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Short One-Shot Collection

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How could she? Yuyuko was mad. How could Tamao dare hide in her room today?! She didn't even want to spend some time with her girlfriend today?

Oh, she was in for it. Ruining the plans she had made for the two of them would not go unforgiven! Yuyuko was going to make her pay! She had been expecting to hang out with Tamao and did not like that it wasn't happening.

Yuyuko didn't even bother knocking and just entered Tamao's room. Tamao looked up and smiled at her. Yuyuko looked at what she was doing. Homework? Just homework? She knew from Fumi nothing was due yet. Why was she doing this? Yuyuko was even more mad. Tamao had plenty of time to spend with her but wasn't.

"Can I help you, Yuyuko?" Tamao asked with a sweet tone.

"Yes." Yuyuko didn't elaborate and simply invited herself onto Tamao's bed - her lap, to be more specific.

Tamao stared at her for a moment, before smiling and kissing her on the cheek, "You want some attention?"

"No." Yuyuko huffed, "I want to give you attention. How dare you hide from me!"

Tamao didn't have a reply for her. Yuyuko huffed and turned to face her better. Without warning she pulled Tamao into a kiss. Tamao obliged and kissed her back. Yuyuko pulled away.

She glanced at the work scattered around the bed. She gathered them all up and set them aside. Once that was done, she returned to sitting on Tamao. She sent her another glare and then kissed her on the cheek.

"You better make this up to me. I had plans for us, you know." Yuyuko huffed.

"Oh? I'm sorry, Yuyuko." Tamao apologized.

"Words aren't gonna work." Yuyuko hovered close to her face again, "I'm gonna need a lot more."

"You're very... bold today." Tamao commented.

"Yeah. Can I kiss you more?"

"Of course." Tamao smiled at her.

Yuyuko immediately went back in for another kiss. She slowly inched their positions around until she was pinning Tamao down to the bed. Tamao seemed surprised by the action. Yuyuko normally wasn't this bold. She was one to sit back and just enjoy the moment. However, today was a special exception it seemed.

"Yuyuko?" Tamao asked.

"What? Can't I have some fun?" Yuyuko pouted at her.

"I guess not..." Tamao offered her another smile, "It's just so unlike you."

"Do you not like it?" Yuyuko frowned playfully. She already knew the answer.

"Not at all." Tamao leaned up and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"Good. Because I'm not stopping." Yuyuko smirked and got right up into Tamao's face.

"I look forward to it, Yuyuko. I like this side of you too."

Yuyuko smiled and took that as the initiative to start kissing her again. This time she did it a bit differently. She was kissing her all over her face with short kisses now. Tamao reached her hand over and held Yuyuko's free hand.

"You're so beautiful, Tamao." Yuyuko whispered.

"You're just as beautiful." Tamao replied.

Yuyuko felt a blush creeping up on her face, "You're way more beautiful. I'm so lucky to have you as my girlfriend."

"Yuyuko~" Tamao cupped her cheek, "Don't talk down yourself. You're wonderful all the same."

"I just want you to know how much I love you." Yuyuko whispered as she buried herself against Tamao, trapping her into a tight hug.

"I know that very well, Yuyuko." Tamao kissed her on the head, "I'd never doubt how much you love me."

"Good. But I'm still gonna pamper you just to make sure you don't forget."

Tamao chuckled, "I won't deny a reminder."

"But seriously, Tamao. You've been holed up in here all day. You have a very needy girlfriend that you were neglecting." Yuyuko huffed in mock anger.

Tamao smiled and patted her on the head, "I'm sorry, Yuyuko. I'll spoil you for the rest of the day as an apology."

"Great. Then I'm napping on you."

Tamao started laughing, "I should've known that would be the first request."

"Why not join me?" Yuyuko offered, "You've been working hard this week. Take some time to relax."

"Hmm... on one condition."

"What is it?" Yuyuko was not used to their being extra steps like this.

"I'm the one getting cuddled."

Yuyuko let out a dry laugh, "What? You... jeez, okay then. I was not expecting that request."

"Can't I get spoiled too?" Tamao teased her.

"You're on."

Tamao yelped as Yuyuko pulled her into a very tight hug. She started laughing again. Yuyuko was so adorable when she got clingy. Rileing her up got her even more like this which Tamao may or may be abusing right now to get extra pampering.

"I love you, Yuyuko." Tamao whispered as she settled down, "Thank you for today. I really needed that."

"Anything for you." Yuyuko replied through a yawn, "I gotta take care of my girlfriend..."

"You're doing a wonderful job. Sleep well."

Yuyuko hummed in acknowledgment as she drifted off with ease. Tamao smiled and made herself at home in the hug. It was rare to be the one held. Normally Yuyuko would invite herself into her bed and force herself under her arms.

Not that Tamao minded it. She was content either way. As long as she got to hold her girlfriend.