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harry was sitting in the quad watching over the place, he wasnt top dog but he had a reputation of not to be fucked with, it had been 3 months since bea told him about what happened to debbie, he had made braydon his little bitch, fucking him whenever he wanted and doing whatever he wanted him to do, braydon offered to pay harry off but harry didnt care about money, he had money from the sale of the house he shared with bea, he had over 3 hundred thousand just sitting there so no he would not be bought, besides when it came to debbie no one was allowed to fuck with her, harry had never hit her and never would. harry had a lot of time to think about his relationship with bea. he had thought about how he had treated her. harry had been forced into talking to the phycologist in the prison and after quite a few wasted sessions he had opened up a little. the doc had explained that due to harry's childhood he had bought his anger into his adulthood and had taken it all out on bea. harry had been thinking about this for a while now and although he couldnt change what he had done he could do his best to make sure debbie had justice. she had requested for bea to come for a visit which she had surprisingly accepted so now he was waiting. he looked over at where braydon was sitting, he had a black eye



'get that little fucker over here now ryan..... harry said to one of his unit buddies who nodded. harry watched as braydon was dragged over to him



'sit your ass down... braydon sat down 



'what do you want harry?



'let me ask you something braydon, why?



'why?... braydon asked confused



'why did you rape all those girls? why did you rape my daughter?.... braydon was quiet for a few minutes till harry slammed his hand on the table  'speak boy



'i dont know



'you dont know. you have money, your a good looking guy, you have everything going for you and you forced a lot of young girls into sex. why?..... braydon shrugged



'listen here you little fucker, you touched my daughter, you took advantage of her because your a piece of shit..... harry looked at ryan and tim



'take this asshole to my cell, i will be there soon enough, keep him there



'no dont.... braydon said but he had no choice as the 2 grabbed him and forced him to walk



'smith visitor for you..... a guard said



'cheers......he stood and followed the gueard








It had been a month since debbie's breakdown, a month since kate and debbie had given franky there full statements, it hadnt been easy, debbie and kate had both had there good and bad moments, debbie more so on the bad days. there was times she didnt want to go out anywhere, times where she didnt want anyone touching her except for her mums. there were even a  couple times where she wouldnt let kate near her, kate understood and took no offence to it. today thou bea had decided to visit harry. he had sent her a letter as well as debbie wanting to see them. debbie straight out refused, it was too much to go into a mens prison right now but she said she might write back to him in time. 



'allie what time is your appointment today?



'at 3.30..... allie had a check-up to see how her markers are going, in hopes they would reduce. 



'alright, im going to the prison now but i will be back at 1.30, i will pick you up and we can have a late lunch than go to the appointment, how does that sound?



;sounds good to me babe, you be careful going to the prison



'i will... bea said putting on her sneakers, she watched allie as she sat at the coffee table with a juice and her laptop  'her allie?... she said and allie looked up



'yea babe?



'i love you.... allie smiled wide. 



'i love you too babe...... she blew bea a kiss and bea fake caught in and put her hand on her heart, 



'i will call you when i leave there



'okay...... bea left and got in her car, she drove off to the prison arriving half an hour later, parking up she got out and went inside tot he reception



'hi miss how can i help you?



'im bea novak here to see harry smith



'please sign in, put all your stuff in the tray as well.... bea did so and got her visitor pass, they let her in and over to a table, she didnt wait long when harry came over and sat down




'hey bea



'harry, how are you?



'im good, you?






'hows debbie doing?



'not the best, she has good days and bad days...... bea had discussed with debbie if she could give harry any information about her, she agreed telling her mum he is locked up and cant hurt them anymore



'when is court?



'in 3 weeks, braydon?



'im keeping him busy, he has had his lawyer here quite a few times, he comes out from the meeting with his head down looking upset, its not looking good for him, he looks scared, franky taking the case?






'good, i have looked her up, i know she is one of the best out there. good reputation



'i trust her harry, i know you dont like her but she will look after debbie... harry nodded



'i know, i really fucked up didnt i bea? i treated you like shit, did you read the letter?



'yes you did and yes i read the letter. i dont really know what to say right now harry, you put me through hell



'i know bea, i deserve where i am, im trying to deal with my own shit, im sorry bea, i know its not enough and wont change anything but i am sorry



'i know you are harry but it doesnt change what you did..... harry nodded, she had read his letter over and over again. he explained how sorry he was for hurting her, physically, mentally and emotionally ......  'i dont know what to say harry, i worked really hard with allie's help to get to where i am now



'allie, she is good to you?



'the best harry, treats me like a queen, regardless of my parents attitudes



'dont worry about them bea, im glad she is good to you, listen bea i know i have a lot to make up for and i will probably never feel anything but shit about it all. i thought about this a lot in here, i just want you and debbie to be happy.......bea raised an eyebrow






'yea really, i guess the whole braydon situation really made me think about what i did to you, i took your innocence away from you, i finally get it now



'i mean im glad you get it but i dont think i will ever be able to forgive you for it harry



'i know, i just ask that you look after debbie, help her through this and make sure she is okay, i asked her to come and see me



'its too much for her harry,  too many people and men around here



'i get it, do you think i can write her again?



'you can try, if she responds its up to her.... harry nodded



'okay, is there anything you need from me bea?



'make sure braydon understands that he is not untouchable



'i will, thanks for coming to visit, be happy bea and dont let anyone tell your not worth anything, your worth more than i could ever imagine. 



'times up, visitors take the exit to the right...... the guard yelled



'i gotta go harry



'can i ask you keep me updated with the trial? just write to me or something?



'i can do that, bye harry



'bye... bea stood and walked towards the exit. looking back at harry she had to roll her eyes when she saw harry was staring at her ass, harry was always an ass man, she walked out of the prison and breathed in the fresh air. she took out her phone and called allie who picked it up after a couple rings



'hey babe, how did it go?



'it was weird



'good weird or bad weird?



'i will fill you in later, im about to leave so i will pick you up in half an hour?



'okay, i will be ready...... hanging up bea got in her car and plugged her phone in for music and scrolled to her favorites list, once the music was blaring she took off home, allie had been staying with them off and on so bea could look after allie after her treatments. she arrived home at 1.30 and beeped smiling when she saw her beautiful woman coming out, dressed in jeans, a vneck top and a head scarf. she got in and kissed allie on the cheek



'i missed you babe



'i missed you too, you hungry?



'very much so



'me too, where do you want to eat allie?



'can we go to the cafe near the hospital?



'of course, buckle up.....a bea drove she smiled when allie slid her hand onto bea's knee, since getting back together 6 weeks ago bea has been amazing, they have talked about all the important stuff, sorted out a lot of stuff, had about 6 dates, hung out together, if they werent in the same place they spent there nights on face time talking and giggling together. they havent made love since getting back together again but neither of them were in a hurry for that. seeing the cafe just a few feet away bea found a parking spot and parked up. they got out and walked hand in hand to the cafe and sat down at a booth across from each other. 



'so what are you going to get allie?



'hmm maybe the pasta or the burger, they both look good



'how about we get both and a ceasar salad and share?



'that sounds goo babe



'great..... bea placed the order and once there drinks were given to them bea held allie's hand 



'so tell me about how it went at the prison....... bea explained everything to allie



'wow, thats surprising, he actually apologised 



'yea, i was surprised as well, he even said he was glad you treat me like a queen 



'because you are my queen babe.... bea smiled and leaned over to kiss allie



'i love love love you so much bea



'i love you so much as well allie




'we had so much wasted time but im glad i have you back in my life again



'me too..... bea saw the food coming out and leaned back to make room. the plates were put down 



'thank you..... they ate and than bea paid the bill, they went back to the car and drove to the hospital, they parked and walked inside together, going up to the oncology ward they went to the doctors office



'hi allie, you have your check up today?...... the receptionist asked?






'okay, im going to take your bloods, check your weight, blood pressure and all the general stuff than the doctor will give you your results



'okay, can bea stay with me?



'yes of course, follow me through to the room.... allie did all the necessary tests and than went and got a coffee while they waited for the results, bea saw allie was quiet and grabbed her hand



'hey are you okay?



'im just worried, what if the markers are bad?  



'we will take it as it comes baby.... allie nodded



'thank you for being with me, i appreciate you coming 



'of course i would baby, i love you and i want to support you..... after there coffee they went back up to the doctors office



'hey allie take a seat, the doctor is looking over your results, she wont be long



'okay thanks....  they sat down and watched tv in the waiting room for a bit. 20 minutes later the doctor came out



'hi allie, please come on through..... they followed the doctor into her office and sat down



'so allie how have you been feeling?



'the usual, tired, sick after chemo, lethargic as well



'okay, well im looking over your results here.... she said going quiet as she rechecked the paperwork as allie and bea sat there nervously



'doc just tell me the truth, are the numbers worse?..... allie said anxiously  'its bad isnt it?



'allie i dont know how to say it



'just say it straight



'your markers are really good, there back to normal. your blood and urine test shows all your markers have dropped dramatically



'what does that mean?



'it means your in remission .... allie just looked at the doctor unsure if she heard right



'are you.. are you sure?



'yes i am, allie as of right now your cancer free



'cancer free?



'cancer free, no more chemo, no more radiation, your in remission.... she felt bea squeeze her hand and she turned to face her with tears in her eyes



'baby.... bea said and rubbed allie's cheek, she was clearly in shock and didnt know how to take the amazing news



'cancer free?.... allie asked bea to make sure she heard right



'cancer free baby, the fight was worth it, your free to live your life now.... allie looked back to the doctor



'are you sure?



'yes, we ran the test 4 times to make sure 



'so what now?



'you have a check up in 3 months again but right now you go live your life and be happy



'thank you doctor, thank you so much



'glad i could help, im so happy for you allie, i will see you in 3 months



'thanks again doctor...... they left the office and allie squared off the bill, bea and allie walked outside of the office and allie just stopped walking  and turned to bea



'im cancer free, im fucking cancer free!!!...... she yelled and bea wrapped her arms around her and picked allie up spinning her around



'im so happy for you baby..... they were both laughing and giggling



'cancer free.... allie said laughing, she can have her life back, bea put her down and they kissed over and over again



'i love you, i fucking love you bea



'i love you too baby, we have to celebrate, we have to tell everyone the good news, how about a bbq at our home?



'sounds good to me babe...... they went to the car and got in



'im going to call everyone



'wait first speak to deb and kate, there at home so make sure there okay to have people over



'good idea.... they hadnt told anyone about allie;s appointment in case it was bad news, calling debbie the young girl picked her phone up



'hey mum



'hey deb, how are you?



'im okay, kate and i decided to make a cake so we are cooking



'thats good, you love to cook



'yea, its fun, where are you and mama?



'just going to the shops to do some food shopping, listen we were thinking of a bbq at our place tonight, you up for it?




'yea sure mum



'are you sure? i want to make sure your okay having everyone there, just the closest people



'yea thats fine mum, kate and i are making a chocolate cake, can you grab the stuff for us to make pavlova and ice cream sundaes as well please? we can make it for tonight



'sure des, do you need anything else?



'we need milk



'okay, we will be home in an hour



'alright, bye mum



'bye... hanging up bea messaged everyone and they all agreed to come for a bbq which would be franky, bridget, maxine, boomer, will, danny, liz and nurse rose, she has become good friends with allie. 




'alright everyone is in so lets go do some shopping baby



'okay.... allie smiled and grabbed bea's hand







bea had just taken the potato bake out of the oven when the door bell went, she went to the door and pulled it open and it was everyone



'did you all come together?



'yea pretty much red, we stacked into 2 cars, will and danny here yet?



'no, there grabbing something for dessert and than coming here, com on in guys..... bea greeted them all and they went to the kitchen, liz made a greek salad, maxine made a potato salad, franky made fried rice and fresh bread and bridget made a cob loaf



'just put it all on the bench here, im about to start the bbq



'i will do it bea



'thanks booms, all the meat is in the fridge in a bowl marinated and ready to go, as well as 2 packs of sausages.... boomer took the meat and went outside to start cooking



'bea love what can we do to help?




'its all done liz, its just a few people, rose is on her way as well, why dont you guys get some drinks and sit out the back?



'sure.... they all did so and bea went to her room to check on allie, she was sitting on the bed in deep thought, allie felt bea's fingers travel down her cheek and she looked up and smiled



'you okay?



'i just cant believe it bea, when i first found out a year and a half ago i honestly thought i wouldnt make it through



'you fought hard baby, you deserve this, you deserve life



'a life with you?



'absolutely, im here allie, im not going anywhere, i wont let anyone or anything come between us again.... bea said leaning down to kiss her






'you ready to go out to everyone?



'yea, where is deb?



'she will be back any minute, they went to kate's earlier so she could shower and change and they were coming back with kate's dad



'okay, lets go.... they went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink than outside to the others, allie greeted them all and got comfy in bea's lap



'so allie how are you feeling?



'doing okay bridget. sometimes good days and sometimes bad days.... this was definitely true, and the doctor did tell her it would be like that for a while, it would take a few weeks if not a couple months to get back to herself  'today is definitely a good day



'thats good to hear



'hows my business going? any issues?



'i told you about the guy that was stealing, i sorted him out, apart from that very busy which is good



'thats good



'yea and allie we need to talk about the bonus?



'what about it?



'why? i dont need it and its a lot



'you deserve it bridget, since i got sick i put you in charge of my business, you have done everything i asked, you have kept the business going, working long hours when needed and i want to show you i appreciate it



'but 10 grand is a lot of money allie



'pffft not enough, if it was up to me i would have doubled it but bea said you wouldnt accept it



'thats very true, well thank you, its nice to know im appreciated



'anytime...... just than debbie, kate, andrew, rose, danny and will came out to the backyard



hi all..... they all greeted each other and sat down with fresh drinks



'red..... franky whispered and bea leaned over to her  'hows deb doing since the statement?



'has ups and downs, she still had nightmares, sometimes wont let anyone near her but me and allie as well, her mood changes everyday.... franky nodded



'anything i can do to help?



'your doing it franky, you taking on this case is everything, we need him away for good..... franky nodded



'im doing everything i can



'i know franky and i appreciate it



'hey bea the meat will be ready in 2 minutes



'thanks booms, i will put everything out.... liz and maxine helped and they laid out the table with all the food, boomer put the trays of meat on the table



'alright everyone come and eat..... bea made allie a plate and put it down in front of her



'thanks babe.... bea smiled and kissed her forehead 'you will sit with me right?



'yes just let me get some food...... bea returned and sat beside allie and they began eating, 



'hey gidge look..... franky nudged bridget to look at bea and allie who couldnt keep there eyes off each other



'its so good to see them back together



'i know right, them being apart is lethal



'absolutely...... they all finished eating so liz and maxine packed away the left over food and cleaned up, the table was laced with the desserts kate and debbie made as well as what danny and will bought, bea bought out 5 bottled of champagne and cups, filling them up she handed them out and than stood up pulling allie into her side



'alright everyone we have some news.... she said getting all there attention



'your pregnant... franky said makin them all laugh



'shut up franky... bea laughed,   'baby you want to tell them?..... allie nodded



'none of you know this but every 3 months i go for a check up to check how im progressing, it was today and bea came with me, the doctor told me my markers are back to normal



'what does this mean mama?.... allie felt herself tearing up



'it means im cancer free...... they all erupted in cheers, everyone was crying of happy tears especially debbie, allie pulled debbie into herself and they embraced for a long time



'im so proud of you mama



'i couldnt have done it without you, i love you debbie



'i love you too mama, your my hero...... allie squeezed her daughter tighter



'this is amazing news red, im happy for you both



'thanks franky... franky hugged allie once debbie was done



'ya made me all sappy and shit.... franky said and allie laughed



'its cause ya love me



'more than you could know..... franky replied, everyone had there turn congratulating and hugging allie, the lost was rose



'i knew you could do it allie, your so strong, so powerful, be happy and live your life



'thank you so much rose, you were there to help me through it all, you went above and beyond for me



'happy to do it, your a life long friend allie novak



'as are you rose.... they hugged each other



'alright everyone please raise your cup to allie, your so strong and you got through it, fuck cancer.... will said



'FUCK CANCER!!!!!..... everyone yelled and threw back there drinks