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Switching Places

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Howard and Charlotte were putting Angelica and Bobby to bed.

"Wait a minute, I'm not Angelica, it's me, Bobby!" the boy protested as the blonde woman was tucking him into bed. "I'm not your son, I'm with the Generic family, not with the Pickles family!"

Charlotte laughed a bit. "That's very funny, sweetie, but I don't have a daughter, I only have you."

"No, no, Angelica is your daughter!" Bobby defended. "I'm not your son, you don't have a son, Mrs. Pickles!"

"I think it's nice you care so much about Angelica that you think of her as a sister, it's so precious, my little prince... Now, get some sleep, you had a big day today." Charlotte kissed Bobby on the cheek and went to leave the bedroom.

"NO! Mrs. Pickles, come back!" Bobby cried, wanting his parents to tuck him in, not a woman he barely knew. He was then stuck to sleep in Angelica's bed now. "Darn..." he muttered in defeat.

"No, really, you have another son named Bobby, I'm Angelica! You know my Aunt Didi and Uncle Stu, just call them, I'd rather stay with them than here!" Angelica cried in defense as Howard was pulling her to the wrong bedroom.

"Angelica, stop fussing, that's so unlike you." Howard told his not real child and tucked her in for the night. "Look, you've had a long day, and I understand. Just get some sleep, okay? Tomorrow's Saturday, you can watch Captain Squash when you wake up."

"NOOOOOO!" Angelica moaned.

"Good night, Angelica." Howard turned out the light and shut the door to let Angelica sleep for the night.

Angelica sighed and flopped her head back on the pillow. She really wished she had Cynthia on her side right now to talk to. Who else could she talk to now with her being stuck in the Generic household.

Bobby and Angelica shared one thing in common that night. They made a huge mistake with switching places. They just wished things could go back to normal.

The next morning, it didn't. Angelica was woken up by Kelly yelling in her bedroom about a boy or some other teenage girl problem while Derek was punching her awake. Bobby woke up alone and Charlotte was nowhere to be seen. Both kids really didn't like this switch. It suddenly seemed like everyone was turning into monsters and chasing after them.

"Hey, get back here!" Kelly hissed and chased Angelica out of the house with Derek.

"No running in the house, Angelica Generic!" Derek added, looking like a zombie vampire type creature.

"Get away from me, I'm not a Generic, I'm a Pickles! An only child Pickles!" Angelica screamed as she ran away in fear.

"Bobby, if you keep running, you won't get seconds on your dessert tonight!" Drew was chasing the black-haired boy.

"Get away from me! I'm not even your kid!" Bobby cried as he ran.

"Angelica! Bobby! Angelica! Bobby!"

The voices grew to be more and more scary. Angelica and Bobby's bones rattled as they were running for their lives. Angelica was starting to appreciate having everyone's attention as the only child and Bobby was actually starting to like having to share with his brothers and sister all the time. Especially when Derek and Kelly boss them around whenever Howard and Martha would go out and Uncle Ted would be unavailable. Angelica and Bobby didn't realize it as they were fighting, but they were on separate streets. Both kids screamed as they were running and squeezed their eyes shut, terrified.

"Angelica, Bobby!" the voices continued, but they started to sound different. They sounded like the voices of Ms. Weemer and Bobby's kindergarten teacher. "Angelica... Bobby..."

The blonde girl and the black-haired boy's eyes fluttered. They sat up and looked all around their surroundings. They were in the kindergarten classroom and were still on their nap time matts with pillows. Had they dreamed the whole thing?

"Wh-What happened?" Bobby asked.

"Nap time is over, kids," Ms. Weemer told the kids. "It's snack time now."

"B-B-But, Bobby and me switched places," Angelica grew hysterical. "I was living with his brothers and sisters and he was lonely like me!"

"Yeah, and we had to share clothes and dolls and everything!" Bobby added, sounding just as hysterical.

"Kids, calm down," the kindergarten teacher tried to settle them. "I think you two just had some dreams influenced by wanting to switch places. You know your mommies and daddies will miss you if you were gone."

Bobby and Angelica looked at each other as their teachers went off to organize snack time. Had they really dreamed it?

After the trip and Angelica was being driven home, she was really thinking about what happened today. As the car stopped, Angelica hopped out and went to her bedroom.

"Oh, my room, my things!" Angelica sounded delighted and bounced into her bed, feeling good to be in her old bed again. "Aww... This is the life... Bobby can keep his dumb old brother and sister, I'm moving on up to the best side and finally getting a piece of the pie..." she smiled brightly.

"Hello, Princess." Drew greeted his daughter warmly.

"Hi, Daddy!" Angelica rushed to him and hugged his legs. "I'm so glad I'm your onliest kid and I don't got any brothers and sisters."

"That's good to know, pumpkin, I bet you're hungry, because Mommy and I are making a special dinner for you since Ms. Weemer told us you got along very well with the kindergartners you visited." Drew patted her little back.

"Oh, boy!" Angelica beamed. "A big dinner just for me and I don't have to share with anyone!"

Drew smiled, then let his daughter alone in peace.

"This is great!" Angelica cheered for herself. "My mommy and daddy to myself, my food by myself, and back with Cynthia!"

There was then sudden silence.

"Cynthia?" Angelica looked around her bedroom. She then went to her bedroom window and looked out to see her precious doll thrown out on the fence. "CYNTHIAAAAA!"