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Short One-Shot Collection

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"Please, Dia~"

"You aren't going to stop until I say yes, are you?"


"Fine... only this once."

"Yay! Meet me tomorrow afternoon at the shop then."


That was how Dia found herself being drug out into the ocean. Kanan had been pestering her for ages now for them to go scuba diving together. Dia had finally reached her resolve and agreed.

"You ready?" Kanan asked.

"Sure. Lead the way."

Kanan jumped off the boat first. Dia hesitated for a moment. She didn't know why. It wasn't her first time doing this. But, it just felt different for some reason.

Pushing those thoughts aside, she jumped in as well. Kanan smiled at her. Dia could feel her face heat up a bit. She hoped it wasn't noticeable.

"Follow me." Kanan said and then she went under the water.

Dia followed behind. Kanan reached out to grab her hand and started pulling her along. Dia shoved slightly as the temperature dropped. It was a little colder than she'd like.

As they explored the water, Dia couldn't help but mainly look at Kanan. This seemed like an easy thing for her while she was... not having much luck. Swimming was tiring. Dia was amazed at how smoothly Kanan could move about while also practically dragging her around too.

She's almost like a mermaid...

It was a thought. Give Kanan a mermaid tail and the ability to breathe under the water and she'd probably be really happy. It was almost like the ocean was a second home for her.

She did fit in a lot. The sea life around them just seemed to suit her. It felt like Kanan did belong in the ocean more than on land.

Kanan turned back to look at Dia. She pointed up. Dia nodded, understanding what she meant. They swam back up to the surface.

"Whatcha think?" Kanan asked.

"It's cold." Dia stated. She couldn't voice those other thoughts out loud.

"Is it? I don't think it is." Kanan pouted.

Dia couldn't help but chuckle, "You're built for the water. I'm not."

"Well... maybe I'm used to it by now."

"You do this a lot?" Dia asked.

Kanan shrugged, "I don't know that I do it that often, but I like to just swim a lot too."

"Does it ever get boring? Wouldn't you have seen it all at some point?"

"No! The ocean is never boring!" Kanan protested.

"Alright." Dia rolled her eyes at the defensive tone Kanan took on.

"Hmm... I think I know something to make this more memorably for you." Kanan stated.

Dia raised an eyebrow, "And what would that be?"

"Go back under and I'll show you. Don't put the mask on, just hold your breath." Kanan replied.

Dia gave her a suspicious glance, but did as asked. Kanan joined her under soon enough. She smiled and then kissed her. Dia had not been expecting that. Kanan pulled Dia up against her.

She pulled back from the kiss and then they went back up to the surface.

"Why did you do that!?" Dia demanded, "You could've warned me first!"

Kanan just flashed her a cheeky grin, "But then it wouldn't have been a surprise."

Dia huffed, "I'm ready to go back now."

Kanan pouted, "Come on, Dia~ I'm sorry."

Dia ignored her and climbed back onto the boat. Kanan frowned as she followed behind. Once they were on the boat and free of their equipment, they headed back to the shore. They sat down on the boardwalk.

"Dia? Are you still mad at me?" Kanan poked Dia on the cheek.

Dia looked at her. She still didn't say anything. Kanan was worried she had really messed up.

Dia scooted closer to Kanan's side and rested her head against her shoulder. Kanan hesitated, before she reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of Dia's face.


"Kiss me again and maybe I'll forgive you."

"O-oh... okay."