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Works from Wednesday

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If there was only one thing to be learned about Rose Lalonde, Kanaya Maryam has learned that it is this: never ask about her life before Sburb.

It’s slightly incorrect to give such a sweeping proclamation. Every so often, usually in the dead of night when Rose is curled up in bed and holding Kanaya’s arms to her, she’d volunteer a piece of information about how she spent her winters, or how she did her childish best to psychologically analyze her cat. She can talk about her childhood, but at eighteen years old was more eager to dismiss it.

The reason behind Kanaya’s hesitance to pry any further than that was how Rose reacted when Kanaya spoke of her own lusus and told a few stories about the virgin mother grub. Her face instantly closed, no matter how diligently she smiled and nodded to show she was following the tale and listening properly. It had been so sudden, that change in her face, that Kanaya faltered in speaking. She only continued because there was honesty in Rose’s voice when she bade her continue.

Unlike many other trolls, Kanaya made a stalwart effort in learning about human culture. Seeing as how the game had dropped them back onto Earth (though politely giving them a free pass on being aliens on an alien world by making humans simply not give a fuck), she thought it was prudent. Once their first conversation about Kanaya’s lusus ended, she fell upon as many books as she could find. She searched for any word that might have been a trigger, and only found it when she thought back carefully to when Rose’s face first changed.

She remembered it was when she explained that her lusus was a virgin mother. She found the words “mother” and “virgin mother” in books, read the topics very carefully, and remembered what Jade said about how the grimdark episode had started.

The next time she saw Rose, she wrapped her arms around her and whispered, “I’m sorry,” in her hair.

Rose had hesitated, but the hug she gave in return was twice as strong.

They kissed then, and while Rose was never really able to talk about Mrs. Lalonde, she held Kanaya’s hand while she listened to her tales of her lusus. She even smiled honestly, and that made Kanaya give her another kiss.