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A Girl Out of Time

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The first thing you see when you wake up is fire. Well, not really . You see, you haven’t actually seen the fire yet. You can feel it, the heat, the way the flames slowly spread closer to you. You can see the brightness, the way the fire illuminates the otherwise darker room. 


It takes you a minute to fully realise the severity of the situation, spread out painfully on the floor in the exact same spot you had collapsed a couple of hours prior. 


Gingerly, you sit up, raising a hand to your throbbing head for a couple of seconds before pushing yourself to stand. Once on your feet, you take a look at the damage. Your eyes trail over the flames, spreading through your Tardis. You wobble slightly as you try to walk forwards, hand immediately coming to rest on the Console as you attempt at steading yourself. 


You Ignore the pain each movement causes as you walk, as fast as you can in the state you’re in, over to the screen that rests on the Center of the Console. You look at it, watching the numbers and writing swirl across the large screen as you will your eyes to focus, trying to make sense of what you’re seeing. Unfortunately due to the state your in, nothing seems to make sense. 


The Tardis lurches backwards, throwing you onto your back away from the Console. You land roughly against the wall of the ship, a pained groan falling from your lips as your back hits the suspiciously hot wall. Your head falls back, trying to catch your breath for a moment when the ship lurches in another direction. This time making you fall through a pair of doors and land in a completely different room, one that you didn’t know existed before now. 


A Red light glows throughout the room as you grab onto a metal bar that hangs out of the wall, as you fall. You hang, from the bar, palms getting sweatier as the room seems to heat up. As if to spite you, A loud, annoying alarm echos throughout the ship. One that you recognise almost instantly. The ship tilts again, almost as if it’s spinning, causing you to let go of the pole and fall back to the floor. 


The banging in your head gets worse, and as you hit the floor of the Tardis you whisper a single word. Before promptly passing out. 


Fuck .”