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Switching Places

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"Okay, students, let's all gather together, hmm? You all remember our school trip, right?" Ms. Weemer asked her preschool class.

"Yes, Ms. Weemer!" the kids called back merrily.

"Oh, super-duper!" Ms. Weemer was excited herself. It was really easy to get in touch with her inner child when it came to being a teacher for three to four-year-olds. "Alright, let's all line up!"

The preschoolers got out of their tables and went to the door. Susie was on her way to become line leader, but of course, Angelica beat her to it.

"Oh, Angelica, that wasn't very nice," Ms. Weemer waved her finger to the blonde girl. "You apologize to Susie right now!"

Angelica looked at Susie. "I'm sorry, Susie..." she muttered, shuffling her foot against the tiled floor.

Ms. Weemer smiled, then went to count the students before they would go to their little field trip.

Angelica grinned, then looked back at Susie. "Sorry you're such a sore loser line leader!"

"Angelica!" Susie roared as the girl laughed.

"Alright, let's see... Angelica, Susie, Savannah, Harold, Clark, Isabella..." Ms. Weemer passed the other students to do a headcount.

"This is exciting, right, guys?" Susie beamed to Harold and Angelica. "We're going to see a 'kidney garden' class!"

Harold looked a little startled. "Where do they put the other body parts?"

"No, Harold, kidney garden is where you go to real school and not preschool, these kids are gonna be a whole year older than us!" Susie explained.

"That's right, Susie," Ms. Weemer came back to the front of the line. "Someday, you all will leave my class and go to a real school where you'll do a lot more stuff, like counting bigger numbers, making bigger finger paintings for your mommies and daddies, and even do a lot of stuff in a real school you never did in preschool!"

"Wow... Now that sounds amazing!" Angelica sounded excited.

"Okay, are we all ready to go?" Ms. Weemer asked.

"Yes, Ms. Weemer!" the students chanted together.

"Good, good, now before we go, does anyone have to go potty?" Ms. Weemer asked as she got them out, closed the door and locked it.

Suddenly, everyone's hands went up.

Ms. Weemer sighed, unlocked the door again and opened it.

A small school bus came to take Ms. Weemer's preschool class to an elementary school. It was smaller than other school buses because of how small the kids were and there were seat-belts for all of them. Ms. Weemer sat in the front of the bus as the bus drove off to take them away from the community center.

"What do you guys think 'kidney garden' will be like?" Harold asked Angelica and Susie.

"I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun, my big sister says school is stressful, but I think we'll all be just fine." Susie shrugged, smiling.

"I just know once I start 'kidney garden', I'll be the Queen of the school!" Angelica cheered for herself.

"Sure you will, Angelica," Savannah nearly scoffed as she sat next to candy coated Isabella. "Are Susie and Harold going to be your 'co-Queen' and 'jokester'?"

Angelica glanced at Savannah. She then looked up as the bus pulled up to the elementary school. "We're here!"

Ms. Weemer woke up from her bus trip nap, snorted a bit and stood up. "I'm up... I'm up..." she then turned to her students. "Okay, kids, time to meet our kindergarten friends, now, let's go and meet them, shall we?"