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A hot hour under a cold shower

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Martín only wanted to take a shower, as he does every evening, as nobody could stand the heat without a cold shower in the end. Except that when he opened the door, there was already someone standing in front of the shower. And that someone was Andrés, completely naked, so of course Martín started slightly to panik.

"oh Andrés!, sorry. I didn't know you were here. The door was unlocked so i thought..." said the Argentine with a lot of effort not to stutter, but his face was completely red by now.
On the one hand he would have liked to stare more, but on the other hand he was so uncomfortable that he turned around and was about to leave the room when the other man started to speak."its ok Martín, I apologize, I should have locked the door"
He didn't seem to mind that he was completely naked in front of his best friend, because he only looked at him with raised eyebrows, without any attempt to cover his body. He even had the audacity to laugh when he saw how red Martin became "No need to be so ashamed. It's not the first time you see me like this. I'm almost done so you can wait a moment." Andrés was turning back to the shower when he spoke again "if you could at least close the door, Por favor."