'what about the parents? there going to ask, a few already have asked for the costing



'tell them its taken care of and all they need to do is look after there girls



'okay, i will speak to maxi and get a bill sent out now



'good and one after the trial ends



'alright, god your stubborn



'you know it, alright im going back to my girls, bye franky



'laters..... allie went inside to see debbie sleeping with her head in bea's lap, the redhead running her fingers through the young girls curls



'what did franky say?.... bea asked as allie sat down, allie told her everything from the holts to the trial to the girls



'one committed suicide?



'yes.... allie saw the tears roll down bea's cheeks



'i cant imagine how much trauma these girls went through



'your probably the one person that can understand them the best babe, what you went through with harry is not far from this



'yea i guess so, one of the girls is at a health retreat?



'yea getting help, poor girl had a breakdown.... bea nodded looking down at debbie's sleeping form



'we have to make sure debbie understands she isnt alone, we are here here for her, i cant handle anything happening to her



'me too babe, we will help her through this terrible time, anything she needs, i think we should see if she would go to a phycologist?



'thats a good idea, if she agrees we can find the best one



'only the best for our girl



'only the best.... bea said and pulled allie into her holding onto to positive vibes the best they could  'the novaks are strong



'made of tough stuff babe








Chapter Text








Bea woke up to a weight on her stomach, she popped her eyes open and saw allie staring down at her a big smile on her face


'good morning babe



'morning, why are you so happy at.... she turned her head to look at the time and groaned 'allie its 6.30... bea said and tried to grab the quilt making allie giggle



'i know but i couldnt sleep so got up and had a shower, i need to show you something



'what is it?



'here give me your hand... bea did so and frowned when she saw allie lean forward a little and guide her hand to the back of her head, bea knew exactly what it was and smiled wide



'allie you have hair!!!!!



'i know right, its growing back..... bea wrapped her arms around allie and flipped them over so her back hit the mattress, allie was giggling like a little school girl 



'baby im so proud of you, you faught through it all and came out on top, your getting your strength back, your hair is growing back and everything



'i know, im so excited, now kiss me katut..... bea giggled and joined there lips in a passionate kiss, bea than kissed her neck and hummed 



'hmm that body soap, i missed it.... allie giggled, it always drove bea crazy when she used the vanilla and coconut body wash, she had stopped using it when they were apart as it would be a reminder she didnt have the redhead anymore, but she got debbie to order it with the shopping a couple days ago



'you like it?



'i looooove it and i love you beautiful girl



'im not beautiful bea, i have no hair, im pale, i lost quite a bit of weight.... she tried to go on but bea shut her up with a kiss



'your so beautiful allie that if i see anyone looking at you i will bash them, your mine



'only yours baby.... they kissed again and than bea got up 



'where are you going babe?



'to shower, im up now so i may as well shower



'no way babe.... allie grabbed bea and threw her on the bed straddling her and tickling her sides causing bea to giggle and yell



'allie stoop, please stop baby..... bea laughed, allie lightened her tickles and kissed bea all over her face, they didnt realize they were so loud because they jumped when they heard debbie's voice



'what are you 2 doing?.... debbie stood at the door with her arms crossed like she was scolding 2 children



'umm nothing



'really mama? cause your both pretty loud for 2 people doing nothing



'we didnt mean to wake you, sorry deb



'its fine, why all the laughing anyways?



'oh come here deb.... allie called out and debbie came closer  'feel thing.... allie took the same motion with debbie and debbie smiled



'your hair is growing back, im so happy for you and so so proud



'thanks deb



'umm excuse you, get off me.... bea said still laying under allie



'sorry babe.... allie giggled and climbed off the redhead, she sat beside bea and debbie sat with them 



'how are you feeling deb?



'im okay mum, sorry my moods have been all over the place the last few weeks



'no need to apologize sweety, we are just worried about you




'i know you are, im feeling okay right now, so how about we go out for breakfast? maybe pick up kate on the way?



'sure deb, why dont you call kate and ask her to come, we can pick her up in an hour, no need to rush



'sure mum..... debbie left the room and went to her own



'bea why dont you shower, i need to do the pays in the office, i will be done in half an hour than we can go?



'okay baby.... bea walked to there ensuite and turned back to allie  who was staring at her ass... 'hey allie?



'yea babe?



'im so in love with you that i feel you right here.... she said tapping her heart and blew a kiss, bea went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower, allie shook her head, this woman was just so damn sweet, 40 minutes later they all met at the kitchen



'everyone ready?



'ready mum, kate will be ready for us to pick her up



'good, lets go..... they picked up kate and arrived at debbie's favorite cafe, bea parked the car and the 4 of them went inside and sat at a booth by the window, this cafe was by the water, there were few people in at the moment as it was so early so it was nice



'so whats good here?... kate asked picking up the menu  'babe what do you have?



'oh deb has been going through the menu since we started coming here.... allie said



'what? really?



'hmm yea, i wanted to try it all



'okay so what are you up too?



'right here, the eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, i also get hot chips with pretty much everything, so im having that, oh kate you will like the sausage omelet, it comes with a nice salad and we can share the chips



'sounds good to me babe



'allie what are you going to get? 



'i feel like pancakes, so them with chocolate sauce, you babe?



'i think the english breakfast..... they placed the order with the waitress, she returned with there drinks not too long later



'here we are ladies, one cap, one hot chocolate and 2 iced chocolates, as well as iced table water



'thank you



'no worries, food wont be long... she left and went back to serve another customer



'so um mum, mama i got a message yesterday that you should know about



'okay, who from?.... bea watched debbie fiddle with her fingers unsure of herself  'hey deb you can talk to us... she said rubbing debbie's wrist



'i should just show you.... debbie opened up the message and handed it to the couple, bea's blood ran cold seeing who it was from, it was bea's mother



'debbie your grandfather and i think its a good idea for you to live with us still, being bought up by your mother in such an environment is not doing you any good, you have turned out exactly like her, your one of tho's, this behavior needs to stop and we can look after you and show you the right way of life, you being with a girl is not right, we have spoken to someone that is willing to show you the right way of life debbie, you are young and impressionable, lets make a change for you, you dont even have to tell your mum where you are, just pack your bags and we will come and get you, please debbie before its too late, from gran and grandpa



allie could see the anger all over bea's face, she grabbed the phone and handed it back to debbie, she took bea's hands and squeezed them gently to get her attention



'its okay



'why cant they stop?



'they were bought up in a different time to us



'mum you dont have to worry, im not going anywhere, i love you and mama, i have kate, i have friends and family, i would never want to live with them, i love you guys im not going anywhere



'are you sure deb? i wont get mad or angry if thats what you want, your old enough now to make that decision, i definitely dont want you to go but i dont want you to feel like im holding you back



'your not mum, i want to live with you, your stuck with me, even if i get married, have kids, get a pet im still living with you both, your never going to get rid of me.... bea giggled and wiped her tears



'you always have a home with us



'good, dont worry about them, there delusional, on a brighter note the food is coming..... debbie smiled and the other 3 laughed



'always thinking about your stomach deb



'food is life mama..... they were both so happy to see debbie not only eat but with a smile on her face, once this trial is over allie planned to take them away for a little while so they could reconnect and bond, she would most likely invite kate as well considering debbie loves having her around and she blends in very well with all 3 of them which is rare considering they could all be full on  sometimes, she watched as kate and debbie giggled and fought over the hot chips 



'so girls how would you feel about doing something after this? unless you all have plans



'sure mama, what were you thinking?



'i dont know, you girls decide, i just think it would be good to be out and about on such a beautiful day



'okay, lets eat and we will figure it out...... they had breakfast together and allie paid than they went outside and sat by the water basking in the sun



'so any ideas?



'can we go to the aquarium?  kate has never been and we havent been since i was young.... debbie said with a big smile



'babe what do you think?



'im up for it if you are? i know your not back to your normal self and cant walk for long



'thats okay, they have scooters there if i need it, im happy to go



'alright but it doesnt open for a couple hours, its early



'how about 



'we drive there and park the car, than we can walk along the water and sit on the dock for a bit, we can digest our food and it should open soon enough?



'lets go girls









entering the aquarium debbie picked up a map and looked at the attractions



'where do you guys want to go first?.... she said looking at the other 3 but bea and allie were too busy kissing and giggling, she smiled at how happy they were and looked at kate



'babe where should we go? mum and mama will follow



'lets start at the turtles and go around from there



'sweet, lets go.... the older couple followed there daughter and kate



'hey babe maybe we can sneak off later for a hot make out session behind there...... allie pointed out and bea giggled



'allie stop being cheeky, we cant do that, we have to behave, you have to behave



'ugh fine, omg there so cute.... she said as they stopped at the turtle tank, they went through the tanks one by one seeing all the animals, debbie and kate took photos so bea and allie didnt need to, they took them all together with some of the animals in the back round, allie was loving it, like debbie she loved animals but they were there for 2 hours so far and allie had refused a scooter not wanting to look like a weirdo, now thou she was standing with bea at the seal tank and leaning almost her full body weight against the glass, she had sweat running down her back and her face was red



'alright baby come here... bea pulled her back and into her own body  'your exhausted... she said moving the bandana a little



'im okay babe



'your hot, sweaty and tired, the bandana is not helping, why dont you take it off to get some fresh air?



'babe its embarrassing, i have no hair.... she said laying her head on bea's shoulder



'allie you are beautiful, you dont need to hide anything, i got you baby im right here, we can also get you a scooter, we still have a way to go



'im too tired to use the scooter



'we should head home allie



'no, i want to stay, i can do it



 'i have an idea, why dont you sit on the bench i will be back



'okay....bea sat allie down on the bench



'hey deb sit with mama please, i will be back in a few minutes



'okay mum.... bea ran off and returned 10 minutes later and stopped in front of the 3 girls



'your chariot awaits you baby



'you got a scooter mum, cool



'yep and there is room for you 2 to stand on the back if you want, here i bought cold water and some chips for a snack, allie eat and drink than up you get, you can sit in my lap and i will drive..... allie smiled



'thanks babe.... after a decent break debbie and kate helped allie to sit in bea's lap and she wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her cheek



'your the best babe, you always look after me



'always baby, alright you 2 where next?



'the whales



'wait firstly lets take this off.... she said as her hands were on the bandana but allie's hand was quick on hers



'bea no its embarrassing



'you have nothing to be embarrassed about mama, your a fighter and i will kick anyones ass who says anything, take it off its hot in here.... allie moved her hand and nodded at bea who took it off, allie felt instant coolness and greatful






'much better, thanks



'anytime, lets go girls.... they went around to the rest of the attractions and they all loved it, they got to the exit and bea returned the scooter thanking them for it, they went outside back down to the water and sat down for a while



'girls we missed lunch how about an early dinner?



'sounds good mum



'sure bea



'yes please babe, where?



'what do you all feel like?



'well im buggered mum so i say we got take away and some sweets and take them home, we can watch a movie and stuff our faces



'im good with that babe



'okay cool..... they stood up and began walking to the car, they got home an hour later after making a couple stops for food and sweets, going inside they settled on the couch and had dinner which was chinese, after they ate the 4 of them had showers and were now getting comfy on the couches



'alright so what movie girls?



'im not fussed, you choose mama 



'can we watch the flinstones?...... bea giggled, allie loves that movie, she should have known she would choose that one



'sure baby, deb, kate can you girls grab the sweets and some water please?



'i will get it, you stay here babe.... kate kissed debbie on the cheek and went to the kitchen, bea smiled at the cheesy grin on debbie's face



'oh bea i think someone is falling for the detectives daughter.... allie said and laughed when debbie's cheeks lit up red



'mama stooooop



'oh debbie its so cute, you 2 together are great.... debbie nodded



'im just scared



'what about?



'after what happened with you know who, what if i cant be you know?... she said trailing off






'yea... debbie nodded  'what if i cant give her what she needs or wants



'listen my sweet girl, what you need to remember is she has been where you are, yes it happened a couple years ago and she has had more time to deal with it but she still knows how your feeling, you dont need to rush into anything sexual, in fact she would understand that your not ready



'how do you know when you are?



'the best way to explain it is there is a feeling in your stomach and your heart, a feeling that you get in your body, your body tingles, your heart craves the touch of the other person, you feel this connection with the other and drawn to them.... allie said, bea sat back and just listened because allie is better in talking about sexual things than she is



'how did you know with mum? were you together long? is that too weird to ask?



'not at all, your not asking did we go at it like rabbits, i will tell you about us, we had been dating for 4 months if i remember correctly, for obvious reasons your mum wasnt a sexual person, but for the 2 weeks following our first time we were more hands on with each other, for me i felt it in every touch, every look, when she spoke to me she just oozed loved and want, your mum and i said we loved each other on the same night we were together for the first time, thats not how it always happens but thats how it was for us, it was



'perfect.... bea finished for her and allie smiled



'right, perfect, for us, for you deb your 18, what you and kate have been through was horrid but know there is light at the end of it, not everyone is like that deb, your will know when your ready.... allie had seen kate stop in the kitchen and listen, allie wanted her to listen as well, both girls are young and have had it hard 



'its okay to take your time.... debbie nodded



'thanks, sorry if that was weird for you



'it wasnt its fine, just know you can talk to us anytime you want, although i suggest you talk to kate, i think you will find its easier to talk to your partner even if it is about something like this



'i will, now different subject we have to throw a party for cousin danny



'thats a great idea, his 16th right?



'yep, okay well why dont you call danny and uncle will and get them to come over tomorrow and we can help them organize it?



'okay mama.... kate returned to the couch with the box of sweets, 4 bottles of water and sat down, debbie messaged will and he said he would be around at lunch time with danny tomorrow



'tomorrow lunch time there coming over



'okay cool, we can all have lunch together and figure out what to do for his bday



'okay mum, now flinstones?



'yay.... bea giggled when allie clapped her feet like a child, they put he movie on and half way through allie was so tired she fell asleep, the others watched the movie and once finished went to bed, bea carried allie to her bed and tucked her in, she washed her face and than slid into bed beside her beautiful woman and she too fell asleep








The next day bea had just gotten out of the shower and allie had left the bedroom, allie still hadnt agreed to move back in permanantly but she hadnt said no either, bea still said that this room was both of theres, getting dressed she looked at the time and ran out of the room as danny and will would be here soon and she hadnt even started cooking, going to the kitchen allie was there her feets up on the chair and a coffee in one hand



'allie you should have woken me earlier, i have to cook, they weill be here any monute



'dont worry about cooking, i ordered food and a cheese cake for dessert






'yep, i thought why bother wasting time in the kitchen, i got pizza which only needs plates which i already took out, now stop wasting time and kiss me babe.... bea smiled and leaned down to kiss her



'good morning



'morning babe, sleep well?



'absolutely, i sleep amazing with you



'me too, i was so tired i dont even remember going to bed last night



'you fell asleep when we were watching the movie so i carried you to bed



'thanks babe



'you feel rested allie?



'a little run down but thats normal, it will take up to 3-6 months to get back to my self, as i work out every day a little i will get stronger and stronger and soon enough i can carry you to bed.... bea chuckled



'cant wait, where are the girls?



'they just went for a walk, should be back soon



'they alright?



'yea just needed to relax a little, i sent them to go get some ice cream from the corner store



'we got ice cream



'i know... bea smiled and kissed allie on the head



'your a good mum baby



'thank you, that means a lot



'sorry i dont say it more but its true, your an amazing mum



'enough of that now before i cry and look ugly..... allie said fanning her face, the door bell went at that moment



'i will get it baby... bea went to the door and saw danny and will there



'hey sis



'hey guys come in... she hugged them both and they went inside



'my favorite aunty.... danny said hugging allie



'hey i thought i was your favorite... bea said



'you come in close second



'ugh your lucky its allie and no one else, you guys want a drink?



'water... they both said and bea got them a bottle and they all sat down at the table



'so where is deb?



'she and kate went to the corner shop, wont be long..... they heard the front door open and close and the girls walked in greeting the boys



'when did you guys get here?



'a few minutes ago, how are you doing?



'yea im good, we had a great day yesterday, it was good to get out and about



'thats good deb, good to see you kate



'you too will



'so lets sit down and start preparing danny's 16th



'i really dont need anything 



'ah shush up cuz, we need to celebrate



'but there is so much going on 



'more the reason cuz, listen dont worry about the trial and your mum, we need something to look forward to and to keep us all busy, the trial is 2 weeks later after your party, let us do this for you, this is for you and we need to celebrate



'fine but nothing massive



'yea yea whatever.... danny turned to allie and whispered



'its gonna be big isnt it?



'yep so you just need to deal with it... he nodded



'alright fine where do we start?



'first thing is do you want a theme?



'not really, i cant think of anything good so just relaxed and casual



'okay, hall, house, park, beach? where?



'i dont know.... he shrugged



'i think the hall by the water



'dad thats expensive



'so what, your my son money doesnt matter



'but i dont want you spending all your money.... danny said unsure



'okay before you 2 continue on with your bickering boys, i have already spoken to debbie and bea about this and i will pay for all of it, so go crazy



'no allie you cant do that, thats a lot of money and i can afford it



'i know you can will but just let me, danny is my nephew and i am his favorite aunty, i want to do this for him, we want to do it... she said grabbing bea's hand, will looked at bea who nodded knowing allie wont back down from this, one thing bea knows is allie loves to help out there family



'are you sure allie?.... will stressed



'absolutely, now enough about money talk, debbie the hall by the water, hire someone for decorations, we want banners, balloons, streamers, strobe lights, everything you can think of, danny any colors you want to exhibit mostly?



'i like fluro colors



'great, debbie write it down



'got it mama, oh this is going to be so fun, now your birthday is in 3 weeks



'is that enough time to do all this?



'dont worry about it danny we will get it done, right deb and kate?



'right, dont worry danny






'good, food? pizza? pasta? take out?



'i have an idea for food... will said looking at his sister  'how about a hangi sis? we can cook all the food somewhere nearby, i have some mates that would do it for us and than bring all the food to the hall, it will bring some of our culture into the party



'i think thats a great idea, danny?



'i have hangi so yes im in



'sweet, we will also have some sausages, steaks, potato bake and salad for those that dont like it



'good idea deb, cake? what flavor?



'red velvet for sure, its my favorite



'like your aunty bea... allie said and smiled



'alright how many people?



'lets make a general list deb of guests, danny invite as many as you want



'okay...... an hour later they had finished the list of everything to do, the guest list had about 50-60 and they had eaten lunch, they were sitting down having dessert now



'i know we have the birthday cake but what other desserts?



'could do a chocolate fountain?.... kate said



'thats a great idea babe, what else?



'maybe a couple cheesecakes, a big fruit salad as well



'sounds good. alright i think thats everything. so mama and i will start organizing this, first thing first im going to call the hall now.... debbie walked off and called the hall



'halls for hire, this is monica how can i help you?



'hi monica i want to hire the hall by the water in 3 weeks on the saturday, is it available?



'let me check, give me a moment... debbie waited till the lady came back   'yes it is



'great, how much is it for the night?



'its $2500 for the night



'can you do a better price? say $1700?



'thats a big drop, whats it for?



'my cousins 16th birthday



'the best i can do is $2200



'$1850?... debbie replied






'fine $2000 and you supply 5 waiters to serve drinks?



'deal, you drive a hard bargain love..... the lady laughed



'i am very stubborn, alright so what do you need from me?



'all your details and payment, there will also be a $1000 holding fee incase any damage



'thats fine, im going to use my mama's card, i will just get it..... once the hall was booked she was sent a confirmation email and than hung up, she gave allie back her keycard and sat down



'hall booked, i got her to drop the price by $500 and also supply 5 waiters to serve drinks and help out



'good job deb



'mama i sent you the confirmation email as well so you know exactly what has come out of the account



'thanks deb



'i really appreciate it you guys, now i have one question



'what is it?



'mums out of prison, i met up with her a couple days ago, should i invite her?.... the whole table went quiet and bea looked at allie who had the longest history with marie



'danny this is your birthday, you can invite her



'are you sure allie? i dont want to make you feel uncomfortable



'its fine, she actually sent me a letter about 6 months ago apologizing about everything, i dont take her at face value but im not going to bring it up... danny nodded



'thank you allie, alright dad can we go home please, i have homework



'sure son, thanks again girls, see you soon... bea walked them out stopping to talk to will quickly



'danny your dad will be in the car in a minute i need to talk to him



'okay, bye aunt bea



'bea honey..... once danny was in the car bea looked at will



'have you heard from mum and dad?



'danny spoke to mum a couple weeks back but thats about it, why?



'they sent debbie this long message and im worried about it



'what did it say?



'its on my phone inside, can i send it to you and we talk about it?



'of course sis, dont worry okay i got you and the girls



'thanks, i better get inside but i will send you the message



'okay. i will ring you sometime today and we can talk



'alright, bye... they hugged and bea went back inside, she quickly sent the text to will and looked around for allie



'where is allie?.... she asked debbie who was reading a magazine on the couch with kate



'she went to lay down, said she had a headache



'okay, im going to check on her, if you need me just come to my room



'no worries mum.... bea went to her room and allie was laying in bed, her blue eyes looked up



'you alright baby?



'just a headache, my neck is sore



'you must have slept in a weird way, let me massage it for you and we can lay down for a bit.... bea slid into bed and begans massaging her neck and head, allie let out a few soft moans



'how does it feel?



'sore but good



'you have a knot in your neck, i will gently massage it for you



'okay.... bea managed to get the knot out and than allie fell asleep, as it was a little cold bea pulled the quilt up over them and wrapped her arms around allie and fall asleep, the scent of allie invading her senses.






Chapter Text




A week before danny's birthday party, allie, debbie and kate  were out running errands, paying some bills, picking up some shopping and going to allie's office to check on things, they had just finished at the office and were driving back to bea's house, allie hadnt decided if she would move in permanently just yet but she spent a lot of time there but was still unsure, her phone rang so debbie held  it and answered it on loud speaker and held it up for allie to speak






'hey baby, hows are you guys doing?



'good, we are on our way to yours now about ten minutes away, finished everything and got the shopping done



'thats great, can you do me one more favor?



'sure thing



'im craving chocolate nutella donuts.... bea said shyly, allie could hear it and it made her smile



'i will get you some babe



'great thanks.... just than allie felt the car jolt forward and she looked in the mirror to see a black suv had hit them 



'woah wtf, he is not even stopping



'hey whats going on?...... bea asked



'someone is trailing us, he hit my car but is staying on my ass, if i stop now he will hit us really hard



'wtf, where exactly are you allie?



'im on the main road near the maccas



'alright, try and slow the car down a little..... allie did that but the car hit them again, debbie screamed and her breathing picked up



'mama im scared



'i know sweet heart, your okay, we are going to be okay girls, sit back, make sure your seat belt is on and hold onto something, deb put the phone on the rack so i can talk to mum



'allie im coming now, just stay calm and do your best to steady the car... bea said getting into her car and driving towards the known area, just than she heard metal on metal and screams before the line went dead, bea sped as much as she could to get to the girls, on her way she called kate's dad



'hey bea 



'listen i was on the phone with allie and a car was trailing them, the girls are with allie doing a few things, the car hit them from the back twice and every time allie tried to slow down they would get rammed, the line went dead



'where bea?



'the maccas near my place



'im on my way, i will call it in, be careful when you get there bea



'okay..... bea arrived a couple minutes later, the scene in front of her made her sick, allie's car had hit a tree pretty hard, it was smoking, there were cars stopped around trying to help, she parked and jumped out running over to the car



'deb, allie, kate are you girls okay?



'ugh mum my head hurts, mama is out, i think she hit her head hard, kate. kate where are you?.... bea looked out the back to see kate was slumped over



'deb lets get you out first



'miss i can help.... a male guy maybe in his 30's said



'yea thanks, this is my girlfriend, daughter and her girlfriend



'alright, everyone move back and let us work, buddy you and your mate can help yea?



'yea of course anything you need... the guys answered



'alright you 2 get debbie out, gently and open up the back of your ute, sit her up because she  probably has a concussion



'we got it.... 2 of them got debbie out and carried her to the ute, a couple ladies ran and got water from the shop and some towels and pillows for the heads



'alright debbie is out, thats allie out the front right?.... he asked bea



'yes thats right and kate out the back, allie would want the girls out first



'okay well the 2 guys can get kate and me and you can get allie



'thats a good idea



'HEY WATCH OUT, FIRE!!!!!.... some one yelled from the crowd, bea could hear the police and ambulance not far away



'lets get them now, the car is going to blow up.....the 4 of them worked together to get the girls out



'support the heads guys, its very important, hurry up lets go the fire is getting bigger.....they got the girls out and took them to the ute as the ambulance, police and fire brigade turned up. just than allie's car blew up throwing hot metal everywhere, everyone dodged it except for bea who was covering the girls, one hit her arm and burned her skin causing her to scream out, the detective came running over



'what the hell happened? fuck bea... he grabbed a stick and threw off the metal piece, the ambulance officers came over attending to all the girls



'ladies you are very lucky



'doesnt feel like, this is allie, debbie and kate, we pulled them out of the wreck



'alright we are going to get them stabilized and get them to the hospital miss



'im bea, allie is my girlfriend, debbie is our daughter and kate is debbie's girlfriend, the detective is kate's dad



'alright, we are taking allie and kate now, another car is on the way for you and debbie



'okay, please look after them, there my family



'we got it bea, the other ambulance is 2 minutes away



'got it, andrew go with kate and allie



'yea alright, i will see you at the hospital and we can figure out what the hell happened



'yea, call franky please



'of course.... kate and allie were loaded in the ambulances and bea watched on worried, allie and kate hadnt woken up yet



'mum... debbie groaned out and laid her head on bea's shoulder



'im here baby, you okay?



'yea just a cut on my head i think, feel dizzy as well



'im not surprised



'mum... debbie whispered



'yea deb?



'can you please tell the ambulance guy not to touch me, only the female one..... debbie said as she watched the 2 officers walking towards them 



'i got you baby dont worry



'hello ladies how are you 2 doing?



'debbie was involved in the crash directly, i think she hit her head, i was hit with a hot piece of metal on my arm.... she said lifting the padding 



'okay lets have a look



'umm sorry before you start i need to ask that only she can treat my daughter, its nothing against you but she was attacked and she cant deal with males near her



'its no problem love, i will check you over and get my partner trish to check on your daughter



'thank you i appreciate it..... half an hour later they arrived at hospital









franky was at her office having lunch with bridget and maxine when her phone rang, seeing the detective's name on the screen she frowned



'hey detective how are you?



'franky there has been an accident






'allie, debbie and kate, they were run off the road on purpose, there car hit a tree, they managed to get them out but the car blew up



'what the fuck? how are the girls?



'i need you to come here to the hospital, i will explain everything now, bea is here as well



'im on my way... hanging up she put her jacket on



'whats going on baby?



'allie, deb and kate were run off the road, there at the hospital so is bea



'you 2 go ahead, i will close up the office and tell liz and boomer whats going on



'thanks maxi.... franky and bridget arrived at the hospital 10 minutes later and ran inside seeing the detective in the waiting room



'what the hell is going on andrew?



'we dont know the full story yet but i will tell you what i know from bea and the injuries, bea said she was on the phone with allie, the 3 girls had gone out to do a few things and were heading home, there was an suv that hit there car from the back, every time allie tried to slow down they would hit them again, bea got in her car and drove towards where allie said she was, she heard a crash and screaming than the line went dead, bea pulled up to the see allie's car had hit  a tree and was smoking, debbie was awake but had bleeding from her head, she has a concussion and 10 stitches but she is okay, some whiplash as well



'okay, allie and kate?



'they were passed out when bea got there, kate has been taken to surgery as she has fractured ribs and it pierced her lung, allie was worse than the others unfortunately, she hit her head really hard and has a brain bleed, she is having brain surgery



'i will fucking kill whoever did this



'you and me both franky



i know exactly who is behind this



'the holts? i know franky, i have a team working on getting into the footage we have a long those roads and hopefully we get something out of it, i will break there legs.... andrew said



'listen you 2, i know you both want someone to pay for this but you cant do it your selves



'come on gidge



'no baby, we all love those girls and would do anything for them, but they wouldnt want both of you in jail for doing something stupid.... franky huffed



'i hate when your right..... franky said folding her arms



'well i love it, now the girls will be okay, we need to have good vibes, andrew? franky?..... she looked at them both



'good vibes... they both said



'good now im going to get some coffee, stay here... bridget looked up to see liz, maxine and boomer walking in



'how are the girls?



'i will let andrew explain everything, im going to get some coffee's and call will, i wont be long..... bridget walked off and took out her phone, she went to the cafe and ordered first



'hi miss what can i get you?



'can i get 5 cappuccino's and a caramel thickshake, i also want to get those pre-made packed sandwiches



'sure which ones?



'3 of the chicken, lettuce and mayo, and 3 of the ham, cheese and tomato.



'okay, i wont be long... while bridget waited she called will



'hey bridget how are you?



'im okay, listen i need you to not freak out



'whats going on?...... bridget told will everything the detective told her   'im on my way bridget.... hanging up bridget took her order back to the others who thanked her



'where is bea in this? how did she get hurt?.... bridget asked



'when the car blew up a hot piece of metal landed on her arm and burnt her, she is in the burns unit, she maybe have to get skin graffs but there not sure yet



'that is one of the most painful things to ever get, its like having surgery awake..... bridget shook her head at the thought



'we all have to be strong for them... maxine said and they all nodded. just than they heard the over head speaker come to life



'franky doyle, if franky doyle is here please come to reception'



'oh thats me.... franky went to the desk and the lady looked up






'yes thats me



'bea has asked if you can sit with debbie



'i can but where is bea?



'in the burns unit



'hows her arms?



'i dont know but the doctor will give you an update as soon as they can, i can take you to debbie



'okay just give me a moment please.... franky went to the others 



'bea is in the burns unit and wants me to sit with debbie so im going in, gidge my phone is on me so call with any news



'we still need to get bea's car from the site... andrew said



'alright maxi can you drive with boomer and get it?






'you cant miss it, its near the maccas close to there house, there will be a lot of people still around just tell them i sent you



'thanks andrew.... franky followed the nurse inside and to debbie's room



'franky... she sighed out relieved 



'im here deb, how are you?



'dizzy and some stitches but im fine, how are allie and kate?



'both still in surgery






'in the burns unit tending to her arm



'what a mess, i cant believe it, i thought we were dead for sure



'listen you get some rest deb, once we know your all going to be okay the police with some and take statements and go from there



'will you stay?



'of course.... she held debbie's hand and sat down while she fell asleep









It was 5 hours later when the doctor came out to the group



'mr miller?



'yes, hows kate?



'she made it through surgery and is in recovery, we reflated her lung and patched it up, she will be okay with some time



'thank god for that



'hows allie?.... bridget asked



'allie is not out yet, brain surgery can take time, if they make one mistake it could be a  catastrophe 



'alright, how about bea?



'bea although has just a burn the treatment is harsh, she thinks she can do it on her own but i think she needs someone with her, they need to be strong, need to be sympathetic and understand she is in a lot of pain, they have to peel off the burnt skin and there isnt really enough pain relief for that... bridget nodded and looked at the group, will, danny, maxine, boomer and liz. she stopped at liz who gave a small nod



'i will go, im her sudo mum and i know what she needs



'good idea liz, give her our love



'will do bridget...... liz followed the doctor over to the burns unit 



'alright liz you need to put on a protective gown, gloves and mask



'okay.... they went into the room



'liz this is our burns specialist dr walker, he will be working on bea over the next week.... bea moved her hand from over her eyes, she couldnt look and the pain was so bad that the tears fell freely, liz went over to bea and held her hand and wiped her cheeks



'i got you, im right here



'allie? kate? debbie?



'debbie has ten stitches and a concussion, she will be here for 1-2 nights just as a precaution, franky is with her she is sleeping. kate had surgery as she had a pierced lung, she is out and it went well, she will make a recovery



'good, thats good... bea said through her teeth as the pain coursed through her  'allie?



'allie has a brain bleed, she hit her head really hard on the steeling wheel, she is still in surgery



'she will be okay right?



'they dont know yet, its a difficult surgery but im sure they will do everything they can to help her.... bea nodded



'do they know anything yet?



'not yet bea, the police will be around to take statements from all of you, the detective has a team working on getting any video footage along that road to see if they can identify the driver and car



'AHHHH!!...... bea yelled and liz held her hand tighter letting bea squeeze it as much as she needed. 20 minutes later the doctor was done



'im sorry bea, i dont mean to hurt you but if we dont take off the burnt skin than the fresh one wont grow



'i know doctor, how many sessions will i need?



'well because its not too deep and a small area i think 4-6 days, once maybe twice a day. i wish it was easier but unfortunately its the same every time



'its fine, i can do it



'how do you feel now?



'okay considering, arm is a little hot and stings but im okay



'we have you on pain relief to take the edge off, it will be constant till we are done and come to healthy skin



'okay, can i see my daughter?



'no im sorry, we can only have one person in here. because you have an open wound we need to keep this room sterilized..... bea wiped her tears



'so i cant see my daughter till my treatment is done?



'correct, im sorry bea



'please just leave..... bea said turning on her side to face liz who ran her fingers through her red locks



'i will leave you to it bea, if you need anything just press the button.... the doctor left and bea cried



'how can i not see debbie or allie for nearly a week? i cant believe what happened



'i know sweetheart but they will understand, you know we will all look after them



'i know, i just want to see them



'here lets try video call.... liz pulled out her phone and called franky on video chat



'hey liz



'hey sweety, is deb awake?



'yes she just got up.... franky moved so she could bring debbie into frame



'debbie love how are you?



'im fine, hows mum?



'listen im going to tell you how your mum is and than you can talk to her






'the burn on her arm is bad, she is in the burns unit and has to stay her for a week i would say, no one but me is allowed to visit



'not even me?



'no sorry darling, she has an open wound and she needs to stay in this sterilized room, the more people that come here she is at risk of infection....debbie nodded



'i understand, can i see her



'of course... liz held the phone to see her mum, bea wiped her face and put on a fake smile but debbie is smarter than that



'oh mum its okay, its just a week and than after that we can be together all the time.... bea nodded and wiped her continued tears



'i miss you already



'i miss you too but im okay, franky is with me and we can video chat, hows mama?



'still in surgery






'liz said she is out and in recovery, doctor said she did well



'thats good, it was so crazy mum, the car came beside our car and rammed us from the side, our car spun like twice and than hit the tree, it happened so fast



'we will get them deb, i promise.... debbie nodded than went quiet, bea could see the look on her face



'hey whats wrong?



'what if it has to do with braydon? that would mean its my fault.... bea shook her head



'you listen to me debbie novak, if this is his doing than this is not your fault, what he did and continues to he will pay for it, the whole family will, you are not to blame






'not maybe, you have no blame in this. what if it was harry? does that mean its my fault?



'of course not mum



'than its not yours, you my girl cant control other peoples actions



'i know, oh mum the doctor is here with an update for mama



'face the phone to him so i can hear as well



'okay, hey doctor this my mum bea, allie's girlfriend



'hi bea, im the neurosurgeon that worked on allie, she made it through surgery,  i got rid of the blood clot and she is in recovery



'what happens now?



'she may or may not wake up, if she wakes she could have deficits, not able to walk, eat, drink, talk, or she could be fine with some rest, we just wont know till she wakes up and we do more tests



'okay, thank you doctor, as i am stuck in the burns unit i would like updates on her



'of course bea, i will leave you all to rest.... he walked out and debbie's face came back on the screen



'what are we gonna do mum? if mama cant walk, talk or any of that she wouldnt want to live, you know that, we talked about it



'i know deb, lets just wait till she wakes up and see how she is, right now you sleep, rest up and i will talk to you tomorrow



'okay, i dont have my phone, it was in the car, all ours were



'its fine deb i will go out and get you all phones.... franky said  'anything you girls need



'thanks franky, you have a key to my place franky just go in and in the top draw in my room is a box, it has my keycard, use it for whatever



'i will bea no worries, you guys just rest... bea nodded



'okay, debbie i love you



'to the moon and back mum..... after some air kisses and more tears they hung up



'thanks liz



'no worries sweetheart, you get some rest. its late and i will be back in the morning for your treatment



'okay, thank you liz, is the cafe closed?



'no, fletch has got it, i will handle what you and deb do so dont worry about it



okay, thanks... bea said exhausted, her eyes began to close so liz left the burns unit and went out to the waiting room, she pulled off the whole protective outfit and put it in the bin



'how are the girls?.... liz gave them an update



'im the only one that can visit bea for the next week, these are hard and painful treatments for her, the best thing you guys can do is go home, its late and all 4 girls are resting



'are you sure i cant see my sister?



'sorry will but no, they also dont have phones so you will have to wait till tomorrow where you can call her



'okay, come on son lets get home



'but i want to see our family.... he said sadly



'i know your worried but we have to wait



'okay.... the boys left



'alright maxi and boomer there is no point sticking around right now, im heading home let me drop you off



'okay liz






'franky is with debbie, andrew is with kate, i need to be with allie



'okay love, i will call you in the morning



;alright.... the others left and bridget went to allie's room, the top of her head had a bandage, her forehead had stitches, she had some cuts and bruising on her face as well, she held her hand and sat down to text franky



'hey baby im in a room with allie, im staying tonight so she is not alone.... atext came back pretty quickly



'bea would really appreciate it gidge, what a shit show this is and so close to the court case, i spoke to the detective he said tomorrow we should have some answers



'good, the girls need it. i have a recliner so im going to try and get some sleep, night baby i love you



'i love you too gidge






The suv had driven off after allie's car hit the tree, the driver made a phone call




'its done ma'am, i rammed the car off the road


'are they dead?


'i dont know, lots of people around so i left


'okay, put the car in the back old run down garage at the farm nils, good job. this will teach them to mess with my family







Chapter Text




5 days later franky was in court for an emergency hearing, franky was appearing on behalf of the case so she could push it back because of the accident, or so called accident considering allie and the girls were run off the road, allie still hadnt woken, debbie came out of hospital after 3 days, bea herself was going through some of the most painful days of her life. franky would stand outside the burns unit hoping to get in but they would only let liz in. she could hear bea screaming as they did her treatments. it was excruciating but necessary. 



In this time the holts lawyer has called for an emergency hearing to get braydon and vinnie out of jail. maxine and debbie were in court today with her. franky looked up when she heard the door open for the chambers



'all rise for the honorable judge linda miles.... everyone stood and the judge sat down



'everyone be seated..... the bailiff said



'alright today is an emergency hearing on both sides, the holt family vs debbie novak and associates, is everyone ready?.... she said looking at both lawyers and they both nodded



;good, please.... she nodded towards franky



'thank you your honor, franky doyle for debbie novak and associates, your honor  i am requesting this case be pushed back 



'due to what reason miss doyle?



'your honor debbie novak, her mother and one of the other girls involved in the case had there car  purposely run off the road a few days ago



'were they injured?



'yes they were. debbie novak had a concussion and 10 stitches on her head, kate miller has a punctured lung and broken ribs, she has had surgery and woke up the next day. she will be in hospital for the next 7-10 days and a further 3-4 weeks of recovery, finally we have allie novak who is debbie's mother, she was hurt the worst, she hit her head so hard on the steering wheel that she had a brain bleed, she had surgery but has yet to wake up. debbie's other mother bea novak was also injured saving these girls and now is in the burns unit getting treatment. your honor i am requesting 2 things, firstly we get a new date for 2 months time, secondly i request that both vinnie and braydon holt be kept on remand due to the severity of the charges. your honor a new investigation has been opened into this car situation and the police are looking into the leads they have



'miss doyle you call it a car situation not an accident



'thats correct your honor, although it hasnt been proven yet i have no doubt the holt family are responsible for what happened. 



'thats hear say... nills jesper the holts lawyer said



'its facts, you just wait till i prove them mr jesper... franky bit back



'your honor miss doyle is throwing around accusations without any proof, my clients are in jail, how could they do such a thing?



'now mr jesper i know you dont think i came down in the last shower? the holts are a well known family, im not saying they are to blame but it is definitely suspicious. in saying that miss doyle i need proof of the accident and medical records



'i have the police report of all involved except for allie novak, i also have photos of the site and all the medical records



'bailiff please.... he bought them up and handed them to the judge



'alright lets take a break so i can go over these records, we will reconvene in 1 hour........... she hit the gavel and walked to her chamber, franky grabbed her things and went to debbie and maxine



'what now franky?



'lets go have some lunch and wait, we come back in an hour.... debbie nodded and followed franky out of the court room and they went to the coffee shop across the road of the building. they sat down and looked over the menu, the lady came and took there order



'i will get a blt with chips and a coffee please



'sure and for you



'i will have the lasagne with salad and a coffee.... maxine replied



'no problems and yourself young lady



'just a coke for me



'deb you have to eat something



'im not hungry franky, i just cant eat... franky sighed



'just get her a tortallini and some hot chips please, also can we have iced water as well



'okay, i wont be long..... they sat around for a while, franky had to physically feed debbie, the young girl was just so upset and traumatized from everything that happened. they had been to see allie that morning but still no change. it wasnt any worse which was good but she hadnt woken up. they also saw kate who was in a lot of pain. franky had to calm the detective down as all he wanted to do was go and shoot the holt family and there smug lawyer. the whole situation was getting to everyone. there was lots of left overs as debbie only had a few fork fulls of her food and some of maxines so they got it packed to take away. as they were walking back to the courthouse franky's phone rang, seeing it was face time for bea she answered



'hey bea how are you?



'im fine franky.... franky could see her face was red, she had tears stained cheeks therefor meaning she just had one of her treatments



'hows court going?



'we are waiting on the judge to make a ruling, should be any minute



'okay, is deb there?



'yea here let me put her on... franky handed the phone to debbie as they sat down outside the court room



'hey mum how are you?



'im okay sweetheart, how are you doing? please dont lie to me



'im okay mum, i just... i want you to be okay, i want to see you properly and hug you, i want mama to wake up, i want kate to be okay... bea nodded and wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks



'i know deb, hopefully i only have a couple more days till i can see you properly. listen i have been on the phone with aunty bridget and we have organized the top brain surgeon to come and assess allie



'really? when?



'there flying in today at some time, i think this afternoon. bridget found through a friend of a friend of a friend



'thats good, i hope she wakes up



'me to baby









'what if they let braydon and his dad out? i dont know what i would do



'listen to me deb, if they do get let out i will make sure no one comes near you again, if i have to hire 50 security people than i will, no one will hurt you my sweet girl, i promise... debbie nodded



'i love you mum



'i love you too sweety



'i have to go we are getting called into court, i will message you when we find out



'okay and make sure you go get a new phone for you, kate and allie



'i will bye.... hanging up debbie gave franky her phone back and they went back into court and took there original places, the judge came back in and everyone sat down



'alright miss doyle i have been through the paperwork, firstly yes i will grant you a new court date to give the victims time to recuperate



'thank you your honor



'you didnt tell me one of the victims kate miller her father is a detective?



'was i supposed to your honor?



'no but im surprised you didnt, he is one of the most respected detectives on the force, has 5 bravery awards and has put many people behind bars.  one thing i do know about him is his daughter means everything to him, i hope mr jesper that your client is not responsible for what happened because the detective does not mess around, he wont stop till he has those responsible behind bars



'understood your honor



'good, now as for braydon and vinnie holt i agree with you miss doyle, the charges are far to serious to let either of them out on bail awaiting trial, so no bail will be set. they well remain in wentworth correctional prison till the trial.... franky saw debbie breath a sigh of relief 



'thank you your honor 



'miss doyle please see my clerk out the front with the new trial and all your paperwork. i also request that if this is not sufficient enough time and you see later down the track they need more than please come back to me. although do not use this as a tool to keep them in jail without a proper court case



'i understand your honor.... she hit her gavel and court was over, franky hugged debbie gently



'lets get out of here



'okay.... they got in franky's car and she put the air con on



'do you need to do anything deb before we got to the hospital?



'i ordered 3 phones for me, kate and mama, there paid for i just need to pick them up



'where at?



'the optus shop near the hospital



'alright lets go..... maxine picked them up for debbie and than they went to the hospital, they parked and went inside going up to kate's room first



'hey babe.... kate smiled tiredly 



'hey baby how are you feeling?



'im okay, just a little tired... debbie kissed her on the head



'i bought you a new phone you just need to set it up



'you didnt have to do that, thankyou babe, i will set it up when i have the energy



'i will do it for you, i got you babe.... kate held her hand







'where is your dad?



'i sent him to get lunch, he was pacing the floor again, i needed some peace and quiet



'i can imagine, he is just worried



'i know and i love him for it but he is making me anxious



'i get it



'hows your mum and mama doing?



'i spoke to mum earlier, i can tell she is in pain but she is doing okay considering



'thats good



'no changes with mama, but mum did tell me that she and aunty bridget called in the top brain surgeon for her so hopefully they can tell us more



'my fingers are crossed, you should go sit with her



'i am, i just wanted to see you first so you know im here for you



'i know babe. kiss me and than off you go... debbie smiled and kissed kate 



'alright, i will take the phone with me and set it all up, when its done me or one of the others will bring it back



'okay babe



'hey deb i will meet you at allie's room, i am going to explain to kate and her dad about court today



'alright, maxi are you staying with franky?



'im coming with you darling.... they left the room and went to the icu and going to allie's room, bridget was sitting there watching some tv, debbie went over and kissed allie on the cheek



'im right here mama.... she whispered in allie's ear



'hi aunt bridget



'hi darling, how did it go?



'good, franky got the date moved to be in 2 months and they have to stay in prison



'great work



'yea franky did a great job, she is a power house in the court room



'she sure is, where is she?



'with kate, there waiting for her dad to get back to tell them the news



'thats good, does your mum know?



'yes, franky text her when we finished from court



'thats good



'mum told me about the brain surgeon, what time will they be here?



'about 4.30-5 this afternoon, he is actually a  brain technician, he has a special technique that will help tell us if allie is getting better or not



'thats really good. whats it costing?



'its not cheap



'how much? i just want to know?



'i think you should ask your mum, thats not my business to tell and your mum is handling that side of it... debbie nodded



'can i borrow your phone please?



'of course here... debbie sat beside allie bed and face timed her mum



'hey baby 



'hey mum what are you doing?



'just eating a sandwich, where are you?



'with mama.... debbie said pointing the phone to allie, bea smiled sadly and touched the phone where allie's face was



'stay strong beautiful girl



'hey mum i know the brain guy is coming later on, whats it cost?



'20 thousand.... debbie's eyes went wide



'holy crap



'he is not cheap but he is the best and we need that for allie



'true, well its not like you or mama dont have the money



'exactly, i would hand over every cent just to have her come back to us



'i know mum, do you need anything?



'im okay, liz helped me shower, im eating now and i have another treatment after... debbie nodded



'what did your doctor say?



'that its looking good. some of the fresh healthy skin is growing, he thinks maybe 2-3 days more of treatments and than it should heal with creams and bandaging



'thats great mum, your the strongest person i know along with mama of course



'of course



'i know it hurts but dont give up, i need you back, mama and i need you back



'deb stop please. im gonna start crying at your sweet words.... bea said fanning her eyes as liz held the phone



'im just so proud to have you as my mum



'ugh thats it you set me off... bea said wiping her cheeks as the tears flowed



'im proud to have you as my daughter deb, mama and i are both proud of you



'ugh were so soft.... debbie said and they all laughed, debbie saw bridget and maxine crying and bea saw liz do the same



'i love you so so much deb



'i love you to mum, i will face time you later when the doctor comes so you know whats going on



'thanks deb, i have to go, my treatment is about to start, bye



'bye mum..... debbie hung up and handed bridget her phone



'thank you



'no problems, so we got a couple hours till he comes so lets get these phones set up



'good idea







debbie had just gotten back from kate's room, she had set up her new phone and stored all the phone numbers in there



'hows kate doing?



'she got up too quick and split her stitches, the doctor is there now fixing them



'oww that would hurt



'yea it did, they gave her some morphine to help



'thats good... a knock on the door bought them away from there conversation



'hi im doctor grey im looking for bridget and bea



'im bridget, this is here is bea and the patients daughter debbie



'okay, is bea not here?



'she is in the hospital, a patient in the burns unit so she is unable to come down but debbie is going to have her on face time



'okay great, so this is allie, im going to do some checks first so you can call bea as she would probably want to see whats going on.... debbie called her mum which was answered quickly



'hey deb



'hey mum the doctor is here, im going to set the phone down so you can see and hear everything and the doctor will explain what he is doing



'okay... debbie set her phone up and saw a guy around 40



'hi bea im dr grey the brain specialist



'hi doctor, sorry i cant be there



'not to worry, i hope your doing okay



'i will be in time, allie is the important one right now



'alright so im just checking her chart which looks okay, so no further swelling, no further blood clots which is good



'okay so what next?



'i have a special machine that im going to use on her, listen girls this isnt going to be easy to watch, i will technically send a shock to her brian to see what activity is going on, you may not want to watch this



'im in doctor



'us too... bridget said once debbie nodded



'alright lets get started..... he got a couple nurses to bring in his machine, there was so many wires, 2 laptop screens connected as well



'im going to stick these to her head, can i ask why she hasnt got much hair?



'she had breast cancer, she got the all clear about a month ago



'so she in remission?






'poor woman, lets see what we can get..... he stuck the wires on her head, neck, forehead, there were about 10-12



'alright im going to start to shock her, they will be small to start with and than i will make them stronger depending how allie reacts to the senses...... he started and they watched on, you could see the current run through her body, this went on for the next half an hour as the doctor made notes on his laptop



'alright so i have some good news and some average news



'the average first.... bea asked



'alright so the lobe that controls her right hand seems inactive



'what does that mean?



'it could go either way right now, its still early and she could get full use of it






'she could also never be able to use her right hand ever again



'fuck , whats the good news?



'she is definitely there, her brain shows significant  brain usage which is good news



'why hasnt she woken yet?



'the brain controls the whole body, if she was without oxygen for too long than there could be damage we cant see



'is there a time frame we should be putting in place?



'honestly bea yes, if she hasnt woken within 15 days of the surgery than she most likely wont wake up, its been 6 days



'can we do anything to help her along?



'i can do brain stimulation which will help the sensors stay active



'will it hurt her?



'not at all, it will help her brain to continue to function



'okay, deb and bridget can you please leave the room for 5 minutes so i can talk to the doctor privately?



'yea okay mum.... they left the room and the doctor sat down in front of the phone



'doctor this woman is everything to me, i want you to do everything possible to get her to wake up, i need her like i need to breathe



'i will do everything in my power



'good, now tell me what it will cost to have you stay till she wakes?



'you have already paid 20 grand, i dont want to charge you anymore



'doctor i asked you to drop everything to help allie, that covered all your expenses. i know what your worth, i know you make ten times that a week



'listen bea i also read up on allie and you girls, i saw what happened to your daughter, i know about the court case, i know they were run off the road, i know your suffering in the burns unit, we can both play the i know game, lets make a deal. you pay for my hotel and im good



'i will pay for your hotel, a hired car so you can get around and at least let me feed you?.... the doctor smiled



'your a hard woman to argue with



'you have no idea



'alright deal, now how long are you in the burns unit for?



'i think 2-3 more days of intense burns therapy, if all goes well i will finally be able to just be a normal patient while it heals



'will you need skin grafts? can i see it?



'sure.... she aimed the phone and he looked it over



'it is looking good bea, you may need a couple skin grafts but lets hope not... bea pulled the phone back up to herself



'hopefully not, alright i have a friend franky who is my best friend and lawyer as well as bridgets partner, i will organize payment for everything through her



'no worries, im not in a hurry, its getting late so im going back to my hotel now but i will be back tomorrow morning to start the therapy



'thank you, get my number from debbie and you can call me anytime you need, please dr grey i need to know exactly what is going on with allie all the rime



'of course bea, let me get debbie so you can say bye to her,.... he walked to the hall and handed debbie her phone



'i will let your mum explain everything to you, bridget can you give me bea and franky's number please?



'yes of course.... once he put them in his phone he put it in his pocket



'see you girls tomorrow at about 10am, bye 



'bye dr grey.... he left and bridget and debbie went back in the room



'so what happened mum?..... bea told them everything that they spoke about and how the treatment will go ahead



'so bridget i need for you to talk to franky, she has been given authority on my banking and she can pay him. ask her to give him $200 a day for food and organize a car for him



'i will speak to her at home tonight



'thank you, now deb i need you to leave the hospital, i know you want to stay with the 3 of us but you need rest, your eyes are red meaning you have a headache



'damn it i forgot you know me too well.... bea smiled



'i sure do deb, now please go and stay at franky and bridgets place, franky has already made up the spare room, she has made for the both of you and is waiting for you 2 to get home, deb you need rest, a proper bed, let franky and bridget look after you



'fine... debbie huffed



'good, now its late you 2 can go home, thank you both for being there for allie



'its no problem bea, we will be back tomorrow



'after lunch, let the doctor work in peace and quiet



'okay, come on deb say bye to your mum and lets see kate before we go home



'alright, bye mum



'bye sweetheart, sleep well and have a bath to help you relax, franky has the same vanilla stuff we do cause bridget loves them



'alright.... after hanging up they went and saw kate quickly and than headed home, walking in the house they could smell whatever franky was cooking which smelt devine.






'in here babe... they entered the kitchen to see franky stirring something in a pot



'hey baby... franky turned aorund and smiled, kissing bridget on the lips



'how are the girls?



'i will tell you later, we are tired and need to relax for a bit



'no worries, hey deb i went to your place and packed you a bag, its in the spare room



'thanks franky



'you 2 hungry?



'starving, what did you make baby?



'panang curry with fried rice and poppadum's, sit down and let me look after you 2..... they had dinner and sat around for a while, bridget explaining everything to franky



'bea wants you to pay him for her



'yea sure, i will do it all tomorrow, how about you both go have a bath and relax, i cleaned both tubs, than we can have some marble cheesecake with ice cream for dessert



'sounds good..... debbie and bridget had a bath, they all had dessert and watched a movie, debbie fell asleep within ten minutes so franky tucked her in bed. she joined bridget in there own bed 



'so dr grey says its promising?



'yes franky, but he said not to get our hopes up



'i get it, allie has to pull through, for debbie, for bea. it would kill them both... bridget nodded



'i know franky, lets go to sleep im really tired



'okay babe come here.... franky wrapped her arms around bridgets body and they both fell asleep









bea's tears travelled down her cheeks, the dr did his best to take it slow and give her as much pain killers as possible but it doesnt matter. the pain was so bad while getting her treatments that she isnt sure how much more she could take. 



'okay sweetheart your doing great bea



'its too much liz



'i know, remember who your doing it for yea



'debbie and allie



'thats right, now a few more minutes and we are done.... bea nodded



'alright lets do it... she said towards the doctor, ten minutes later the doctor took off his gloves



'bea you have done so strong. that was your last treatment from me



'really? i thought there was at least 2 days?



'well your burn wasnt too deep which is good, this here is the fresh clean skin that will start to grow and cover it



'will it scar?



'hopefully not but its too early to tell



'so i can finally leave the burns unit?



'we will put you in another ward. you will stay in for a while still but you can go out and see people and get some air. we will wrap it when your out but when your in bed we leave it open to dry out and help the skin grow, but bea you still have some healing to do






'meaning you have 2 hours total out of your room and than the arm needs to be unwrapped otherwise it will get an infection and there is a possibility of imputation, you have put in the hard work so far so lets keep pushign forward



'okay doctor, i want to go see allie



'sure, let me wrap it and you can go..... after wrapping her arm liz and bea walked out of the unit carefully, she also had a sling on holding her arm close to her stomach



'liz do you know where allie is?



'yes love, she isnt far 



'okay, i want to get her some flowers



'okay lets go to the gift shop...... they stopped at the gift shop and than went up to allie's room, bea made a note of the way to get there, walking in debbie was there with franky



'hey mum, are you allowed here?



'yes, no more skin peeling, i can be out 2 hours a day and i can have visitors. when i go to my room there going to move me to a proper ward



'thats great mum, here sit down with mama, dr grey is around somewhere



'thanks baby, hey franky



'hey red, you alright?



'im good, its allie and kate that got the worst of it, any changes?



'not sure, dr grey is about to start doing some tests..... dr grey came in and connected his machine to allie



'good to see you in person bea



'you too dr, hows my girl?



'fighting hard, we have some brian activity



'thats good



'it sure is, now im going to start shock therapy..... bea stayed for half an hour as she wanted to see allie again later at night, she stood next to allie and kissed her cheek



'i love you beautiful girl, you fight baby, you fight for us, for our daughter, for our life together... bea kissed her over and over again and stood up wiping her tears



'please keep me updated



'of course bea, i will call you later tonight



'thanks dr grey. hey franky you want to come up with me?.... franky can see bea needed someone with her, she was worried about allie and franky was happy to support her best friend



'of course, i can check out your ass in your gown.... bea scoffed but smiled



'bea love im going to head to the cafe, if you need me just call



'i will liz, thank you so much for everything



'its no problems at all, be careful and listen to the doctors



'i will, bye deb, i will call you later on, love you



'love you too mum



'oh hows kate?



'doing okay, i go from mama to kate, her dad is with her



'thats good. i will see you after... kissing debbie on the head bea and franky left the room. as they took the lift up franky saw bea crying, they stepped out of the elevator at her floor and franky pulled bea into her arms, bea tried to fight her off but franky was too strong



'i got you



'its not right..... bea cried



'i know red, i know. i got you, we all do. we are all here for you..... franky took bea to her bed, the nurses took her to a new room and got her settled, franky made sure she had a tv and clean clothes she had bought in as well, she ran her fingers through bea's hair



'get some rest, im not going anywhere...... bea closed her eyes holding onto franky's hand, the stress of the whole situation finally getting the best of her



Chapter Text









bea remembers the first day it happened, they had just got married and were on there honeymoon, allie was in the shower with the door open while bea was tidying up there hotel room, she had walked passed the bathroom and stopped in her tracks, she could see allie's silhouette through the shower screen and fuck did she look absolutely beautiful. bea just couldnt help it, allie's body was so inviting so she went into the bathroom and stripped down naked and got into the shower, she wrapped her arms around allie from behind. allie had moaned at the redheads touch



'babe, i was just about to get out



;i dont think you should go anywhere



'no?... allie said moving her head to the side as bea kissed her neck



'definitely not, i want you in here with me






'hmm... bea said sucking on a sensitive spot on her neck, bea caressed allie's body so softy and sexually that allie felt so loved, so wanted and so horny, bea remembers her hands wrapping around allie, they had spent an hour in the shower before taking it to there bed and continuing there antics. the next day allie had nicknamed there night, calling it 'the one' and everytime either of them wanted it they would say it and would spend the next few hours how they spent that particular night, it happened about 4-5 times a year mostly on special occasions, bea needs allie to wake up, she wants that night back with her



popping her eyes open she looked around, seeing her beautiful girl laying in a hospital bed



'hey mum you alright?... debbie said her voice full of worry... bea nodded and rubbed her eyes



'im good deb, just a little tired



'i know, here i bought you some lunch and a coffee



'thanks deb... she said taking the food and coffee taking a few sips



'no change on mama yet?



'no sweetheart



'mum its been 13 days, she needs to wake up



'i know deb, we are doing everything we can



'i know mum, eat your lunch... bea nodded and took a bite of her sandwich



'hows kate doing?



'good, being at home for the last 5 days is much better for her, her dad hired nurse rose to be there for kate for when he is at work



'im surprised he went to work?



'not his choice, kate told him he has to work out what happened to us so she told him to go



'any news on that?



'i know what you know mum, hopefully soon.... bea nodded. she finished off her sandwich and ate her banana than sat back holding allie's hand, she ran her other hand over allie's head



'come on baby you have to wake up, you cant leave me, i need you, i cant breathe without you.... bea kissed her cheek



'she is strong mum



'she is but tomorrow will be the final day of the 2 weeks, if she doesnt wake by tomorrow than she probably never will



'mama has this, she will wake up, she has too much to fight for... bea nodded and gave a sad smile, dr grey walked in half an hour later



'hello ladies, how is my favorite patient?



'no change yet dr grey



'alright, so im going to do the therapy now, im going to up the pressure so i think it would be good for you both to step out



'i dont want to go anywhere but deb you should, i know this is hard for you, if you dont mind i need more clothes, can you go home and get me some?



'yea okay mum, anything else you need?



'no thanks deb, are you okay on your own?



'i think so, i will call a sheba so a woman,, go home and come back



'alright sweety. call me if you have any issues



'i will. love you



'to the moon and back..... debbie left the room and bea moved back, she was not allowed to touch allie while the therapy was going on



'alright bea lets get started..... as the doctor went on bea watched in worry



'your sure this wont hurt her or damage her brain?



'it wont bea, the only thing im doing is stimulating the brain cells that she needs to wake up and stay active



'okay.... after the therapy the doctor was packing away the machine



'bea how is the arm?



'its healing well the doctor said, i can be out of the room for as long as i want now



'thats great



'any skin grafts?



'doesnt look like it, doctor said i will be able to be discharged soon



'awesome news



'yea, now just got to get allie to wake up.... bea said kissing allie's hand as she was able to touch her now, she felt a squeeze on her hand



'allie?... she said looking up 'allie?



'what happened bea?



'she squeezed my hand



'are you sure?



'absolutely dr grey



'alright lets have a look... he rubbed his hand over allie's chest



'allie? allie open your eyes for me



'she squeezed me hand again, allie wake up baby..... allie's eyes began to slowly open and than close again as it was too bright



'allie open your eyes again for me, im dr grey, just open them slowly for me.... allie did just that and began coughing and trying to take the tube out of her mouth



'allie dont touch that, its helping you breathe, just slow your breathing down.... allie looked at bea and held her hand tight



'slowly baby, im right here beautiful girl, just breathe slowly..... allie slowed her breathing, bea could see the fear in her eyes



'im going to check you over allie, if you can breath on your own i will remove the tube.....the doctor checked allie's lungs, heart, blood pressure as well. 



'alright allie im going to remove the tube, when i tell you give me a big cough....allie nodded, the tube was removed and allie coughed up quite a bit, and bea was there to wipe her mouth and give her a little water and she took small sips than laid back down



'what happened?... allie said softly



'what do you remember allie?



'the car, we had a car accident, wait the girls, are they okay?



'there okay..... bea told allie about the 2 girls, allie grazed her hand on bea's arm



'what happened to your arm?



'its nothing allie



'bea you have to tell her, she needs to know everything, if she is worried than it wont be good for her.... bea nodded at the doctor



'your car blew up and i was covering you girls and a piece of metal landed on my arm



'you got burned?



'yes i did



'she went through quite a recovery allie, im going to update the other doctor and staff about allie waking up, bea i will leave you to tell her everything, just be honest



'okay.... he walked out and bea smiled at allie and kissed her cheek



'what do you want to know?



'everything please...... bea told allie about the accident, about her injury, her recovery, the girls, everyone helping, how dr grey has been involved and the time frame she has been in a coma 



'13 days?



'yes baby



'shit, can i walk?



'there is no issue with your legs although you havent walked in so long you may need to do it slowly



'okay, but you and the girls are okay?



'yes we are, kate is home and healing



'where is debbie?



'she went home to get me some clothes, she wont be long.... allie nodded



'is the accident my fault?...she said sadly and it broke bea's heart as she wiped allie's tears



'no its not allie, not at all.  the police have determined you were run off the road, they dont know who it is yet but franky and i have come up with an idea, the holts



'makes sense, debbie is the lead person in the case and with kate involved and me being debs mom i wouldnt put it passed them to do this



'agreed. we just have to leave it with the police, kate's dad is on the case



'thats good. umm so i need to go to the toilet



'you have a cathader in



'i want to use the toilet, please bea can you help me up?



'of course, let me get someone to help and make sure you can get up... bea bought in dr grey



'can she use the toilet? she doesnt want the cathader



'if you feel like you can get up than yes lets give it a try, i will take out the cathader and we can get you moving.... it was hard, allie couldnt walk so they carried her to the toilet, allie told bea she wanted a shower so she washed her down and than got her back into bed



'thank you dr, i appreciate your help



'no problems allie, you get some rest and i will be back later on



'okay.... he left and allie yawned



'allie go to sleep, you need rest



'you wont go anywhere?



'im staying right here baby..... allie closed her eyes and fell asleep, bea grabbed her phone and decided to text everyone that allie had woken up, everyone responded happily and said they would visit in the next few days, putting her phone on charge she got as comfortable as possible waiting for debbie to get back







debbie came back about an hour later with a bag slung over her shoulder



'here you go mum, clothes for you and some for mama when she wakes up, any news?



'didnt you read your messages in the group chat?



'no, why?



'deb she woke up






'yes, she woke up, the doctor took the tube out, i explained to her what happened, she went to the toilet and had a little wash down than went back to sleep, look no tube... debbie looked at allie and smiled



'no tube, she woke up?



'she sure did



'how about her right hand?



'doctor will check later on, seems to have some weekness but we will see later on



'im so glad she woke up mum.... bea said sitting down beside her mum



'me too deb, so what did you bring me?



'a few things, you choose what makes you comfy, go have a shower i will stay with mama



'alright, i will go to my room and shower there, if you need me my phone is on



'okay mum, do you need help?



'no thanks, the nurse will wrap my arm and i can wash myself, be back soon.... bea went up to her room to start her shower. debbie took her phone out and video called kate



'hey babe



'hey baby how are you feeling?



'im okay, i have a check up in a couple hours at the hospital so i will come and see you after my appointment



'do you want me to come and get you for your appointment?



'thats okay, nurse rose is bringing me, she is a god sent, thanks for giving us her number



'no worries, she was great with mama, do you think you could stay for a while after your appointment? i could take you home after or you can come home with me, i will look after you



'you dont have to do that babe



'i want to kate, come on let me help you like you have helped me 



'i dont know, you have to ask my dad, he gets worried when he isnt around



'i will call him and i will get back to you in a few minutes



'okay babe.... they hung up and debbie called kate's dad



'hey debbie everything alright?



'allie woke up



'thats great news, let her know i will come by tomorrow to get her statement



'i will. so i rang to ask about kate, i know she has an appointment at the hospital this afternoon, i wanted to know if you would be alright her staying over mine tonight? i will look after her and than bring her back home to rose tomorrow on my way to the hospital



'i dont know deb, i dont like being away from her for too long



'why dont you come have dinner with us after work at my place? that way you can see her, make sure she eats and it would put your mind at ease



'are you sure your okay with her? she needs help moving around sometimes



'absolutely, please let me help



'alright, if she is good with it than so am i on one condition



'whats that?



'i bring dinner



'done deal. lets say 8, by the time we leave here and i get her settled at home, you can finish work and go home to shower and change?



'sounds good, oh deb?






'thanks for looking after her



'anytime.... hanging up debbie rang kate back



'so what did dad say?



'he said as long as your okay to come than yes, he will come and have dinner with us at 8 and than leave after that



'great, i will get rose to pack a bag for me



'okay great, message me when your on your way and i will meet you and come to your appointment



'than i will tell rose to just drop me off



'sounds good, i will let you get some rest, see you soon..... hanging up debbie looked up when she heard someone walking in and stopped at the door



'who are you?.... debbie looked at this woman, she looked familiar but she wasnt sure where she had seen her before, she had blonde hair, green/blue eyes, slim built, in fact she look very much like allie, debbie stood up



'i said who are you?.... debbie asked as the woman stared at allie's sleeping form



'im um.. im karen proctor, im allie's mother..... debbie scoffed loudly



'why are you here? 



'i wanted to see allie, she is my daughter



'oh now she is your daughter, but when all that shit happened you didnt support her



'i gave her money



'yea when she was hooked on drugs, you have no idea what you and your asshole husband did to my mama



'your her daughter?



'yes, she adopted me, my mum and her were married, anyways that doesnt matter now



'i just want to see her, talk to her, make sure she is okay



'you saw her, thats all you get now get lost.... debbie bridget up her shoulders stopping this woman from getting closer to allie



'please i just want to talk to her...... in that moment allie groaned and woke up



'bea?... she mumbled out looking around



'mama, oh mama im glad your awake... debbie said coming over to her



'me too, are you okay sweety?



'im okay, just some stitches but im good






'getting better, she will be here later on



'thats good, listen mama someone is here, i told her to go but she wouldnt



'who?.... debbie moved to the side and allie;s eyes went wide



'mum? is that really you?



'its me allie



'i can make her leave mama... debbie said with fiery eyes, just than bea walked into the room, eyeing up the new woman 



'whats going on here?



'mum this is karen proctor



'allie's mum, why are you here?



'i came to see allie, to make sure she is okay



'no thanks to you... debbie said and rolled her eyes. allie had to smile, debbie was really protective of her parents



'i think you should leave, allie needs to rest



'no its okay bea



'are you sure allie?



'umm yes.... allie rubbed the bridge of her head feeling a headache coming on, the stress of seeing her mum right now was a lot



'listen mum just leave me your number, i just dont have the energy to get into anything right now



'im worried about you allie, you dont look well



'of course im not well, i had cancer and it almost killed me literally, i just came out of a coma after 13 days... she snapped at her mum



'allie im sorry



'dont do that, dont start some half assed apology right now, i dont have the energy, im so drained, im exhausted and my mind is all over the place, so leave me your number and when im ready i will contact you..... karen nodded and wrote down her number and handed it to bea



'okay, please allie i just want to explain, i want to talk to you



'when im ready... allie said sighing as bea rubbed her head, karen nodded and walked out of the room



'you okay baby?



'yea, i will deal with her another time, my head hurts



'deb can you get dr grey please?



'sure mum..... debbie returned with dr grey



'hi allie, your experiencing a headache?



'yes, my eyes hurt from the light



'alright lets dim the lights.... debbie did so... 'allie im going to send you for a full mri and we can see whats going on, it might just be a simple headache, have you got pain in your neck?



'yes on the right



'okay bea  or debbie why dont you massage it gently for her and a nurse will be in soon to take you for the test



'thanks doctor, allie why dont you lay on your side i will rub your neck



'i will do it mum, your arm is still healing



'thanks deb.... ten minutes later the nurse came into the room



'alright allie lets get you down to do the mri



'babe will you be here when i come back?



'sure will.... bea kissed allie on the lips  'i love you



'i love you too.....allie was rolled out of the room



'hey mum kate is coming here for a check up so im going to go meet her, she is staying at our place tonight



;will you 2 be okay at home on your own?



'yes because we have a new friend at home



'what does that mean deb?.... bea raised an eyebrow



'i bought a dog






'what? he looked so cute and he told me he needed a home 



'where did you see him?



'at the dog rescue shelter



'oh funny that, i was just walking passed yesterday near franky's place and i walked inside, he is cute look.... debbie bought up a photo of the medium sized stocky dog, he was black with some white on his face



'he is cute, whats his name?



'bullet, he is so cute, he is a staffy so wont grow anymore than that... debbie said and smiled  'are you mad?



'im not made but you could have asked



'i know sorry, but can we keep him? 



'you will look after him? clean up after him?



'yes yes i promise



'okay fine but you have to get him a proper place to sleep and some toys and stuff, here use my card and get a doghouse, sleeping bed, bowls, toys, food and anything else he needs, is he microchipped?



'yes he is, i got it done yesterday, he got a fresh wash and than i bought him home



'where is he? like in the house?



'in the laundry, i put down a couple old pillows and blankets for now



'okay, order what you need and get it delivered today, including a collar and leash to walk him






'yea really



'thank you, thank you, thank you mum..... debbie said hugging her mum and kissing her all over her face making bea giggle



'i just want you to be happy deb



'im getting there mum, slowly but surely



'good, now go meet kate and come back after her appointment



'i will, bye homie







debbie and kate had just finished from her appointment, debbie threw her back oack over her shoulder and wrapped an arm around her girl to help her walk



'im sorry im so slow deb



'im not in a hurry babe, im just happy your doing better



'me too, are we going to allie's room?



'yea, im so happy she woke up



'i cant imagine she would be feeling all that great



'she isnt, they took her for an mri, not just that thou, i mean the whole situation is crazy, been run off the road with me and you in the car, waking up 13 days later, your mother who abandoned you turning up



'her head must be in a spin... kate said



'for sure, we will all be there for her



'are you sure i should still come stay with you deb? i dont want to put you out, i dont want to Burdon you



'you could never be  a burdon babe, i want you with me



'if your sure?



'i am, lets go in the elevator.... they got to allie's room a few minutes later



'hey girls, how are you doing kate?



'im fine, how are you allie? we were all so worried..... she said coming over to gently hug the woman



'im okay kate, i got that cutie over there to look after me... allie said nodding towards bea who rolled her eyes playfully, allie would always be so cheesy but she loved it, bea hugged kate as well



'you doing alright?... bea said holding kate's face 



'i am but i need to sit down



'come here babe.... debbie cleared off the recliner and got her into it, she took her jacket off and drapped it over her girl



'warm enough?



'yes thank you baby



'so what did the doctor say kate?



'says im healing well, i should be fully healed in about 2 weeks



'thats good, no permanent damage?



'a couple little scars from surgery but apart from that no



'thats great



'yea, how about you allie? deb said you had an mri, what are the results?



'waiting on the doctor for them, hopefully soon... right on que dr grey walked in



;hi allie, how are you feeling?



'tired but okay, those my results?



'yes, nothing to worry about, no issues with you overall, you have come out of a coma after 13 days so it has taken a big toll on your body



'how about the headache?



'thats normal for someone who has been threw what you have, drink water and we can manage it with pain meds and massages or packs, now we thought you might have problems with your right hand so im going to perform some tasks with you and see how it is



'okay... he got her to do a few things with both hands as a comparison 



'its good allie, a bit of weakness in both hands but thats normal, once we get you moving around more than your muscles will tighten up and get stronger



'so she is going to be okay doctor?



'yes bea she is.... bea released a big breath she didnt realize she was holding in



'good, thats good news 



'alright allie i will be off now, i will be back tomorrow



'thanks doctor.... he left the room and bea went over to allie kissing her



'see babe nothing to worry about, i will be annoying for a long time... bea giggled



'cant wait.... bea sat down and they relaxed for a while, debbie could see kate was getting sleepy



'babe lets get going yea?



'hmm okay... debbie helped her up to her feet



'you girls sure your okay at home?



'yea mum we will be fine, bullet is there with us



'umm bullet?... allie asked confused



'oh yea our daughter went out and bought a dog yesterday






'yep, look at the photo mama..... debbie said showing allie



'aww he is cute, i cant wait to play with him



'he will love it, alright we are off, franky and bridget are coming to visit soon



'alright, let me walk you girls out, allie i won tbe long



'okay...... bea helped debbie walk kate outside the hospital, debbie had called a sheba ride and the woman was waiing for them, they got in the car and drove off so bea went back inside, she was hopeful, allie is awake, kate is on the mend. debbie is okay, they will get threw this trial, they will find out who did this and when they do bea will make them pay for it





Chapter Text




a week later allie was out of bed and doing her rounds around the ward. she had started slowly a couple days after she woke up. with the help of someone she would walk a bit each day getting better and better. the function in her right hand was back to being strong and no further damage had happened. right now thou she was walking on her own, she woke up and felt good so had a shower and got dressed on her own than went off walking slowly with a walking stick



'your doing well allie



'thanks nurse



'slow and steady okay, dont push yourself more than you can handle allie



'i wont, im only going to do what i can



'good, if you need help just call out i will be around.... allie nodded and continued her walk, she had been walking for about 15 minutes when she saw bea



'hey babe



'hey baby, out on your walk?... bea said kissing allie on the lips



'yep, i had a shower and got dressed and now just walking along



'you should have waited for me allie, at least the walking in case. i worry you will fall



'im okay baby, im going slowly 



'alright, now that im here thou... bea said putting out her arm and allie took it



'thanks babe, hows the other arm?



'its feeling better, now that i have been discharged and be with you im much happier... allie smiled when bea kissed her cheek



'i love having you here too. so how is deb and kate?



'there okay, kate's doing much better, some tenderness in her ribs but doing much better



'and deb?



'physically she is fine but mentally she is struggling as is kate, i think having kate stay with us for a while has been good



'its better babe because her dad has been working crazy hours with the case and is barely home, its better she is with you and deb



'agreed, so i want to talk to you about something baby?



'should i be worried?.... allie said with a frown on her face




'no, well i hope not, come lets go back to the room and sit down to talk.... allie nodded, a few minutes later allie and bea sat down on the chair in her room



'so whats up?



'have you thought anymore about coming back home?



'you mean to live with you and deb?



'yea. deb and i were talking about it last night again



'she wants an answer?



'she does but so do i, allie i love you and i know i hurt you so much.... bea stopped talking when allie put her hand up to stop her



'babe we already talked about that, yes i was hurt i cant lie about that but im not holding onto any anger or hurt from it. its in our past and we have moved on. you have to forgive yourself bea?... allie grabbed bea's hand



'im trying allie, i really am.... bea smiled sadly



'i know babe, alright so back to the main subject



'hmm yea, so we want to know if you have decided?



'i have thought about it, i just worry that we move back together too quickly



'i worry about that too to be honest but debbie said something to me that made sense



'which is?



'that we are soul mates, that we are meant to be and life is too short to waste time apart.... allie smiled and stood up, she moved closer to  bea and gently sat on her lap careful of her arm. the redhead wrapped her arms around allie and kissed her cheek



'i think your daughter is really smart



'our daughter is very smart



'right our daughter, so how about i move back in but i have my own room? that way we can have our own space but be together if and when we want? what do you think about that bea?



'i think i can handle that, so we can move you back home while your here?



'or you can wait till i get out to do it



'no its fine i can get it organized allie, what do you want to with your furniture?



'keep my bed for your spare room and  the 2 side tables, ask deb or the others they can take what they want, the rest just donate it to a shelter



'i can do that, i will organize it all and by the time you get out it will set up



'deb has keys



'okay cool. do you want to sell it or rent it?



'i think i will rent it out, keep it and i will get some one in there, it can be an investment property for debbie, the rent can go straight to her bank account



;you dont have to do that allie



'i want to, she is my daughter too and i want to make sure she is looked after no matter what happens..... bea smiled, she loves how much allie cares for debbie, she has always gotten her everything she wanted but not as a hand out or to spoil her, she has taught debbie hard work and loyalty



'so we are going to live together again?



'yep, totally u-hauling babe... bea smiled at allie's giggle



'i love you allie



'i love you too babe, now kiss me.... they kissed a few times and allie rested her head on bea's shoulder and they watched tv till allie had fallen asleep, bea lifted her on the bed and tucked her in. leaving a note letting allie know she was going to check on the girls and get things sorted but would be back later with dinner








arriving home bea walked inside, it was lunch time so she picked up some pasta and salad from the take away store from down the street, putting the food on the table she looked for the girls



'deb, kate where are you?..... she didnt get much of an answer so walked down the hallway towards debbie's room and knocked than entered



'shit sorry... bea said and backed up closing the door. she saw kate and debbie laying on the bed kissing arms wrapped around each other. she heard a big bang and heard kate yell out in pain



'oh fuck



'are you girls alright?



'come in mum, fuck babe im so sorry.... bea walked in again and saw kate on the ground holding her ribs



'what happened?



'i pushed her off by accident, you scared us



'im sorry girls, i thought you were sleeping, kate are you alright?.... bea said crouching down



'i landed on my stomach



'im so sorry babe, im so so sorry



'its okay, i know it was an accident, but fuck it hurts



'alright let me have a look kate..... bea touched around her ribs trying not to hurt the young girl



'oh god it hurts.... kate said holding her stomach



'alright im going to call the home doctor



'mum shouldnt we go to the hospital?



'i dont want to take her unless she needs to go, it might just be painful because of the pressure, let me get her on the bed and i will call the doctor..... bea gently lifted kate and put her on the bed and debbie sat with her while bea made the call



'im so sorry babe, i didnt mean to hurt you.... debbie said running her fingers through kate's blonde locks



'its alright deb, i know you would never want to hurt me



' never intentionally 



'i know baby, it will be okay..... bea walked back into the room



'here put this on your ribs kate, the doctor will be here in half an hour... she handed kate the ice pack



'thanks bea



'im sorry i scared you guys



;its okay bea, you just caught us off guard



'i need to knock and wait.... bea smiled as debbie and kate blushed



'muuuum.... debbie whined embarrassed 



'okay deb im done, well i bought lunch but i will keep it warm till the doctor comes, you rest up kate i will be back soon.... bea walked out and back to the kitchen to make a coffee, she sat down and pulled out her phone and called maxine 



'hi sweety



'hi maxi how are you?



'im good and you?



'im okay



'how is allie?



'doing much better, hopefully she can come home in a few days\



'thats great news, im going with franky and bridget tonight to visit her



'she would like that, i will bring dinner with me and we can all eat together



'sounds good



'so im calling for a favor?



'whats up sweety?



;'allie has decided to move back in with us



'thats fantastic news



'yea, im stoked, so i need help packing up her place



'i will get onto it bea, meet me at allie's place tomorrow and we can start



'what do i bring? boxes?



'i will take care of it all hun, just bring coffee and donuts, be there at 11 after you visit allie in the mroning



'okay, thanks maxi



'no worries hun, i will see you tonight



'okay bye..... hanging up bea went to the door after hearing the door bell



'hi im dr renolds and im here to see kate miller



'yes come on through.... bea explained what had happened about the car accident and today and led him to debbie's room



'deb, kate the doctor is here



'hi doc



'ladies, im just going to check kate over and see whats going on



'i will wait in the kitchen doc.... bea went back to the kitchen and sat down making a list of what needs to be done, the doctor came out ten minutes later



'kate will be okay, she just aggravated the bruising, keep using cold packs and here is a script for pain meds



'thanks doctor



'no worries, if there is any more issues just call us again or take her to the hospital



'okay... the doctor left and bea heated up food for the girls, they all ate and laid down to take a nap, even bea was tired







4 days later bea was on her way to pick allie up from the hospital, maxine had organized bridget, boomer, liz, will and danny to pack and move allie, most of the furniture allie had was donated to the shelter and they were very thankful for that, all of allie's stuff was bought to bea's house and set up in one of the spare rooms, bea had ordered a cupboard and dresser for all of allie's stuff and she also had her bedside tables. will and danny went back and cleaned the place and organized with a friendly realtor to put it for lease getting allie to sign the paperwork at the hospital. parking her car she went inside the hospital for finally the last time for a long time and up to allie's room, she stopped at the gift shop to pick up some flowers and a teddy bear, she went into allie;s room giggling at the sight in front of her, allie was bent over still in her hospital gown and undies trying to pack her stuff, her gorgeous ass out for everyone to see, luckily it was just her 



'you right there baby?.... allie turned around and smiled



'hey babe, i missed you



'i missed you too, luckily i get to take you home today



'aww home, i missed home and you and the girls, hows kate?



'getting better, sore but getting there



'thats good



'yea, these are for you



'thank you babe, there beautiful



'how about i pack your stuff while you get changed?



'i wanted to shower, i stink of the hospital



'you can shower at home if you want, i bought your favorite products... allie smiled and kissed bea



'okay, can you help me pack please?



'you get changed baby.... 10 minutes later allie was wheeled out of the hospital by a nurse and bea walking right beside her



'here we go, you okay to get up love?



'yep all good, thank you so much nurse, i really appreciate you all nursing me back to health



'happy to help... the nurse went inside



'where is your car?



'right there across the road, can you walk there?



'sure can.... they arrived home half an hour later, bea grabbed the bag as allie got out of the car, wanting to do it herself, the door to the house opened and out came debbie



'mama, im so happy your home... she hugged the older woman



'me too sweety, how are you?



'im good, how are you feeling?



'much better, a little slow in walking but thats normal, a few more days than i will be back to my full self



'great, come on inside... they went inside with bea following



'allie how about i show you your room, we set it up but if you want to change it thats fine



'okay sure... walking down the hallway debbie opened the door and allie smiled  'its perfect, thanks guys



'it was all mum, she has been fixing it up for the last 3 days, day and night.... allie turned to bea and kissed her



'thank you babe



'it was nothing, i will pack your stuff away if you want to shower



'yes please, hey deb can you just get me a change of clothes 



'of course mama, you go shower i will bring them into the bathroom........ allie finished her shower and dressed into pj's that debbie bought her in, she wasnt going anywhere but giggled when she saw that they had pepper pig on them, walking to her room she sat on the bed, this was the main thing allie wanted, she had her bed specially made since when she was getting chemo she was always sick in bed and wanted comfort, bea came in with some water and a sandwich



'you hungry?



'a little, whats in it?



'turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo



'yummy, come sit with me babe.... they both sat with there backs to the headboard, it was silent only allie;s eating, allie frowned when she saw what was in front of her



'when did that come here?



'i bought it from your place, you need a tv in here allie, i know how much you like to watch tv and movies in your bed, plus i can come and snuggle with you and watch a movie



'oh so you just want to get in my bed?.... allie said and bea blushed



'maybe, if your lucky 



'i feel lucky... allie said putting her empty plate aside and holding bea's hand



'me too, im so lucky your back here with us.... they shared a few kisses and than allie sat back






'yes please



'debbie put a bunch of movies and shows on your tv hard drive, what do you want to watch?



'something relaxed.... bea put a movie on they had seen so they didnt really have to concentrate, it turned out well because allie fell asleep her head on bea's shoulder, she left her for a little bit than realized she would have a sore neck so helped her to lay down causing allie to groan



'shuu its just me, im just getting you comfortable.... once allie was tucked in she kissed her cheek, turned the tv off and left the room going to debbie's room to knock



'come in mum... bea walked in and smiled, kate was laying on her back slightly elevated, her t-shirt up to just under her bra and debbie was holding a cold pack against her ribs



'allie all settled?



'sure is, she had a shower, something to eat and than fell asleep, how are you kate? do you need anything?



'im doing okay, debbie is really looking after me.... she smiled at the Brunette 



'thats good, any ideas for dinner girls? 



'lets get take away mum, you need to rest



'im fine



'really? the big dark bags under your eyes say a different story



'i dont have bags.... she said going to debbie's mirror  'shit i do, i have just been busy



'yes you have, moving allie's stuff, setting up, cleaning, going back and forth to the hospital and your arm is still sore.... bea pouted 



'your to smart for your own good deb.... both girls giggled



'i know, anyways i will order something later on, right now go and have a nap mum



'are you sure? your both okay



'mum we are good, we have some some decent days right babe?



'oh yea, its been good here, i feel safe with deb and i hope she feels the same with me?



'i definitely do, so mum we are good, the house is locked, cleaned and everything is done, go and relax



'okay fine, your so bossy



'yes i am now off you go.... bea saluted and walked off hearing the 2 younger girls laughing, bea smiled, its been too long since she heard debbie laugh and muck around like she has been, its great, checking on allie she was fast asleep so bea went to her own room and changed into shorts and a shirt and got into bed, it was 1.30 so she could sleep for a couple hours, she was tired and needed to rest, now that allie was home and settled now she could rest. she rolled on her side and closed her eyes, sleep claiming her quickly






Chapter Text






bea was reeling from an argument she had with allie, allie had settled back in with the girls for the last week and things were doing better, kate and debbie were really blending together, kate was still staying with them and the girls were happy to have her continue to stay there. bea was now sitting on the couch half assing watching tv, the fight had started out earlier in the morning when allie wanted to go and buy a car, bea thought it was a bit early after the accident but allie insisted and really wanted debbie to come with them, kate said she would be fine on her own for a couple hours as she was tired and was just going to sleep, although bea called nurse rose and asked her to come over just in case



arriving at the car place that allie found online allie walked around looking at the selection



'hey mama how about this one? its beautiful... allie looked through the window and it wasnt really for her



'not for me deb, but how about you?






'yea, you need a car so how about i buy you one... bea was looking at another car and than went over to her girls hearing them talking



'whats going on?



'babe isnt this a nice car for debbie?



'debbie?.... bea frowned



'yes debbie, she likes it, its nice, safe and not too big, i want to buy it for her



'i dont think so



'why not?



'because debbie doesnt need a car



'actually yes she does, when she is able to drive she takes your car or my old one, she needs to be able to get around on her own, she is an adult, i can buy it for her, her bday is in a month so i can make it her present.... allie said smiling, she had wanted to buy debbie a car for a while but never got around to it



'i said no.... the tone in bea's voice made allie's smile disappear 



'bea why are you being like this? i want to get it for her..... debbie wanted to be anywhere but here right now where her parents were fighting, she took a step back and leaned on the car watching what was soon to be a stupid fight, well to her anyways



'im not being like anything allie, you are not buying my daughter a car, she is my daughter and  thats the end of it.... bea hadnt realized what she said and it was too late to take it back, the look in allie's eyes said how hurtful that comment was



'your daughter ay, good to know



'wait allie i didnt mean it like that



'i know exactly how you meant it, debbie is only your daughter and im nothing to her right, im out of here....bea grabbed her arm to stop her from walking off



'dont go allie please, im sorry



'let go of me bea, now!!!.... bea let go knowing the tone allie used was pure anger and hurt right now, allie walked to debbie and kissed her cheek



'you go home with your mum



'where are you going?



'dont worry, i will see you later hopefully..... allie walked off, bea stood there for a good 5 minutes as allie hailed a taxi and got in watching as it took off



'what the hell mum?



'i know okay, i bloody know.... bea said frustrated



'your both my mum, i dont know what posessed you to say that



'i dont freakin know, come on lets get home, hopefully she will be there when we get there... they arrived home 20 minutes later and allie wasnt around



'where is she?... bea said frustrated checking the house quietly not to wake kate



'i dont know mum, just let mama calm down and she will be back, im hungry



'i havent made anything, just order something and use my card



'okay, im going to sit with kate.... bea nodded, she sat on the couch, she spent the next 6 hours waiting for allie, checking the house over and over again, cleaning because she does that when she is frustrated, she has called and text allie over and over again but got nothing, she paced the house anxiously waiting for allie to come home, eventually at 7pm the front door opened and bea stopped in her tracks, allie looked up to see bea with tears rolling down her cheeks, the redhead looked so scared



'whats wrong bea?



'whats wrong? you have been gone for hours, no text, no call, nothing, i was so scared something happened to you



'my phone died, i didnt mean to worry you.... allie said going to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, she was still angry with bea for her comments about debbie so needed to keep a distance from the beautiful woman, because when bea looks at her with those puppy dog eyes she melts and she needs to keep her guard up till they sort out what happened



'your phone died? you couldnt find any other phone, laptop to email me, anything, fuck i was so scared



'well im sorry i didnt contact you but im fine.... bea sighed in frustration and went back to the couch wiping her face angrily, she mumbled something about 'fucking phone' and sat down, she was tapping her foot loudly and had her arms crossed, her eyes were on the tv as if she was concentrating but in reality she was pissed, allie watched the redheads frustration and realized how worried she would have been, she went over and sat down but not too close, she put her hand on bea's leg to stop the nervous twitch, bea had always done that, when she was pissed, frustrated or angry she would tap her leg. 



'bea stop tapping



'i cant



'just take deep breaths, just calm yourself down slowly.... bea took a few deep breaths and the tapping stopped, she looked at allie and sighed



'i never meant to hurt you, i know debbie is both our daughter



'than why did you say what you did?



'i was scared, i know that debbie drives around when she needs to but to have her own car is too much



'why?.... bea's jaw tensed not sure how to say it  'bea talk to me



'so much has happened to all of us but debbie is young and she has been hurt beyond anything i could ever imagine, i cant keep my eyes on her if she has a car and can just go where ever she wants at any time of the day or night. you guys had a bad car accident and what if someone does that to her? she wont know what to do



'why didnt you just say that to me?.... bea shrugged knowing how hard it was for bea to talk about her feelings



'i thought you would think i was being too full on and like a helicopter parents



'bea i understand all that, im not one to judge, i dont really want debbie to have her own car but she is 19 and needs one, how would you feel about talking to debbie to connect find my phone? if she is okay with it so you know where she is and if she is safe?



'yea okay, im just scared



'i know babe. we will do everything in our power to keep her safe..... bea nodded



'i really am sorry allie, i never meant what i said



'i know, your forgiven but i want one thing



'whats that?



'a kiss.... bea smiled and leaned in kissing allie on the lips 



'so where were you?



'at work, i was with bridget and she was filling me in on some things that have been going on



'anything to worry about?



'a few things, bridget wants to leave and go work in the medical field again. she has been offered a job at wentworth prison as a phycologist 



'where harry is?



'yes, they have been asking her for a couple years to work there and she thinks its time for a change



'makes sense, what are you going to do?



'i think im going to sell the business, there is a company in japan that want my business, they have been making offers for a years now



'should be easy to sell off and its worth quite a bit allie, you will have a lot more money when you sell, have you thought about what to do next?



'not really, i can take some time off and help be here for debbie and kate, you as well. i can help in the cafe. im just going to take it easy for a while, after everything that has happened and i nearly died i realized life is too short so i want to enjoy it with my girls.... bea kissed her again



'i love you



'i love you too bea, so i got bridget to contact the guy in japan and tell them my points of what i want and see there offer



'thats fast



'yea well bridget wants to leave in 3 weeks so im going to get it done asap



'good idea, what can i do to help?



'nothing really, just be understanding when i have to do conference calls with japan as with the time difference they could be in the middle of the night



'i got you baby, lets put the subject aside for now, are you hungry?



'starving, i didnt eat at all today



'i didnt cook so how about some take away? chinese?



'sounds good babe, im going to shower while you order



'okay, oh you better see deb she has been worried about you



'i will.... allie stood up and walked to debbie's room and knocked



'come in..... she heard debbie's voice and she opened the door  'mama finally your home



'yea sorry deb, i was at work



'are you okay? did you sort things out with mum? she is going mental



'we talked its all sorted, we will talk to you tomorrow about what happened but we are good



'thats good



'mum is ordering chinese, you girls hungry?



'stupid question mama.... they all laughed



'i thought so, you doing alright kate?



'yea heaps better, no pain just a bit of tenderness



'good to hear, alright im going to shower and than we can eat....... half an hour later the girls were sitting at the dinning table eating



'so i was thinking about danny



'what about him deb?



'well with the accident obviously his birthday was cancelled, so i was thinking with my court case starting next week it will go for a couple weeks maximum franky said, so after it we should put it back on, but make it a surprise party, the hall and everything is on hold for now, what do you think?



'thats a great idea deb, let organize it for the saturday in 3 weeks, deb, kate can you speak to everyone and get it done?



'sure mum, its gonna be great



'your 20th is a week after it, any idea what you want to do?



'nothing, i think i just want a chilled out day



'are you sure deb?



'mama so much has happened and the trial its going to be too much. i just want to relax but if i change my mind i will let you both know



'okay sweet heart, oh man im stuffed.... allie said rubbing her belly, bea smiled when she let out a little burp  'whoops excuse me



'my little piglet... bea said rubbing allie's belly



'well i think we are going to shower and than head to bed, do you want help cleaning up mum?



'no its only 4 plates so i will take care of it, off you go too bed



'alright, night mum, night mama



'night bea and allie



'good night girls.... the couple replied and watched as they headed to debbie's room



'so allie i was wondering something



'oh yea, whats that?



'i know you have your own bedroom but can we have sleep overs?



'sure, you want to come and sleep in my bed?



'you dont mind?



'hmm let me think, spooning a hot woman all night, i think im good with that.... bea blushed and giggled



'so how about i tidy up here and than shower, i will meet you in your bed allie?



'sounds good to me babe.... allie stood up and went to walk away only to stop a couple feet away and turn to face bea



'hey babe?






'i would really appreciate it if you wear those shorts i like



'i red ones?



'yep, they look really sexy on you,  i mean you look sexy in and out of everything but they really do something for me.... bea smiled



'sure thing baby..... allie winked and walked off to her bedroom to get ready for bea, bea quickly cleaned up and went for a shower, she put on the bred booty shorts and a red tank top, she sprayed some perfume on and headed to allie's room, stopping to make sure the house was locked before doing so. she knocked on the door and entered when allie said t. allie looked up and licked her lips



'gorgeous.... she said and bea blushed, she just couldnt help it when it came to allie, she closed the door behind her and giggled when allie pulled the blanket back



'for you my queen... she said



'thank you... they both got in bed 



'so should we watch a movie?



'sure allie, something romantic would be good... allie put a movie on and was about to press play but bea stopped her



'hold on a minute, i think we need to talk about something



'okay, whats up?



'i know we are taking it slow with us and i dont want to rush into anything



'yea... allie said unsure where this was going



'we obviously kiss, hold hands, hug and so forth but i just want to see where your at allie? like are you okay to wait a bit for sex?



'yes bea of course, we only got back together not long ago and i know that when we were together previously we never had an issue with that, our sex life was amazing.... bea nodded



'so your okay to wait a bit?



'most definitely, im not ready bea, we have some things to work on together and need to built our trust again on both sides..... bea nodded again, she was relieved to hear that that allie was okay with taking it slow  'now in saying that lots of snuggles are okay right?



'absolutely allie, come here..... bea opened her arms and allie laid her head on bea's chest, they watched the movie for a while and they both fell asleep by midway, feeling comfortable and happy to be in each others arms









The next few days passed and it was the day before the court case was starting, debbie and kate woke up is a really bad mood snapping at everyone, they had a fight about kate eating a sandwich without her, it was stupid but both there feelings were all over the place, the past couple days have consisted of being with franky and going through there stories over and over again. bea and allie were worried as the girls had come home exhausted. kate's dad came over to have dinner with them last night and had discussed taking time off to be there for kate but bea and allie had told him that this whole thing will take a toll on not only deb and kate but all the other girls involved in the case. franky had found 68 girls total that were all going to testify on both braydon and his dad of the sexual assaults they all endured. now thou kate was out on a walk while debbie was sulking 



'allie im going to find kate and see if she is okay



'alright i will check on deb, fancy arguing about a sandwich



'i know but emotions are high



'i get it, be safe out there, after the last few days we cant take anymore



'i know.... allie referred her comment to whats happened, to say it had been a rough week would be an understatement,  5 nights ago the electricity had been turned off and when bea went to the electric box the wires for the bedrooms had been cut, bea had called in a electrician to fix it urgently, he came early morning and told bea that it was done on purpose,



the following day there was a bad smell wafting in from the outside. allie and bea searched inside and outside to see where it was coming from and they found 5 dead fish around the house,



3 nights ago debbie and kate had just come home from franky's office and had a shower,  they were waiting on bea and allie that had gone to get food when the whole house filled up with smoke. they couldnt see anything, they were screaming and yelling so ducked down and debbie grabbed kate's hand and they went to the bathroom which didnt have as much smoke, bea and allie arrived home to see smoke coming out of the house but no fire, running inside allie opened all the windows and doors while bea looked for the girls, they were okay but scared, no one knows how it happened but the detective came over and said that it smelled like the smoke you use in the smoke machine at parties and stuff.



2 nights ago the alarm for bea's car went off at 3am and she jumped out of bed and raced outside seeing all the windows smashed and the words 'keep your mouth shut bitch' on the side of it.



last night they had a drive by shooting. luckily they were all in there rooms so no one got hit but the police came and found 30 bullet holes out the front of the house. all of this was reported to the police, bea and allie decided to go to a hotel, so while they packed a bag each kate had a sandwich to eat as she waited for the others and it ended in a fight with debbie, bea left the hotel room and went to the pool area seeing kate sitting on the side with her feet in



'can i sit?



'sure bea..... bea sat down and copied her movements with her feet in



'are you okay?



'we literally argued about a sandwich, its so stupid



'yea it is but its not about that, emotions are running high, you girls are being targeted and its getting to you



'yea, im sorry bea, all this trouble i bought



'dont even think about it kate, what you, debbie and all those girls went through with those pigs is heart breaking, i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy



'yea but



'no buts kate, i dont care about the house, the car or anything, this is about getting justice for you girls.....kate nodded 



'its so frustrating, we just want to be left alone, i mean we are staying at a hotel with police escorts, its crazy



'the family we are dealing with is very powerful and dangerous, there going to do everything they can to get to you girls but we will keep you safe



'thanks bea, i really appreciate you being here for me as well..... kate said leaning her head on bea's shoulder, the redhead wrapped her arm around the tired and sad girl



'im right here, your dad, allie and all the others are here to support you.... they stayed there for a little while longer till an officer came over to them



'sorry bea but we cant have you out in the open for too long



'i get it, come on lets go inside and talk to grumpy... they walked back inside and went up to there room which was on the 15th floor, allie decided that if they were to stay at a hotel it would be a really nice one so she booked the hilton and it was up high so it cant be easily accessed, entering the room debbie was sitting on the bench on the kitchen and allie was talking to her



'where did you go?



'just down to the pool, i needed some air.... debbie nodded



'i was worried



'allie lets go watch tv... taking allie's hand they went to there own room and closed the door to give the girls there own privacy. they were in there for 40 minutes when the door opened and the girls walked in 



'we are hungry.... bea rolled her eyes



'what a surprise, thats why i ordered room service, it will be here any minute, did you 2 talk?



'yes we did, its all sorted



'good to hear..... just than there way a knock on the door



'yay food



'wait deb i will get it, just to make sure.... bea went to the door and looked through the peep hole. the officer put his thumb up to say all was okay so she opened the door



'hi miss i have your food



'i will take the trolley thanks... she gave the young man a tip and she checked the trolley and bought it inside closing and locking the door



'girls lunch... all the sat at the table



'what did you get mum?



'i got a 2 steaks with with chips, salad and mushroom sauce for you and kate, i got allie a creamy mushroom and chicken pasta and myself a seafood pasta and a bowl of chips for us to share.... she said handing out the food



'thanks babe



'yea thanks mum



'thanks bea



'no worries girls, tonight we can get pizza or something, unfortunately we have to live off take away for a while, we will most likely be here till the trial is over



'its okay babe, we will make do, wont we girls?



'yep, all good mum



'im just greatful you guys let me stay with you



'of course we would kate, your part of this dysfunctional family



'hey speak for your self mama, im cool



'sure sweetheart, eat up and lets get some rest.... they all finished lunch and put the tray outside the door, there was 2 police officers stationed outside there door and there was 6 others around the hotel keeping watch for anything criminal and making sure to keep the girls safe. the rest of the day they relaxed and watched some movies before turning in early to be ready for the fight of there lives 









Chapter Text







The trial had been going for 4 days so far, to say it was exhausting would be an understatement, it had taken a big toll on the girls and bea was trying to keep it together for them, maxine and boomer had been there everyday to help bea with kate, debbie and allie.  bea could tell that all the information coming out was really tearing at allie's heart and soul, she was pale and bea was really worried. it was lunch time on the 5th day and the judge had just called lunch so bea grabbed allie's hand and the others followed the couple out of the courthouse and across the road to the cafe there, walking in they sat down 



'hey girls can you order lunch i need to talk to allie for a moment?



'sure sweety, take your time



'thanks maxi, just order us whatever, you know what we like... maxine nodded and bea pulled allie with her out the back to the outdoor seating area, no one was there so bea sat on the bench near the pond and pulled allie into her lap wrapping her arms around her



'talk to me baby



;i dont know what to say.... allie said leaning her head on bea's shoulder



'i know this is hard but im worried about you, your pale, not eating much, not sleeping and quiet



'i know, im sorry, i dont want you worried about me when your energy should be with debbie and kate



'and it is with them as well but your important to me too, talk to me beautiful girl.... it took a minute for allie to open up



'you know seeing all the girls come through and make there testimony and listening to all the hurt braydon and his dad did makes me sick. debbie and kate havent even done there's yet and i feel sick just the thought of it, it brings back a lot of shit for me, i want to be there for the girls but listening to everything is hard



'i get it allie, this brings up a lot of bad stuff for me as well, maybe you should not come to court anymore



'no i dont want to do that, i will deal with my emotions myself, i want to be here for the whole thing



'are you sure?



'yes i am, i will be okay, i might get stuck in my head at times but i will do my best to get passed it just dont let me drink, can you do that for me? i dont want to drown my sorrows, not till after the trial anyways, i need to stay alert



'i got you beautiful.... bea said playing with the hair on the back of allie's head, it was growing back. slowly but in a few months it would be a full head


'i love you 


'i love you too baby... bea said kissing allie on the lips  'alright lets go eat so we can have the energy to fuck up these pricks.... allie nodded and they went inside and sat at the table



'mum i ordered you and mama a blt with chips and a ceasar salad to share



'thanks deb.... they ate lunch and bea paid much to allie;s annoyance, they went back to court and saw franky standing there talking to bridget



'hey bridget when did you get here?



'just now, i hope you dont mind allie i have no meetings for the rest of the day



'of course not, i trust you to run the business how you see fit, any news on the sale?



'yes they accepted the offer, all the staff will keep there jobs as well, we have some stuff to talk about allie



'you 2 should come for dinner tonight, babe that alright with you?



'yes of course, we will get take away and we can all relax



'sounds good red, alright you girls ready for whats up next?



'which is?



'braydon will be up again



'is it normal for him to take the stand a few times?



'yea it is allie, either i or his lawyer can call him up as much as we want



'alright, lets go.... they went in and sat down, braydon's dad vinnie was staring debbie down as braydon was on the stand, she sat next to allie and kate, bea saw this and growled



'dont fucking look at her prick.... she said loud enough for everyone to hear, there were mumbles of worry. the court house was full and had been from the start, there was jacs holt and a few random people for there side, there was news crews and 4-5 woman that were from the abused womans support group that kate and debbie had been to a couple times, apart from them there was an area located for all the victims that have already testified and there family which was slowly filling up



'order in the court.... franky stood up and face bea



'whats going on red?



'his dad better stop staring down debbie, its not right... bea seethed



'alright i got it... franky faced the front  'your honor one of the victims mother bit out at vinner holt because he keeps staring at her daughter, your honor these girls have been through enough and what mr holt is doing is a type of threat



'mr holt refrain from looking, talking or speaking at the victims or you will be held at the jail while the court process continues... vinnie nodded but braydon smirked at debbie.  kate put her arm around her girlfriend and pulled her tight into her



'i got you babe... debbie nodded, the rest of the day went by with braydon talking shit as usual, the 4 girls arrived back at bea's house and all got changed out of there court clothes



'what should we get for dinner girls?



'im not fussed babe



'deb? kate?



'can you get Portuguese chicken and chips with all the sides?



'sure deb, i might go pick it up, allie do you want to come for a drive?



'sure babe



'girls we wont be long, franky and bridget will be here soon



'okay mum... bea and allie pulled up at the chicken shop 10 minutes later and walked inside



'what should we get allie?



'whatever you want babe.... bea wen to the service counter



'hi what can i get you girls?



'can i get 2 whole chickens cut up please, 2 large chips, 10 spring rolls, 10 chicken sticks, a pesto salad, a greek salad, a ceasar salad all large ones. 2 bags of flat bread and 2 large tubs of greek yoghurt



'sure, anything else?



'no thats it thanks,,,, bea paid and they sat down waiting for the food, allie got a text message



'debbie asked if we could get something sweet babe



'yea lets got to the sweet shop.... they walked together to the shop



'hi what can i get you?



'can i get a mixed box, can i get 8 each of the proffiteroles, mud cake, canoli, vanilla slice, caramel tart and chocolate donuts



'sure thing, i wont be long... 25 minutes later they arrived home with there food and sweets, going inside they saw the other 4 setting up the table



'it smells good mum



'lets me put it all in bowls, here take the desserts deb



'what did ya get?



'mixed box



'yum... debbie said putting it on the bench out of the way, they sat down a few minutes later



'so how do you feel after the last few days deb and kate?



'okay i think, its hard to hear but we know that this needs to happen, a couple weeks of a trial is worth it to put them away for a long time



'i agree with deb... kate said and kissed the young girls cheek



'thats a good head space to be in



'we thought so....... after dinner bea and franky cleaned up while allie and bridget sat in the office to work on the contracts of the sale of her business



'thats a lot of money bridget



'yes it is, 30 million profit is huge allie, thats profit from the money you put in yourself



'i can really look after my family without issues... bridget nodded



'yea you will, i just want to thank you allie for the opportunity to run your business, you have been very generous with the pay as well



'bridget your the only person i would have trusted to run things for me, you helped me through my cancer, my break up and get together with bea, through everything, you have been amazing so thank you



'we are family allie



'yea we are, alright lets get this signed... allie signed the paperwork and gave it to bridget



'i will get this filed with our lawyers 



'when will it be complete?



'14 days, so if you change your mind you can pull out anytime



'i wont change my mind, its time to move on and do something different, something less stressful and easier, maybe a dessert shop 



'sounds good allie, alright lets get out there i can hear debbie bugging bea about dessert



'sounds about right.... allie went to the kitchen seeing bea at the bench fixing the desserts, she wrapped her arms around her form behind and kissed her neck



'hey babe everything sorted?



'yes, we sold the company and i earned a profit of 30 million, i just signed the paperwork



'holy shit, i knew you had a successful company but that much?



'yea well i have a hidden computer system that only i have the codes for



'im really happy for you baby



'for us babe, its both our money, i did it for us, now in saying that i think we should start a shared bank account again



'really? thats your money allie, i dont want it



'i know you dont bea but i want this, its for our family, our future



'i have to think about this allie



'okay... allie said kissing bea's neck hearing her gasp



'allie stop, i cant concentrate



'oh well, you just smell and taste so good.... bea moaned.... allie ran her thumb over be's nipples and bea pulled her hands away and gently pushed her back playful



'stop it, your being naughty... allie smiled cheekily



'me? never



'go away you pest, your distracting me



'good... bea smiled and kissed allie than pushed her to the cupboard



'get some plates out



'fine, later thou



'kissing and cuddling



'yes boss..... they enjoyed dessert and franky and bridget left an hour later, they all had a shower and slid into bed, bea and allie made out for  a while and than before snuggling in together and falling asleep getting rest to fight another day in court







Allie had just taken the stand in the trial, the holts lawyer absolutely shredded the woman on the stand in the worst way possible. he went on about her past and being a junkie and a prostitute. allie had stayed strong the best she could but the tears really fell when there lawyer claimed allie was not even a mother to debbie and had nothing to do with the situation, that she had no right to put her hands on braydon the way she had. allie wept on the stand and debbie snapped shocking everyone. standing up and screaming to shut the fuck up and not speak about her mother like that. it took kate and bea to drag her out of the court room screaming and yelling profanities at the holts. allie came out of the court room 10 minutes later to see debbie pacing the floor angrily. she could see her daughter was very angry and clearly everything was getting to her. 



'debbie?.... the young girl whipped her head around and sighed in relief to see allie



'mama.... debbie said sadly her anger calming at the sight her mama was there and okay



'its okay sweetheart.... debbie fell into her mama's arms feeling comforted by her. bea pulled kate over and wrapped her arms around them all



'i got you girls okay, im here to support you all.... allie sadly smiled as bea kissed her on the cheek



'court is on lunch let me go and use the bathroom and we can go get something to eat



'okay mama.... allie went to the bathroom and when she exited the toilet she saw jacs holt at the wash basin. allie walked forward and washed her hands both woman stare at each other silently, well that was of course till jacs decided to face allie



'hmm nice hair, i see you still look like a dirty hooker, go get your ratty hair fixed you trashy whore.... she said and walked off leaving a hurt allie standing in the bathroom. something allie has always been embarrassed about when she got sick was her hair or lack there of. she took her bandana off and re did it. it was clear her hair wasnt right but it really hurt. she tried not to let it get to her but the tears rolled down her cheeks which was when the door opened



'baby?.... bea walked in and frowned  'allie whats wrong? what happened? i saw that bitch walk out of here so i came to check on you....she watched as allie cried more so pulled her into her arms holding onto her, allie laid her head on bea's chest



'allie what happened? talk to me..... allie told bea what happened and she could feel bea fuming so held her arms around bea's waist to stop her from flipping out



'dont please bea, i need you here with me. i dont want you getting into trouble



'i wont get into trouble, come on lets get you cleaned up.... bea grabbed some paper towels and wet them to wipe down allie's face, she kissed her on the lips and than held her hand and they walked out ot debbie and kate, she could see jacs to the side talking to the lawyer



'baby stay with debbie and kate i will be back



'no bea dont



'i have to, just stay here.... allie nodded knowing the anger in bea's eyes was there and needed to be unleashed, better jacs than us allie thought, bea walked up to jacs and the lawyer



'hey you old son of a bitch you better keep your mouth shut when it comes to my family, dont you EVER say anything to them ever again



'miss smith please this is un called for.... the lawyer jumped in



'itts novak, mrs novak to you asshole, i get all the bullshit you want to try and and pull in the court room but dont come for my family again..... bea's voice had grown louder and caught the attention of everyone around them including franky and bridget, franky went over to bea and bridget went to the others



'whats going on here?.... franky asked



'seems mrs novak has an issue with me... jacs finally spoke



'issue? if i could knock you out right now without being arrested i would. how dare you talk about allie the way you did. talk about how her hair looks and that she is a WHORE!!!....... bea yelled out in anger, franky had to try and calm the situation as she saw the security trailing closer



'alright thats enough, bea go and be with your family. 



'but she



'i know, just go over there.... franky gave bea a look to tell her i got this, bea nodded and walked back over to the others and hugged allie 



'now as for you i will only say this once and once only, allie novak has been fighting cancer for the last year, you have no idea what this woman has been through, what your family have put her and her family through so i suggest before you speak think about it. stop being so bitter and basically a bitch, next time bea wont hesitate to make it right



'is that a threat miss doyle?.... the lawyer said with a raised eyebrow



'its a promise... franky said than walked over to her group  'lets go and eat.... they followed franky who took bridgets hand outside and down the street to a cafe away from prying eyes, they sat down and ordered some food and drinks. they were half way through there meal when bea realised allie had barely eaten, she scooted closer to her on the bench seat and whispered in her ear



'are you okay baby?..... bea felt sick when she saw the hurt in allie's big blue eyes  'come on... she took allie;s hand and pulled her to her feet



'we are just going for a walk. here is my card to pay, deb, kate you both okay with franky and bridget?



'sure mum and i will pack yours and mama food



'thanks... bea and allie walked outside the front of the cafe and slowly walked together there arms linked 



'talk to me beautiful girl... bea said squeezing her arm



'am i ugly?.... allie asked and bea's heart broke, she stopped and held allie's hands



'you are without a doubt the most beautiful person inside and out in the entire world



'your just saying that because im your girlfriend



'no im not actually, even when we were apart there was never anyone else, i always dreamed of you, your beautiful smile, you soft skin, your sexy ass... she smiled when allie let out a little giggle and blushed



'but my hair



'does not dictate who you are allie, your just so beautiful and amazing, heart as pure as could be



'why did she say that?



'because she is trying to get in your head, trying to get under your skin, because she is a fucking bitch, your my beautiful girl and nothing will ever change that... she pulled allie into a hug and kissed her neck  'i love you so much allie



'i love you too, im sorry im a mess



'oh please, your gorgeous, now how about we go back to the others and get back to the courtroom? we have some time so we can sit on a bench and finish our lunch



'sounds good.... allie smiled and kissed bea a couple times than they went back to the cafe where the others were waiting for them



'here i got your food and some drinks as well



'thanks deb, lets head back..... the rest of the day went by and that night they arrived home to see boomer and maxine in the kitchen 



'what are you 2 doing here?



'hi sweetheart we came over to make you guys dinner, it was boomers idea, she has been worried about you all.... bea went over to boomer and kissed her on the cheek



'thanks booms, what are you making?



'roast lamb, mash potato, mushroom sauce, garlic bread and salad



'sounds yum, do we have time to shower?



'yep, ya got 20 minutes so no sexy time in the shower..... allie giggled



'yes boss, we wont be long.... grabbing allie's hand she dragged her to the ensuite on her room and stripped them of there court clothes and got into the shower once the water was warm



'babe can you scratch my back please? its so itchy



'oh shit allie is that a new top? its so red down here



'yea it is



you must have a reaction to the material, when we get out i have a cream that will help



'great..... they showered and dressed, bea put on some cream on the red part of allie's back than they went out to the dining table and sat down



'it smells so good girls



'it was all boomer, i just got the shopping on my way



'nah it was a joint effort maxi.... maxine smiled at her friend



'yes together, alright lets dig in



'dont have to tell me twice..... debbie said and they all dug in, the talk was about anything but the court case needing a breather from it all. after dinner they sat on the back balcony with cheese cake and hot chocolate relaxing and unwinding of the day. everyone was tired but allie was worse than anyone falling asleep on bea's shoulder



'guys i have to get allie to bed



'do you need help mum?



'no im good deb, can you just lock up please?



'sure mum



'sweety we are going to go and let you all rest



'okay, thank you maxi and booms for dinner, we really appreciate it



'no worries, off you go to bed..... bea carried allie to bed and laid her down, bea brushed her teeth and slid into bed with allie who snuggled into her body and soon enough bea was asleep as well



The next day debbie woke up feeling really sick, kate was holding her hair back while she was vomiting



'ugh kate please get mum or mama



'alright, stay here..... she put debbie to sit on the edge of the bath tub and went to allie and bea's room, she opened the door and peaked in seeing them both sleeping, going over to the bed she gently shook bea, bea groaned and popped her eyes open



'hmm kate? whats wrong?



'its deb, she is feeling really sick and vomiting... bea sat up in bed scaring allie



'hey, yo, woah whats going on?



'allie, deb is sick... they both got up and rushed to the young girl in the bathroom seeing debbie vomiting again



'hey sweety whats going on?



'my stomach hurts, i feel hot... bea touched her forehead



'yea your very warm, allie the thermometer is in the top draw can you pass it please



'here babe.... bea took debbie's temp



'its very high we gotta get you to the hospital, what else hurts?



'my head, i feel dizzy



'alright im just going to get dressed and we will go.... debbie nodded, kate wrapped debbie's robe around the brunette and when allie and bea returned they helped debbie up



'shit deb your sweating, lets get going



'i cant walk mum... debbie cried out



'alright sweet heart i got you, here allie go start the car and take my stuff im going to carry her



'alright babe..... bea carried debbie to the car and kate slid into the back and pulled debbie to lay in her arms moving some of her hair out of her eyes



'it hurts kate



'i know baby, your mums will get you to the hospital soon enough.... debbie nodded. bea drove to the hospital and stopped at emergency, there was a doctor talking to nurses out there, she jumped out and rushed to the other side of the car



'please help me



'whats going on miss?



'my daughter she is very sick, vomiting, stomach hurts, headache, high temp and sweating



'alright can you bring her inside?



'yea..... bea carried debbie inside and they bought over a gurney



'alright miss i need you 3 to stay here so we can work on her, has she got any allergies?



'no none



'alright stay here and i will come back when i have news... they all nodded as they watched debbie being rolled into the back of emergency  worried looks on there faces



'babe im going to park the car why dont you call franky and let her know we wont make it to court today... bea nodded, an hour later the doctor came out and they all stood up



'how is she?



'how far along is debbie?



'far along? what do you mean?



'debbie is pregnant and she is having an ectopic pregnancy



'what the hell does that mean?... bea stressed out



'it means she is pregnant but she is losing the baby, she needs to be rushed to emergency surgery 









Chapter Text



Bea paced the waiting room over and over again, she had been doing it for the last 3 hours waiting on more news about debbie. allie and kate were sitting down both nervously tapping there feet and allie kept biting her nails a trait bea was very familiar with. she kept giving allie a shoulder run to try to calm her but she knows allie was as scared and shocked as she was. she looked up to see franky running into the waiting room stopping in front of them



'what the hell is going on? allie didnt say much on the phone



'debbie, she was really sick this morning, vomiting, high temp, stomach cramps and sweating, very weak as well. we bought her in and they said she was pregnant and having an ectopic pregnancy, meaning she is losing the baby



'wait she is pregnant? how?... franky said confused looking at them all till it clicked in her head  'braydon?... bea nodded as tears rolled down her cheeks



'im going fucking kill him..... bea seethed



'hey would you girls be quiet.... a rude person said in the waiting room



'excuse me? what did you say?



'i said be quiet, your too bloody loud, my ankle is sore and i just want some quiet...... the guy huffed. allie was the anger in bea's face at being tipped over the edge, bea stepped forward 



'how fucking dare you say anything to us, look where we are dickhead, in a hospital. we are dealing with my daughter losing her babay, get over your fucking self you piece of shit



'there are other people hurt than your daughter... allie stood up wrapping her arms around bea's body and pulling her back as bea went to launch at the prick



'i will fucking finish you, you asshole.... the security and a couple nurses came over to stop what was going on



'miss whats going on?.... franky stepped forward as she saw bea turn around in allie's arms and break down crying



'this guy is being very rude. my family are waiting on news on debbie and he has the audacity to tell us to be quiet.... the nurse frowned at the guy who rolled his eyes



'girls please follow me i will put you in your own room so you can have privacy



'we appreciate that, you 3 follow the nurse im going to call gidge... allie nodded and held bea as they walked to the private room, franky walked outside and called bridget who was at work 



'hey baby is court over already?



'i adjourned it for the day, im at the hospital with bea, allie, kate and debbie



'what happened?... franky went on to tell bridget what had happened with debbie



'bea is sick with worry, so are allie and kate



'i can only imagine, can i do anything to help?



'debbie is going to need some clothes, could you go to there house and pack a bag please?



'of course baby, i have a few things to do here so i will be there in a few hours. please let me know when she gets out of surgery, franky she is not going to be good after this, you need to warn bea, allie and kate, not just physically but emotionally



'i will talk to them, thanks gidge, i will see you soon.... hanging up franky walked back inside and gave the guy a filthy look as she walked past him on her way to the private room. she walked in and sat down, watching as allie and bea cried into each others arms. kate looked like she was struggling so decided to text her dad. 



'hey andrew we are at the hospital, debbie was pregnant and is losing the baby, she is in surgery. kate needs you if you can make it....she also sent the room number they were in and got a response back quickly



'im on my way.... she put her phone away and sat there quietly hoping to hear news soon, she did move to sit next to kate and put her hand on her arm hoping to show some comfort which the blonde sadly smiled in thanks.. a couple hours later the doctor finally came to give them news. kate's dad had arrived and they were all just as worried



'how is debbie?.... bea asked anxiously 



'she came threw surgery okay, she did lose the baby unfortunately. her temp is coming down. she will be in pain for a couple weeks. no heavy lifting or doing much for 4-6 weeks



'so she is okay?



'yes she is



'is she awake?



'she will be in a couple of hours, i can take you to her room... they followed him up to the 3rd floor and entered debbie's room, she was rolled in a few minutes later



'oh my sweet girl, mum is right here, so is mama, kate, andrew and franky.... bea said running her hand through debbie's hair, the young girl would be awake soon enough



'dr how long will debbie be in hospital?



'4 days as long as there is no infection, you all need to know she will be in a lot of pain. especially the first 24 hours, we can control it with pain meds so dont hesitate to hit the buzzer 



'thank you doctor, we appreciate you looking after our girl for us



'no worries, i will leave you with her... the doctor left and allie kissed debbie on the head, she reached out her hand to a worried looking kate



'come on debbie would want you near her



'are you sure? its family time



'you are family, come on...... kate took her hand and stood in front of allie, she kissed debbie on the cheek



'im right here baby, i got you, i will look after you..... they all sat around for a couple hours, bridget had come a few minutes ago with coffee and sandwiches for everyone



'thanks bridget, we appreciate it



'no problems, i also bought a bag of debbie's stuff, loose clothes, socks, toiletries and her charger




'thanks. she will be staying for a few days so she will need it all..... allie unpacked debbie's stuff and than laid her hands on bea;s shoulders, the redhead was so tense which is not surprising, she gently rubbed her shoulders



'bea you have a couple knots



'i know, my neck hurts, hmm that feels good baby...... it was half an hour later when debbie began to stir, groaning as her eyes slowly opened



'mum, mama? 



'we are right here sweetheart, how are you feeling?



'what happened? where is kate?..... she swallowed dryly



'im here babe.... kate said grabbing her hand 'how are you feeling?



'sore, what happened?... she asked again looking from her parents to kate  'whats wrong?



;i will tell you sweetheart... allie said as the others stepped back giving allie and debbie some space, bea knows she wont take it well considering it was braydons baby



'okay.... debbie said unsure



'im just going to tell you and you react how you need too.... debbie nodded  'you were really sick this morning so we bought you in, the doctor took you straight in and told us you were rushed to surgery, he told us you were pregnant and you were losing the baby, its called an ectopic pregnancy. you lost the baby but you will be okay, for 4-6 weeks no carrying anything heavy or doing too much so you can recover.... allie let the information sit with debbie for a while till she was ready to talk. it took 20 minutes 



'i was pregnant?



'yes you were?



'with braydons baby?






'i lost it?



'yes you did



'i definitely lost the baby?



'you did sweetheart






'good?... allie asked unsure



'yes good, i would never be able to care for a baby if it has his dna, i know i sound like a bitch but im not gonna lie



'we get it debbie, what do you need right now?



'everyone out please, i need some time



'alright, your phone is right here beside you, we will be in the hospital cafe so just call us if you need anything.... debbie nodded and they all left the room



'kate why dont you come home with me and let debbie get some rest. i promise i will bring you back tomorrow



'what if debbie needs me here?



'if she calls i will bring you back here, i promise



'its okay kate you head on home, if debbie wants you than we will call...bea said



'okay.... kate left with her dad



'come on girls lets get a coffee and leave debbie to herself for a while



'are you sure she is okay on her own bridget?



'its not going to be easy but she knows we are close by.... bea nodded and they went down to the cafe giving debbie some time to herself









They were at the cafe for an hour when bridget got a text



'can you come to my room please? just you....bridget looked at franky who had her eye brows raised



'who is that gidge?



'its debbie, she wants me to come to her room



'the rest of us?



'no, just me. sorry girls... she said sadly



'its fine bridget, go to her, she may want to talk to you as your a doctor... bridget nodded



'alright, i will text you when she is ready for you girls to come back.... bridget got up and went back to debbie's room, debbie was laying on her side facing the door so bridget sat down on the chair beside her bed



'how are you doing debbie?



'i dunno, how can i not know i was pregnant? 



'it happens more than you think, when i was a doctor at the hospital i saw about 20 woman come through that had no idea and gave birth within hours of finding out









'i feel stupid, i have been tired and grumpy at times, i should have picked it up



'debbie you cant blame yourself. after the attack you took the morning after pill which clearly didnt take. which does happen. you have been under a tremendous mountain of stress, between the court case, car accident, a new partner, franky interviewing you, the police interviewing you, the attacks on your family on top of that how were you supposed to separate stress to being pregnant?



'when you put it like that it makes sense... it was quiet for a couple minutes bridget allowing debbie to get her thoughts together



'as shit as it is that happened im glad i lost the baby, i wouldnt be able to handle having a baby with braydon, the thought of it makes me sick



'i get it debbie



'do you?



'more than you know



'what does that mean?.... bridget blew out a puff of air unsure if she should tell debbie what she went through a few years ago



'about 5 years ago i was working at a hospital in the country, not very big but it was good to work at. everyone knew everyone in the area, there was a guy his name was jake, he was mentally unwell and every couple of weeks he would get bought in to get treated because he would stop taking his meds. when he was on them he was the nicest guy you could ever meet, he would bring in flowers and cakes once a week for all the staff as a thank you for helping him, he was getting better at taking his meds so we didnt see him as often except the once a week to thank us. i got worried because for 3 straight weeks we didnt see him at all so after speaking to my boss i was able to go to his house and check on him, it was about 10 minutes away and i told my boss i would be gone for no more than half an hour, when i got there the house was trashed, i could see through the windows that furniture was broken and things ripped up.


i knocked and he opened the door, i could see in his eyes he was out of it, he was on one of his benders but he had also taken some kind of drug, we found out later on it was ice. he grabbed my hand and dragged me into his house and threw me on the ripped up couch, he hit me a few times and i tried to get him to calm down but he was too far gone. he raped me twice. my boss must have realized i was gone for too long so he drove out to his house and heard me screaming, he busted the door down and ran at him taking him down, there was a fight but jake was tied up with the rope of the curtain and knocked out from my boss. he came over to me with a blanket and put it over me. he tried to pick me up but i was too scared of anyone touching me till the ambulance got there. he had called in for 2 female officers and they got me to the hospital. like you i found out i was pregnant and i couldnt have it, i had an abortion when i was 6 weeks pregnant.... bridget said wiping her tears, debbie reached over and held her hand



'im so sorry you went through that bridget, i guess we have  more in common than i realize. how did you get through it?



'franky, i met her not long later, i told her and she was furious, she came with me to therapy for a whole year and eventually i was better and put it behind me.



'what happened to jake?



'he was sentenced to 25 years in a mental health facility, its the best place for him.... debbie nodded  



'are you worried when your with franky something will trigger you?



'it has happened yes, i think 4 times i get in this head space, franky can read me really well and when it has happened she backs off straight away, she leaves me in the bed with the blankets around me because i need tome on my own, she fills up the bath tub and when im ready i go to the bathroom to see her waiting for me sitting on the edge, she helps me undress and get in and than she does stuff around the house. she makes sure she is loud enough for me to know she is still around, she walks past the door which is left open to let me know im safe



'wow, franky reads you so well



'yea she does, im lucky to have her



'i think your both lucky.... bridget smiles  'how do i get through this? i dont want to shut down?



'you need to do what suits you debbie. it could be therapy, it could be exercise, it could be painting. you have to figure out what keeps you calm and relaxed but also keeps your mind busy. you will get through it but it might take some time... debbie nodded



'thanks bridget, and thanks for telling me about you, i wont tell anyone



'your mums know and so does liz and maxine but no one else



'my lips are sealed



'thanks, so you want me to get your mums?



'yes please.... bridget text bea and allie to come up to the room. they 3 woman came back up a few minutes later



'how are you doing sweetheart?



'okay i think, im very sore thou



'the doctor said it will be bad for the first 24 hours but than it will start to heal..... allie replied



'we can get you some pain meds?



'yes please mum, umm i also want to call kate, how was she?



'worried about you. she didnt want to go home.... debbie smiled



'i should call her, do you mind going to get me some food? im hungry and i want to talk to kate privately



'of course debbie



'thanks mum



'hey deb we are going to get going and let you rest



'what happened with court franky?



'i adjourned for today but its back on tomorrow



'i want to go, i dont want to miss anything



'you cant go in your state but you can watch from here. i will come early tomorrow with my court laptop and set it up for you, if kate wants to watch from here to she can



'great thanks franky, when do i testify?



'next week on thursday. if you cant make it to court than we can do it via video link from here or home.... debbie nodded



'okay, thank you for being here for my mums



'anytime, get well and i will see you in the morning, bye....franky and bridget left



'deb what do you want to eat?



'pasta sounds good



'alright we will be back in half an hour.... bea and allie left and debbie picked up her phone to do a face time call, it was answered quite quickly



'babe your awake? how are you feeling?



'sore but okay, how are you?



'so worried for you, do you need anything? can i do anything for you?



'im okay baby, my mums went to get food so im going to eat and than sleep, im tired



'yea i can imagine, i really wanted to stay with you



'its okay kate, you need to get some rest as well. franky said since we cant go to court tomorrow she can stream it live on her laptop. she will set it up in the morning



'great i will be there early with breakfast



'sounds good to me, so tell me what are you doing?..... they chatted for the next 20 minutes and than debbie put her phone down, her mums came back and they had dinner together. debbie ate slowly but it was good for her to eat. she was taken to the toilet by her mums and cleaned down before being put back in a freshly made bed and tucked in for the night. she was given some pain meds and was asleep soon enough. as debbie is over 18 bea and allie werent allowed to stay so once debbie was asleep they left the hospital, arriving home they both showered and got into bed



'its too quiet bea



'i know baby, it will be for a few days, she is in the best place for her..... allie nodded and bea reached up to wipe the tears rolling down allie's cheeks



'she will be okay allie



'i know but still, she is still our little girl



'that she is, she will be better soon enough, come on lets get some sleep.... they snuggled together and fell into a restless sleep








debbie and kate had just finished breakfast that the blonde girl bought in with her, kate's dad had dropped her off half an hour ago, franky had been and set up the laptop to watch court which would start in 20 minutes



'babe how was your night? you feeling okay?



'the pain meds helped me which was good, i got a few hours of sleep



'thats good, do you want to do anything before court starts?



'i really want a shower, can you ask the nurses to help me have a shower please?



'of course babe.... kate returned with 2 nurses



'miss novak you want to have a shower?



'yes please



'okay lets get you cleaned up..... debbie was back in bed not too long later



'you smell so good, i just want to kiss you everywhere..... debbie blushed



'baby stop being cheeky



'i cant help it, your so freaking gorgeous



'alright charmer get on the bed its starting..... kate sat beside debbie and watched on as the judge entered the room. vinnie holt was first up and his lawyer made him look like he was gods gift, making him out to be the nicest guy and would do anything for anyone. debbie rolled her eyes at the bullshit coming from his lawyers and vinnie's mouth



franky was up next and absolutely destroyed him, showing proof and affidavits of many people stating vinnie was in charge of a coccain business,  he is abusive to many woman and has also been arrested many times on suspicion of murder. franky than questioned him on the multiple rapes he was known to be apart of which was 21, 21 young girls that he along with his son raped, drugged and abused these girls



vinnie's lawyer tried his best to step in for vinnie but there was no way of getting out of the questioning. debbie giggled at the fact that vinnie was visibly sweating under the interrogation. at the end of it vinnie went and sat back with his lawyer and his son, seen to be having a heated argument with his lawyer so the judge banged there gavel to calm down. they could see franky sit down and smirk and wink at bea and allie who smiled. there confidence in franky was getting better and better. lunch was called not long later and debbie and kate sat back to relax for a little while



'how do you feel after that deb?



'he got smashed, franky fucked him up



'yep, it was great to see.... debbie nodded



'you hungry? how about i go to the burger place across the road and get us some food?



'do they have other food there?



'yes, salads, chips, chicken sticks, fish



'can you get me  2 chicken sticks, chips and salad please?



'of course baby, i wont be long



'here take my keycard kate



'no its fine baby i got it



'please kate let me pay, i dont want you paying for everything, equal remember, plus mama keeps putting money in my account so i may as well spend it



'if your sure?



'absolutely, oh and a cold water please



'okay, see you soon.... she left a kiss to debbie's lips and walked off, debbie's phone rang and seeing it was her mum she answered



'hey mum



'hey sweety, how are you?



'im okay, i got a few hours of sleep, the nurses helped me shower and we have been watching court



'crazy right?



'so crazy mum, he got pumped



'yea franky was quite proud of herself... debbie giggled



'im sure she was. are you and mama at lunch?



'yes, we just grabbed a sandwich and coffee, where is kate?



'gone to the take away shop across the rd to get us lunch



'she is a sweet girl



'she sure is mum, hey so i was thinking after everything has passed like the court case and i heal maybe you, mama, me and kate can go away together?



'thats sounds like a great idea deb, i will speak to allie and you speak to kate about it, think of some places to go to



'great. are you coming in after court?



'of course, do you need anything?



'can you get us a red slurpee and krispy kreme donuts please?...... bea laughed



'sure deb, do you need more clothes?



'no all good for now. oh kate's back i gotta eat, i will be watching court so we can talk about it later



'bye sweetheart, mama and i love you



'love you both too, bye... hanging up she smiled at kate



'here you go beautiful. lets eat because court starts in ten minutes..... the rest of the day went by and more witnesses had been sworn in and given there testimony, overall making braydon and his dad looking every the disgusting scum that they are. 



bea and allie arrived at the hospital and walked into debbie's room 



'hi sweety, here your sweets girls



'thanks mama.... allie and bea kissed debbie on the cheek and hugged kate



'how are you girls doing?



'we are good mama, had a relaxing day mostly in bed, we watched court, those witnesses were interesting



'yea thats what we thought too, we didnt even know they were there. franky and maxi found them. they had been at some of the parties where the assaults happened



'so its good for us?



'sure does deb, we are close sweety, its been a long and hard road but we are so close to getting them put away for a long time... allie held debbie's hand



'thanks mama. thanks to both of you for the support to both of us threw this. 



'of course we would be, we are family and would do anything for you both



'soooooooooo lets talk about our holiday......... debbie said and they all laughed as she broke the sadness that covered the room










Chapter Text



A week later, it was the last day of court before the lawyers put in there closing arguments. it had been a rough week. debbie although was home was struggling both physically and emotionally. she was still unable to go to court which she was frustrated about but still watched every minute on the laptop. she had come to blows with kate, bea and allie at different times which wasnt a surprise and none of them took to heart too much, they knew she was struggling with what happened. debbie had apologized to them all over and over again and they all told her to not worry about it. 



court had been daunting to say the least. many many witnesses had come threw on both sides but mostly on debbie's, she wasnt allowed to watch the other girls witnesses until she gave her own testimony. as its the last day debbie and kate would give there testimonies. kate had to go into court which was hard because she felt she needed debbie near her to get her through this and debbie was in the same situation. allie ended up staying at home with debbie for support while andrew and bea went to court for kate. the young blonde was up first and andrew felt like he was going to throw up hearing her talk about her attack. bea had put her hand on his leg trying to keep him calm seeing the anger pulsate from him. braydons lawyer went in hard on her as he had done with all the girls but franky was there to protect her, jumping in and stopping him from badgering her on the stand. when it was over it was debbie's turn. franky called allie and told her to open the laptop. there was an official person from the court that was also with debbie to make sure she hadnt listened to kate's testimony



'you ready deb?



'i have to be



'miss novak you will be looking at the video link in a different way, the lawyers and the judge will be the main people you see, also no one knows but the judge why you will appear on video link... the official and than debbie was sworn in, the judge came into view



'miss novak i hope you are doing well in your recovery?



'i am doing okay your honor, i would just like to get this over with please



'yes of course. have you been sworn in?



'yes i have



'okay, miss doyle please go on



'thank you your honor..... to say it brutal would be an understatement, franky was so good with her, firm but good getting her to tell her whole story and when the holts lawyer jumped in the judge would shut him down quickly. when it was time for the holts lawyer to ask questions he led into the fact that debbie and kate were together and they concocted this story to get braydon locked up because he didnt want a relationship with her, all hell broke loose in the court room causing bea and boomer to be dragged out kicking and screaming, after hearing him refer to debbie as a slut like her mother allie. they both lost it and were taken out of the room. debbie looked at allie not sure what to say



'its okay sweetheart, dont you worry about me...... debbie nodded and looked back tot he screen as things started to settle down, the judge banged the gavel yelling out 



'ORDER IN THE COURTROOM!!!!!..... it took some time but it finally calmed down and debbie was able to finish her testimony, after that she was able to watch as was the official and allie



'you did very well miss novak, im sure your mums are very proud of you.... said the official



'we sure are baby girl.... allie kissed debbie on the cheek and than continued to watch, they had decided to do closing arguments after lunch as there was no need to drag it on... closing arguments were done an hour later and then the judge spoke



'members of the jury it is time now to make your decision, please follow the bailiff to the allocated room and let us know when your have an answer, allie 12 jurors must agree to the same verdict.... with that court was over and everyone left. bea arrived home with andrew and kate not long later



'allie, deb? where are you?



'in the kitchen babe.... bea walked in a few seconds later kissing allie



'hey baby, where is deb?



'having a lay down, kate she has been asking about you



'okay, dad are staying for a while?



'do you need me too? i can stay as long as you want darling



'no im okay with bea and allie, they look after me well



'okay, i will stay for a little bit and than get back home, im tired and i need a shower and some sleep



'alright dad, love you



'love you too kate... they hugged and she walked off to debbie's room



'andrew do you want a coffee?



'no thanks im good, so what did you want to talk about?



'oh yes, we have been talking and with the girls as well, now we know kate is over 18 but we wanted to run it by you anyways, we were thinking of doing a trip away after the results come in



'okay, what does kate want to do?



'she would love to come with us and we would love her too as well. we just wanted to make sure your okay with it?



'i do worry when she is not around i wont lie, in saying that thou i trust you both as well as debbie and kate, if she says she is okay to go away with you than im happy for that, now where to and how much is this going to cost me? i can transfer the funds when i get home



'we were thinking qld, we wanted to do america butdebbie will not cope on a 15 hour flight



'makes sense. alright when?



'qld is easy to book. as soon as the results come in than we can go whenever. i think the girls want to go pretty quickly



'i can imagine them and you girls need a break



'we definitely do, alright money wise?



'we dont want your money andrew, we both will cover it



'no i cant ask you to do that, i want to pay for my daughter, i can afford it



'we know you can but we dont need it, we will cover everything she needs including spending money, food, accommodation, parks, outings and anything else



'are you sure? i dont want to seem like a sponger



'we dont see you like that at all.  we love kate and are happy to have her come with us, plus have you tried to separate them, they act like the world has ended... they all laughed at allie's joke 



'alright than, thank you girls. just let me know where you will be staying, keep me updated when your there, let me know how she is doing. how long you will be there for and so forth



'of course, you will know about everything



'good, if thats it i need to get home and get some sleep



'yea sure, we will let you know when we get the phone call about the result



'thanks girls, night



'bye... bea saw him out and than went back to the kitchen, allie wrapped her arms around bea and hugged her kissing her neck



'how are you babe?



'im okay, i wanted to rip the lawyers head off today



'yea i saw that, he just wants to rile us all up especially the girls. they did so well today



'yea they did... bea responded pulling back and kissing allie  'how about some dinner? 



'i will order something, what do you feel like?



'ask the girls, im not fussed, while you do that im going for a shower



'okay babe.... allie spoke to the girls and decided on pizza, they all had dinner and debbie and kate had an early night while bea and allie stayed cuddled on the couch






'yea, something romantic or funny please..... they fell asleep half an hour later, bea woke up a couple hours later and moved them to bea's bed, allie was definitely unhappy about been woken up 



'come on miss grumpy, lets go to bed..... they were back asleep soon enough









2 days later they were sitting out the back on the patio, bea was bbq'ing some hamburgers for lunch, allie had already made a salad and had just walked outside with a can of coke for bea



'here babe



'thank you



'you sure you dont want a beer?



'im sure, in case we get the call they have the result i need to be clear headed



'yea true, what are the girls doing?.... allie nodded towards kate and debbie who were looking at something on bea's laptop



'looking at things to do in qld, there making a list



'should we be worried? i really dont want to do lots of things, i just feel like i need to rest. i feel exhausted... bea wrapped an arm around allie's waist and pulled her closer, allie laid her head on bea's shoulder



'i know what you mean. its been a rough year for you especially, the girls are adults so we dont have to do everything they want to do. we can relax, swim and stuff our faces... allie smiled and kissed bea on the cheek



'sounds good, how long till the burgers are ready?



'a couple minutes



'alright i will get salad and drinks, we gonna eat out here?



'yea, its a nice day



'okay, i wont be long;..... 5 minutes later they were all eating lunch together



'alright girls so we know that you both want to do quite a few things in qld and you can do whatever you want as long as your safe. so you know thou allie and i wont be doing everything with you girls. we really need to relax and just be if that makes sense



'yea of course mum, we will tell you where we are going and if you want to come sweet, if not all good



'thanks deb..... they chatted about things they wanted to do to enjoy there time there. after they ate kate cleaned up the few dishes while allie had a shower, bea and debbie were out the back talking



'how are you feeling deb? how is the pain?



'its better mum, it hurts when i do too much but im doing okay



'and how do you feel inside? your mental state? how do you feel about what happened?



'confused i guess. 



'what about? how can i help?



'mum you, mama and kate have been the best support for me, i literally couldnt ask for anything more. you all wont let me lift a finger, help me shower, feed me, kate gives me massages, helps me walk around when it becomes too much and so much more. your doing everything i need. 



'okay, what are you confused about?



'just how life works in general, what happened with braydon was my first time, i didnt even think i could get pregnant, than at the hospital i took the morning after pill, i didnt even realize i hadnt gotten my period for all that time, i thought it was just 6 weeks and i just thought it was stress. i wonder why i got pregnant when it owuld be the last thing i would ever want or need. i dont know mum, i guess im still struggling with everything going on



'i get that deb, have you been talking to kate about this?



'yea a little but mostly i have been talking to bridget



'bridget? really?



'yea, she told me what happened to her a few years ago, thought it would help me to see things do get better



'and did it? help you i mean?



'yea it did, i have learnt to look at the facts, braydon took advantage of me, you guys saved me, the pill didnt take but i lost thae baby anyways. i have to believe he will get sent down for this



'he will deb..... on cue bea's phone rang and seeing franky's name she answered it



'hey franky



'hey we have a decision, can you be here in an hour?



'yea sure, soo you soon... hanging up she looked at debbie



'they have a decision



'i want to come with you mum



'deb no, your not in a good way



'mum i have to be there.... bea sighed



'okay, come on lets get ready.... bea told allie and kate the decision was in



'babe you go shower and we will get debbie showered and ready..... 40 minutes later bea was parking up in front of the courthouse but all there eyes bulged in surprise at the amount of media there were there



'fucking hell, how the hell are we supposed to get past all them?.... allie asked watching as the photographers took photos of all the girls walking in with there parents or support people, bea sighed in relief when franky showed up with boomer, maxine, andrew and a few officers, they had been getting the girls in one by one, franky opened the door



'alright guys, heads down and just stay close, deb you come to me we will keep you covered and safe



'franky you have to be careful, she cant walk fast



'shit yea thats right, alright hold on a minute.. she closed the door and franky looked around, she spotted about 30 men and woman from the sexual assault group here to support the girls, the 4 of them watched from the car as franky spoke to them and they all came over and link arms making a walk path and keeping anyone from passing them, it took some time but they managed to get debbie and kate inside safely, bea thanking them all. they went into court and it was filled to the brim, franky had allocated seats for the 4 of them so they sat down and there friends surrounded them. the judge came in a few minutes later and sat down looking over the court room



'before we read the verdict i ask everyone here to show respect for everyone involved, there will be no fighting, no arguing or you will be held in contempt. the judge waited a moment and continued  'jury please read your verdict on vinnie holt... juror number one stood up 



'we the jury find vinnie holt guilty on all charges.... it was quiet and debbie looked at her mum and mama, allie grabbed her hand 



'its okay sweetheart, we are right here.....they could see the fear in debbie's eyes, debbie looked at kate and saw her wipe her tears



'i got you baby, im here.... she said in kate's ear, she had been so strong for so long and needed this to be over with, kate grabbed debbie;s hand and they concentrated forward again



'jurors can you read out your verdict for braydon holt please.... the same juror stood up, this was the hardest one 



'we the jurors find braydon holt guilty on all charges.... the court room erupted of cheers,  there was hugging, clapping and tears all round, allie and bea were crying and debbie and kate were holding each other. franky turned around to face them and smiled her own tears at bay, in the back she could see bridget there smiling at her, she mouthed 'im so proud of you' to franky, 



'order in the court room..... braydon and vinnie were flipping out and going off causing the security and there own lawyer to calm them down, it took some time but the room went quiet again



'alright now its time for sentencing, vinnie holt for all the charges you have i am sentencing you to 40 years with a parole of 34 years, this means you must do 34 years in prison before you can apply for parole



'what the fuck? 34 year? thats bullshit, i didnt do anything



'mr jesper if you dont keep your client quiet i will be forced to kick him out of my court room



'my apologies your honor.... vinnie finally shut up 



'braydon holt for all the charges against you i am sentencing you to 65 years in prison with no parole, this means you must do 65 years in prison before you can apply for parole



'thats all my life, what fucking bullshit is that? just because these sluts want to complain about having sex with me.... he snided towards debbie and kate.. boomer stepped forward and slapped him across the head



'you shut ya mouth rapist



'thats enough, everyone settle down we are not done yet.....the judge said,  just than the door opened and in walked 20 people wearing FBI jackets, they stopped where jacs was sitting



'jacs holt you are under arrest, you need to come with us



'what for? i have  done nothing wrong



'your are under arrest for murder, attempted murder, drug dealing, kidnapping and arson, put her in cuffs and take her out.. the lead guy said 



'sir please come to the bench?..... the judge asked the officer and he did so 



'my apologies your honor, i have orders to take jacs holt in on relation to these charges.... he said holding up a piece of paper which the judge read



'attempted murder? of who?



'allie novak, debbie novak and kate miller, i have orders from the higher ups



'i understand, thanks you officer.... he and his agents left the room, everyone was shocked to say the least, just when they thought everything was over the door opened and the fbi walked in again



'my apologies again your honor but i have just got word to arrest someone else that is here, nils jesper you are under arrest for murder and attempted murder, put your hands behind your back now sir



'i will do no such thing, i have done nothing wrong



'we have you on camera not only getting the orders from jacs holt to run allie novak off the road but it is also you who sprayed there house with bullets and smoked them out, cuff him now.....he was cuffed and dragged out kicking and screaming, the room was full of chatter 



'well that definitely eventful, lets move on, so yes i have handed down my sentence on both braydon and vinnie, sheriff take them away



'you cant do this, we havent done anything... braydon said as they both fought off trying to be cuffed, they were also taken kicking and screaming, once they were gone the judge looked at franky



'miss doyle are you requesting any judgement payout?



'yes i am your honor, for everyone of these girls that suffered at the hands of these monsters, all except debbie novak



'why is debbie excluded?



'your honor if she could speak



'of course, please miss novak if you can come to the podium.... bea helped debbie up and wrapped an arm around her waist to help her walk to the podium



'thank you your honor. the fact is i dont need it, my mum owns her own business, car and house, my mama is extremely well off and i as much as i tell her to stop giving me money she constantly transfers money into my account so i have more than i need..... the judge looked at allie who shrugged like it was no big deal   'the money though should go to the rest of the girls, there are 60 girls effected by what has happened at the hands of these monsters. i just want to say thank you your honor for listening, to everyone involved in putting them away for a very long time



'thank you miss novak, please take a seat... bea helped her sit down 



'alright so miss doyle do you know what the holt family net is currently?



'yes i do your honor, it is 650 million dollars



'okay i am putting in a net judgement for each girl to receive 5.7 million each which would come from the holts estate, i will write up the order miss doyle and if you dont mind waiting an hour i can give it to you to get the process started?



'absolutely your honor 



'before we finish this off i want to say something to you miss doyle. congratulations, you have done so much work on this case and have covered all your basis, i can see this was a hard one for you especially considering your relationship with debbie novak. i cant imagine how hard it was to listen to every single girl and there parents and loved ones, to hear horrific stories being told about the trauma they faced, you have grown so much in this trial and i applaud your stance, your tenacity and your strength to stand by these young girls.... with that the judge hit the gavel and court was done with, franky sat down in her chair with a huff, she couldnt believe what had happened, she actually won, she put away braydon and vinnie holt who are part of the biggest crime family in australia, she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up



'hey baby, im so so proud of you



'i actually did it



'you did and you were fantastic.... franky stood and hugged bridget  'your a superstar franky.... after they shared there moment franky hugged all the girls that were involved and was thanked over and over again by there families, the girls left and with the police and security escorts were able to get out of the court room safely, the news crews tried to get a comment but none were willing to say anything except speak to our lawyer so they were going to wait. 



'what happens now franky?



'you heal girls. you heal and get your life on track, live like you have never lived before because what you went through was horrible and with those assholes put away your futures look bright... she said to kate and debbie who both burst out crying and hugged franky



'thank you so much franky..... after they got themselves together bea took the girls to  the bathroom to freshen up and came back out to there group, the police and security were waiting for them to help them get to there car



'alright debbie and kate do you want to say anything to the press?



'no can you do it franky?



'yea of course, give me a moment to make sure there not too crazy out there..... frnaky went outside and told there press they will get a few words but to give the family space which they agreed they would, she signaled for them to come out and they did



'miss doyle, miss doyle tell us how it went in there? how did the holt men react to the sentencing?.... one of them asked



'as you could imagine a sentence that long anyone would be angry at as they were, but the sentence fits the crimes, what they put these girls through was undeniably evil, they are exactly where they should be



'miss doyle what happened with jacs holt?



'all i know is she was arrested by the fbi, i cant say anymore on that matter 



'miss novak can you say a few words?.... frnaky went to stop them thrusting the mic into debbie's face but debbie stopped her saying its okay



'im happy to have the result we got, when you have 2 men like braydon and vinnie torturing young girls there needs to be consequences, today they met there demise and got what was coming for them



'whats next for you miss novak?



'the rest of my life, we have a lot of living to do, enjoy with my family and friends without this hanging over my head makes happy and relieved. thats enough now.... they all made room and let them all walk to the car, the 4 girls got in 



'hey franky how about bbq at our place tonight?



'yea sure, i will call the girls



'sweet, say 6.30?



'sounds good, see you than red. bye girls.... they drove off and arrived home 40 minutes later, they went inside and got debbie changed and comfy on the couch with kate



'alright girls we need to go get some food for tonight, will you be okay here?



'we will mum but why dont you just do it online? remember you can get some day delivery



'thats actually a good idea, im pretty tired



'here give me your phone i will do it with kate, why dont you and mama have a lay down for an hour or so, its only 2.30



'are you sure?



'absolutely, we are fine right here and kate will help me if i need anything



'alright, if you need us just call out



'fine, go on... bea took allie's hand and they went to bea's room, allie striped them down to undies and put a t-shirt on, they slid into bed and faced each other



'its over



'it is babe, its finally over, our daughter and all those girls can heal



'thank you for being there through it all, your the best allie



'ahh i try.... bea giggled and kissed allie on the lips



'i love you so much



'i love you too babe, alright sleep time now, turn around.... bea nodded and turned around. allie wrapped her arms around bea and held her while they fell asleep







Chapter Text








3 weeks later



The last 3 weeks havnt been as eventful as previously, nils jesper which was the holts lawyer pled guilty to all his charges and made a deal for a shorter sentence, he dropped jacs into the shit big time, telling the fbi where bodies were buried and all the brutality she had inflicted. nils got 20 years with a parole of 18, jacs held her not guilty verdict but the evidence was piled against her and she was sent to prison for 60 years with no parole. the novaks were happy with the outcome and extremely relieved. 



franky had become a hit being all over the news being the spokesperson along with maxine. they worked there asses off for all the girls and there families. she was now working on selling up all of the assets the holts had and making sure not only the girls were taken care of but vera who was raped by vinnie. she and her daughter were given 5 million to start fresh somewhere and they chose to go over seas to new zealand. bea had family there and would help her and keep her and her daughter safe, they had left a week ago and were doing well so far.



bea had made a conscious decision to sell up her cafe as she felt bad having liz and fletch run it but they jumped in and said they wanted her to keep it open and were happy to run it for her. they had a couple new people, regulars and the cafe was always busy. bea told them she needed to take time to get her family together and work on her relationship with allie. liz assured her the only thing bea would have to do is pays and everything else they could handle. bea agreed and appointed liz the manager and to make any decisions.



Debbie had healed well and had been doing video chats with a therapist 3 times a week to talk about the trial, losing the baby and anything else. she was getting better at expressing her feelings to not only her parents but her girlfriend kate, there relationship was good for the both of them. they talked for 2-3 days following the trial about everything which felt good let it off there chest. today they woke up excited, they were going to queensland today, allie turred on her side and saw bea staring at her



'were you watching me sleep?... she said rubbing her eyes






'thats a bit creepy babe.... bea giggled



'cant help it. your gorgeous



'yea right babe, look in the mirror why dont ya?... allie said and smiled when bea kissed her on the lips



'your beautiful, take the compliment baby.... allie rolled her eyes



'whatever. so what time we flying today?



'flight is at 3. i have an uber coming at 12.00, we get there and check in than get lunch and relax a bit before we fly



'good plan babe. i need to finish packing



'i did it for you, i hope you dont mind but last night you fell asleep so i just did both our stuff



'thank you babe, you know how much i hate packing



'your welcome, i left you some clothes to wear today



'jeans and a top?



'of course



'your the best bea. i love you so much



'i love you too baby, alright lets get up and start getting ready



'okay, i can hear the girls excitedly talking walking around the house, i will have a shower can you make sure there ready?



'sure allie...... bea kissed allie a few more times before giggling as allie pushed bea playfully. bea walked out of the bedroom and to the kitchen seeing the girls sitting on the bench



'you know we have chairs right?.... bea said chuckling



'we do mum but we just sat here. where is mama?



'having a shower. speaking of have you 2 showered?



'kate says, im about to go



'good, are you both packed?



'yep, packed and our bags are near the front door with yours and mama's



'great, the uber comes in an hour



'but im hungry?.... debbie moaned



'i will buy you lunch at the airport



'anything we want?



'yes deb anything



'yesssss, alright im off to shower, oh gotta clean my room first



'babe you go shower i will clean up



'thank you.... debbie blew a kiss to kate and walked off, they were dropped at the airport and checked in






'yes deb, what do you girls want?... bea said holding allie's hand, they checked in there main bags, debbie and allie had a backpack each with water, books, magazines and there laptops



'i want hungry jacks, everyone good with that?... they all nodded and headed to get a table



'alright what do you girls want?



'mum get me and kate whopper meals



'bea i will come with you 



'alright baby.... holding allie's hand they went and stood in line, bea stood behind allie holding her, allie loved feeling bea's breath on her skin especially her neck, it was her sensitive area, bea kissed her neck



'you smell so good allie



'i wore your favorite perfume



'i love it.... they ordered food and took it back to there table, they ate and used the bathroom before boarding the plane. allie had put them in first class as she hated flying but she wanted to be comfortable at least. bea and allie sat behind debbie and kate. debbie turned around



'mama you okay? i know you dont like flying



'im okay sweetheart, lets just hope for no turbulance



'just breath threw it all, deeps breaths in and slow breaths out. 



'thanks deb...bea had been a huge help during the flight. there was turbulence for about ten minutes where bea wrapped her arm around allie and held her, she whispered sweet things into her ear and it helped keep allie calm. once they got off the plane they got there bags and got a taxi to the hotel. allie had been the one to book the trip so went all out and got the top of the line hotel, arriving the bell boy loaded there bags on the trolley



'please ladies go on threw and get checked in and i will follow with the bags.... going through allie signed what she needed and got 4 keys



'alright girls i got 2 rooms



'umm why mama? you dont want to share with us?



its more about just having time as couples as well. you girls get private time and we do too



'makes sense, are they close to each other at least?



'of course, there is only one room between us



'sweet, alright lets go up.... they went up to there rooms and the 3 girls couldnt believe how beautiful the rooms were



'wow mama this is too much



'never too much for my girls, alright we are going to our room, lets leave for dinner at 7?



'sounds good mama.... bea and allie went to there own room and unlocked the door. they thanked the door man and he left



'after you bea... allie held the door open for bea and she walked in aftet the redhead. to say the place was amazing would be an understatement, it had everything they needed included a king size bed, massive bathroom which had a spa bath and a huge shower



'allie this must have cost a fortune, you didnt have to do this for us



'happy too baby, i have way too much money and i want to spoil my girls.... bea wrapped her arms around allie and kissed her



'thank you beautiful girl



'my pleasure, now how about a bath? we have a couple hours till dinner?



'sounds good to me... just than allie got a text and she checked it



'its debbie, said there going down to the pool for a bit, she assures they will be ready for dinner at 7



'okay, come on baby... allie filled up the spa bath and undressed them both, bea slid in first and allie sat in front of her, the redhead wrapped her strong arms around allie who sighed and leaned back into bea's body



'this is nice, just being here with you... allie said and bea nodded while laying soft kisses along allie's shoulder



'having you in my arms like this is one of my favorite things, i love you so much allie, the time i was without you was the worst time of my life, even worse than all that crap i went through with harry, it didnt compare to losing you allie



'really?.... allie said surprised, allie knows all about what bea went through with harry, bea had told her everything down to the last detail and they worked threw bea's issues together, so to hear that losing her for that time felt worse than that allie felt it to her soul, bea and allie have talked a lot about there marriage since getting back together, allie realized that bea really did have a genuine fear when it came to the words from her parents, bea was abused as a child and that fear carried on to her adulthood.



''yes really allie, i missed you so much, i felt so empty and im so happy you gave me another chance



'i couldnt walk away from you bea, your my world, you and debbie



'and you 2 are mine as well...... they stayed in the bath for a little while than had a shower and than got out, they got dressed and ready, there was a knock on the door and bea opened it



'hey mum



'hey deb, kate



'hey bea



'you 2 ready?



'yes, allie is just putting on shoes



'good cause we are hungry, where are we going?.... she asked allie as she came out of the bedroom



'its called gemelli italian, its got good reviews



'sounds good, should we order an uber?



'yes deb, im ready



'great..... they arrived at the restaurant not too long later and walked inside



'hi, do you have a reservation?.... a male asked, he was really young and allie wasnt even sure he was old enough to work



'yes its under allie novak



'ah yes here we are, please follow me.... they were seated and handed menus



'i am robert and i will be your waiter, can i start with some drinks?



'a bottle of white wine with 4 glasses as well as cold iced water.... bea said and the waiter walked off



'alright so what are you girls getting?



'i think i will have the chicken linguini, babe how about you?... debbie asked her girl



'the tortellini looks good and how about we share hot chips baby?



'sounds good to me, mum, mama what are you 2 getting?



'i think we will share, the arancini balls, bruschetta, a pizza and hot chips.... robert came back and took there order, he kept looking at kate and smiling, every time he passed there table he would look at kate and smile, bea and allie saw it and hoped for his sake debbie didnt see it, debbie had a bad temper at times and she would snap at anyone coming near her girl. 



'so what do you girls want to do tomorrow?



'i was thinking we could just chill by the pool mum, it will be hot and we can just relax, i was thinking the day after we can go to movie world?



'sounds good deb, i will buy the tickets online so its easier and we dont have to wait



'cool. oh yes the food is here.... robert put the plates on the table 



'can i get you girls anything else?



'cheese for our pasta and another bottle of wine please



'sure beautiful.... he said to kate and walked off, the girls heard debbie let out a small growl



'what the hell was that? he better watch himself before i rearrange his face... she seethed 



'its alright deb



'no its not kate, he has been checking you out, he is not allowed too.... kate smiled and kissed debbie on the cheek



'im right here with you and i only have eyes for you



'i dont like it.... debbie sulked causing bea and allie to giggle and kate to smile



'deb i only want you an no one else alright?.... debbie nodded



'okay, sorry



'its okay, i like that your protective over me, it makes me feel special



'you are special, you always will be..... they shared a kiss and began eating, robert came and gave them the cheese and a new bottle of wine, debbie narrowed her eyes at him but didnt say anything, they really enjoyed there meals 



'it was so good, should we have dessert here or somewhere else mama?



'i think we get something from the french place down a couple shops down that we saw and take it back to our rooms?



'oh great idea, kate and i are going to go down to the spa, at night its adults only, do you 2 want to come?



'you girls enjoy, your mum and i would like some time to ourselves



'okay cool..... they decided to leave half an hour later, allie was paying with her card at the front



'were you girls happy with everything?



'yes it was great, thanks robert



'no problem at all... his eyes zoomed to kate who was standing behind allie with bea and debbie  'your really beautiful, can i get your number? maybe i could take you to dinner.... he smiled a wide smile. he was cute the girls couldnt say he wasnt but the steam coming out of debbie's ears said this guy was about to cop it. stepping in front of kate she crossed her arms



'no you cant have her number and i would appreciate it if you stop cracking onto my girlfriend, it really pisses me off..... she said and roberts eyes went wide in shock



'wait what? you 2 are together?



'yes we are, so i suggest you stop cracking onto her, she is mine..... debbie turned around and pulled kate into a kiss, not just any kiss, they pulled each other as close as possible with there arms wrapped around each other. bea and allie shook there heads at there daughter and chuckled. this is the debbie they missed



kate pulled back and smiled



'that was hot.... debbie blushed at her outburst



'i couldnt help it



'i know, come on babe lets go back to our room



'good idea..... they walked out leaving a shocked robert behind, they got some sweets and headed back to the hotel, the girls went to there own rooms, as soon as the door closed behind bea she was pinned to the door by allie's body and her lips on her own, she kissed down bea's neck



'fuck allie, what are you doing to me, i wont be able to hold back... bea said and stroked allie's back



'i dont want to wait anymore bea, i want you, i need you. now



'wait what? 



'you heard me, i want to be with you babe,  i want us to make love



'are you sure?



'absolutely.... bea smiled and held allie's face lovingly and kissed her lips



'your 100% sure baby?



'more than anything, i want us to be together if you want to?



'more than anything.... they spent the night making sweet sweet love, they went at least 6 rounds and fell asleep exhausted. they reconnected on a whole other level, it has been 2 years since they have been together and the sexual tension had been building for a long time




In the other room debbie and kate had gone all the way as well, after coming back to the room they went to the spa for a little bit, it was just them and they were making out and things were getting more  heated as time went on, they took it back to there room and they made love to each other, laying there facing each other the blanket covering there bare bodies, kate tucked a lose curl behind debbie;s ear and laid her hand on her cheek



'how do you feel after what we did?



'good, it was amazing, thank you. how do you feel kate?



'it was great babe, your amazing. i want to tell you something debbie and i dont want you to freak out



'okay... debbie said hesitantly, kate took a deep breath



'i love you debbie..... debbie smiled and run her hand down kate's cheek



'i love you too kate






'yes really, i love you so much babe



'i love you more... they connected there lips and went into another round of love making









The next day they were all down at the pool, there was a huge pool area and part of it was cut off to be an adult area so thats where they were, bea was laying in a sun chair with allie in between her legs both relaxing and waiting for lunch to come, they watched as debbie and kate were swimming around in the pool, debbie was wrapped around her girlfriend giggling and kissing



'babe do you think there is something different about the girls?..... allie asked rubbing bea's legs



'why do you say that?



'there more touchy touchy. i dont know but they seem more connected.... bea pursed her lips and stared at the girls



'im just glad there happy after everything that happened



'yea me too babe, oh yay food.... bea giggled at allie's reaction as they both sat up



'here we go ladies, 2 club sandwiches with chips, a plate of fried country wings, a pesto salad and hot chips with cheese sauce, bacon and avocado.... the server said putting the food on the table for them



'thank you very much, can we get some more iced water please?



'yes of course, i wont be long....the waiter walked off



'kate, deb come and eat



'coming...... debbie yelled out from the water as they were getting out, they sat together eating there lunch, debbie sitting in kate's lap her parents smiling at how happy they looked



'hey mums i was thinking tonight the friday markets on so can we go?



'sure deb, allie you up for it?



'sounds good babe, there is an artist that promotes her stuff there so i definitely want to go



'well how about we have dinner at 6.30, we can just go to a cafe or something and than go to the markets?



'good idea mum..... they finished lunch and than sun bathed and swam for a couple hours. when they went to the room bea flopped on the bed in her bikini, allie had some water and than straddled the redhead



'what are you doing babe?



'resting, im tired



'you want to have a sleep?



'just a little one



'hmmm..... allie said leaning down kissing bea's neck softly hearing bea take a deep breath in  'are you sure you want to sleep?



'not tired anymore




'what do you want to do?



'you, always you



'thats my girl.... allie slipped her hand into bea's bikini bottoms bringing her to the brink before bea did the same with her







Chapter Text







They just got to the markets and looked around



'where should we eat girls?.... allie asked



'oh how about we get hot dogs? they look yum mama.... they all agreed and headed over to the hotdog van an older guy was there with who appeared to be his son



'well be still my beating heart for these gorgeous woman.... he said and they all giggled 



'stop being a flirt dad and take there order



'i cant help it son, there gorgeous..... his son shook his head and laughed  'alright ladies i will behave, well i will try. what can i get ya's?



'can we get 4 hotdogs with bbq sauce and cheese, a large hot chips to share and 4 bottles of water.... allie said



'sure thing beautiful lady, that would be $30 even



'here you go, my girlfriend, daughter and her girlfriend will be sitting on the bench.... allie said and smirked at his face expression



'well thats just unfair on the men, oh wells what can we do, alright i will bring it over to you girls, do you want cups of ice as well?



'yes please sir



'okay, it wont be long.... they walked over to the bench and sat down, it was pretty busy and lots of people around, bea worried about debbie but she seemed to be doing okay which was good. 



'alright girls so we are here to shop, dont worry about getting too much we can post it all back home, here i went to the bank earlier so take this... she handed them all $1000 each 



'we dont need this mama, i have my own money



'so do i allie, dad gave me money before  we left



'me too baby



'i dont care, i told you girls i would pay for everything so just let me. please.... she pleaded, they all knew allie had received the money from selling her business and she felt bad having so much, she had given bridget a bonus of $200 thousand, bridget tried to send it back but allie just transferred it again telling her its a thank you for running her business when she was so sick she could barely get out of bed, if it wasnt for bridget her business would have been shut down for good, she told bridget to put it towards the house renovations she was making to the house she owns with franky



'ugh fine, thanks mama



'good, and you too kate... she slid it over to the blonde young girl  'and you babe.... allie smiled when bea playfully rolled her eyes but took the money, she knows how important it is for allie to pay for everything on this trip so she will indulge for her sake, secretly she loves when allie looks after her, its not about money its just about her always being there for her and there daughter. 



'thanks baby.... bea kissed her cheek, the son had came over with there order



'here we go ladies, 4 hot dogs, a large chips and 4 waters






'no worries, i just want to say sorry if my dad offended you girls



'oh please its no problems at all, he was very sweet



'he is always flirting with the ladies



'honestly it was nice to hear the compliments



'okay than, have a good night ladies.....he walked off and the girls enjoyed there meals, it was much better than sitting an another restaurant, its not that thye hated going to one its just sometimes its good to just chill out with a hot dog, once they finished they found a nearby toilet and cleaned up before starting to walk along the path of the markets



'omg i love these, i see them online all the time



'what is it deb?



'oh mum so its a hat and you can choose different graffiti styles to decorate the hate and you can have your name on it,  or a nickname, whatever you want



'well you should get one



'you think?



'absolutely, you love hats, it will be ready in one hour the sign says, so by the time we go through and come back it will be ready



'okay let me do the design..... debbie choose bright colors of re, pink, purple and blue and also her name deb, she paid the $50 and they told the guy she would be back, taking kate's hand they continued to walk through, they all got candles, kate got a beanie, they each got a couple clothing items from a place that does one off designs, allie actually found a place that does jackets similar to what debbie got, there was different material and they could decorate it to make it a one off piece



'bea what do you think? 



'there really cool allie, you should get one, its winter back home so you would wear it all the time



'true, how about you girls? you want one?..... they all agreed to get a couple each, they left it to bea to design them all, as allie kept saying 'bea is the designer' talking about when bea draws, she hasnt done it in a while because of everything going on but allie knows her woman and she will make them amazing



'how long do these take to make? we are here on holidays.... allie asked the guy



'a week, we can post it to you



'that would be great.... once bea organized the designs and allie gave them the address she paid for not only the jackets but postage as well, telling the guys to package them well. an hour later they came to the end of the stalls and debbie found a donut truck



'oh yum, lets go... debbie pulled them all there and there senses were on high alert, the donuts were fresh and smelled amazing, debbie ordered 4 boxes of 6 and they each chose the flavors, once they received there sweets they went back to the hat guy and picked up debbie's hat



'i love it so much, thanks dude



'no worries, check out our website we do t-shirts and beanies as well..... he said handing over a business card



'sweet, i will check it out, see ya.... they left the markets and debbie sat down somewhere rubbing her back



'you right babe?



'my back hurts



'we did a lot of walking, why dont we head back to the hotel and we can go in the spa?



'good idea, mum, mama do you mind?



'not at all, we are tired too, lets get a taxi.... allie hailed a taxi and soon enough they were back at the hotel and were going up to there rooms



'mum do you 2 want to come to the spa?



'no thanks deb, we are going to shower and relax, tomorrow lets just chill out, text us when you get up but if you want to go do something go for it, we are just having a relaxing day



'okay mum, night.... they went to there own rooms



'bea im going to shower, can you order some ice cream please? im craving it



'sure baby, you go wash up.... bea picked up the menu to look at desserts, more so the ice cream, there was so much to choose from but she knows what allie loves, she placed an order for her and something small for herself than joined allie in the shower, they shared some kisses but apart from that behaved for now. putting on rabes they sat on the couch to watch tv for a while, there ice cream came and allie giggled when bea bought it over, it was an ice cream boat with nuts, marshmallows, chocolate bits, wafers, and chocolate syrup



'babe you know me so well, what did you get?



'a couple scoops or tiramisu ice cream and we have the donuts too



'ah yes, nothing will go to waste



'dont i know it.... they watched a movie with there desserts and than got into bed, they made out like teenagers but both were too tired to do anything else, falling asleep after whispering 'i love you' to each other









The next day debbie and kate went out for the day to the beach while bea and allie spent there day in bed and in there spa bath, it was allie that bought out a new toy she bought with her and they spent time make mad passionate love to each other. 





The next day they decided to go to movie world, they got dressed and had breakfast before grabbing a water each and getting on the bus, it was pretty busy on the bus meaning the park would be as well. movie world is a massive park that has rides, shows and games all based around cartoon characters. 



'hey babe did you see this ride? its a roller coaster



'bea you know i hate them



'but i want to go on it, i love them



'i know and you can go on any rides you want but i wont be going on all of them..... bea kissed her cheek



'okay babe, your really cute when your scared



'shut up... allie laughed and shoved bea playfully. debbie and kate giggled at there playfulness. it was good to see them be so giddy, the bus took about 40 minutes but when they got there they were all so excited. they got off the buss and allie jumped on bea's back



'lets go babe, woo hoo.... bea laughed and held allie the best she could and went to pick up there tickets, as they were waiting in the line allie jumped down and giggled as they were greeted by a cartoon character. they got there wrist bands and walked inside, bea loved seeing how excited the girls were but especially allie, she had this big smile and her eyes were lit up. wrapping her arm around her waist she pulled out the map



'alright girls where to first?



'lets go on the batman ride mum



'okay, its that way.... she pointed and they walked down the path, it was a big batman building and they walked inside and scanned there bands, they didnt wait long and went into the ride, they sat in a big batman car built for 20 people and there is a screen in front on you and it runs through the course and the cart would move along with the video playing, it was like a roller coaster but not as bad as a normal one, you were basically in batman car going with him on a trip. it was funny as they got slung around. debbie had given the guy running it her phone to take a couple photos while they were on the ride. once finished they got off and debbie got her phone and left



'oh that was so much fun, i want to come back to this one later again..... kate said



'agreed babe..... they spent the next 3 hours going on other rides, allie kept her feet planted on the ground when the girls went on the 2 roller coasters, now they were sitting down to get some lunch



'alright what do you girls want  eat?



'chicken burger with chips and coke please mama



'me too



'and me



'you girls make it easy to feed you, i wont be long.... allie went to the counter



'hi what can i get you?.... the server asked



'can i get 4 chicken burger meals with chips and coke please



'sure, anything else?



'can you put the drinks in those plastic refill cups?



'sure. thats $62..... allie thought it was a bit steep but its probably normal for these kind of places, she paid and took a number back to the table



'wont be long girls



'thanks mama, hey so how about after this we go to the harley quinn show? it looks good



'yea and the police academy show as well deb



'true babe. 



'good idea girls, oh im starving.... bea groaned when her stomach rumbled and the others laughed



'mum your normally good at going long times without food



'i know but we have been running around all morning and i only had a piece of toast earlier



'well that will teach you to each properly babe



'yea yea i know, i was just so excited to come here.... alle smiled and kissed bea



'your freaking cute babe, look the food is coming



'yay.... bea cheered, they had lunch with allie getting bea another burger to make sure she ate enough, they loved the refill cups that they could keep and take home, they refilled there cups and went to find seats in the arena for the shows, they were full so needed time to relax and let there food digest. 



The shows were amazing and so fun to watch, flying cars, fire, jokes and lots of characters. they walked out of the arena an hour later and back towards the rides. they did lots more rides and played games, bea winning allie a stuffed sea horse and kate won a stuffed turtle for debbie. they were they late into the night and watched the fire works before leaving, going to the bus stop they looked at the time table



'ugh its not due for 45 minutes, im so tired... bea said groaning and sulked as she sat down



'dont worry babe i got you... allie said taking out her phone



'what are you doing mama?



'ordering an uber



'great idea, the uber came in 3 minutes and bea was so greatful. they arrived at the hotel half an hour later and allie took a tired grumpy bea up to there room



'mama we are going to order room service for dinner



'yea us too, if this one can stay awake



'put mum to bed and come and have dinner with us



'thats a good idea allie, im going to shower and sleep so you should eat with the girls.... bea said rubbing her eyes



'your not hungry babe?



'im too tired to eat, you should go



'okay i will shower and come over girls



'kool, what do you want to eat mama?



'surprise me deb



'okay, see you soon.... allie opened the door and she and bea headed straight for the shower, they showered together and than bea put on a t-shirt and undies and fell into bed, while allie was getting dressed in the bathroom she hadnt realized bea had already fallen asleep



'hey ba.... she stopped as she saw the redhead asleep, she pulled the quilt up and kissed her cheek and turned all the lights off leaving a lamp on in the corner for when she gets back. she took her phone and swipe card for the room and left going to the girls room, kate let her in



'food wont be long, im just gonna shower, deb is sitting on the couch



'thanks kate... allie went over to the couch and sat down with her daughter



'hey deb, what you doing?



'hey mam, just looking at the photos from today, heaps of good ones



'send them to my email please



'sure, mum asleep?



'before i even finished getting dressed... debbie laughed



'sounds about right, you know she is like a toddler when she is tired



'she sure is, anyways what did you order?



'i got 2 different pastas, a pizza, ceasar salad and hot chips to share



'sounds good...... the food came and the 3 of them ate dinner together and chatted for a while. allie headed back to her room a couple hours later as she too was tired and so were the girls. she climbed into bed with bea and fell asleep quickly









Allie woke up to an empty bed, the sheets were cold so bea had been up for a while, she looked around but couldnt find her so thought maybe she was with debbie in the girls room, she went to use the bathroom to freshen up, walking in she stopped and smiled when she saw bea in the spa bath surrounded in warm soapy water, bea looked up and smiled



'good morning baby



'good morning beautiful, you never bath this early, you okay?



'yea, not to self dont wear near sneakers for a day trip..... bea said lifting her feet to show 2 blisters on each foot



'oh babe, i will freshen up and go get something from the chemist for you, its good to soak them



'thank you babe.... allie went to sit down on the toilet and raised an eye brow as bea



'turn around please



'allie i have seen it all plenty of times



'yes but you know how i get with the toilet.... bea rolled her eyes and turned her head so allie could do her business. she finished and washed her hands and face



'alright im going to get changed, you hungry?



'a little bit



'alright i will see if i find something when im outside, i wont be long



'okay... bea said as allie kissed her on the head, she got dressed and left there room knocking on debbie and kate's door, it opened soon after



'hey kate



'hey allie, come in



'oh no im alright, im going to get bea some ointment for her blisters and maybe see if i can find something food wise, do you 2 need anything?



'something from a bakery would be good for breakfast, there is one across the road from here



'okay cool, where is deb?



'just waking up, she is grumpy



'she gets like that, note for you kate after you girls eat let her have a nap or she will drive you crazy all day.... kate laughed



'thanks for letting me know allie



'no worries, i will be back with breakfast.... allie found a chemist not far and than went to the bakery to get breakfast for them all, she got a few pastries and coffee for her and bea and hot chocolates for the girls and than went back t the hotel, she gave debbie and kate there's letting them know they will probably relax in the room till after lunch and they were going to do the same thing, allie went to her room and saw bea sitting on the couch



'hey babe i got you some cream, guy at the chemist says it should help fast, he also said leave your feet free for at least 24 hours to help them heal better



'so no shoes?



'no only thongs



'okay, i will put it on now



'i will do it, you relax..... bea smiled at how thoughtful allie is, she put the ointment on bea's feet and elevated them on a pillow, she washed her hands and than they enjoyed breakfast together. they spent the next 4 hours just relaxing on the couch and watching tv,allie was sitting behind bea with her arms wrapped around the redhead, every now and than she would lay soft kisses to her neck and cheek bea loving the softness of allie's lips on her, bea leaned back into allie more and turned her head slightly



'i hope you know how much i love you allie, so so much



'i know and  i love you too babe..... they shared a few more kisses than decided on a movie finally falling asleep together




That night they decided debbie and kate would go out and get dinner for them all to enjoy in bea and allie's room, they all had a relaxing day but didnt want to go out for dinner. bea's feet were still a little sore but were getting better, while they waited for the girls allie was massaging bea' feet



'bea you should have known better about wearing new shoes for so long



'i know allie, oh right there... bea said and breathed in deeply when allie touched a sensitive spot  'it feels so good allie



'happy to help



'you definitely are..... allie giggled at bea's face. the door opened a couple minutes later and the girls walked in



'hey mum, hey mama



'hey, what did you girls get?



'we found a chinese place just up the road so we got that



'cool, lets eat.... they had dinner and once cleaned up debbie and kate wanted to go get ice cream



'do you 2 want to come?



'i dont but allie you go if you want?



'i dont really feel like it, are you girls okay to go on your own?



'oh yea mama, the gelato place is across the road, we are just going to pick it up and bring it back, i can bring some back for you both?



'im good deb, we just ate so i wont be able to fit anything in 



'alright well we will see you tomorrow



'okay, bye girls... debbie and kate left so allie decided to have a quick shower, bea joined her because she just wanted to be close to her woman, hands were everywhere but where they needed them the most




'babe lets get to the bed, i need you right now.... bea nodded. they dried off and fell into bed spending the next 2 hours making love






Chapter Text





They had been at queensland for a week and were loving it, allie had booked them in the hotel for 2 weeks but they had no return date for home so it was up to them when they would leave. they had no obligations back home so were having fun being free. today thou allie woke up with a different feeling, not bad, not bad at all. she watched bea walk around the room tidying up,  she thought about how good they were together before everything went down, so much had happened in the last 2 years and now here they were. back together and stronger then ever. smiling she stood up on the bed naked 



'hey babe catch me... bea spun around and laughed when allie did indeed jump and bea caught her, allie wrapped her arms around bea's neck and her legs around her waist. bea spun them around a couple times and kissed her



'your lucky i didnt drop you 



'i knew you would catch me, i trust you



'yea?.... bea said unsure considering everything that happened



'absolutely, now kiss me baby... thats exactly what she did, latching her lips onto allie's and began walking to the bathroom, allie pulled back to breath



'what are we doing in here?



'i need a shower so thought i might as well take you with me..... allie giggled when bea nibbled her neck



'are you saying i smell bea?



'yes, you smell gorgeous



'very smooth baby, ugh put me down i have to pee... bea laughed as allie hopped down and went to pee while bea started the shower, they both got in and washed



'what are we doing today? any plans babe?



'no, the girls left about ten minutes ago, they decided to go to the big shopping mall to buy crap they dont need



'sounds about right, well how about we go for a walk along the board walk and have lunch?



'sounds good allie..... they finished off and dried themselves, they dressed and grabbed there stuff to leave. walking out of the hotel hand in hand they went to the board walk. the board walk was a long footpath where one side had shops and businesses and the other was the sandbank leading to the beach, they stopped at a fish and chip shop and had some lunch, talking about what they were going to do over the next few days with the girls. 



'i want to go to sea world and wet and wild



'sure allie, we can speak to the girls and find out when to go



'awesome. alright you done eating so we can walk?



'sure.... bea took allie's hand and they walked for a while, allie was looking at all the shops and her eyes rained in on one particular place and an idea came to mind, looking at it she knew this was the thing that was bugging her in her stomach since she woke up, she wanted things with bea to be good, great even and now with everything out it was the perfect idea  she stopped causing bea to stop



'whats wrong?



'nothing but...



'but what? are you okay allie?



'im so good babe, i just want to ask you something



'okay, what is it?



'marry me?..... bea stared at allie like she grew another head



'wait, what?



'marry me



'stop joking around allie... bea said going to walk again only to be pulled back by allie



'bea im not joking, i want to marry you, yes i know this is crazy and we havent been back together long but you know as well as i do that we are meant to be together. everything is out on the table, you know about me and i know about you, we are family. i love you so so much and i want you to be my wife



'allie this is crazy



'yea it is but its also right, so bea novak... allie said dropping down on one knee  'now i dont have a ring but i will buy you the best ring out there, bea novak will you do me the honor of marrying me....again?.... bea looked at allie seeing how real she was being, allie doing this meant so much to bea, it meant she forgave bea for everything, that she wanted her back for good, back to put there life together as one, bea smiled and stroked allie's cheek 



'of course i will marry you allie, if your sure



'i have never been more sure of anything in my life.... allie stood up and kissed bea, picking her up and swinging her around causing bea to laugh , a bunch of people that had seen the proposal were clapping and cheering



'your crazy allie



'crazy about you babe, so should we go get married over there?.... allie pointed to a small chapel a few feet away from them



'you want to get married now?



'i want us to be married asap



'allie i want to but the girls, franky, bridget and everyone else, we need them here



'ugh fine, how would you feel about getting them to fly up and we can get married in the next few days?



'your serious?



'if your okay with it than yes i am bea






'yea?.... allie asked



'yes, lets first tell the girls and than call everyone and make plans



'actually first lets go get you a ring.... bea laughed when allie picked her up over her shoulder and ran to the main street, putting her down they both laughed and shared some kisses



'your crazy allie



'im crazy about you



'im crazy about you too baby, we should call the girls



'call them and tell them we will be back at the hotel in a couple hours and we need to talk to them about something, dont give too much away



'okay..... bea called debbie who after trying to find out what they needed to talk to her about gave up and said they would be back soon before hanging up. they took a taxi to the shopping center on the opposite side to where debbie and kate went, they went to a few jewellery stores but nothing seemed right, there was a tiffany store that one of the other shop servers told them about so they went there, bea didnt really want to shop there because it was so expensive but allie didnt care



'bea i want to get you something you deserve



'but i got this one... she pointed to the old wedding ring on her finger



'i know but these are keep sakes now, we need new rings to signify our new marriage, to show our love is stronger than anything and we wont break again



'okay baby... bea said kissing her lips, they looked around for some time and eventually allie found something that was perfect, bea couldnt lie the rings were beautiful, allie also found an incredible ring for bea to wear as an engagement ring. she paid and bea's eyes went wide when she saw the price for all 3 rings



'allie thats too much



'its never enough when it comes to you babe, please i have all this money so let me splurge on you for this one thing?.... bea knows how important this is for allie, for both of them so she nodded and allie swiped her card, she had to call her bank to confirm it was her purchase because it cost $175,000 for all 4 rings, once they got the rings they decided to go straight to the hotel because they were carrying such expensive items, going to there room debbie was waiting by there door



'what are you doing deb?



'mum you called and said you needed to talk to me, the last time that happened you 2 got a divorce so i was worried



'its nothing bad darling.... bea stroked her daughters cheek  'where is kate?



'watching tv, told me to calm down



'she isnt wrong, why dont you get her and come over in a few minutes?



'okay.... allie had gone into the room in the mean time and called down for some champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a few assorted pastries to celebrate, bea came in and left the door opened slightly for the girls to come in when they are ready



'bea i ordered some treats to celebrate



'good idea baby, so we tell the girls first and than everyone else, we find out if everyone can come up for a few days



'its a plan, oh here babe put the new engagement ring on.... allie said sliding the old one off and putting the new one on



'now my turn... allie smiled when bea did the same thing



'so lets put the old ones away and take them home with us to keep for momentum



'good idea, oh the girls are here.... allie said seeing the girls come in, bea saw behind them a man with a trolley and there champagne and sweets



'thank you i will take the trolley.. she gave him a tip and rolled it inside closing the door behind her



'what is going on?.... debbie said seeing the trolley



'sit down girls and we will tell you... they all sat down and bea took allie's hand smiling before facing the girls



'so what is it?



'today your mama proposed to me and i said yes.... bea smiled showing debbie her ring. debbie's mouth went wide in shock and than jumped forward into her mums hugging them



'oh my god im so happy for you both... debbie said holding them tight and she began crying



'hey hey sweet heart whats wrong?.... allie said holding her daughter and wife to be in her arms, kate rubbed debbie's back knowing how much this means to her, debbie and kate have ad long talks about her parents breakdown of there marriage and them getting back together for good. 



'im just so happy, you need to be together forever



'we are happy too sweety... bea said kissing debbie on the cheek as she pulled back and sat beside kate



'this is amazing mums



'yea it is, now the next part of out news, we want to get married here



'as in queensland?



'yes and in the next few days






'yes, we saw a chapel and decided why wait



'okay so whats the plan?



'well we are going to call everyone and see if they can get up here to come to our wedding



'oh this is great, omg lets do a zoom call with everyone



'thats a great idea deb, babe where is the laptop?



'in the bedroom..... allie went and got it and set it up on the table calling everyone, franky, bridget, liz, maxine, boomer, kate's dad micheal, will and danny



'so red whats this all about?



'we have some news everyone



'well go on sis tell us.... will said, allie and bea put there hands up showing there rings



'were engaged..... everyone erupted into cheers and whistles as the 4 girls laughed, franky was in public but couldnt care what she looked like she was cheering and jumping around, franky is without a doubt the number one supporter of the couple and couldnt be happier for them 



'oh im so happy for you both



'thanks franky, so here's what comes next, we are getting married up here in the next few days so we want to know if you all can fly up here. 



'before you all answer i will pay for flights and hotel when here... allie said



'i can come up on thursday red, gidge i think should be good as well?



'yep im good for thursday as well



'us too.... will and danny replied as did maxine and liz 



'great, can you all send me your full names, birthdays and addresses please, i will get the flights and hotel booked and let you all know the details, hopefully i can get you in the same flight



'sounds good allie, everyone lets let the girls go to celebrate and make plans



'gidge is right, laters girls.... they all disconnected the zoom call and allie closed the laptop



'well first thing first flights and hotel, babe i might go down to reception and see if they have a travel person to help me do the bookings, im gonna try get rooms here



'good idea, i might book the chapel and find a place to eat after



'okay, actually i might wait 30 minutes so we can have some champagne and strawberries.... they had a quick snack and than allie went down stairs speaking to the guy at the front 



'hi miss novak what can i do for you?



my girlfriend and i are getting married this weekend



'oh wow congratulations



'thank you, i am flying some people here for the wedding so i need 4 rooms if possible as well i need to book flights so do you have anyone that can help me book multiple flights?



'okay we have a travel person let me get him for you..... a guy came out of a back office and over to allie



'andrew this is allie novak and she is staying here at the moment, she needs some help booking rooms and flights for some friends t some up for her wedding with her girlfriend this weekend



'how fantastic, come on through to my office and see what we can do for you.... it took about an hour and allie had booked all of the family on the same flight as well as rooms in there hotel. she went up to the room and saw bea sitting on the couch watching tv



'where are the girls?



'having a lay down in there room till dinner, how did you go?



'flights and hotel booked, there flight is on thursday at 3pm and they will be staying here. 



'awesome, good job baby



'thanks, how did you go?



'i booked the chapel on saturday at 2pm, i booked an italian restaurant for after, they have a big vip room and i told them its for a wedding so unlimited alcohol and food



'which one is it? i will go put one of my credit cards down as payment



'its called 'ormeggio'



'okay, how far is it?



'i have no idea allie



'alright im going to go talk to them about food and put my card down



'do you mind if i have a lay down? im a little tired



'of course my beautiful fiance... bea giggled and kissed allie  'i wont be too long hopefully



'okay.... allie returned an hour later after finalizing the menu and putting her card down, also organizing to have the vip room decorated in red, orange and purple colors, she paid extra but she didnt care, bea deserves the best. going back to the room bea was sleeping on the bed so she kicked off her shoes and slid into bed with her.









The next day bea and allie were sitting by the pool trying to decide what to wear for the wedding



'allie are you going to wear a dress?



'i dont know, i have a couple idea's of what to wear, how about you?



'probably a suit, do you mind if its not white?



'bea you could wear a rubbish bag and you would be gorgeous, i want you to be comfortable... bea smiled and reached out taking allie's hand



'i love you so much beautiful girl



'i love you too baby, more than i can express



'i know, hey are you sure you want to do this allie?



'of course i am bea otherwise i wouldnt have asked, why do you keep asking?... bea shrugged



'its just that, you know, after what i did to you i never thought you would forgive me.... allie nodded understanding bea's worry, she got off her sun chair and slid into bea's lap and wrapped her arm around the redhead



'what you did was shit im not gonna lie, but us being together is all i ever wanted, ever needed. bea i need you to know that marrying you is what i want to do. i need you to understand that i have fully forgiven you, we have had so many talks about what happened and i understand why you did what you did. bea i need to know if you understand that i forgive you for all of it... she said putting her finger under bea's chin and lifting so bea was looking at her  'do you understand?



'i understand and im not doubting you at all allie, i just want you to be sure is all..... allie smiled 



'i am definitely sure babe, you+me=lifetogetherforever



'did you just hashtag us?.... allie full on belly laughed and bea smiled at the happy woman



'i sure did, your my forever bea



'and your mine



'good, now im hungry



'what a surprise, where is debbie and kate?



'they were having a sleep in but should be up now, let me call them... allie relaxed into bea and called debbie



'hey mama



'hey sweety what are you 2 up to?



'we just had a shower and we are trying to decide what to eat



'we are down at the pool and we are hungry, how about we come up and have a quick shower and than we can go get food?



'sounds good mama



'see you soon deb... hanging up they put the towel around there bodies and went up to there room, they had a shower together and than got dressed and the 4 of them left the hotel together



'so where to mum?



'you decide deb we arent fussed



'okay, kate you choose






'yes you, common you never choose



'okay... kate looked around  'kebabs and chips?.... she asked unsure and debbie smiled



'sounds perfect babe... debbie said kissing her



'to us too, lets go.... they went to the kebab shop and looked at there menu, they all ordered and allie paid, they got there meal and sat down at a table, bea grabbing drinks, they began eating



'oh there so yum. i love me a kebab.... debbie said causing them all to laugh



'your so cute babe... kate said and wiped some sauce off debbie's cheek



;so everyone comes tomorrow, how are they getting here from the air port?



'i organized a mini bus to pick them up, the guy will drip them here and we can meet them out the front and get them checked in



'cool. so is everything organized for the wedding?



'its just small so i booked the chapel, we got rings, your mum booked the restaurant and i put my credit card down for any charges, i did the menu and unlimited drinks. your mum ordered flowers to be picked up in the morning. the only thing we havent done is what to wear



'well we should go shopping, we could help you



'ugh babe im not a shopping person, you know that deb



'sounds like me kate... bea said and they all laughed 



'well thats perfect, mum and kate can go together, it will be fast because you both dont like to shop and i will go with mama



'thats actually a good idea deb, babe you up for it?



'of course, i want to find the perfect outfit for our day



'i told ya, you look good in anything... allie said and bea smiled



'babe do you mind going with mum?.... debbie asked kate



'of course babe, we will find the perfect thing to wear



'thanks kate, sorry girls to interrupt our holiday



'oh please mum we are so happy for you both, plus we dont really have a return flight home so we can stay here for as long as we want



'thats true



'yep and i cleared it with the hotel for our rooms to be kept for a couple more weeks for now if we choose to stay that long



'awesome mama. im not fussed, but i do want to go to sea world maybe friday? everyone can come



'thats a great idea deb, since everything is done for the wedding the others can have a mini break.... they finished off eating and than found a bathroom to clean up before allie and debbie took a taxi to the big shopping center



'so i dont know where to go kate for my outfit



'well i googled a couple places and there is 2 shops just around the corner so we could walk there and try find something



'good idea, lets start there..... they went to the first shop but nothing really made bea want it so they moved on, looking through the second one bea thought she found the perfect one



'bea its nice, try it on.... bea went to the dressing rooms and tried on the suit, it was velvet material and dark red for the jacket, black pants to go with it, bea came out



'what do you think?



'you look great, need a shirt thou, white?



'yea i think that would look good



'and a black vest too bea



'for sure.... they found the items and bea put the whole suit on together and came out



'you look incredible bea



'ya think?



'i know, stunning, its perfect for you. now are you going to wear high heels?



'yes black pumps i think will go well



'good idea, oh look they have a shoe area...... bea found matching shoes and put them on



'you look great bea, allie is going to go crazy... bea blushed and giggled



'i think she will like it as well. alright im done, now we need to find you something to wear



'oh shit i didnt even think about myself, dads coming so i should call him and get him to bring me something



'no no, something new, i will get it for you



'i cant ask you to do that bea



'your not, i want to, plus deb will get something as well. no doubt allie always spoils her.... bea rolled her eyes. allie is always getting debbie stuff



'yea deb has a lot of stuff, dont worry she isnt spoilt and is very good with money






'oh yea, when we go out to eat she doesnt like the expensive places or to do expensive things even though allie keeps putting money in her account, when we go shopping she looks around but rarely buys anything, i ask her why she doesnt spend money much and she says there is no need, her parents meaning you and allie get her what she needs, anything she wants she can wait till bday or xmas, although she doesnt let me pay for much and tells me to save my money, stubborn for sure.... bea smiled, she is glad debbie isnt a spoilt brat and she worried when she and especially allie began making lots of money



'im glad she knows the meaning of money, not surprised she tells you to save, its not a controlling thing she just prefers for people to have what she has, which is financial stability



'i now have that more than ever, yesterday the money came through from the holts



'thats great kate



'yea,  i have to figure out what to do with it



'yea well its like over 5 million right?



'right, i have a limit of 3thousand a day i can spend so thats good, i dont need to go overboard, i know what im going to do with some of it



'oh yea?



'yea, im going to pay off my dads mortgage, my dad has given me everything bea and its the least i can do



'i think thats a great idea kate 



'oh and maybe open a business in the future



'thats good, just use it wisely



'i will



'good, alright lets find you a dress? suit? what do you prefer?



'i think a body suit but a little lose



'oh good idea...... they found a beautiful body suit and boots for kate and headed out of the shop once bea paid, they went back to the rooms and bea decided to hide her outfit in debbie and kate's room



'thanks kate, allie is a sticky beak so would want to see it



'no worries



'hey come to my room and lets order something sweet



'yea sure bea.... they ordered something and half an hour later allie and debbie walked in



'hey babe how did you go?



'good, i got my outfit



'can i see it bea?



'not until the day, its in there room.... allie pouted



'ugh fine, where should i put mine?



'give it to me mama, i will hide it in our room



'okay.... debbie went to her room and put there outfits in onther wardrobe and went back to her mums room, she sat on kate's lap and picked up the iced drink in front of her not even bothering to ask



'mmm yum. iced chocolate, thats yours yea babe?



'yes it is



'sorry i didnt ask



'no worries babe, whats mine is yours



'thanks, so whats the plan for dinner?



'i vote eat in, im buggered



'me too....said bea



'and me.... kate replied



'well room service it is...... they hung around and watched a movie than ordered room service. they ate and than parted ways to get some much needed sleep






Chapter Text




Thursday afternoon the 4 girls were waiting outside the hotel for all there friends to arrive



'mum im tired, can i just see them later.... debbie sulked, the young girl decided to stay up late with kate and go night swimming, than they ordered a whole bunch of room service and stuffed there faces and were up till 4am watching movies and playing games. now the girls were tired



'deb just say hello and than go for a nap before dinner



'okay, where are we going for dinner?



' the chinese place across the road



'looks yum, oh here they are... debbie said standing up, the car pulled up and out jumped all there friends and family



'hey fuckers...boomer said making them all laugh



'boom booms... debbie said jumping into her arms



'hey little one, you doing alright?



'im good, hey franky and bridget



'hey squirt..... they all hugged each other hello, franky squeezing allie and bea



'im so happy for you both, this will make a fresh start for you



'thanks franky, we cant wait... bea smiled  'alright everyone allie has organized rooms for you all so follow her inside... they all did so except kate and her dad



'how are you sweety?



'im doing good dad



'are you sure? i have been worried about you



'yea i have been really good dad, debbie and her mums have been great, looking after me, making me feel special and welcome. we have done lots of stuff and eaten lots of food.... andrew laughed



'than i know your happy



'i am, i also got the payout from the lawsuit as well, its a lot of money dad



'you deserve it sweety. you do with it as you please



'i will. alright lets go get you settled in and than deb and i need a nap because we were up late



'okay sweet heart...... they went inside and allie handed everyone keys and up to there rooms 



'alright guys this is our room, this one is debbie and kate's. yours is the next ones followed, here are the keys and figure out which one you want, there all the same



'yea and i booked dinner at the chinese restaurant across the road at 7



'great love, alright lets all get settled and we will see you girls soon enough.... allie handed out the keys and they went into there rooms. debbie and kate laid down for a nap, allie and bea decided to go for a walk to the cake shop to get something for the wedding. They walked hand in hand down the main strip to the cake shop. allie had looked online and found one closest to them. walking inside they looked at the glass cases of all the different cakes 



'hey allie look at this one, it has custard and fruit the way you like it.... allie came over swinging her arm around bea's waist



'it looks yummy, i was thinking if we should get some cupcakes as well? maybe red velvet since thats your favorite



'thats a good idea babe, just a simple cake yea? not too over the top or it will go to waste



'i was thinking the same thing... allie hit the bell and the lady came from round the back



'hello ladies what can i do for you?



'we are getting married in 2 days, we need a cake for around 20 people and some cupcakes



'we can do that, do you know the flavor?



'red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, that cake there, square with the custard and fruit inside



'okay, do you want just the base?



'yes please



'alright, the cake will feed 30 people as its square



'thats fine.... allie paid and said someone will pick it up on saturday by 12 and they left



'what time is it?






'alright lets go back and shower and get ready for dinner... allie said and bea agreed, they arrived at the hotel and went up to there room



'we have time for a bath you interested bea?.... allie said removing her top and bra than her jeans and panties, bea was mesmerized by allie's body, it was so sexy. allie giggled and bea's eyes shot up 



'since you got a real perve how about you come and touch the real thing.... allie said cheekily and walked towards the bathroom giving bea a wink. allie could hear bea taking off her clothes so wasnt surprised when she felt bea's lips kissing her shoulder



'took your time babe



'i put the sign on the door to not disturb us, didnt want to be interrupted 



'good idea, lets get in the water is warm.... bea got in first and allie straddled her lap, allie groaned when she felt bea's fingers graze her soft wet mound



'hmm someones excited... allie breathed in and closed her eyes as bea rubbed her clit



'i cant help it when your doing that bea, baby... allie whispered out and kissed bea and locked lips with the red head, bea didnt waist anymore time and pushed 2 fingers inside if allie and she let out the sexiest moan bea had ever heard



'please babe



'please what allie? what do you want?



'you, always you.... allie grinded into bea's fingers feeling them fill her, bea took it from there pushing in and out as bea's lips kissed along her neck, allie came with a force causing water to flow out of the tub, leaning her forehead on bea's she slowly got her breath back



'you okay baby?



'better than okay, your amazing 



'your more amazing allie, your the most amazing person i have ever met in my life.... allie smiled and in a weird maneuver allie moved her hand down to bea'c core and bought her to an orgasm loving the way bea's body twitched and moved into her hand, when finished they had a shower to actually wash themselves and dry off. they got dressed and there was a knock at the door, bea opened it to see franky and bridget there



'hey red you 2 ready? 



'we are, where is everyone else?



'they all went to the restaurant, i told them to order drinks and appetizers so lets go



'come on allie, you ready to go?



'im just putting on perfume babe... allie did so than grabbed her bag with her stuff in it and grabbed bea's hand leaving the room, they exited the hotel and crossed the road walking into the chinese restaurant, seeing there table they went over and sat down happy when there was already food and drinks there , they sat and chatted for a while, they ordered mains not long later, debbie leaned over to allie to whisper to her



'mama are we still going to sea world tomorrow?



'of course debbie, should we ask everyone?



'you do it... allie nodded and smiled, sometimes debbie was so cute and shy



'hey guys tomorrow is a free day and since everything is organized for the wedding debbie thought it would be a good idea to go to sea world, who is up for it?



'oh yea for sure



'sounds good to me... they all agreed to go so allie got on her phone and ordered tickets for them all



'i ordered the tickets we just need to pick them up



'thanks mama.... they all enjoyed dinner together and debbie wanted deep fried ice cream but everyone else was too full



'mum can you order 2 of them to go and kate and i will have them in our room?



'sure deb, do you 2 each or one?



'2 sounds better, 3 chocolate and 3 caramel






'yea, danny is gonna come hang out with us



'okay deb.... bea ordered and when it was ready allie paid and they all went back to the hotel, boomer, maxine and liz decided to go for a walk so they took off, franky and bridget went for a dip in the pool so off they went. the rest went back to there rooms, kate, danny and debbie went to the girls room to hang out for a while. bea allie and will went to bea's room as bea wanted to talk to her brother about something



'bro do you want a drink?



' a beer if you have one?



'yea sure, babe?



'i will have a beer as well.... bea grabbed 3 beers and the 3 of them sat on the couch



'so whats up sis?



'i want to know what you think about mum and dad?



'what do you mean?



'well i havnt seen them since everything went down at my place, should i be inviting them to the wedding? now they know everything



'hmm i really dont know bea, i have spoken to them a couple times and they keep saying bad things about the 3 of you, so honesty i would say dont invite them, there not good for you, for any of you



'thats what i thought, i just wanted to double check with you



'yea i wouldnt trust them bea



'thanks bro, im really glad your here



'i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. im so happy for you both, i know how hard this last 2 years have been for you and im glad you came out of it stronger and happier... bea wrapped her arm around allie's shoulders



'thank you.... they had a couple drinks together and than will went home, allie text everyone to be ready at 11am, they would catch the bus to sea world and have lunch before starting all the rides, games and shows. 








The next day at 11am they all met in the foyer of the hotel



'everyone ready to go?



'yea i cant wait red, where do we catch the bus?



'actually allie ordered a mini bus for us all, there is so many of us that we might not all get on the first bus, so its here lets go... they went outside and the driver greated them and open the door, they got on and got comfy, bea giggling when allie went to sit down but boomer tried to sit on the same seat and they both collided



'omg are you 2 okay?... bea said helping allie up



'yea, boomer i was gonna sit there



'i didnt bloody know, sit than princess... allie stuck her tongue out at the bigger woman and sat down pulling bea down with her, debbie shook her head at there shenanigans 



'babe i thought me you and danny were the youngest... kate said



'we might be in age but mentality its that lot over there... the 3 young people laughed, sea world was an hour away and they finally got there and got off



'that took forever



'i know deb, dont worry we are here now, let me get the tickets, i will be back... it took only a few minutes to get tickets because they are pre-paid  'here we go put these wrist bands on and lets go in... there bags were checked but eventually they were inside the park



'alright where to first? 



'lets go have lunch first babe



'good idea allie, im hungry.... they all followed the girls to one of the seating areas 



'okay what does everyone want? its either burger meal or hotdog meal?... allie got there orders and franky tried to pay but allie said she wanted to treat everyone this whole trip so just let her do it, franky sat back down and sulked as allie walked off



'dont take it to heart franky, mama wants to pay for everything and she can afford it so just let her



'fine.... allie returned with all the drinks and handed them out



'food will be out soon



'thanks mama.....there food came and they ate before heading off for some games and a show to let there food digest, they watched the dolphin  and whale show and it was amazing, they all took lots of photos and debbie got splashed from one of the animals, when finished they went to start with the rides, a couple roller coasters, they went on lots of other rides which was so much fun. they went over to shark bay which was a huge water area both indoors and outdoors and there were sharks everywhere



'babe its scary here... allie said holding onto bea's arms



'its okay allie i wont let anything happen to you.... allie smiled and kissed her cheek, when they finished at the shark place they went off to the penguin encounter



'this is more my place... allie said sitting right in front of the glass on the floor making the others giggle, everyone knew how much allie loved penguins, she tapped the glass trying to get the attention of the penguins in the area. a couple walked up making allie squeal and laugh, bea took photos loving how happy allie was right now. they spent a significant amount of time there the others getting into it just as much. after an hour bea saw it was 7pm



'guys we still have 2 hours left till the park closes so should we go do more rides?



'yea sweet as red... they all went off and did more rides having so much fun. at 9.15 they were walking out of the park all carrying stuffed toys that they had won on the games, they got on the bus and headed back to the hotel



'im hungry



'i know deb, i think we all are. should i order a bunch of pizzas and we can pick them up on the wey and eat together in mine and bea's room?



'good idea allie, just get a mix of flavors... maxine replied. will and danny picked up the order from the pizza place and got back on the bus, they got to the hotel and all went up to bea and allie's room. allie got pizzas, salads and drinks so they all stuffed there faces before heading to there own rooms and going to sleep ready for the wedding the next day. bea and allie were sitting on the couch



'babe should we be in separate rooms?



'i never thought of that allie, its up to you. i can get franky to swap with you if you want?



'i dont want to spend a night away from you bea.... bea smiled



'me neither baby,.... bea caressed allie's hand   'i love you so much allie and i cant wait to marry you tomorrow



'i love you more bea



'are you sure you dont want a big wedding allie? the whole wedding dress, lots of decorations and all that



'what we are having is perfect bea, i want you, me and our friends and family.... bea nodded



'do you want to call your mum to come?.... allie stopped for a moment and thought about it



'i never thought of it



'i know you havnt spoken to her since you were in hospital but you have her number, she said she was clean 



'i dont actually know bea



'maybe give her a call? she wasnt at our first wedding but maybe talk to her and see if you want her to come tomorrow



'yea i will babe, i might go for a walk down to the pool so i can get some privacy, its not you babe i just need to walk for a bit



'no worries baby, take your time and if you need me just text or call



'i will, i might have a shower first.... allie had a quick shower and grabbed her phone and walked out of the room and down to the pool, she sat on one of the lounge chairs and scrolled to her mums number 'kaz'... it rang a couple times than it was picked up






'mum... allie said unsure



'allie, allie is that you?



'yes its me mum



'wow, how are you allie?



'im really good, how are you doing?



'im doing well allie, im clean, i have a job and a place to live



'how long have you been clean?



'2 years, i work at the shelter i came to for help, once i was clean i divorced your father and with the money i came out of the divorce i got my own house



'thats good mum, are you seeing anyone?



'no im not darling girl, thats not my priority now



'what is?.... allie asked scared to ask



'you are allie, since i saw you in hospital i have done nothing but work and wait for your phone call, i want to make it right allie



'you really hurt me mum



'i know sweat heart, i want to make it up to you



'you can start with one thing



'anything allie



'im in qld and tomorrow i am getting married to bea, can you come up?



'absolutely allie



'are you sure? what about work?



'i will work it out allie, i would love to come



'great, can you text me all your details and i will book you a ticket to fly up, actually let me do it now while your on the phone.... allie booked the ticket and sent it to her mums email



'did you get the email?



'i did darling



'good, i will send a car to pick you up mum and bring you to the hotel and i will get you a room



'thank you darling. i cant wait to see you



'me too, can you stay a while?



'i will make it happen allie



'thanks mum, i will see you tomorrow



'bye my darling girl.... allie hung up and laid back on the lounge chair, allie had been gone an hour when bea started to worry about her so took a stroll down to the pool, seeing allie laying on the chair



'allie you okay?



'hey babe, yea im good, really good



'how did it go with your mum?



'good, we talked a little and i invited her here for the wedding, she has been clean for 2 years and wants to make things right



'thats great baby, im so happy for you



'it feels good, she said she can stay up here with us for a while so i was thinking we have a couple days to ourselves after the wedding and than i can spend some time with her



'sounds good to me baby, should we head up to bed?



'absolutely... allie took bea's hand and they walked up to there room, they got into bed and snuggled into each other 



'i love you baby



'i love you too, good night











Chapter Text








Allie was with bridget and debbie in bea and allie's room, 



The girls were helping allie get ready while bea was getting ready in franky;s room with the tattooed brunette, liz and maxine. everyone else was getting ready in there own rooms



'allie your make up is done, are you ready for your dress?



'yes.... they slid the dress on and debbie zipped it up



'wow mama you look beautiful



'thanks deb, oh im a bit nervous i must admit



'dont worry mama, you and mum are meant to be and once you see her at the chapel you will be so happy



'i know, is your mum ready?



'yes, i got a text a ten minutes ago and she was walking over to the chapel



'alright where are my shoes? 



'right here.... allie put them on and the 3 of them left the room and left the hotel. The chapel was only a minute away so they arrived quickly and allie stood in the foyer area waiting for everything to be ready, debbie gave her a small bunch of flowers to hold 



'alright mama, mum is ready are you?



'absolutely, lets open the doors..... just before that happened someone came running in from the main entrance and allie turned around seeing an older blonde woman huffing and puffing



'mum?... she looked up



'allie, hi sweetheart, wow you look beautiful



'ugh thanks, you made it?



'only just, the plane was delayed and i had to rush and get ready, thanks for the room by the way, your friend liz met me and took me to it



'no worries, im glad your here



'i have missed you my darling girl.... kaz said hugging allie, allie fell into her mums arms not having felt a hug from her since she was a young girl



'mum... allie sobbed and held onto her mum for deer life, after a couple minutes they pulled back...  'im really happy your here



'me too, now go on and marry your beautiful woman. she is gorgeous



'dont i know it



'im going to go and sit down, we will talk more in time... allie nodded and kaz went to walk off but was stopped by debbie



'hey i think you should be walking your daughter down the isle... kaz turned around






'i think you should walk your daughter down the isle, you missed the first wedding but your here now, mama?



'i would love that



'really?... kaz said surprised



'i would love that mum



'me too, oh wait who is this young girl?



'oh mum this is my daughter debbie novak



'i have a grand daughter?



'yes, i adopted her when bea and i got married the first time. she is the light in bea and i's life... kaz turned to debbie and smiled



'your beautiful... debbie blushed...  'i look forward to getting to know you and your mothers



'me too kaz, alright lets get you married mama.... allie took kaz's arm and debbie opened the door and began walking down the little isle seeing everyone there, her mum had this big smile on her face that faded slightly when she saw debbie walking on her own first, as she got closer she whispered to be



'her mum is walking her down



'awesome, she would love that.... they looked ahead where allie and kaz were walking down the isle, bea's eyes framed in on the beautiful that she would call her wife very soon and she could not wait. 



'look how hot my wife to be looks mum.... allie said to kaz and they both smiled



'she is indeed very beautiful.... when allie got to the front kaz sat down while bea took allie's hand



'allie you look stunning



'thank you babe, you look sexy and i cant wait to rip that suit off you later on... she whispered for only bea to hear but the celebrant snickered at the cheeky woman. he cleared his throat



'ladies and gentleman today we come together to see these 2 ladies bea and allie reunite in holy matrimony. bea and allie have written there own vows so allie if you would like to go first.... allie nodded and turned fully to bea



'we started our journey a long time ago, i could say it took time for me to fall for you but i would be lying, i wanted your sexy ass the minute i saw you... she said and everyone laughed when bea blushed  'for a little bit of time we lost our way but in the end we came together again better and stronger. i love you bea,  have loved you since the day i met you and i will love you for the rest of my life and i cant wait to spend it with you doing the incredible things i know we will make of it, i love you my beautiful queen



'thank you for your beautiful words allie. bea please go ahead



'allie, my sweet beautiful girl... she said stroking allie's cheek before taking her hand again  'allie your the most amazing person i have ever met, your so kind not only to just me but to everyone around. you think i dont know about the fact that you donate to at least 2 charities every week for the last year, you helped my own brother get on his feet, you look after so many people and you have the biggest heart. i could stand here and say a million nice things about you but i and everyone else knows them all. i just want to make promises to you, i promise to treat you with the upmost respect at all times, i promise to never go to bed angry, i promise to be faithful to you and i promise to love you with everything i am for ever and ever..... she wiped the tear that fell down allie's cheek



'thank you bea, now can we have the rings please.... debbie bought them up and handed one to her mama first



'now please repeat after me allie and put the ring on bea's finger, with this ring i thee wed



'with this ring i thee wed.... allie said and slid it on bea's finger 



'great, now bea please do the same.... bea nodded and took the ring from debbie



'with this ring i thee wed.... she slid it on allie's finger and kissed it after



'great, it is my great honor to announce bea and allie as lawfully wedded wives, you may kiss your bride... pulling bea by her tie into her own body she latched her lips to the redheads as the others cheered and hollered. They pulled back and smiled at each other



'your my wife again



'i sure am and i couldnt be more happy allie



'me too... they felt someone wrap there arms around 



'im happy for you mums



'us too sweetheart... everyone came over and congratulated the happy couple



'red im so happy for you, both of you



'thanks franky, its been a rough couple of years but to be here right now at the end of a very dark tunnel is incredible.... they held each other in a tight hug  'can you do me a favor and take everyone tot he italian restaurant? you have the details, here take my phone and order ubers for everyone



'yea no sweat



'thanks, i just want some time alone with allie and we will meet you all there



' i got you red, see you there.... kaz came up to the couple



'congratulations to you both



'thanks mum, well mum, kaz this is my wife bea novak, babe this is my mum kaz proctor



'its nice to meet you miss proctor



'please call me kaz, thank you for inviting me. i know we have a long way to go and  alot to talk about girls but im willing to do anything to be in your lives



'i know mum and we will talk and hang out, i will be having a couple days with just me and bea and than we can hang out. are you still okay to stay here?



'yes, i cleared it with work for a couple weeks off



'great, well everyone here is family to us, so maybe you can get to know them especially debbie and her girlfriend kate... allie nodded to debbie who had jumped on kate's back and they were laughing



'i met debbie, she is a beautiful young girl. i will be happy to get to know them



'great, well we hired out an italian restaurant for the reception, this here is bea's brother will and his son danny, boys this is my mum kaz, can you take her to the place?



'absolutely, hi nice to meet you



'you too will and danny



'alright lets head off and leave these two to bask in there happiness, see you both there girls... they waved everyone off and bea took allie's hand and they walked to the room to sign the paperwork before leaving outside, as they were across from the bea they went there and sat on the steps, allie sat in bea's lap and she held the redhead around her neck



'im so happy bea



'me too baby... bea said kissing her wifes neck   'you look so beautiful allie, i was so happy to see you walking down the isle



'thanks babe. you look good enough to eat which i plan to do later tonight... they both giggled



'i guess we should get to the restaurant, you ready to go baby?



'absolutely, im so glad we didnt do special cars and a big thing like last time, its just me, you and the family



'me too and how great is it your mum is here?



'so good, i cant wait to get to know her better, but first we need to work through everything that happened



'yea but allie just hear her out as well. i know how much she hurt you and what you went through but she is your mum and she wants to be involved in your life. unlike you i wont ever be able to have that



'Are you upset you couldnt invite them?



'no, im glad i didnt even bother, i know where that stand on the issue and i want people at our wedding that love us unconditionally and accept us for who we are and what we stand for 



'i agree my sexy queen... bea giggled as allie kissed her cheek



'alright lets get an uber, franky has my phone so can you order one?



'sure wifey.... they arrived not too long later and walked into the place smiling as there guests cheered for them, bea looked around surprised to see it so decorated



'allie you did this?



'well i paid them to do it but yes



'its incredible, flowers and lights, i love it



'good, i just want you to be happy bea



'i definitely am, come on lets sit down with everyone im hungry



'me 2.... they sat next to debbie and kate



'about time you both got here, someone would think you went for a quickie.... bea blushed while allie laughed



'no we didnt cheeky, we just sat on the beach for a while. 



'thats nice, well there bringing out the food now



'oh good we are hungry



'us too bea, congratulations girls, im really happy for you



'thank you kate..... she smiled at the young girl who had been through a lot and hides it behind her pain, since kate came into there lives debbie has been happy and she gets along with everyone in there own lives. bea looked around there group of people. bridget giggled and blushed as franky said something inappropriate in her ear. maxine, liz and boomer were talking about something animatedly and laughing away. Allie's mum and will were talking away like they were old friends and everyone else was chatting away. bea looked at allie and kissed her cheek when she saw her eyes widen as the food began to come out and be placed on the table



'yum, here babe try this one.... allie said holding a pierce of pizza in her hand so bea took a bite



'mmm yum. is that feta?



'yes with chicken and aoli sauce..... the time went by and they enjoyed dinner and drinks with everyone. many many photos were taken and the room was always filled with laughs and chatter. The time came and franky put on the song bea requested which was allie's favorite song, the redhead stood up and turned to allie



'allie may i have this dance?



'absolutely..... they wrapped there arms around each other as they danced slowly to the song



'there such a beautiful couple



'yea they are gidge, it took them some time and hard work to find each other again but they did it and there happier for it.



'yes they are..... bridget said wiping a tear from her cheek



'aww gidge your so soft



'shut up franky, there cute... bridget nudged her girlfriend, franky wrapped her arms around her loving girlfriend and kissed her



'i love you gidge



'i love you too baby, now who's soft ay.... franky picked bridget up and spun her around both of them laughing, it was broken up when allie told everyone to come and dance. the day/night went on and they all had the best time, at 11pm they decided it was time to leave the place



'hey red you 2 go off first. we have all left you a surprise in your hotel room. dont worry about debbie we will look after them, you 2 take time out for yourselves



'thank you everyone, this has been an incredible day for us.... the girls headed back to there room








Allie was standing behind bea in the elevator kissing her neck and squeezing her boobs. Bea moaned loudly and moved her head to the side to give allie better access



'allie you need to wait till we get to the room



'cant. need. you. now...... allie continued her assault on bea's neck until the door opened and luckily no one was there because most of the floor had all there friends and family and they know there about 20 minutes behind them. bea stepped forward and held allie's hand dragging her to there room, allie would continuously kiss bea where ever she can until they came to the door, bea fumbled with the swipe card while allie kept the kisses up



'you killing me allie.... allie giggled into her neck causing bea to shiver



'ah finally... bea pushed the door opened and turned around picking allie up in her arms and walk into the room, they were kissing while allie pushed the door shut still in bea's arms, they pulled back to breath and looked around



'wow.... allie said, the room was decorated with roses all over the floor and bed. it had candles all around the room and it smelt so good. there was a little table set up with champagne and strawberries, bea put allie down



'champagne allie?



'no, i would rather drink you.... she said before pulling bea into her body and kissing her, she pulled back and tucked a loose curl behind bea's ear  'i want 'the one'



'yea? its been a long time



'i know and i want it, i need it



'i got you baby, shower time.... they both undressed each other kissing each others bodies as they went, bea put the water on and once it was warm enough they got in staring at each other so intensely that you could feel the desire the other perceived. 



'turn around... bea demanded and allie felt herself get even wetter than she has been, she turned around and put her hands on the wall bracing herself for bea's touch, the redhead moved behind her and wrapped her arms around allie's body, she inhaled allie's scent deeply while she moved her hand to squeeze allie's breast with one hand as the other moved down her body to land between allie's legs, allie moaned when she felt bea rub her clit and she threw her head back onto bea's shoulder



'fuck babe that feels so good



'tell me what you want allie? tell me baby



'you know what i want, i want it hard right now..... like usual when they did this special night bea rubbed allie's clit harder till the woman came and  collapsed into her arms, bea held onto allie while the woman was regaining her breath back, allie swallowed and got her bearing to turn around and kiss the redhead




'i love you so much babe



'i love you too, now lets quickly wash and get to bed... allie nodded, a few minutes later they got out of the shower and wiped dry, bea picked up allie throwing her over her shoulder causing allie to squeal, bea laid her down on the bed and laid on top of her the blonde woman giggling, bea looked down at the beautiful woman that was now her wife



'im so happy to call you my wife allie, im so proud to have you on my arm for the rest of my life. our life will be filled with love, laughter and care. I love you my beautiful girl



'i love you too babe, i cant wait to share my life with you and i will always look after you



'me too...... they connected there lips in a sensual kiss before bea kissed allie's neck, they kissed and rolled around the bed kissing and touching each other for a while till bea couldnt take it, she needed to have allie in her arm fully, she moved them around so they were both on there knees and allie's back was to bea's front, holding onto allie like this took her back to the first time they did this. they had a huge fight and after not talking for 3 days they made up with this night and since then its been there thing



'bea... allie moaned out and bea's hand slid down allie's stomach and entered the beautiful woman.... 'oh fuck.... they moved in tandem with each other as bea bought allie to the brink over and over again before turning her over and devouring her with her mouth leaving allie shaking and sweating. bea was watching as allie was laying on the bed panting and getting her breath back



'you okay?... allie nodded



'yes, fuck that was incredible babe but it was unfair as well



'why is that?



'because you didnt let me do anything, fuck you made me cum like 5 times... bea giggled



'i couldnt help it baby, i wanted and needed you



'you always look after me bea, now its time for me to do the same.... allie jumped on bea pushing her to the floor showing bea exactly how much she loved her, how much she wanted the redhead. how much she adored her beautiful wife, they both fell asleep wrapped around each other








The next day they new couple decided to go out for lunch at the beach, there was plenty of cafes they could choose from. they both had a shower and were getting dressed



'hmm i like that i could still feel you bea, my body aches and i know its from you... bea smiled



'good, cause you mine and only mine



'that i am babe. you ready to go?



'yes im starving



'me too.... they walked out hand in hand and left the hotel and going across the road to the beach, they saw debbie and kate having there own lunch 



'hey girls



'hey mums, how was your night?



'amazing, how about you 2?



'it was good mum, uncle will, danny, kaz and us 2 went out for a walk and had dessert at the pancake place



'sounds like fun



'it was, what are you up to today? 



'just gonna have some lunch with my wife and we might do something after that, not sure yet... bea said and smiled at allie



'thats cute, there is a big timezone mum, maybe go there?



'we will see, we gotta get going because i can hear allie's stomach screaming at me... they all laughed when allie blushed



'okay mum



'you 2 okay for money?



'mum lets not forget that mama keeps putting money in my account... debbie rolled her eyes and the giggling couple



'yes i know. alright well our phones are on us if you need anything. bye girls.....the happy couple walked down the strip looking at all the places to eat



'allie where do you want to eat?



'just a normal cafe  babe, that one there... allie pointed out



'okay lets go sit down... they grabbed a table outside so they could see the water. picking up the menus they looked through them



'what do you want to eat allie?



'i think i will have the chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese with chip, salad and mushroom sauce, how about you?



'i think crumbed chicken wings with chips and salad.... bea called over the waiter and placed there order and he took off, bea grabbed allie's hand and smiled



'you look so cute baby... allie blushed, bea is the only person that can make her blush like a little school girl



'well i think your the most beautiful woman ever bea, hmm sexy... allie said biting her lip and and wink, bea giggled



'stooooop allie, you know i blush



'i know and i love it.... there food arriving stopped there cheeky remarks and they ate lunch



'ah im so full, that was good 



'yea it was allie, so what should we do? 



'hmm i guess we cant stay in bed all day?



'probably not all day, how about we go and do something small like go to a museum because i know how much you love them?



'but you get bored of them bea



'sometimes but there is a cool one with dinosaurs, i looked it up online



'okay i would love too...bea squared off the bill and they went hand in hand out to the main road and got into a taxi, in the taxi allie couldnt help but tease bea a little, putting her hand on her thigh and moving it in between her legs gently running her finer over her hot mound



'allie stop... bea said taking allie's hand who smiled devilishly



'sorry babe cant help it



'yea you look real sorry... allie giggled



'im really not, your just so inviting



'cheeky girl, later when we get back your in trouble



'oh i hope so... they arrived at the museum and got out, walking inside allie got them tickets and off they went on there tour. It was so much fun, they took lots of photos together and of course lots of kissing and huddling while walking around. 



'babe that was so much fun



'yea it was, im glad you enjoyed it



'did you though?



'i actually did allie, the displays were great and fun, so what do you want to do for dinner?



'i say room service and a happy ending



'happy ending?.... bea asked



'yeeees. when you massage me after dinner i want a happy ending, i want to feel you inside of me, to feel your body all over me babe



'i think we can manage that









Chapter Text







It was 2 weeks later and only bea and allie were left in qld, everyone  but debbie, kate, kaz, allie and bea left on the monday following, they all had so much fun at the wedding and had spent some time together the next day but work duty was calling them. allie and kaz spent a lot of time together trying to figure everything out, talking about the past and everything that happened. kate and debbie flew back with kaz as debbie wanted to give her mums some time alone to enjoy themselves together. plus debbie wanted to figure out her next step in life wanting to move on from the horrible ordeal she went through. bea had spent there week alone and it was incredible, they went to a show, a concert, one of the these parks. out to dinner and even out dancing. lets not forget there sex life had hit an all time high. They couldnt keep there hands off each other no matter where they were, it go so bad that today the day before they were flying home they had gone to lunch and putt putt, bea was very handsy and teasing allie the whole time till allie pulled her to a hidden area and fucked bea hard and fast needing to relieve the heat between them. They left straight after giggling about there shenanigans. they went back to there room to shower and get ready for dinner, dinner was eaten at a nice italian place and than they walked along the boardwalk, there was a guy that was playing his guitar just under the cover of one of the cafes 



'babe lets listen, it sounds good..... bea nodded and smiled when allie stood behind her and wrapped her arms around her body loving how allie always wants to be close to her. they swayed together for some time just loving listening to the guy playing. After 20 minutes the heavans opened up and it started to rain and heavy, everyone ran off to get some cover but allie pulled bea and spun her around and wrapped her arms around bea's waist



'allie we are getting wet



'so what babe, i want to dance with you, in the rain, just holding the love of my life.... bea smiled and wrapped her arms around allie's neck, the guy with the guitar continued to play and everyone watched and smiled at the happy couple, dancing in the rain wrapped in each others arms, it was absolutely pouring and they were drenched and they just didnt care. 



'i love you so much bea, more than i could ever imagine



'i love you too allie, having you in my arms forever sounds perfect.... they swayed together as the music continued to play out. drops of water falling upon there heads and sliding down there bodies



'my feet are squishy.... allie said and they both giggled and shared some kisses. the guitar stopped and everyone cheered and clapped, the girls pulled back and smiled at everyone, bea pulled allie away from everyone smiling shyly causing allie to giggle as she wrapped her arms around the redhead as they walked to the hotel. by the time they got to the hotel foyer they were dripping wet and the manager ran over with 2 towels



'oh mrs and mrs novak your dripping wet, are you okay?



'yes we are fine, just got caught up in the water, we will go to our room and shower



'yes yes please go before you get sick, take the towels with you and leave them in the room



'thank you... grabbing allie's hand they ran through the foyer and into the waiting lift giggling the whole time, they went up to there room and got straight into a shower together, they made out like horny teenagers before washing up and getting out and drying off before putting on a robe. they sat down on the couch for a bit



'are you cold allie?



'yea a little. i didnt realise how cold it was tonight



'yea i know me neither but it was fun, thank you babe



'yea it was definitely worth it.... there was a knock on the door and bea went to answer it seeing the manager there



'ladies just a little treat to warm you both up..... he said rolling the table in with a tray sitting on top of it



'oh thank you very much



'no problems, you 2 and your party have been incredible guests to have here



'its been great staying here so thank you for helping with everything



'happy to help, i will leave you too it to enjoy your last night, good night ladies.... bea tipped him and he left. she lifted the tops and it showed a platter with cakes, a jug of hot chocolate with mugs, a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a put of tea



'oh wow this looks good, allie can you move the small table and we can enjoy this in front of the tv



'sure baby..... allie put a movie on while they stuffed there faces with the treats they were given and snuggling together. By the time the movie ended bea was asleep on allie's shoulder making allie smile, god she love she loved this woman so much and although they went through a rough patch it has made them so much stronger, she gently moved bea back and stroked her cheek



'babe wake up a little bit and lets get to bed..... she heard bea moan and give a slight nod, allie helped her up and over to there bed and tucked her in, allie switched off all the lights and slid in bed next to her wife and was asleep not long later.









The next day they were packed and left the room to head home, they checked out and went out to the street hand in hand 



'should we eat here or at the airport allie?



'airport, i would rather go there and check in and settle down for a while



'alright i will organize an uber



'okay... while bea ordered an uber allie disappeared out of sight, bea looked around frowning and couldnt see her anywhere. she finally saw allie walk out of the donut shop



'allie you cant just walk off like that, i was worried



'sorry babe but i wanted to get some donuts, there so yum... bea shook her head and giggled at the excited look on her wife's face



'come here you dork... allie put the bag beside there stuff and fell into bea's arms 



'love you 



'i love you too allie, oh the uber is here..... they put there stuff in the boot and slid into the back seat. they giggled and shared kisses the whole way there. once they got to the airport they went inside and checked in than looked around at the food court



'what do you want to eat bea?



'we got plenty of time so how about the cafe just there.... bea pointed out



'yea sure, come on babe im hungry.... they sat down and looked at the menu



'allie what do you want?



'a burger with chips and a coke my beautiful wife... bea shook her head and smiled at allie, she loves how happy her wife is after everything she has been through, she signaled for the waiter and he came over



'what can i get you ladies?



'my wife will have the chicken burger with chips and a coke and i will have the beef burger with chips and a lemonade please



'sure, it wont be long.... he walked off and bea grabbed allie's hand



'i love you so much allie, i am so proud to have you as my wife, my partner in crime, in love, in strength. I cant wait to have an amazing life with you and our daughter... allie smiled and wiped her tears



'babe your going to make me cry with your sweet words



'i didnt meant to but i wanted you to know how important you are to me. how im so greatful you gave me another chance 



'as if i had a choice bea, im so in love with you, yay food... allie yelped and bea laughed when she indeed see there food coming. they ate lunch and went to the bathroom to clean up before heading to there gate. allie grabbed a magazine and some chewing gum and than they got on the plane and sat in there assigned seats



'you okay baby?



'im good bea, you know i get nervous when i fly



'yea i get it. just hold my hand and i will protect you



'i know... allie smiled and kissed bea's cheek, it was a little rough half way though but they finally they landed in sydney and exited the plane and got there luggage, they had told debbie not to pick them up and they would get a taxi so they went out tot he taxi stand and hoped straight into the car and held hand as bea told the driver the address. 



'babe when are we getting the photos from the wedding?



'debbie organized them to be done, we should have them and the video in a week or so



'great. now give me a kiss wifey... bea smiled and leaned down to kiss the blonde woman, allie's hair had been slowly growing back so bea ran her fingers threw her strands and kissed allie over and over again. 



'god i love you



'i love you too babe... they arrived home half an hour later and grabbed there luggage and paid, they walked up the foot path and heard a squeal so they looked up to see debbie and kate



'mums your home.... she ran and hugged them  'im so happy your home



'us too baby... kate came over and hugged them both



'here let me help you



'thanks kate... they all went inside and dropped the bags at the door, bea and allie smiled when they saw the dining table set up with dinner 



'its just a little welcome home dinner, here sit down



'it smells so good, what did you make?



;roast lamb with mash, broccoli and mushroom sauce, salad and fresh bread as well



'well it smells amazing, lets eat.... as they settled down for dinner they chatted over general things and what bea and allie got up to once they were alone



'so mums i want to talk to you both about something



'okay, go ahead



'well kate and i have been talking about what our next step is in life with the case done and dusted and we have decided to go into business together



'really? what kind of business?.... bea asked



'event organizing, wedding, birthdays, corporate parties and so on. we have written up a business proposal not for the money because we both have plenty but more to guide us, we have been looking at office spaces and spoke with someone about business cars and advertising



'you have both been busy, is this really what you want to do?... allie asked looking between them both, debbie grabbed kate's hand and smiled



'yes it is, we want something fun, interesting and that will keep us busy



'well than you have our full support girls



'yea?... debbie asked unsure



'absolutely, now i also having been thinking about something debbie, your mum doesnt know about this yet but i am signing my apartment over to you and you can do with it as you please






'because i dont need it, your mum and i are starting fresh and that means getting rid of some of my single life



'yea deb i hope your okay with it but i want to sell this house and buy a new one, im not kicking you out or anything like that but we need something new so we can move forward from the dark time we went through



'i understand mum, well things are definitely moving forward and changing for all of us



'yea, how do you feel about it?



'good actually, he is locked up so my anxiety is much better, i have my bouts of it but its getting better



'thats good baby and remember we will always be here for you, do you know what you would want to do?



'kate and i will talk about it and let you know



'either way deb you will have a home with us, we are your parents and we love you, both of you



'we love you too mums, alright dessert time



'actually can we shower and than have dessert?



'sure mum, try an behave... bea blushed when allie smacked her ass and ran down the hallway, the redhead following, they had a shower and unpacked there bags before joining the girls on the couch with cheesecake and ice cream 



'so mama what are you doing next?



'i have no idea, i think im going to take some tome to just be, we have lots to do, look for a house to buy, pack both mine and this house and figure out what to keep. your mum has to go back to the cafe once things settle down



'its good to take some time out for yourself and mum. well the cafe is well looked after buy liz 



'thats good, thanks for checking on it seb



'no worries, plus i love the thickshakes, liz always puts extra chocolate... they all laughed, they finished dessert and watched tv for a while till allie began to fall asleep on bea's shoulder



'mum, mama is asleep... bea looked down and smiled



'we have a full on busy week, we are going to bed can you lock up?



'sure mum



'thanks, good night girls and thank you for dinner it was great



'anytime mum, good night.... bea took allie to bed and they snuggled in together and bea fell asleep soon after







3 months later




'babe be careful... debbie yelled when kate almost got knocked out by the movers carrying the couch



'shit thanks baby.... kate said kissing her girl



'you alright?



'yea im good. hey where is your mums? i thought they were coming to help unpack



'there just getting lunch for us 



'oh cool...... the last few months have been busy. debbie decided to sell the apartment and she and kate bought a place together and after renovating it the way they wanted and now they were moving in. They also have there business up and going and word was travelling around and they have a few bookings coming through which was keeping them busy, bea had gone back to the cafe part time and allie had decided to open her own business with a waffle shop, it was incredibly popular because who doesnt love a waffle with all the trimmings. today debbie and kate were moving into there own place and were currently unpacking all the new furniture and stuff. 



Allie and kaz had began to build there relationship which was going well, they had celebrated danny's 16th birthday party finally after putting it off many times but he was thankful and very surprised especially when his dad will handed him the keys to a brand new crx. bea and will had officially drawn a line with there parents, the biggest show down came a week after bea and allie got back from queensland and they found out they got married, her dad fumed and the fight between bea and her parents started, to say it was big would be an understatement, debbie got involved, as did allie and will. By the end of it bea told them there will no longer be part of there lives and will agreed, will agreed because his son danny had been trying to build a relationship with his mum marie since she came out of jail and they interfered with it voicing how much they hated the woman and trying to bribe her to get her to leave the country but she refused so will and bea's dad had marie bashed and put in hospital for 3 weeks, will and bea had enough of there meddling so after telling them they were not to be in there lives they all changed there phone numbers and when bea and allie found a new home her parents didnt know where they went so they were finally safe and away from the toxic people. 




'oh here they are, and franky and bridget as well



'good, we need the help



'hey mini red place is nice from outside, i wanna see inside



'well what food did you bring first?.... they all laughed at debbie's remark



'burgers, chips and drinks



'sweet, all right come on let me show you around and than we can eat..... debbie and kate showed them around the house, it had 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, an immaculate kitchen and combined lounge room and dining room, out the back is a pool and spa with an undercover deck and bbq



'wow girls this is beautiful, im so proud of you both to come out of such a bad place, your both doing so well



'thanks franky, we are definitely happy.... debbie said wrapping her arm around kate's waist



'yea we are, alright lets eat..... they sat down and had lunch together, bea smiled when allie had sauce on her cheek



'umm babe... bea said and wiped her cheek



'thank you beautiful..... they all laughed, after lunch they spent the rest of the day helping the girls unpack, the place looked great and the girls were so thankful for there help, kate's dad turned up later in the night as did boomer, maxine, liz, kaz, will and danny. they had pizza for dinner all laughing around the table sharing fun stories. after it was cleaned up they all sat on the couch and debbie whispered to andrew, kate's dad she wanted to talk to him



'sure do you want to go out the back?



'please, babe i will be back... debbie left a kiss to kate's cheek and the 2 went out side and sat down



'so debbie whats up?..... debbie pulled a small box out of her pocket and put it on the table, looking over to make sure no one had followed them or was looking on, andrews raised an eyebrow



'is this what i think it is debbie?



'if you think its an engagement ring than yes, i want to ask your permission to ask kate to marry me, i know we havent been together for years but i love her so much and i know she is meant to be with me.... debbie waited anxiously as he opened the box 



'wow its beautiful, of course you have my blessing debbie, i know you 2 are meant to be..... debbie let out a breath



'thank you



'of course, when are you asking her?



'i actually want to do it tonight, its our first night in our house and everyone is here



'she will love that, after her mum died its always been just us 2 and she always craved to have a family and now she has one, so thank you debbie



'kate and you will always be part of our family, alright im gonna do it now



'good, i cant wait



'will you video it for me please?



'of course..... they went inside and debbie smiled at the group, she went over to kate and put her hand out



'can you come with me please?



'sure babe... everyone went quiet unsure what was happening. no one but andrew knew about this proposal not even bea and allie. debbie took a few steps away from the group but not too far because she wanted them to be involved as well, she smiled anxiously at kate



'are you alright babe?



'im good, better than good actually. i just want to say something to you 



'okay.... debbie took a big breath



'you have been the best thing to happen in my life since my mums, i have this big family, a few close friends and i was happy in life, although i was happy i wasnt full,  but when i went through one of the toughest times i thought i would never get out of it, than you came into my life and i felt full. like you were the last piece to fit to make me happy, i never want to lose that and i never want to lose you. i love you so much kate and i want to spent the rest of my life with you, so... she stopped and dropped down on one knee and pulled out the box flicking it open



'will you do me the honor of becoming my wife, will you marry me?... debbie heard a gasp and knew it was from her parents most likely allie, kate wiped her tears and smiled



'yes debbie, yes yes a thousand times.... everyone cheered as debbie jumped up and put the sapphire ring on her finger than they wrapped there arms around each other and kissed over and over again



'i love you so much



'i love you too kate ...... the group came over and congratulated them, debbie was pulled into bea's arms



'oh my baby girl im so happy for you



'thanks mum, i never thought any of this would happen for us, you have mama and i have kate.... bea held her daughters face in her arms



'im so proud of who you are, an incredible, strong amazing woman and your now engaged, i love you sweet heart



'to the moon and back mum... they hugged again and laughed when allie jumped on them



'what about meeeeee.... she whined..... they pulled her in and ugly cried in a hug, they all celebrated with champagne and cake, bea sat on allie's lap looking out to her family, they were all so happy and in good places in there lives, to see her daughter getting engaged was something else, she felt allie wipe her cheek



'are you okay babe?



'im so happy allie, thank you for being here not only for me but for debbie as well, you are the hero in our lives, i love you baby



'i love you too beautiful wifey.... bea giggled and leaned into allie's chest loving the feel of having her arms wrapped around her. she looked at franky and they raised a glass to each other



'to family



'to family.... everyone else chimed in and laughed