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Short One-Shot Collection

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Knock knock

Why was she here? Why was she here at Rinko's house at almost midnight?

Tomoe knew the answer well... but she wouldn't tell anyone it. This was something that only she wanted to know.

She had been taken by surprise to see Ako run into the house crying. After a lot of coxing, she finally got out why she had been crying. Apparently her and Rinko had gotten into a fight. It seemed as though it was a pretty bad fight.

Ako had no clue what to do to fix it. She was distraught at everything that had happened between them. Tomoe didn't know what that was, though. Ako refused to tell her no matter how much she insisted.

So, why was she here? Tomoe was worried about Rinko. She knew this probably wasn't her place to interfere, but she couldn't stand back. Maybe if she talked to Rinko, they could figure out what went wrong and how to fix it since Ako wasn't cooperating with her at all.

After what felt like hours, the door finally opened. Rinko peered out. Her eyes widened as she saw Tomoe. It wasn't hard to notice her gaze quickly checking to see if anyone else was with her.

"Hey... I know this isn't really something that involves me, but I want to talk about what happened." Tomoe kept her explanation brief, "I understand if you don't want me to."

"You can... come in..." Rinko slowly stepped back and allowed Tomoe to enter.

They stood silently, staring at each other. Tomoe didn't know what to say. She didn't want to be insensitive about all of this, so she had to choose her wording very carefully.

"Do you want to... come to my room?" Rinko asked.

"Sure." Tomoe shrugged.

Rinko led her to room in silence. Tomoe was starting to wonder if Rinko didn't want to talk but was too scared to say no to her.

They entered her room. Rinko sat on her bed. She seemed to be waiting for Tomoe to do the same thing. Tomoe hesitantly took a seat as well.

"How are you doing?" Tomoe asked. That was probably a good thing to know. Was Rinko able to handle this discussion to begin with?

"I... I'm lost... I don't know what to do." Rinko whispered.

"Having a fight like that is hard. I know what it's like. Afterglow has had its ups and downs after all." Tomoe said.

"How does Ako-chan feel about... this?"

"She's refusing to really talk to me right now." Tomoe sighed.


"We don't have to talk about this if you don't want to."

"I... I'd like if we could stop..." Rinko mumbled as shw fiddled with her shirt.

"Alright. Should I go?" Tomoe asked.

Rinko looked up at her, "Why did you come here?"

"W-well..." Tomoe was caught of guard, "I just wanted to um... make sure you were alright as well."

"Why won't you tell me the truth?"

Tomoe gulped. Rinko knew she was lying. That was bad. Now she either had to really lie well or come clean.

"I... I was worried about you. But... I also... really care about you. I know this probably has really effected you... so I wanted to make sure you were okay." Tomoe mumbled.

"Shouldn't you be with Ako-chan?"

"Rinko... I... I like you." Tomoe stammered.

Rinko didn't respond for a while. Tomoe glanced at her. She seemed to be frozen. Well, you couldn't blame her. That was a pretty sudden confession.

"You... like me..." Rinko repeated in disbelief.

Tomoe nodded, "Y-yeah. I have for a while now... I was afraid to tell you."

"U-um... will you... stay for the night... then?" Rinko nervously asked.

"S-sure." Tomoe agreed.

She quickly texted her parents to let them know. Tomoe debating telling Ako, but decided it was probably a bad idea to do that.

"So, what do you want to do?" Tomoe asked.

"It's late... um, we could... share my bed?"

"Are you sure?" Tomoe knew she was blushing now.

Rinko modded, "I don't mind."

"If you say so. Just let me know if you change your mind."

The two of them awkwardly laid down. It was a bit strange for both of them.

"T-Tomoe? I... I think I like you too."


Rinko nodded. Tomoe smiled. She had been worrying over nothing this entire time.

"Well, goodnight, Rinko."

"C-could we... um... cuddle?"

Tomoe stared at her as her mind tried to process those words. Rinko wanted to... cuddle with her? They just confessed to each other.

"Sure?" Tomoe hesitantly agreed.

Rinko cautiously scooted closer to her. Tomoe wrapped an arm around her. Rinko seemed content with that as closed her eyes.

"Are you really okay? I'm still just worried about that fight." Tomoe asked.

"I just need... some time to think about it..." Rinko yawned.

"Alright, well, sleep tight." Tomoe closed her eyes as well.

Tonight had been hectic, but it all seemed to have turned out relatively okay. Now all she had to do was just figure out how to get them to make up again. That could wait for a bit though. At least until the morning came.