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Short One-Shot Collection

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"Sayo~ Where are you~?"


"Huh? Are those... glasses? Cute!"

This was not exactly how Sayo expected anyone to find out about her glasses. Lisa just barged into her room without any notice. Not that that was unusual by any means. It wasn't like Sayo had much to hide from her.

"Y-yeah..." Sayo mumbled, quickly taking them off her face, "I uh... I've had them for a while, actually. I just wear contacts most of the time."

"And you never told me?" Lisa pouted and made herself at home beside Sayo on her bed, "How cruel of you to hide this. You look so cute in them."

Sayo turned bright red as Lisa winked teasingly at her. This was not the way she expected this to go down.

She let out a small yelp as Lisa took the glasses from her and placed them back on her face. Sayo was frozen in place, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

"Let me take a picture, please? You're so adorable with them on." Lisa gave her a pleading look.

"A-alright... as long as it stays as a private thing for you to look at." Sayo caved in.

"Okay!" Lisa agreed and pulled out her phone, "Now... can you smile for me?"

Sayo gave her an awkward smile. Lisa chuckled slightly and took a few pictures of her. Once she was satisfied, she put her phone down.

"Can I take them off now?" Sayo asked.

"Why?" Lisa asked in reply.

Sayo had no immediate response, "Well... um... I..."

"Are you embarrassed? Come on. It's just me, Sayo. And besides, I've told you I think you look cute in them." Lisa kissed her on the cheek for emphasis.

"L-Lisa..." Sayo whined.

"What?" Lisa asked teasingly.

"Stop embarrassing me..." Sayo mumbled, playing with the hem of her shirt.

"Alright, alright. But will you please keep them on for me?" Lisa requested.

"I guess... just for a little bit, okay?" Sayo agreed.

Lisa nodded, "Okay. Thank you, Sayo."

Sayo looked down. Her face was still bright red. She felt Lisa kiss her on the cheek again. Sayo glanced over at her. When Lisa noticed, she smiled at her. Sayo quickly looked away.

"You're so easy to embarrass, Sayo. Come on." Lisa wrapped her arms around her, "Stop being so defensive. You can let loose."

"This... this isn't..." Sayo didn't finish her sentence. She met Lisa's gaze again.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let loose for once? After all, they were alone. No one would ever know. She had no reputation to uphold here.

So, Sayo leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Lisa smiled and cupped her hands around Sayo's face, before pulling her into a deeper kiss. Sayo's eyes widened for a moment, before she calmed and returned the kiss.

They soon pulled away. Both were bright red now.

"How was that?" Lisa teased as she grabbed one of Sayo's hands.

"A bit... awkward with my glasses on..." Sayo replied.

Lisa chuckled, "Alright, then put them aside. I wanna kiss you more."

Sayo's eyes widened. She hesitantly obliged and removed her glasses, storing them safely on her nightstand. She met Lisa's gaze again.

"You look cute with or without them on. But, I definitely would like to see you wear them more." Lisa whispered as she started leaning closer.

"M-maybe I'll consider it..." Sayo mumbled in reply.

"You would? You're awesome, Sayo." Lisa said, "Can I continue now?"

Sayo hesitantly nodded. Lisa closed the distance between them and kissed her again. She was glad she decided to pay Sayo an unexpected visit today. Otherwise she may have never had the chance to witness what she had.