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Short One-Shot Collection

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Dia wouldn't say she was particularly affectionate, but even she had her needs. Unfortunately, it didn't appear her girlfriend noticed at all. Dia tried dropping hints the entire day, but it was to no avail.

Now, her and Hanamaru were at Dia's house. That was the only thing she had managed to accomplish. She couldn't bring herself to flat out state what she wanted. That was too embarrassing to do.

They were sitting on a couch in the living room. Hanamaru was reading a book. Dia was looking at her phone, but kept glancing over at Hanamaru.

They hadn't really done much since they had started dating. They occasionally would hold hands while walking and exchange kisses once in a while. That was it.

Dia didn't exactly mind, but today she found herself wanting some attention. She was startled by the urge. She desperately wanted to cuddle. She didn't know why, though. She had never been this needy before. What if Hanamaru didn't like it?

Dia sighed as she set her phone down. She looked over at Hanamaru. The girl was lost in the book she was reading. She didn't notice Dia staring.

Dia scooted over to her. She didn't react at all. Dia pouted. Now she wasn't even paying any attention to her.

Dia wrapped her arms around Hanamaru and buried her face into her neck. Hanamaru looked over at her. She closed the book and sat it aside.

"What's up?" Hanamaru asked.

"...dle..." Dia's voice was too muffle to make out much.

"I can't understand you." Hanamaru said.

"Wanna cuddle..." Dia mumbled.

"Oh..." Hanamaru didn't know how to react to that, "Um... sure."

Hanamaru shifted slightly so they could both be more comfortable. Dia tightened her grip on Hanamaru. Hanamaru smiled as she wrapped an arm around her.

"You aren't normally clingy, zura." Hanamaru commented.

"You've been ignoring me..." Dia pouted.

"I have?" Hanamaru tried to think back.

"Yeah... you keep ignoring every time I try to do anything with you..."

"Oh. I'm sorry." Hanamaru apologized, "I didn't realize."

Dia huffed, "To make up for it I get to do whatever I want for the rest of the night."

"Alright." Hanamaru agreed.

"So... um... can I kiss you?" Dia blushed.

"Sure." Hanamaru nodded.

Dia shyly pressed a few kisses to Hanamaru's cheek. Hanamaru returned the gesture by kissing her on the forehead.

Neither was particularly bold so this was the most affection they did. It was pretty hard to get the courage to do much more. Especially since they always made sure to ask before doing anything like that.

"Lay down." Dia said as she tugged on Hanamaru's shirt.

Hanamaru didn't understand why she was being asked to do that, but obliged and laid down on the couch. Dia laid down beside her and pressed herself as close as she cold. That was when Hanamaru understood what she wanted from this.

Hanamaru wrapped her arms around Dia. Dia seemed content know. That was good. Hanamaru started playing with Dia's hair. She didn't know what else to do.


Dia didn't reply. Hanamaru looked down at her. Dia seemed to have fallen asleep. Hanamaru flushed red. Dia looked... really cute right now. It was rare to see this side of her.

Hanamaru gently kissed her on the head and then closed her eyes as well. Perhaps taking a nap right now wouldn't be such a bad thing? It had been an exhausting week already. The rest seemed warranted considering all of that.

So, Hanamaru gently adjusted their position one more time and then allowed herself to sleep as well.