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Short One-Shot Collection

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"Please, I did something bad and I don't know how to fix it!"

That was how this all started. Ako begged Tomoe to let her try a spell from the new book she got. Things didn't go as planned. It had actually worked. Why had Ako chosen one that turned her into a cat? At least this spell only did the ears and the tail. Tomoe would have probably died of embarrassment if she turned fully into a cat.

Ako had called Rinko over to help. Rinko had no idea what to do either.

"It says that the spell will fade in a day. So... guess you just have to wait it out."

"A... a day?" Tomoe didn't like that, "Are you sure there's no way to reverse it now?"

Rinko shook her head, "It doesn't say anything else. I'm sorry."

"I see..."

"Um... you should hide until that happens. We can't let anyone see you like this." Ako stated.

"But mom and dad will see when we go home."

"Um... is there anyone whose parents wouldn't be home?"


"Didn't Yukina-san say her father was traveling this week?" Rinko said.

"Right! And Yukina is your girlfriend. She'll help you, I'm sure of it!" Ako stated, "I'll go find her!"

It only took a few minutes for Ako to return. She ended up with both Yukina and Ran, though.

"So... she wasn't lying." Both of them were staring at Tomoe in shock and disbelief.

"Yeah... please. I want to leave. I don't want anyone to see me like this." Tomoe begged.

"But no one will know. It's a Halloween party, Tomoe. You blend in." Ran stated.

"That is true. But, it is a lot to take in. Ako explained everything. We can leave." Yukina added.

"Thank god..." Tomoe sighed in relief.

"I'm really sorry, onee-chan." Ako frowned.

"It's alright, Ako. Just... maybe don't use that book anymore?"

"Yeah... I'll hide it away."

"Let's go."

"I'm coming too." Ran stated.

"Fine by me." Yukina shrugged.

The three of them snuck out and headed to Yukina's house. They didn't talk much. It was a lot to take in.

"So... how long will this last for?" Ran questioned.

"Rinko said the book said it'll fade after a day." Tomoe replied.

"So, you have to hide for a day?"

"Yes. I... I don't want anyone to know about this."

They soon made it to the house. They went to Yukina's room. Tomoe sat on the bed, the two girls standing before her. They were both studying her with curious expressions.

"Can you move your ears or tail?" Ran asked.

"Let me see." Tomoe tried it. It took a lot of thought, but she did it.


"Could I... touch your ears?" Yukina asked, "I... I'm curious."

"I... guess. Just please be really gentle. I don't know if I can feel it or not." Tomoe said.

"I will." Yukina promised.

She cautiously reached over and touched one of the ears. It twitched as she did.

"I felt that. It's weird."

"Yukina likes cats a lot. This will be interesting." Ran commented.

"I do not like cats that much!" Yukina protested.

"Sure. I've literally seen Lisa convince you to do things by offering to go to a cat cafe afterwords." Ran rolled her eyes.

"Enough bickering. Focus on me. I have a problem here!" Tomoe interrupted her two girlfriends.

"We can't do anything about it." Ran stated, "We just have to wait it out."

"That is all we can do." Yukina agreed.

"Comfort me! I'm a mess." Tomoe demanded.

"Then lay down. We're snuggling." Yukina stated.

Tomoe laid in the middle of the bed. Yukina and Ran went on either side of her and cuddled up to her. Tomoe felt a bit more at ease having them with her.

She closed her eyes. This was a lot. To think Ako actually cast a working spell on her...

"Eh!" Tomoe jumped as she felt something touch her ear.

"What?" Both of her girlfriends asked.

"I.. I felt something touch me ear." Tomoe mumbled.

"You must've brushed it on the pillow." Yukina stated, "As you can feel, our arms are occupied already. It wasn't us."


Both of them were hugging her. Neither of them could be the culprit.

"Well... I'm tired..." Tomoe mumbled.

"Go sleep then."

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off. She felt safe with them beside her.

"You want to touch her ears. I can see you looking at them."

"They're soft..."

"Why did it have to be a cat..."

"I like it."

"Of course you do."

Tomoe was amused by their banter. She was happy to have them as her girlfriends. Despite their arguments, they got along well and nothing really cared about each other. She couldn't have been luckier.



"I saw you trying to touch her ear. Stop it."

"I'll be really gentle. She won't feel it."

"No. Unless she say you can, you aren't touching them."

"Please, Ran? Just one time?"

Tomoe wanted to laugh. Yukina really was hopeless when it came to anything cat related.

"No- hey!"

Tomoe felt something brush against her ear. Looks like Yukina decided to do it after all. It didn't feel that bad. She was a bit more used to it now.

"See. She didn't wake up." Yukina stated.


Tomoe rolled over so she was facing Ran. That was probably a mistake. She felt something touch her tail. Yukina must be playing with that now.

"Hey, I see her tail waving over there. You're touching that too, aren't you?" Ran was still adamant about leaving those cat features alone.

"She isn't awake. It's fine."


"I am awake, you know." Tomoe decided to speak up, "I don't mind."

"Eh?!" Ran seemed shocked, "But... but..."

"I've gotten used to it enough. Let her be. It's only for a day anyway." Tomoe shrugged. She didn't bother opening her eyes at all.

"If you say so..."

Yukina pressed herself against Tomoe's back, "So I can touch your ears?"

"Sure. Just don't be rough." Tomoe nodded.

Yukina immediately took that offer and started petting her ears. It was a bit weird, but Tomoe didn't really mind it much. It was soothing in a way.

"So... you'll both stay with me all day tomorrow until I turn back to normal?" Tomoe asked.


"Of course."

Tomoe smiled, "I'm glad I have you two as my girlfriends."

"Goodnight. I'm tired too." Ran said.

"Can I have a kiss first?" Tomoe asked.

"I guess." Ran kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm kissing you too, then." Yukina copied Ran and kissed Tomoe on the cheek as well.

"Goodnight, you two. Love you." Tomoe whispered.

"Love you too."

"Yeah. Love you too, Tomoe."

Tomoe finally fell asleep. She was confident everything would work out. Her girlfriends would help her no matter what. She was safe.