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  • Lovemail wangxian+fan back (wangxianfan_lovemail) by xStalkey

    19 Jul 2020


    Wangxian+fan has left and if you want to try and give back all the love they gave us, you can drop your Wangxian fic here!
    Let this be a thank you for all the support they gave every single wangxian writer on this fandom. Let this be a shower of love, so they always know how much we appreciate them no matter what. They always dedicated their time to us, so if you want to dedicate your fic back to them as a thank you for encouraging all of us to write and bring us happiness, you can put your fic in this collection.
    We also encourage you to tag it with "Dedicated to Wangxian+fan" and add a little comment for them in your end notes from now on. They've been commenting for the longest time, we can comment back to show our support now, even if they never comment again, if they keep reading, they'll see how much we love them.

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