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Be Patient With Me

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“Hey Adora, when do you go back to work?” Catra asked as she stirred their dinner. “How does your, actually? Do you usually have this much time off? It’s been like, over three months now.”

Not that she wanted Adora to leave or anything, especially with the last month being as amazing as it had been since their first date, but Catra had begun to wonder. 

Adora walked over and hopped onto the counter next to Catra. “I have a job lined up to start at the end of January, so a little less than two months from now. It’s just a voice acting thing, so I don’t need to be on location.”

Catra hummed. “What about when you’re on location? How long are you gone for?” It’s been something that’s nagged on her brain, how often would Adora be gone? How would they make it work?

“Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes it could be months,” Adora said somberly and ran a hand down Catra’s back. They’ve been avoiding this topic because neither of them wanted to admit that they might have to part eventually. “It just depends on the job. I have one more installment to do for this She-Ra series but then that’s done, and maybe I can just take some easy stuff for a while so I won’t have to go anywhere.”

Catra put a lid on the pot and came to stand between Adora’s legs and wrapped herself around her. “Don’t hurt your career just for me, Adora. I don’t need to teach classes.” She squeezed a little bit. “Maybe I can get some online ones so I can go with you.” I don’t want to be without you.

“And you can’t hurt your career for me either,” Adora said with a laugh and buried herself in that messy brown hair. “We’ll figure it out when the time comes, ok? We’ll be ok. As for now though, Hope and Mara will be here soon.”

It was the second time they’ve had Adora’s moms over for dinner instead of driving to the edge of town. Not that it was a burden to drive, but hosting together was a next step in solidifying their relationship, which had been smoothly advancing. Glimmer and Bow had been coming over more and Catra was opening up little by little with them about why she had stayed away for so long. It wasn’t that they really needed to know everything, but as a new member of the Soulmate Best Friend Squad she felt it was her responsibility to show that she cared for not just Adora but the two of them as well. Things were good. 

“Catra you’ll have to send me this recipe,” Hope said a little later that night. “This was fantastic. I didn’t know you could do that with cauliflower.”

“I’ll send you all my cauliflower recipes,” Catra said with a laugh. “Adora loves this one, I can’t even pronounce the name, but they’re these little patties and she always munches on the leftovers.”

Something about the way Hope smiled at her made Catra think that the woman knew something that she didn’t yet, but then Mara was hugging her tight and saying her goodbyes.

Adora’s moms really were fun, and she was definitely growing attached to them, but they still had this odd intensity to everything they did. Catra just attested it to being a mom thing. So she just smiled and waved goodnight and gave an easy promise for dinner next week.

Cleaning up was routine, domestic, and Catra hummed happily as they worked in tandem to get everything settled for the night. Adora had run off somewhere in the middle of drying, which wasn’t a big deal because she never really did a good job at it anyway, and Catra finished the rest. Warm hands eventually found their way around her stomach and she swayed with Adora while she finished the job. 



Adora paused for just a second. “Can I see it? The mark?”

Though it had been a month since their first date and kiss, the two of them hadn’t ventured past heavy make outs and generous ass grabs. That little fact had obviously led to Adora not seeing the mark on Catra’s skin. It had been an accident when Catra had seen the one on Adora’s hip, but it had changed so much about their relationship that she wondered what this might do now. She found she was excited to find out. 

“Can I ask why first?”

“I want to see how it feels,” Adora said softly, “to see it. I want to know that I’m on there.”

Catra shivered at the thought. She knew what it felt like to see it and hoped that Adora would feel the same. She nodded and turned around. She grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up expertly as she had many times before to stare at it in the mirror, right to the edge of her boob. Her stomach clenched when Adora gasped softly. 


“I know,” Catra agreed. This was different somehow, when she had seen her name on Adora’s hip it had been quick and accidental and while no less meaningful, this moment held power. She could see the dawning on Adora’s eyes. It was belonging, a place in this world. Commitment. Trust. Devotion. Affirmation. Not ownership, not branding, but a connection of cosmic power. They were each other’s, and it was an indescribable feeling. 

Except it wasn’t indescribable, not really. At the time it had felt like her entire body was rewired, neurons bursting through synapses that chanted Adora. It was like Catra’s DNA wasn’t formed from proteins anymore but by blue eyes and that disastrously sweet smile. It was Adora. It was love. 

“You’ve felt this way this whole time and you didn’t tell me?” Adora asked, eyes still firm on that soft spot over ribs. 

She huffed out laugh. “I wasn’t trying to rush anything, I knew you’d get around to it.”

Catra started to lower her shirt finally, which broke Adora out of her trance and she reached up to bring Catra in for the sweetest kiss they’ve ever shared. Unbounded by the construct of time, their lips pushed and pulled like the tides of a full moon as they let themselves feel. Feel tongues and teeth, roaming hands, scorching bodies as eons or seconds passed until Catra broke off. 

“Do you want-“

She didn’t even have to finish asking and Adora was nodding and slotting lips back against her own, turning and pushing them back toward their bedrooms. They fumbled and bumped into walls on the way there, laughing against wet, swollen lips that just made their need for one another stronger. When they got to their doors Adora picked her up and pinned her against the wall to suck hard at the dip in her throat. Catra locked her legs around tight abs and felt the fire rip through each vein of her body as Adora pushed further into her. She grasped needy hands through silky hair once more and pulled back to crash their lips together. 

It wasn’t until her back hit familiar sheets that Catra realized Adora picked her room for no other reason than to make Catra feel more at ease, more at home. It was almost silly because home, she knew with every ounce of her soul, was wherever Adora was. 

Adora, who was now crawling on top of her, and fuck what a sight that was. Blue eyes were hungry, she had never seen them so blown and wanting and Catra throbbed at the sight. Lips met once more with searing need as Adora pressed her into the mattress with one hand and rolled her hips down hard. She smiled as Catra gasped at the movement and dragged a hot mouth along the column of her neck, never ceasing her rolling hips. 

Catra was too close far too soon. “Adora,” she gasped as her own hips disobeyed and searched for the pressure. “Adora hold on...”

Hips stopped immediately and Adora raised herself completely off Catra’s body with all signs of hunger gone in an instant. “Catra, I’m so sorry! If I pushed you too far...I should have asked-“

“No, it’s not that,” she said breathlessly and closed her eyes for a moment to get her bearings straight. “It’s just I...”

“Have you never done this before?” Adora asked curiously. “It’s ok if you’re not ready.”

“I have,” Catra replied and opened her eyes so she could see those beautiful blues above her. She smiled and tucked a stray piece of hair behind Adora’s ear, pausing for a deep breath to steady herself. “It’s just never meant something before.”

Adora softened immediately, “oh.” She searched Catra’s face in awe, “me either.”

Catra laughed and shook her head, then pulled her back down to her lips. It was all slow and tender, lips tasting and sucking where they could reach until Catra slipped hot hands under the hem of Adora’s shirt in question and then that was gone in a heap at the side of the bed. 

“Holy shit,” Catra said as her eyes raked over the sight in front of her. She knew Adora was fit but seeing those muscles contract with each heavy breath was mesmerizing. She ran a hand over taut lines of abdomen until she reached the band of Adora’s sports bra. “This thing? Off.” And when Adora obliged she scraped blunt nails down to the button on her pants and popped it open with a flick of her fingers. 

“Fuck, Catra.” She was panting and closed her eyes as Catra pulled down the zipper on her pants and before Adora could fight it, she was flipped onto her back. “Fuck.”

Catra smirked at her as she loomed above, hands trying to wedge off pants and Adora lifted her hips for a moment to help speed up the process. 

“You’re wearing way too much clothing,” Adora said as pants flew across the room and she practically ripped Catra’s shirt off of her. 

Catra wanted to say something snarky but she got distracted by pink nipples and decided to shut them both up as her head dove in and she sucked one into her mouth. 

“Fucking hell, Cat-ah!”

Catra hummed and rolled her tongue over the firm flesh. “Not my name,” she mumbled as her fingers blazed a trail up to give attention to the other nipple. Apparently that didn’t shut either of them up, but it was something. She switched sides, humming as Adora squirmed below her, and doubled down her efforts quickly before popping off pink nipples audibly. 

Her hands traveled slowly downward, mouth following close behind leaving teasing bites and soft kisses until she brushed against the edge of Adora’s boxers, pulling them off quickly when hips were raised once more to help, and Catra sat back on her heels to admire the view. Adora, in all her naked glory, panting, open, wanting. She was breathtaking. Catra slid the pads of her fingers oh so softly up Adora’s leg from her ankle, grinning like mad as she felt goosebumps burst at her touch, and came to right under those three words on hot, pale flesh. She paused before running her thumb gently over it and Adora gasped at the touch. 

Catra looked up and saw the complete look of devotion in Adora’s eyes and she nearly fainted at the sight. She swept her thumb again and Adora’s eyes fluttered closed to relish in their connection. It was in that instant she knew what Hope’s smile had meant, and Catra wondered how she never realized before.

“Hey Adora,” Catra said as she put her hand over the mark and held her down into the bed. They locked eyes once more, Adora trembling, and she leaned in until they were a breath apart. “I love you.”

“ love me?” 

Catra smiled and cupped her cheek, bringing their foreheads together and sighing. “You’re such an idiot.” She huffed out a small laugh and brought their bodies even closer. 

Adora brought her hand to graze over the mark on the tan skin above her and Catra shuddered at the touch. They were both breathing heavy, nothing had ever felt like this, so electric and grounding. So right. “I love you too.”

Neither of them knew who moved first but their lips were together once more and Adora was throwing Catra’s bra off to the side and Catra was running a hand down between them and into slick folds without hesitation, feeling Adora jolt as she slid a finger along each side of her clit. She nibbled and sucked on soft lips as her hips and fingers pulsed with a slow rhythm; she took her time feeling. When she moved to trace that sharp jaw with lips to the soft spot behind Adora’s ear that she knew would make the girl quiver Catra picked up the pace on her hips and fingers and felt hips begin to meet her motions. She could feel the pulse quicken under her lips and Adora’s breathing became ragged and she pulled her hips and fingers away. 

“No!” Adora groaned and tried to pull Catra back in by her ass so she bit that soft spot a little harder than normal. 

“Not yet.” She licked where she had bit and gave it a kiss before ghosting lips down the lines of firm abdomen. She left three, hot, wet open mouth kisses over the mark on the jut of Adora’s hip which had her mewling before finally getting to her destination. Her mouth watered with anticipation, and for the life of her she couldn’t see a reason to deny Adora anything any longer than she already had been, so Catra didn’t hesitate one second before diving head in and licking a hot trail through folds. 

“Thank god, yes,” Adora moaned and arched into the touch. Catra kept a firm hand on Adora’s stomach to keep her in place while her tongue tried to gain traction in the slick, wet folds. Her other hand came to meet her mouth and two already wet fingers ran through the slick a few more times before she sunk them into Adora’s center. Catra’s vision nearly went blank at the hot, tight feeling around her fingers and Adora cried out at the stretch. She took a deep breath to steady her heart at the nearly overwhelming feeling surrounding her but when hips started to buck up into her face she knew she had a job to do. 

With wide, even strokes of her tongue and steady curling thrusts of her fingers Catra set a pace that she could feel would have Adora spilling over the edge in no time, but she still wasn’t ready for it to be done yet. Her mouth left it’s ministrations with a small whine from Adora but she sucked hard and bit down on the inside of her thigh before looking up to watch that beautiful face of her soulmate ride her fingers through ecstasy. 

Her soulmate. Who she loved, without a doubt, without question. Her soulmate, who was silently chanting her name as fingers fucked her so deep and good. Catra growled and dove back in to suck on the bundle of nerves and Adora’s hand flew to the back of her head to keep her in place this time. Whatever Adora wanted, she got. 

“So good, so so good, Catra,” her voice was heady and laced with love and desire. “Fuck, don’t stop. Please.”

She did as she was told and opened her eyes to watch as Adora slammed hers shut and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream as her whole body tensed, insides clenching around Catra’s thrusting digits. It was the most incredible thing she’s ever witnessed. 

She kept pressure on that sweet spot inside while Adora slowly came back down from her high. “Hey Adora.”

“Hi,” she said with a light laugh. “I’m pretty sure I flew to another planet right there. Fuck, how did you even do that?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she replied with a snarky grin and Adora laughed again. 

“Shut up and come here,” she patted her lap and waited, wincing slightly as Catra removed her fingers and shivered as she watched them be licked clean. “You’re so, so damn hot. Hurry and come here.” She sat up slightly and pulled her down by the neck and moaned at the taste of herself on wet lips. 

“That was a lot of fun,” Catra said when they finally parted for air. “I don’t think I want to leave this bedroom for like, a week if I can get you to do that every time.”

Adora ran hands up and down Catra’s thighs and looked up at her now, eyes grazing over brown nipples and her own name etched below them. “I won’t argue with that, though now it’s your turn. Are you attached to these panties in anyway?”

“Adora I can stand up and take them off,” Catra said dryly. 

“But where’s the fun in that?” She asked through the sound of cotton ripping easily from her strong hands. She peeled them away from under Catra and grabbed her ass to bring her up to where she wanted. “Come here.”

“What are you doi-oh. Ohh.” Catra caught on quickly and positioned herself to be just above Adora’s face and she looked down in wonder. But then Adora winked and pulled her in tight, sticking her tongue straight through her folds, teasing her entrance, and all Catra could do was yelp and grab onto the bed frame while that firm tongue fucked her steadily. 

“Oh good god,” she husked as her hips canted with the pace Adora set. She had never done this before, and it really was something else entirely. She was starting to feel the build up when a hand moved from its place on her stomach to run two fingers through her slick before one pushed in slowly and her movements faltered. 

“You ok?” Adora asked softly. 

“Yea, do another.” Catra groaned as she clenched around the one. 

“Are you sure?”

“Adora please.”

They looked at each other and Adora blinked a few times before pulling the one out, wetting them both back up, and sliding the two in slowly while her tongue did this incredible wave thing over her clit. The stretch was intense, Adora’s fingers weren’t exactly small, but it burned so good that she pushed her own hips down to speed up the process. “Fuck. So good, Adora. I’m good.”

That seemed to be enough for Adora because she went back to work on her previous motions and started a slow, deep thrust with her fingers. Catra threw her head to the sky and leaned back onto Adora’s raised knees with her hands so she could ride that tongue and fingers to her delight. She rolled her hips and her stomach clenched deliciously each time Adora hit that spot in her but then fingers became more insistent and she knew it wasn’t her show anymore. Her hands found purchase once more on the bed frame as she was pounded into and when Adora latched onto her clit and when that wave motion became a tsunami it was all she could do to hold on for dear life as her vision went white and she was sure she died for a second. 

When her waves of pleasure started to relax she noticed that Adora was still licking her through her orgasm and when she looked down and locked eyes with hungry blue ones, Catra knew it wasn’t over yet. She had never, never come again so quick but with the devil incarnate below her thrusting again and sucking at her clit so beautifully Catra grasped and handful of hair and screamed into the heavens as her second orgasm hit her like a freight train. 

When she came back from it the second time she was sitting up against the bed frame, panting, with Adora looking smug. 

“Did you just cum so hard you passed out?” She asked, stupidly smug smile plastered on her slick coated face. The idiot had never looked so beautiful. 

Catra pushed her face away and grunted. “Don’t ruin it for me,” but her smile betrayed her. “Fuck, Adora,” she panted, still quivering from aftershocks. “We are never leaving this bed.”

“I really like the sound of that.”



It couldn’t be. It really could not be a door slamming and people knocking on the walls this morning. She wouldn’t believe it. 

“Adoraaaaa? Catraaaa?”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Catra said into Adora’s neck who wasn’t stirring. “Adora I’m going to murder your friends.”

“No don’t,” she whispered sleepily. “I don’t want you to go to jail. Go make them leave and then come back here with me.” She finished with a sloppy kiss to Catra’s forehead and sighed happily. 

“They’re your friends, Adora. You make them leave.”

“You’re scarier.”

She paused. “Ok, you have a point. You so owe me for this.”

“I love you,” she offered with Catra’s favorite, sleepy, groggy smile and she was about to stay and kiss the daylights out of her until more banging on the walls sounded. 

“You sure I can kill them?”

“No murdering.”

“Fine.” She got up and slipped on Adora’s boxers and tshirt because they were convenient and honestly, really comfortable. She might have to steal more of Adora’s clothes. Catra stopped at the door to put on her bitchiest face and went out to deal with the intruders. 

“Do you two understand the meaning of privacy?” She ripped through her morning throat and they both jumped at the tone. 

“Hey, Catra!” Bow gleamed and honestly, she struggles to stay mad at him. 

“You two finally did it then?” Sparkles asked with a bored face. “About damn time. Your sexual tension was crushing me from miles away.”

Catra took a deep breath and ignored her. “Again, privacy, ever heard of it? In fact, have you heard of morning sex? Because I’d really like to have some right now but here I am at-“ she looked at the clock on the wall and wanted to die, “7:43 in the morning. On a Saturday. In November.”

“Saturday is our day off,” Bow stated proudly, “so we like to get up early and explore and find new things to do."

Honestly, how was he so damn cute? “Ok, that’s very nice, but can you guys leave me and Adora out of it for a while? Because we just found out do-ing each other is fun so we’re going to be locked up there for a while. And I don’t want interruptions.”


“What’s that, Sparkles?” Catra said with her hand behind her ear. “You want to hear how Adora literally ripped my panties off and then did this thing with her fingers? Oh god, you wouldn’t belie-“

“That’s enough!” She squealed with that high pitched voice of hers and Catra grinned. Bingo. “We will uhh, leave you to it then. Text us when you’re done and...” she leaned forward and sniffed the air, “showered. God you even reek like sex. Come on Bow, let’s go visit your dads. They like us at least.”

“Ok, be right there!” He said and hung back, waiting for her to be out of earshot before he turned back to Catra. “Tell Adora I need to know about that thing , ok?” She winked at him and his blush bloomed even on dark cheeks. 

“You got it, arrow boy. But seriously, I will rip your throat out if you guys come bother us again before 10am, got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” He saluted and ran out of the apartment and she locked the door behind them. 

She smiled at the thought of Bow and went back to where she had left Adora, pausing momentarily in the door jam to look at the sight before her. Naked, sleepy, tangled in soft white sheets, this is easily what she could wake up to for the rest of her life, and nothing would make her happier. As she slipped back into bed again, not bothering to remove the clothes she knows will be gone later, Catra nearly choked on the lump in her throat when Adora turned and cuddled into her chest. 

Home. It’s something she had, for a very long time, never expected to find. She never dreamed of being able to call something home, something hers. The uncertainty of her upbringing led to years of torment and impossible levels of self deprecation that was masked by her staunch bitchiness which, if anybody had dared to look deeper, would have seen it was just a cover. Scorpia knew it, and that’s why Catra had let her into her life. Entrapta might have known as well but she worked better with ones and zeroes rather than human emotion, so that was ok. 

But Adora had worked with her, had been patient and persistent, loving and giving. Some may say it was only because of the mark, that Adora knew for some reason that Catra was to be her one and that’s why she tried so hard, but that wasn’t it. Adora was just that type of person, to always listen and give someone a chance, because she herself had been given a chance. As they lay there, hearts finding each other to beat in tandem, Catra knew that Adora’s soul was the one she would always be meant to find, no matter what life or universe, soulmate markings or not. They understood each other in a way that no one else could. Adora brought out the good in her, made Catra want to be a better person than she had ever been. It wouldn’t always be perfect, there’s no such thing in life as that, but so long as they had each other they could conquer anything. 

So long as they could lay there, cuddled and unbothered, completely in love, there was no way they couldn’t be happy. That’s what mattered. 

Catra pulled her closer and rubbed her cheek into silky blonde hair. Utter, bone deep contentment washing over her as storm clouds rolled outside and while there was no way she was getting back to sleep now, she wasn’t going to ruin this moment for anything. 

“I love you, Adora.”



Adora’s thighs screamed as she rocked her hips down hard, but with the way Catra was pushing against the headboard, deeper against the toy and making those fucking sounds , there was nothing that could stop her even if she tried. She pushed her hands down harder, one on the junction of a tan hip and the other splayed over her own name scribbled on a rib, completely lost in the wildness below her. 

She gave a few more thrusts before Catra sucked in that shaky breath she had come to know as a bone rattling orgasm and Adora slowed down to let her ride it out in bliss. When those mismatched eyes finally came back to the present, blinking ever so slowly and drowned in pleasure, Adora just laughed and collapsed into a sweaty, tan neck. 

“We are never going to get your stuff moved in at this rate.” Her breathing was choppy, unsteady from her exertion and she could feel the goosebumps rise under her lips. Catra was always so sensitive after an orgasm. 

“Well,” Catra tried, voice thick and lustful, “you’re the one who dropped the box and found this.” She rolled her hips to gesture but let out a whimper at the feeling, she was ready again. 

Adora lifted herself back up onto her elbows and gave her a smirk while she pulled almost all the way out and sank back in even slower, watching in awe as those eyes she loved so much fluttered closed and Catra pawed at her back. “And are you complaining?”

“N-no,” she breathed and grabbed Adora’s ass to slam their hips together. “Come on, Princess. Show me what you got.”

She took the bait and drove right in, their pull bringing them ever closer. 

Sometime later when she really was tapped out, unable to go any longer and her whole body was fiery jello, Adora wrapped herself around the sweaty body of her soulmate. 

“Do you think a week is too soon to move you into my room?” A week, that was all it had been since that first night they had sex, but since then there had been no way they could part. 

Catra laughed sleepily, exhausted from the workout and numerous orgasms. “Why wouldn’t we? We already sleep together every night, in both meanings of the word.” Adora could hear the smirk in her voice. “It’s just easier this way. I don’t want to be away from you, Adora. I mean that.”

“Me either,” Adora said softly and dropped a kiss on Catra’s forehead. 

“Can we redecorate though?” The sleepy voice said again. “The white and gold is just a little….bright.”

“Anything you want.” That was the easiest thing she could ever give. Whatever Catra wanted, she would move worlds to get it for her. New decorations? Perfect. They could make it theirs, because that’s what they were now, wholly and completely. A pair, partners, bonded, soulmates. Whatever language, word, variation of what two people who loved each other so irrevocably was, that’s what they were. 

Adora could hear soft breaths turn slow and patterned and she knew Catra was asleep. 

Catra. There had been a spark from the moment Adora had chosen to sit next to her on that plane all those months ago, it was like she was drawn to those ridiculous socks and wild hair, drawn to the atmosphere that surrounded the person who was so closed off from the beginning. She took a long look over the sleeping form in front of her, so wonderfully naked and earth shatteringly gorgeous. Words couldn’t even describe how beautiful Catra was, how perfect and incredible she was. Maybe it was just the love talking, and oh holy fuck did she love her, but it was an all-encompassing truth. Catra was hers, and she was Catra’s. For this life and any that they may have lived before or after, in any universe or dimension. 

Adora closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, smelling the heady mixture of ravenous sex and just...Catra. She smelled like chaos and Adora wanted to bottle it up forever, but they had forever. She ran her thumb over that freckle ridden cheek, knowing that Catra slept soundly after such a workout, and got lost in silky smooth skin. She let tears flow freely as she thought about this move they were doing. It had been her idea, though it sounded silly to ask Catra to move in with her when she was just across the hall, but they hadn’t done anything that could be considered ‘normal’ yet, so why start now? 

Adora had noticed that she slept better when Catra was close, the many times they had fallen asleep together on the couch or balcony, but none of those times held a candle to being able to pretzel together and hold on all through the night. She had been a shitty sleeper her whole life, stemming from a subconscious need to be alert at all times in her foster home. It had gotten better when she lived with her moms and then on her own, but Catra made her feel whole. She made her feel safe and at home. Adora had been hooked from the start, wondering how 23 years of her life had passed by without that raspy voice and squeaky laugh. 

But they were here now, so open and alive together. Catra had been slow to open up, she understood why, but now she was completely unencumbered by her reservations. Their session with DT together had been the catalyst for Catra finally letting go, letting herself open up and believe that Adora wanted this too. It had broken her heart to hear that Catra worried for so long that she wasn’t wanted, when it was so far from the truth. Adora wanted her, all of her, every bad day, every issue, every argument and grumpy morning. She didn’t want that goopy, soft love that Glimmer and Bow had. Not that they weren’t cute, but Adora wanted something different. 

She wanted Catra, the chaos, the feeling that they could work together and bring down the barriers that they both had built up over a life of questioning. She wanted tight tank tops and ridiculous suits, she wanted dorky pancake dates and naming cars, she wanted to bump elbows while washing dishes and to kiss those stupid grins off that perfect face. She wanted to hold her through the nightmares that would never truly be gone, to learn how to be better at reading her emotions, she wanted to spend hours charting every line, scar, divot on tan skin and hear those breaths falter in needy lust. 

Adora was in love, and could reckon that she had been from the moment those sleepy, grumpy eyes turned to her in shock on that plane, but it didn’t matter when it happened. All that mattered was the woman sleeping so peacefully in her arms. She could see the edge of those black words written in that ethereal cosmic ink under the boob she now knew what tasted like and smiled. 

It had taken three days thus far to move the majority of Catra’s clothes across the hall, the two of them getting caught up in each other’s bodies every time. Not that they were complaining at all, the sex was just...fuck, she didn’t know it could be like this. Adora wondered if every set of soulmates had this kind of connection? If so, how did the world even continue to run? To her, there was currently no other place she would rather be than between Catra’s legs and she knew that her soulmate felt the same way. Their competitiveness had translated magically to the bedroom and Adora could already feel new muscles growing in places she hadn’t even known existed from the way Catra could bend her. 

Her breath caught in her throat as thoughts bombarded her conscience: Catra. She could chant that name every hour of the day and never be tired of it. Adora knew she would bore people to no end by just going on and on about her soulmate but her brain couldn’t process anything else. The moment she had seen that mark for the first time had been the most incredible, but oddest experience of her life. It was like everything she had ever known had been a lie, and Catra was her truth. They had talked about it, soft whispers in the night of how incredible a feeling it was to feel connected, whole, attached. Loved. Catra had explained the feeling as being completely rewired and she found that suiting. 

Growing up, the thought of soulmates to her sounded like a fairytale, but Catra wasn’t sunshine and rainbows. She wasn’t a glittery princess who woke up with perfect hair and shiny teeth and danced around tall grass. No. Catra had wild, untamable hair and lived in deep reds and blacks. She woke up with stinky morning breath and a near permanent growl on her face at the mere thought of having to get out of bed. Catra danced, but it wasn’t while singing through beautiful fields of tall green blades high on the mountain tops. Catra danced drunk, like the dork she was, danced to her music while she cleaned, had come to dancing in Adora’s lap (which was just...fuck).

Catra wasn’t sunshine and rainbows; she wasn’t crisp pastels and shiny hair. 

Catra wasn’t like anything Adora had expected, but she sure as fucking hell was her fairytale.


“Hey Adora?” Catra called from the living room, “can you get me my birth certificate out of my drawer? I have to renew my license apparently.”

“Where is it?” She called back from their room which at the moment was...clearly lived in. Catra had been gone for the last week on some PhD conference resort. Adora didn’t know exactly what they did but she hadn’t been allowed to go and it was the first time in over a year and a half that they had been apart for more than a few days. Adora took the distance...not well, and had moped the entire time, not bothering to keep their room tidy. So now that Catra was back she had to stop her pity party. 

What, can’t a girl miss the love of her life?

“In a box, back corner of my left top drawer!”

Adora didn’t really know why she couldn’t just get up and get it herself but she didn’t mind. Knowing Catra, Melog had probably fallen asleep in her lap and there was no way that she would ever move a muscle to wake him up. It always made her smile, thinking about the day they were bored and ventured into the animal shelter down the road. Neither of them had planned to adopt an animal but the second Melog stuck his paw out of the cage and clawed Catra, she was hooked. The dorky name came with the cat and the two of them thought it fitting; a weird named cat for weird named parents. 

Adora opened the drawer and rifled through Catra’s nicely folded shirts and found the box at the back. Old habits die hard, and as a foster kid there was a general rule that you only keep the most important possessions you have in something you can grab quickly, you never knew when it was time to bolt. They were safe and comfortable here but Catra still clung to her habit of keeping her necessary documents in a box where no one but her would touch them. 

But the box didn’t have any kind of document Adora recognized when she opened it. Slips of mismatched paper filled it to the brim and at first she didn’t understand what they were but when she did her whole world stopped. 

Notes. Her notes, ones that she left randomly around the house for Catra to find. Notes she left in the lunch she would pack for her soulmate before leaving for school. Every single one looked to be in there, over a year and a half worth of silly little nothings that Adora hardly even remembered writing. Her hands worked of their own accord and she brushed trembling fingers over them and read as they turned over. 

Remind me we need more rice - Adora 

I’m at the gym - Adora

Melog threw up in the kitchen, I might have too. Love Adora

You’re like, really pretty. I’m also drunk, I love you - Adora

They were all just like that, random nothings. To her writing them at the time they seemed inconsequential, just words to let Catra know what the plan was. 

Taped to the underside of the top of the box were three notes, their separation from the others an obvious marking of favoritism, and Adora felt dizzy. 

I hope you have a great first day! Your students are lucky to have you. I’ll see you later - Adora

Can you make those patty things again when you get home? I’ve been craving them. - Adora 

I love you. 

She remembered the first and last one, the first one being from Catra’s first day teaching and the last one had been the first time she wrote down her love. She was confused for a moment why the middle one would be special but then she saw ‘home’ and understood. It had been so easy for Adora to see their apartment as home so quickly but it had taken a lot longer for Catra to understand that she was wanted, so she must have held onto that word that slipped so easily from Adora’s pen. Home, Catra was home.

“Adora? I didn’t think it would be that hard to fi-“ she turned and locked eyes with Catra who had stopped dead in the doorway. “That’s not the left drawer.” Her tone was flat and surprisingly even for coming across someone who had been carding through her personal belongings. 

“You saved all these?” Adora choked out and looked back at the box in awe. 

“Why would I throw them away?” Catra sounded affronted and finally moved into the room. “Adora why are you crying?”

She touched her cheek and hadn’t realized that tears had spilled over but honestly, what else was she supposed to do? “It’s saved these? All of them?” She sounded like a broken record but didn’t know what else to do. 

“Of course I did,” Catra said easily. “They were from you, I could never throw them out. I-“ she paused and swiped her thumb over a tear on Adora’s cheek before continuing. “They’re really special to me, Adora. When I would get home after a bad day and I would find one they always made me feel better. Even if it was something small, knowing you thought of me….I had to keep them.”

Adora looked into her eyes and they were so set, so soft, so determined. Blue and gold held onto her own so reverently and she thought of how easily it had become for Catra to be so open about her feelings on everything. She was confident about herself now, about them, and it was the most attractive thing Adora had ever seen. There was no question, it was them. 

“Marry me,” Adora said in wonder. 

Catra looked shocked for a split second before a wide grin settled in, canines bearing so beautifully. “Ok.”

“Wait, really?” As if she hadn’t expected that answer for some reason. 

Catra threw her head back with the force of her laugh and wrapped her arms tightly around Adora’s stomach. “Of course I will, idiot. Who else would I marry, Sparkles? She’s cute and all but…”

“You want to marry me?”

“Without a doubt,” she said and rubbed a gentle thumb expertly over the spot on Adora’s hip and oh. “Unless you’re having second thoughts...but I kind of think you’re stuck with me.”

Adora kisses that stupid grin off her face, her favorite thing to do. “I think I like the sound of that.” 

Blue and gold had never looked so soft. “Me too.” Catra leaned forward and touched her forehead to Adora’s. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

And that’s all it ever was to them, it was that easy to just fall into something. They were soulmates, cosmically connected and fates deemed them designed for one another but at the end of the day it was just them, just Catra and Adora. Marks were only the map that led them to each other but they both had decided long ago that it would have always been them somehow. They both had their struggles, Catra even more so, but the balance they created with their teamwork of trust and love made every struggle from there on out one that they could conquer with barely a blink. 

Wherever they went, wherever they lived, who they met, if they got married right now or twenty years from now; none of that mattered so long as they were together, eternally circling each other in their own little orbit. No matter the time, no matter the universe or dimension, their souls would always find each other. 

Someday, one day maybe, if they ever have children the discussion of soulmates won’t have to be hushed, won’t have to be something to fear. They’ll tell their children the tale of two dorks who loved so wholly and didn’t let some construct get in the way of learning first, that would be the most important lesson. They will someday get marks of their own, and finding their person would be their own adventure, but they need to never forget the importance of growing together. It’s the best part, the part of earning their trust and love, not just accepting that the cosmic powers got it right.

But they had time for all of that, kids and places and other people would be a thought for later. Right now though, and oh how they loved to live in the now, all that mattered was each other. Stormy blues holding a steady gaze with mismatched eyes, effortlessly in love. Her soulmate, her future wife, Catra. Was there anything else that ever mattered?

Of course not.