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Short One-Shot Collection

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It was a pleasant afternoon. Lisa decided to go and take a walk instead of heading home right after school. She wanted to enjoy the weather while it lasted. It was slowly getting colder each day.

Lisa had no plans on where she was going to go. She just took a walk around the town. There were quite a few people out. Lisa assumed they had the same idea she did.

She was going to stop at a small vendor stall, but paused. Two very recognizable people were in line there. It seemed Sayo and Aya had the same idea.

Lisa was a bit curious now. She knew it shouldn't be a surprise to see them together since they went to the same school and all, but this was the first she had witnessed this. She wanted to know more, but she couldn't just intrude on them. So, she settled for watching them from a distance.

They got drinks and sat down at a table. Lisa wanted to know what they were talking about. But, she couldn’t get closer without them seeing her. And she definitely didn't need them knkwing she was basically spying on them.

Aya was laughing about something. Did Sayo say something funny? Lisa could only guess. Sayo never made her laugh intentionally. But, it was obvious Sayo didn't mind Aya laughing. It made Lisa feel strange. She didn't understand the feeling she was having.

As she watched, she saw Sayo cracking a few smiles. She was even chuckling as well. The feeling grew stronger in Lisa. She soon came to understand what she was feeling. It was jealousy.

Seeing Sayo being so laid back like that made her feel jealous. How come Aya could get her to be like that but she herself couldn't? It made Lisa feel insecure now. Was she not good enough?

The breaking point came when Aya grabbed Sayo's hands. Lisa didn't stick around to see what action was going to occur. She walked away.

She went home, no longer feeling like going for a walk. Lisa hated the feelings churning inside of her. She never thought she'd experience this. She didn't think it would happen to her because if Sayo's personality. But... she was feeling jealous.

Even when Sayo was being friendly to the others in the band, Lisa didn't feel that way. She was fine with it then. But, for some reason, seeing her being nice with Aya made her jealous. And, it made her question her worth in the relationship. They had only been dating for three months now. Lisa was still worried they wouldn't last. And this just made that fear worse.

Lisa went to her room. She was going to lay in her bed, but she saw Yukina in her room. Yukina seemed to sense something was off and went to the balcony. Lisa followed.

"You seem confused." Yukina stated.

Lisa sighed, "I... I don't know... it's just..."

Lisa went on to explain what she had seen and how it had made her feel. Yukina listened to her silently, nodding along every now and again.

"I think you should talk to her. Just ask her what she was doing." Yukina offered her advice on it.

"But I can't just admit I was spying on them!" Lisa protested.

"Just say you were walking by and saw them and just wanted to know what was going on." Yukina clarified.

"I guess... but I feel that's just too invasive..." Lisa groaned in frustration.

"Just text her about it." Yukina stated, "I have to go. Dad was invited to a dinner with friends so we have to leave soon."

"Alright. Have fun." Lisa said.

She went back into her bedroom. Lisa sat on her bed. She stared at her phone. It was hard to get the courage to text Sayo about it. What if she came off as possessive? What if Sayo got mad for her questioning it?

Lisa sighed and decided to just get it over with. She hoped by now Sayo and Aya had gone their separate ways and weren't still hanging out. It had almost been an hour already.

Lisa: Hey. I saw you and Aya hanging out earlier. That's a rare sight to see. What warranted that special occasion?

Lisa tried to keep it casual. Hopefully it wouldn’t sound like she was accusing her of anything. She really wasn't as it was. She was just curious.

Sayo didn't respond for a while. Lisa hoped she was just busy with something. Sayo may be doing schoolwork right now.

Sayo: Hina did something stupid again and I wanted to apologize for her behavior.

Lisa felt a bit of relief by that. So it was nothing. But, the way they acted with each other still made her jealous.

Lisa: I'm not trying to assume anything here but I saw you guys laughing

Lisa was worried that would come off too harsh, but she had already sent it off. Sayo already read it. She couldn't delete it now.

Sayo: Is there a problem with that?

Lisa gulped. She messed up. Now she'd have to admit why she was asking, wouldn't she?

Lisa: I just don't belive I've ever seen you laugh about Hina's antics

If that didn't fix things she was doomed. Lisa did not want to tell Sayo how it made her feel. It was stupid. She shouldn't be feeling that way. Sayo wouldn't do something bad to her like that.

Sayo: I guess you have a point. But this seems like you're interrogating me about this

Fuck... she was screwed. Sayo knew what was up. She didn’t have Yukina to ask for advice now. She had to figure out what to say.

Lisa: Can you come over? It's easier that way

Sayo: Sure

She had a few minutes to figure out what to say. That was not a lot of time. Lisa was panicking. What if Sayo... got mad? Would she be mad that she was feeling this way? Lisa was worried. And she wasn't one to worry like that.

Sayo soon arrived. Lisa nervously let her in. They went back to her room and sat on her bed.

"So, what's going on?" Sayo questioned.

Lisa couldn't find it in her to look at Sayo, "I... I don't understand why... but seeing you... with her like that... it made me feel jealous..."

They were left in silence for a while. Lisa couldn't move her gaze from the bed. She was growing more and more nervous every second the silence continued.

"You were... jealous of us? Hanging out?" Sayo finally repeated.

"You were acting different... you've never really laughed before... you're always so serious..." Lisa mumbled, "And... I saw her hold your hands..."

"Lisa..." Arms wrapped around her, "I'm sorry if it seems like that. But, it was truly nothing more than us talking about Hina."

"Then why'd she grab your hands?"

"To apologize to me. She was trying to say it was her fault that Hina managed to do what she did. Since she wasn't keeping a close eye on her." Sayo said as she forced Lisa to meet her gaze, "Are you really that worried I would leave you?"

Lisa had no reply. She was frozen in place, just staring at Sayo. Sayo sighed softly and kissed her. When they pulled away, Lisa was pulled into a firm hug.

"Does that help?"

"I... I'm sorry I... thought of you like that..." Lisa whispered as she hugged Sayo back, "I... I just felt... maybe I'm not good enough... since I can't make you laugh..."

A sigh, "You're such a mess. I like things the way they are between us."

"Maybe I don't?" Lisa mumbled.

Another sigh, "Are you going to be hung up on that until you get me to laugh?"



"Sayo...? Will you kiss me again?" Lisa looked up at her.

Sayo pushed her down onto the bed, "Say please and I will."

Lisa smiled, "Please, Sayo?"

And for the first time in their relationship, as short as it has been so far, Sayo let herself laugh. She had been hiding a lot of her true emotions away, worried Lisa wouldn't want the change. But, now she knew it was the exact opposite.

"Very well." And so they kissed again.