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ways to show love

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Hazel eyes stare fixingly at the annoyingly happy Spaniard in front of him. His thoughts of how oh, so easily he would blush at what Antonio would say or what he did. Adding to the of the not so hidden blush, Antonio would tell him how much he look like a cute little tomato. Or the way that the Spaniard would show him affection.

A thought came of how he could make Antonio blush without blushing in return.

A hidden smile on the ever scowling face, Lovino thought out the ways to make Antonio blushing like the way he himself blush so easily to the Spaniard.

Problem? He has absolutely no fucking clue as to how he would do that.

But, he will be a man on a mission to achieve this goal.

A small smile appear on the Italian face before quickly disappearing on the man features. He continued to listen to the Spaniard talk on for the some what one sided conversation. While planning on making him blush as well.