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Short One-Shot Collection

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It was late at night. How late? A quick glance at the clock revealed it was almost one in the morning. Now, why were they up so late?

Fumi had invited Tamao to spend the weekend at her apartment. They had decided to do a small movie night. However, the films they chose were longer than anticipated.

"This is really gonna bite us in the morning, isn't it?" Fumi grumbled as she turned off the TV.

Or well, tried to. She went to move, but found there was a weight pinning half of her body down. She looked over.

It seemed she was the only one awake. Tamao was asleep, curled up against Fumi's side. Fumi smiled softly as pressed a quick kiss to her girlfriend's cheek. Tamao curled closer after that.

She looked cute. That was all Fumi could think. She didn't really want to move now. She didn't want to disturb Tamao. But, they really should go to an actual bed to sleep.

Fumi carefully removed herself from Tamao's side and turned off the TV. She stretched a bit. They had both been sitting there for a while. Her limbs were sore from not moving for a while.

Fumi carefully picked up Tamao, not wanting to wake her. She carried the sleeping girl to her room and set her on the bed. Fumi climbed in beside her and pulled her into a hug.

"Mmm... Fumi?" It seemed that woke her up.

"Hey. You fell asleep." Fumi greeted her with another kiss.

Tamao stiffled a yawn, "What time is it?"


"Time for bed?"

"Yes. Unless there's something you need."

Tamao shook her head, "...'m good..."

"Then get some rest." Fumi pulled the covers over the two of them.

"Can I have another kiss?"

"Sure." Fumi gave her another kiss, this time on her forehead, "I love you."

"Love you too." Tamao smiled.

"Ready to sleep now?" Fumi asked.

"Hmm..." Tamao moved even closer to Fumi, "Now I'm good."

"You're spoiled." Fumi chuckled as she ran a hand across Tamao's cheek.

"You're the one who lets me."

"True. I guess I'm the one to blame." Fumi ruffled Tamao's hair.

"Maybe you should let me spoil you some time?" Tamao said.

Fumi turned red, "W-what?"

"Don't you want to be the one receiving all the attention?" Tamao teased.

"I'm fine with how things are." Fumi quickly said. Probably a little too quickly.

"Come on, Fumi~" Tamao whined, "One day?"

Tamao pouted at her and gave her a pleading look. Fumi was weak to that. Tamao knew exactly what to do to get her to cave in.

"F-fine... one day." Fumi agreed.

Tamao smiled, "I'm looking forward to it."

"Jeez..." Fumi rolled her eyes.

Tamao yawned, "I'm ready to go to bed..."

"Goodnight then. I'm tired too." Fumi replied.

"Night, Fumi..."

"Sleep well, Tamao."