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A Comfortable Place

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“Everything is ready?”



“Yeah it’s a birthday present.”



“No I didn’t pay for all of it myself, a lot of people chipped in for it actually.”



“Yeah Reese is picking it up.”



“Yeah, thanks Kyle, say hi to Rogelio for me.”



"Adoooooora." Catra moaned pushing herself farther onto her head. "Let's goooooooo."


Adora smiled looking at her phone to make sure every part of her plan was in place.


"Alright let's go." She said getting up abruptly causing Catra to fall face first onto the couch.


"I feel so betrayed." She mumbled sarcastically into the couch.


Adora rolled her eyes. She picked Catra up, threw her over her shoulder and walked out the door. "Come on birthday girl."


Catra snickered and let herself be carried all the way to the elevator waving at their neighbor as they walked down the hall.


"I like it better when you carry me bridal style." She whined with a dramatic prissy tone like a princess to be pampered.


She leaned in and smiled. "Put a ring on it and it'll always be bridal style."


Catra smacked at her while she laughed.


They walked out into the woods together heading for the meadow where they were having their usual weekend bonfire and celebrating Catra’s birthday as well. 


“Have you been smoking less?” Catra asked her as they walked.


Adora furrowed her brow in thought. “Yeah I have been.”


“Me too, I guess I’ve been less stressed out lately.” She bumped their hips together and smiled at her. “I wonder why.”


“Love you too.”


She smiled and led Catra around the last corner and under the fallen tree out into the clearing.



Everyone was here, Reese, Mermista and Hawk, Glimmer and Bow, Scorp, Entrapata, Lyn, Tweek, half the HEMA team. They all shouted a discordant ‘Happy Birthday’ at her as soon as she and Adora came into the clearing. Her throat tightened up at all these people here for her.


“Did… did you set this up?” She murmured to Adora.


“I told everyone it was your birthday and that we were having a bonfire.” Adora said simply. “They all wanted to be out here with you today.”


Catra wrapped her arms around her mate and buried her face in Adora’s chest, happy tears stinging at her eyes.


“Tell them that I love them, but I need them to leave so they don’t see me crying.”


Adora burst out laughing. “I’m not going to tell them to leave Catra. They’re all here for you!”


She looked up at Adora and she gently wiped the tears off her cheeks with her thumb, cupped the back of her head and kissed her gently. “Come on let’s not keep them waiting. I want to see you open your presents.”


She made a disgruntled noise. “You didn’t hav-” 


Adora interrupted her with a kiss. “None of that, I wanted to get you a gift, so did everyone else.” Adora held her face in her hands there for a moment smiling at her fondly. “We love you Cat, a few gifts is just a tiny way of showing it.” 


She sighed and leaned forward giving Adora a quick peck before turning back to all her friends and walking towards them to their raucous cheers.


There was food and cake and booze, people sparring or talking or standing on the river's edge. People cheered her as they passed and Catra enjoyed a few hours with her friends, she had never imagined this when she came to Midland. Having this many friends who really cared about her and a mate who loved her. It was a little overwhelming but Adora was always by her side giving her stability.


Reese climbed up on the pile of boulders that had her as yet unopened presents scattered over them. “Alright let’s give the birthday girl her gifts before the sun goes down!”


Everyone cheered and Adora steered her over. She hadn’t realized just how many gifts there were at first, some of them were quite sizable too and she wondered what in god's name was in them. None were wrapped per se all in boxes or wrapped in brown paper like parcels with twine, at least she wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with all that wrapping paper.


Adora stepped forward and picked up a long slender box of black cardboard and handed it to her. “I’m going to shamelessly abuse my position as your mate and ask you to open mine first.”


Catra huffed out a laugh and took the box from her, it was surprisingly heavy and she looked at her mate questioningly, but Adora just smiled and shrugged.


She pulled the lid open and unfolded the tissue paper that was laid over revealing a long slim sword. A black leather scabbard with beautiful silver accents, the pommel was wrapped in black leather and the glint of a pair of gems shone from the hilt. One blue sapphire and the other a yellow topaz.


She took the sword out of the box laying it aside and wrapped her hand around the pommel. It felt good, just like the sword she used for HEMA. With one smooth motion she drew the blade out with a well oiled rasp of steel. The blade shone dully with the smoky reflection of steel and she noticed an inscription on the flat of the blade near the hilt written in flowing script.


For love


She swallowed the sob that threatened to escape her and quickly took a few experimental swings with the blade. It was perfectly balanced and about the same weight as her practice weapon, it felt good in her hand. Almost reluctantly she sheathed it hugging the sword against her chest. 


“It’s beautiful.” She leaned over and kissed her mate before handing the sword to her. “Hold it for me?”


Adora bowed her head dramatically. “It would be my honor.”


Reese was there when she turned back with what looked like a large hat box. “This one is from me.”


Catra took it and opened the box, inside was a steel kettle helmet. A term she had learned from Adora who knew far more than she had thought there was to know about medieval armor. It was a cylindrical helm with a wide brim not a full helm like Adora’s but it did have an armored faceplate with slim vision slits.


“This is awesome Reese, but I can’t wear this without a coif…” She slowly looked up from the helmet to the other gifts. “You guys didn’t…”


Adora smiled as did Reese.


Every gift she opened had another piece of armor not only did she receive both a cloth coif and a chain coif to go over it to wear with the helmet but all the other pieces and accoutrement for a full set of chainmail armor. It wasn’t the full shinning plate mail that Adora had, that wasn’t really her style. They had gotten her chainmail and leather with armor backed leather gloves and plated greaves with thick leather boots. Adora helped her put it all on slipping the chain coif over her head and gently slipping her ears through before handing her the helmet and lastly her sword which buckled onto the thick leather belt keeping the long chainmail hauberk around her waist.


“I knew from that first day at practice that you would look good in armor.” Adora said, stepping back and looking at her.


“I’m the pinnacle of sex appeal right now.” She drawled sarcastically, but she had a wide smile on her face regardless. She flipped the face plate down and looked around testing her vision through the narrow visor. “It does make me feel powerful though.”


She caught Adora's smile. "Sex appeal has nothing to do with it, you just wear it well." Adora shrugged. “Not that you needed any help with sex appeal anyway.”


“Now we can go to the Ren Faire together in armor.” She mused wondering if Adora had planned this from the moment she had agreed to go to Ren Faire with her.


The armor was surprisingly comfortable, it was heavy but being distributed across her whole body she didn’t feel the weight as much as she thought she would. All this must have taken so much time and effort to put together not to mention the cost of it all, she was suddenly glad of the visor to hide the tears welling in her eyes again. 


Everyone is going to think I’ve gone soft.


She tried to think back to the hard girl standing under the bleachers smoking in the dark that she had been only three months ago. What had happened to her? All sharp edges and distance, hard glares and sarcasm. Now here she was surrounded by friends with a mate, people who knew her, people who cared. She sighed deeply and felt herself lighten blinking away the tears she pushed open the visor again. 


“I can hardly wait to show it off at the faire.”



Back home and carefully stripped of the armor which now lay spread out next to Adora’s they ended the evening in bed, obviously.


Adora made it clear that tonight was about her, lavishing all her attention on Catra as though she were the only thing in the world. She lost track of how many times Adora pushed her to screaming orgasm before she had to beg Adora to stop.


She leaned on her heavily now panting and shaking and covered in sweat and sex. “I huff I c-can’t feel my leg-gs.”


Adora kissed her sweetly, a drastic change from the way her lips had been devouring her for the past… She looked at the clock, three hours. 


Gods be damned she was on me for three hours!


She shivered pleasantly nearly boneless in Adora’s arms. “We’ve been at this for three hours.”


“I’m practicing for your heat.” She could feel the cocky smiled against her lips.


“You can practice as much as you like as long as you’re willing to carry me everywhere afterwards.” In response Adora picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bathroom where she had apparently set up for a bath ahead of time now only needing to fill the tub.


She sat on the toilet and tried to pull herself back together, she had never been so thoroughly worked over in her life and she was just trying to steady her heart at the moment and work feeling back into her jellied legs.


“It’s ready, do you need a hand?” Adora asked as she tested the water with her hand.


“The last thing I need right now is your hands on me anymore.” She pushed herself up with some effort and waved Adora in climbing in after her and easing back into her lap. The hot water felt heavenly on her sore muscles and tender slit. “I wonder which one of us will be worn out when my heat comes around, after that performance I don’t know how I’ll manage.”


Adora laughed quietly. “To be fair it will be a lot different if I have to cum too.” She chuckled and Catra could feel the vibration through her back. “Tonight was mostly me getting you off, that’s not how your heat works though is it?”


“No, I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about it while there’s still time for you to run away screaming.” Adora chuckled and her hands hugged around her waist under the water.


“So tell me about it, I know some things from uh… research.” Adora finished awkwardly.


“Have you been looking up Magikat porn?” She teased in an almost singsong voice.


There was a long pause. “Yes…” 


Catra chuckled. “You know I’ll do anything you like.”


“Well yeah, but what about when you’re in class?” She countered.


“What, you think I won’t send you an upskirt during class?” She grinned pressing her head back under Adora’s chin and purring.


“Do you own a skirt?”


She opened her eyes and frowned. “No.”


Adora laughed.


Catra ignored her. “Anyway, in December I will go into heat for about five days, it can vary a little bit, during that time it will be hard to think of anything besides sex. Normally I would take meds that would kill my libido, but they also turn me into an emotionless zombie for a week and I don’t want to do that.”


“That’s where I come in right?”


She chuckled and leaned back again snuggling into her mate. “Yes, instead of taking the awful meds you will just bang me senseless for five days straight.” She languidly arched her back into Adora craning her head back to look up at her. She made an exaggerated sound of contentment as she stretched her sore muscles. “You’ve got to finish inside for it to work though.”


“So I’ve heard, why is that?”


“Magikat heat is soothed by some pheromone or something in semen being in my womb, and yes your human jizz should be fine.” She sighed, closing her eyes and resting her head against Adora. “It’ll be the first time I won’t have to take the awful meds.” She chuckled. “Though I doubt I’ll get any more stuff done than I would on the meds.”


She could practically feel Adora thinking behind her. The way her hands began to idly rub circles into hers, the slight feel of her lips pressed together against her head. The problem had now become an opponent for her to defeat. “So we should probably stock up on some water, lay up a bunch of food that’s easy to microwave? Maybe energy bars?”


Catra smiled slightly feeling herself drifting off in Adora’s arms. “Mmmm as long as you and your dick are there I’ll be happy.”



She woke the next morning in bed alone, though she heard the sounds of Adora in the kitchen and picked up the tantalizing scent of bacon and coffee. She didn't smell sex and a brief inspection revealed that the bedsheets had been changed from the ones she had ruined last night, shredded by grasping claws and repeated drenching. She stretched and climbed out of bed still naked walking down the hall to the kitchen where Adora was cooking breakfast.


"Morning love." Adora said as Catra pressed herself against her back.


She smiled and started purring gently, staying there just happy for a long few moments.


"You need to put something on for breakfast."


She let out one last loving purr and pushed away to rummage through their room for the first clean clothes she could find. A pair of Adora's boxers and a t-shirt, before returning to the kitchen where she was handed a cop of gently steaming coffee.


"I love you." She preened happily.


"I love you too."


She sat down at the table and sipped on the coffee. “You’re really making it hard for me to top this for your birthday you know.”


She caught the edge of Adora’s smile as she dumped eggs from the pan onto a plate. “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”


She made an exaggerated hum. “Maybe…” She grinned. “I’ll gift you a nice big strap-on.”


To her surprise Adora took on a thoughtful expression. “It’s been a while so maybe we should start small, but I certainly would like that.”


She blushed. “R-really?”


“Yeah, I’ve dated a couple guys and some of them refused to be on the receiving end, but I’d be willing to try it again with you.” She smiled softly, and then her eyes lit up. “You know, I’ve always been interested in trying it myself, I’ve never gotten to be on the giving end of anal before.”


She blushed bright red, she hadn’t really thought about it before. She’d only ever been with women and had never played with toys before, but for Adora maybe she would try it.


“What uh… how do you start something like that?” She asked quietly.


Adora raised an eyebrow. “I was just joking Catra you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”


“No no I want to try, if it’s with you I’ll try anything once.” Her bolush eased and she started eating, it was Adora after all, she could talk to her about anything. Even kinks.


“Well, we should start small. We'll need an enema bulb for cleaning, and some toys. Something small we have to work up to uh my size.” She said with a light blush.


Catra grinned. “Yeah you’re not stater sized.”


“No I am not.” She replied with a blush, far past the point of false modesty with her.


“Good thing it turns out I’m a size queen.” She snickered.


“One of many things I love about you.” 



“Alright so Ren Faire is this weekend.” 


They were in the kitchen again a few days after Catra's birthday.


“It starts this weekend, it lasts for like a month doesn’t it?” 


Catra leaned against the counter stirring her coffee. They had just gotten back from their morning workout and were freshly showered. They both had classes today but not until afternoon so they could relax for another hour or so.


“Yes, I’d like to go a couple times.” She ventured hopefully.


Catra shrugged. “As long as we have time we can go as often as you like.”


“You’ll go that much?” 


Catra smiled at her. “Sure, it hardly matters where we are or what we’re doing if we’re together, besides gotta put that birthday present to use right?”


Adora smiled softly, she was sure Catra would enjoy the Faire, but she was fully prepared to go just for her. “There are all kinds of events that happen on different days so we should try and figure out which ones we want to see most.”


“Is there jousting?” Catra asked sarcastically.




“Really? I want to see that.”


Adora pulled up the schedule on her phone. “We probably also don’t want to go in armor every time, it’s hard to get the full experience while wearing fifty pounds of plate mail.”


Catra nodded. “You’re the expert here, I’m in for whatever you think will work.”


She smiled. “As long as you’re there it hardly matters.”


Catra laughed at having her words turned back on her.


“Alright, this weekend will be fun. I think most of the others are going to be joining us too.”


“I know Mermista and Hawk said they were going, Reese?”


“Reese’s family is actually involved in running the thing, she’ll be there basically every day and participates in a whole bunch of events. She’s got a kilt and everything.”


“Does she do that log toss thing?”


“Yes, and she’s very good at it.”


“We gotta see that.”


“You’re gunna make me jealous Cat, what about my muscles isn’t good enough for you?”


Catra rolled her eyes and set her cup aside sidling up to her cupping her cheek. “Well what are these muscles doing for me right now?”


She smiled leaning into Catra’s hand and slid her arms down Catra’s sides to grab her ass and lift her off the ground. “How’s this?”


Catra smiled and kissed her softly. “Better, you’ll just have to carry me around when we aren’t in our armor.”


She smirked slightly. “What is with you and being carried?”


“What is with you and my tail?”


As she said this her tail slithered up her thigh making her blush.


“You’re playing a dangerous game Miss De Lange.” She teased.


“Oh yeah? How do you figure that Miss Grayskull?”


Adora spun, switching their positions so Catra was between her and the wall now. Her mouth going to Catra’s neck. “We didn’t have workout sex this moning so time to make up for it.”


“I love you.” Catra breathed.


She smiled and kissed Catra’s jaw. “I love you too.”


Catra started purring as Adora gently began working their clothes off.