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Surprises and Pride

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Kay stared up at the police department building, grinning ear to ear. This was to be her new home from now on. It had taken six months of hard work (some of it frustratingly boring) but she was soon going to be calling herself a detective. She smirked at the thought, holding her certificates she had received from the department near her grandparents’ house. There was a very clear reason why she had done her training there; for the surprise.


Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside the police department, taking a look around. She recognized a couple of them, of course, but knew none of their names. Still, she made her way toward one of the officers’ desks, smiling brightly.


“Hello, Officer,” she greeted, showing him the papers she held in her hand. “I was hoping I could meet with the Chief of Police. Do you know if he’s around?”


The officer blinked, looking at her incredulously, then glanced down at her paperwork. Upon seeing that they were genuine certificates, he sighed softly, reaching to grab the phone on his desk. “Yeah, he should be in his office. I’ll let him know you’re coming.”


“Thank you, sir!” she exclaimed, feeling the excitement bubble up in her chest. This was what she had been waiting for.


Hugging the paperwork close to her chest, she rushed toward the closed office door, bouncing on her toes. She lifted a hand to knock, and a familiar voice replied, “Come in, pal!” Kay braved herself, more than ready to see an over-the-top reaction.


Her hand found the doorknob, and she threw the door open with a big grin. “Hey there! Long time no see, Mr. Chief!” It was a lively office, with framed pictures scattered along the desk, a dog bed with a sleeping Shiba Inu in the corner of the room, and a big familiar face staring back at her.


Gumshoe was sitting at this big desk, coat thrown over the back of his chair. A huge file lay open in front of him on the desk, though he paid it no attention. Instead, his wide eyes were filled with shock as he stared straight at her. “Kay?!” For a moment, nothing happened, and then a huge grin broke out across the chief’s face, sending his swivel chair backward into the wall as he ran at her, sweeping her up into a familiar, bone-crushing hug.


She laughed against his chest, feeling her feet leave the floor, returning the hug the best she could despite being embraced above her arms. “I missed you too, Gummy!”


After a moment or two, he put her back down, and she was pleased to see he was beaming. “Good to see ya! Where’ve you been, pal? I haven’t seen you in months!”


Taking a step back, Kay grinned and pushed the papers into his hands. “You know how I said I’m gonna take a break from being the Yatagarasu?” she asked, pumping a fist as he looked over the paperwork. “I took some courses and did some training, so I’m officially certified to be a policewoman! And I’m gonna be a detective, just like you, and find the truth with the help of the law!”


Gumshoe blinked, staring at the paperwork for a few moments, then tightened his grip, looking up at her with another smile. This time, however, she noticed his eyes were brimming. “I-I can’t believe it,” he said, chuckling. “You kept this a secret to surprise me?”


“Of course,” she replied, honestly not expecting the tears, but in hindsight, perhaps she should have. As happy-go-lucky as he could be, he was also quite emotional at times. She smiled as he went to place the papers on his desk, still shaking his head. “And congrats on your promotion, Gummy. I’m really happy for you. No one else deserves this position more than you do.”


Wiping one of his eyes, he gave her a watery smile. “You really think so, pal?”


Kay smiled, nodding a little. “Yeah, I do.” After everything this police department had gone through, from what she had heard, they could really use a sweet, empathetic, tough man like Gumshoe heading the place. “So, Mister Chief-of-Police, I have to ask…” Taking a deep breath, she straightened up. “Can I be a policewoman in your precinct?”


Gumshoe watched her for a moment, then straightened up, walking over to stand right in front of her again. “It’d be an honor for you to work here, Kay.”


Happiness in the form of warmth spread from her chest throughout her body, and she lifted a hand, saluting him with a huge grin on her face. “Thanks, Gummy!”


“Sure thing, pal! You can start tomorrow. I’ll get a desk set up for you and everything,” he replied, returning the salute and a huge grin to match. “It’ll be some tough work from here on out, but I know you can do it. I’m real proud of you, Kay. I can’t wait to work with ya!”


She blinked, never having heard such sincere words from him. A slow, more genuine smile appeared on her face, and she walked forward again, wrapping her arms around him for a less rushed, but just as warm hug. She really had missed him in the time she had been gone, but this all made up for it.


“Okay.” Pulling away after a few moments, she beamed at him again. “I’m gonna go tell Mr. Edgeworth the news. I haven’t seen him in forever.” She stepped back, saluting. “When you’re done work today, let’s go and get sushi, okay? We’ll make Mr. Edgeworth pay!”


Gumshoe laughed heartily, returning the salute once more. “Sounds like a plan, pal! I’ll swing by the prosecutor’s office when I’m finished getting things ready for your first day.”


Clicking her tongue, she pointed a finger gun at him. “You got it, Gummy. See ya later!” And with that, she turned and rushed out of the office, still hearing that familiar chuckle ring in her ears as she passed by the other desks. One of these would be hers tomorrow. A giddy smile spread across her face again and she sped up, running out the door despite the strange looks the officers were giving her.


Instead of hailing a cab, Kay figured she might as well do something with all of her excited energy. She took a deep breath, puffed out her cheeks, and took off, running the few blocks it took to get to the prosecutor’s building.


As she was approaching the door, she glanced up at the high building, grinning and breathless, but she quickly bumped right into someone. She fell backward with an ‘oof’, scrunching her face up as she rubbed her sore forehead. Guess she should have stopped running before she looked away. A quiet groan made her look up, noticing another familiar face scrunched up in pain who had managed to stay standing. She gasped. “Sebastian!”


The young prosecutor blinked, staring wide-eyed down at her (instinctually, she thought of Gumshoe’s look of shock and almost smirked). “Kay?!” he exclaimed, looking more surprised than anything, though he offered a gloved hand to help her up. “W-What are you doing? Why were you running?”


Chuckling, she thanked him and took his hand, letting him help her to her feet. “I just...felt like running. Haven’t you ever felt like that before?”


He stared at her blankly. “No. I don’t think I have.”


Oh well. She supposed she couldn’t be too surprised. It was Sebastian , after all. Brushing herself off, she shrugged a shoulder. “That’s okay. You should try it with me sometime, though.” Straightening back up, she rubbed the back of her neck with a small smile. “Sorry I’ve been gone so long, Sebastian. It’s good to see you.”


“Oh! Um, it’s good to see you, too, Kay,” he replied, an easy smile finding its way back onto his face. This suited him better, she thought, even if she did quite enjoy the look of bewilderment on his face from time to time. “Where’ve you been, anyway?”


She straightened up, puffing her chest out. “I’ve been training!” she exclaimed proudly, placing her hands on her hips. “I’m gonna be on the police force, so…” she let her hands drop to her side, smiling a bit more genuinely at him. “Maybe we’ll get to work together someday, Sebastian.”


He blinked slowly, taking a moment to process her words, then smiled a little. “...I’d like that,” he replied finally, nodding. “That’s really good news, Kay. I’m glad to hear it. The Chief must be besides with himself.”


A smirk pulled at the corner of her lips, but she didn’t rub it in. “You mean, ‘beside himself’. And yeah, he is. I just got back from seeing him, actually.” She glanced back up at the tall building, bathed in golden light from the slow setting sun. “Is Mr. Edgeworth still in his office? I came to see him.”


“Yeah. I just left him, actually. He’s working on a new case so he’s probably gonna stay pretty late,” he answered, and she looked back down to meet his gaze again.


“Hmph. Not on my watch. He always works himself too hard,” she huffed, then smiled sweetly at him. “I already promised Gummy we could go out for sushi once he’s done work. Do you wanna come?”


The little hair on the back of his head stood up, and he blinked in surprise at the offer. And then he grinned. “Yeah. That sounds great.”


Kay grinned, pumping a fist. “Awesome! Now come with me, we have to go and convince Mr. Edgeworth!” She gave him no chance to reply, simply marching back inside. Of course, he followed, playing with his baton without any sense of hesitation. Perhaps he was excited for a chance at a break. She knew she certainly was.


They stood together in the elevator, watching the numbers climb higher. She didn’t exactly know  why, but Mr. Edgeworth always took the stairs despite being on the twelfth floor. All he had told her was that it was a complicated story from long ago. Perhaps she’d get to hear it one day, but for now, she was only left with guesses.


As Kay and Sebastian stepped out, they exchanged a mischievous look, approaching the office door cautiously. She winked at him, then knocked lightly. “Yes? Who is it?” She pressed her lips together in an attempt to hide a smile, gesturing toward Sebastian.


He cleared his throat. “It’s me, Mr. Edgeworth. I think I must’ my baton in your office!”


There was a quiet pause, and Kay could imagine him looking around with that furrowed brow. “I haven’t seen it, but you may come in and search, if you’d like.”


Sebastian grinned at Kay, and she grabbed the doorknob, taking a deep breath, then flung the door open. “Surprise!”


“Gah!” Whatever piece of evidence Miles had been holding fell from his hands and onto his desk in surprise, most likely from the sudden noise. When he looked up, however, he blinked, eyes widening. “K-Kay?!”


Sebastian snickered by her side, and she couldn’t help but think how nice it was to have someone to share in the fun of either annoying or completely shocking Miles Edgeworth. “Eheheh, hi, Mr. Edgeworth! I got you pretty good, huh?”


The prosecutor’s gaze flicked to Sebastian, then back to Kay, still completely surprised. He stood up rather quickly, taking a cautious step out from behind his desk, like he couldn’t quite believe she was really there. “My word.” He shook his head. “I knew you were going to visit your grandparents, but...where have you been all this time? I’ve been worried about you!”


Kay smirked, filing away the memory of that look of utter surprise; she was quite proud of the amount of times she’d elicited this response from Miles, and this was another memory to add. Not to mention, the added worry did make her feel quite loved from the man she adored most in the world, but that was too sappy for her to think about. “I was preparing a surprise! No one knew, and I wanted to keep it that way so I could really shock you and Gummy! And Sebastian too!”


“She ran into me outside after I left your office,” Sebastian added, shaking his head. “Literally.”


Miles blinked again. “...I see.” He seemed wary, which was another response she elicited from him quite often. “And what is this surprise?”


Straightening up, she beamed at him. “Okay, okay. Well, when I was staying with my grandparents, I was also doing some training and taking some courses. I told you before I left that I was gonna become a hero in my own way! So…” she paused, for dramatic effect. “I’m starting work at Gummy’s precinct, starting tomorrow!”


Miles gaped at her, and she was pretty sure she’d made him speechless. Score! That was a new one. He glanced between the two teenagers, then straightened up, smiling just a little. “...Is that so?”


To his credit, he had recovered relatively faster than she had anticipated. She nodded, grinning widely. “Yup! And one day, I’m gonna be a detective, like Gummy!”


Quiet breath left his nose, which she knew to take as a chuckle - it was the most she ever normally got from him. “I’m sure he’ll be pleased to hear that.”


“He was. I visited him right before this,” she replied cheekily, rocking back and forth. “He almost cried! I think he really missed me.”


Miles smirked a little, walking over to close the distance between them a little. “That doesn’t surprise me.” There was quiet for a moment, and then he pulled her into an embrace. It was so much different than Gumshoe’s hug; it was gentle, less familiar, but still so welcome. “I missed you, too. I’m very proud of you, Kay.”


She blinked, staring wide-eyed over his shoulder for a moment, then quickly returned the embrace, smiling as she fought the burn in her eyes. “Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth.”


The hug didn’t last long, perhaps because Miles was aware of Sebastian standing only a few feet away, and he cleared his throat, pulling away. “I’ll see to it that Chief Gumshoe takes care of you,” he replied, a bit of a smirk on his face as he turned to walk back toward his desk.


“Speaking of Gummy,” she interjected brightly, giving Sebastian a grin. “I promised we’d go out tonight after he was done at the department. He said he’d meet us here.” She turned to look back at Miles, who had already sat back down at his desk. “And you should come.”


Waving a hand dismissively, Miles sighed. “I don’t think I can tonight. I’ve a lot to catch up on with this new case before the trial in a few days.”


Sebastian shook his head. “Come on, Mr. Edgeworth. You’ve been working all day!


Kay huffed, crossing her arms defiantly over her chest. “You work too hard. Don’t you think you could use a break?” she asked, tilting her head a little. “C’mon. Do it for me. Do it for us ! It’s a celebration of my new job, Gummy’s promotion, and Sebastian being great prosecutors!” To add onto her begging, she stuck out her bottom lip in a pout. Sebastian saw her do so, and decided to try it out as well.


Staring between the two of them, there was a long stretch of silence as Miles seemed to debate with himself. And then he sighed heavily. “Oh, very well. But we mustn't stay out too late.”


“Yes!” Kay exclaimed, and Sebastian grinned as she went for the high five, eagerly returning it. How happy she was to be back with the people she loved most. She felt on top of the world.


“What’s with all the commotion?” Gumshoe appeared in the doorway, scratching his head as he looked at the scene in front of him.


Kay laughed, turning toward him. “Hey there, Gummy. Perfect timing!” she answered, grinning widely. “It’s time to get sushi! Come on, I’m starving.” She did run two miles, after all, so it was a given.


“I haven’t gotten sushi in awhile,” Sebastian admitted, and Kay grinned, placing a hand on his shoulder.


“You’ll love it. We know the best little place, don’t we, Mr. Edgeworth?”


Miles sighed again, walking up to stand beside them. “Yes, we do.” He gave Gumshoe a quiet smile. “Hello, detective. Good to see you.”


“You too, sir!” Gumshoe exclaimed happily, then turned to Kay. “Well, pal? Lead the way!”


A slow grin spread across her face. “You got it.” Looking between the three of them, her grin turned into a smirk. “Race you down the stairs!” Without giving them much of a chance to argue, she took off, laughing as she listened to their protests following her down the hallway.


She was going to make sure she continued to make them proud. But for now, she was going to have fun.